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									Mobile Market
by the IAB Mobile Council
What we did

• This research was created by the IAB Mobile
• First step in the IAB UK’s Mobile activities
• Looks at usage and attitudes among Media
  Buyers and Advertisers
• Next steps
  ‒ Ad Effectiveness of Mobile
  ‒ Mobile and Online Cross Media Study

            Online survey distributed by Work Research.
    Experience in mobile marketing is limited
What experience do you have with mobile advertising?
Base: All answered (n=115)

             Half of respondents have NO experience of mobile advertising
    Levels of understanding are low
How well do you feel you understand mobile advertising on a scale from 1 to 10?
Base: All answered (n=115)

        1 No understanding                               4%
                                2                                                  12%
                                3                                                                               22%
                                4                                                                               22%
                                5                                                              16%
                                6                                       8%
                                7                                                        14%
                                8             2%                                                 3% scored themselves 8 or higher
                                                                                                 17% scored themselves 7 or higher
                                9          1%
                      10 Expert          0%
                                    0%                   5%                  10%         15%          20%               25%

             Overall understanding of mobile advertising is felt to be very low. Only
                              3% felt they had a good grasp of it
    Most have some idea of the main mobile
    advertising drivers
Do you feel you have a good enough understanding of the following global trends and issues to include mobile in your business?
Base: All answered (n=115)                                                                                                                Mean

                            Capabilities of modern handsets                   16%                         71%                      13%

                                          Mobile internet usage           11%                       64%                          24%

           Overall demographics of mobile internet users                      16%                   55%                      30%

          The range of creative possibilities of mobile for                                                                               1.76
                                                                          9%                  58%                           33%

      Possibilities for mobile ad campaign measurement                    8%                54%                           38%             1.70

                     Browsing behaviour on mobile internet                6%                57%                            37%            1.70

                                    Penetration of 3G phones              8%                53%                           39%

                                                                         0%                           50%                              100%

                                                    Understand it well        Some idea   No Idea
    % of mobile component in 2008
In 2008, what % of your clients' campaigns include a mobile component?
Base: All answered (n=57)

       81-100%             0%

         61-80%            0%

         41-60%               3%

         21-40%                       10%

           0-20%                                                               86%

                       0%                                                50%         100%

                  Almost nine-tenths of current ad campaigns contain 20% or less
                                         mobile advertising
    The tipping point is 2010
When will mobile become a standard part of your clients' ad budgets?

                               0%                                        50%   100%

                     By 2010 62% believe mobile will be a standard
                                part of client budgets
    Entertainment is seen as best suited to mobile
Which categories are best suited to mobile advertising?
Base: All answered (n=115)

             Entertainment                                                                     91%
         Leisure and travel                                                 57%
               Telecomms                                                 52%
                      Retail                                             52%
                    FMCG                                         40%
      Consumer electronics                                 26%
                    Alcohol                               24%                “The youth market are highly
                   Finance                       17%                         engaged users of mobile
          Health & Beauty                       16%                          devices, as well as the
                Automotive                     15%                           technology market – there is a
               Government                   10%
                                                                             strong affinity between mobile
              White goods           2%                                       and technology.”
           Pharmaceutical           1%                                                             Advertiser
                    Others                  9%
                      None         0%

                               0%                                  50%                           100%

  Entertainment is seen as the category best suited to mobile advertising
      Leisure & travel, Telecoms and Retail are also seen as suitable
Categories that people think work well
“Youth brands work well. And the          “Youth, gaming, clothing,
B2B industries as business                entertainment, music – all of these
people are very tech savvy.”              would work well.”
                           Agency                                          Agency

       “Entertainment, direct                  “Entertainment,     media
       response, FMCG and                      and music works well –
       Automotive are probably                 looking up films, venues and
       best suited to mobile.”                 content.”
                                 Agency                               Agency

                    “Youth brands, especially teens – therefore
                    clothes, music, electronics, drinks.”
Search is not seen as a driving force

• Respondents did not see Search as having a lot of
  synergy with Mobile

   ‒ Only 7% understand Mobile Search well, 57% have no
     familiarity with Mobile Search

   ‒ Only 25% believe Mobile Search will overtake PC Search
     by 2015
     Sufficient information for campaign planning?
When planning a specific campaign, do you feel that currently you have sufficient information about the following?
Base: All answered (n=57)

                                                                                        I agree      I disagree
                         Industry research                        32%                                          68%

                         Consumer insight                           38%                                              62%

                                Case studies                       34%                                          66%

      Where to buy mobile inventory                                      49%                                           51%

                           Cost parameters                           39%                                             61%

                         Performance data                    22%                                           78%

      Audience data (demographics)                                         53%                                             47%

                                                    0%                                            50%                            100%

             Most respondents feel they do not have sufficient information to
                        help them plan their mobile campaigns
Uncertainty over mobile
 “I’ve had bad experiences previously, I
 was oversold expectations.                      “We find out about mobile from
 Creative executions are poor, and               our media agency who make
 there is low reach compared to other            recommendations, or from
 mediums.”                                       individuals coming to us to
                                                 present on mobile.”

  “I’d like to see demonstrations of
  how mobile works with other                “I’m still not sure what’s   in it for
  media. This and case studies of            the consumer? What is the
  other campaigns would be really            unique functionality of mobile
  helpful to do more on mobile.”             advertising over other formats?”
                            Advertiser                                  Advertiser
Ideas for making it work
“The universe of potential ‘interactive’
audience is unknown. I’d like                              “I’d need to see a larger
transparency in audience data and                          penetration of my target
behaviour.”                                                market using mobile before I
                                           Agency          use it. Also faster mobile
                                                           internet speeds would
“I’d like to know what measurement                                              Advertiser
benchmarks I should be using.”
                                                    “There’s a lack of information about
                                                    effectiveness , I'd like more case
  “Until more people have                           studies and increased
  advanced handsets it’s a hard                     general knowledge.”
  sell.”                                                                        Agency

• A distinct lack of knowledge and understanding of mobile advertising
  within agencies and among advertisers

• Generally, most agencies are not equipped with mobile specialists

• Mobile advertising currently makes up a tiny proportion of total ad spend
   ‒ Although it is starting to feature within digital spend now
    ‒ Estimated to grow within next couple of years

• At present, agencies feel information given to them prior to planning
  mobile is insufficient
    ‒ As is the information reported back on their campaigns

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