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Travel Guide
By Nonoy Avellanosa © Copyright 2011 Nonoy Avellanosa
information presented herein represents the view of the author as of the date of
publication. Because of the rate with which conditions change, the author reserves the
right to alter and update his opinion based on the new conditions. The report is for
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information provided in this report, neither the author nor his affiliates/partners
assume any responsibility for errors, inaccuracies or omissions. Any slights of people or
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How to Reach Cebu From Davao By
“Hi, It would really a big help if you can give me an idea on how to reach
Cebu from Davao by land. Thanks, Lexy.” This question was asked by one
reader named Lexy. It immediately gave me an idea of a topic about how to
reach Cebu from Davao by land. I give Lexy and you some steps to follow on
how to get to Cebu from Davao by land. These tips are based on research
since I haven’t tried traveling to Cebu through land transport (only by
plane) and I can’t interview anyone who has first-hand experience traveling
from Davao to Cebu by land. Actually there are only two ways on how to get
to Cebu from Davao by land and by sea. Here are they:

Ride a Vehicle from Davao to Cagayan de Oro

As shown on the map above, you will notice that Davao City is not a
separated island from Cagayan De Oro City because both cities are located
in Mindanao. You can get to CDO through the Davao-Bukidnon road or
Davao-Buda road. The land travel could reach up to seven hours on
average. If you have your own vehicle, you can use either the Buda or
Bukidnon highway. But if you are just commuting, you can get a bus or a
van from SM City Davao terminal in Quimpo Boulevard Corner Tulip Drive
Ecoland Subdivision, Barangay Matina, or at the Ecoland terminal. You’ll
know what to do when you see those signboards where they will take you.

Ride a Ferry Boat From Cagayan de Oro to Cebu

Since Cebu is in Visayas and an island separated from Mindanao, there is
no way to get there through land transport, but only by sea. Cagayan De
Oro is the nearest wharf that you can go to from Davao by land to be able to
reach Cebu. So you need to ride a ferry boat or a ship from CDO wharf to
reach the Queen City of the South.

Once you’ve reached CDO City, specifically at Market City (Agora) Bus
Terminal by van or bus, you have to get to the Cagayan wharf for the ferry
boat ride. You can reach the Cagayan Wharf 10 to 15 minutes by taxi. If you
are driving your own car, of course, you can get to Cagayan Wharf directly
and immediately once you’ve reached the CDO boundary. If you are to
transport your vehicle from CDO to Cebu, there are available RORO or
Roll-on Roll-off ships or vessels such as the M/V Trans Asia 1 or M/V Asia
Philippines. Trips are available only at night, 7pm and 8pm daily. These
ships will take your automobile right at the Pier 5, MJ Cuenco corner
Osmeña Blvd, Cebu City, then roll off your way to the city streets of Cebu.
But if you are going to Cebu without a vehicle then you just have to take a
ferry boat ride from Cagayan wharf to Cebu Pier 5. Service that are offering
ferry boats are Carlos A. Gothong Lines, Inc and Cebu Ferries.

There are instances and other alternatives on how to get to Cebu by land
conveniently. Just click here for your further inquiry. Or you can click on
the recommended websites below for other sources of travel guides from
Davao to CDO to Cebu City.

Cagayan and Cebu Travel Cagayan Trip Philippine Sea Transport Cebu
How to Buy Cheap Plane Tickets to
Cebu and Davao
I came up with this because I’ve been seeing quite a number of people from
my blog stats searching for places in the Philippines on how to get here and
there. They are probably tourists or travelers who want to have a vacation
or for whatever purpose. The important thing is that I can provide the info
for them. And so that’s why again I am writing this travel tip. This time is
about how to save your money on your travel to Cebu or Davao. You can
save your money for your travel by taking a cheap flight. Here are the tips
on how to get a cheap flight to Cebu and Davao. Avail of Airline Promos
by Subscribing There are several airline companies in the Philippines that
offer promos tickets such as Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific Airline, Air
Philippines, 2GO, Spirit ofManila, Trans Global Airways, Zest Air, etc.. In
my experience I haven’t availed any of the promos because when a certain
airline company announces or advertises the promo, the tickets will all be
sold out in a matter of hours, if not minutes. You can no longer find cheap
flights to Cebu and Davao because the people already bought them all. This
happens very quickly through Online transaction. So the best you can do is
to be aware with all airline companies’ latest updates. Subscribe to their
websites through their blogs or newsletters. So when you open your email
and you find out that Cebu Pacific has opened a promo, then you can
immediately go to their website and purchase your preferred flight through
yourcredit card or PayPal.
For Cebu Pacific, go to and go to “Seat Sale Alert,” just
below the airplane icon on the site, and click “subscribe now.” You can also
subscribe to this site for other promo updates of Cebu Pacific: Cebupacific
Book Your Ticket Ahead of Time Another way to save money for your
plane ticket is to book a flight schedule in advance. The earlier the better.
Booking a ticket a day before or on the same day of your flight schedule is
not as practical as purchasing it a week or two weeks before the flight. It is
way much better to plan your flight schedule ahead of time rather than
purchasing the ticket on the same day of your preferred departure. This way
you can save money and you won’t be cramming at the last minute. Find a
Travel Agency Website That Offer Promos Now this tip is based on
research since this is for foreign visitors from other countries and Filipinos
in abroad. Also I haven’t traveled to any country before outside the
Philippines to give you any firsthand experience. One best idea is to look for
a travel agency that offer travel promos. There are countless of travel
agencies online that offer travel package promos. You can log on to a
reputable travel agency website that offers discounts on some occasions.
You can inquire directly right on the website. If you’re from New York, for
instance, you can enter your origin and destination with your preferred
kind of flight—whether this be economy, business or first class flight. The
website will direct you to a list of available flights from different
international airlines . And oh, take note that there is no non-stop flight to
Cebu and Davao if you’re from America or Europe, of course, just common
sense. You will undergo one, two or three stops before you can get to Cebu
or Davao. If you’re from Hongkong, you can fly directly nonstop to Cebu,
and 1 stop flight to Davao. Just find a decent travel resource website on the
Net. You can find some discounts from there from time to time. If you’re
lucky, then you can avail of this discount.
Baggage Items Allowed and
Prohibited on a Flight
I’ve decided to post this because I’ve been searching for information on
what items allowed to bring inside the baggage when you’re on flight. I’m
planning for my trip back again in Cebu (or perhaps Manila) in a few
months. I’ve been curious about this because I had experienced being taken
hold off due to some things found in my carry-ons like scissors, pens, my
reserved Asthma rescue inhaler, and in one instance, some quantities of
rice stalk or “Kalamay” from Bohol as pasalubong. The security advised me
take out those things and transfer them to my checked bags.
I wonder why those things are not allowed, particularly the “Kalamay.”
Perhaps the terminal security thought I might be eating the Kalamay inside
the plane, and would rather choose not to order food inside the plane
because I already had my “Kalamay” to mess my mouth with. But no.
Airlines are strict about this regulation for understandable reasons. Here
are some things that I’ve found out and realized why there are things that
are allowed on a flight and there are those that are not. Here are the some
of the airline restrictions about baggage items. Banned Items in Local and
International Flight:
1. Flammable items like: gasoline, lighter fluid, matches that are strike-
anywhere (are never allowed inside checked bags, only safety matches
allowed in your pocket or carry-ons), gas torch, liquid fuel, paint, paint
thinner, aerosols, turpentine, spray paint, torch lighters, tear gas, etc..
2. Explosive Materials: dynamite, gunpowder, firecrackers and fireworks,
flares, blasting caps, grenades, fake flammable devices, and fake plastic
3. Poison, Oxidizers and Peroxides like Acid, Bleach, Hydrogen
Peroxide, Chemicals, fertilizers, Fiberglass maintenance kits, cyanides,
weed eradicators, arsenic, rodent poison.
4. Contagious Materials: medical specimens, bacterial cultures, viral
5. Corrosives, Magnetic and Radio Active Materials
6. Tear gas, spray paint, torch lighters, pool or spa chlorine.
All Items are allowed inside your carry-on bags and checked-in bags except
for the items above. Things that you think that are not allowed inside the
bags but are allowed by airline security are:
Gels, Liquid, Pastes are allowed as long the volume is not more than 100
ml. Wonder why these are prohibited if brought a bulk of these items? It’s
because of what happened in 2006, in which UK authorities revealed an
alleged plan by terrorists to destroy 10 airlines using gel-based bombs.
Since then, all airlinecompanies prohibit gels, liquids, and pastes, only if
they exceed the 100-ml. limit.
Other items allowed inside your carry-ons and checked baggage:
common lighter, safety matches, solid food, pliers, screwdrivers and
wrenches that are not longer than 18 cm. Allowed in Checked-In Baggage
Only: Knives (except for rounded blade kitchen knives), swords, karate
weapons, machetes, bats, box cutters, razors, ice picks, scissors (small
scissors should be inside the cabin), pistols, rifles, bb guns, paintball guns,
ammunition, dry ice ( not more than 4 pounds), etc.. Things You Must Not
Put inside Checked Baggage: blank checkbooks,credit cards, cash,
traveler’s checks, jewelry, gold, silver, expensive watches,cellphones,
laptops, prescription medication, passports, driver’s license, I.D, and other
very valuable and important items. The airline company can’t be held
responsible for the lost and damage for these items. I still don’t know why
the “Bohol Kalamays” are not permitted inside the cabin. Hehe. Maybe
because they fall in the gel category. They might explode.
Article source: Airsafe-dot-com.
Yellow Taxis at Mactan International
I remember one of my followers in Twitter asked me about what Taxi to
choose when arriving at the Mactan International Airport. He is a Japanese
and his name is Shinji Okada.
He told me that he would be arriving the Cebu Island in a week. He said he
was afraid of taking a taxi with chicanery fare; chicanery, yes that was his
choice of word. Meaning, he’s afraid that he would be deceived by the taxi
drivers with the meters. So I replied immediately and told him that all you
have to look for when arriving at the Mactan airport is the yellow cab, not
Yellow Cab Pizza, but a taxi that has color yellow on the entire body, taxi
that has yellow paint. Actually these yellow taxis are in numbers waiting for
tourists outside the arrival area in Mactan airport. Wanna know how I
know this? Well, I didn’t research on this. It was purely by chance. Last
December 2010 when I was waiting for a taxi in Lapu-Lapu to take me to
the Mactan airport, a yellow one pulled over. I assumed the taxi was the
same as the ordinary white taxis. Inside the taxi my eyes went wide seeing
the flag down meter under the dashboard showed 90 Pesos. I said, “Oh
what’s wrong with the meter?” He said that it’s the approved meter by the
Department of Tourism. I said, “What? No no, you have to pull over. I’ll
find another taxi.” He told me then that it’s alright because he was going to
less the 90 pesos from 60 so it would become 30 on the flag down meter.
He was so friendly and even said further that I can even pay him any
amount I wish. I realized it was no ordinary taxi when the driver told me
that it had gone to a hotel before he pulled over for me. He had just taken a
tourist from the airport to a hotel in Lapu-Lapu. The taxi was on the way
back to the Mactan airport since it was only intended for that exclusive ride.
The driver said that yellow cab drivers had undergone seminars and
trainings by the DOT to provide transportation for the tourists. So
anywhere a tourist wishes to go, he can hire the yellow taxi. If he doesn’t
want to hire it, then it would only take him to his hotel or to a certain
The driver said that the taxi has complete equipment such as fire
extinguisher, a map, brochures from real estate companies and hotels, and
some other stuff that concerns travel. So that was it. Although the
succeeding charge for every meter is 5 Pesos, with all the complete
equipment and tools needed in case of emergencies and travel needs,
tourists can be sure about their absolute safety and convenience. And
what’s much better is that the drivers of these yellow cabs can also be a tour
guide for the tourists. But I was no tourist. Good thing he only charged me
around 60 pesos, as I remember. To my Twitter friend Shinji Okada, with
yellow cabs, you don’t have to worry about chicanery fares.
Travel From Butuan to Cebu by Land,
Sea and Air
You can get to Cebu from Butuan through land, sea, and air trip. If you are
planning for a land travel to Cebu from Butuan City proper with your
ownvehicle, you can have your vehicle carried by a RORO or Roll On and
Rolled Off vessels, particularly the RORO cargo barges, then buy yourself a
ticket for ferries to Cebu. Or you can also have your vehicle with you travel
through RORO passenger ferries or RORO cruise ferries.
The easiest way to get to Cebu from Butuan is through air travel. You can
purchase plane tickets directly at the Butuan airport or through the
ticketing offices of airline companies (such as Cebu Pacific, Air Philippines,
Zest Air, etc..) in Butuan City. The best idea is to purchase a plane ticket
ahead of time so you can avail of promos and discounts, also so you can
prepare for your travel items you much need on your trip. Non-stop air
travel from Butuan to Cebu is 45 minutes. If you’re considering a sea trip,
you can buy a boat ticket from Cebu Ferries, which has three trips a week.
Just go to the Butuan Pier in Nasipit about 30 kilometers from west of the
city proper. Purchase the ticket directly there or schedule your trip ahead of
time from ticketing offices. Estimated sea travel from Butuan to Cebu is 5 to
8 hours.
How to Get From Manila to Boracay
The following guide can help those who are from Manila and want to go to
Boracay. You can reach from Manila to Boracay by sea, air and land. While
air trip is the easiest and the most enjoyable way to reach the Boracay
island, sea and land travel is also sure to be fun. When you travel by sea you
are going to enjoy the scenic views while you are on boat hopping on the
islands nearby. By land you will also enjoy the picturesque sceneries as you
go off the road with your vehicle. Travel By Air You can easily reach
Boracay through air travel from Manila. Plane tickets are always available
in any ticketing offices of Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Air Philippines,
Asian Spirit, etc. Your air trip is going to take you to Caticlan since this is
the place where the airport is located. Same if you’re from Cebu and Davao,
Cagayan de Oro, General Santos, Ilo-ilo and other major cities. All airline
companies offer trips direct flights to Caticlan. After reaching Caticlan, you
can then take a motor boat ride directly to the Boracay Island.
Travel by Sea If you to choose to travel by sea, there are several Super
Ferries that offer a direct sea trip to the Panay Island, Panay Island is the
major point before reaching Caticlan and then the Boracay Island. Available
Ferry companies that can take you to Boracay is WG&A, MBRS Lines and
some of the major shipping companies. You can take the boat from the
Manila Bay Pier or the Tondo North Harbor. You just have to be very
watchful when choosing the Tondo Pier, for being known as not a safe area
for travelers. The best you can do is to take the ferry ride from the Batangas
Land Travel If you are considering traveling by land with your vehicle, you
have to get to the Batangas Port first if you’re from Manila. Land travel
from Manila to Batangas takes about three hours. When you reach the
Batangas Port, have your vehicle carried by RORO Ferries to Calapan Pier
in Oriental Mindoro. RORO travel from Batangas to Calapan takes three
hours. After you arrive at the Calapan Pier, drive your car to the Roxas Port,
also in Oriental Mindoro. Land travel from Calapan pier to Roxas Pier is
also three hours. After you reach the Roxas port you can then roll on your
car to a RORO directly to Caticlan. The sea travel from Roxas pier to
Caticlan takes four hours. To be able to reach the Boracay Island from
Caticlan, you have to ride a motor boat. There are no RORO barges going
from Caticlan to Boracay. So you just have to leave your car on the nearest
location in Caticlan from Boracay. For more inquiry about Manila to
Boracay trips, you can click one of the recommended blogs below:
Boracay Via Roro Bus Ferry
Travel to Boracay
What is the Cheaper Route From
Davao to Cebu By Sea?
One reader named Girl06 asked me this question in verbatim: “Hi wat is d
easiest way/cheaper route to go to cebu from davao? is it via cdo? or
butuan? thank you.” Only after three hours that I was able to answer her
question. The unfortunate thing was that she left this question on the my
chatbox without leaving her email add or URL that I can reply to. So for the
benefit of all readers and travelers who want to know which cheaper or
more convenient route going to Cebu from Davao, here are some
information I can give you (this information is based on careful inquiry and
study): Actually the distance from Davao to Cagayan compared to Davao to
Butuan has only a slight difference. Davao to Cagayan is only a bit nearer
than Davao to Butuan. The travel distance from Davao to Cagayan is 117
miles or 189 Kilometers.Davao to Butuan is 129 Miles or 208 Kilometers.
So having said this, we have to calculate too the distance of Cagayan to
Cebu from Butuan to Cebu to be able to know the factors that can lead in
figuring out the convenience and the difference in cost. The distance
between Cagayan De Oro and Cebu is 136 miles or 219 Kilometers, while
Butuan and Cebu is 146 miles or 236 kilometers. Now, if you are
considering traveling by sea, of course, you will have to take a land trip first
to the nearest Pier from Davao to be able to reach Cebu in a short span of
time. Travelling from Davao to Cagayan via Buda road is practically nearer
compared to traveling from Davao to Butuan via Davao-Butuan highway.
So it follows that, since the distance of Davao to Cagayan is shorter than
Davao to Butuan, and Cagayan to Cebu compared to Butuan to Cebu, it is
cheaper and convenient to take the Cagayan de Oro Route to Cebu by sea.
However if you choose to travel by air this will not be the case. Cebu Pacific
regular flight cost from Cagayan De Oro to Cebu is 1,400 Pesos, while
Butuan to Cebu is only 1,000 Pesos. But when it comes to sea travel it is
more convenient and cheaper to take the Cagayan Pier than the Butuan Pier
. Although the cost for these both routes can go as low as 1,000 pesos for
the Super Value and Tourist Class, the main factor here is the time. Time
travel from Cagayan to Cebu can take only 10 hours. Butuan to Cebu by sea
can take 18 hours. So you will still need to spend more for your food when
taking the Butuan route by sea. With regard to land trip from Davao, the
non-aircon Bus from Davao to Cagayan costs 385 Pesos and 475 for aircon
bus. Aircon bus from Davao to Butan costs 400 Pesos, while 310 for non-
aircon bus. So you might still be asking: which is really the cheaper way to
get to Cebu by sea if you’re from Davao? Before we answer that, let us
calculate the overall cost first, in average. Davao to Cagayan bus trip costs
385 + Cagayan to Cebu sea trip 1000 Pesos is equal to 1,385 Pesos. While
Davao to Butuan bus trip which is 310 + 1000 Pesos Butuan to Cebu sea
trip is equal to 1,310 Pesos. Travel time from Davao to Cagayan by bus trip
using the Buda highway can take 4 hours. Davao to Butuan bus trip takes 8
hours. Sea travel time from Cagayan to Cebu is 10 hours while 18 hours for
Butuan to Cebu. Practically it is cheaper to take the Cagayan route because
of the time factor, although the figures above show that the Butuan route is
bit cheaper. Taking the Butuan route can reach you to Cebu longer than
taking the Cagayan route. To compute the overall time travel sea and land
for Cagayan route is 14 hours, while 26 hours for Butuan route, that’s one
day and two hours. The added expenses when taking the Butuan route is
the food.
Hope this helps for Girl06. Cheers! Update: Girl06 sent me an email and
asked me another question: “magkano po ba yung babayaran sa roro if mei
dalang sasakyan from cagayan to cebu? thank you.” Good thing I was
about to publish this post when I received her email. So I replied her email
and gave her the link of this post. I also told her that I would get back to her
as soon as I have the answer to her second question. Perhaps I’ll give that
answer on my next post.
How to Reach Mt. Apo
I know many of you are now planning for a vacation this summer. And I
know most of your preferred destinations are powdery white sand beaches
stretching on a very beautiful island. Well, there are a lot of them here in
the Philippines, especially in Cebu and Davao.
But I know that many of you also want to have a different kind of vacation,
an adventure, a more challenging adventure. For that I can suggest to go
climb the highest peak in the Philippines, the Mt. Apo. Oh yes, Mt. Apo, the
ever royal Mt. Apo of Mindanao, which stood 9692 ft, according to
Wikipedia. So in order for you to know how to get there (no, not the peak
but the foot), I’ll give you some step by step procedures. I’ve never climbed
to Mt. Apo, but my friends have. So based on all the gathered information I
got from my friends combined with research, I can give you the easy ways
on how to get to the foot of Mt. Apo so you can begin your trek. Here are
they: Travel to Davao City or Cotabato City By Air or Sea You can take
either of these two cities as your point of entries, even though the foot of
Mt. Apo is located in Kidapawan City. Since there are no planes and boats
for Kidapawan, you need to get to Davao or Cotabato first before reaching
Kidapawan city. Take a Bus to Kidapawan City There are several buses
that travel from Cotabato to Kidapawan like Weena Express, NCTC and
Grand Transport. The bus station in Cotabato city is in Magallanes St.
While for Davao is in Ecoland Terminal in Matina or at SM Terminal, also
in Ecoland. Buses that travel from Davao to Kidapawan are Weena Express,
Grand transport, Jing-jing Express, NCTC, and among others. There are
also available L-300 aircon vans that offer cheaper fares. Trave time From
Kidapawan to Davao takes 3 hours. Bus fare costs 52 Pesos for the regular
and 72 Pesos for aircon. Travel time from Davao to Kidapawan takes 2
hours and fifteen minutes. Regular bus fare costs 48 Pesos, while 69 Pesos
for aircon. Register at Kidapawan City Mayor Office
When you reach Kidapawan, go to the City Mayor Office, specifically in City
Tourism Development and Promotions Division for your registration. The
registration fee costs 20 Pesos for local trekkers and 50 Pesos for foreign
trekkers. The registration will include one certificate for each successful
climber. Ride a Jeepney to Lake Agco Ride a Jeepney to Lake Agko
Campsite, which is 21 kilometers from Kidapawan poblacion. Travel time
can take 1 hour and 15 minutes. Jeepney fare costs 30 Pesos per person.
Arrange Services from Porters When you reach Lake Agco Campsite,
look for the porters and arrange your prefered servcies. Porters are the ones
who will carry your heavy bags and other supplies. The fee for each porter
in one whole day is 150 Pesos. The limit number of kilos for a porter that
one can carry is 15, and an additional 7 Pesos for an exceed of 1 Kilo.
For more inquiries about other routes for Mt Apo, you can click this link:
Pinoy Mountaineer Hope this helps. Happy Climbing!
Article Source: Fly Philippines
Image Source: Travel Philippines
Finding Your Ideal Cabin Location in
Cruise Ship by Upgrading
It’s summertime and most people now are in high spirits for travel.
Wherever that might be, you want to see to it that you’re comfortable
settling on your own spot whether this be for air trip or sea trip. So when
considering sea travel you want to make sure that you are on the cabin of
your choice, not, not just that, but the perfect cabin that suits you. Many
people are misinformed or misled into believing the ideal cabin that suits
them, especially in modern ships. The elevators that bring passengers from
the lower decks to upper decks and vice versa are seemed to be convenient.
And that lower cabins appear to be almost identical with the ones on top.
Knowing this, you won’t mind about the distinctness of these two divisions.
Modern cruise vessels are completely stabilized. They even don’t show any
difference on board in motion linking the two decks, especially in ordinary
weather conditions. But many Super Ferries and Cruise Lines have the
capability to ensure comfort for passengers who are sensitive to motion.
But in some bad weather conditions, cabins that are near the center of the
ship can have lesser movement than at the front or back. The principle of a
pendulum is close to what ships has in relation with deck locations.
Paradoxically, cabins in lower decks have cheap rates. They are likely to
have lesser movements regardless of weather conditions compared to the
ones on the upper decks. While at this, it doesn’t follow that you should pay
for higher cost which is the upper deck cabins because it still boils down to
comfort and convenience. Most cruise ships and super ferries that have
restaurants, pools, showrooms, bars, and other entertainment and service
spots, are more likely located on the upper areas and at the middle spot of
the ships. These amenities are more accessible on cabins on the upper
decks. This what makes the upper decks expensive. Your decision to choose
which suits your convenience, whether this be the relief of the ship’s
movement or the accessibility of the amenities, is totally up to you. One
good idea to find what best suits your needs and comfort is to upgrade
yourcabin. Upgrading your cabin can make you pay for a lower cost and
choose the one that is included in the higher category. You don’t need to
pay additional cost. For instance, you can upgrade by choosing the area on
the inside with no view of the sea but is situated in the upper deck, or
perhaps a different type of cabin like in and out with an ocean view. Here
are tips on how to choose the right cabin by having a cabin upgrade:
Avail of Special Promotions
Shipping lines, Cruise Ships and Super Ferries often offer upgrades for
cabinthrough an incentive like a privilege card, credit card payment, group
promotion, frequent flier promo, and some other qualifications. You can
check your travel agent at booking time to verify if these promos are
Secure a Guaranteed TBA (To Be Assigned) Some cruise ships allow
booking reservation on a specific group for cabinupgrading with the
assigned cabin number which is made after the cruise date. Thisprivilege is
to ensure that the cabin will be correspondent to the rate being paid by the
passenger. The guaranteed TBA needs the passenger’s flexibility so as such
will benefit him/her for his/her cabin upgrade. Register for Cabin Upgrade
There are cruise ships that require passengers a registration for cabin
upgrade. This usually offers the passenger a cabin number, so the
passenger has the choice whether or not he/she will accept the available
upgrade. This option is normally given near the date of sailing.
More inquiry about your summer cruise by clicking here: Frugal Pinoy
How to Reach Pearl Farm Beach
This summertime, there surely are lots of travelers who want to visit Pearl
FarmBeach Resort. Probably the best attraction in Davao City, Pearl Farm
is one of the dream summer destinations for many travelers. But how you
can really get there is the question. The easier and the most detailed route
so you can reach this beautiful resort conveniently. I’ve made a little
research on how to get to Pearl Farm the easy or easier way. So wherever
you are in the Philippines or in the world, these tips can eventually help you
on your travel to Pearl Farm. Go to Davao City You need to make Davao as
your point of entry, of course, since this is the nearest location going to the
Samal Island, where Pearl Farm is located. And there are three locations
where you can get to Pearl Farm by boat in Davao; these are the Sta. Ana
Wharf, Davao Marina Wharf, and Sasa Wharf. So wherever you are in
Davao just go directly to one of these wharfs. From Sta. Ana Wharf
You can inquire at Wind and Wave Davao, a diving shop in Sta. Ana Wharf,
to book you for their motor boat schedules to Pearl Farm Beach Resort. The
boat ride will take from 30 to 45 minutes. For inquiries you can contact
these numbers: +63 82 300 7914, +63917 705 3917, +63 82 305 3483.
Email . Or visit their From Davao Marina Wharf Marina
Wharf is located in Lizada Drive, Lanang, Davao City. So upon arrival
atMarina Wharf proceed to Davao Boat and Leisure Club for the motor boat
ride. The ride usually takes 40 minutes. Telephone numbers are: +63 82
234 6987 and +63 82 234 7018.
From Sasa Wharf From Sasa Wharf you can either take the RORO or
motor boat. RORO boat is for those who bring their own vehicles to Samal
Island, particularly in Pearl Farm. But if you’re traveling by foot, take the
motor boat. Ride will take 45 minutes. So there off you go. Rest assured
that you will definitely enjoy your trip. For added info, you can drop by or
even go straight at Malipano Island or Malipano islets, about 500 meters
away west of Pearl Farm. These islets are also part of Pearl FarmBeach
Resort. Happy summertime! Bon Voyage!
Top Ten Summer Destinations in
Davao For those who haven’t yet decided which destination to go
this summer, I’m going to give you the top ten most visited attractions in
Davao every summer. Well, I just want to call it summer destination since
we’re on the summer season. The list that I’m going to give you can also be
called the top ten attractions in Davao regardless whether it’s summertime
or not. So here are they: Pearl Farm Beach Resort As the name itself,
Pearl Farm Beach Resort is the home of natural pearls. Well’ I’m not sure if
they still have a farm of pearls here on this resort. But I can tell you pearls
are of abundance on the seas of Samal Island, the island where Pearl Farm
is located.
Many tourists and local visitors go to Pearl Farm because apart from the
fact that it’s the pride of Davao when it comes to resorts, the place is like a
paradise for many visitors. Here is one review from by one
traveler who had visited Pearl Farm: “The most beautiful setting that I have
found in my world travels. I felt as though I was on “Fantasy Island.”
Stunning views, comfortable rooms that fit this beautiful setting. Excellent
on sightrestaurant. Friendly staff. The Ultimate getaway!” Pearl farm Beach
Resort is managed by Fuego Hotels and Properties. For inquiries you can
contact the Manila office at 632 750 1896, 632 750 1898, and 632 893
2093. Fax number 632 750 1894.
Email address: You can go directly to the
Manila office if you want. The address is 15th floor, 139 Corporate Center
Valero St., Salcedo Village, Makati City.
Davao office is at Ground floor Alflocor Corporate Center, Damosa Bldg,
Lanang Davao City. Phone numbers are: 6382 2350876, 6382 2340601.
Fax number: 6382 2350873. Or go to their website directly here: Pearl
Farm Beach Resort. To reach Pearl Farm you need to go to Davao Marina,
which is just 2 kilometers from the Davao airport. Ride a motor boat from
Davao Marina to get you to Pearl Farm Beach Resort.
Japanese Tunnel This is the second best attraction in Davao City, if not
the greatest if Pearl Farm Resort would have not existed. Here you can see
the actual tunnel that the Japanese settled in World War II. There are many
World War II tourist spots in the Philippines, but if you’re from Davao or
you’re in Davao it is a totally different experience. You can also see
structural replicas of the Japanese soldiers inside the cave. Temperature
inside the Japanese tunnel is colder than the normal temperature.
Talikud Island
Well, I can’t name a particular resort here on Talikud Island because this
island and the Samal Island have several resorts. Talikud Island is just
adjacent to Samal Island. So picking one can be a sort of a dispute to some
resorts here. So, the best thing is just go directly to Talikud Island. There is
a boat that will tour you on the resorts surrounding the Talikud Island. Go
to Sta. Ana Wharf for an island hopping to Talikud and Samal.
Crocodile Park This is the habitat of different kinds of crocodiles. Owned
by Philip Dizon, this park also exhibits the sophisticated system of crocodile
farming in the Philippines. You can see here the most modern equipment
and facilities for crocodile farming. You can also see some animals like
monkeys, exotic birds, bearcats, and snakes.
You can contact Johnrie Villanueva for inquiries. Phone numbers: 082 286
8883 or email at
Bat Cave One of the attractions you can see in the Island Garden City of
Samal is the Bat Cave, or also called as Monfort Bat Cave. This is the home
to nearly 2000 bats, the fruit bats. This place is believed to be the largest
settlement of fruit bats in the whole world.
Malagos Garden Resort
There is nothing more relaxing place in Davao than Malagos Garden
Resort. The place is so serene that you would think you’re in a holy place in
biblical times if you visit the place. Malagos Resort has the butterfly
sanctuary, unique plants, rare animals like ostrich and the Philippine
Eden Nature Park and Resort Eden Nature Park and Resort is an absolute
experience of nature. Here you can watch the stunning views of pine trees
and mountains. A 80-hectare land, Eden Nature Park and Resort is the
ultimate adventure of the natural world. If Malagos Garden Resort is the
seventh heaven, Eden Nature Park is the Garden of Eden. Goes by the
name, eh?
You can check out this link to know how to get to Eden Nature Park and
Resort:How to Reach Eden Nature Park.
Philippine Eagle Center The Philippine Eagle Center is home to all species
of Philippine Eagle. You can find every specie of the Eagle bird family that
still exists. Although some are consideredclose to extinction, this center
preserves all the species of these raptors. Philippine Eagle Center is just a
10-minute ride from the Malagos Garden Resort.
Mt. Apo
Gosh. I haven’t gone to this place but I tell you this: almost all mountain
trekkers, tourists, athletes, TV personalities had climbed Mt. Apo when
they have the chance to get to Davao. Unfortunate for me I still don’t have
time yet to reach the highest peak in the Philippines. You can go to this link
on how get there: How to Reach Mt. Apo.
Malagos Watershed This place is a forest which is preserved by the DCWD
and DENR for reforestration program . The reforestration is open to all
volunteers from schools, NGO’s, and other organizations. So that’s it. Hope
you visit all of these tourist attractions in Davao City. Bon Voyage! Happy
Summertime! Note: With the exception of the Talikud and Malagos photos,
the images above are grabbed from the sites below: (Michael Sinjin Pineda)
© Copyright 2011 Nonoy Avellanosa ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.