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Matt Clemons - Ziggs


									                                                          Matt Clemons
                                                     10101 Grandview Drive
                                                  Overland Park, Kansas 66212

                      CCNA and MCSE certified professional with over 8 years of Datacenter/Network Security experience
                      installing and maintaining LAN/WAN/Security technology in Microsoft, Unix, Apple, and Cisco
                      environments. Experienced in Cisco Hardware (VOIP, Call Manager, Routers and Switches), Exchange
                      Server, Linux, Macintosh, Polycom video conferencing, and SAN. Currently pursuing CISSP and CCIE.

                      CCVP           OSCP
Certifications:       MCSE 2000      CCNA

                      Cisco routers/switches/firewalls, Frame Relay, MPLS, VPN, Routing Protocols including OSPF and BGP,
                      Network Monitoring, QOS, Citrix, Wireless Technologies, Linux, Unix, Mac OS9-10, Enterprise Antivirus,
                      WMI, Shell Scripting, Python, Goldmine/Heat, Qmail, Postfix, Spamassassin, Managed Services,
                      Network Device based Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Cisco IPS, Cisco ACS, Cisco CSM, Host
                      Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems, Honeynets, Network Access Control, VMWare ESX, VoIP
                      including Asterisk, Cisco Unified Call Manager, Unity, Traffic Policing, Traffic Shaping, Blackberry
                      Enterprise Server, Network Management Programs, Computer and Network Security, Penetration
                      Testing, Digital Forensics, Microsoft Windows NT/2000/2003/2008/XP/Vista, Active Directory, Exchange
                      5.5/2000/2003/2007, ISA Server 2000/2004, SQL 2000/2005, MS Office 2000/XP/2007, MYSQL, WSUS,
                      Windows and Linux Clustering, Terminal Services, EMC SAN, VERITAS Backup Exec

Work Experience:

            Premier Communications
            October 2007 – Present
            Senior Systems Engineer

            Proficiently maintain datacenter operations, systems/networking equipment. Provide information services for
            Premier Communications and their customers. Provide security consultation. Responsible for maintaining
            network stability in a datacenter supporting in-house web applications and hosting for a Windows
            2003/Linux/Cisco/Nortel environment.
                     Responsible for Premier Studios in house systems operations such as Windows 2003, Linux servers,
                      Microsoft SQL servers, Exchange, Active Directory, FTP servers, Red Hat/Linux monitoring servers,
                      Aberdeen NAS in a Dell/IBM Datacenter environment.
                     Maintained Internet WAN links and redundant Cisco routers. Managed Ethernet switching fabric.
                      Managed ASA firewall policies and Intrusion Prevention.
                     Managed a Polycom MGC+50 video conferencing bridge. Managed datacenter environment.
                      Managed a digital signage content delivery IPTV system. Managed Asterisk VoIP phone system.
                     Monitored system and bandwidth access with Nagios, Aventnet Netflow Analyzer, Ntop, and Snort..

            OSI (Overland Solutions, Inc.)
            November 2006 – October 2007
            Infrastructure Engineer

            Proficiently maintain systems and provide services for Overland Solutions and multiple branch offices.
            Responsible for maintaining network stability in a distributed Data Center environment supporting in-house
            applications for a Windows 2003 environment.      Manage network security systems and consult on future needs.
                     Responsible for OSI’s in house systems operations such as 2000 and 2003 servers, Microsoft SQL
                      servers, Call Manager cluster, Unity, Interactive Intelligence, Exchange, Active Directory, Xmedius fax
                      servers, FTP servers, Red Hat/Linux monitoring servers, Blackberry Enterprise Server, NAS/SAN
                       technologies in a Dell/HP Datacenter environment.
                      Maintained WAN links and Cisco routers in a private MPLS environment. Provided QoS for voice and
                       video applications. Managed all firewall policies and VPN concentrators.    Migrated physical servers to
                       a virtual environment. Managed a VMware QA virtual production copy mainly used as a production test
                      Project lead on many projects involving QoS implementation, Active Directory migration, Cisco network
                       implementation, routing policies, VMware P2V, Acronis P2V, new web servers and sites, Corporate
                       Antivirus migration, new server implementations, router/switch installs, OptEman SONET installs and
                       moves, Cisco VoIP maintenance and upgrades. Cisco PIX configuration and management in a
                       clustered multihomed firewall environment.
                      Managed an EMC SAN by monitoring drives space and software upgrades. Added storage and LUNs
                       when needed. Additionally, monitored and Aberdeen NAS environment primarily used for back-ups.
                      Managed video conferencing sessions by setting up, configuring, and testing multiple users/sites for

             December 2004 – November 2006
             Senior Network Engineer

             Proficiently maintained systems, and provided services for companies with 100 or less computers. Duties
             included: Bringing email in house. Taking control of essential network management components. Moving
             Websites to different hosting options. Migrating to and from server platforms. Creating and installing virtual
             appliances. Managing and maintaining systems for the present. Intrusion detection and security. Implementing
             network policies. Consulting clients on future needs.
                      Project lead on many projects involving migration between Microsoft systems and other platforms such
                       as Cisco, CRM applications, Managed Services, and Linux.
                      Setup and managed Video Conferencing sessions for numerous clients. Installed and setup
                       ConnectWise CRM application.
                      Responsible for Versent’s in house systems operations such as XP clients, 2000 and 2003 servers,
                       Microsoft SQL servers, Blackberry Enterprise Server, Level Platforms, NAS technologies, and Connect
                      Responsible for building and developing a managed services platform and business model.

             March 2003 – November 2004
             Network Administrator/IT Consultant

             Responsible for detecting problems, repairing, and upgrading hardware, software, operating systems, and
             business critical applications including Active Directory group policy deployment and support.
                      Proficiently operated and provided maintenance and technical support for networks consisting of
                       Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, including Active Directory, MS Exchange, Linux, Cisco
                       products, and Sonic wall products.
                      Ensured customer satisfaction by providing courteous and timely service for all technical support
                       problems or onsite service.

             PC Net Systems
             2001- March 2003
             Network Administrator

             Responsible for providing a stable Windows 2000 Active Directory networking environment. Responsible for
             Microsoft and Linux DNS servers, Microsoft and Linux web servers, Microsoft and Linux Email servers.
                      Built and serviced PC’s for customers.
                      Handled all onsite and in-house service including installs and technical support.
                      Provided disaster recovery and data storage solutions.

2005 – 2005   Centirq       Overland Park, KS
2001 – 2003   Tech Skills   Kansas City, KS

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