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									ORION DALEY’s CSV: Trading Systems IT Project Manager Contractor & part time software entrepreneur:
Specialist in Equities, Foreign Exchange and Fixed Income Trading Systems. - – Phone: 347-674-6658

Core Languages: Java, C++, Perl , SQL
Major RDBMS: Sybase, Oracle
Primary OS:     Solaris, Linux, MS
Primary Focus: Trading Systems
Secondary Focus: SOA/Enterprise Architecture
PM Tools: MSProject, Visio, Excel, Word, etc
PM Certifications:

Career Objectives: Seeking perm role or contract to perm as hands on technical project manager being
directly responsible for building Trading Systems for Prime Brokerage / Broker Dealer Securities Lending,
Stock Loan, REPO and Fixed Income using ubiquitous web service architecture, and related plug and play
ecommerce trader workstation based applications using MOM, and messaging systems like TIBCO and MQ.

Related Skills: Management of critical projects and resources in investment banks, brokerage firms,
insurance underwriters, and J2EE startups; successfully managed many challenging time-to-market sensitive
projects and related support operations including even data center swing moves.

As a technical architect and program/project manager, Orion has performed as an interdepartmental project
management liaison communicating at all group levels in planning, coordinating, deployment and support of
systems and networking platform migrations. He has worked with SDLC , SDLC Lite and designed, performed
and implemented many Project Life Cycle plans that include – initiation, planning, executing,
monitoring/management, closing: and cost, time, quality, HR, , Risk/Gap analysis, procurement and detailed

Orion’s technical background has been as a lead enterprise technical architect and hands on developer when
need be with C++, Java, SQL and Perl in the Unix/Sybase/Oracle and Microsoft platforms. Scope of tactical
trade desk support: Options Pricing/Risk analysis, and Options Pricing Systems; Sec Lending, REPO, auto
borrow, Money Markets, FX, Quote Service applications. As SOA architect, building and maintaining Sec
Masters and other DDL for Sybase and Oracle, including Perl / KSH wrapped SQL maintenance scripts, stored
procedures and triggers. Technical support management of Mid Office: Batch Reporting services for Sec
Lending, REPO, and other apps based on Sybase and Oracle embedded SQL and stored procedure authoring.
Technical support management of Back Office: FTP Bank to Bank file transfer services; DTC and ADP
application interfaces, Batch Alarms.

Recent Core Accomplishments: Designed and built cross platform, cross asset class trader’s workstation in
Java Swing/Core, C++, Perl and SQL. Current technologies: Solaris 10, Windows 7, Sybase ASE 15.5.

Work History Summary: During the ‘Dot Com’ boom, he also became an entrepreneur in building TSN and
in addition, the Wall Street Free Press;,,, and managed
large ecommerce business systems at AIG and JP Chase.

Recent Accomplishments: Designed and built cross platform, cross asset class trader’s workstation in Java
Swing/core (RMI, JNI, JMS, JDBC) , C++, Perl and SQL. Current technologies: Solaris 10, Windows 7, Sybase
ASE 15.5.

Named Trade System, it provides an open framework for financial trading applications. It is to serve the
critical trading needs of money managers, brokers, and traders in any financial market domain where speed
and delivery of market rate information, and STP rapid order execution in a ubiquitous environment are
essential business needs. Currently, there are three out of five live domains: an algorithmic trader, a ‘Hedge
Maker Equities Portfolio Order Management System’, ‘Trade System Options’ work station, and ‘Retail FX
Group Trade Manager’. Please see the two included snaps on page four.
March 12 to Present: – Mutual and Money Markets Funds Data Base - Orion Computer Systems, Inc:
Built Java Swing Workstation and JDBC and the Sybase DDL and Stored Procedures for the Mutual and Money
Market Funds DB ( MMMFDB ) to run in Sybase ASE 15.5. The MMMFDB queries are modeled based on
Morning Star and support optimized search for Best and Worst Performers, NAV Net Asset Value calculations,
and composite listings; and historical for charting use. All import scripting and parsing was built in Perl, and
raw data pulls via LWP from NASDAQ, and the NYSE.

Sept 09 to Feb 12: Orion Computer Systems, Inc - Trade-System Integrated Cross Domain / Cross
Platform Traders Workstation: Researched business requirements, designed to align technology, specified
functional scope and focus, and then built in Java ( Swing, RMI, JNI, JDBC), C++ ( DBLIB) and over 8000 lines
of Sybase stored procedures, implemented a cross market/cross platform trading system. Intended to
support Straight Through Processing business requirements, TradeSystem includes frontend portable and
web enabled traders workstation. This is for collapsing much of the functionality of a trader’s desk into a
unified platform. Additionally the platform includes an intelligent equities/options portfolio oriented order
management systems. (Please see last page for snapshots). Currently it supports high frequency low latency
transactions using a FIX (Financial Information Exchange Protocol) initiator interface for pre, trade and post
trade messaging and transactions; and retail Foreign Exchange. Further development is for implementing
NSADAQ OUCH and ITCH protocols.

April 09 to Sept 09: Baron Forex FX Group Trade Manager, by OCS Inc., NY, NY – Systems Integrator:
Built in Visual C++ /MFC and C Libs, the Group Trade Manager (GTM) is a windows application that performs
rapid group order execution in real time via a Meta Trader 4 Manager API. Designed for account managers,
the GTM provides percent allocation of lots for sub accounts. Positions and Market Watch are provided in real
time to monitor trades and real time currency pair rates and spreads.

Feb 07 to Mar 09: Ginkome Search Engine, Financial Market News Portal: Project Manager/Team Lead
Accomplishments: Designed and implemented SOA J2EE / Perl CGI Architecture: in addition to coding, also
produced MS Project PLC plans, Visio and Excel, team building and management. Search query based on
Apache Lucene Search Engine. Built RSS/Atom to DB XML parser for Financial and News Wires; to Sybase;
Search engines based on Open Source. Functioned as Lead/Programmer - search Engine Financial News and
Market Data portal: Equities, Funds, Market Indexes, and FX Cross Rates. Deployed EJB’s and built / ported
Java/JDBC , C++/C/Oracle OCI, and SQL Stored Procedures, triggers, Sybase CTLIB/DBLib, Oracle DBD
Perl and Perl/Sybperl CGI, and XML messaging, on integrated platform in 3 tiered DMZ J2EE ( Solaris 10
ultras, Oracle 9I, Sybase 11.5, Iplanet, apache, Java proxies, and tomcat).

Mar 06 to Feb 07: Bank of America New York, NY Equity Derivatives: Back End Test Management.
Accomplishments: Supported traders, tactical and development teams in fixing code and debugging daily
releases of pricing and risk analytics algorithms; and built C++ / C and Perl API and Sybase API harnesses .
Designed and built back end risk analytics grid ( PVM & Data Synapse ) and SSH ( OpenSSH and F-Secure )
modeled after production, and Authored SDLC Lite QA compliance standards.

Nov 05 - Feb 06: Fortis Financial Group New York, NY:         Martini REPO PM Back End Architect.
Accomplishments: Produced project plan, gannt, project strategy, Run books, and Operation / NOC
procedures; and lead resource partnering. Coded Perl/SQL procedures for build, disk to disk back up and
recover of production, development and DR; authored for fail-over/fail back. Coded SQL DB performance and
monitoring scripts.

Sept 04 - Oct 05: JP Morgan Chase New York, NY:
Project Manager/ Internet Infrastructure Architect Accomplishments: For Swing move of SOA J2EE based dual
data centers due to merger growth, designed architecture, produced MS Project PLC plans meeting 'go live
date', multiple architectural and other engineering drawings in Visio; Excel for managing time resource
/tracking after working with product and service teams to identify and rank requirements, develop project
life cycle, critical path and identifying critical success factors for swing strategy and remediation
requirements. Accomplishments further included team building and management, and technical team
mentoring in IPlanet/Weblogic and SiteMinder Administration; authored data center run books, and fail over
/ fail back procedures.

July 2003 - Aug 2004: eMarketing Campaign System. AIG JC/NJ: Program/Project & Tech Manager
Accomplishments: Resource management. of 10+ people; functioned as SOA architect; liaison between
eCommerce marketing department's vice president and eBusiness technology CTO/group delivery manager,
infrastructure architecture group, data security, and OCIO infrastructure standards group and QA team.
Identified functional gaps and missing business components, obtaining security's and corporate standards for
certification of new 3rd party components for the business's needs; and managed development of in-house
application components for remediation.

Feb. 2001 - Sept 2001: CITICORP, NY, NY:                       Tech Project Logistics Management
Accomplishments: Web infrastructure support that included managing Tier III 24/7 on call escalation
procedures, schedules and backup support; providing the planning and timely roll outs of web-enabled
applications for many of the bank's business technical units; mentoring team in porting EAR/War Java files;
debugging application configurations and resolving Java class library and web.xml configurations; built
Perl/Kshell scripts for installation packaging and to simplify complex tasks; log management compression
scripts. Designed and coded web software for using web-bank architecture for management support tools.

Nov. 1998 to June 2003: The Trading Systems Real Time Network, NY, NY:
Founder Accomplishments: Built .com start up web enabled institutional and retail trading system - (Full
time till 2001, part time till 2003) - provided real time market level I quote services to subscribers ( B2B
search engine clients and online trading firms); provided market indices, EOD summaries, Equity markets
news, TechniCalc RT portfolio manager, Funds Mall, IPO Center, Easy Edgar SEC Filing research, splits,
delayed stock quote/charts, balance sheet / EPS, most active, price alerts, volume alerts, market gainers,
market losers, 52 high/low, buy-hold-sell recommendations, FX cross rates, real time bid/ask charting and
converters. Built on Unix/Sybase with Java/JDBC, C++/C, DBlib, Perl, Sybperl.SQL and KSH Shell; using
IPlanet reverse Proxy & Webservers.

Jul. 1995 - Oct. 1998: UNION BANK OF SWITZERLAND, NY, NY:
Project Manager Accomplishments in Treasury Dept. Special Projects: Managed development, roll out and
support for Global 1 Borrowing and Lending System, Securities & Agency Lending intranet web applications;
auto borrow system, Money Markets trading desk high availability system, and Global Foreign Exchange
derivatives. Further provided programming support for Front, Middle and Back office in C/C++, Perl and KSH
built on Unix systems and Sybase infrastructure including DDL ( Security Masters and other), SQL/Stored
procedures, and CGI/Api’s.

Aug. 1994 - Apr. 1995: SMITH BARNEY SHEARSON, NY, NY:             Group Support Manager
Accomplishments: Provided 24/7 Unix System Administration / DBA infrastructure support for 10 trading
and development floors; Team management of 12 UNIX/AIX SA's and SYBASE DBA's.. Provided migration
support to move environment to downtown facilities.

Mar. 1994 - Aug. 1994: American Real Time Services/REUTERS, NY, NY:
Project Manager/Accomplishments: For financial market data information provisioning services - developed
/ deployed 'Fault Detection and Recovery systems' and monitors to assure the market data and financial
news wire services; managed 5 person team for providing multiple subsystem HA projects, and resident
watchdogs for monitoring specific processes in an upstream/downstream queue; incorporating automatic
interval limited restart protocols, inter systems monitors as clients, inter systems reporting and restart
message protocols, and console display reports.

Jun. 1993 - Jan. 1994: JP MORGAN New York, NY:
Program Manager /Interdepartmental Liaison Accomplishments: Team member sharing responsibility for
standardizing an optimized configuration for financial applications on the bank's business units. Successful
working and negotiating with various technical groups in order to standardize a unified Traders Workstation
platform that was used across different business, and trading groups. Successful working and negotiating
with various technical groups in order to standardize a Unified Traders workstation platform that was used
across different business, and trading groups. Workstation Standards enabled a migration path from differing
uses for the SUN OS workstation to meet compliance in porting to Solaris 2.3

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