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									               Entertainment with Android top Fun Applications

Today we know very well that Google is KING! Not only as Search Engine but
also in social media. Google developed android smart phone which is successes
full smart phone in the world today. There are lots of free fun applications
available in the android market which provides you juice of android. Android fun
apps provide a enjoyable life to its users. Due to its eye catching and flexible
features its demand has been more increased. Due to exclusive demand the
android game development company pays more attentions to develop user
friendly android application development.

Top life changing android application


                   Be your self android!! In this application you can create a
                   photo of your self and customize it with different view. You
                   can create your friends and friendly relatives short funny logo
                   and customize it in funny look and send them and shocked
                   them. You can set their funny pic in your mobile contact book.


                   Now android is not limited for mobile only but it can be
                   possible to run by any browsers of your PC. It’s very fast and
                   forward like its name as airdroid and also has awful file
                   transfer speed. The most important advantage of this
                   application is that its wireless and save lots of time.
Face Effects

                   This application is very interesting to create funny face. You
                   can apply any effects like look fat, thin, bald, ugly and add
                   more smile which looks too much funny you can add any
                   photo pic from other mobile as well as face book and can share
                   this funny face in face book, send via email etc.
Punch IT
This application is created by minded Indian app developers. You can get an
opportunity to prove your strongness by using this application. In this application
you can get entertainment with your friends and family and pay against them and
prove your punching power.


                    Android fring application is very interesting due to its
                    amazing creativity used for Group Video Chat but the
                    amazing matter is you can chat with more then one friend in
                    same time. It’s amazing! you can chat with your more then
                    one friends in same time.

 Kids Maths Lite

                     This application provides a helping hand to make strong
                     memory of your kids. Provides a tension free practice for
                     math’s in such way like find beginner numbers, fill number
                     in blank, count puzzles etc. this application is best especially
                     for nursery and play way kids.

 Flashy Tunes

                     Distract a fussy baby or entertain your child with
                     Flashy Tunes! Your little one will love to listen to the
                     songs and watch the flashing lights on this app.!

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