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Perry County Assistance Office                  717-582-2127            TANF\Cash Assistance
Perry County Domestic Relations                 717-582-2131            Child and Spousal Support
Social Security (Carlisle Office)               717-243-0085            Disability & SSI

Better Kid Care Helpline                        800-859-8340            Info. on Child Development, Child Behavior and Parent/Child Relationships
Capital Area Early Childhood Training Instit.   717-233-5274            Information to Parent and Care Providers of Children Birth through Three Years
Child Care Information                          888-472-5437            Information/Resources and Submit a Complaint
Child Care Network                              800-358-8725            Referrals of Child Care Providers, Assistance and Information

MOMPS                                           717-957-4481            Mothers of Preschoolers Group
National Child Care Information Center          800-616-2242            Publications, On-Line Library and Web Site
Perry County Early Care and Education           717-567-7323            Professional Development for Providers and Community Engagement
PA Child Care Association                       717-657-9000            T.E.A.C.H. - Scholarship Programs for Child Care Providers
                                                                                 Resources for Child Care Providers and Parents
SuperNanny ABC Show                          877-626-6984     
Blue Goose                                   717-567-9593               Preschool - Newport
Cumberland/Perry Area Vocational Tech School 717-697-0354 x137          Preschool - Mechanicsburg
Footprints Play School                       717-589-3033               Preschool - Millerstown
Messiah Day Care Center                      717-582-9091               Preschool/Daycare - Elliottsburg
Newport Assembly of God                      717-567-3333               Preschool - Duncannon
Roseglen Christian Nursery                   717-834-6411               Preschool – Duncannon
Wesley UMC                                   717-957-4481               Preschool – Marysville
West Perry High School/Home Ec               717-789-3931               Preschool – Elliottsburg
Perry County Day Camp (Melva Gohn)           717-789-4314               Summer Camps for Children in Grades 1 through 6

Asthma Camp                                     800-LUNG-USA            Overnight Camp for Children 8-13yrs with Asthma
Asthma Olympics                                 800-LUNG-USA            Track & Field Events for Children 5-12yrs with Asthma
Bailey Bookmark                          Reading Online Program K-8 grade
Big Brothers/Big Sister                         717-236-0199            One-to-One Companionship for Children
Boy Scouts of America                           717-766-1591
Camp Grounds:
        Dressler’s Campsites                    717-444-3234            Liverpool
        Ferry Boat Campground                   717-444-3200            Liverpool
        Free Spirit Recreation Center           717-582-4443            Shermans Dale
        Lupfer’s Grove & Campground             717-582-4935            Shermans Dale
        Paradise Stream Family                  717-789-2117            Loysville
        Pittman’s Riverside                     717-589-3422            Millerstown
        Riverfront Campground                   717-834-5252            Duncannon – Rent-a-Boat and Bass Fish Camp
Camp Kids Foundation                            877-422-6754            A Child is Given an Opportunity to go to Camp
Camp Ladore                                     570-488-6129            Salvation Army Summer Camp

Duncannon Area Parks & Recreation              717-834-4311     Summer Camp
Good News Camp                                 717-436-8632     Finished 1st Grade through 13 yrs old – Summer Camp
Granges                                        888-4-GRANGE     Ages 5-14 and Women
Hands on House                                 717-569-KIDS     Exhibits for Children ages 2-10yrs
Horse Summer Day Camp                          717-589-7669     Ages 6-16yrs
         Marysville-Rye                        717-957-2851
         New Bloomfield                        717-582-7426
         Newport                               717-567-6860
         Western Perry County                  717-536-3761
         State Library of PA                   717-783-5986
Meet Up                                        www.meetup,com   Families who would like to establish or join playgroups in their areas
Music Together                                 717-712-5098     Movement-Instrument Play/Preschoolers
         Big Spring State Park                                  Picnic Area/New Germantown-Route 274 South
         Blain Park                                             Volleyball, Tennis and Basketball Courts
         Box Huckelberry Natural Area                           New Bloomfield-Huckelberry Road
         Carroll Township                      717-582-2571     Tennis, Basketball Courts, Playground and Picnic area
         Darlington Trail                                       Marysville-Lambs Gap Road
         Fowlers Hollow State Park                              New Germantown-Route 274 South
         Frank E. Masland Natural Area                          Landisburg-Laurel Run Road
         Greenwood Township                    717-589-7265     Millerstown Pool and Picnic area
         Hawk Rock Trail                                        Duncannon-before Route 274
         Hemlocks Natural Area                                  Blain-Hemlock Road
         Howe Township                         717-567-3424     Offers Access to River and Fishing
         Iron Horse Trail                                       New Germantown-Route 274
         Little Buffalo State Park                              Newport-Little Buffalo Road
         Liverpool                             717-444-7771     Jann Deitzler Memorial Pool
         Loysville Community Club                               Loysville-Route 850 North
         Marysville                            717-957-2690     Playground, Ball Fields, Swimming and Picnic area
         Millerstown                           717-589-7265     Swimming Pool
         New Bloomfield                        717-582-3030     Swimming Pool, Playground, Ball Fields, Tennis Courts, & Basketball Courts
         Newport Borough                       717-567-3728     Billy Cox Memorial Ball Field, Playground, Basketball Courts & Picnic area
         Oliver Township                       717-567-3809     Ball Fields, Basketball Courts and Picnic area
         Penn Township                         717-834-5281     Pavilion, Ball Field, Playground, Horseshoes, Volleyball & Basketball
         Perry County Recreation Association   717-834-5000     Camping, Swimming, Picnic area and Pavilions
         Rye Township                          717-957-2348     Playground, Hiking, Ball Fields and Picnic area
         Tuscarora State Forest                717-536-3191     Blain-Hemlock Road
         Waggoners Gap Hawk Watch                               Spring Township-Route 74
         Watts Township                        717-834-3056     Ball Fields, Playground, Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts and Picnic area
Penn State Cooperative Extension               717-582-5150     Girls & Boys from 8-18yrs 4H and Summer Camp
Perry County Council of the Arts               717-567-7023     Art Experiences

Perry County Literacy Council               717-567-7323                Computer Classes
Reading Enjoyment Program/Triumph           717-795-0700                Children to Visit and Share Children’s Books – All ages
Ronya’s Academy of Dance                    717-582-4210                Ages 2-17yrs and Adults
Southcentral Camp                           Local State Police          13-15yrs Boys and Girls/Educational Experience around Law Enforcement
State Game Lands
        #170 Delville                                                   Route 850 East
        #254 New Buffalo                                                Route 11/15
        #256-Mecks Corner                                               Route 274
        #281 Miller Township                                            Route 849 North/Lime Kiln Road
Warm Springs Lodge                          717-789-9927                Landisburg
YMCA of Carlisle                            717-232-9622                Summer Camps, Preschool/Child Care, Youth and Adult Programs
YWCA Carlisle                               717-243-3818                Summer Camps, Preschool Programs, Youth Activities, and Adult Classes
Yoga, Radiant Child                         717-763-8746                Children and Teens to Learn and Utilize Yoga

Abundant Blessings                          717-436-6947                Thrift Shop
Bread of Life                               717-567-333                 Coats
Care and Share                              717-589-9959                Small Fee for Clothing, Furniture and Misc. Items
Caring Closet                               717-957-3175                *4th Saturday of each Month – Free Clothing
Christ Lutheran Church-Duncannon            717-834-3140                *1st & 3rd Saturday of each Month - Clothing
Good Shephard Lutheran Church               717-444-2167                Clothing
Goodwill                                    717-567-3020                Clothing and Furniture
Heartbeat Community Services                717-589-7208                Clothing and Furniture
Hope Eternal Church                         717-567-3079                Clothing Bank
Hopeful Things-Newport                      717-567-9362                Free Clothing, Furniture and Misc. Items
Join Hands                                  717-582-7844                Back to School Program
Just Like New                        Carlisle
Larry’s Trading Post                        717-243-7661                New and Used Furniture
New Bloomfield United Methodist Church      717-582-2715                *3rd Saturday of Every Month & Back to School Program
Newport Assembly of God/Bread of Life       717-567-3333                Coats and Back to School Program
Perry Alliance Church                       717-582-9099                *Spring and Fall
Perry County Family Center-New Bloomfield   717-582-3656                Free Clothing, Toys, Books and Misc. Items & Back to School Program
Roseglen United Methodist Church            717-834-6411                *Once a Year
Second Chances Consignment                  717-694-3502                Preowned Clothing, Furniture, Mattresses, Books & Household Items

ABRAXAS                                     717-221-1200                Outpatient Clinic and Wrap-Around Services
ALPHA                                       717-789-2118                Individual, Marital and Family Therapy
Aurora Social Rehabilitation Services       717-232-6675                Drop in Center Services for Adults with MH/MR
CBHNP – Member Services                     888-722-8646                Health Choices Behavioral Health Plan
Carlisle Regional Medical Center Crisis     717-243-6005                Crisis
Crisis Intervention                         800-350-HELP                Crisis

Holy Spirit Behavioral Health Services   866-350-4357   Base Service Unit
Holy Spirit Crisis                       717-763-2222   Crisis
Meadows Psychiatric Center               800-641-7529   Crisis Stabilization Services, Psychiatric Intensive Care Services, Educational
                                                                 Programs, Family Therapy/Participation in Treatment and WrapAround
Newport Counseling Center                717-567-3524   Children, Adults, Adolescents, Couples, Families
PA Counseling Services                   717-249-3169   Family Based Services, Children Through the Age 21
Perry Human Services                     717-582-8703   Outpatient Treatment Services, Prevention & Intervention Services, and
                                                                 Family/Marital Counseling
Stevens Center/Northwestern              888-243-6033   Family/Individual Counseling as well as Case Management
        Perry County Office              717-582-8573
Tressler Lutheran Services               866-700-6868   Counseling and Education
        Perry County Office              717-789-0330
YWCA of Greater Harrisburg               800-654-1211   24 Hour Hotline, Individual and Group Counseling

       Buffalo Township                  717-444-3295
       Carroll Township                  717-582-0049
       Centre Township                   717-582-8784
       Duncannon Borough                 717-834-4311
       Greenwood Township                717-589-7204
       Howe Township                     717-567-3424
       Liverpool Borough                 717-444-3194
       Liverpool Township                717-444-7321
       Marysville Borough                717-957-3110
       Miller Township                   717-567-9730
       Millerstown Borough               717-589-3738
       New Bloomfield Borough            717-582-3392
       Newport Borough                   717-567-6373
       Oliver Township                   717-567-3809
       Penn Township                     717-834-5281
       Rye Township                      717-957-2348
       Tuscarora Township                717-589-7911
       Tyrone Township                   717-789-4414
       Watts Township                    717-567-3424
       Wheatfield Township               717-834-5467
       Toboyne Township                  717-536-3934
       Spring Township                   717-789-3925
       Southwest Madison Township        717-536-3163
       Saville Township                  717-438-3344
       Northeast Madison Township        717-789-9175

Boroughs/Townships: (cont’d)
          Juniata Township                      717-567-9514
          Jackson Township                      717-536-3001
Department of Health                        Birth/Death Records
District Justice Dan McGuire                    717-834-4990
District Justice Donald Howell                  717-567-6365
District Justice Elizabeth Frownfelter          717-789-4117
Perry County Commissioners                      717-582-2131
Perry County Court House                        717-582-2131
Perry County Emergency Management Assist.       717-582-2131x2256               Disaster Relief/Emergency, Search & Rescue
Perry County Prison                             717-582-2262
Probation and Parole                            717-582-5125
Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program                888-728-2937
Prothonotaries’ Office                          717-582-2131                    File/Change/Modify Custody,
                                                                                Divorces, Judgements, Sheriffs’ Sales
                                                                                Passport, Private Eye Applications
                                                                                Petitions for Constables
Clerk of Court                                  717-582-2131                    Public Defenders, Appeals for DJ
                                                                                Traffic & Criminal Matters
                                                                                Research Criminal Records
State Representative Mark Keller                717-582-8119
State Senator Jake Corman                       717-582-4600
Tax Assessment Office                           717-582-2131                    Taxes and Licenses
Voter Registration                              717-582-2131                    Register to Vote

Anand Bhat                                      717-957-3711                   Marysville
David J. Buriak                                 717-589-3361                   Millerstown
Mark P. Cook, DMD                               717-582-2333                   Shermans Dale
Len Drasin, DMD                                 717-444-7735                   Liverpool
Roger D. Garber, DDO                            717-567-6434                   Newport
Robert Hench, DMD                               717-582-2995                   New Bloomfield
Daniel Hengst, DMD                              717-567-3600                   Newport
Richard Kindig, DDS                             717-789-3557                   Loysville
Richard Nanklvell, DDS                          717-589-3990                   Millerstown
Rodney Summerscales, DDS                        717-582-8451                   New Bloomfield
Sadler Dental Clinic                            717-245-5433                   Serves Ages 3 to Adult
HACC-Dental Hygiene Care Facility               717-780-2441                   Check Up, X-Rays, Cleaning, and Sealants
National Found. of Dentistry for the Handicap   717-238-8721                   Major Dental Needs for the Disabled, Chronically Ill or Elderly
PA Dental Association                           717-234-5941                   Senior Dental Care Program for 65 Yrs and Older

Accessible PA                            One Stop Access of Services, Benefits and Programs
Association of Retarded Children (ARC)         717-249-2611                    Programs and Services for Families with Disabled Children of all Ages
Autism Waiver                                  866-539-7689                    Provide Home & Community Based Services for Adults with Autism
Capital Area Intermediate Unit                 717-732-8400                    Occupational & Speech Therapy
Capital Area Therapeutic Riding Association    717-469-7517                    Equestrian Therapy
Center for Independent Living                  717-731-1900                    Life Skills Training, Peer Helper Services, Advocacy, Information and Referral for
                                                                                         Persons with Disabilities
Central PA Rehab Services:                                                     Occupational and Physical Therapy
        Landisburg                             717-789-3227
        Newport                                717-567-3200
        Shermans Dale                          717-582-7172
Central PA Supportive Services                 717-901-5099                    Provides Assistance with Employment to Mentally or Physically Disabled
C.O.N.C.E.P.T.                                 800-280-7741                    Designing a Developmentally Appropriate, Integrated Playground Project
CONNECT                                        800-692-7288                    Early Intervention Services
Comprehensive Specialty Care Program/DOH       717-772-2762                    Services to Children with Cardiac, Cleft Palate, Orthopedic and Neuromuscular
                                                                                        Conditions, Hearing and Speech Impairment and Ventilator Dependency
Cumberland Link to Aging & Disability Res.    717-240-7725
Cumberland/Perry Assoc. Retarded Children     717-249-2611                    Job Training for Mental, Physical & Emotional Impairments
Cumberland/Perry Early Intervention           717-240-6325                    Early Intervention Services for Children Birth – 3yrs.
Department of Health/Special Health Care        Transition Health Care Checklist will Help Young Adults Make
                                                                                                        Successful Transition to Adult Living
Disability Rights Network                     800-692-7443                    Advance and Protect the Civil Rights of all Adults & Children w/Disabilities
Easter Seals of Central PA                    888-273-7351                    Serves Children (from 6 weeks) and Adults with Disabilities
Easter Seals Recreational Therapy             717-741-3891                    Equestrian Therapy
First Choice Rehabilitation Specialists       717-567-9954
Handicapped Parking Spaces                    717-787-2838                    Handicap Parking Spaces/Permits
Highmark Caring Foundation                    866-823-0892                    Provides Resources and Support to Children with Special Health Care Needs
Holy Spirit Duncannon Center                  717-834-3280                    Physical Therapy
Infant Development Program of Pinnacle Health 717-782-6880                    Developmental and Speech Therapy
Keystone Human Services                       717-232-7509                    Offers a Variety of Support Services and Agencies for Families with Special Needs
National Dissemination Center                         Resources for Children with Disabilities
Office of Vocational Rehabilitation           800-442-6352                    Employment Services for Persons with Disabilities
PA Assistive Technology Foundation            800-998-4827                    Loans for Disabled or Older PA Resident who Needs Assistive Technology
PA Attendant Care Program                     717-240-7733                    In-Home Assistance
PA Medical Home                                Online network and forum for parents of children and youth
PA Parents & Caregivers Resource Network      888-572-7368                    Information & Referral Services for Parents of Children with Disabilities
PA Protection & Advocacy, Inc.                800-692-7443                    Provides Protection and Advocacy Services for Adults & Children with Disabilities
PA Recreation & Leisure Services              877-986-4550                    Referrals to Events and Activities for Persons with Disabilities
PA Training & Technical Assistance Network    800-360-7282                    Offers Resources for Parents of Children with Special Needs
Parent Education Network                      800-522-5827                    Parent Training and Information Center for Parents of Children Receiving
                                                                                       Special Education

Parent to Parent                               888-727-2706     Match Families to Families of Children and Adults with Special Needs
Pediatric Physical Therapy                     717-533-1236     Physical Therapy
Pediatric Services of America                  717-540-1051     Home Health Care to Pediatric Patients with Complex Medical Problems
Pinnacle Health Behavior Services              717-782-5218
Special Kids Network                           877-986-4550     Information about Services for Special Health Care Needs
UCP                                            717-975-0611     Family Support Services – for Families of Children with Disabilities
United Healthcare Children’s Foundation    Uninsured Children who have Medical Needs for Medical Treatments
United Spinal Association                      800-404-2899     Wheelchair Repair, Hospital Services, Research & Education
Vision Learning Center of Greater Harrisburg   717-901-5917     Vision Therapy

Divorce Care for Kids                     Helping Children Heal from the Hurt of Divorce
PA Family Support Alliance                     800-448-4906     Education for Parents involved with a Divorce or Separation
PA Legal Services                              800-322-7572     Child Support, Custody & Visitation of Children, Divorce Law Education
Penn State Justice & Safety Institute          888-737-2299     Education Program for Separated Parents

Education Law Center                    Legal Advocacy and Education for Children to have a Quality Public Education
GED – See Employment
Hoverter Course In the Humanities              717-567-7323     Free, College-Level Instruction
School Districts:
        Greenwood                              717-589-3117
        Newport                                717-567-3806
        Susquenita                             717-957-6000
        West Perry                             717-789-3934

American Red Cross                             717-234-3101     Emergency Services to Military Families and Disaster Services
Christian Churches United                      717-238-2851
Join Hands                                     717-582-7844
Salvation Army-Millerstown/Liverpool           717-589-3141
Salvation Army-New Germantown, Blain,
         Ickesburg, Green Park & Loysville     717-789-2400
Salvation Army-ALL OTHER AREAS IN COUNTY       717-582-4436
Wings of Kindness                              717-535-0071     Help Underprivileged Children

Carlisle Career Link                           717-243-4431     Employment Opportunities
Carlisle OIC Learning Center                   717-243-6040     GED, Literacy Education, Computer Training, Job Training & Employment Skills
Community Action Commission                    717-567-6515     Employment
Department of Welfare                          717-582-2127     Welfare Reform
Dress for Success South Central PA             717-232-1333     Work Attire and Career Development Support for Women

ELECT                                            717-248-4942                   Transition to Employment & Self Sufficiency – Pregnant or Parenting under 22yr
Newport School District                          717-567-2529                   GED
Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR)        717-346-2779                   Helps to Rehabilitate and Teach Skills to Obtain Employment
Pathways to Success                              717-582-8971                   Youth Up to 21 yrs-GED, Drivers License, Computer Training, Employment
Perry County Literacy Council                    717-567-7323                   One-on-One Tutoring, GED & Job Skills Training
Ross Distribution                                717-249-3111                   Ross East Coast Distribution Center (Carlisle)

AIDS Planning Coalition                          717-761-7628                 Christmas Presents
Big Brothers/Big Sisters of the Capital Region   717-236-0199                 Mentoring Program
Boy Scouts of America, Keystone Area Council     717-766-3268                 Boys from 1st Grade Plus
CASSP-Child & Adolescent Service System Prog     717-240-6325                 Children Experiencing Difficulty in a Developmental Area
CHILDLINE                                        800-932-0313                 Reporting Suspected Child Abuse
Community Action Commission                      717-567-6515                 Family Self Sufficiency Case Management
Capital Area Children’s Center                   717-975-0611                 Sibshops for Brothers/Sisters of Children with Special Needs
Capital Area Head Start                          800-750-8002                 Low Income Families with Children 3-5 yr olds – Home Visits and Center Days
Capital Region DADS                              717-737-4042                 Dads Affirming Dads who Stay Home
Caring Place                                     717-302-8403                 Bereaved Children
Central Penn Parent                              www.centralpennparent.comand          Free Monthly E-Newsletter Family Activities, News & Information
CHAT                                             717-761-7380                 Communicating Healthy Advice to Teens/Parents
CONNECT                                          800-692-7288                 Questions about Early Intervention
CONTACT                                          800-932-4616                 Referrals
Family Health Council                            717-761-7380                 O2T – Reducing Risky Adolescent Behaviors by Helping Teens Think
Girl Scouts in the Heart of PA                   717-232-1656                 Girls from 1st Grade Plus
Highmark Caring Place                            866-613-4673                 Helping Children with the Death of Loved One
Holy Spirit Behavioral Health                    717-763-2215                 Bereaved Children
Hospice of Central PA                            717-732-1000                 Bereaved Children
Join Hands                                       717-582-7844                 Christmas Presents
Milton Hershey School                            800-322-3248                 Low Income Students from the Age of 4 through 15
Mynd Works                                       717-909-3773                 Clinic for Children of all Ages with Developmental & Learning Challenges
Newport Assembly of God/Bread of Life            717-567-3333                 Christmas Presents
Nurse Family Partnership                         800-SADLER-7 x4323           Intensive Program for First Time Mothers in West Perry School District
Parent Education Network                         800-522-5827                 Information on Child’s Rights in the Special Education Preschool System
Parent Works                                     717-275-2583                 In-Home Parent Education and Parenting Classes
Penn State Cooperative Extension                 717-582-5150                 Consumer Education
Perry County Children & Youth                    717-582-2131                 Christmas Presents, Child Abuse Investigations and Services to Children who are
                                                                                       Victims of abuse and neglect / Foster Parenting
Perry County Family Center                       717-582-3656                 Home Visits with Pregnant Moms and/or Children until the Age of 5 yrs
Pennsylvania Depart. Of Education                800-879-2301                 Special Education Consult Line-Help Families/Advoc. of Special Needs Children
Pennsylvania State Foster Parent Association     800-951-5151                 Support Services for PA Foster Families and Adoptive Families
Pinnacle Health Behavioral Services              717-221-6200                 Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program
Pinnacle Health Hospice                          717-671-3700                 Bereaved Children

Pinnacle Health Infant Development Program   717-782-4313   Developmental/Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapy, Hearing Evaluations,
                                                                    Infant Massage, Parent Resources & Support Activities, Assistive
                                                                    Technology Library, Nutrition Counseling & Pediatric Feeding Clinic
Polyclinic Medical Center                    717-782-6880   Infant Development Program
Re-Parenting 23/7                            717-795-0330   Children with Reactive Attachment Disorder/Parents Facilitate Healing
Safe Kids Coalition                          717-763-1890   Car Seat Inspections, Safety Tips and Product Recalls
Shapedown                                    717-444-9990   Management System that Teaches Children & Families how to Live with Obesity
UCP                                          717-978-0611   Family Support & Home Based Services, Developmental Evaluations,
                                                                    Options Child Care and Preschool
West Perry School District-LIFT                             Pre-K Summer Literacy Program
West Perry School District-Prosper                          Strengthening Families for 6th and 7th Grades
YWCA of Greater Harrisburg                   800-654-1211   Supervised Visitation

Better Business Bureau                       717-364-3250
CCCS                                         888-511-2227   Counselors may be able to Help Devise a Money Spending Program
Community Action Commission                  717-567-6515   Budgeting
Fair Housing Council                         717-238-9540   Credit Counseling Services to Low and Moderate Income Persons
Free Credit Reports                          877-322-8228
        Experian Credit Bureau               888-EXPERIAN
        Equifax Credit Bureau                800-525-6285
        TransUnion                           800-680-7289
Hope Station                                 717-249-0036   Family Savings Account Program
Internal Revenue Service                          
Maranatha                                    717-258-1000   Financial Counseling Services
Perry Human Services                         717-582-8703   Protective Payee Service-under the Age of 60 who Cannot Manage their Fnances
                                                                     Budgeting Services
Non-Emergency/Fire Departments:
      Blain                                  717-536-3131
      Duncannon                              717-834-3234
      Ickesburg                              717-438-3113
      Landisburg                             717-789-3080
      Liverpool                              717-444-3512
      Marysville                             717-957-2323
      Millerstown                            717-589-3131
      New Bloomfield                         717-582-2144
      New Buffalo                            717-834-5811
      Newport                                717-567-3232
      Perdix                                 717-957-2424
      Shermans Dale                          717-582-2575

      Blain                               717-536-0031
      Duncannon                           717-834-5904
      Ickesburg                           717-438-3113
      Landisburg                          717-789-0190
      Liverpool                           717-444-3512
      Marysville                          717-957-4130
      Millerstown                         717-589-3131
      New Bloomfield                      717-582-2144
      Newport                             717-567-6917
      Shermans Dale                       717-582-2732

Angel Food Ministries              Providing Food Assistance to Families/Seniors
        Newport Assembly of God           717-567-3333                           Newport & Duncannon
        Landisurg Church of God           717-789-3723                           Landisburg
        Turkey Valley United Methodist    717-589-3926                           Turkey Valley
        Donnelly Mills United Methodist   717-567-9532                           Millerstown
        Trinity Lutheran Church           717-503-3248                           McAllisterville
Bread of Life                             717-567-9181                  Emergency, Monthly Food Distribution & Holiday Food Baskets
Cumberland/Perry Tapestry of Health       717-243-0523                  WIC / Nutritional Information
Good Shephard Lutheran Church             717-444-2167                  Food
Meals on Wheels                           717-582-5128                  Hot Meals for the Elderly
PA Hunger Action Center                   800-634-2033                  Assist in Enrolling in the Food Stamp Program
PA Office of Aging                        717-582-2131                  Meals for the Elderly
Penn State Cooperative Extension          717-582-5150                  Food/Nutrition Education
Perry County Assistance Office            717-582-2127                  Food Stamp Program
Perry County Food Bank                    717-582-5111                  Emergency & Monthly Food Distribution
Perry Valley Grange                       717-582-8387                  Marge Earnest/Thanksgiving Meals
        Greenwood School District         717-582-3117                  Reduced   Lunch   Program
        Newport School District           717-567-2529                  Reduced   Lunch   Program
        Susquenita School District        717-957-2303                  Reduced   Lunch   Program
        West Perry School District        717-789-3934                  Reduced   Lunch   Program

South Central Food Bank                   717-564-1700                  Fresh Produce Distribution Program
United Way                                717-732-0700                  Summer Feeding Program
WIC                                       800-942-9467                  Nutrition Program – Children Under Age Five and/or Pregnant Women

Community Action Commission                 717-232-9757   PPL Electric Utilities – ONTRACK Program
PA Office of Consumer Advocate              800-684-6560   Represents the interests of PA Public Utility Consumers
PPL Electric Utilities                      800-342-5775   Information for Landlords, Tenants on Utility Services
                                                                   LIURP – Weatherization Program
                                                                   CARES Program – Customers with a Temporary Hardship
Perry County Assistance Office              717-582-2127   LIHEAP - Fuel Assistance Program
Perry County Family Center                  717-582-4436   Operation Help-Assistance with Energy Bills
Public Utility Commission                   800-692-7380   Assistance if You and Your Utility Company Cannot Come to an Agreement
Utility Choice                              888-782-3228   Information on Electric Suppliers and Their Prices

FURNITURE – See Clothing

Hear Now                                    800-648-4327   Provides Hearing Aides – Income and Asset Guidelines

American Red Cross                          717-243-5211   Emergency Services
Child Line & Abuse Registry                 800-932-0313   To Report Child Abuse
Crossroads Pregnancy Center                 717-242-0301   24 Hour Helpline
Domestic Violence Services                  800-852-2102
Elder Emergencies                           717-582-5128
National Suicide Prevention                 800-SUICIDE
Poison Control Center                       800-222-1222
Rape Crisis Services – YWCA                 800-654-1211
Runaway Hotline                             800-RUN-AWAY
TeenLine                                    800-722-5385

Brethren Housing                            717-233-6016   Targeting Success for Single Mothers and Their Children
                                                                   A Helping Hand-Low Income Housing for Formerly Homeless Women
Community Action Commission                 717-232-9757   Housing Counseling Program
Cumberland County Redevelopment Authority   717-240-1315   Housing Rehabilitation for Elderly Homeowners to Make Repairs
                                                                   Keystone Renovate and Repair Their Homes
Fair Housing Program                        717-299-7840   Suspect Unfair Housing Practices
Federal Trade Commission                    877-FTC-Help   If a Lender has Violated the Law or Unfair Lending Practices
FEMA                                        800-621-3362   Assistance from Natural Disasters
Habitat for Humanity Perry County           717-582-5090   Build/Repair Homes for those who Qualify
Homeowners Emergency Mortgage Assist.       800-342-2397   Financial Management Assistance
Local Housing Options Team                  717-240-7725   Cumberland Link to Aging & Disability Resources

HOUSING (cont’d)
PHFA                                          800-822-1174       Individual On-Lot Sewage System Repair Program
                                                                         Keystone Home Loan/PLUS – Assistance with Home Buying
                                                                         HOMEstead Program-Down Payment/Closing Cost Assistance
                                                                         REAL Program – Refinance out of Adjustable Rate or Interest only
                                                                         Renovate & Repair Loan Program
                                                                         Comprehensive Homeownership Counseling
                                                                         HERO Program – Homeowners Equity Recovery Opportunity Program
                                                                         HEMAP-Homeowners Emergency Mortgage Program
PA Department of Banking                      800-PA-BANKS       If a Lender has Violated the Law or Unfair Lending Practices
PA Housing Finance Agency                     800-342-2397       Analyzing your Financial Situation
Perry County Housing                          717-582-8853       Section 8 Rental Assistance Program
Perry Housing Partnership                     717-249-0789x162   Housing
Perry Human Services                          717-582-8703       Homeless Assistance Program (HAP) for Homeless, Near Homeless or Near
Perry Manor                                   717-567-9769       Low Income Housing
SEDA-COG                                      800-332-6701       Weatherize for Heating and Cooling
        Bethesda Mission                      717-257-4440
        Christian Churches United             717-249-2200
        Cumberland County Coalition Shelter   717-238-2851
        HELP Ministries                       717-238-2851       Assistance with Securing Emergency Shelter, Medication and Food
        Interfaith Shelter                    717-236-6783
        Safe Harbor, Inc.                     717-249-2200
        Sunshine Ministries                   717-789-4488       Emergency Residential Housing
USDA Rural Development                        717-436-8953       Guaranteed Rural Housing Loan Program-to Purchase New or Existing Houses
                                                                        Home Repair Loans and Grants-home improvements to remove health
                                                                        and Safety Hazards or to Make a Home Accessible for Household
                                                                        Members with Disabilities
YWCA of Greater Harrisburg                    800-654-1211       Emergency Shelter for Women and Children
                                                                        Single Room Occupancy for Single Women
                                                                        Transitional/Bridge Housing for Women and Children up to Age 2yrs
                                                                        Permanent Housing-Rental Assistance & Case Management for Men and
                                                                                 Women with Disabilities
                                                                        Safe Shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence and Their Children

Adult Basic Line                       800-GOBASIC                    Adult Health Insurance
Capital Blue Cross                     800-KIDS-101                   Children’s Health Insurance
CHIP / KIDS NOW                        800-986-5437                   Children’s Health Insurance
Health Choices/Physical Health:
        AmeriHealth Mercy              800-521-6007
        Gateway Health Plan            800-392-1146
        MedPlus Health Plan            800-414-9025
Health Choices/Special Needs:
        AmeriHealth Mercy              888-991-7200
        Gateway Health Plan            800-642-3550
        MedPlus Health Plan            877-844-8844
Health Choices/Behavioral Health:
        CBHNP                          888-722-8646
Healthy Baby Line                      800-986-2229                   Referrals to Dental Care, Breastfeeding Information, Newborn Screening Program
Healthy Beginnings Plus Program        800-657-7925                   Medical Assistance for Low Income Pregnant Women
Healthy Kids Line                      800-986-KIDS
Highmark Blue Shield                   866-727-5437                   Children’s Health Insurance
Highmark Direct Blue                   800-808-9824                   Comprehensive Major Medical Preferred-Provider Program for Individuals and
                                                                              Families who Buy their own Health Insurance
HIPP (Health Insur. Prem. Payment)     800-644-7730                   State Program that Pays for Health Care Premiums
Love”em with a Check-Up Program        800-986-BABY                   Find Health Coverage and Education
PACE/Pace Net                          800-225-7223                   Pharmaceutical Assistance for Elderly
Perry County Assistance Office         717-582-2127                   Medical Insurance (Adults and Children)
Prenatal Check Ups                     800-986-BABY                   Checkups for You and Your Baby
Unison                                 800-290-4009                           Adult Basic Health Insurance
United Health Care                             Grants Provide Financial Relief for Families who have Children with Medical
                                                                              Needs not Covered or not Fully Covered by Their Commercial Health
                                                                              Benefit Plan

Attorney General/Consumer Protection   800-441-2555                   Landlord-Tenant Rights
Dickinson Family Law Clinic            717-240-5204                   Law Clinic Assists Persons with Disabilities
Disability Law Project                 800-692-7443                   Legal Assistance and Other Services to Individuals with Disabilities
Grand-families Resource Center          Information on State Laws and Legislation in Support of Grand-Families
Juvenile Law Center                              Children between the Ages of 10 to 21/Information on Juvenile Law
Kindship Care Legal Resource Center           Information and Resources on Financial Assistance,
                                                                              Guardianship, Relative Placement, Medical Consent & School Enrollment
MidPenn Legal Services                 800-932-0356                   Free Legal Help (Domestic Violence, Tenant, Consumer Rip-Off, Mortgage
                                                                              Foreclosure, Child Custody and Fighting Disability Benefits
Neighbor Dispute Settlement            800-324-4453                   Mediation Services
PA Attorney General                    717-787-7109                   Consumer Protection
PA Department of Health                717-772-3480                   Birth Certificates, Death Certificates

PA Health Law Project                           800-274-3258                   Advice and Direct Assistance with Development Disabilities
PA Lawyer Referral Service                      800-692-7375                   Information and Referrals to Local Lawyers
PA Legal Aid Network                                Provides Information about Legal Issues
US Consumer Product Safety Commission           800-638-2772                   Protects Public with Consumer Products
YWCA of Greater Harrisburg                      717-724-0516                   Representation and Advocacy for Victims of Domestic Violence

AIDS                                            800-662-6080                   Confidential Testing and Counseling
AIDS Planning Coalition of Central PA           717-761-7628
Alzheimer’s Association                         800-272-3900                   Information and Referral
American Cancer Society                         888-227-5445                   Transportation, Financial Assistance and Referral
American Diabetes Association                   800-342-2383                   Education and Information
American Lung Association                       800-932-0903                   Services for Individuals and Families who have Asthma
Anorexia Nervosa & Associated Disorders         717-558-8500 x1                Information and Resources
Arthritis Foundation – Central PA               800-776-0746                   Loan of Medical Equipment and Referral List of Specialists
Attachment Disorder Attachment                         Information and Resources
Aurora Social Rehab. Services                   717-232-6675                   Social Rehab Programs and Activities for Consumers of Mental Health
Brain Injury Association of PA                  866-635-7097                   Education, Prevention, Support Groups, and Public Policy
Brain Injury Help Line                          866-412-4755                   Information, Referrals and Resources of Services
Breast and Cervical Cancer                      800-4-CANCER                   Awareness and Testing
Capital Area CBHNP                              717-671-6541                   Information about Behavioral Services
Capital Area Health & Wellness Foundation       717-960-9009                   Identifies & Addresses Health Care Needs
Children’s Check Up Center                      717-233-1700
Children’s Resource Center of Pinnacle Health   717-732-6800
          Dr. Kevin P. Koch                     717-567-3158                  Newport
          Dr. Gerald J. Kruba                   717-582-7900                  Shermans Dale
          Dr. Timothy A. Mulhollem              717-582-2120                  New Bloomfield
          Dr. Cynthia Stanton                   717-834-9059                  Duncannon
Community Services Locator                        Online Directory to Find Available Health,
                                                                                      Mental Health, Family Support, Parenting, Child Care, and other
                                                                                      Services for Children and Families in their communities
Compassionate Care Hospice                      800-777-5109                  Physician and Nursing Care, Social Work Services, Spiritual Counseling, Volunteer
                                                                                      Support, Nutritional Counseling, Physical, Speech and Occupational
                                                                                      Therapy, Assistance with Personal Care, Meals and Light Housework,
                                                                                      Medication to Alleviate Symptoms, Oxygen and Medical Equipment and
                                                                                      Supplies, 24-Hour at Home Care During a Crisis, Short Term Respite
                                                                                      Care, Bereavement Support and Grief Counseling
CONNECT/Early Intervention Services             800-692-7288                  Assistance for Information on Early Intervention Services
Corporate Angel Network                         866-328-1313                  To Arrange Passage to Cancer Patients to Treatment Centers Using the Empty
                                                                                      Seats on Corporate Jets

Cresscare Medical                               800-260-2234               Medical Equipment, Mastectomy Products, Vascular Products, Respiratory
                                                                                   Services, Orthopedic Products, Bath Safety, Pressure Reduction and
                                                                                   Patient Care
Cumberland/Perry MH/MR                          717-240-6325               Mental Retardation Services
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation                      717-671-4000               Information and Referral
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Center   Information on FASD
Fresh Start Surgical Gifts                      760-944-7774               Provides Free Reconstructive Surgery to Children without Financial Means
Hamilton Health Center                          717-232-9971               Medical and Dental Services,
Head Injury Program                             800-986-4550               Rehabilitation Services
Heartbeat Community Services                    717-589-7208               Free and Confidential Lay Counseling, Free Pregnancy Test Kits, Education
                                                                                   Programs, and Material Assistance
Home Health Care/Angels on Call                 717-567-7937
Hospice of Central PA                           717-732-1000               Provides Care and Caring for Individuals Who are Passing through their Final
                                                                                   Journey in Life
        Carlisle Regional Medical Center        717-249-1212               Carlisle
        Chambersburg Hospital                   717-267-3000               Chambersburg
        Community General Osteopathic           717-652-3000               Harrisburg
        Geisinger Medical Center                570-271-6435               Danville
        Harrisburg Hospital                     717-782-3131               Harrisburg
        Holy Spirit Hospital & Health System    717-763-2100               Camp Hill
        Lewistown Hospital                      800-248-0505               Lewistown
        Penn State Children’s Hospital          866-204-0035               Hershey
        Pinnacle Kline Children & Teen Center   717-782-4650
Immunizations                                   800-986-KIDS               Information on Immunizations/Children
                                                877-PA-HEALTH              Information on Immunizations/Adults
Lead Information Line                           800-440-5323               Lead Information
Lead Poisoning Program                          800-374-7114               Free Lead Poisoning Screenings, Home Assessments, Free Cleaning Kits and an
                                                                                   Educational Program
Locks of Love                                   888-896-1588               Donate Hair for Children who are Suffering from Long Term or Permanent
                                                                                   Medical Hair Loss
Love’em with a Check UP                         800-986-BABY               Healthy Baby Line
                                                800-986-KIDS               Healthy Kids Line
Make-A-Wish Foundation                          888-367-8575               Wishes Granted of Children with Life-Threatening Medical Conditions
Maternal Assistance Program                     800-773-0280               Substance Abuse Evaluation and referral, Intensive Case Management,
                                                                                   Transportation, Parenting and Life Skills Training, Smoking
                                                                                   Cessation Program, and Assistance with Housing, Education and
                                                                                   Job Goals
Medical Equipment Lending Closet                717-582-7844               Obtaining Wheelchairs, Wheeled Walkers, Shower Benches, Hand Held
                                                                                   Showers, Beside Commodes, Hospital Beds, Transfer Boards,
                                                                                   Portable Ramps and Orthopedic Supplies
Medical ID’s                                    800-363-5985               Bracelet, Necklace or Medallion Personal Medical Information

MedocAlert                              Emergency Medical Information Service for ID Bracelets and Necklaces
Mercy Mission                                  717-763-2507         Free Medical Care to the Uninsured Homeless and Working Poor
National Immunization Hotline                  800-232-2522         Assistance if you can’t find Immunization Records
PA Elks Home Service Program                   814-781-7860         Children under 22 Years of Age with Developmental Disability
PA Vaccine for Children                        877-724-3258         No Cost Vaccines
Pediatric Services of America (PSA)            717-540-1051         Home Health Care to Pediatric Patients with Complex Medical Problems
Perry County Assistance Office                 717-582-2127         Medical Assistance
Perry County State Health Center               717-567-2011         Immunizations, HIV Testing/Counseling, Information and Referral
Perry Human Services                           717-582-8703         Tobacco Prevention
         Bloomfield Pharmacy                   717-582-2313         New Bloomfield
         Medicine Shop                         717-567-6367         Newport
         Rite Aid Pharmacy:
                  Duncannon                    717-834-6303
                  Newport                      717-567-6670
                  Shermans Dale                717-582-7781
         West Perry Pharmacy                   717-789-3093         Loysville
Pinnacle Health Hospice                        800-889-1098         Physician, Nurse, Medical Social Worker, Counseling, Hospital Aides and
                                                                             Homemakers, Trained Hospice Volunteers, Medical Equipment,
                                                                             Appliances and Supplies, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals for Pain and
                                                                             Symptom Management, Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapies,
                                                                             And Bereavement Support Programs
Planned Parenthood of the Susquehanna          800-230-7526         Pregnancy Tests, Contraceptive Prescription Refills, and other Treatment and
Poison Control Center                          800-222-1222
        Broad Street Family Health Center      717-957-3500         Marysville
        Duncannon Family Health Center         717-834-3108         Duncannon
        Family Medicine Center of Marysville   717-957-2212         Marysville
        Family Medicine Center of Newport      717-567-3151         Newport
        Perry Pediatrics PC                    717-582-2181         New Bloomfield
        Perry Physicians PC                    717-582-2090         Shermans Dale
        Newport Family Practice                717-567-3174         Newport
        Sadler Health Center Corporation       717-241-6673         Carlisle
        State Health Center                    717-567-2011         Newport
        Two Rivers Family Health Care          717-834-3900         Duncannon
        West Perry Family Practice             717-789-3553         Loysville
Real Alternatives                              888-LIFE-AID         Caring, Confidential & Free Pregnancy Support Services
Sadler Health Center                           717-218-6670         Family Health Services, Dental Services, Health Share Program, Vaccines
                                                                             for Children, SID Testing & Medication, HIV Testing & Treatment,
                                                                             ENCORE Plus Program, Healthy Woman 50+ and Tobacco Prevention

Safe Haven                                     866-921-7233        If you are Pregnant, Someone will Help you Find Services and Explore Options
SelectPlan for Women                           800-842-2020        Pays for Medical Services at Participating Family Planning Health Care Prof.
Shriners Services                              717-238-9107        Free Medical Care for Children – Club Foot, Scoliosis, Hand or Back Problems,
                                                                           Bowed Legs, Spina Bifida, Missing Arm or Leg, Problems associated with
                                                                           Burns, Cerebral Palsy, Bursitis, Bone Cysts, No Bendable Joints, and
                                                                           Abnormal Torsion of the Tibia
Tri-County Association of the Blind            717-238-2531
United Cerebral Palsy                          717-975-0611        Information, Referral and Coordination of Rehabilitation Services
Visiting Nurse’s Association of Central PA     717-233-1035        Skilled Nursing Care, Physical/Occupational/Speech and Enterostomal Therapy,
                                                                            Medical Social Workers, Hospice of VNA, Home Health Aides, Nutrition
                                                                            Counseling, Psychiatric Nursing Care, Oncology Care and Maternal Child
Western Perry Community Nurse Program          888-636-3009        In Home Care to Patients living in West Perry School District

Cumberland/Perry MH/MR                         717-240-6325        Support Services & Management of MH/MR programs
Mental Health Association of the Cap. Region   717-957-4263        Advocacy, Prevention and Education
New Visions, Inc.                              717-567-3648        Housing for Adults with Mental Health
Northwestern Human Services                    717-243-6033

Advance Publications                           717-582-4305
The Patriot                                    717-255-8100
The Sentinel                                   717-243-2611

         Duncannon                             717-834-4114
         Marysville                            717-957-2515
         Newport                               717-567-3620
         Penn Township                         717-834-6414
         Rye Township                          717-957-3166
Perry County Crime Stoppers                    866-210-8477
Sheriffs Office                                717-582-2131x2276
State Police – Newport                         717-567-3110

AARP                                           800-456-2277        55 Years and Older
American Cancer Society                        888-227-5445        Cancer Drugs and Some Supplies
American Consultants RX              
Caremark X                                     717-732-0700
CHADD                                          800-233-4050

Chronic Renal Disease Program             800-225-7223                   Dialysis or Kidney Transplant Patients
Healthy RX                                717-218-6670
Join Hands                                717-582-7844                   West Perry School District Residents
Kmart Pharmacy                            At Local Stores                90 Day Supply @ $10.00
Liberty                                  Diabetes Supplies and Respiratory Medications
Lily Answers Card                         877-795-4559
Leukemia Society of America               800-822-2873                   Drugs for Eligible Conditions
Mature RX                                 800-511-1314
Medicare Part D                           800-772-1213
Medicare RX                               800-274-3258
Medicine Program                
Merk Patient Assistance Program           800-727-5400
NORD                                      203-746-6518                   Certain RX Drugs for Rare & Chronic Conditions
Orange Card                               888-672-6436
PACE/PACENET                              717-582-5128                   65 Years and Older
Partnership for Prescription Assistance   888-4PPA-NOW
Pfizer Share Card                         800-717-6005
Prescription Discount Card      
Rite Aid RX                               800-RITE-AID                   30 Day Supply @ $8.99 / 90 Day Supply @ $15.99
RX Assist                       
RX Hope                         
RX Pharma                                 800-835-4080
RX Program                                800-535-3063                   Breathing Medications and Nebulizers
Special Pharmaceutical Benefits Program   800-922-9384                   Persons with HIV/AIDS or a DSM IV Diagnosis
State Pharmacy Assistance Program         800-225-7223                   65 Years and Older
Target Pharmacy                           At Local Stores                30 Day Supply @ $4.00 / 90 Day Supply @ $10.00
Together RX                               800-865-7211
Veterans Benefit                          717-240-6178                   Veterans Only
Walmart/Sam’s Club RX Program             At Local Stores                30 Day Supply @ $4.00 / 90 Day Supply @ $10.00

AARP                                      866-389-5654                   American Association of Retired Persons
Camp Ladore                               570-488-6129                   Camp Ministry
        Blain                             717-536-3630                   Main Street
        Duncannon                         717-834-4777                   27 N. High Street
        Liverpool                         717-444-7305                   South Pine Street
        Marysville                        717-957-2525                   634A Front Street
        Millerstown                       717-589-3950                   99 W. Greenwood Street
        New Bloomfield                    717-582-4508                   225 W. Main Street
        Newport                           717-567-6058                   35 S. Second Street

Cumber/Perry County Redevelop. Authority   717-249-0789              Home Repairs
Home Instead Senior Care                   717-731-9984              Companionship Services & Home Helper Services
Lifeline                                   800-752-1914              Personal Response Service
Lon-Term Living Services Line              866-286-3636              Services for Long Term Care
Nursing Homes
         Kinkora Pythian Home              717-834-4887              Duncannon
         Nipple Convalescent Home          717-444-3413              Liverpool
         Perry Village                     717-582-4346              New Bloomfield
         Stonebridge Health & Rehab        717-834-4111              Duncannon
Perry County Area Agency on Aging          717-582-5128              Meals-On-Wheels, Transportation, Medical Equipment Loan
                                                                             Program, Information and Referral, Legal Service, Benefits Counseling,
                                                                             Protective Service, Care Management, Nursing Home Transition,
                                                                             Medicare Counseling and Other Health Insurance Assistance, In-Home
                                                                             Services, Ombudsman, Health Screenings, Educational Programs,
                                                                             Volunteer Opportunities, Help find Emergency Housing, Help get Energy
                                                                             Assistance and Tax/Rent Rebate
Retired & Senior Volunteer Program         717-567-7733              Match Individuals with Positions in the Community
Scooters/Wheel chairs:
        The Scooter Store                  800-723-4535              Mobility Consultants
        Seniors In Motion                  800-594-1225              Motorized and Manual Wheelchairs/Three and Four Wheel Scooters
Vehicle Registration                       717-582-8119              Low-cost Vehicle Registration Renewals

ADHD Support Group                         717-545-7887              Support Groups for Parents & Caregivers of children with ADHD
AIDS Community Alliance of S. Central PA   717-233-7190              Case Management, Supportive Services & Support Groups
Alanon                                     717-582-8703              Call for local meetings
Alcoholics Anonymous                       717-582-8703              Call for local meetings
Alzheimers Association                     800-272-3900              Information and Support Groups
American Cancer Society                    888-227-5445              Transportation, Financial Assistance and Referral
Angel Connections                          717-763-8338              Women who have a Diagnosis of Breast Cancer
Anxiety Group                              717-782-2727              Anxiety and Panic Support Groups
Aphasia Support Group                      717-567-7323              Continued Improvement in Verbal Skills, Group Support and Socialization
ASD Hope                                   717-732-8400 x8120        Autistic Spectrum Disorder Support Group, Seminars, Information
Asperger’s Teen Support                    717-533-9505              Support for Teens with Aspergers and their families, 12 and up
Autism Society of America                  717-732-8400              Support for Parents of Children Affected by Autism
Bipolar/Depression Support Group           800-394-6363              For Family, Friends and Sufferers
Brain Injury Support Group                 717-526-2111              Support Group - Hershey
Cancer Information Services                800-422-6237              Information and Referral
Capitol Area Post Permanency        Support Group for Adoptive Parents
CHADD                                         ADHD Support Group
Common Bond Ministries Support Group       717-589-3549              Support Group for Mothers who have Lost a Child
CONTACT                                    800-932-4616              How to Find Support Groups

Cumberland/Perry Community Supp. Program          717-386-8372                  Support for the Mental Health
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation                        717-671-4000                  Information and Referral
Down Syndrome (Perry County)                      717-444-3325                  Support, Events, Outings
Family/Parent Support Group                       717-582-8703                  Support for Parents/Family of those Abusing Drugs or Alcohol
Family Support of Central PA                      800-984-9923                  Grandparents Raising Kids Free Support and Education
Family Support Center on Disabilities       Information on Family Support
Grand-Families State Law & Policy Res. Center         Information on State Laws and Legislation in Support of Grand-families
Head Back Support Group                           717-263-0192                  Support Group for those who Suffer any kind of Brain Trauma & Families
Heart 2 Heart                                     814-758-1681                  Support, Advocacy and Training for RAD
Highmark Caring Place                             866-613-4673                  Grief Support for Children, Adolescents and their Families
Juvenile Diabetes Assoc.                          717-901-6489                  Provides Literature and Information about Diabetes
Kidney Foundation of Central PA                   717-652-8123                  General Information & Financial Assistance to Kidney Disease Patients
Lupas Foundation of PA Harrisburg                 888-215-8787                  Support Group and Education
Mental Health Association of the Capital Region   717-957-4263                  Provides Advocacy, Education & Recovery Support to Individuals in Need of MH
MOMSTELL                                          717-795-9753                  Support/Education/Advocacy for Parents of Children Involved w/Drugs
Multiple Scleosis Society                         717-789-4574                  Self-Help Group
NAMI Cumberland/Perry                             717-243-0123                  Support for Parents/Loved Ones of those with Mental Health Issues
Narcotics Anonymous                               717-233-3733                  Support Group for Drug Related Problems
PA Tourette Syndrome Association                  800-990-3300                  Advocates will do IEP for any Child Diagnosed with Tourette
Parent Education Network (PEN)                    800-522-5827                  Provides Parents of all Special Needs Children Birth to Adulthood to attain
                                                                                        Education and Support Services.
Parent Support Group                              717-249-2611                  Provides Emotional Support and Information to Families of Children and Adults
                                                                                        With Mental Retardation
Parents Anonymous/Family Support of Cen PA        800-984-9923                  Parent Support Group
PA Families Inc – PFI                             800-947-4941                  Support Groups for Parents of Children with Special Needs
Perry Human Services                              717-582-8703                  Support Groups for Parents and Children with Drug/Alcohol Issues
Mental Health:
        Pregnancy & Postpartum                    717-957-4263                   Moms, Dads, Family Members or Friends – Support Group
        Community Support Program                 717-957-4263                   Mental Health Consumers, Family Members & Professionals-Support Group
Spina Bifida Assoc. of Central PA                 717-531-7311                   Medical Care, Education and Support
Teens for Each Other                              800-984-9923                   Provide Teens Support in Making Positive Changes in their Life
                                                                                         Holy Spirit Behavioral Health Building
Teen Support Group                                717-582-8703                   Support for Teens wanting to be Drug/Alcohol Free
Tourette Syndrome Assoc. of PA                    800-990-3300                   Advocates will do IEP for any Child Diagnosed with Tourettes
Traumatic Brain Injury                            866-412-4755                   Support and Information
Tri-County Association for the Blind              717-238-2531                   Support Group Meetings
Tuesday Night Friends                             717-531-7230                   Eating Disorder Family Support Group
UCP                                               717-975-0611                   Advocacy and Support, Information and Referral, Lending Library, Support Group
West Shore Brain Injury Support Group             717-697-3331                   Informal, Open Discussions, Social and Emotional Speakers
YWCA of Greater Harrisburg                        800-654-1211                   Teen Sexual Assault Support Group & Children’s Support Group
                                                                                 Children who have Viewed Domestic Violence or have been Abused
                                                                                         Support Group for Children who have been Sexually Abused

Money in Your Pocket Campaign                  717-232-9757               Electronic Federal and State Returns Prepared for Free
Tax Deferral Program                           717-582-2131 x4115         County Tax Deferral Program for Property Owners
VITA                                           717-240-5130               Free Income Tax Preparation Services to Individuals with Low Fixed Incomes and
                                                                                  Persons with Disabilities or Special Needs
DO NOT CALL LIST                               888-777-3406               Telemarketer DO NOT CALL for PA Residential Telephone Customers
Lifeline – Embarq                              888-723-8010               Discounted Monthly Service for Eligible Customers
Link Up – Embarq                               888-723-8010               Pay the Installation Charge for Telephone Service
PA Office of Consumer Advocate                 800-684-6560               Represents the interests of PA Public Utility Consumers
PA Utility Choice                              800-782-1110               Local Telephone Choices
Public Utility Commission                      800-782-1110               Complaints, Termination & General Information
TDDP                                           800-204-7427               Telecommunication Device Distribution Program
TeleTYpewriter (TTY)                           877-232-7640               Telephone Typewriter

Bureau of Child Support Enforcement            800-932-0211               Paternity Testing
DNA Diagnostics Center                         800-362-2368               DNA Parenting Testing

Center for Independent Living                  800-323-6060               People with Disabilities Who need Transportation.
Perry County Transportation                    877-800-7433               MATP-Anyone Who has the Access Card and is in Need of Transportation for
                                                                                  Dental/Medical Appointments.
                                                                          Share Ride Transportation –for Residents age 60+ for Groceries, Doctors,
                                                                                  Nutritional Sites, Advanced Health Care and Medical Facilities.
                                                                          Welfare to Work-Helps to Meet the Clients needs on a Case-By-Case Basis/
                                                                          HSDF-A County Resident and in Need of Medical Appointment Transportation
Project Street Transportation                  717-701-8460
Vehicle Donations
        American Lung Association              800-577-5864
        Kidney Foundation                      800-762-6202
        Salvation Army                         888-999-ARMY
        Tri County Association of the Blind    800-772-9277

Project Homefront                       Help Military Families Repair and Maintain their Homes while a Family Member is
                                                                                   Deployed during Operation Iraqi Freedom
CONTACT                                        800-932-4616               Guide to Services for Military Members, Their Families, and Those Impacted by
                                                                                   World Events
Lebanon VA Medical Center                      800-409-8771               Healthcare for Homeless Veterans
VA Health Care                                 877-222-8387               Veterans Health Benefits Service Center
Veterans Affairs                               717-582-2131x4133          Assists Veterans or their Widows/Widowers in Obtaining Benefits
Veterans Outreach & Governors Assist. Center   800-932-0930

Childline                                 800-932-0313                 Report Suspected Child Abuse
Choices                                   866-700-6868                 Program for Violent and Abusive Men
Domestic Violence Services                800-852-2102                 Counseling, Hotline, Emergency Shelter, Legal Advocacy Information & Referral
Victim/Witness Program                    717-582-5122                 Help for Victims and Witnesses
YWCA of Greater Harrisburg                800-654-1211                 Prevention Education

CHADD                                     800-233-4050                 Discount Vision and Eye Care
Eye Care America                          800-391-3937                 Vision Exam Resource & other Vision Care
Harrisburg Area Radio Reading Service     717-238-2531                 Offers the Detailed Stories of the Newspaper on Radio Broadcast
Infant See                                888-396-3937                 Provides a One-Time, No Cost Eye and Vision Assessment for Babies 6 to 12
                                                                                months old
Lions Club                                717-564-2586                 Glasses, Hearing Aids, School Scholarships, Assistance with the Needy and
                                                                            Physically Handicapped
New Eyes for the Needy             Purchase New Prescription Eyeglasses through a Voucher Program
         Richard A. Bechtel, O.D.         717-834-3798                 Duncannon
         Ted Harrer                       717-589-3830                 Millerstown
         Jon E. Noll, O.D.:
                 Duncannon                717-957-4224
                 Loysville                717-789-3830
         W. Reynolds Sisson, O.D., FAAO   717-567-3103                 Newport
PA Council of the Blind                   800-736-1410                 Information and Referral
Perry Eye Center                          717-589-3830                 Millerstown
Sight for Students                        888-290-4964                 Free Eye Care and Eyeglasses for Children
Tri-County Association of the Blind       717-238-2531                 Information, Referral, Support Groups, Speakers & Technology
Vision USA                                717-233-0925                 Eye Exams and Eyeglasses

New Bloomfield Borough                    717-582-3392
Newport Borough                           717-567-6373
United Water PA                           717-231-3653


                              As of May 2009

           Compiled by the Perry County Family Center
*If a service is discontinued or changed, please contact us at 717-582-3656, so
we may update the Resources.

Cash Programs               Hotlines
Child Care/Preschools       Housing
Classes/Activities/Camps    Insurance
Clothing/Furniture          Legal Services
Counseling                  Medical Resources
County/Government Offices   Mental Health
Dental                      Newspapers
Disabled/Special Needs      Police
Divorce/Separation          Prescription Assistance
Education                   Senior Citizens
Emergency Assistance        Support Services
Employment/GED              Taxes
Family/Children Services    Telephone
Financial Advice            Testing
Fire Departments/EMS        Transportation
Food                        Veterans
Fuel Assistance             Violence
Furniture – See Clothing    Vision
Hearing                     Water

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