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					                                                       ACCELERATE INNOVATION.
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Finacle Core Banking Solution nacle
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02   Finacle
Is your bank
ready for
 T    he financial services industry has undergone great
      transformation. Mergers, consolidation, expansion, shifting
 customer preferences, and a continuously evolving complex
 regulatory environment are just some of the issues on the minds of
 bankers worldwide. With change coming this rapidly, banks must
 quickly embrace the new world order and accelerate growth to
 stay a step ahead of the competition.
 Banking leaders understand that technology is critical for
 business growth. And many are burdened with disparate
 core systems added piecemeal, over time, and developed on
 obsolete technology. These legacy systems are simply not
 equipped to readily respond to change. However, bankers,
 having grown weary of lengthy deployments and the ensuing
 business disruption, have lost enthusiasm for transformation.
 Yet, the need to modernize the organization remains as
 compelling as ever. A pain-free approach to banking
 transformation, with an adaptive solution at the core, will prove
 invaluable for banks looking to gear themselves for tomorrow.

                                                                      Finacle   03
               Finacle core banking
               Finacle core banking solution is a comprehensive,       adapt to a dynamic environment. With a 360 degree
               integrated, yet modular and agile business solution,    single source view into customer accounts, banks
               addressing all the core needs of banks, in easy-to-     can empower customers with relevant information
               configure modules. Finacle provides all the building    and delight them with the right offerings, presented
               blocks of business functionality enabling users to      at the right time through the right channel.
               configure products and processes flexibly in order to

               Comprehensive offering to support growth
               Finacle has a layered Service-Oriented Architecture     Generate right-sell opportunities: Finacle core
               (SOA), STP capabilities, Web-enabled technology,        banking solution enables a phased, strategic
               and supports true 24 X 7 operations, so banks can:      approach in generating right-sell opportunities.
               Create a differentiated and unique customer             Eliminate data redundancy: Our core banking
               experience: The Finacle core banking solution           solution helps banks build a master data system
               enables banks to provide a hassle-free and              that consolidates all customer and product data
               unified banking experience to customers that’s          and eliminates redundancy.
               personalized to their needs.
                                                                       Increase the productivity of frontline staff:
               Expand product offerings: With a robust and             Automation and ease-of-operation lends itself to
               comprehensive core solution, banks can expand           increase in productivity.
               product offerings on demand and stay ahead in a
                                                                       Comply with emerging global regulations:
               competitive marketplace.
                                                                       Compliance is every bank’s concern. With our
               Configure bundled product suites: The                   solution banks can rest assured of being compliant
               modular nature of our solution allows banks to          with growing regulations.
               easily configure bundled product suites to cater to
                                                                       Manage growth with proven scalability: The
               the growing demands of today’s customers.
                                                                       solution is designed to be scalable and support
               Offer differential pricing: This is not an option but   your pace of growth.
               a need for banks today and our solutions gives
               banks the flexibility to offer differential pricing.

04   Finacle
                    Functional architecture

                                                                                                      Communication         Knowledge       360 Degree
                       Origination       Marketing        Sales         Service     Interaction         Channels            Base            View

                                                                   Enterprise Customer Information

                          Consumer Banking and Wealth Management                                      Corporate Banking and Trade Finance

                                           Consumer Banking                                                        Corporate Banking
                        Saving & Checking        Retail Loans      Time Deposits             Current / Overdrafts Syndication Commercial Lending

                                      Mortgages       Islamic Banking

                                                                                                          Securitization     Islamic Banking
                                     Wealth Management Solution
                                                                                                                     Trade Finance
                          Insurance        Structured Products      Mutual Funds
                                                                                             Forward Export / Import        Documentary
                                           Equities      Bonds                               Contracts Financing            Credits     Guarantees

                         Standing Orders                   Sweeps / Pooling                  Payment Systems                   Limits / Collaterals

                           Bill Payments                Liquidity Management                        Clearing                           Referral

                          Interest / Tax                Exchange Rates                     Bank Management                        Fees / Charges

                           Inventory                    Channel Rules                Discounts / Preferential Pricing         Signature Veri cation

                              General Ledger                                    Multi-Currency                         Transaction Manager

                                 24/7                           Multi-lingual                     Finacle Studio                 Single Sign On

                       Integration Framework                       Purge                          Access Control                Work ow (BPEL)

                              Reporting                             Audit                     Multi - Calendar                       Scheduler

                                                                                                                                                         Finacle   05
               Key modules
               Enterprise customer information                            and provision for personal and auto finance are
                                                                          easily supported. Multi-layered products-structured
               When more is known about customers - their                 deposits, multi-currency accounts, top-up deposits,
               demographics, financials, preferences, and the             master term deposits, top-up loans, revolving loans
               relationship they already have with a bank - banks         and securitization-can be added as needed.
               are in a position to offer them the right solutions at
               the right time.
                                                                          Customer analytics
               Finacle enables banks to create and maintain a
                                                                          Any business can benefit from holistic customer
               single source of customer truth enterprise
                                                                          analytics through insightful business reports and
               customer information files, across multiple host
                                                                          rigorous statistical models. This can be leveraged to
               systems including Finacle. This helps manage the
                                                                          strengthen customer engagement and differentiate
               various lifecycle stages in a relationship with the        the service experience.
               customer and access comprehensive segmentation
               information, all through a unified view.                   The customer analytics module supports operations
                                                                          with comprehensive intelligence, ranging from
               Flexible and user-definable templates support KYC          data acquisition to reporting and analysis,
               and AML compliance mandates.                               leveraging quantitative modeling techniques
                                                                          and multi-dimensional reporting. It provides
               Consumer finance                                           critical information such as customer attrition
                                                                          scores or profitability measures to help develop
               As consumers ask for new products, banks can
                                                                          a clear picture of the customer. This information
               leverage the flexible product definition capabilities of
                                                                          can also be extended to front-end applications or
               Finacle to create new offerings and target
                                                                          combined with online tacit information to help
               campaigns exactly where they are most relevant.
                                                                          make timely and effective decisions. There is also
               Each product can be associated with a wide range
                                                                          the flexibility to pick and choose specific customer
               of properties and then bundled meaningfully
                                                                          analytics functions, relevant to the business, across
               based on customer input.
                                                                          the customer life-cycle stages of acquisition,
               Offerings such as savings and checking accounts,           development, and retention.

06   Finacle
Clari5                                                   The wealth management module is tightly
                                                         integrated with Finacle core banking and CRM
This module leverages a real-time intelligent
                                                         solutions ensuring unique customer definition,
conversation and interaction management engine
                                                         unified customer portfolio view, and seamless
called Clari5 to add conversational tacit intelligence
                                                         transaction processing for the bank’s very
to customer interactions in real-time. It not only
                                                         important high net worth customers.
displays offers that may interest customers but
also factors new information in real-time, adjusts to
prompts, and intelligently participates in customer
                                                         Islamic banking
interactions simulating real human conversation.         Offer Shariah-compliant products to customers and
It helps assimilate structured, unstructured, real-      address their needs for Islamic banking along with
time, and offline information about customers,           international offerings. Get started by initiating
across multiple channels and interactions. It has        Islamic banking as an add-on product offering in a
the embedded intelligence to remember behavior,          branch of choice and eventually convert the entity
make assumptions, understand contexts, seek              to an independent Islamic banking unit, if required.
answers, and answer queries as well. The result?         Finacle Islamic banking solution is developed from
All customer interactions are contextual and             incisive insight into the Middle East, Far East and
personalized.                                            European markets, and is truly geared to address
                                                         region-specific Islamic banking requirements.
Wealth management
                                                         Corporate banking
High net worth individuals and the mass affluent
represent a key growth area for many banks. Finacle      From simple products such as overdrafts and
supports rule-based commission configuration             cash-term loans to complex ones such as
and redemption, relationship-based pricing,              securitization and syndication, this module presents
customized customer communication, and a wide            a powerful range of offerings for corporate banking.
range of related properties for structured products,     It includes commercial lending essentials such as
insurance products, bonds, and mutual funds.             multi-currency disbursements and repayments,

                                                                                                                Finacle   07
               flexible and varied interest rate setup, commitment         Trade finance
               fee setup, crystallization, amortization, and debt
               consolidation.                                              This module presents an end-to-end solution
                                                                           for the trade finance needs of a bank. It is fully
               Finacle ‘maintains the corporate customer information       integrated with the payment system and exchange
               files, corporate deposits, commercial lending,              rate setup, and supports multicurrency processing
               corporate origination and corporate payments with           of trade products such as:
               comprehensive liquidity management, sweeps
               and pool facilities. Its multi-currency enabled             •    Documentary credit
               centralized limits and collateral function lets banks       •    Forward contract
               monitor both collateralized lending and online              •    Import and export financing
               exposure.                                                   •    Letter of guarantee

               Functional services
               Finacle core banking offers a wide range of                 •    Remittances offering comprehensive inter-bank
               mainstream and bank-definable services that help                and intra-bank funds transfer
               banks differentiate offerings by creating uniquely
                                                                           •    Payments enabled for Straight Through
               bundled products and services, such as:
                                                                               Processing (STP)
               •    Standing orders integrated with payment
                                                                           •     Flexible and feature-rich clearing services that
                   systems, enabled for multi-currency, with auto-
                                                                               support both paper-based and image-based
                   execution capabilities
               •    Liquidity management supporting notional
                                                                           •    Automated exception      and      approval
                   pooling and target balancing structures
                                                                               management with referrals for financial and
               •    Feature-rich bill payment that supports multi-             non-financial exceptions
                   currency payments and collections

               Reusable business components
               Users can define which business-enabler                     •    Support for preferential pricing and discounts,
               functions of Finacle core banking to turn on,                   both ad hoc and based on customer segments
               and then reuse these across various functions,              •    Inventory management
               such as:
                                                                           •    Elaborate channel rules and channel-based
               •    Interest rate support for definition of differential       differential pricing for charges and interest
                   and slab-based interest rates
                                                                           •    Rebates, clawbacks, subsidies, planned
               •   Rule-based Signature Verification System (SVS)              prepayments and multi-source repayment
                                                                               configuration capabilities for retail loans
               •    Exchange rate structures with multi-tiered
                   definitions                                             •    Direct Selling Agent (DSA) features with
                                                                               capabilities for sub-DSA, turnover and
               •    Tax structure definition and application of                commissions calculations
                   withholding tax for defined events
                                                                           •    Extensive framework for bank management with
               •    Event-based charges with provisions for online             user definition capabilities, audit trail features,
                   and batch collection of charges                             reporting and exception management

08   Finacle
Accounting backbone
Finacle core banking has a built-in integrated            allows real time generation of statements that
financial and accounting management system                show the bank’s financial position. At the same
with multicurrency support, that effectively serves       time, the transaction manager auto-generates all
banks with multiple branches and profit centers.          batch and online transactions while processing
The integrated general ledger module supports             large transaction volumes, complete with validations
real-time online updating of transactions and             and defined checks.

Finacle core banking empowers users with a wide           •     Support for multiple calendars such as Gregorian,
range of utilities to enhance operational efficiency          Hijri and Buddha
and facilitate ease of use. These include:
                                                          •    A Batch Job Scheduler (BJS) to automate invocation,
•    24 x 7 capabilities to operate round-the-clock           execution and monitoring of batch jobs at defined
    through branches and channels even during                 schedules
    batch job execution and day-end operations
                                                          •    BPEL/BPML based workflow for automation of
•     Integrated, secure, and scalable reporting              sequential business processes with reduced
    infrastructure                                            manual intervention

•    Ease of integration with industry standards-         •    Finacle Studio to create bank definable business
    based framework to integrate with existing and            rules and logic for behavior and outcome of
    external systems                                          business events

•    Single Sign On (SSO) for uniform and common

•     Sophisticated security management at application,
    database, and user levels with built-in checks and
    role-based access

                                                                                                                     Finacle   09
               Business benefits
               Create differentiated products easily                   Adapt to change quickly
               Finacle core banking offers an unlimited palette of      The SOA allows the bank’s IT team to make changes
               features to design and deploy products for different    without touching the base code ensuring minimal
               market segments. Its product bundling capabilities      vendor dependency, lesser operational risk, and
               provide the latitude to create offerings with           faster adaptability to changing business conditions.
               differentiated features. With Finacle, bankers can
               offer differential pricing, set up channel rules, and   Increase operational efficiency and
               easily customize offerings across market segments.      productivity
                                                                       Finacle core banking supports business event
               Right-sell to customers effectively                     automation and process orchestration, eliminating
               The Enterprise Customer Information File and            manual tasks and reducing process time. The
               CRM capabilities in Finacle offer a unified view of     elimination of error and data redundancies results in
               the customer across the entire solution and across      increased branch productivity, and Straight
               multiple back-end applications, letting users           Through Processing (STP) that, in turn, reduces
               view the customer from a completely informed            turnaround and processing time, increases output
               perspective. This information lets banks forge          and speeds up response to customers.
               more meaningful relationships with customers
               and aggressively explore right-sell opportunities.

10   Finacle
Finacle helps build tomorrow’s bank

   Finacle from Infosys partners with banks, the world over, to accelerate
   innovation and unlock the value levers of their business; enabling them to
   create and launch new products and services faster, increase right-sell
   efficiencies and delight customers, while optimizing processes to support
   agile and cost efficient operations.
   Bring customers to tomorrow’s bank with Finacle core banking.

                                                                                Finacle   11
About Finacle
Finacle from Infosys partners with banks to transform process, product and
customer experience, arming them with ‘accelerated innovation’ that is
key to building tomorrow’s bank.

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Description: Banking leaders understand that technology is critical for business growth. And many are burdened with disparate core systems added piecemeal, over time, and develeped on obsolete technology. Read Infosys Finacle brochure for core banking solution.