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									                                                                MIKE DESJARDINS
       104 Shepherd Lane ▪ Portland, ME 04103 ▪ +1 (207) 956-0599 ▪

OBJECTIVE                     To find an opportunity to be an active, contributing software
                              developer in an energetic company.

WORK                          CERES LOGIC, LLC Portland, ME
February 2009 – Present       • Sony Music – Collaborated remotely with several other
                                 developers to create, an e-commerce
                                 destination for classical music fans. Ariama is a Rails-based
                                 application that runs on JRuby in a Tomcat application server
                                 on Amazon EC2. My role was primarily to develop the
                                 • Apache Lucene based content search.
                                 • Shopping cart functionality.
                                 • ActiveMerchant integration for payment with
                                      Chase/Paymentech and PayPal.
                                 • Integration with fulfillment vendors to place and track
                                 • A Servlet-based download proxy server that modifies ID3
                                      tags and tracks customer’s downloads, caching the
                                      modified files with EHCache.
                                 • Technical Skills Used: Ruby, JRuby, Rails, ActiveMerchant,
                                      Lucene, JQuery, CSS, EC2, MySQL, S3, Rightscale
                              • Android Development – Independently created two
                                 applications available in the Android Market.
                                 • Skicast – an application that allows users to view ski trail
                                      and weather reports. Developed a Google App Engine
                                      service that polls a third-party company for snow report
                                      data, from which the Skicast client downloads reports.
                                 • Tidecast – allows users to get tidal predictions for over
                                      2,000 locations in the United States. Downloads tide
                                      forecasts from NOAA, and uses Android’s Location
                                      Service to find the closest tide station to the user. The
                                      application also uses an AppWidget to display tide
                                      forecasts to the user.
                              • BlueTarp Financial – Created an API for clients to submit
                                 online credit applications for instant credit line approvals. The
                                 server made use of Hibernate, Castor, and Velocity.

June 2007 – September 2008    BLUETARP FINANCIAL, INC. Portland, ME
                              SENIOR SOFTWARE DEVELOPER
                              • Independently created a new Tapestry and Hibernate based
                                 JEE web application for the Credit Department to track and
                                 score credit applications. The application validates and
                                 persists user input to a SQL Server database, performs real-
                                 time credit checks with an external credit reporting agency,
                                 uses iText and JasperReports to generate PDF documents,
                                 and uses T-SQL stored procedures to upload accepted
                                 applications to the core credit system.
                              • Converted an externally facing web application from an
                                 Apache Struts implementation to a one that uses Hibernate
Mike Desjardins                                                                             2

                             and the Stripes framework.
                         •   Technical Skills used: Tapestry, Stripes, Struts, Hibernate,
                             JPA, HiveMind, iText, Jasper Reports, Servlets, Tomcat,
                             Glassfish, HTML, CSS, Javascript, IntelliJ IDEA, SQL, Data
                             Modeling, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL

April 2000 – June 2007   BOSTON COMMUNICATIONS GROUP, INC. (Formerly Infotech
                         Solutions Corporation) Westbrook, ME
                         October 2004 – June 2007
                         • Led analysis, architecture, and definition of the bcgi Open
                            Services (BOS) API. Member of a small team that
                            implemented a SOAP-based Java Web-Service API for an
                            existing wireless billing and customer care application.
                            Primary responsibilities included API definition, Data
                            Modeling, T-SQL stored procedure and Java/J2EE
                            development. The SOAP API utilized the Apache Axis SOAP
                            stack on the JBoss application server, and leveraged
                            Hibernate for its persistence layer and the Spring framework
                            for dependency injection and AOP.
                         • Architected an integrated postpaid/prepaid billing solution for
                            national wireless MVNO, Amp’d Mobile. Met with carrier
                            and representatives from multiple integration partners,
                            including Verizon, Lucent, Schematic, and VeriSign/PayPal.
                            Created conceptual design documentation, which articulated a
                            design that was implemented by a geographically dispersed
                            team of developers at several different companies.
                            Coordinated design effort and served as subject matter
                            expert for entire development team.
                         • Technical Skills Used: Java, JBoss, Hibernate, T-SQL,
                            Sybase, Ant, Spring, jBPM, Mule, Castor, JUnit, Apache Axis,
                            Apache Struts, EHCache, CruiseControl, SOA, SOAP, Linux,
                            HP-UX, bash, Perforce, Eclipse, OOP, Data Modeling
                         February 2001 – October 2004
                         • Engineering accomplishments:
                            • Developed and improved recurring charge engines and
                                taxation engines, Developed other billing applications
                                using C and C++ with Sybase ct-lib database API.
                            • Ported multiple billing processes from a legacy 4/GL to
                                C++ and T-SQL stored procedures.
                            • Developed and maintained real-time call rating engines
                                which calculated toll, airtime, and data usage.
                            • Technical Skills Used: C++, STL, T-SQL, Sybase, ksh,
                                HP-UX, make, Cognos PowerHouse, Perl, Perforce, RCS,
                                Emacs, OOP, OOAD, UML, CIBER, TAP (3.1), ASN.1, XML,
                                XSLT, Brew
                         • Leadership accomplishments:
                            • Architected solutions to product requirements as
                                established by product management and internal
                                consulting teams.
                            • Authored detailed specifications for product
Mike Desjardins                                                                                3

                                   enhancements including conceptual and detailed design
                               •   Work delegation and assignment.
                               •   Annual performance appraisals, salary adjustments,
                                   goal setting for direct reports, and mentoring.

                            VOYAGER USER INTERFACE DEVELOPER
                            April 2000 – February 2001
                            Designed user interfaces for the Voyager online application
                            using Cognos Axiant/4GL and Sybase T-SQL. Changes involved
                            all modules of the company’s flagship cellular billing, customer
                            care, and point-of-sale application.

January 1997 – April 2000   SEAGATE (Formerly Quantum Corporation) Shrewsbury, MA

                            DESIGN ENGINEER II
                            • Implemented industry-leading real-time servo control
                               firmware for the Atlas 10K II disk drive, working in a three-
                               person team. Code was implemented on a 32 bit NEC V850
                               processor in assembly and C.
                            • Developed in-drive testing software used during the
                               manufacturing process, culminating with several visits to
                               Japanese manufacturing facility.

May - December 1995         DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORPORATION Marlborough, MA
May - August 1996           SOFTWARE QUALITY ASSURANCE ENGINEER (Co-op)

                            Independently developed a Javascript/XUL based multi-platform
                            desktop application for reading and posting tweets from multiple
                            accounts. Uses OAuth, JQuery, and the Twitter and Status.Net

                            AVANT WINDOW NAVIGATOR
                            The Avant Window Navigator is a Mac OS X-like dock application
                            for the Linux operating system. Developed three Python based
                            applets (Weather, Clock/Calendar, and CPU Meter) for the dock.

TECHNICAL                   JRuby, Rails, ActiveMerchant, Android, Twitter API, OAuth, Java,
                            Hibernate, EJB3, JPA, Tapestry, Stripes, Spring, Javascript,
                            JQuery, Prototype, Freemarker, Lucene, Sybase, Microsoft SQL
                            Server, PostgreSQL, XUL, Python, Django, JBoss, Tomcat,
                            Glassfish, Caucho Resin, T-SQL, Oracle, C++, C, POSIX Shell,
                            UML, UNIX (Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, Mac OS X), SOA, SOAP, Web
                            Services, Axis, Ant, Maven, XML, XPath, Perl, Perforce, PVCS,
                            Subversion, Bazaar, Git, HTML, CSS, PowerHouse, Eclipse, IntelliJ
                            IDEA, Emacs, Axiant/4GL, Assembly (Motorola 68K, NEC V850,
                            Intel x86), OOP, MATLAB, CIBER, TAP

                            Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Minor in Computer
                            Science. GPA 3.4

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