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									          I M.Sc., I Semester Chemistry/Analytical Chemistry
                               Core Practicals
               ChCL/AChCL – 1.1: Inorganic Chemistry Practicals – I

Acid-base titrations.

   1. Determination of total acidity of vinegar and wines by acid-base titration.
   2. Determination of aniline by non-aqueous acid-base titration.
   3. Determination of replaceable hydrogen and relative molar mass of a weak
      organic acid by titration with sodium hydroxide.
   4. Determination of total alkalinity of soda ash by visual and pH-metric

Complexometric titrations.

   5. Determination of calcium and magnesium by complexometric titration using
   6. Determination of calcium in milk powder by EDTA titration (micro-
      volumetric estimation).
   7. Determination of chloride content of an industrial effluent by
      conductometric titration with silver nitrate.
   8. Determination of nickel/lead/copper using EDTA.


Precipitation titration.

   9. Determination of percentage of chloride in a sample by precipitation titration
      – Mohr’s, Volhards and Fajans methods.
   10.Estimation of sulphate in ground water by titration with barium chloride
      using an adsorption indicator.
   11.Estimation of saccharin in tablets by precipitation titration.

Redox titrations.

   12.Determination of Fe2+/Fe3+ by using potassium permanganate.
   13.Determination of Fe2+/Fe3+ by using potassium dichromate.

Solvent extraction.

   14.Selective extraction of iron metal cation from a mixture of iron and
      magnesium and determination of their respective concentrations.


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