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					Top Tips For Anyone Looking To Work In
As the economic downturn rumbles on, more and more businesses are looking to squeeze every
last drop of return on investment from their workforce and production line. Increased levels of
unemployed have also been brought about through a rise in redundancies and other cost cutting
exercises that have also put employees and employers alike under increased strain. Needless to
say, the role of the HR consultant has become increasingly valuable in a day and age where
employment and the dynamics of the workplace in general are in such a state of flux.

Now is a great time to get into HR and for anyone with an interest in people skills, economics,
business and psychology this can be a very exciting and rewarding career avenue. So what are
some top tips for anyone looking to work in HR as a means of breaking into the industry?

Shadow an expert: There's nothing better than learning from an expert which is why - if you have
the opportunity to do so - it's really invaluable being able to shadow and do work experience
with a fully fledged HR consultant or human resources agency. Use social platforms like
LinkedIn to investigate opportunities to work with experts in your local area. It may also be
useful to speak to your school or university careers advisor who can sometimes assist in
organising placements and internships on your behalf.

Network: For those who have left education and are perhaps looking for a career change or keen
to get back into work, networking is an invaluable tool to get into any industry, not just HR. Job
centres and colleges often run networking days which are an excellent way to exchange details.
Alternatively, use the Internet to track down HR or business conferences which are often free to
attend and regularly have a networking session where you can meet keynote speakers and chat
about employment opportunities.

Start a blog: Given the competitiveness of the employment scene, there's never been a better and
more affordable way to raise yourself above the competition than through a blog. A blog is a
great way to flex your expertise and knowledge whilst demonstrating your dedication to a
particularly subject or topic area. Via platforms such as Blogger or WordPress you can set up a
blog free of charge; your time and dedication being the only overhead. Setting up an HR blog
can also act as a portfolio and is a great tool to send to prospective employers as a means of
demonstrating your knowledge is bang up to date.

Are you looking to get into HR? Use to top tips above to improve your chances of employment.

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