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Volume 5 • Number 185                                                       May 10, 2010 • USA $2.50

                                                         Roger                                                         Alissa
                                                      Witherspoon                                                      Singer
                                                               Page 20                                                     Page 12

Of Significance         An Open Letter of Appeal to                                   Open Letter to Yonkers PBA
  Campaign Trail
                         Yonkers Business Owners                                       President Det. Keith Olson
                                                      Benevolent      Association
      Pgs. 3, 4      By Det. Keith Olson              [PBA]and the Yonkers           By Steven M. Asaro             on going and expressed to
    Community                                         Captain’s,     Lieutenant’s                                   the Downtown Waterfront
        Pg. 4        Written May 5, 2010, on          and Sergeant’s Association     Det. Olson,                    Business     Improvement
     Economic        Behalf of the Yonkers PBA        [CLSA] believe that we             I am writing in response   District (DWBID) and
   Development       and      CLSA                               are     partners    to         your                            Yonkers City
      Pgs. 5, 6      Membership                                   with       you,    recently                                   C o u n c i l
   Government        to     Yonkers                               the business       published                                  Majority
                     Business                                     owner, in that     letter in the                              Leader     Pat
     Pgs. 7 - 10
                     Owners       to                              we are both        Yo n k e r s                               McDow.
   Legal Notice                                                                      Tribune.                                       While my
                     Save        the                              cornerstones
       Pg. 19                                                                                 As a                              intention is
                     Yonkers Police                               in the future
     Medicine        Department                                   of     Yonkers     professional                               not to place
       Pg. 12        and Protect                                  success. For       and resident                               blame,       I
       Op-Ed         Yonkersites.                                 this     reason    of          the                            remain intent
   Pgs. 1, 14 - 19                                                we feel it is      d o w n to w n ,                           in expressing
       Radio         Dear Yonkers                                necessary     to    I and others                   but one recent experience,
        P g. 4       Business Owner,                  bring to light the effects     share the concerns of safety   and look forward to your
                         The men and women                                           in the Getty Square area.      reply.
                     of the Yonkers Police                   see An Open Pg. 18      These concerns have been           see Open Letter Pg. 18
       Pg. 19

                                                                                                     Trend Alert:
Referring to...                         Yonkers Elected Officials                           Celente Predicted Pakistani
                                               in Denial                                   Terror as a Top Trend for 2010,
         Thomas                                       from where he sits during                 More Terror to Come
         Bock                                         meetings are likewise                                         releases – Gerald Celente
         Page 16                                      clueless.        Leadership                                   forecast a new wave terror
                                                      skills elude them all.                                        strikes against the United
                     By Hezi Aris                     Skullduggery and plots of                                     States. He predicted the
                                                      subterfuge eviscerate those                                   time, the place, the who
         Gail           Yonkers elected officials     that might try to think out                                   and the how.
                     are in disarray. They have       of the box. Yonkersites                                              The “time” would be
         Farrelly    no plan for presiding over       learned to live under                                         2010. The “place” would
         Page 19     these trying times. Times        the aegis of democracy,        By Gerald Celente              be public and symbolic.
                     have gotten tough. Mayor         defined     by    nepotism,                                   The “who” would, in
        Ed Koch      Phil Amicone is clueless;        marketed as benevolent and     Kingston, NY -- 4 May          all probability, be a lone
        Movie        so are those who advise          paternalistic. Times were      2010 -- Months prior to        wolf of Pakistani origin
                     him. Yonkers City Council        good. There was no need        the release of the Trends      or heritage. The “how”
        Reviews      President Chuck Lesnick is       for excellence in thinking     Journal’s “Top Trends for      would be low-tech or high
        Page 13      likewise clueless; those who     or planning; mediocrity        2010” – on radio, TV, in       – whatever the method or
                     sit on either side of the dais           see Hezitorial Pg. 2   Trend Alerts® and press              see Trend Alert Pg. 21
2                                                                               WESTCHESTER HERALD May 10, 2010
                                                                     The Hezitorial From Page 1
                            was the name of the game.         that is government, to the      Perhaps former Yonkers         the message but the intent
       WHYTMedia            Times have           changed.     delight of their devotees. In   Mayor Angelo Martinelli?       to obfuscate is maintained.
                            Demands are greater than          the end, The People are of      Or does A. & J Ciancilli,      Don’t you just love
     Published weekly       those we elected to serve         no consequence.                 Inc., contracting owner and    consistency?
       WHYTMedia            The People can manage.                       Mayor Amicone        Chairman of the Yonkers           It has been over a month          Pontification is no longer        delights      in     flinging   Zoning Board of Appeals        since the news report
     Tel: 914-562-0834      sufficient. Insular thought       Molotov cocktails into          pull the strings? What’s the   that Martin’s Cadillac
      WHYTeditor@           is insufficient. The very         any media arena that will       deal? You know what it is.     on Central Avenue was a          thought that some know            listen. He has no plan.         Fess up boys. It’s time. Who   viable operation. The lie
     WHYTsubscription       better than others and will       By lacking direction and        will be first to squeal?       was disseminated by City          ramrod their concepts             assertiveness in setting his        There is no logic to the   Hall and given credence
                            without deference to The          goal to serve the public        conduct of government          in media. The reality is
         Publisher          People’s will, concerns,          good, he is reduced to an       in Yonkers. Under Mayor        that Martin’s Cadillac has
         Hezi Aris          and needs, is no longer           inconsequential, whining,       Amicone the Ridge Hill         closed their doors. Why is
                            acceptable.                       cantankerous, oaf who           property valued at $500        City Hall mum? What’s the
             Editor                  As the impact of         has lost his way; and           million was sold to Forest     purpose of the cover-up?
           Hezi Aris        financial decay collapses         forced Yonkersites to be        City Ratner Corp. for $8.5             Further down from
           Columns          about us, Yonkers’ elite,         imprisoned by his inability     million. Mayor Amicone         Martin’s Cadillac is the old
           Cam Bock         belittle its significance vis-    to think things through.        used the $8.5 million,         premise of Boulder Creek,
          Lee Daniels       a-vis the viability of the            Coming to his assistance    one-shot, to fill a budget     long closed. Will someone
          Marilyn Elie      City of Yonkers. Mayor            is the effete President         deficit.                       please turn off the lights,
          Gail Farrelly     Amicone has advised the           Lesnick who has learned           The SFC project has been     including the neon signs.
           Lisa Fine        FY2010-2011            Budget     the comfort embodied in         downsized to a point where     Yonkers can not afford the
        Peggy Godfrey       is $109.5 million. Since          backroom commiseration          Yonkers is not made privy      electric bill.
        Anthony Greco       his announcement, he              supporting the elite, that is   to hear its total. Whatever         The $1 million Verizon
       Diane M. Grassi      has insinuated his finger         the power in office, rather     the pipedream, at issue,       lawsuit for Internet services
         Joe Klock, Sr.     pointing skills beyond the        than The People he was          has and always will be, can    rendered to the Yonkers
        Edward I. Koch      ivory tower and imagined          elected to represent. What      Louis Cappelli, president      Public Library is another
         Bob Marrone        moat where he concocts            a disappointment.               of Cappelli Enterprises        hidden situation charge
        Richard Nestro      these concepts of deceipt.             SFC, the development       muster the funds to build      alleged to have taken place
       Martin McGloin       The failure of Wall Street is     project, was given new          the “new” vision? Can          under the watchful eye
    Barbara Barton Sloane   evident. The failure of Main      expression by Capelli           anyone show Yonkersites        and direction of City Hall.
       Zuri A. Stanback     Street is not as familiar. Yet    Enterprises’ Joe Apicella       the money by which this        Why has City Hall kept its
         Henry J. Stern     within each environment           with Mayor Amicone by           project will proceed?          mouth shut. There is no
         Andy Wainer        reside         responsibilities   his side. It was logical        Without such proof, will       shame in admitting you
           Bob Weir         not taken. The common             for Mr Apicella to be the       City Hall continue to exact    messed up; Yonkersites
      Roger Witherspoon     denominator on Wall Street        mouthpiece on this project;     eminent domain procedures      know why there is a yellow
          Advertising       and Main Street is the            he has talking rights,          to daylight the river? Why?    stain running down your       human factor. The man, the        Mayor Amicone has none.         And what for?                  pants leg. Oh my!
     or call 914-562-0834   woman, who are familiar           Mr. Apicella downsized the            After demanding and         The Fr. Pat Carrol Green
                            with both worlds but have         project without a word heard    getting Shop Rite to upgrade   Housing projected is a
                            maintained their silence.         from Mayor Amicone. The         their store on Riverdale       disaster awaiting a lawsuit.
       We                   They are us. We have been
                            silent too long. Will anyone
                                                              gig is up. Aided and abetted
                                                              by President Lesnick and
                                                                                              Avenue, above which a
                                                                                              CVS Pharmacy is moving
                                                                                                                             City Hall is working
                                                                                                                             overtime to buy off
     Welcome                speak?
                                  It is that silence that
                                                              the Yonkers City Council
                                                              membership, SFC will be
                                                                                              in, what is the purpose
                                                                                              of another supermarket
                                                                                                                             criticism of its most vocal
                                                                                                                             critics. Why? Did anyone
      Your                  has emboldened the inept          advising Yonkers openly         within blocks being built      inform Lorraine Lopez?
                            to embody the Peter               from here onward.               by SFC? SFC, with City                 Other disasters role
    Comments                Principle for their personal           A new mirage, perhaps      Hall approval, is now set      off the tongue: nValley
                            gain. The political parties       vision, if you are so           on cannibalizing Shop          Technology            Center,
     Tell us if we          have offered little solace        inclined, without a word as     Rite by burdening their        PPAC, YMCA, Pier View
       are doing            to anyone. They don’t             to how much revenue will        ROI (return on investment)     Restaurant, Whisky Rio,
                            challenge the opposing            ever be generated by the        with a competitor yet to be    Patty J’s, Miami Subs,
      something             party, comfortable with the       “new” Yonkers downtown          named.                         Hyundai, Kia, L & M
                            non-aggression pacts that         / waterfront development.            Dare I say, there is no   Mercury, and so much
     wrong, and             have consumed Yonkers and             President Lesnick’s task    supermarket anchor, no         more.
     what we are            Westchester County alike.         master is Mayor Amicone.        movie theater anchor, no                It’s time for the
                            Not a word is heard. Party        Who is Mayor Amicone’s          nothing. If there where,       Yonkers City Council to
     doing right.           leadership is permitted           task master? Is it former       it would have been             return Mayor Amicone’s
    WHYTEditor@             free reign. Their rationale       New York State Lieutenant       announced. Not that SFC        FY2010-2011 Budget. It is
                            is conniving a plot to earn       Governor and present            announcements are worth        an insincere budget hiding              market share of the pie,          legal eagle Al DelBello?        much; they keep changing       funds not revealed under the
WESTCHESTER HERALD May 10, 2010                                                                                                                            3

     The                                                         Noel Fine Art: Closing Sale
   Hezitorial                   By Noel DeGaetano                oriental rugs, Chinese
                                                                 art, wooden boxes, jade
                                                                                                continue to provide a range
                                                                                                of services, including art,
                                                                                                                                 of classes will be posted
                                                                                                                                 on our website – www.
       From Page 2                                                                                                      -- mid
                                Bronxville, NY -- It is with     jewelry and many, many         antiques, rugs and watch
ill-defined budget lines. The   no small amount of sadness       other items. The sale will     appraisals; art restoration;     August.) Finally, in a salute
explanation of each budget      that after 11 years, Noel        end May 31st.                  fine art framing; and watch      to the artistic and literary
line must be defined by         Fine Art announces the                   Having served the      / clock repairs.                 “salons” of another era,
extending and extrapolating     closing of its gallery at 80     community since 1999,                 As an exciting new        we will also be scheduling
the funds within.               Kraft Avenue in Bronxville,      Noel Fine Art is moving to     addition, the new gallery        poetry and book readings
    Bronxville came up with     May 31st, 2010.                  a larger studio space at 33    will also offer art classes,     by local writers, and we
a budget; so did Hastings-           Beginning on May 1st,       Terrace Place in Tuckahoe,     including instruction in         will offering the gallery as
on-Hudson. Even White           2010, we will be having a        NY, just a short walk up       painting, drawing and            a place to meet.
Plains managed to reduce        “moving sale” comprised          from the train station.        watercolor – both with and               I look forward to
costs from their proposed       of the merchandise in the        The new gallery space          without a model – as well as     serving current and new
budget. Even New York           gallery – many at 30 to 40%                                                                      customers at my new space
                                                                 will continue to exhibit       demonstrations in making
City came up with a budget.     off retail prices -- including                                                                   in Tuckahoe.
                                                                 some of finest artists in      sculpture with different
Each did it before they have
                                vintage watches, clocks,         Westchester, as well as        materials. (A schedule
figured out what to do in
Albany. How come Yonkers
hasn’t figured it out?
    Yonkers Mayor Amicone
has not engaged in discussion
                                             Cohen Nominated As Republican Candidate
with anyone on reducing the
budget requirements. What                           for New York State Senate
is Mayor Amicone waiting        White Plains, NY -- At           too high, businesses and       about the problems that we       state government that just
for? Washington will not        a     special     nominating     jobs are being chased out      all know exist in our state. I   doesn’t get it.“
pay Albany and Albany has       convention held tonight          of New York, Albany is         will take on the dysfunction          Cohen, who is also an
no ability or compunction       Bob Cohen, a 55-year old         dysfunctional,                               and political      attorney, runs a real estate
to pay Yonkers, especially      real estate professional from    and that it is                               stagnation that    and construction company
with Mayor Amicone’s            Scarsdale, was nominated         time we make                                 have brought       in Manhattan. He has been
finger pointing before their    as the Republican candidate      changes,                                     New       York     a volunteer firefighter in
faces. What now Mayor           for New York State Senate        its time we                                  State to the       Scarsdale for 17 years and
Amicone? What now Chuck         in the 37th District. At         get       some                               brink of ruin.     is currently a member of
Lesnick?                        the convention Cohen             new people                                   I will bring       the non-partisan Town
     I know each protagonist    promised to bring change         in      elected                              the     change     and Village Civic Club
is incapable of a lucid         and common sense to the          office,” Cohen                               and common         Education Forum.
response. Neither has the       most dysfunctional state         said.                                        sense to the               More biographical
synaptic ability to focus       legislature in America.                     “It’s                             State Capital      information can be found
on solutions, and neither is           Cohen will take on        time to do                                   that our people    on his campaign website
competent in defining and       incumbent       Sen.     Suzi    something        about   the   demand!”               
/ or expressing a plan for      Oppenheimer         (D),    a    mess, the embarrassment             “We have already seen          The 37th Senate District
the public good. Each is        26-year member of the            of     our     dysfunctional   too many of our friends,         is comprised of Harrison,
comfortable in the position     legislature who is seeking       state government. And          neighbors and family, too        Mamaroneck, New Castle,
they are in. The only ones      her 14th term.                   my experience as a self-       many of our businesses,          most of New Rochelle,
out of sort are “some” of
                                     “While I am out there       made businessman, as a         large and small, vote            North Castle, Ossining, Rye
The People; and they are
                                talking to our neighbors,        community activist and         with their feet and leave        Town, Rye City, Scarsdale,
easily dismissed.
                                and yes even Democrats,          concerned citizen, as a        the State of New York            and White Plains.
   The only issue now is who
                                they all seem to be saying       father have put me in a        because of high taxes,
are you? Are you “some” of
                                the same things. Taxes are       position to do something       endless regulation, and a
The People, or not?

 Ramondelli Nominated Republican Candidate for New York’s 93rd Assembly District
Yonkers, NY -- The Yonkers      sanity, generating job                                          Ramondelli said.                 an Albany that is arrogant,
Republican City Committee       growth and making sure                                          Ramondelli will be running       disconnected, and until
officially      nominated       Yonkers receives its fair                                       against Assemblyman Mike         now unchallenged. The
Mike Ramondelli at the          share of school funding.                                        Spano, whose incumbancy          word dysfunctional is no
convention held May                “This November, voters                                       stretche 16 years.               longer adequate to describe
6, 2010 the Ukrainian           have     the    opportunity                                             “Even though New         our state’s government.
Center in Yonkers. At the       to elect true reformers                                         Yorkers pay the highest          The insanity of legislators
convention,    Ramondelli       who will end the Albany                                         property and payroll taxes       in Albany running rampant
vowed to fight for Yonkers      culture as we know it. I’m                                      in the country, we are faced     has had a severe impact
in Albany by working            here to tell you that I am                                      with a 9.2 billion dollar        on Yonkers and it must be
toward restoring fiscal         one of those reformers.”                                        budget deficit as a result of          see Ramondelli Pg. 4
4                                                                                   WESTCHESTER HERALD May 10, 2010

Gubernatorial Candidate                                             Ramondelli Nominated Republican Candidate for
                                                                      New York’s 93rd Assembly District From Page 3
Kristin Davis On the Level                                         brought to an end.”             significant changes in         has energized our campaign
    on WVOX-1460 AM                                                   “I know, from speaking
                                                                   with voters, that all of this
                                                                                                   Albany - now. I’m looking
                                                                                                   forward to meeting many
                                                                                                                                  and I look forward to the
                                                                                                                                  great honor of serving them

       with Hezi Aris                                              is not going unnoticed
                                                                   and I am very encouraged
                                                                                                   more residents as I continue
                                                                                                   going door to door, block to
                                                                                                                                  in Albany.”
                                                                                                                                       To find out more about
New Rochelle, NY -- Kristin         Olson.                         by my conversations with        block and neighborhood to      Mike Ramondelli, please
David, candidate for new                 For those who crave       the people of Yonkers.          neighborhood to talk with      visit www.ramondelli2010.
York State Governor, will           more news with a Yonkers       Republicans, Democrats          the people of our city and     com
speak about her candidacy           perspective       consider     and    Independents       all   listen to what they have to
with On the                                     listening to       agree that we must make         say. Their encouragement
Level hosts                                     Hezi       Aris
R i c h a r d
Narog     and
                                                We d n e s d a y
                                                                               Democrats Select Greg Varian for
                                                at 8:35 am
                                                when he and
                                                                                  June 22 Special Election
am through                                      Bob Marrone        New Rochelle, NY --                                            stretched and stressed. Our
11 am, this                                     discuss hyper      Democrats        nominated                                     empathy for our neighbors,
Tuesday, May                                    local issues       community leader Greg                                          and our better natures, are
10, 2010, on                                    on the Good        Varian on May 6, 2010,                                         tried and tested in the face
WVOX-1460                                       Morning            to run for County Board                                        of our own personal and
AM on your                                      Westchester        of Legislators in the 10th                                     family struggles to make
radio     dial                                  radio program      District. A special election                                   ends meet. Public servants
and via audio                                   hosted by Bob      will be held June 22.                                          are challenged to see their
streaming                                       Marrone.                    Last night’s mini-                                    role in a new light ... to find
technology                                                         convention was called to                                       pragmatic and creative new
on the Internet at www.                                            choose between Varian, a                                       solutions to these difficult The opening                                              lawyer and elected trustee                                     problems, and to find
minutes will host Yonkers                                          of the New Rochelle Public      budget was “unsustainable”     common ground for the
PBA President        Keith                                         Library, and Mayor John         and that “fundamental          greater good.”
                                                                   Fitzpatrick of Tuckahoe.        change must be made in the        “And while the problems
                                                                   Democratic          District    way we administer county       we face are enormous,”
                                                                   Leaders from the 10th           government.     Taxpayers      concluded Varian, “I am
                                                                   legislative district heard      have reached the limit of      confident that we will come
                                                                   nominating speeches for         what they can afford and       out stronger on the other
                                                                   both candidates and then                                       side.”
    “America’s great                                               heard from the candidates
                                                                   themselves before casting
                                                                                                   are rightly demanding new
                                                                                                      Varian continued, “Now
                                                                                                                                      Varian won 57% of the
                                                                                                                                  vote to get the party’s nod.
                                                                   their votes.
    community radio                                                     Varian said the county
                                                                                                   is when our underlying
                                                                                                   values and our wallets are

                                                                       Two-Day Blood Drive in Honor of Officer Luigi
    stations!”                                                                    Osso Yields 217 Units
                         -The Wall Street Journal                  Irvington, NY -- More than                                     police on April 21. He
                                                                   200 people turned out in                                       suffered severe head trauma
                                                                   support of the 2-day blood                                     and serious injuries to his
                                                                   drive held May 5 and May                                       entire body, and underwent
                                                                   6, 2010 in honor of Luigi                                      several surgeries. This 2-day
                                                                   Osso, a Village of Irvington                                   blood drive was organized
                                                                   Police Officer.      Hudson                                    by the Irvington Volunteer
                                                                   Valley Blood Services, a                                       Ambulance Corp in Officer
                                                                   division of New York Blood                                     Osso’s name, and held at
                                                                   Center, collected 217 units                                    the Irvington High School
                                                                   of blood, an amount capable                                    Theater Arts Building.
                                                                   of saving as many as 500                                                   Any company,
                 The Voice of The Golden Apple                     people.                                                        community organization,
                                                                      Police Officer Luigi Osso,                                  place of worship, or
    One Broadcast Forum, New Rochelle, N.Y. 10801 (914) 636-1460   31, was critically injured                                     individual may host a
                                                                   after his patrol car collided                                  blood drive. NYBC also
                                                                   head-on with a stolen car
                                                                   being chased by Elmsford                                                 see Two-Day Pg.5
WESTCHESTER HERALD May 10, 2010                                                                                                                           5
Two-Day Blood                                   Cappelli: Show New Rochelle Residents
Drive in Honor
                                                        Your New Roc Contracts
of Officer Luigi                                               was one day after the New       of New Rochelle feel they       structure in order to
  Osso Yields                                                  Rochelle IDA (Industrial
                                                               Development         Agency)
                                                                                               have again been given
                                                                                               another false hope, and
                                                                                                                               provide much needed relief
                                                                                                                               to homeowners here in
   217 Units                                                   meeting.         If another     that as Robert Service the      our “jewel” of a City Our
       From Page 4                                             retail business is under        poet would say, “A promise      elected officials should
offers special community                                       discussion, why isn’t the       made is a debt unpaid”?         work tirelessly for our
service scholarships for                                       New Rochelle City Council            A real estate broker in    residents.”
                                                               and IDA being consulted?        New Rochelle, Anthony                 Another resident also
students who organize            By Peggy Godfrey                     Many people in New       Sutton, felt this project and   had a strong viewpoint.
community blood drives
during the winter holiday                                      Rochelle cheered when           others could be on hold for     Lorraine Pierce said “Louis
and summer periods. Blood           Why did Louis Cappelli’s   they were told by Cappelli      the next two years. “We are     Cappelli is having huge
donors receive free mini-        organization release news     that he would bring Target      not in an overnight recovery.   financial problems and has
medical exams on site            to the Yonkers Tribune /      and Kohl’s to New Roc.          Prospective buyers are not      personally broken many
including information about      Westchester Herald that       The IDA granted a PILOT         paying the high prices of       promises in the past so I
their temperature, pulse         the contract with Target      (payment in lieu of taxes)      yesteryear and are looking      doubt this “deal is for real”.
rate, blood pressure and         in New Rochelle’s New         with the specific stipulation   for bargains.”                  My request of Cappelli is,
hemoglobin level. Eligible       Roc had expired? Geoff        that it would not be granted       Kurt Colucci, a resident,    show me the contract.
donors include those people      Thompson, the spokesman,      until Cappelli is issued and    had these observations.               A Councilman, Louis
at least age 16 (with parental   blamed it on the bank not     pays for a building permit.     “Along with many other          Trangucci,        who has
permission or consent), who      approving the transactions    Consequently the original       overburdened            New     continued to question IDA
weigh a minimum of 110           and said “as a result         IDA PILOT for New Roc           Rochelle taxpayers I am         agreements claimed in
pounds, are in good health       construction on a new         which calls for escalating      frustrated with the lengthy     the proposed fifteen year
and meet all Food & Drug         retail space in New Roc       higher PILOT payments           process that has held New       agreement, $33 million in
Administration and NY            City could not commence       each year to the City for       Rochelle taxpayers captive      abatements would be given.
or NJ State Department           by the committed date of      the next five years is now      to external commercial          This would require these
of Health donor criteria.        March 31.” He claimed         in effect.                      interests. I understand         retailers to generate more
People age 76 and over may       Target requested that the          The question remains:      the financial trepidation       than 2 million dollars per
donate with a doctor’s note.     contract remain open until    did the City’s agreement        on the part of Cappelli’s       year in sales tax revenue.
To donate blood, please
                                 May adding there was          with Cappelli for Target        lenders, retail chains and      He doubts these retailers
call: 1-800-933-2566
                                 another prominent retail      and Kohl’s run out or is        other potential investors.      could bring in that amount
Visit: www.nybloodcenter.
                                 company under discussion.     this Cappelli’s business        However, New Rochelle           of sales tax, especially in
                                 More curious is the date      agreement with these            must                            this economic climate.
To arrange a blood drive,
                                 of this press release which   retailers? Will the residents   re-balance its tax base
please call 914-784-4639.

                                                New Rochelle’s New Hope
                                 retail space at New Roc       frustrated with the lengthy     so it comes as no surprise      to embrace the spiraling
                                 City could not commence       process that has held New       to me that New Rochelle is      economic conditions for
                                 by the committed date of      Rochelle taxpayers captive      a town on the decline due       what they are. They have
                                 March 31 of this year as we   to external commercial          to the failures of its city’s   refused to work hard and
                                 had planned”. He added,       interests. I understand the     politicians. Our city council   make difficult decisions
                                 “Should we be unable to       financial trepidation on        and mayor have passed           that will allow the
                                 reach a new agreement,        the part of (Developer)         new legislation with bone       taxpaying homeowners to
                                 we have had discussions       Cappelli’s lenders, retail      crushing stupidity that adds    keep more of their earned
                                 with another prominent        chains and other potential      up to an indirect tax on        income and therefore
By Kurt Colucci                  national retail company       investors.                      those who still choose to do    spend in the community.
   In an “exclusive” article     that has expressed interest       New Rochelle residents      business in New Rochelle’s      As well, the city council
in the April 29th Yonkers        in the 150,000 square feet    must      remember      that    downtown area.                  has done little to encourage
Tribune titled “New Roc          of space Target would have    Cappelli        Enterprises            The “Queen City of       businesses to come to New
City and Target “Geoff           taken… we have growing        does not represent New          the Sound” is faced with        Rochelle.        Skyscrapers
Thompson a spokesman for         confidence that we will be    Rochelle’s only hope for        two serious challenges          and an overpriced movie\
Cappelli Enterprises wrote       able to move forward with     a prosperous future…the         to its community; the tax       entertainment       complex
the following;                   the dramatic reconstruction   citizens do, you and I, we      burden unfairly placed on       are not the key ingredients
      “Target’s contract to      of the New Roc City retail    do.                             homeowners as a result of       to creating an economic
be a tenant technically          space that we have long-           While New York City        a decline in its commercial     boom-town.           Indeed,
expired because our banks        planned.”                     Mayor Bloomberg is on           tax base. The second,           the homeowners and all
had not yet approved the                 Along with many       the hunt for salty food         which is the direct cause       residents here have been
transaction and as a result      other overburdened New        peddlers, hot dog vendors       for the first, a deficient      reduced to Tax Peasants
construction on the new          Rochelle taxpayers, I am      are foiling terrorist plots,    city government that fails          see New Rochelle Pg. 6
6                                                                                WESTCHESTER HERALD May 10, 2010

                                                New Rochelle’s New Hope
due to the poor political      Rochelle.                        we do not act now.            homes here and will work       favor if we work together
decisions made by our part          A fresh New Rochelle              We must encourage       tirelessly to make New         to get politically involved
time city council, mayor,      city government must work        “smart”         development   Rochelle the sparkling         to endorse candidates
and our high paid city         diligently to rebalance the      and embrace a much            jewel of Westchester!          that are ready to take this
manager.                       city tax base in order to        needed face-lift to our            I am ready to take City   community by storm and
       If we truly want to     provide much needed relief       community. Tax revenue        Hall on head first, even       resurrect prosperity in our
restore the long lost          to homeowners here in our        must be expanded and          if I have to do it alone,      own backyard.
prosperity once known to       “jewel” of a city. Unrealized    increased by embracing a      on behalf of the hopeless
New Rochelle, we must          potential is the greatest of     business friendly “boom       members of my community        Kurt Colucci is a proud
work to achieve a full-        all things wasted.               town” type of atmosphere,     who are too uninvolved         New Rochelle home owner
on power grab come next             We must find a way to       therefore increasing New      and unconcerned. Those         and lifelong resident,
election cycle. A complete     increase our tax base in         Rochelle’s desirability for   who think our Mayor and        former College Instructor
restoration of accountable,    an attempt “load balance”        both long term business       City Council are looking       (Farleigh       Dickinson
concerned and ambitious        the financial commitments        and residential investment    out for our best interests,    University),      Corrent
leaders must be voted          to our city and schools.         commitments. Let’s use        when it is clearly evident     Construction Engineering
into office to work their      This burden can no longer        this next election cycle      in their actions, their        Company Project Manager,
you know what’s off in an      be economic shackles             to encourage responsible      decisions and the results      TEA Party Tax Activist,
attempt to break the cycle     on homeowners. Ever              development        in   our   of their decisions that they   founder of the Westchester
of economic degeneration       rising taxes will lead New       beautiful city.               are not working effectively    Taxpayers Association and
that we have been subjected    Rochelle ito a sure decline          My advice, remove the     for us residents. It might     Author of “A Taxslaves
to over the past few mayor\    just as we’ve seen in many       city council and mayor        take a small army to show      Manifesto” (release date
council regimes that have      upper Hudson valley region       and replace them with true    up at the election booths,     7\4\2010).
stolen the soul of New         cities. This is a guarantee if   public servants who own       but the odds will be in our

          Hudson River Valley Case on Investigation Discovery Show
       In every detective’s    Forensics”      (Premiering
career, one case stands out    Monday, May 10 at 9 PM
as unforgettable. Crime        ET). This episode tells
scenes so bizarre they         the story of two baffling
defy logic, and criminal       cases: First, In a Texas-
minds so conniving they        sized mystery, the body
defy understanding. When       of a missing man turns
evidence is scarce and         up in Lone Star cattle
everyone is a suspect, only    country. The cowboy’s
the sharpest minds – and       partial remains are all that
cutting-edge science –         determined local Sheriffs
can solve these shocking       have to go on and the
puzzlers. In each episode      case now depends on a
of     “Solved:     Extreme    rookie toxicologist. Next,
Forensics”, viewers are        a terrifying daylight home
invited along to witness       invasion in New York’s
never-before seen forensic     quiet Hudson River Valley
techniques, and go behind      leaves a local restaurateur
police lines to decipher a     shot dead and his son
mesmerizing crime scene        clinging to life. The high-
to solve each case.            profile investigation leaves
    Investigation Discovery    no stone unturned in             solves this homicide.         with new compelling            combination of the sharpest
is profiling a case from the   the victim’s contentious                  “Solved: Extreme     episodes. In the series,       detective skills and cutting-
Hudson River Valley area       business dealings. But it’s      Forensics” returns for its    viewers witness never-         edge forensic science to
in an upcoming episode         a single wad of chewing          second gripping season on     before-seen       forensic     solve baffling and shocking
of     “Solved:     Extreme    gum left by the killer that      Investigation    Discovery    techniques that feature a      crimes.
WESTCHESTER HERALD May 10, 2010                                                                                                                            7

          Astorino Says Westchester Is Prepared To Combat Terrorism
White Plains, NY -- In the                    Public Safety                                     Westchester.                     Similar counter-terrorism
aftermath of the attempted       Commissioner         George                                                Longworth also       patrols are also conducted
terror attack in Times           N. Longworth said a key                                        described a range of other       by the county police Marine
Square, County Executive         component in Westchester’s                                     counter-terrorism programs       Unit along the Hudson
Robert P. Astorino reassured     crime fighting and counter-                                    and strategies in place in       River shoreline.
Westchester residents that       terrorism efforts is the                                       Westchester.                     •County police patrol
the county has a broad           Westchester Intelligence                                       •A county police detective       officers, as well as the
range of public safety           Center in White Plains.                                        was assigned full time           Aviation and Marine Units,
and         counter-terrorism      The Department of Public                                     in January to the FBI            are equipped with radiation
initiatives in place to keep     Safety earlier this year                                       Joint     Terrorism      Task    detection equipment. These
residents safe.                  merged its Crime Analysis                                      Force, ensuring access           detectors are issued with
        Astorino noted that      Unit and the department’s                                      to the highest levels of         the goal of identifying any
the       Department        of   counter-terrorism functions                                    intelligence      information    vehicle or vessel carrying
Public Safety and its law        into     the     Westchester    It is supervised by District   affecting Westchester and        a so-called “dirty bomb”
enforcement partners work        Intelligence Center. The        Attorney Janet DiFiore.        its citizens.                    containing      radiological
every day on intelligence        move put all intelligence            “Residents and visitors   •The members of the              material.
gathering       and      other   gathering and intelligence      in Westchester should          county police Bomb Squad         •The Department of Public
counter-terrorism initiatives    sharing      functions     in   feel confident that here       have the sophisticated           Safety is a partner with all
to      protect     residents,   Westchester under one           in our county, we have         training needed to respond       local law enforcement in
visitors, businesses and         roof—eliminating the risk       made important strides to      to any incident involving a      Westchester and Putnam
critical infrastructure in       that valuable information       enhance public safety by       vehicle-borne improvised         counties     in    Counter-
Westchester from potential       would fall between the          moving toward a predictive     explosive device.         The    Terrorism Zone 3, a
terrorist activity.              cracks or not be shared         model of policing,” DiFiore    increased capabilities of        collaborative effort to
           “We have taken        with all appropriate law        said. “The creation of the     the Bomb Squad will soon         protect the region from
significant steps this year      enforcement agencies.           Westchester Intelligence       result in it being designated    terrorism.
to work with federal, state        Astorino noted that putting   Center, our state-of-the-art   a Level 1 bomb squad, the        •In conjunction with CTZ-3,
and local law enforcement        all intelligence gathering      intelligence and analytical    highest level of expertise       the county police participate
more       efficiently    and    functions under one roof        center, functions as the       for a bomb squad. A Level 1      in the deployment of so-
collaboratively than ever        eliminated       duplicative    hub of a network of local,     bomb squad is also capable       called “Hercules Teams,”
before,” Astorino said. “In      services, resulting in a        state and federal police       of responding to incidents       which      are    comprised
the times we live in, the        better operation at a lower     agencies     that   operate    involving           chemical,    of specially trained and
gathering of intelligence        cost to taxpayers.              within          Westchester    biological or radiological       heavily     armed      police
and using that information               The WIC includes        County and is designed to      devices.                         officers. The Hercules
to protect our citizens          investigators from the FBI,     increase law enforcement’s     •The       county       police   Teams pay unannounced
is critical. Westchester         New York State Police,          ability to assess trends       Aviation Unit regularly          visits to a range of
County is committed to           Department of Public            and develop information        conducts              counter-   locations in Westchester
putting its resources to         Safety and Mount Vernon         allowing for coordinated       terrorism patrols over all       from transportation hubs
work on a non-stop basis to      Police Department, along        responses to any type of       critical infrastructure in       to busy shopping areas.
do just that.”                   with civilian crime analysts.   suspicious activity here in    Westchester,        including    The goal of the Hercules
                                                                                                the Indian Point nuclear         Teams is to deter terrorist
                                                                                                power plants, the Tappan         planning or activity by                                                           Zee Bridge, New York City
                                                                                                watershed properties and
                                                                                                                                 providing an additional,
                                                                                                                                 and unpredictable, layer of
                                                                                                key corporate facilities,        security to key locations in                                                           among other locations.           Westchester.
8                                                                                 WESTCHESTER HERALD May 10, 2010

 Gronowski Proposes Resolution to Impose Health Insurance Premium Contributions
Yonkers, NY --       Read       levels of government today                                       taxpayers of the City of         plan     without     delay,
the resolution Yonkers          has created an economic                                          Yonkers; and                     for all City of Yonkers
City Councilwoman Joan          environment wherein local                                           WHEREAS, any and all          elected officials and non-
Gronowski submitted on          governments, i.e., the                                           methods of feasible cost-        represented employees and
May 4, 2010, to the Rules       taxpayer, can no longer                                          cutting measures should be       all Board and Commission
Committee. The resolution       bear the total burden of this                                    put in place, no matter how      Members who receive
was placed into the Budget      employee expense; and                                            seemingly       insignificant    health insurance from the
Committee for discussion.         WHEREAS, each elected                                          they may be with respect to      City of Yonkers utilizing
    WHEREAS, municipal          official and municipal                                           closing an ever-widening         a contribution formula
governments are facing          worker, regardless of their                                      budget gap,                      in keeping with the
increasing costs of health      union or non-represented                                               NOW, THEREFORE,            contribution rate of the
insurance premiums for          employee status and all                                          BE IT RESOLVED, the              MAJORITY of the union-
their workers; and              Board and Commission            have to contribute toward        City Council of the City of      represented employees of
          WHEREAS, the          Members who receive             their health insurance           Yonkers requests that the        the City of Yonkers.
financial shortfall facing      health insurance from the       premiums provided by the         Administration implement             Submitted to Rules May
the public sector and all       City of Yonkers should          City of Yonkers via the          a health care contribution       4, 2010

                   Senate Task Force Targets DOT Suspicious Overtime
         Task Force Reveals Whistleblower Website Tip; Probes Officials on Wasteful Spending
Albany, NY -- May 6, 2010                                                                        million) to speeding up its      can anonymously submit
-- The Senate’s Task Force                                                                       typical contract close-out       their ideas, suggestions and
on Government Efficiency,                                                                        time frame ($10 million)         feedback on how the state
chaired by State Senator                                                                         to decreasing overtime           can conserve resources
and     Deputy      Majority                                                                     spending ($3.5 million) or       in this tough fiscal time,
Leader Jeff Klein, unveiled                                                                      cutting back on night work       as well as to report
a recent tip submitted to the                                                                    ($360,000).                      any suspected wasteful
Task Force whistleblower                                                                           The Task Force report also     government spending or
website in regards to                                                                            outlined more than $210          abuse of tax dollars. This
suspicious overtime pay                                                                          million in wasted funds that     page is accessible via
at the NYS Department                                                                            have already been spent,         the Task Force’s Senate
of Transportation (DOT)                                                                          including $150 million on        website:        http://www.
at a press conference in                                                                         contract management and
Albany on Wednesday.                                                                             further rising contract costs    task-force-government-
Immediately       following     be inspecting vehicles not      Federation (PEF); and Jay        associated with changes          efficiency.
the press conference, the       required to be inspected        Simson, Executive Director       in DOT specifications.                The Senate Task Force
Task Force held a public        under NYS transportation        of American Council on           In 2006, DOT revised its         on Government Efficiency
forum to probe DOT              law.                            Engineering Companies.           specifications for the type of   was created with the goal
officials on this issue and            “Hard-working New               “As we face tough         reflective sheeting used on      of uncovering inefficient
other potential findings of     Yorkers have sent their tax     budgetary choices once           orange construction signs,       government spending and
excessive spending.             dollars to Albany only to       again this year, New York        requiring full compliance        developing       productive
   Late last month, the Task    have them used to fatten        State must get smart about       by January 2009. Although        solutions to put taxpayer
Force released the third in     someone else’s pocket           curbing spending wherever        DOT claimed this change          dollars to better use.
its series of investigative     through excessive overtime.     possible. I’m proud to           would come at no cost            Chaired by State Senator
reports, this one citing        We need to grab the reins on    see     that    hardworking      to the state, contractors        and     Deputy     Majority
$60 million dollars in          wasteful spending and get       New Yorkers are already          statewide had to pay nearly      Leader Jeff Klein, this
potential       cost-savings    things moving in the right      taking full advantage of         $27 million to replace the       bipartisan Task Force
at the NYS Department           direction so that we can        our whistleblower website        2.7 million existing signs,      was formally announced
of Transportation, and          ensure that taxpayer dollars    and joining our fight to cut     a cost they are now passing      in March of 2010. It is
more than $200 million          are being put to good use       government waste,” said          onto the state in the form of    comprised of Senators
in funds the Department         for years to come,” said        State Senator Thomas P.          higher contract prices.          Darrel Aubertine, Brian X.
has      already     wasted.    State Senator and Deputy        Morahan (R-New City),”                  In an effort to stem      Foley, Craig Johnson, Betty
Following the release of        Majority Leader Jeffrey         said State Senator Thomas        further wasteful spending        Little, George Maziarz,
the report, the Task Force      D.      Klein    (D-Bronx/      P. Morahan (R-New City).         and mismanagement of             Tom       Morahan,      Jose
received an anonymous           Westchester).                        In its latest report, the   taxpayer dollars at state        Peralta, Diane Savino, Jose
tip on its whistleblower           At the hearing, the Task     Task Force uncovered close       agencies,     last     month     Serrano, Bill Stachowski,
website that DOT’s motor        Force heard testimony from      to $60 million in potential      the Senate Task Force            Andrea Stewart-Cousins,
vehicle inspectors, 7 of        DOT Acting Commissioner         cost-saving measures at          announced the launch of          and David Valesky.
whom fall into the top 10       Stanley       Gee;     Tom      DOT, ranging from moving         a new webpage where
overtime earners overall        Comanzo, Vice President         some of its contracted           state employees and other
at the Department, may          of the Public Employees         services in-house ($46.5         interested New Yorkers
WESTCHESTER HERALD May 10, 2010                                                                                                                          9

           Legislator Jim Maisano Proposes to Save Money and Trees
White      Plains,    NY:          Maisano notes that most                                    a requirement for all           correspondence or when
Westchester        County       County copy machines                                          County employees to             a document must comply
Legislator Jim Maisano          have the capability to copy                                   use both sides of paper.        with state or federal law.
(New Rochelle - R) has          on both sides. “Our County                                    Maisano hopes that other           “This is an excellent way
a plan to save paper and        government is looking to                                      Westchester       businesses    to conserve paper, reduce
money for Westchester           cut waste across the board,”                                  will be inspired to do the      costs and save some trees,”
County. Minority Leader         says Maisano. “This is a                                      same. “I’m following the        added Maisano. “And it
Maisano is calling for “all     quick, simple way to do                                       theory of ‘think globally,      sets an important example
printing and photocopying       something that will cut                                       act locally.’ I hope the        by reminding employees
by County employees to          expenses, while having                                        County government can           that in all respects, the
be double-sided.     From       a positive environmental                                      help lead the way on this       Westchester          County
both environmental and          impact.”                                                      issue,” continued Maisano.      government is serious
economic standpoints, the               Maisano has been       hundreds of pages long               Maisano’s legislation     about cutting spending.”
savings in cost and paper       troubled by receiving          - that end up quickly          would     permit     single-
would be significant by         single-sided     documents     discarded.                     sided copying only in
using both sides of all         from different County               If Maisano’s proposal     limited       circumstances
documents.”                     departments - sometimes        is passed, it will become      such as official outgoing

                                                  Mayor Marvin’s Column
                                warm weekend nights are        atmosphere uncomfortable       cannot be charged with a              We are already taking
                                upon us.                       and disruptive. It is not a    violation, so in their cases,   proactive steps because this
                                        In addition to the     pleasant outing to have to     the police require that a       issue affects the quality of
                                normal two police officers     run the gauntlet to buy an     parent come pick them up.       life of all our Villagers, and
                                on patrol, we added four       iced coffee.                     Many of you have offered      it is simply not right that
                                more walking officers to                Unfortunately, our    suggestions on how to stem      the people who maintain its
                                keep the groups moving,        options are limited in         this problem including          charming character cannot
By Mary C. Marvin               orderly and out of store and   handling the crowds. The       the involvement of the          enjoy it.
Mayor of the Village            residential doorways. This     New York State Penal Laws      County police and District          We will be adding signs
of Bronxville                   necessitated an overtime       only define “loitering” as     Attorney’s Office, the          and gates at our tennis
                                expenditure of $2,000 -        remaining in a public place    formation of citizen patrols    courts, another center of
           Again this past      tax dollars that could have    for the purpose of engaging    or the employment of the        teen activity, notifying users
weekend, large groups           been spent on so many          in gambling or sex acts.       Village Noise Ordinance.        that the complex closes at
of young people from            other improvements for         Just hanging out in large             County and District      dusk and those found on
area schools spent most         the Village, save being a      numbers and blocking the       Attorney assistance is          the property after that hour
of Friday and Saturday          high priced babysitter. It     sidewalk does not meet the     required only when there is     will be trespassing. We are
nights congregating in          is particularly frustrating    loitering definition.          a spate of criminal activity,   also reviewing the usage
our business district. On       that during an economic               One recourse we do      such as the recent rash of      of all of the Village’s open
Friday, there were upwards      downturn this is how we        have is the ability to         bank robberies, that requires   space after dark.
of 60 children and Saturday     must spend our limited         enforce the New York           additional manpower and         I have been calling the
night the number topped         resources.                     State Penal Law Violation      expertise. Our situation is     principals of many area
100.                                We do need the officers    of Disorderly Conduct          not a question of having        schools asking for their
       Upon speaking with       out there because in early     against teens 16 and over,     enough officers, rather         assistance and cooperation
them, a vast majority           spring we had cases of         if conduct is witnessed by a   whether paying overtime         in dissuading their students,
attend Fordham Prep,            bodily harm and verbal         police officer as alarming,    to have them sassed at          and especially their parent
Iona Prep, Ursuline and         abuse. Anytime you have        annoying or disturbing.        by teens is the way to          body, from using our
Archbishop          Stepinac.   groups of 100, there also      This is where residents        deploy our force. This is       Village as the weekend
They either arrive by Metro     exists that potential for      can really help our police     not police work. As for         babysitter.
North or are dropped off        anything to happen.            department by calling          civilian patrols, the amount          We are also seriously
by parents. Though I am               Though the incidents     them immediately upon          of training required and the    studying the possibility
very sympathetic to the         have diminished, the noise,    witnessing such behavior       potential for liability if a    of a seasonal evening
lack of organized teen          the language, the blocking     with a good description of     confrontation occurs does       curfew since warm weather
activities and the boredom      of sidewalks continues and     the persons involved and       not make this a feasible        has historically brought
that sets in, the Village of    has certainly diminished       with the willingness to        option.      The Village’s      problems in the business
Bronxville can no longer        the quality of life for our    make a statement thereof.      noise ordinance references      district with a financial
act as a babysitter.            residents, and sadly has       Calling or e-mailing us on     loud and unusual noises         impact on our merchants,
        Many of you have        affected our merchants.        Monday about disruptive        that are prohibited and is      our      Village      budget,
expressed             similar   Many residents, young and      behavior on the weekend        most often enforced for         and most importantly a
sentiments and have asked       old, have told me they do      allows us to do nothing.       complaints of loud music        diminution of the quality of
what can the Village do         not come in to their own       Disorderly conduct is          and construction noise          life in our Village.
to mitigate this situation,     Village on weekend nights      punishable by a fine of $50    after business hours and on
knowing that continued          because they find the          to $100. Children under 16     weekends.
10                                                                                 WESTCHESTER HERALD May 10, 2010

     Senator Stewart-Cousins & Senate Conference Leader Sampson
            Announce $3.25 M for New York Medical College
Valhalla, NY -- On               business opportunities for                                                                     for her innovative approach
Thursday, May 6, 2010            biotechnology        medical                                                                   to building New York’s
Senator Andrea Stewart-          enterprises in Westchester                                                                     economy and keeping our
Cousins (35th District -         County and will create                                                                         communities          healthy,”
NY) and Senate Majority          recruitment opportunities                                                                      said     Senate      Majority
Conference Leader John           for a talented pool of health                                                                  Conference Leader John L.
Sampson with the New             professionals.                                                                                 Sampson.
York Medical College                      Founded in 1860,                                                                                “The Center will
(NYMC) announced an              NYMC has established                                                                           undoubtedly have a great
award of $3.25 million to        a reputation as one of                                                                         impact on the health of
NYMC for a Hudson Valley         the      premier     medical                                                                   all New Yorkers. It will
Biotechnology           Center   schools in the nation,                                                                         be located in Westchester
for Disaster Medicine            dedicated to providing                                                                         County, home to the
and Emerging Infections.         an outstanding education                (L-R): Senate Majority Conference Leader               largest concentration of
Funding was secured              for medical professionals                John L. Sampson, Dr. Karl P. Adler, and               biotechnology companies
through the New York             and is a leading academic                   Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins                     in the state, and will provide
State Senate Gen*NY*sis          biomedical research center                                                                     an unparalleled opportunity
program to upgrade and           located between New              NYMC’s         long      and   industries, strengthening      for scientific partnerships
modernize an existing            York City and Albany.            distinguished history during   the future of our local        and collaborations with
building to accommodate          The University’s medical         their visit, which coincided   economy.                       biotechnology companies
this biotechnology facility.     research         departments     with the College’s 150th           “Creating high-paying      and other institutions, which
       The New York State        currently specialize in          anniversary celebrations.      quality jobs in biotech        will stimulate the economy
Senate        GEN*NY*SIS         cardiovascular        disease,      “I am pleased to continue   medical          enterprises   of this academically and
program provides funding         cancer, disaster medicine,       working       with    Senate   will attract the business      scientifically rich region.
to public, not-for-profit and    kidney       disease,      the   Majority Conference Leader     opportunities we need          We are proud to be taking
private academic research        neurosciences             and    John Sampson to find ways      to rebuild New York’s          this step at a momentous
institutions to establish New    infectious diseases. With        to grow our economy,” said     economy. State-of-the art      time in our history, as we
York as a leader in high-        more than 3,000 faculty          Senator Andrea Stewart-        technology and medical         celebrate the 150th year
tech and biotechnology-          and staff, NYMC is one           Cousins.       “Establishing   advancements fuel the          since our founding in 1860.
related research, as well as     of Westchester County’s          a new Biotechnology            economy of tomorrow and        This important grant helps
develop new employment           largest employers. Senator       Center will generate high-     give New York the gold         us open the door to our
opportunities           across   Andrea Stewart-Cousins           quality competitive jobs       standard of health care from   next 150 years,” said Dr.
the State. The NYMC              and      Senate     Majority     in Westchester County,         coast to coast. I commend      Karl P. Adler, president and
facility will create high-       Conference Leader John           and develop economic           my colleague, Senator          CEO of New York Medical
paying quality jobs, attract     Sampson acknowledged             opportunities in innovative    Andrea Stewart Cousins         College.

         Westchester Junior Leagues to Hold Legislative Breakfast to
             Discuss Childhood Nutrition and Domestic Violence
Scarsdale, NY -- The Junior      In      holding     the                                             public policy arm,         of them targeted at school
Leagues of Westchester           breakfast, the Junior                                               New York State Public      snack and wellness policies
County have joined forces        Leagues hope to                                                     Affairs     Committee      -- currently languishing in
to tackle the important          engage in an open                                                   (NYSPAC), convened         committees.
public issues of childhood       and upfront dialogue                                                in Albany to lobby for     “With everything that
nutrition and domestic           with       Westchester                                              these issues. They         is going on right now in
violence by presenting a         lawmakers and enlist                                                introduced         draft   Albany, it’s more imperative
Westchester     Legislative      their help to enact                                                 legislation aimed to       than ever that we make our
Breakfast to be held 9A.M.       legislation that will                                               aid domestic violence      voices heard,” said Jennie
to 11A.M. on Friday,             keep New York kids                                                  victims who have been      McFarland,          president
May 14 at the Wayside            healthy and address                                                 convicted of a crime       of the Junior League of
Cottage, 1039 Post Road,         problems that face                                                  where their abuse was      Westchester on the Sound.
Scarsdale, NY.      Among        certain       domestic                                              a definite mitigating      “The prevailing topics
the expected guests are          violence victims.                                                   circumstance.        In    in Albany are obviously
Senator Suzi Oppenheimer                   Last month,                                               addition,        Junior    going to be budgetary
and Assembly members             40 Junior League                                                    League        delegates    concerns, but we need to
Amy Paulin, Sandra Galef,        delegates throughout                                                urged legislators to       facilitate public discussion,
Robert Castelli, George          the state, making up                                                reconsider childhood
Latimer, and Greg Ball.          the      organization’s                                             nutrition bills – some         see Westchester Pg. 11
WESTCHESTER HERALD May 10, 2010                                                                                                       11

Westchester Junior Leagues to Hold Legislative Breakfast to
   Discuss Childhood Nutrition and Domestic Violence                                                                         ADVERTISE
increased awareness and        5,600 children, according to   Association, and Adele          org.
solutions for many of these    the New York Department        “Delly” Beekman, President          NYSPAC is a coalition
problems that are affecting
the health and stability of
                               of Correctional Services.
                               Some of these women
                                                              of the Association of Junior
                                                              Leagues         International
                                                                                              of more than 8,000 women
                                                                                              from its 17 Junior Leagues
our children and families in
New York.”
                               are first-time offenders
                               who only committed their
                                                              (AJLI),      the     national
                                                              umbrella organization of
                                                                                              across New York State. For
                                                                                              more information please
    In New York State, up
to 45% of newly diagnosed
                               crimes as a result of their
                                                              all the Junior Leagues.
                                                                       Founded in 1950,
                                                                                              visit, http://www.jl-nyspac.
cases of type 2 diabetes             A panel of speakers      the Junior League of               Founded in 1901 by New
occur in children.        In   to discuss these topics at     Westchester on the Sound        Yorker and social activism
addition, the American
Obesity Association reports
                               the breakfast includes Dr.
                               Susan Rubin, a nutritionist
                                                              is comprised of women
                                                              from Harrison, Larchmont,
                                                                                              pioneer Mary Harriman.
                                                                                              For more information           WHYTmedia
that 30% of children           and founder of Better
                               School     Food,     Serena
                                                              Rochelle, Port Chester,
                                                                                      New     please visit http://ww.ajli.
ages six to 19 years were
overweight or obese. On        Alfieri, Associate Director    Rye and Rye Brook. If you
the domestic violence          of Policy for the Women        are interested in joining or
front, 74% of incarcerated     in Prison Project of New       learning more information
women are mothers to           York’s         Correctional    please visit www.jlwos.
12                                                                                WESTCHESTER HERALD May 10, 2010

                                My Mother and I Can Argue about Anything
                                 about hazards to pets and
                                 kids and flame resistance.                                                                       Me: “But even if they said
                                      Go get a box and I’ll                                                                       on the box ‘if you disregard
                                 show you.”                                                                                       all of our instructions you
                                        [I, playing on this                                                                       might get holes in your
                                 occasion the role of dutiful                                                                     clothes’ it wouldn’t matter
                                 daughter, shuffle off to                                                                         because you still wouldn’t
                                 the laundry room and                                                                             read the box. Do you think
                                 return with a box of fabric                                                                      they need to include a
                                 softener. I read the box.]                                                                       recorded message?”
By Alisa Singer                  Me: “Mom, how many                                                                               Mom: “But don’t you think
                                 sheets do you use?”                                                                              they should tell you about
      She was complaining        Mom: “Oh, I throw in 3                                                                           the holes?”…
one day about the fact that,     or 4.”                                                                                               Like I said, my mother
after drying her clothes with                                                                                                     and I can argue about
sheets of fabric softener,       Me: “But it clearly says on                                                                      anything.
her cotton tops started to       the box to use only one.”                                                                          Alisa Singer’s humorous
develop holes.                   Mom: “But I use 3 or 4                                                                              essays have appeared
Mom: “In all my years of         because I reuse them, so                                                                              in print and online
doing laundry I never saw        it’s okay.”                                                                                            newspapers and
anything like it. So I called                                    should tell you that it will    and you reused them. You          magazines. You can learn
the 800 number on the box        Me: “But it says on the         make holes in the fabric.”      ignored everything they put          more about her work
and complained. They said        box to use each sheet once                                      on the box!”                       by visiting her website:
they would register my           and throw it away.”             Me: “But you didn’t use the     Mom: “They should tell    
complaint. Big deal. Did         Mom: “Who reads the             product right – you abused      you that if you use too              or contacting her at
you ever read the box? It        box? Such a simple thing        it. You used 3 or 4 times       much you’ll get holes in                ASingerAuthor
has all kinds of warnings        like fabric softener. They      the recommended number          your clothes.”                 

              Immunotherapy Affords a Child a Second Chance at Life
Valhalla, NY -- Imagine          the immune system to attack                                     their child to a CWPW            can be physically grueling
learning that your infant or     and destroy cancer cells.”                                      office for a proper diagnosis,   for children, Dr. Ozkaynak
toddler is suffering from        While immunotherapy is                                          which typically involves a       points out, with patients
a rare form of cancer. In        not new, Dr. Ozkaynak and                                       biopsy.                          treated for four days once a
the past this would be a         his colleagues are making                                                 According to Dr.       month for five months. But
heartbreaking      diagnosis.    new discoveries on how                                          Ozkaynak,       about     600    the advantages can greatly
Now, however, thanks to          the immune system can be                                        cases of neuroblastoma           outweigh the downside, and
advanced treatment and the       strengthened to counteract                                      are diagnoses in the             now the immunotherapy
efforts of Mehmet Fevzi          neuroblastoma. His work                                         United States every year.        treatment,         which            is
Ozkaynak, MD, a leading          has helped to develop a                                         A nationwide study on the        produced by the National
hematology and pediatric         procedure where antibodies                                      effects of immunotherapy         Cancer Institute, is widely
oncology physician at            adhere to the surface of        New York or out of state.       on neuroblastoma was             available.
Children’s and Women’s           cancer cells, enabling the      “It’s a rare disease, but       undertaken in 2000, and                 Dr. Ozkaynak, is also
Physicians of Westchester        immune system to target the     this has really changed         last year the outcome was        a professor of pediatrics at
(CWPW) in Valhalla, New          disease, and eliminate it.      the direction of treatment      heralded as a breakthrough       New York Medical College
York, there           As a member of the CWPW       for neuroblastoma,” Dr.         —             immunotherapy      and staff physician at the
is new hope that state of        medical subspecialty team,      Ozkaynak says. “Now, there      treatment had a 66 percent       Maria Fareri Children’s
the art immunotherapy can        Dr. Ozkaynak is proud of        is more hope.”                  success rate, which is a         H o s p i t a l / We s t c h e s t e r
in many cases eradicate          his discoveries in the use           How can parents tell if    20% improvement over             Medical Center. He has
the form of cancer known         of immunotherapy to treat a     their infant or toddler might   the standard approach.           been deeply involved in
as pediatric neuroblastoma       rare but otherwise dangerous    have neuroblastoma? Dr.         Used in conjunction with         the use of bone marrow and
and allow young patients         form of pediatric cancer. And   Ozkaynak says it can appear     traditional treatments like      stem cell transplantation to
to thrive and go on to lead      thanks to CWPW’s network        as a lump on the abdomen        chemotherapy, radiation and      treat neuroblastoma. A Vice
normal, fulfilling lives.        of offices throughout the       or in the neck/chest area, or   surgery, immunotherapy is        Chairperson of the national
        “We concentrate on       Lower Hudson Valley,            lower-extremity pain with       viewed as very promising         Children’s              Oncology
high-risk patients, usually      Westchester, The Bronx          no obvious explanation.         for ailing children. “These      Group focused on high-risk
with stage four cancer,”         and Connecticut, parents        “You might find your child      are very important historical    neuroblastoma patients, Dr.
Dr. Ozkaynak explains. “In       have         immunotherapy      has a lump with no history      findings,” Dr. Ozkaynak          Ozkaynak is blazing new
essence we are working           treatment available right       of trauma,” he notes. “This     says. “It has really changed     trails in treating infants and
to cure cancer with              in    their    neighborhood     could be an indication.”        the standard of care.”           toddlers with solid tumors,
immunotherapy, bolstering        without having to travel to     Parents are urged to bring               Antibody treatment      and with great success.
WESTCHESTER HERALD May 10, 2010                                                                                                                          13

                                                    Ed Koch Movie Reviews
                                 reflect population changes      to persuade the legislature
                                 – using what occurred in        itself to enact the needed
                                 California when Proposition     law changes.
                                 11 was on the ballot. If              “Gerrymandering” is a
                                 the     ballot   sponsored      well-done film written and
                                 by     Governor      Arnold     directed by Jeff Reichert,
                                 Schwarzenegger passed, all      a young man who engaged
                                 redistricting would be done     the audience in debate after
By Edward I. Koch                by an impartial committee.      the show I saw ended. It is
                                 Normally every legislature      also a good teaching tool.
                                 wants to do the job itself      At the festival, tickets were
                                                                 $16. When it opens in
                                                                 regular theaters, I assume
                                                                 the price will be the usual
                                                                 $12. At either price, it is a
                                                                 good value.
                                                                            Henry Stern said:
                                                                 “Some         documentaries
                                                                 are dry as dust. Not this
                                                                 one. It is well done, fast
                                                                 paced, with good visuals
                                                                 and a plot line. Most
                                                                 people have some idea of
                                                                 what gerrymandering is,
                                                                 don’t like it, but they don’t
                                                                 realize how it is a way to
                                                                 fix elections. In England,
                                                                 gerrymandered districts are
                                                                 called ‘rotten boroughs,’
                                                                 and that is what they are. In
                                                                                                 We meet Kate (Catherine         emotions including smiles
                                                                 America, gerrymandering
                                                                                                 Keener), her husband, Alex      and laughter as well as
                                                                 tilts the level playing field
                                                                                                 (Oliver Platt), and their       tears and remorse recalling
                                                                 in favor of incumbents
                                                                                                 teenage daughter, Abby          incidents in our own lives
                                                                 and against challengers. I
                                                                                                 (Sarah Steele). Abby is         when we have been selfish
                                                                 recommend this movie.
                                                                                                 a little heavy and suffers      and unkind to others. All in
                                                                 They make the subject as
                                                                                                 from acne which causes her      all, the story and acting in
                                                                 interesting as it can be.”
                                                                                                 anxiety. She satisfies her      this film will delight you. I
                                                                                                 plight by buying expensive      saw it at City Cinema 1, 2,
                                                                 “Please Give” (+)
                                                                                                 clothes, e.g., designer jeans   3 located at Third Avenue
                                                                                                 costing over $200.              and 60th Street.
                                                                          Good news: this is
                                                                                                          The family lives in
“Gerrymandering” (+)                                             a delightful movie. Some
                                                                                                 a Manhattan apartment             The Honorable Edward
                                 so as to protect incumbents     critics have referred to
                                                                                                 building next door to an         I. Koch served New York
     This movie was one of       and, if it controls both        it as a comedy, but it is
                                                                                                 elderly woman, Andra              City as its 105th Mayor
the highlights of the Tribeca    houses of the legislature,      much more than that. It
                                                                                                 (Ann      Guilbert),     who        from 1978 to 1989.
Film Festival. That festival,    make it very difficult for      lays out relationships in a
                                                                                                 has two granddaughters:
now a fixture in lower           the opposing political party    realistic manner involving
                                                                                                 Rebecca (Rebecca Hall),
Manhattan, has grown over        to win seats over the next      humor and sorrow which,
                                                                                                 a mammogram technician,
the years so that it now has     ten years. Proposition 11       after all, is what the human
                                                                                                 and Mary (Amanda Peet),
to rent additional theaters      narrowly passed.                experience is all about.
                                                                                                 who gives facials at a
throughout the city in                   It happens that I am    Watching the characters
                                                                                                 spa.     Another character
which to show its films. As      also engaged in a campaign      interact with one another
                                                                                                 is Eugene (Thomas Ian
a result, I saw the picture at   to end gerrymandering.          is like watching the
                                                                                                 Nicholas) who is quite
an “uptown” movie house          I saw the film two days         performance of a fantastic
                                                                                                 short, shorter than Rebecca
located on Second Avenue         before going to Albany          theater troupe. There are
                                                                                                 whom he asks for a date.
and 12th Street.                 to testify on the subject       no minor characters. When
                                                                                                          All of these people
              The subject of     before the New York State       actors are called front and
                                                                                                 interact with one another,
the      documentary        is   Senate. Our job is tougher      center to do their turn, they
                                                                                                 including a fling that
reapportionment – drawing        than California’s.        We    perform superbly as though
                                                                                                 Alex has with Mary.
the new legislature and          don’t have ballot initiatives   they were the principal
                                                                                                 They provide the movie
congressional lines every        allowing for voters to vote     character.
                                                                                                 audience with a range of
ten years after the census to    on “propositions.” We have                 Now to the story.
14                                                                                  WESTCHESTER HERALD May 10, 2010

                                                                 New York Civic:
        They Can’t Work It Out, Three Men In a Room Nowhere to Be Seen; Budget 37 Days Late
                                the Great Recession (lower        politicians, constantly eager    claimed to be happy with          of Remus, who was the twin
                                revenues     and      steadily    to please constituencies,        his leadership on budgetary       brother of Romulus (who
                                increasing     labor,     and     support programs that the        issues. Admittedly, this          killed Remus, much as Cain
                                health and pension costs)         state cannot afford to fund.     would be significantly            slew Abel); and St. Peter
                                the budget gap is higher                 The press will cover      worse news if he were still a     Canisius, a 16th century
                                than ever. The state gap is       the budget machinations          candidate for office. He was      Jesuit.
                                now between nine and ten          as deadlines approach and        wise to retire.                      The polling done by these
                                billion dollars, and New          are passed without action.           Link to the full results of   colleges is non-sectarian
                                York State’s finances are         This year the trichotomy-        the Marist poll here.             and well regarded as a
By Henry J. Stern               comparable to those of            -a lame-duck governor and               Other articles on the      public service.
                                Greece, or California. The        two houses with their own        budget appear today on the               On Tuesday, May 4,
                                State Senate has shown            agendas--is unlikely to lead     illustrious illustrated blog,     Mayor Koch visited Albany
     Friday, May 7, was the     itself more amenable to           to harmonious resolution         True News.                        and spoke with legislative
37th day the State of New       budget reductions than            of differences. It may be,          DIGRESSION: Marist is          leaders in both houses
York has been without a         the    Assembly,        which     however, that when they tire     a college in Poughkeepsie,        on behalf of redistricting
budget. The state’s fiscal      is more responsive to             of controversy and decide        a city on the Hudson River        reform      through      the
year begins April 2, and a      public employee unions.           they would look better by        about 80 miles north of New       selection of a nonpartisan
tenth of it has now passed,     However, neither house is         reaching agreement, they         York, and county seat of          commission to redistrict
with the state relying on       anywhere near a balanced          will come to terms with          Dutchess. Marist is one of        the state. Koch heads New
emergency extensions to         budget, and it is likely that     each other.                      four colleges in the region       York Uprising, a citizens
avoid a shutdown.               there will be a resort to              Remarkably, as we are       that poll on public issues,       group formed this year
      There is still no sign    backdoor borrowing, illegal       writing this, a bulletin has     the others being Siena            to fight gerrymandering,
that a resolution of the        and irresponsible as that         appeared on the computer         College in Loudonville,           secure a balanced budget
budget impasse between          may be.                           monitor that the Marist          a suburb north of Albany,         and tighten ethics rules in
the governor, the senate and          The fact is that there      Poll has found that New          Quinniapac College, located       Albany. The organization
the assembly is imminent,       is a structural gap in both       Yorkers are unhappy about        in Hamden, CT, which is           intends to ask candidates
so it is difficult to predict   city and state budgets. In        the late budget. 47% of          just north of New Haven,          for the legislature to sign
how long it will be before a    this case, structural means       poll respondents said that       and Canisius College in           pledges to support these
budget is agreed upon.          chronic. In good economic         the lateness of the budget       Buffalo.      Quinniapac is       reforms, and to publicize
  The delay causes particular   times, government may             worried them “a great            named for a local Indian          the names of both signers
hardship to municipalities      come close to breaking            deal.” An additional 25%         tribe which was part of the       and nonsigners.
and local school boards,        even.     But the general         said it mattered “a good         Algonquin family.
which normally adopt their      tendency in periods of            amount.” When 72% of the                 The other three are       Henry J. Stern writes as
own budgets in May or June      prosperity is to increase         public is concerned about        Catholic colleges, named          StarQuest. Direct email to
and are dependent on state      expenditures, which make          the lateness of the budget, it   respectively for Mary,            him at StarQuest@NYCivic.
aid, which in many cases is     government       particularly     could become a potent issue      the mother of Christ; St.         org. Peruse Mr. Stern’s
a return of the taxes paid to   vulnerable when times turn        in the upcoming campaign.        Bernardino Siena, an Italian      writing at New York Civic.
the state by people in those    bad. There is always more               The poll contains bad      monk from the town of
localities.                     pressure on government            news for the Governor:           Siena, which itself was
      This year, because of     to spend than to save, and        only 31% of respondents          named for Senius, the son
WESTCHESTER HERALD May 10, 2010                                                                                                                          15

                                                        Ed Koch Commentary
                                       Call Them What They Are - Illegal Aliens
                                  illegals amnesty, you can be    defensible policy to have       voter for referring to her     tried to shove their self-
                                  sure that 20 or so years from   the local police examine at     as “bigoted” when she          defined “good policy”
                                  now, there will be a clamor     the workplace the identity      voiced her objections to       down the throats of the
                                  for another amnesty bill as     papers of all employees         millions of Europeans          voters. Amnesty advocates
                                  the illegals will continue      to ascertain whether they       in the European Union          believed, as they do now,
                                  to pour in. For example,        are legally allowed to          lawfully flooding into Great   that they know what is best
                                  the Simpson-Mazzoli bill,       work and, most important,       Britain and taking jobs. I     for us, but the American
                                  adopted by Congress in          ascertain if employers          don’t know whether she         public stood up and said
By Edward I. Koch                 1986, was hailed as the last    had intentionally violated      is bigoted in her attitude     “no.” In an election year,
                                  amnesty bill we would need      current U.S. laws requiring     toward other Europeans,        the voters can throw the
          The push is on for      because the borders of the      employers to check the          but she doesn’t have to        bums out, and that is why
providing amnesty to the          U.S., then a sieve, would be    immigration status of hired     be a bigot to object to the    Congress fears to bring
estimated 12 to 20 million        better protected. However,      workers. Those employers        English having to compete      the issue up before the
illegal aliens in this country.   our borders continued to        who            intentionally    for jobs and services such     November elections.
The supporters of this effort     be porous, and the number       violate the law should be       as healthcare and education           I predict the Schumer
include President Barack          of illegals burgeoned, and      pursued criminally and,         with immigrants from other     legislation supported by
Obama, former president           here we are again with the      if convicted, go to prison.     countries.                     President Obama and a
George W. Bush, Senator           illegals and their supporters   Regrettably, this is not what             Mark McKinnon,       whole host of prominent
John McCain, Majority             seeking amnesty once more       is happening. If that policy    who was a senior adviser to    public officials and the
Leader Harry Reid and             for ever larger numbers.        were strictly enforced,         John McCain and President      media will fail. I also
New York Senator Chuck                      No country in the     illegal aliens would go         George W. Bush, was            believe it is outrageous to
Schumer. Senator Schumer          world has open borders          home, since they are here       quoted in The New York         threaten      understandably
is now chairman of the            that foreigners can enter at    primarily to get a job and      Times of April 28th, as        frustrated, but misguided,
immigration subcommittee          will, certainly not Mexico.     send money home to their        stating, “Immigration is       Arizona with boycotts
previously chaired by the         Arizona has an estimated        families. Recently, I saw       the most explosive issue       because we disagree with
late Senator Ted Kennedy, a       500,000 illegal aliens          an estimate that a million      I’ve seen in my political      the protective procedures it
major amnesty proponent.          living in the state and in      illegals had returned home      career.” According to The      has adopted. Let’s leave the
        Amnesty supporters        2009, the border patrol         because of our recession        Times, Mr. McKinnon            legality of those procedures
see themselves as taking          agents arrested 241,000         and unemployment in the         “…also supported giving        to the courts. We are one
the high road and claim           illegal aliens, which is        U.S. which is now at 9.7        illegal immigrants a path      country and should not be
that amnesty opponents are        why that state enacted          percent.                        to citizenship.” But, in       boycotting one another.
opposed to immigration,           controversial legislation out           Amnesty supporters      his view, “an election year    Persuasion should be
when nothing could be             of frustration. Arizona’s       refuse to use the term          is the worst time to move      our tool of choice, not
further from the truth.           citizens are outraged by the    illegal aliens, preferring      good public policy on this     punishment.
Many amnesty opponents            presence of many criminals      instead      undocumented       issue.”
actually support expanding        among the people crossing       aliens. They should call                   During the Bush       The Honorable Edward
legal            immigration.     their border – remember         them what they are: illegal.    presidency,         amnesty     I. Koch served New York
Currently, the U.S. has the       there is an ongoing drug        Amnesty proponents also         proponents were twice           City as its 105th Mayor
highest legal immigration in      war in Mexico with              should acknowledge that         defeated     when       they       from 1978 to 1989.
the world. Every year, we         thousands of Mexicans           an open border policy is
allow 750,000 immigrants          being killed and wounded        indefensible and irrational
to enter the country legally      south of the border by other    and has not been adopted
and make them eligible            Mexicans. Arizona does          by any other country.
for citizenship within five       not want that war to spill             If open borders were
years. Two hundred and            over into Arizona. Arizona      such a good idea, why
fifty thousand aslyees are        citizens are also distressed    don’t we try on a limited
also permitted to enter           with the demands made by        scale simply expanding the
annually.       Those legal       illegals upon medical and       North American Free Trade
immigrants have the right to      educational services.           Agreement          (NAFTA)
work and earn a living; the                   Regrettably, the    among Mexico, Canada
asylees are eligible to work      Arizona legislation went        and the U.S. and allow
six months after applying         too far, allowing local         anyone living in those three
to work. If we need more          police to ask individuals       countries access to jobs
immigrants,        as    many     “reasonably suspected” to       in any of them? Would
think we do to expand the         be illegal immigrants for       Canada consent to that?
workforce of our graying          identifying papers. This        Would Mexico? I doubt it.
population, then we can           conjures up images of Nazis              A week ago, Prime
easily increase the number        engaging in Jew catching        Minister Gordon Brown
of legal immigrants.              in Germany. On the other        of Great Britain had to
       If we give the current     hand, it would be sound and     apologize to a woman
16                                                                                WESTCHESTER HERALD May 10, 2010

                                                         Bock to the Future
                                        Immigration Semantics or Support and Defend?
                                help from the federal           given what Congressional         tenets put forth under the       while buying your kids ice
                                government that was and         candidate Jim Russell has        Constitution of the United       cream because you don’t
                                is still being ignored. None    coined as “Obamnesty”,           States, Arizona legislators      have your wallet. Read it
                                other than our president        they will shortly thereafter     followed to the letter, the      for yourself:
                                is leading the brouhaha         receive driver’s licenses,       oaths they swore to uphold       h t t p : / / w w w. a z l e g . g o v /
                                that some politicians have      along with the ability to        when assuming office.            legtext/49leg/2r/bills/
                                falsely created over this       vote? I believe the answer           A fact largely dismissed     sb1070s.pdf
                                new legal update. This is       is, “Yes!” Once they can         by “pro-illegals” advocates               One more interesting
                                no different than when he       vote, they will naturally        is that when an American         event that Arizona is
By Thomas Bock                  made the comment that           (pun intended) drift toward      travels to a foreign country,    proposing, and it’s been
                                Boston Police Officers were     voting for Democratic            legally I would add, they        largely ignored by the
                                stupid because they arrested    Party candidates, whose          are required to carry            lamestream media, as well,
     As a Native American,      the professor for breaking      leadership validated the         identification and provide       is their House Bill 2281,
but not an American Indian      into his own house when         illegal actions to permit the    it when requested by the         which amends Section 15-
Native American, I am           he refused their request for    “Obamnesty”.                     authorities. This being the      843 of Arizona Revised
offended by the assault on      identification.                     When a politician takes      case, should this not be a       Statutes relating to School
my country by the illegal              Our politicians, other   office, they swear an oath       requirement of the global        Curriculum. It prohibits a
aliens that are here in         leaders and even foreigners     to that office. Here is the      citizenry the president          school district or charter
violation, disregard and        who are simply publicity        complete text for any            is so desperate to reduce        school from including
contempt of our laws and        whores are not acting in the    number of federal offices,       our country to? So Mr.           courses or classes that either
sovereignty. I applaud the      best interest of our country.   and I have made “bold”           President, since you are         promote the overthrow
recent change in the Arizona    By the way, I’m not looking     what I think is relevant         no longer a community            of the United States
law that added a layer of       to insult prostitutes when I    to this argument: “I do          organizer, and in fact           government or promote
state penalties to what         mention whores, whose           solemnly swear (or affirm)       our president, how about         resentment toward a race or
already exists under federal    chosen profession, in most      that I will support and          acting presidential? Start       class of people, as well as
law. I only wish our own        places, is also illegal. But    defend the Constitution of       securing our borders, bring      banning ethnic studies and
New York State legislators      the question remains, why       the United States against        deportation      proceedings     promoting equality. Wow!
had the backbone to follow      are our politicians being       all enemies, foreign and         against those people who         I’m liking these guys more
suit. They don’t and it’s one   so dishonest and so openly      domestic; that I will bear       are here illegally and then      and more.
reason I’m running for the      anti-America? Could it be,      true faith and allegiance        you can criticize Arizona.
assembly seat. Arizona’s        as some have suggested, that    to the same; that I take this        The violations of trust
was a desperate cry for         once these illegal aliens are   obligation freely, without       and respect for our country
                                                                any mental reservation or        has been a long, on-going
                                                                purpose of evasion; and that     issue that won’t be resolved       Thomas Bock, a systems
                                                                I will well and faithfully       overnight. The president              administrator, is a
                                                                discharge the duties of the      didn’t create what is going         candidate for the 92nd
                                                                office on which I am about       on but he is certainly            New York State Assembly
                                                                to enter: So help me God.”       exacerbating it. Arizonians,     in Albany. He is a life-long
                                                                   In New York, it is slightly   tired of being ignored              resident of the Town of
                                                                different: “I do solemnly        by a system of corrupt              Greenburgh and a 37-
                                                                swear (or affirm) that I will    individuals who are running       year member and former
                                                                support the constitution of      our government into the           chief of the Elmsford Fire
                                                                the United States, and the       ground, took action. Like        Department. You can read
                                                                constitution of the State        a schoolyard of spoiled            more on ElectTomBock.
                                                                of New York, and that I          brats who complained                 com; ElectTomBock.
                                                                will faithfully discharge        to the teacher when they   and can
                                                                the duties of the office of      were finally exposed,               reach him by directing
                                                                (position), according to the     tried to spin the truth           email to ElectTomBock@
                                                                best of my ability.”             into something it wasn’t.       
                                                                        I find it interesting    Finally, what a welcome
                                                                that while Arizona’s pleas       relief to see legislators with
                                                                for help went unheeded,          “a set” who are willing to
                                                                everyone at the federal          take action and do the right
                                                                level turned a blind eye         thing for their constituents!
                                                                to the crime, gangs and          Here’s a link to read the
                                                                kidnappings that were            actual law. You’ll be able
                                                                running rampant for over         to see that nowhere in the
                                                                a decades’ time near             law is the scenario the
                                                                the border and beyond.           president so wrongfully
                                                                Following       the      exact   touts about getting arrested
WESTCHESTER HERALD May 10, 2010   17
18                                                                               WESTCHESTER HERALD May 10, 2010

                      An Open Letter of Appeal to Yonkers Business Owners
                                                                       From Page 1
of cuts the Yonkers Police     that would prevent us from       city, the School Resource      an absolute necessity, not       violence is out of control
Department has already         properly protecting our          Officer Program, the DARE      some expendable luxury.          while shootings, stabbings
suffered, and the damage       city. In addition, layoffs and   and PAL programs and the       You, the business owner,         and robberies have become
that would be done if we       demotions in any number          Burglary and Domestic          have earned the right to         commonplace. Layoffs and
were to suffer any layoffs     will only cause overtime         Violence Units, just to        have your business and           demotions will endanger
or demotions.                  costs to skyrocket. All of       name a few. The fact is that   customers protected and          our citizens and discourage
         Mayor Amicone’s       this while roughly 170           the City of Yonkers has        this is no longer the case.      business and we, the men
budget calls for 51 layoffs    workers in City Hall are         been saving money at the       An example of this can be        and women of the Yonkers
and 23 demotions in the        not paying a penny for their     expense of public safety for   seen in the Getty Square         PBA and Yonkers CLSA
YPD. This is on top of 40      healthcare!                      several years.                 area, where since the posts      are asking for your help.
vacancies we have had for             The men and women           Perhaps most importantly,    were eliminated, we have         Please contact Mayor
roughly a year and a half.     of the YPD understand            all bicycle and foot posts     seen numerous violent            Amicone, City Council
The proposed elimination       the severity of this             were eliminated from the       crimes in broad daylight         President Lesnick and your
of 91 positions from the       economic crisis but we           minimum manning levels.        including           countless    local Councilperson (www.
YPD accounts for an            have suffered much more          These posts, including         robberies, stabbings and a      and
amazing and unreasonable       than any other department        Getty Square, Yonkers Ave.,    brutal murder.                   demand proper staffing
40% of the cuts in the city.   in this City. Starting in        McLean Ave., Lake Ave.                In recent weeks, as       for the Yonkers Police
These cuts would reduce        the fall of 2008 the YPD         and South Broadway were        the warm weather has             Department!
the department to 550          was decimated with cuts          created out of necessity       approached, Yonkers has
officers, a number not seen    including the elimination        to reduce crime in busy        seen thirty shootings,           Det. Keith Olson is
since the mid 1980’s and       of all plainclothes officers     business districts. These      including seven in three days    president of the Yonkers
a number, quite frankly,       on the entire east side of the   posts should be viewed as      this past weekend. Gang          PBA

                      Open Letter to Yonkers PBA President Det. Keith Olson
                                                                       From Page 1
     Here is a summary of      us know. We’ll make the          to seek the advocacy and           As you had stated Det.       sit on opposite sides of the
what has transpired.           time.                            participation of our City      Olson, “in this ‘short’ time     same table.
       On February 26th I             On April 15, 2010 a       Council     Representative,    numerous serious crimes              I thank all who attended
forwarded an email to          meeting took place at the        Majority Leader Pat McDow      have occurred in the heart       the DWBID meeting.
the DWBID to express           DWBID office, nearly             and to plan a meeting with     of downtown.” Yesterday a             Now I look forward to
my concern. DWBID              two months after being           local businesspeople and       person was stabbed across        results and willing to work
Executive Director Steve       initiated. In attendance         residents.                     from the courthouse at           with all.
Sansone shared this concern    was Captain Intervallo,                On April 24th, after     4:00pm, again in broad                  The DWBID annual
and attempted to set up        Sergeant      McCormack,         no forward movement, I         daylight.                        meeting is May 18th, I
a meeting with Captain         various members of the           requested a meeting date           While I will not speak       recommend your presence.
Francis Intervallo and         BID and Yonkers Parking          be set. Most recently I        to the more controversial
Majority Leader McDow.         Authority (YPA).                 telephoned Majority Leader     aspect of funding the            Regards,
     On April 8, 2010, the          Many important items        McDow’s office leaving a       department, there is little      Steven M. Asaro
Yonkers Police Benevolent      were discussed, including        message regarding the same     doubt downtown business          Steven M. Asaro is an
Association           (PBA)    the reapportioning of effort     request. DWBID Chairman        supports YPD’s presence.         architect    residing in
held a televised rally in      to this specific sector,         Ken Dearden was also           The larger issue is the lack     Yonkers, NY.
Getty Square. Business         questions about security         asked if any progress had      of response to this known
participation was noticeably   cameras in Getty Square,         been made. To date no          shared concern in a city
missing from this rally. If    etc. At the conclusion of        answers or progress has        where everyone, oddly and
you want a rally, just let     this meeting it was agreed       been forthcoming.              unfortunately, believes they

                    Time to Confront Congress’s Credit Card Mentality
                                     So many Americans-         government. Today, their       elected officials keep           will be a burden on this
                               including my own family          dream is threatened by a       finding new ways to spend        nation for a generation or
                               just one generation ago-         crushing national debt-a       our tax dollars. Washington      more to come.
                               traveled to this nation in       debt caused by Congress’s      continues to spend money              To make the point as
                               search of a better life, not     deeply flawed credit card      America doesn’t have,            clear as possible, I prepared
                               only for themselves, but for     mentality.                     forcing us to borrow from        a “credit card statement”
                               their children. They sought            America has a severe     countries, like China, that      for each U.S. taxpayer. It
                               a land where individuals         credit problem. Despite the    do not share our values.         began with a balance of
By Hon.                        were not shackled by             financial hardships felt by    The result is a $12.7 trillion   minus $554,157 (your share
                               unreasonable taxes and           citizens in New York and       national debt (not counting
Joseph J. DioGuardi            a      repressive    federal     across the United States,      what is off the books) that                  see Time Pg. 19
WESTCHESTER HERALD May 10, 2010                                                                                                                         19

            Time to Confront Congress’s Credit Card Mentality From Page 18
of the national debt prior to   business, yet Washington’s      Accounting       Principles”     a par with the Secretary of    and reporting process
FY2009). After purchasing       spending and “investment”       (GAAP), as SEC-regulated         Treasury or as head of a       away from politicians
Medicare, Medicaid, Social      decisions are hardly reined     publicly traded corporations     new independent agency         who are more interested in
Security, national defense      in. And when in trouble,        do, the federal government       akin to the Government         reelection than in balancing
and the stimulus program,       the government simply           is not protecting its citizens   Accountability Office or the   the budget.
every American was down         bails itself out, taking        now and in the future with       Federal Reserve System.                   Those sitting in
an additional $15,183 by        the funds straight from         fair and accurate budgeting,     In December 1990, the          Washington today have
the end of FY 2009 - one        taxpayer pockets.               accounting, and financial        CFO Act-a bill I originally    refused time and again to
fourth of which was needed          If America is to pull out   reporting standards.             introduced while a member      cut spending and bring fiscal
to simply pay interest on the   of the current recession and        Second, taxpayers must       of the House-received          sanity to the budget process.
money we’ve borrowed.           restore truth in government,    be given a simple and            Congress’s support and         While the American Dream
          The integrity of      we must insist on budget        concise financial statement      President H.W. Bush’s          is still alive in the eyes of
America’s         budgetary     and accounting discipline       annually, revealing how          signature. The enacted law     Americans, it is placed in
process ought to be             now.                            our funds are being spent        placed a Chief Financial       jeopardy when Washington
restored, and Washington’s                First, the federal    and from whom we are             Officer within each major      funds its wasteful and
accountability to taxpayers     government should no            borrowing money and at           department and agency of       inefficient         spending
must be revived. One of the     longer expose taxpayers         what rate of interest.           the federal government,        through debt. We need
largest problems that placed    to a lower standard                Third, the Chief Financial    successfully        holding    reforms that will work to
us in today’s precarious        of accountability than          Officer of the United States     bureaucrats and politicians    limit Congress’s credit card
setting is the low standards    shareholders of publicly-       of America must be made          more accountable than          mentality. We need a new
we set for federal entities.    traded companies. Without       as independent of politics       ever before. But the final     day in Washington.
Our government talks            adhering to the same            as possible-either through       bill did not go far enough
about more regulations on       “Generally          Accepted    a Cabinet level position on      in taking the accounting

                                The Spoof: Winnie the Pooh Exhausted by iPad Service
                                Winnie the Pooh book by         But I’ve never worked this       and have no imagination        at Commencement: A
                                AA Milne, they were very        hard before. There’s people      whatsoever.                    Graduation       Mystery.”
                                excited. Their response was     ‘reading’ me 24/7. What a              “Everybody, not just     One of her short stories
                                “Aw . . . isn’t that cute?”     grind! Other bears my age        kids, now wants a piece        is    published    online:
                                But that’s not the response     are enjoying retirement          of the Pooh,” complains        “Get Yourself a Face”
                                of the Pooh.                    and romping around in            Winnie. Does he have a         (about a Mafia princess
                                       Spoof reporter Gail      the woods, but I’m stuck         message for Steve Jobs?        who buys herself a face
                                Farrelly nailed an exclusive    working. It’s an outrage!”       “You betcha,” he said with     transplant and a lot of
                                interview with Winnie and            According to Farrelly,      a smirk. “Poo on you! And      trouble). Her story “Even
                                got the words straight from     Winnie       had       other     that’s poo without the ‘h,’    Steven” was a finalist in
By Gail Farrelly                the bear’s mouth: “I’m          complaints as well: No           Stevie boy.”                   the 2007 Derringer Award
                                exhausted. I’m 84 years old,    overtime, no free lunch,                                        competition.
   When iPad users learned      for Pete’s sake. Yep, that’s    and it’s not even fun work       Gail Farrelly is the author
they’d be getting a free        right. The book about me        any more. Winnie says            of three mystery novels.
copy on the iPad of the         was first published in 1926.    that iPad users are nerdy        The latest is “Creamed

                                                Legal Notice of Settlement
    The Office of the New       monetary compensation.          former tenant of 66 Main         any of the above criteria,     fair and equitable manner,
York State Attorney General     In order to possibly be         and paid for renovations to      along with supporting          whether you are entitled to
(“OAG”) has entered into        eligible to recover money,      make your apartment more         documentation, to:             compensation. You must
an agreement with the           you must meet at least one      accessible; or                                                  submit your claim and all
parties that own 66 Main        of the following criteria:            •You were otherwise               Office of the NYS       supporting documentation
— a 170-unit residential             •You have a disability     harmed or discriminated          Attorney General               by September 2, 2010. If
property located at 66 Main     and were prevented from         against because of your             Civil Rights Bureau         you have any questions,
Street, Yonkers, New York.      or had difficulty applying      disability due to the lack          Re: 66 Main                 you may contact the OAG
The agreement addresses         for, renting, residing at, or   of accessible features at 66           120 Broadway, 23rd       at    212-416-8250     and
disability      accessibility   visiting an apartment at 66     Main.                            Floor                          reference 66 Main.
features at the property.       Main;                                  •If you believe that           New York, New York
    Under the terms of this            •You decided not to      you are eligible for             10271
agreement, individuals who      live at 66 Main because         compensation and wish to
were harmed because of the      the property lacked certain     submit a claim, you should           The OAG will evaluate
absence of these accessible     accessible features;            submit a written statement       the claims for compensation
features may be entitled to           •You are a current or     explaining why you meet          and will determine, in a
20                                                                                  WESTCHESTER HERALD May 10, 2010

                                         Shifting Gears: The Square Roots of Cute

By Roger
    The young man was just
trying to be helpful.
    He paused as he walked
through the parking lot,
pointed at the rear of the
red box on wheels and said
“Hey Mister. Someone has
dented the back of your
new car.”
      Well, no. It just looks
that way. On purpose.
    This is the Nissan Cube,
a quirky, rolling box with
nooks and crannies and
personality touches that are     your keys because they           adjusted, but they are wide,     colored elastic bands on      Cube with an array of
intended to make it a lively     won’t roll or slide across       thick and comfortable. The       the doors and under the       electronic gadgets. The
counterpoint to the iconic       the dash and onto the floor.     rear seats fold over, but do     dash. Theoretically, these    Bluetooth is quick and easy
rolling rectangles called        It’s not as sentimental as the   not form a flat line with the    bands can be used to hold     to set up, with the sound
the Honda Element and            vase but, then, this isn’t the   cargo area. It is, therefore,    gloves or something else      coming out of the six
Toyota Scion. So the Cube        ‘60s era of flower power.        better at transporting tall or   light. But they are mainly    speakers and the Rockford
is more box than rectangle.            As a $20,000, compact      stackable items than large       for show and, along with      Fosgate subwoofer. For
And not to be typecast,          SUV, Nissan has packed           wide ones.                       the shag, prompt the          entertainment, there is AM/
its sides undulate in odd        a lot into its rolling box.            The interior décor is      occasional smile. For         FM and XM satellite radio
places, there are suggested      The quirky-faced Cube            both quirky and functional.      convenience, there is also    and a single disc CD player.
lines and angles and curves      with the smiley face is an       In addition to the shag          a cup holder to the left of   It also has an iPod and
here and there and, as an        eye catcher with a simple,       on the dashboard, there          the steering wheel and a      USB port so you can bring
option, one can even have a      1.8-liter,       four-cylinder   are ambient lights in the        handy shelf over the glove    1,000 or so of your own
jaunty but perfectly useless     engine chugging under its        trio of cup holders in the       compartment.                  favorite tunes. These are
spoiler to float at the end of   hood and cranking out just       center console and multi-               Nissan equipped the    all accessible via fingertip
the high hat of a roof.          122 horsepower. But that’s
      And then there is that     more than enough to propel
shag carpet.                     this light weight vehicle
   No, the carpeting doesn’t     towards triple digits and
go wall to wall across the       a serious speeding ticket.
floor where it would be          The Cube even has traction
impossible to keep clean.        and stability controls so
There is just a round dinner     it is nimble and stable at
plate of high, tufted, two-      the higher speeds. And the
tone shag, about a foot in       little engine only drinks
diameter, stuck with Velcro      about 30 miles per gallon.
in the middle of the flat               On a functional level,
dashboard. It more or less       the decision to make this
serves the function of the       a high hat vehicle means
flower holder in the VW          there is more than enough
Beetle – a little personal       room for a quartet of seven-
touch to remember the Cube       footers – and they do not
by. In this case, instead of     have to be contortionists for
holding a floral display, the    Cirque du Soleil. The seats
rug is a convenient to toss      are cloth and manually
WESTCHESTER HERALD May 10, 2010                                                                                                                          21
controls on the three-          2010 Nissan Cube
spoke, leather wrapped          MSRP:         $20,170
steering wheel. Oddly, the      EPA Mileage: 27 MPG
Cube’s entertainment and        City; 31 MPG Highway
information center has a        Performance / Safety:
small, three-inch, sepia-                  1.8-Liter DOHC,
toned screen for normal         4-cylinder            engine
use. It shifts to full color    producing 122 horsepower
clarity when the backup         and         127 pound/feet
cameras are activated. In       of torque; front wheel
Nissan’s continuing play        drive; traction & stability
with Cubic color schemes,       controls; independent strut
the three instrument gauges     front suspension; torsion
behind the steering wheel       beam rear suspension;16-
are red, white, and blue,       inch 8-spoke wheels;
with the colors flowing         power assisted, vented
from one curved gauge to        disc brakes; 4-wheel anti-
another.                        lock brake system; backup
    It’s hard to use the word   camera with 4-inch color
“cute” with regards to a
box with wheels. But that
                                display;       seat-mounted,
                                driver & front passenger
                                                                                         Trend Alert From Page 1
term inescapably fits the       side impact airbags; roof      means, the rationale would      would be instantly turned        tighter security measures
Cube, which seems partly        mounted curtain airbags.       be would be the same:           into “terrortainment,” and       – which will doubtless
engineered to provide basic,    Interior / Comfort:            revenge.                        the predictable cast of          include further abrogation
comfortable transportation,           AM/FM/ XM Satellite                    Celente asked,    pundits, politicians, experts    of Constitutional rights, all
and mostly designed to          radio; Rockford Fosgate        “Who among the 200,000          and commentators would           under the guise of assuring
produce smiles as the miles     sound system with 6            Pakistanis living in America    issue their predictable          anti-terror “protection”.
roll by.                        speakers and sub woofer;       will decide to exact revenge    pronouncements:           The          Trendpost: While the
                                Bluetooth; CD and MP3          for murdered relatives or       evil-doers are evil. The         need for vigilance should
                                player; USB and iPod port;     drone-bombed         villages   barbarians are barbarous         not be dismissed, the greater
Roger Witherspoon writes        leather wrapped steering       back home?” (See “Terror        and they hate us for our         vigilance should be directed
“Shifting Gears” at www.        wheel with fingertip cruise    2010,” Trends Journal®,         freedoms; there is nothing       toward recognizing what is .          command, Bluetooth and         Winter 2010)                    we can do about it except to     behind the terror, coping
                                audio controls; manually               And the connections     further heighten “security”.     with the implications, and
                                adjusted front seats; fold     Celente spelled out long                 Sure enough, among      avoiding being caught up
                                flat rear seats.               ago between the Obama           the gaggle of reactions          in a national climate of
                                                               administration’s         $7.5   to this newest event was         exaggerated fear. While
                                                               billion “Af-Pak Strategy”       the       all-time    favorite   the likelihood that your
                                                               and its terror consequences,    hollow promise trotted out       life will be in danger is
                                                               have not yet been made          whenever terror strikes:         statistically negligible, it
                                                               or     acknowledged        by   “We will not rest until we       is prudent to take proactive
                                                               Washington or by the            have brought everyone            measures in anticipation of
                                                               American media.                 responsible to justice,”         further terror strikes.
                                                                       In the Summer 2009      intoned        US    Attorney          As Gerald Celente has
                                                               Trends Journal® he wrote        General, Eric Holder.            forecast, should a major
                                                               that the military policy                 And sure enough, as     terror strike hit, gold prices
                                                               resulting in thousands of       predicted, the motivation        will soar, the world equity
                                                               Pakistani deaths and three      behind this (and every           markets will plummet, and
                                                               million civilians forced to     other) terror attack would be    the economy will spiral
                                                               flee their homes could only     misrepresented in the three-     downward. The Trends
                                                               intensify      anti-American    ring political, pundit and       Research Institute urges
                                                               hatred.            “Suffering   media circus. There was          subscribers to closely re-
                                                               Pakistanis now added to         little introspective attention   read the Trends Journals
                                                               the already swelled ranks of    paid to the connection           cited above as well as
                                                               Muslims seeking to avenge       between America’s military       “Neo-Survivalism” in the
                                                               the tens of thousands dead      role in Pakistan and the         Winter 2010 issue.
                                                               and hundreds of thousands       explosive-laden SUV in
                                                               mutilated by America in         Times Square.                    For further information,
                                                               the ongoing Afghan and                       True to form, as    contact Bibi Farber, Media
                                                               Iraq Wars.”                     with terror incidents past,      Relations,     bibifarber@
                                                                        In the Winter 2010     the authorities counseled
                                                               Trends Journal®, Celente        citizens to “remain vigilant”.   or telephone 845.331.3500,
                                                               also predicted that any         Citing the constant threat       ext. 1.
                                                               terror attempt, whether         of terror, they demanded
                                                               it succeeded or failed,         increased funding for
22   WESTCHESTER HERALD May 10, 2010

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