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									      Executive Search: 6 Keys to Effective
               Human Resources
In order to guarantee your company's success, you have start by making sure you have the right
people working for you, and this begins in human resources. Most often the first contact a
candidate has with your company is through HR, so to ensure that the right candidates are being
sourced it is important to make sure that your human resources department is functioning at its
highest capability. However, a shift seems to have taken place in today's competitive job market,
granting a great deal more power to the candidate and away from the employer. This means that,
rather than sitting back and waiting to take your pick of applicants, employers must now actively
search for the right individuals and be able to sell the position to them before the competition
steals them away.

To ensure that your company is drawing in the kind a potential you want, here are six keys to
help HR be as effective as possible.

1. To start, companies need to change the way they begin the search process. One common
mistake made by many HR departments, is in focusing too much on quantity rather than quality.
This means that, as opposed to actively seeking candidates when a position opens up, too many
companies rely on outdated applicant databases, a collection of those people who have applied
with your company in the past but may have no interest in working for you now. Unfortunately,
the time for such strategies has passed, and must now be replaced by a far more tailored and
intricate system of candidate selection which focuses on a few quality individuals.

2. As quality candidates become increasingly difficult to find, you will need to begin taking step
to help draw them in and show them why they should work for your company rather than the
competition. One means of doing this is by developing an Employment Value Proposition to
help to communicate to both future and current employees just what your company has to offer

3. Since the first interaction a candidate has with your company is through HR, you will want to
ensure that the first impression they receive is a good one, by making sure that your HR
department is at its best. Nowadays, when it comes time to interview, a candidate is just as likely
to be interviewing and assessing your company. This means you need to put your best HR people
at the forefront of the hiring process to help ensure a quality impression is made to the candidate.

4. It has become increasingly popular for companies to outsource their recruitment process to
external agencies. While this may be a good route to take in certain parts of your organization,
you will still want to make sure that the agency you use complies with and implements the same
standards of search that you would were it an in-house job. Too often companies rely on a
uniform method of searching for candidates, leaving other options unexplored, and this is where
a recruitment agency can be useful.
5. Another short coming of many HR departments is their tendency to rely on outdated
approaches to the hiring process. In today's dynamic business world, companies that lean to
heavily on traditional methods, rather than taking advantage of new and progressive technologies
and techniques, will find themselves unable to keep up and will be unsuccessful when it comes
to attracting the high quality candidates that you're looking for.

6. One of the most effective steps a company can take to help improve not only the quality of
candidates they attract is through employer branding. Your products and services shouldn't be
the only thing you're company is marketing. To be successful you will need to effectively market
yourself as well. Here you will need to find a way of making yourself stand out among the
competition by assessing your strengths and weaknesses, both as an overall employer or
executive search firm and in your hiring process. Identifying any issues you may have and
improving on them will help to boost your image in the eyes of your current and potential

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