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					Take care of your connections.
        By Nick Taylor
Where do you begin?

   Let’s start with the most important thing on LinkedIn – You.
   Your profile needs to be about you, portray yourself and your image in a positive and
    professional manner – all whilst being yourself.
   Let’s begin with your ‘Professional Headline’

   Go to LinkedIn
   Find the tab ‘Profile’ and click Edit Profile.
   By your name, you should see the words ‘Edit’ --- Click it!
   You should see now a text box to fill in your professional headline – you only have 120
    characters here, so…tell everyone – what do you do?
   See the next slide for some tips!
Professional Headline
   Your professional headline is your chance to stand out from everyone else in your industry.
    Often we put our Job Title in this description, as we tend to do what everyone else does.
   A good example is my professional headline, which simply used to say ‘Marketing & Web
    Development’. There are hundreds of thousands of people on linked in with that
    headline. You become another number.
   Now mine reads: ‘I build your brand and develop your message through marketing expertise,
    digital and traditional, to generate you leads.’

   Be bold and proud – you do good work, now tell people about it.
   You’re not just sales people, or account managers, or admin, or customer carers – that’s your job title,
    but what do you aim to do?
Your Summary

   Your summary on LinkedIn gives you the chance to be yourself, whilst at the same time
    keeping your professionalism in mind.
   Talk about yourself, and why/how you got into the industry your in – what caught your
    interest? What do you do outside of your job that relates?
   Most importantly, write it how you would – this is about you – it must be in your style.
   On the next slide you can see what mine says about me and marketing
My New Summary…
Your Experience | Current Role

   So, what do you do? The common answer is to say your job title. Which tells the person
   So, ask yourself – what do you do at work? Think through your tasks, your strengths, what
    you think you specialise in and remember how well you do it.
   Don’t just list off your duties, explain them – tell people your way of doing it, and show that
    your passionate about it.
Your Skills & Expertise

   You can add over 30 skills and expertise to your profile, and these help you in ways you
    wont even realise.
   Each skill you add and save to your profile means that if someone searches for a person
    with those skills, you have a chance of showing up.
   Imagine someone looking for a person who is skilled in Fleet Management, and your profile
    appears – they look at your profile…see what you do and what the company does.
    Chances are they’ll take a look at our site, or contact you directly.

   Lead generation at its finest. Little to no effort, people look for you, not the other way
    around – and with your new summary and headline – you’re sure to stand out as the
Helping the website out

   On your profile you can add up to Three websites.
   Mine has the following:
   “Company Car Leasing” – Which links to our main site {}
   “What Our Customers Say” – Which links to our testimonials.
   Most people simply have the link say ‘Company Website’ – which does nothing.
   By changing the names of the links, you help out Google Ranks, You tell people what
    they’re clicking on and where they’re going.
   To do this, go to your profile, edit profile and find the section ‘websites’ and click edit.
   This brings up the window shown 
   Change the website drop down to ‘other’
   Put what you want in the next text box
   And link it to somewhere relevant.
How Do I Get Business?!

   The big question and probably the most important one – how do I nurture my connections
    and find new business? The next few slides will explain all…
Someone Viewed My Profile!

   Stalkers…!
   Or Maybe…customers?

   If someone viewed your profile, chances are they viewed for a reason. Follow up that view,
    message them (but don’t add them!) and say something like:

   ‘Hello {name} – Thank you for viewing my profile, I hope you found what you were looking
    for. If there’s anything I can help you with, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

   Bare in mind you can’t always do this unless you have a premium account, however if they
    have then you can send them an InMail.
Someone Wants To Add Me!

   STALKERS!!!!!

   Maybe….maybe not.

   Don’t ignore the request, don’t accept it either. Reply to the invitation, ask them what they
    are looking to get out of connecting with you, if you can help them with anything – be polite
    and enquire.

   Something like this:

   “Dear {name}, Thank you for requesting to join my network, if there is anything I can help
    you with, please do let me know. Thanks {your name}

   If they reply with a service request, or a question etc – add them and continue the nurture
    the relationship.
Status Updates and Keeping In-Touch

   On the homepage of LinkedIn – you’re able to update your status as many times as you
    want. Remember though, this isn’t Facebook.
   Your aim here to remind people of what you do in a completely ‘un-sales-like’ way.
   You want people to come to you, because you’re good and you can help them find that

   Secondly, on the homepage your connections will often update their profiles when they
    move on to new jobs, add new skills, get promoted and so on.
   So be polite, say congratulations to them. Why? Not only is it kind but it once again puts
    you back into their mind.
Now get to it!
        You’ll have to invest some time into this, but it can be very beneficial if you do.
Don’t shy away from Social Media – it’s the fastest growing thing on the internet, 6x faster than
      the high-street and you can really go places if you use it correctly. It’s really just about
                                         talking to people.

                Nick Taylor | Marketing Manager | Alternative Route Finance Ltd

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