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									addman                                                           26-02-2006 04:32 PM

EC vs Gameware

OK, the rules of this RP are simple. If you are NOT a member of the Evil Council,
you are against us. We will fight you to the death, so brace yourselves and
prepare for war! The RP starts now:

Synopsis: The Creatures Community had rested on it's laurells for far too long. It
felt like centuries since the EC had done anything remotely Evil, and the events at
Gameware were just a little too happy for their liking. Plotting in their cave, they
concocted a hideous, diabolical scheme in order to bring the residents to their
knees. A midnight strike on the Community would take them by surprise, then
enslave them into doing all the menial tasks that the EC didn't want to do.
Believing themselves to be the superior warriors, the EC mobilised all of its
members to ensure success.

Unfortunatly for the Council, the all-seeing admin Lisa had caught wind of this
despicable ploy, and became deeply distrubed at the prospect. The Community
would be derelict, and she felt troubled at the very thought of this. Although she
never usually got involved in the affairs of the CC, as it seemed wrong to her to
use her admin powers against the group, she decided that the best course of
action would be to alert the CC. Let them stand up for themselves. Fight back!
This way, she wouldn't intervene, thus not breaking one of the main rules of
Admindom. Sending out her magical PM birds, she informed the others of the
danger they were in, and urged them form a front against the devious EC

*under the cover of darkness, Addman climbed up the steep slopes which
surrounded the town where the Gameware members slept at night. He waited
until the other EC members arrived, hoping that his presence wouldn't be
detected by the unsuspecting fools down below.*

Du Toit                                                          26-02-2006 04:53 PM

i cant any more go to the ec site becuase my new computer keeps giving errors if
i try to go to the site.sorry and becuase i couldnt go to the site you probilly
removed me.

Leporidae                                                        26-02-2006 05:02 PM

*Leporidae was still in her house. She was one of the people who didn't like war.
She wanted peace. She really dosn't mind the EC and the CC, the two are a
preatty good match. Leporidae was in deep thought. She was going to protest the
war, but certainitly the EC should be after her. She finishes her peace sign and
walks out side her house. Soon, once in a safe place outside the battle feild she
ran up into a tree*

No more war! *holds her sign up* No more war! No more war! (this goses on and
Du Toit                                                         26-02-2006 05:04 PM

but iff im not any more a member of the ec can i pleaze be a slave of one of the
members so tht i can still sortoff be in the ec.

panther385                                                      26-02-2006 05:19 PM

*Panther was resting in her house, pondering on the up coming war. She really
didn't want to take sides, she was attached to both. Maybe a bribe.......? No, too
risky. Then again..... But what would the EC or the CC have to offer her? Ah well,
action now, thinking later. She sat up and started to hone her morphing skills.
Tiger. Dragon. Andalite. Grendel. Velociraptor. Bacteria. She shifted as fast as
she could, making sure to mantain the form's original decency. She chose an
anthro Ghasfalt, which looks like a lanky Komodo dragon, only with fur and
porcupine spikes. Streaching this old form, she started summoning Norn soldiers
and several ally dragons. *

DementChild                                                     26-02-2006 05:44 PM


Originally Posted by Du Toit
but iff im not any more a member of the ec can i pleaze be a slave of one of the
members so tht i can still sortoff be in the ec.

No. Get lost, maggot.

Du Toit                                                         26-02-2006 06:10 PM

awww...welll....ou lose some and you lose some more....

leannewoods                                                     26-02-2006 06:45 PM

*Leanne was up late watching the telly as usual. It was midnight but she didn't
care. She had the window open and one of Lisa's PM birds flew in with a note.
Leanne read it. She wasn't a member of the EC so she had to be on Gameware's
side. Ah well. So she turned off the telly and thought about what to do...*

addman                                                          26-02-2006 07:12 PM

((Sorry Du Toit, only full EC members and their apprentices may fight along side
us. If you want to participate in this RP, then you'll have to fight for Gameware.
It's still a good cause))

*Addman noticed that Leprodiae had climbed a tree in protest of the war.
Although the actual sign nor the chant worried him (he always enjoyed slaying
hippies), the fact that she had gotten wind of their assault was troubling. Perhaps
this wouldn't be as easy as first thought. He picked up an intercom from out of
his backpack and whispered into it*

Fort, this is Addman. It appears that the CC knows of our plans. The surprise
attack has failed. As soon as you arrive here, I suggest a full scale attack on
them all. Over.

*then, the muppet laid low in the shadows, hoping for backup*

Officer 1BDI                                                     26-02-2006 07:13 PM

Officer 1BDI would have gladly flocked to join Gameware's ranks, but she was
unaware of the impending war.

In fact, she was not even in the Creatures Community when addman's
proclaimation was made....

*Somewhere in a small, tight-knit forum dubbed SimpWorks, Officer 1BDI sits
and watches lazily from the thread boundaries an in-depth group critique of a
piece of fanfiction. She's maintained her nornish avatar, despite the group's
disconnection to the CC, but no one seems to notice or care. Someone makes a
derogative comment about one of her favorite characters, and her wings twitch
slightly in response, but she otherwise remains still, her eyes watching the scene
intensely. This is supposed to be a learning process, after all, not a flame war.*

*She's just begin to consider joining the conversation, when something small and
hard drops from the sky and smacks her on the head. She yelps and furiously
snatches the object from the ground: it's a piece of parchment wrapped around
an amethyst crystal.*


Get your butt back to Gameware now. There's something going down that you
might want to investigate. The Evil Council's finally done what they've been
threatening to do for years now.

~ PF

P.S., The amethyst was Homer's idea. He though it might knock some sense into
you. 8)

*eyes narrow* Fight now, kill them later....

*With that, she waves to one of the mods to make them aware of her departure
before soaring out of the forums in the direction of the Creatures Community.*

Shaon299                                                         26-02-2006 07:20 PM

The small cat was in a grove on the borders of Forumoplis (Which is now that
town's name. Shut up.) wandering and remembering.

Nothing like our old home, is it. Do wish we could visit there without getting
captured by that sprite.
Eh. I just think you had a soft spot for that pig.

Did not!

Before our duo could bicker any more, they were interrupted by a white dove
carrying a letter, whom quickly lost its ability to fly.

The runty feline kneeled over, picking up the letter from the flopping avian and
reading it.

And within a second, she was gone.

leannewoods                                                     26-02-2006 07:21 PM

*Leanne overheard Addman speaking on the intercom and looked out the

"Oh great. Just what i need. And on a Sunday. Pfft. It always spoils weekends
with these sort of things *Yawn*" She thought to herself.

"Guess I'd better get ready.. Hey there's Leporidae!"

She wandered out of her back door and jumped over the garden fence. Then she
climbed up the tree Leporidae was in.

"You noticed Addman too?" She asked.

Danikat                                                         26-02-2006 07:26 PM

*Danikat was not in a house in the town. She had a house in the town of course,
but all that was in it for now was an indeterminate number of armadillos. Danikat
was in her fortress in Obsidian Cove, planning*

*The note from Lisa sat on a table in front of her. She had not been suprised to
receive it, having gotten similar news from one of her specilist armadillo teams
several days earlier. Fortunately her forces were always ready for battle, and
always keeping a tight watch on the EC. For now it was just a matter of waiting*

Veamoth: Remind me, why must we sit here doing nothing while the EC prepares
to attack the CC?
Danikat: They've chosen an unusual setting. Its nearly impossible to hide a 50
foot dragon in a town. Much less two of them. If we're there they'll know we're
expecting them. This way we can suprise them.
Arian: And if they suprise us first?
Danikat: Just trust me, they won't.

Leporidae                                                       26-02-2006 07:34 PM

well leanne, I got a dove earlier and now I'm protesting the war. I like both sides
and I decided to protest. Want to join me? I brought extra protest signs.
DementChild                                                     26-02-2006 07:36 PM

((Anyway, on to existance...))

*NeoDement was busy hanging around FacePunch Studios (It exists :o), showing
off his newly completed waffles, when his 'guidey chippy thingy' told him trouble
was a brewin'...*

"And away I go!" He yelled, narrowly avoiding the bannon as he flew to the

TheDarkPsycho                                                   26-02-2006 07:41 PM

*an ominous dark cloud rolled over the moonlight as the streets began to fill with
a thick fog. Addman meerly smirked at the evidence of DP doing his part of the
plot. Having a spirit on board can really tip things to your side. Once the fog had
finished enveloping the town, the dark cloud began to dissipate. As it did so, a
dark form began to take shape behind addman. Once finished, a pair of bright red
eyes lit up under the hood.*

There, they should be blinded now. I've prepared these for our forces, to help us
see in the fog *DP hands the muppet a pair of funny looking goggles* They have
been distributed to the grunt forces, and they grunt forces awaits the
headmaster's order. So, only one question remains, where is that pompous

Officer 1BDI                                                    26-02-2006 07:42 PM

*Officer 1BDI joined her not-so-loyal companion companion on the borders of
Albia 2000. PF had insisted a flying norn would be an ideal target for the EC, and
so they were slowly making their way to the heart of the community on foot*

What weapons do we have?
Weapons? What weapons?
How the hell are we supposed to battle the EC without weapons?!
You're supposed to supply your own.
I don't have any weapons!
Sure you do....
I don't have any Creatures Community-appropriate weapons!
You seem quite fond of the Freeze Gun.
Shut up, Kenny-boy.
You're a freakin' gargoyle, for Shee's sake. You've got wings and claws and...
and... you can be pretty nasty when you want to be.
Nasty's not going to ward off hundreds of EC warriors.
Maybe not. But you've got an entire arsenol in that little hunk of metal you're
always lugging about.

*Officer 1BDI stops walking and starts thinking hard. She has no idea what this
hunk of metal is, and it shows in her face. PF sighs.*

You don't have it, do you?
The chunk of Shee Ark?
*realizing* I-not now. I left it in L... I left it in one of my worlds, I think.
Well, go get it then! I'll meet you in the FAQ quarters.

*With a disgruntled sigh, Officer 1BDI turns back towards A2K to find a warp
portal that can take her back to one of her worlds. Equally annoyed, PF continues
the trek towards GW*

DementChild                                                           26-02-2006 08:15 PM

Where shall we strike first?

3kul                                                                  26-02-2006 08:24 PM

HollowEyes drifted through the tall grass towards where his fellow EC members
were waiting, however, Little Sister was not with him. They easily noticed his
presense before he got there, as he wasn't making any particular effort to hide
himself from them.

"I've set the charm traps, and Little Sister is in her position for the attack. I'll be
readying myself until Fort arrives." He sat down and began to apply several
charms to his body, surveying 'Forumopolis' alongside the others, noticing that a
few of the CC members had already begun to stir. "So it's finally going to

Sywyn                                                                 26-02-2006 08:48 PM

Sywyn is in a garden meditating as the EC begins to gather, even without a
messege he knows they are nearby "hmmm... this is an unexpected move on
their part" he thinks to himself, he sinks into the darkness leaving only a barly
visable ethereal shape in his place, the form glides from place to place trying to
survay both sides

Spook                                                                 26-02-2006 11:26 PM

*Spook was having just another regular day of napping in his favorite dimension,
the "Dimension full of good trees to nap under" dimension. He was lying under is
favorite tree, a big bell-shaped tree, with thick foliage, and just the right amount
of shade. Suddenly, Spook was jarred violently from his dreams by the loud
beeping of his EC pager. He shook the sleepiness away, and grabbed the pager.
The screen read: It is time. Anyone not in the EC would have stared blankly at
the screen, wondering what it meant, but Spook was in the EC. Spook knew. He
jumped up from his spot under the tree, and warped himself into the "Secret
dimension where Spook keeps his weapons" dimension. Once there, he picked up
his Space-time Cannon, and Darkness Blade, and departed for the soon-to-be-
not-so-happy happy town of the Gameware Forums.

netdroid9                                                             26-02-2006 11:42 PM

*A stange aircraft soars through the air, slowly fading between visibility and
invisibility. The pilot looks down, and sees Net2 chasing after him. He speeds up,
as if to taunt the alter-spirit of binar-Zing. Blood trickles down from a small hole
in the pilot's head.*

Net: ...Damn.
Net2: You stole my kill! You bastard!

*Ne's dead body falls from the sky, the aircraft crashing into a nearby mountain.*

Net: Great, now I've gotta wait half an hour to respawn. Bloody snipers.
Net2: Don't blame me, your the one who spamed their base with mortars.
Net: It's a legitament stratergy! Sorta. I would'a kicked his butt if this was
Net2: ...Shouldn't we be somewhere right now?
Net: One more round.

*About half an hour later, another aircraft soars through the air towards
forumopolis. The one of the engines exploded, leaving a trial of fire that was lost
in the slipstream. The pilot looks up at Net2, who was traveling by Jetpack.*

Net: Having fun?
Net2: I don't think they're going to like the fact you just stole an intercepter,
nuked your own base and then chucked the flag down a bottemless pit.
Net: All in a day's work. ;)

*Net looks down as he passes over the area where the EC were set to assemble.*

Net2: Missed it.
Net: Shut up.

*Net engages the ship's Stealth module and lowers it to tree level as he passes
over forumopolis, A quick twist of the joystick sent him flying in the opposite

Net2: You're upside down, you know.
Net: Just shut the hell up.

*The aircraft automatically stabalises. Net sets a waypoint on his command
laptop and activates the autopilot.*

Net2: They're probably going to want that back, as well.
Net: They can want all the hell they like, they ain't getting it back 'till we've
blown this place to kingdom come.

*A beeping noise indicates that the aircraft had reached the waypoint. Net
pushes a button, and falls onto the ground.*

Net2: You need to work on your landings. Nice crater though.
Net: Shut up.

Officer 1BDI                                                       27-02-2006 12:11 AM

*At the border of The Sims Community a small, dark shadow skimmed the
ground, its source flying high overhead, nearly unnoticable by the members
below. She felt no fear in the air here: PF had warned her not to fly over the
community itself, but he'd said nothing about flying to the community.

It had taken Officer 1BDI much longer than anticipated to grab the special Shee
metal. It was a long and interesting story, but she did not feel like dwelling on it
at the moment. There were more pressing matters at hand, and besides, she had
it now: it was sitting in a small knapsack, along with several other assorted
items, that she was grasping in her left hand.

She kept her eyes groundward, scanning the landscape for any sign of the
Creatures Community. She was so occupied that she almost missed seeing an
unfamiliar aircraft soar erratically off in the distance, smoke billowing from a
failing engine.


What the hell....

*She wondered briefly if she should shoot off towards the craft to investigate, but
her thought process never got much further before a circle of blue light exploded
from her bag.*


*The pale light formed a large, swirling disk, that she immediately recognized as
a warp opening. The bag had already sunked into it, and she peered into the
wispy portal warily. A disembodied voice called out to her....*

Where the hell are you?!
*scared, then suddenly angry* That had better be you, PF!
No, I'm the bloody Naven. *[/sarcasm]* When I said get the stone, I meant get it
How did you know I'd have a warp portal with me?
Just a hunch. Now come on; I've got this connection wired so it'll take you
straight to Gameware.

*Reluctantly, Officer 1BDI slipped into the portal. As this was a direct connection,
she wasn't given the opportunity to explore the warp before she tumbled out to
the other side, where an irritated horse norn was waiting beneath a sign that
said, "Frequently Asked Questions."

Come on, we have to find the others.

Kat_05                                                           27-02-2006 03:35 AM


A hawk wing must be dissected delicately, so as to preserve all the feathers. The
taste of this bird is fairly wild, but bear meat has much more filling.

Kat was in the process of eating the bird when a flash of silver went by the door-
unusual only in that this bit of silver wasn't gelatenous. It couldn't be Spook then.
The smell was of ground and tar, and a bit of dandelion -prey. Kat began stalking
the creature, only to stop in surprise when seeing that the "blob" was an
armadillo. She remembered the old alliance after all....

Originally Posted by Kat_05
Nacho cheese and bubble gum worked as a temporary seal to the vortex, but
the enemy would be back soon. I tried to firm up the seal, arms trembling from
exhaustion. Danikat came up behind, her armadillo army patrolling the field.
Her silver armadillo gave info so that the group I was in would be up to date on
the battle. Dani seemed to pale after listening to it, but that might just be an
effect of my own exhaustion. She's shouting something -why can't I hear it?
The rip is expanding... that dragon's trying to get here, but when did they get
so far away? Why is everythng so dark? NO! I'm on the wrong side, they're
filling the rip in the Grove.....

Kat followed silver at a distance. Where was he going? He paused and Kat quickly
hid, thankful she was downwind. She wasn't sure whether she'd been heard
though. No more mishaps occured, and Kat soon came upon a house outside of
town. Danikat was there. Traitor.

Dani was mumbling. She had a note of some sort on the table. Silver went inside.
Dani began to get up, turning. Did she know Kat was there? Kat charged, busting
through the window. Dani had her dragons, and was on home turf. All Kat had
was her communicator, which was on. At the EC hq, eyes blinked in surprise from
hearing a crash from Kat's signal, and one of Addman's calls was interrupted by
the same sound....

Narmie                                                          27-02-2006 04:41 AM

*A Shadow passed over Narmie, WTF? He ran inside to find a note on the table
“Cool” Then he started going to the CC leaving the slug gun and a EC detector at
the door.*

Norn-mania                                                      27-02-2006 05:42 AM

*Norn-mania crept over to Narmie silently whipping out a knife. The knife rose up
and preceeded to blow up before touching Narmie.*
Ah, crap it was... Mind control! EC Mind control, and they've still got me look.
*Prepares to kick Narmie in the groin*

Narmie                                                          27-02-2006 06:11 AM

*Narmie spins around just in time to see Norn-mania about to kick him in the
groin quickly he teleports away and finds himself in the EC “some one must have
with my teleporter.........” “......hmm maybe it was that guy who tried to kick me
in the groin.” He teleports back to find Norn-manias foot coming
“ooooooooooooooooo” Narmie stumbles back, then regains bilans and starts to
away “I’ll get you one day who ever you are! Ooo that hurts”*
Norn-mania                                                      27-02-2006 06:53 AM

*Norn-mania gets out his Peanut butter jelly-o-matic and begins to shoot at a
random direction where he thinks the EC might be...*

Narmie                                                          27-02-2006 07:40 AM

*something flew past Narmie as he was running “was that sum jelly and
peanuts...” ”...ummm” *licks his lips* and goes in that direction. Suddenly a
member of the EC jumps out of a bush and then gets hit by some peanuts and
“I really should get to the CC” Narmie goes in that detrition.*

Norn-mania                                                      27-02-2006 08:03 AM

*Norn-mania thinks acording to the Nano-camera's leaching out of the Peanut
Butter Jelly he ha dhit a EC member. He smiled to himself and watched as the
gaurd jerked in agony slowly turning into an un-dead servant.*
Go my slave infect the others let my army grow stronger.
<<Please note that while the Peanut Butter Jelly-o-matics I sell do have cameras
they will not turn the people they hit into un-dead>>

3kul                                                            27-02-2006 08:31 AM

((Norn-mania, none of the EC troops have mobilized as far as I know (from
reading previous posts), I think that Kat is the only one to have commenced any
kind of offense, DP's movement's being strictly tactical, so I don't think that you
could just randomly shoot an EC grunt like that just yet, since they wouldn't be
anywhere near you (correct me if I'm wrong, fellow EC members). And if you say
that your weapon doesn't turn the people that it hits into the un-dead, why does
this happen to your first victim? :confused: ))

Norn-mania                                                      27-02-2006 08:46 AM

<<The ones people hire in my shop (check sig) will not do that mine will>>
What I've got to have some power over my buyers don't I?
*Norn-mania makes a tactical descision*
I'll have a power nap to think about it...
*Grunt appears normal again*

netdroid9                                                       27-02-2006 10:24 AM

Net: I think someone may have seen me.
Net2: What? Do you think they'd suspect...
Net: ...Nah.
Net2: ...What happened to that Intercepter, anyway?

*Net's ears twitch as an explosion occurs somewhere in downtown forumopolis.
Which, strangely enough, was at one point the battlefield for forum wars. Oddly,
the explosion seemed to pause, as if time arround it had been distorted into non-

The dimensions were quite thin in there, having been ruptured by Fort previously.
A meer explosion wouldn't be enough to break them... Not unless there was
something on the other side.*

Net: ...Sh*t.

addman                                                          27-02-2006 11:37 AM

*addman saw the peanut butter fly over his head from his hiding place*

Damn, they are most definately aware of our presence. Now is the time, ATTACK!

*A mass of EC grunts ran over the hill and descended down the basin towards
Forumopolis. Addman lead the first wave, but broke off when he noticed Norn-
Mania in the distance firing off rounds of peanut butter. He draw his scimitar of
corruption, brandished it above his head, and with a blood-curdling warcry, ran
towards him*


vorodorer                                                       27-02-2006 12:17 PM

*a massive hole ripped through around the middle of the battle field and Seph
stepped out, he turned around surveying the scene and grinned evilly showing off
his fangs*

Wahey! just what i needed

Shizou: Oook ack aack!!

Yes my monkey friend, blood will be spilled today!

*Seph dissapeared then then re-appeared in a puff of black smoke, he donned
the typical sneaking Ninjitsu type armour, a tight cloth hood concealed most of
his face, leather bands and plates compressed against organs for optimal
performance, his polearm and black sword strapped to his back*

Who will be first to die?! *He joins the mass of EC grunts sprinting downwards*

Ruster                                                          27-02-2006 12:58 PM

*The moon was hidden on the hill top where the Leaders of the EC stood in mist
and shadow, they surveyed Addman's first attack with interest.*
-My Lords, It seems it has already begun. What are your orders? I shall carry
them to the others at your command-
*The Dark Lords turn in a swirling of mist to see a tall woman, slender as a
willow, almost invisable in the night but for her hair and eyes that shone like
moonlight. The woman bows gracefully and repeats*
-What are your orders my Lords?-

Spook                                                            27-02-2006 01:29 PM

*Spook arrives silently in the shadows of Forumopolis. He decided to come in at
the most barren and desolate part, so he wouldn't risk being seen by anyone.

Suddenly, an airplane with one flaming engine falls out of the sky above Spook.
He thought fast, and ducked into the ground, as the plane crashed, and exploded
above him. He felt the shockwaves from the explosion vibrate through the

Where the heck did that come from?! I almost died again. I bet Net was behind
this. I can feel it.

*When the shockwaves from the explosion ceased, Spook floated back up above
the ground in the middle of a large smoking blast crater. He turned back into his
shadow form, and continued towards the Forumopolis town square.*

*Just as he was about to get there, his EC Pager went off again. Spook jumped
up at the unexpected noise, and pressed the button on it, trying to stop the
beeping before anyone heard it. Once everything was quiet again, he looked at
the small LCD screen. Now is the time, ATTACK!
Spook felt the excitement of battle growing inside him. He put away the pager,
and continued walking towards the soon-to-be battlefield.*

TheDarkPsycho                                                    27-02-2006 03:09 PM

*DP looked down with a certain pleasure.*

So it starts again...And this time Dani, you won't run away...

*DP pulls out His Sanity Blade in one hand, Ben the Flamethrower in the other,
and joins Addman at the front of the charge.*

Lovely day for hostile takeover, no? PRRIIIIINGGGLLLLEEEESSSSS!

DementChild                                                      27-02-2006 03:26 PM

Sorry, but how can you burn down a shop with that flamethrower and charge at
the same time? :p

Anyway, right behind you, if you're here :p

TheDarkPsycho                                                    27-02-2006 04:57 PM

((How can addman be burning down a shop and be here too? Maybe we are
treating that as a seperate RP....just maybe...))
leannewoods                                                     27-02-2006 05:10 PM

*goes back into her house and pulls a sludge to peices and fiddles with it*

just this... yup!

*comes back out with the top of the sludge g un and nothing else, and it looked
more like a g un than the top of a sludge g un*

*goes outside and hides in some bushes ready to pelt someone*

DementChild                                                     27-02-2006 05:27 PM

((Guess I'm destroying the shop too, so I better shut up))

Raven13                                                         27-02-2006 05:58 PM

*Raven was feeding on a mortal when she felt her EC pager go off, she had no
little reception in this dimension, and that was why she had got them late, and at
the some time.* It is time *She read this with glee, she had wanted to attack
gameware for some time now, she was sick of having to clean the blood off her
cloths now, those stains were so hard to get out! She read on* Now is the time,
ATTACK! *She smiled, cutting a portal with her sword, she went to the gameware
dimension. She arrived in the sky, seeming just a dark figure, she was virtually
invisable againsed the night sky, she flew down to the charging grunts, and
started to charge fire balls to fire at the enemy.* Now is your time to die! *She
hissed, Taking a cut at the nearest cc member, she tasted blood in her mouth
from the freshly opened wound...It tasted sweet....*

Narmie                                                          27-02-2006 07:19 PM

*Narmie hears some noise behind him “they must be fighting already AND WITH
OUT ME ARRRRRRRR!” gets his freez gun and runs to the battle “DIE DIE!”
He freezes some EC members an pushes the ice to hit some others ”is that
and jelly I smell that groin kicker probably” “WE NEAD SOME HELP OVER HERE!”
buff bam sheez “a other one gone he did give me a bit of a betting tho”

Sywyn                                                           27-02-2006 07:34 PM

"damn i thought i would have more time to scout" Sywyn says as the onslought
begins, he draws several throwing knives from his beltand launches them at the
nearest EC member who isent obstructed from his sight.

Raven13                                                         27-02-2006 08:05 PM

*Raven dodges Sywyns throwing knives. Diving down, she takes a slash at him
with her sword. Flying back, and spinning to chop off a few other cc members
heads, the blood spayed all around, making her power grow, her bloodlust
strengthen, and her demonic side awaken more....* ((dun Dun DUUUUN!))

3kul                                                             27-02-2006 08:15 PM

"Hm... All set I guess" HollowEyes stood up, now covered with a variety of
charms and physically altered thanks to their effects - razor sharp teeth, dagger-
like claws and a petrified head (ie: rock-skin). Various duplicates of himself began
to form around him, made from the moisture in the atmosphere. He noticed that
his EC pager was making weird noises and had a message for him. "Ok then, I
should save some for later anyways, it's time to move."

He followed the lead of the others, dashing into Forumopolis to attack. Grinning
as he continued to run HollowEyes knew that in a few seconds everyone would be
very confused. Soon enough, several hundred water copies came following him,
swarming the street that they were in, making it impossible to tell which way the
real HollowEyes went.

Narmie                                                           27-02-2006 08:25 PM

*”I must save sywyn!” Narmie freezes his way through to Raven13, sheez “got
ya. What she didn’t die, but the ice should be able to hold her till I get sywyn
away at lest.” “come on sywyn you nead to get away I’ve got this teleporter that
will take you to the medical centre use it to get back when you better” Narmie
teleports sywyn
And goes back into the battle.*

Off RPG Raven13 my berth day is 3 days before yours and I born in 1992 to.

HisLordship                                                      27-02-2006 08:26 PM

Surveying the screen in front of him, the Old Owl perveyed the scens. The
communicators, monitoring everything from dialogue to adrenaline levels, were
always on staqndby, showing only the occasional flux as a member hacked a
passing bystander to pieces. Fortunately for the owl, it didn't happen often, or,
when it did, the Council members held themselves together.
Bloody technology. Always flashing and blinking. The worst part is realizing that I
cannot bring any work with me,and all I can do is vapidly gawk at the screen.
A sudden flash of light on screen glowed brilliantly for a moment before winking
out. The label of the dot read 'Cornelius'.
Ah. And there is always that.
Below the owl, grunted chatted as the tweaked with the mainframes, ensuring
everything was running as smooth and placidly as the Sargasso Sea. The same
job, day in, day out. The same thing. Endlessly. The owl was wlays bored here,
feeling pity for the guards whose menial job it was to oil the cogs of the Evil
Council's engines. Although he was certain he would be punished for such non-
Evil actions, the bird tried to tinker with their rations and personal agendas,
setting aside easier shifts or better food for those who worked particularly hard.
Similarly, he often tried to give the lethargic wthe most unpleasant shifts.
Nothing is wrong with karmatic justice.
A second blitz of light appeared the screen, and, unlike Cornelius demise, a red
glow beside the "I'm screwed" node appeared to indicate some actual need to
Rapidly the bird sprang to life. Pecking fervently on the comms, he cried, "To
Bravo units in region four-five-four Charlie-delta-echo, we have a situation.
Proceed to defend an Elder in potentially threatening situation. Kat_05 is in over
her head and needs assistance. Proceed immediatly."
The responses of the troops mvoing into position was instantaneous. In a matter
of minutes, Kat would have her backup.
"Here you go, old girl. An early brithday present."

Sywyn                                                            27-02-2006 08:28 PM

*Ravens blade passes through Sywyns body like an arrow through fog, leaving
only a black myst in its path, as his now distorted body refocuses itself the a
glowing red mark appears on Sywyns forhead and more fog forms at his
shoulders materialising into black wings "missed me" he says as he takes off into
the air*

Narmie                                                           27-02-2006 08:35 PM

*Narmie cracks the ice around raven13 and takes her sword “this will be a good
weapon” Narmie cuts up a few EC members as he fights his way to adman*

leannewoods                                                     27-02-2006 08:35 PM

*shoots mud at the nearest EC member which happened to be raven*

Narmie                                                           27-02-2006 08:36 PM

but raven13 is in ice by me.

leannewoods                                                     27-02-2006 08:40 PM

*looks at frozen raven covered with mud*


its starting to melt anyway. here, gimmee that freeze g un...

Narmie                                                           27-02-2006 08:44 PM

*"but i want it here, i brought two take one. its hard to hold with ravens
sword,yes i took it hahha"*

leannewoods                                                     27-02-2006 08:48 PM

*catches freeze g un*
the ice is melting...

*blasts raven with more ice*

that should hold her, for a while...

3kul                                                            27-02-2006 09:07 PM

Noticing that Narmie had stolen Raven's sword and frozen her, HollowEyes began
to charge towards Narmie. Several water copies leapt at Narmie, bursting on
impact, repeatedly pounding into him one after another - this attack was more
designed as a distraction as the real HollowEyes snatched the sword back. He
flicked a charm at the frozen Raven and hurled her sword shortly after it - the
charm burst into molten lava, melting the ice rapidly around Raven, who reached
out of the remains and caught her sword with relative ease.

"Perhaps you shouldn't feel too confident too quickly small fry, a gun like that is
nothing to someone like me." All of the HollowEyes copies were speaking at the
same time, emphasizing how heavily surrounded Narmie and leannewoods were
now. "There's no way to tell which one is the real me, so I'd recommend fleeing -
it's more fun for me that way too."

((Narmie, don't do things like freeze someone's character and take their stuff,
especially whilst they aren't here - that's powerplaying. Before you comment on
how I've contradicted myself, I only did that to fix things up to the way they

Sywyn                                                           27-02-2006 09:11 PM

*seeing the water clones Sywyn decides to get rid of them, with a single gesture
he uses his pyromancy to raise the temprature in the area well over the boiling
point of water "you shouldent get to confident ether holloweyes" he shouts from
the skys overhead

leannewoods                                                     27-02-2006 09:15 PM

*curls into ball and rolls off*

-rolling- this is fun! -rolling-

*splats into a tree and climbs up*

Narmie                                                          27-02-2006 09:19 PM

I thought she was here when I froze her.

*”thanks sywyn I owe you one” narmie starts to fight again.*
leannewoods                                                      27-02-2006 09:23 PM


me arm just c racked.. owie ...

*climbs further up tree, takes all the mud out of the sludge g un and starts
throwing it at nearby EC members*

Sywyn                                                            27-02-2006 09:24 PM

((dont forget weather or not they evaporate is up to 3kul))

DementChild                                                      27-02-2006 09:28 PM

*Blasts the tree, at the root*


leannewoods                                                      27-02-2006 09:29 PM

*as the tree is falling, she walks down the side that won't hit the ground and is
on the floor*

*sticks tongue out at dementchild*

Officer 1BDI                                                     27-02-2006 09:35 PM


*Officer 1BDI soars in from seemingly nowhere, PF conspiciously absent, and
lands smoothly next to Leannewoods. She rummages through her bag, removes
the chunk of bronze metal, and tosses it aside (*). With a bit of concentration,
the bronze shifts and reforms to create a very large and impressive sword.*

"I saw the tree falling from above and I though you'd.... Are you alright? What's
happened to your arm?"

(( (*)Anyone who wants to bother rummaging through my bag: there's a Warp
portal in the form of an amethyst sphere in there, as well as a purple norn

leannewoods                                                      27-02-2006 09:38 PM

i'm fine. my arm just c racked...

what's that um.. bronze stuff?
DementChild                                                        27-02-2006 09:46 PM

*While Leanne looks at the remaining traces of bronze, Dement attempts to shoot
Leanne in the spine*

3kul                                                               27-02-2006 09:48 PM

"Hm..." HollowEyes noticed the copies struggling to keep a solid form - most were
now bubbling, a few had even begun turning into vapour. "I don't really feel like
fighting two people at once first thing, you know? It'd really be a little too...
what's the word?" As he seemed to be pondering over what to say, he gave a
rather large grin, baring his many fangs. "Easy." Suddenly moving rapidly, he
hurled several assorted charms towards Sywyn from various directions.

((The water itself is currently held together by charm magic, so it does have a
higher resistance to heat than regular water, but it still has it's limits, and it's
easier to tell which one's the real HollowEyes this way. If a charm hits you,
merely say so in the post, and hopefully I'll be able to post after it - if I'm unable
to post after, usually I'll say what kind of charm it is, and you can check my RP
profile to see what it does.))

Narmie                                                             27-02-2006 09:52 PM

*Narmie freezes DementChild and then runs over to Officer 1BDI you’re here
finally we nead some more people.
What’s that stuff you’ve got there can it give you super powers? I’m needing
some Right now. “*

DementChild                                                        27-02-2006 10:00 PM

((No, Narmie fires a "bullet" from her freeze gun, and Dement chooses whether it
hits him or not.))

It does hit Dement, but hit's one of the metal area's, and bounces off. Try again,
von beeyatch.

*Proceeds to pull out a lightening type sword and swings it down Leanne's spine*

leannewoods                                                        27-02-2006 10:02 PM

*flies off before the sword touches her*

missed me u nimrod XD

*notices tail bleeding*


*chucks more mud from the sludge g un at dementchild*
DementChild                                                       27-02-2006 10:05 PM

*Runs over to Officer's bag, grabs it, and dissappears in a cloud of electricity*

((No, he took the orb with him, he can teleport without portals))

netdroid9                                                         27-02-2006 10:47 PM

*Net stares at Addman and the others as they procede to battle.*

...Can't they see it? Or are they just ignoring it. As per usual I have to do the
dirty, non-gory work...

*Net sprints towards the crash site, hoping that the carnage would stop people
from following him. What he saw was indescribably horrible. It was big, fat, and
uglier than Chthulu on a bad hair day. And it did not seem happy.*

Well, what do you know? Now we've got whatever-the-hell-this-thing-is to fight

*Net grabs his BFG, aim's for the beast's head and fires. The plasma bullet goes
straight through the creature, which promptly throws Net back onto the hill.*

Once again... Sh*t.

Sywyn                                                             27-02-2006 11:16 PM

*Sywyn rolls his eyes and tosses an equal amount of throwing knives at the
charms nailing them all to trees "is that the best you can do"he says as he
swoops down and swings his sword downward towards holloweyes head*

Officer 1BDI                                                      27-02-2006 11:29 PM


Originally Posted by Narmie
*Narmie freezes DementChild and then runs over to Officer 1BDI you’re here
finally we nead some more people.
What’s that stuff you’ve got there can it give you super powers? I’m needing
some Right now. “*

*1BDI was about to answer, when DementedChild took a swing at Leanne. 1BDI
shrieked as the blade narrowly missed Leanne's spine, then prepared to take a
swipe of her own at the EC member. But he dove for her bag and vanished with a
crack of electricity before she could so much as raise her weapon.*

"Gawd damn it!"

*She noticed Leanne still eyeing her sword.*
"I wish I could give you some of this, but I can't. The material can be stretched to
a ridiculous length, but it's unbreakable. And *stares at her now bleeding tail*
you look like you could use a bandage or something...."

DementChild                                                       28-02-2006 12:11 AM

((My excuse for going to bed rocks, doesn't it?))

Shaon299                                                          28-02-2006 12:30 AM

Forumopolis. The best weather this place gets.

A sliver of black raced through the streets, almost completely obscured because
of the dark mists.

The norns cannot play,

The sliver is upon a windowsill, looking into a house. It is long, with a mixture of
wet scales and damp fur. It looks curiously, ears not unlike a cats alert for any

And so cower behind their weak minded masters.

Several norns cower inside the building, staring, frightened, at the strange being
standing upright and looking straight at them. Although its mouth is hardly
visible, they could easily hear the loud hiss the thing said as the window cracked,
suddenly shattering and welcoming the Shath in.

It walks slowly, stretches, and lunches at the defenseless norns.

Spook                                                             28-02-2006 02:10 AM

*Spook was itching for combat. It had taken him long enough to get here, and he
was ready. He gripped the Darkness Blade, and unsheathed it, making a long
metallic echoing noise. He was no longer afraid of being seen or heard. He
spotted Officer 1BDI, and Leanne off in the distance.*

Today they shall meet their fate.

*Spook silently whisked himself away in the thick fog, heading in their direction,
Darkness Blade at the ready.*

Narmie                                                            28-02-2006 02:43 AM

*”I really should make this freeze gun better its not that good” chucks freeze gun
away and grabs a sword from a died EC member “this will not do” Narmie
teleports himself home and grabs his lightning blade, armour and shield” That’s
better, never
thought I’d use these” teleports back to the battel field “who wants the first taste
my sword” Narmie kills a few EC as he makes his way to Leanne and Officer

Officer 1BDI                                                     28-02-2006 02:52 AM

*Officer 1BDI suddenly noticed Narmie heading towards her and Leanne. She
thought she heard something rustling distantly in the fog, but was somewhat
more preoccupied by the figure weilding a lightning blade*

"Aw f***."

*She twists the sword vertically, and it melts and forms into a sturdy bow.*

*And then she remembers she can't separate the metal to create arrows.*

"Double f***!"

*She turns it into a canon instead and begins to look around furitively for
something to shoot at Narmie. But she stops suddenly, then twists to yell at

"You just slaughtered half a dozen EC members! Aren't we on the same side?!"

((Remember; I jumped into the battle randomly, and I'm not a member of the
EC, so I'm still not entirely sure who's supporting who.))

Narmie                                                           28-02-2006 03:02 AM

*”I’m not coming to kill you DUUU. We stand more of a chance together”*

Danikat                                                          28-02-2006 03:21 AM

((Wow. Apologies to Kat for making her wait so long for a reply. I had no idea
this thing would move so fast. But you'll be glad to know this post has now
become more of a priority than damage control/damage creation/laughing at
people in the worlds craziest rumor mill. So I should be keeping up with it more
from now on. And now, on to the fighting and stuff!))

((Oh, two things before I start: Firstly 'silver' is called Arian. Secondly Danikat
wasn't anywhere in the forum world, she was back in her own dimension,
Obsidian Cove. (To be represented at some point between 2 years ago and an
unkown time in the future by my website.) But since you reached it through a rift
that isn't a problem.))

*Danikat thought she heard something behind her, she began to turn and saw
something crash through the door ((I know you said window but Obsidian Cove is
a fortress calved out of a cliff, all the windows are a few hundred feet above the
ground. And for your purposes a door works just as well.)) and leapt not only to
her feet but into the air as well, hovering just below the high cealing, Kyr already
in her left hand*

Danikat: What? Kat! How did you get here?
*Danikats mind raced with possibilities, the two of them had been allies, even
friends, in the past, but the fact was Kat was an EC member and for the duration
of their attack at least very definately an enemy*

((Oh and if anyone needs info on Danikat or her allies or anything else go here.))

3kul                                                               28-02-2006 04:06 AM

HollowEyes ignored Sywyn's oncoming attack and stood perfectly still, laughing -
he couldn't believe that this was working so well. "Fufufu, the charms can't be
destroyed that easily Sywyn. They might be amongst my weakest charms, but
you've just ensured that they gain a significant upgrade." He looked aside to the
trees that the charms were nailed to, which began to glow and distort. The trees
suddenly exploded with a sound not unlike that of a whipcrack, reforming
milliseconds later into enourmous vines. "Might want to look out for them..."
HollowEyes directed Sywyn's attention to the closest of the several large vines
that were now attempting to either ensnare Sywyn, flay him or both.

((I've mentioned previously (in his profile) that HollowEyes' charms draw on the
energies of spiritual creatures or elements not of this realm. In a nutshell, the
strength of the charm depends on two things - the energy HollowEyes puts into
it, and his current standing with the spirit/element who's power he is borrowing.
By nailing the vine charms to the trees, the nature element is being offered a
sacrifice of the same type as it, hence the significant increase in the size of the
vines. This would work similarily if HollowEyes used his water-clone charm
underwater, or his lava charm in a volcano. Animal spirits aren't as picky, are
much easier to draw power from and accept any kind of sacrifice.))

TheDarkPsycho                                                      28-02-2006 05:21 AM

*The momentary friendly fire battle was all DP needed as he rushed into the city.
The thick fog he had created served him well as he ran towards Narmie and
Officer 1BDI*

Feel the wrath of my Pringly Goodness! PRIIINGGGLLLLEEEES! ((DP's random
battle cry, BTW))

*DP jumps from the fog and slashes down towards the destracted Narmie*

((Hey, 3kul, what if you were granted or created a charm that draws it's energy
from the Spirit of's a fair bet that he views you favorably, and
although he prefers to act in physical form, he can still control his spiritual duties
just fine in that form))

Officer 1BDI                                                       28-02-2006 06:10 AM

"Narnie, look out!"

*Officer 1BDI brushed the canon with her fingertips, and it quickly compressed
before shooting out to form a long (given the distance) and thin shield around
((As Narmie's the target, not me, I think she has to decide if the shield's thick
enough to withstand the blow, or if the shield merely covers the sword in a thin,
flexible layer and both weapons end up hitting her. Remember, the metal can't be

TheDarkPsycho                                                    28-02-2006 06:28 AM

((But remember, the Sanity Blade is no normal weapon either. All said, I think
the right to choose what happens does belong ot Narmie, considering she is my

Narmie                                                           28-02-2006 06:36 AM

Just so everyone knows I’m a boy

*The Dark Psychos sword comes down on the shield and it breaks through (but
the speed was taken down a lot) it hits Narmies armour but was not enough to
get through. He spins around “you made a mistake” Narmie cuts The Dark
Psychos, The Dark Psychos is thrown back and has some miner imageries. Narmie
runs over to Officer 1BDI “thanks”*

3kul                                                             28-02-2006 07:01 AM

((Hm... I'm not entirely sure DP... So far, HollowEyes has only drawn power from
spirits from his own realm, but in theory it should be possible. To explain in a bit
more detail, the situation is not unlike that of a business contract - in exchange
for limited use of a spirits powers, HollowEyes must secure a predetermined
amount of sacrifices over a predetermined period of time.

As such, if HollowEyes doesn't fulfil his side of the bargain (ie: goes for too long
without making enough sacrifices), the spirit is allowed to refuse it's power at any
time. In the event that a charm is being used to secure a sacrifice, a power boost
may be given to ensure that the sacrifice is gained.

So, it might be possible, but it depends on the details of the agreement - if the
demands for sacrifices are too high, HollowEyes may refuse. Sacrifices
themselves are an essential part of the deal - power drain from charms is fairly
low, unless many are used in a short period of time. Giving sacrifices to the spirit
who lends HollowEyes power refills the power that was used. I could go into even
more detail, but I think that my post is too long without any action as it is :p))

Norn-mania                                                       28-02-2006 07:24 AM

Haha! I think not Addman!
*gets smighted*
Damn that tingles......
*EC GRunt is released from the brain wash thingy and si now happily alive*
Why you little!
*attempts to strangle addman*
leannewoods                                                    28-02-2006 07:34 AM

*looks and sees biiig vines*


*taps officer 1bdi*

u might wanna see this...

Norn-mania                                                     28-02-2006 07:42 AM

Ugh, vines!
*flames vines*
Oh sorry did you wnat to see them officer?

3kul                                                           28-02-2006 08:17 AM

((These vines are of a boosted magical nature, it's going to take more than
regular fire to put them out norn-mania...))

Norn-mania                                                     28-02-2006 08:27 AM

Aha, but thats the clever part!
*Sprinkles Magical Fairy Dust (MFD) on vines*
Mwahahahaha! Damn, the flames gone out!

Narmie                                                         28-02-2006 08:49 AM

intill i post another post ill be off. if it shows that i'm on that is because i'm
always loged
on on this computer. 3kul fire burns nature
and if they are "boosted magical nature"(you can't deside if they are boosted
magical nature its not up to you) what if norn-manias flames are boosted magical
fire, you never know.

Sywyn                                                          28-02-2006 09:08 AM

((and dont forget i raised the temprature over the boiling point of water, the
trees that were uses would have been at the point of dieing fron the start, thus
although you used nature spirits they would have been weak ones, and on that
note il post my part later, im not feeling to well))

addman                                                         28-02-2006 10:45 AM

*Addman pushed Norn Mania's hands from around his throat and prepared to
strike back. Suddenly, one of the vines attempts to whip NM (Norn-Mania, I'm
abbreviating it for now), and almost cracks Addman. The muppet leaps
backwards and dodges the assault, and watches as NM attempts to destroy


*at least 15 grunts hear Addman's cry and come running to his aid*

Attack him *points to NM*

*the grunts all raise their AKs and start blasting at NM*

((Now you have to deal with me, 15 grunts and some giant vines! Good Luck
Norn Mania))

Ruster                                                           28-02-2006 10:51 AM

((Woa, lol, chill out guys, is just an RP battle, can we concentrate on the fighting
rather than the nit picking?
For those who dont know the rules, can't we direct them to where they're written
down? anyway, onwards))

*Ruster stood on the hill surveying the scene, in the distance over the thick lieing
fog she could see the wreckage of a ship and the huge bulk of a great
immaterieal creature and a small speck attempting to control and push it back
into a rift in time-space. Her sharp night-seeking eyes cut through the fog to
survey the battle going on deep in the valley. That could wait, they could more
than look out for themselves, so she turned north, over the cloud-shouded valley
and lifted her hood over her bright gleaming hair. She closed her eyes, opened
them in a gatheing of darkness and, in barely a rustle of night-coloured cloth, she
rose into the air and flew noth to join Net*

netdroid9                                                        28-02-2006 11:15 AM

*Net smashed into a tree for the thousandth time, the creature still unharmed.*

Ruster? That you?

*Net squints through the thick fog towards the city, and watches as the creature
makes it's way towards the EC/CC battle at an alarming speed, as if spurred on
by the chaos arround it. Net grabs for his radio. A sharp zap tells him that it was
broken and probably shouldn't be touched again. By this time the creature had
locked onto a target and was sprinting towards Shaon.*

You've got to get a message out to the others. I've got some ass to kick. And by
ass, I don't mean donkey. Although it looks like it may have decended from one...
Hell I dunno. Just get me some backup.

*Net runs down the hill, hoping to stop the creature before it kills someone.*

TheDarkPsycho                                                    28-02-2006 11:56 AM
((Narmie, first, just call me DP, and Dark Psycho is singular, and secondly, in an
RP you cannot decide if you hit someone, you can only decide to attack....but I'll
play along. Hope your ready for a fight though, DP is an extremely powerfull

*DP felt his opponents blade slice through his arm as he was knocked back. This
person was good, but not good enough. He quickly jumped up and ran towards
Narmie for attack, then disappeared. A split second later, a scream is heard as DP
reappears behind Narmie and brings his blade down*

((A little background for you whippersnappers, DP is a spirit...the Spirit of
Insanity to be exact. So I plan to use alot of his powers that I don't normally use
for this RP...hold on!))

Nekromans                                                        28-02-2006 12:10 PM

*Nekromans didn't know what had happened. He'd been at his school, typing a
load of crap, when suddenly a massive Hand had grabbed him, sending him to a
battlefield! As far as he knew, he was on Gameware's side, but he couldn't be
bothered. He started twiddling his thumbs.

Suddenly, a Grendel with an EC shirt on bumped into him. This triggered off Nek's
bloodlust... And also his super-magical powers. And a massive atom bomb.

Nek felt superconfident in himself - he ported the bomb to Chernobyl, sometime
in the 80's, and started to do what no Gamewarer should ever do. He spammed
the battlefield full of spam...*

Aurellion                                                        28-02-2006 12:10 PM

*Aurellion arrives at the brow of the hill over loking the town, exhausted and
panting heavily from his exertion, he sees ensueing confilct and curses*

Aurellion: Damn you U.N.I. (United Nerds Inc) look what you've kept me from

*A team of gobbos, hauling a huge cannon with an attached sack which, rather
alarmingly, was squirming, arrived next to Aurellion*

Gobbo1: We *pant* we is here boss. What you want us ta cannon now?

*Aurellion looked across the town, and found himself unable to draw a clear
target any individual CC member*

Aurellion: Just fire as many cousins into that town as you can...

Gobbos: Ok boss

*Aurellion Charges down into the town, unholstering his hammers from his tool
belt as he goes*

vorodorer                                                        28-02-2006 12:24 PM
*spins round pulling his polearm out and sticks it in the ground, he turns around
surveying the battlefield*

Come on! Who will be the first to fight me?!

WebsiteAl                                                        28-02-2006 12:28 PM

Al was minding his own business in Forumopolis, when all of a sudden...

"Oomph!" *A thumping noise is heard and Al is knocked to the floor*

"What was that for?" *Al looks up and sees leanne looming over him.*

"WAR! Hehe!"
*Al gets up quickly, and in one smooth movement, grabs one of his pistols and
smacks a button on his wristband. His body flickers in and out of visibility, and
becomes totally invisible. A blur is seen moving towards a tree.*

Danikat                                                          28-02-2006 12:31 PM

Arian: Danikat! The battle has begun! The CC are fighting back but they seem to
be a little overwhelmed.
Danikat: Damnit! Where's DP?
Arian: In the middle of it all of course. Fighting Narmine and Officer 1BDI
Danikat: Damnit! And I'm trapped here.
Veamoth: I will go.
Danikat: Alone? Are you sure?
Veamoth: I have fought alone before, this is no diffrent. And its better than
sitting here missing the battle.
Danikat: Very well then. Don't push yourself, if you're in trouble come back here.
And good luck.

*Veamoths bellow echos around the fortress as he charges down the passage
from the weyr ((Pernese dragons home)). Speading his wings on the ledge he
drops gracefully into flight over the ocean and as soon as enough high has been
attained dissapears between*

*He reappears over the battlefield and snarls in frustration at the thick fog hiding
everything below*
Veamoth: I can see nothing and no one!
Danikat: Arian! Why didn't you report this?
Arian: The teams say they are under the fog and can see perfectly. It did not
occur to them that it would be a problem.
Danikat: It'll be a problem when they get back, trust me. For now have them
relay images to Veamoth so he can see where he is going.
Veamoth: NO! I see something. Something huge and...evil. Comming towards the
Danikat: Arian....
Arian: *Calm in spite of the anger in his mistresses voice* Team 3 are still getting
into position, we thought we'd have more time to prepare. But Team 1 have just
reported that Net is fighting the...thing. Although it doesn't seem to be on either
Danikat: Leave it for now. Veamoth try and get rid of that damned fog!

*Veamoth backwings himself to a stop above the battlefield and hovering begins
to pound his wings against the air, creating massive gusts of wind in an attempt
to blow the fog away*

((Its your fog DP, let us know what happens to it.))

Sywyn                                                             28-02-2006 12:52 PM

Sywyn notices how the others attempts to burn the vines had failed, as he
dodged them he got an idea, Sywyn dives toward the trees from which the vines
sprung and begins hacking them down and setting fire to the stump "i hope that
worked" ha says before a thorned vine launches at him cutting his cheak

addman                                                            28-02-2006 01:46 PM

*Addman left the grunts to fend off Norn Mania for a moment and instead
decided to go straight for Sywyn, who was threatening the vines*

Sywyn! Come here! I've got something for you!

*charging his blade behind his back, Addman powered up his Scimitar Of
Corruption. The blade had the power to turn Sywyn to the Council's side, by
altering his perceptions. If he could bring Sywyn under control for the time being,
then he would prove to be a useful adversary.*


*the blue puppet swung the scimitar in a wide arc around himself attempting to
slash his opponent*

((Just to let you know sywyn, if my blade touches you, you'll have to fight for the
Council until it's effects wear off))

Spook                                                             28-02-2006 01:46 PM

*Spook floated upwards into the thickest layer of fog. He positioned himself
directly over the area where Narmie, Officer 1BDI, and DP were. Spook
concentrated his ghostly abilities until he had turned completely invisible. All that
could be seen of him was his Darkness Blade, which he had poised, and ready for

Wait for it Spook, wait for it...

*Spook saw the perfect moment to attack. Officer 1BDI was busy trying to
protect Narmie from DP's strike. Spook drifted down from the fog, behind Officer
1BDI, and took a swing at her neck with his Darkness Blade.*

((And for those of you who don't know, the Darkness Blade absorbs light and
uses its energy, so the area around the sword gets dark due to lack of light.))
Ruster                                                           28-02-2006 02:03 PM

Net:... Hell I dunno. Just get me some backup.
Yes my Lord!
*says Ruster before casting a worried look at the creature over her shoulder and
shooting vertically to look over the mist. There she stopped however because,
there above the fog was the biggest dragon she had ever seen in all her long life*
Oh, things just get better and better dont they?
*with that she held out her palm and called for a fragment of mirror. In it she
looked and there appeared, in seperate circles, all the members of the EC. Into it
she called:*
Danger immenent. stop. fabric of time torn. stop. other dimensional Langdanift
through rift. stop. Back up needed. stop. urgently.
*simultanoiusly the sound of beepers rang out under the fog.*
And now they come, watch out Beast!

Officer 1BDI                                                     28-02-2006 02:17 PM


Originally Posted by Narmie
Just so everyone knows I’m a boy

((*screams* Damn it, I knew that last week. Sorry, I have a big test today, and I
was kind of studying for it while I was typing.

In fact, that's why I'm not going to post my new entry just yet.... :p ))

Sywyn                                                            28-02-2006 02:26 PM

*Sywyns turns around and parrys addmans blade, then takes off into the air
almost disappearing, he comes down right behind the muppit and swings his leg
around to kick addman in the face*

addman                                                           28-02-2006 03:16 PM

*Quickly ducking the kick, Addman swings his trailing leg around and attempts to
trip up Sywyn, if he can knock him to the floor, then maybe he can strike him
with the Scimitar*

Sywyn                                                            28-02-2006 03:21 PM

*addmans leg goes right under Sywyn, he looks at addman with a blank stare
then swings his sword at addmans throat, brings his leg around for another kick
then flys into the air and attempts to dive into him to skewer him with the sword*

(i never said any of those hit and ive been flying this whole time)
leannewoods                                                       28-02-2006 03:25 PM

*watches from a tree muncing popcorn*

now this is better than t.v :D

addman                                                            28-02-2006 03:39 PM

*the first stab misses, but Sywyn's kick connects, sending Addman's googly eyes
spinning in circles. Once he gains his bearings again, he whips out a bag of
McVities Chocolate Digestives and throws it into the floor, exploding on impact
and spewing crumbs everywhere ((Addman uses these as smoke grenades)).
Sywyn dives into the shroud of crumbs with his vision impaired, but hits
something. It takes a moment for him to realise he has put his blade through a
tree, and the muppet was nowhere to be found*

Mwahaha, don't let this cuddly fur and these googly eyes decieve you Sywyn. I'm
exceptionally skilled in combat

*Addman is stood upright on the roof of a nearby house, he then leaps into the
crumb cloud, Scimitar ready to impale his opponent through the back of the

Sywyn                                                             28-02-2006 03:43 PM

Sywyn grins and whips the sword out of the tree swinging it around to parry the
scimitar "dont underestimate me, im quite fast" he thrusts he blade at addman

vorodorer                                                         28-02-2006 03:58 PM

*Seph is now majorly bored, he has been sitting on his spear for half an hour
watching Addman and all the rest battle it out with other people, untill his faithfull
assasin battlemonkey pops next to him*

Shizou: Oook ook ak aack!

You really annoyed somebody by stealing their left shoe?

Shizou: Ook

Shut up....

leannewoods                                                       28-02-2006 04:01 PM

*chucks a stone at vorodorer*

hey, anybody home? XD

vorodorer                                                         28-02-2006 04:21 PM
*he bends backwards so he is leaning right off the spear, but still maintaning
perfect balance, he snaps back up again*

If you have want of a fight you have made one

*He jumps down and bends the spear shaft down, it pings out the ground and
straight into the air, he leaps up to grab it then brings it down in an arc aimed
towards leanne*

leannewoods                                                       28-02-2006 04:22 PM

*jumps off the tree and lands flat*


TheDarkPsycho                                                     28-02-2006 04:56 PM

*DP kepted battling as if nothing was happening...but something was. The fog
stayed there as if it was a ghost, able to have the wind slice through it without
affecting it in any way. Veamoth tried to flap harder, but then something piculiar
(sp?) happened. The for seemed to instantly grow a giant hand and reach up to
grab the offending dragon, as if to drag it down and capture the beast*

((Now would be a good time for the newer people to read up on DP's alternate-
personality cloning technique....))

3kul                                                              28-02-2006 05:33 PM


Originally Posted by Narmie
3kul fire burns nature and if they are "boosted magical nature"(you can't deside
if they are boosted magical nature its not up to you) what if norn-manias flames
are boosted magical fire, you never know.

((Um... I think it is up to me since the vines are mine - I used the vines, and
Sywyn ensured that they gained a boost. Perhaps you could ask me next time
rather than just jump at me, but anyways, what I should've said was that simply
saying 'burns the vines' is hardly even descriptive enough to warrant their
destruction (unfortunately, my internet died on me last night and I couldn't follow
this thread). Norn-mania doesn't describe which of the vines he attacks or how,
and since each vine is almost as tall as a building, they probably wouldn't just flail
about burning or letting him do it, they'd be trying to pummel the crap out of

Many of the vines were now burning, and almost all of them had been hacked
apart at the stump, so they could no longer even lift themselves off the ground -
all they could do was writhe around in pain (if they couldn't feel pain, they were
emulating it well). "Even enhanced you'd still qualify as my weakest charm,
vines..." HollowEyes was somewhat dissappointed at their total failure, but
thankfully, Addman had diverted Sywyn's attention, so there wasn't much harm

As he was about to re-focus his attacks on Norn-mania, his EC pager started
going beserk, and bit him. "Ow... dammit, technology's a b*tch..." He began to
read through the message "Time fabric torn... Langdanift through rift... Back up
needed..." Other than the last part, HollowEyes had no idea what the message
meant, but for now he could probably afford to take a break to check it out. "Hey,
Norn-mania, take care of the last of my vines for me, and hold this." He flicked a
lava-charm towards Norn-mania and jumped down a nearby manhole into the
sewers of Forumopolis. The three remaining vines that hadn't been cut down
began whipping about even more violently than before, taking out nearby
buildings and taking pot shots at Norn-mania.

((Norn-mania - no, HollowEyes hasn't defected and decided to give you a present
- just so you know, that charm will burst into molten lava as soon as it gets near
you. You decide what happens. Since DP plans on going all out, I might have to
start upping the ante a little bit, depending on who I fight and whether or not
they're worth it - so don't say that you weren't warned :p))

leannewoods                                                     28-02-2006 05:54 PM

*pulls face out of the ground and chucks pebbles in random directions*

Raven13                                                         28-02-2006 06:16 PM

((NEVER TOUCH MY SWORD! I'll post later, I just finished reading whats
happening. Gotta go, it's pancake day, and I love pancakes! DINNER!))

leannewoods                                                     28-02-2006 06:21 PM

((PANCAKES!!! *drools*))

Officer 1BDI                                                    28-02-2006 06:22 PM

((Holy cow, this thread is moving fast. I think I'm only going to slow things down
at the rate that I'm posting....))


Originally Posted by Spook
*Spook saw the perfect moment to attack. Officer 1BDI was busy trying to
protect Narmie from DP's strike. Spook drifted down from the fog, behind
Officer 1BDI, and took a swing at her neck with his Darkness Blade.*

*Officer 1BDI had only just noticed the sudden darkness when the Darkness
Blade connected with her neck.
There was no scream. There was no time. There was only shadow. And then...

((So, yeah, I'm dead, unless the blade actually does something else to me. The
metal's still shaped like a (broken) shield until someone figures out how to turn it
into something else.))

leannewoods                                                      28-02-2006 06:30 PM


oh my god she's d ead

Danikat                                                          28-02-2006 06:50 PM


Originally Posted by TheDarkPsycho
((Now would be a good time for the newer people to read up on DP's alternate-
personality cloning technique....))

((Oh crap. I forgot about that.))

*With a quiet pop Veamoth dissapeared from within the hand*

*Only to reappear roughly 8 seconds later on the opposite side of it. The instantly
he appeared he blasted the foggy hand with an angry stream of flame before
sweeping his wings down to lift hinself well above the battlefield and its cloaking

Danikat: Veamoth! Don't just fight, think!

((1BDI: this thread is moving fast. But its also shaping up to be a lot of fun. I
wouldn't write yourself out of it just yet. Maybe you could find an opponent with
less free time who won't be posting quite so often.))

Officer 1BDI                                                     28-02-2006 06:54 PM

((Thanks, Danikat, but unfortunately, the schoolwork's starting to pile up in light
of the approaching spring break, and I don't think I'll be able to keep up with the
story as a whole. :( I might jump back in later down the road, but for now, I'm
going to leave this to the professional RPGers. :)

There's actually a story-related reason I let myself fall out so soon, but I'm not
sure if/where I'm going to go with it....))

Shaon299                                                         28-02-2006 07:23 PM

Ruster                                                            28-02-2006 07:30 PM

*Ruster hummed a single note, deap throted and melodic like the sounds of
forests millennia ago and the mirror dissolved in the mist in a shower of silver
rain and wa no more. With that she turned in the air and saw to her delight and
dismay, the dragon be faced up against but then, dissapear. She shook her head.
This will be more difficult than they originally planned. She turned and darted
back to Net to aid him in his fight*

Raven13                                                           28-02-2006 07:33 PM

*Raven had just snatched the sword back...She was standing still, the cold was
unbearable, but she was heating up...* "Die...."* Ravens head snapped up, her
eyes were glowing red, and she had a strange silver glow about her...Suddenly, a
dark light consumed her...And it started to grow, it reached the widht of 4 people,
then suddenly stopped, and started to change colour...Suddenly out of the
strange mist came......* ((To be continued....dun Dun DUUUN!))

leannewoods                                                       28-02-2006 07:59 PM

*chucks pebbles at random EC members*

vorodorer                                                         28-02-2006 08:25 PM

*gets really annoyed and picks up the nearest grunt and lobs him at Leanne*

leannewoods                                                       28-02-2006 08:40 PM

*ducks as the grunt flies over her head and splats into a tree*

*pelts vorodorer with pebbles and twigs*

Kat_05                                                            28-02-2006 10:06 PM

She knew. She had to! Why else would Danikat have reacted as is she did when
Kat attacked?

"What do you think you're doing here, Dani dearest?"

Kat stepped past chips of glass, wood, and rock, and edged closer. The room
smelled strongly of the strange silver armadillo -the helper of the traitor. The
room had an earthly scent depite it's location, just like before...


Originally Posted by Kat_05
'It's foggy here -how can that be? It's a VOID. NOTHING is in a void, that's why
it's a VOID! Is this what the others who got trapped felt like? Those were
zombies though, and they just turned others. They didn't feel...
Maybe I'm stuck in my head, just like them. But how can that be? It smells
earthy here, not rotten. My heart's beating, and I'm breathing so I have to be
alive! What's this all about anyway?

Wait.... there's my crew! Dani, and Brayen, and- wait! Where are they going?!?
They're laughing and everything! They're leaving, why can't I! WAIT!'

I try to catch up with the others, but the chains keep me in place. They just
keep laughing while I'm stuck. I try frantically to escape, but the chains just cut
into my hands the more. I'll get them back for this...

Kat advanced on Dani, but the odd thing was that her left foot was glowing. There
was some kind of a chip inside. As Kat stopped "remembering", the chip stopped
glowing. It seemed that Dani and Kat would be fighting for a seperate reason
than just the war.

"It's war, Danikat. This time -IT'S ON."

Kat charged a wall, clawing her way up and blasting bursts of a bluish fire at


At the same time, an extra gadget began clicking on Netdroid9's communicater.

DementChild                                                      28-02-2006 10:48 PM

((Um... A bit much to read... Has anything concerning me happened that I need
to build my next post around?))

Narmie                                                           28-02-2006 11:13 PM

*DP sword comes down with a mighty blow, Narmie stumbles, then falls. Blood
guesses out of his wound “so much for armour” he groans. Narmie rolls over
and tries to slash at DPs legs but he just moves out of the way laughing.
Everything starts to slowly fade away, and all the time there’s a light getting
bigger and bigger. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Narmie gains conciseness knowing
that he doesn’t have long
he throes his lighting sword at DP with all the strength left in his body, he grabs
Officer 1BDI hand and uses his last teleporter and teleports them to the CC
centre. From loss of to much blood Narmie falls into a a dark and restless coma.*

Sywyn keep leanne safe she neads it.

3kul                                                             28-02-2006 11:30 PM

((Narmie, it's DP, not PD :p. As well as this, DP's sword has special effects that
entail from getting hit by it, so I'm not sure exactly what kind of injuries you'd
get. Don't worry too much about it for now, as it's just one of those things that
you'd have to know, but when DP posts later he'll probably be able to explain
better than I could. And Dement, I don't think that anyone's touched you as of

Narmie                                                              01-03-2006 12:40 AM

So what, Its to late I didn’t right all that for nothing.

DementChild                                                         01-03-2006 01:02 AM

*wakes up*
Urgh... Stupid teleporter... How the hell am I supposed to fix it in THIS century?
Now where the hell am I?

HisLordship                                                         01-03-2006 01:24 AM

((Vermillion fires this is irritating! The rate of posting exceeds my ability to clearly
ingest the information. Fie upon thee, thou anticks!))
The screen brubled with more information, which the owl drunk frantically.
"This crusade is going too far! I will not have it!"
Calling down to the grunts below, he hollered, "I must go: an action of grave
importance arises! Number fourt-twenty-four, you are in charge until I return.

Danikat                                                             01-03-2006 01:35 AM

((How the heck would you react if someone charged into the room and attacked
you? Even if they were a friend.))

*Danikat dodged across the room, slightly suprised by Kat's agility and snarled as
she saw the blue fire comming towards her. She ducked to the left and doged
most of it although one wing-tip was caught*

((As per usual I'll let you decide what happens since its your weapon.))

***Meanwhile, back on the battlefield***

*An armadillo silently appears near Narmie and nudges a Skull Shaped Basket
out from under a bush. Attatched to it is a short cryptic note in unusually angular
hand writing: "You'll need this."*

((Oh and its off-topic but I had to mention: not only am I being paid to sit in the
office and write this, I'm being paid double because I'm doing it on my overtime.

Narmie                                                              01-03-2006 01:53 AM

*Narmie starts to stir*
Spook                                                            01-03-2006 02:33 AM

*Spook watches, stunned, as Officer 1BDI's head falls off, and plops on the
ground in front of him.*

Y'know, I thought it would be much harder than that.

*Spook pulled his blade out of his slain foe, and floated back up into the sky to
scout out a next target.*

Officer 1BDI                                                     01-03-2006 03:38 AM


Y'know, I thought it would be much harder than that.

((I have an unsympathetic pile of homework, dang it! :p I'm also wondering why
Narmie warped my decapitated body to the medical center.... And where the heck
did I leave PF? :gulp: If/when I come back into the story, he'll probably play a
bigger role. Unfortunately.))

Narmie                                                           01-03-2006 04:58 AM

in the rpg i did not no you were deid. when i wake up ill find you body with no
and a pull of blood yuk.

TheDarkPsycho                                                    01-03-2006 05:55 AM

((Ok...The Sanity Blade...Danikat's Armadillo is right, your going to need the
basket. The Sanity Blade does not normally incur physical damage, although in
extreme cases it has been known to, mostly in people of different species than
human and other, rare circumstances. (reference the Corrupted Sanity Blade...a
special and rarely used state of the blade). It's main affect is Psychological. The
Sanity Blade, simply put, turns one sane, at a very slow, torturous rate. The
effects are powerfull, all it takes is a touch from the mystic blade to have the
affects take hold. And affect of the Sanity is your
character/weapon/monster/dragon/whatever will become normal and a dragon will turn into a newt, a demon will turn human
(accountant at that!), and often doesn't take affect on weapons.

Some say that the Sanity Blade has a conciousness of it's own, where it actually
collects it's victims Insanity, and only serves DP by it's own choice...unless we
bring out a situation deserving of the Corrupted Sanity Blade, we can't find out if
that is true. But we can know that this is a powerfull weapon in the CC...possibly
the most powerfull!))
netdroid9                                                           01-03-2006 08:03 AM

Net: ...Did she just call me lord?
Net2: Don't worry about that, just attack that thing!

*Net watches as the beast knocks a building over in his rush to reach his target,
blocking his path.*

Net: ...Damn.

*The creature speeds up, moving kilometers with each step.*

Net: This is one hell of a city.
Net2: It spans several hundred kilometers, including ruins, battlefields, sewerage
treatment plants, startship docks, etc.
Net: ...Starship docks?

*Five minutes later.*

Net2: Are you sure you can pilot this thing?
Net: Heck yeah. I want all power diverted to the launch thrusters!
Net2: ...*Sigh* Let me drive.

*The starship looks vaguely biological, as if it had been taken over by the Borg at
one point. It launches off with a blast of blue flame and hovers on what appear to
be anti-grav pods. It speeds towards the creature at an amazing rate.*

Net2: Right, you any good with an anti-matter gun?
Net: Anti-matter whatnow?
Net2: Fine, I'll use... The...
Net: What?
Net2: ...Crap. This ship doesn't have any guns, it's a civillian.
Net: What? Doesn't it even have gatling guns?
Net2: What do you think?
Net: Fine, we'll have to bring out the ultimate weapon.
Net2: No! Not that! Remember what happened last time?

*The two Nets shudder.*

Net: I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about the Pocky Launcher.
Net2: Oh. But where will we find ammo?
Net: ...Remember the time when we accidentally warped into DP's Pocky
Net2: Firstly, there's no 'we' about it, and secondly, are you insane?
Net: Yes. Yes I am.

*Five minutes later, Net has mounted the 'Pocky Launcher' and is readying the

3kul                                                                01-03-2006 09:22 AM

Wandering through the sewers, HollowEyes was fairly confident that he hadn't
been followed. He had a few tricks up his sleeve yet, but was still unsure as to
which he should use. It would probably be best to give assistance to Net and
Ruster, but he had hoped- "HollowEyes!" Clicked a familiar voice rather sharply,
interrupting his train of thought. "Just what exactly is the meaning of the
message you left for me?" HollowEyes looked around for the source of the voice,
but couldn't find it. "Down here, you impudent brat! Fancy making an ancient
spirit like myself come all the way here, and I've never been in such a disgusting

Looking down, he spotted the extremely irritated spirit in an Earth-appropriate
vessel. "I think a cockroach suits you quite nicely, beetle spirit - truly one of the
Earth's most noble beasts." HollowEyes said, with a hint of jest in his voice. "Well
that's not what I was told. Anyway, what's this about wanting to discuss our
arrangement? Something wrong with aligning yourself with the mighty beetle
spirit of petrification? Why, I was one of the only ones to trust you, you rotten
little-" HollowEyes decided now was the time to cut in, before the beetle spirit
gave it's vessel a hernia from being so worked up. "I want an upgrade." The
moment he uttered these words, the beetle spirit's mood changed immediately.

A few moments later, and the deal was done. "A pleasure doing business with you
as always HollowEyes..." The cockroach gave an impish grin and disintigrated -
that look never failed to creep HollowEyes out. He shouted out into the murky
depths of the sewers "Little Sister. We're going with my plan." ~How nice of you
to take your time Brother, I had the lovliest time perfecting the art of skewering
sewer rats. I'll ready the cannon.~

addman                                                            01-03-2006 09:23 AM

*The cookie crumbs still floated around in the air impairing the visibility of all in
the vicinity. Sywyn lunged at Addman with his blade ((just recapping on your last
action several pages ago)). The muppet stylishly caught the sword between his
index and middle finger, stopping the assault in it's tracks. He then brought his
own blade towards Sywyn in an upwards swing ((the blade is still charged)).*

magusmagus                                                        01-03-2006 10:38 AM

*Magus had been alerted by one of the PM birds earlier that day. He had needed
nourishment and headed to the sewers in hope of absorbing some juicy rats,
afterall he couldn't have joined the fight on an empty stomach. Once he had
eaten his fill, what a surprise that one of the EC scumballs had entered his lair.
After biding his time until the talking cockroach had gone, Magus decided to make
his attack.*

Ahh Holloweyes, we may have trained together in the past ((Dungeons For
Dummies)), but now you are an enemy of the CC, and therefore an enemy of

*Although Holloweyes could hear his voice, Magus was nowhere to be seen.
Suddenly, a green swirl emerged in the shallow waters beneath his feet and
began to solidify.*

Prepare to be absorbed!

*the blob clings to Holloweye's feet stubbonly, refusing to let go*
vorodorer                                                       01-03-2006 10:43 AM

*Seph snaps out of his boredom, he smiles evilly then dissapears in a puff of
black smoke*

(( Ive gone off to do some sneaking, infiltration and sabotage :P find me if you

3kul                                                            01-03-2006 11:21 AM

"Oh, Magusmagus, I was wondering where you'd been lurking, but of course, a
sewer suits you perfectly." HollowEye's tone was fairly nonchalant about
Magusmagus absording his feet. "Things have greatly changed since we last
trained together though, have you by any chance met my sister yet?" An ear
piercing shriek echoed throughout the sewers in reply to HollowEyes mentioning
her name. "It's rude of me not to introduce her, and I am a guest here after all."

HollowEyes glanced down one of the sewer tunnels to see a mass of writhing hair
plowing towards them. "Each strand of hair is like a surgical scalpel -
unfortunately, I don't think that it can cause you any serious damage, but there's
no harm in tearing you to shreds." Multiple hair-needles began to slice at Magus
furiously, each one being carefully controlled so as not to hit HollowEyes. Another
large bunch wrapped around him and began to pull, hoping to loosen Magus' grip
enough to unstick HollowEyes.

netdroid9                                                       01-03-2006 11:30 AM

*Net sits himself behind the pocky launcher and aims for the beast's eyes. A
quick burst of chocolate treat indicates that the device is functioning correctly.
The beast screams in rage and diverts it's attention back to Net, punching the
ship's side and damaging the reactor. In the cabin Net2 franticly presses buttons
and pushes levers in an attempt to keep the ship under control. Needless to say,
he fails miserably and the ship explodes, puncturing another interdimentional
hole. Net awakes in a strange dimention, surrounded by what appear to be other
Nets. A quick look around causes Net to discover something horrible. There were
posters preeching of an intergalactic war of the Nets.*

Net: What the... Hell?

*The Nets reply as one.*

Nets: Welcome back, fellow member of The Intergalacic Allience of Net! You will
help us fight The Fiendish Empire of Nett. Or else.
Net: ...Oh my god! I've heard that anything's possible, but come on! Seriously!
The writter must be running out of ideas or something, because this is just
Nets: Fight! Fight! Fight!
Net: ...Where's Net2?
Nets: You speak of the one who must not be named! STONE HIM! STONE HIM!!!!!


Net2: Commence the attack!
*Thousands of interdimensional copies of Net flow through the portal, charging
towards the beast.*

Sywyn                                                             01-03-2006 11:32 AM

Sywyn gestures and his body becomes like a thin mist, his sword frees itself and
addmans blade passes right through him, he half smiles "nice try, if only my side
in this battle fought like you", he sighs then flys directly upward and begins
charging a dark energy beam in his hands

magusmagus                                                        01-03-2006 11:41 AM

*Holloweye's sister successfully pulls Magus off of his prey, and cuts large
portions of him off. Slime flies around, hitting the walls of the sewer and painting
them bright green. There is nothing left of Magus accept for the stains on the
walls and ceiling.*

*after a few moments, the slime on the walls begins to quiver. Although the
assault had made Magus feel quite weak, he managed to summon up his strength
and pulled his pieces together. The globules of slime reform in midair and land
directly on top of the sister. Her hairs rip through him once again, causing the
blob severe discomfort. Each chunk of jelly that flies off quickly jumps back into
the fray and sticks back to Magus. The blob hopes to be able to keep this up until
she gets too tired and he overcomes her*

3kul                                                              01-03-2006 12:05 PM

~Argh! Brother! I cut and I cut, but it continues to reform!~ Little Sister showed
more signs of getting frustrated than she was of getting tired. HollowEyes was
torn between heading for the cannon or helping her - all he could do without
getting in the way was to offer advice. "Stay focused, your movements are
getting-" ~GET IN THE FREAKIN' CANNON!!!~ Little Sister whirled around, hurling
HollowEyes through the sewer tunnel at an alarming rate.

Hearing more shrieks of frustration from Little Sister, HollowEyes hurried down
the sewers until he reached what appeared to be a large white cannon, but upon
closer inspection was found to be intricately woven out of Little Sister's hair. He
climbed into the top, making sure to remove the manhole above as he did so, and
tapped the inside three times when he was in position.

~Finally...~ Little Sister was tiring of this slimey thing's attacks - it just didn't
seem to stop. She gave a tug of the correct strand of hair and the cannon fired
with a thundering boom. HollowEyes rocketed into the sky at a ridiculous speed,
showing no signs of slowing down. Little Sister reshaped her hair into a large pair
of claws and tried to throw Magus off of her, running whilst she did so in hope of
escaping him, since the fight clearly wasn't going her way.

((What is HollowEyes' plan? Only time will tell!))

addman                                                            01-03-2006 12:28 PM
I wouldn't go throwing dark matter around Sywyn, it doesn't suit someone as
poncey as yourself

*the muppet was clearly enjoying this fight. He looks around for something that
may aid him. To his left and his right are tall buildings, stretching into the sky.
Addman remembers an old trick which he has used several times before*


*he plunges the scimitar deep into the floor, creating an earthquake effect.
Around him, the ground sinks about three foot in a large radius around himself,
and cracks begin to emerge in the tarmac. Although Addman realises an
earthquake would do little against Sywyn in the air, the buildings which will
collapse due to this attack may bring him down to Earth. The surrounding
structures begin to cave in as Addman charges out of harms way*

Aurellion                                                         01-03-2006 02:39 PM

*Aurellion finaly arrives at the battle scene and takes in the flurry of action before
A guant humanoid was floating in the air, a ball filled with swirling dark light
gaining in size and power at his chest, Aurellion recognised the muppet Addman
fleeing from a great sink hole in the city, into which many buldings were falling,
one of which was falling towards the humanoid.

He could also see a great dragon flying through the air... and it had seen him!
Aurellion holstered one of his hammers, grabbed his nail gun, took aim and
quickly ducked and rolled out of the way as the monster had already made a dive
at him and had the idea of turning him into a dragon snack. Having narrowly
escaped the things jaws, Aurellion snapped of a few shots at the creature, which
unimpressivly bounced of its scales. The creature then flew up into the air and
prepared to send a fireball Aurellions way... but received several wounds from a
star ship and lost interest with Aurellion*

Aurellion: That... was close

magusmagus                                                        01-03-2006 02:45 PM

*A loud rumbling overhead causes Magus some concern. It sounds like there is
some type of earthquake starting, but he decides not to worry about that for the
moment. Holloweye's sister was running away and Magus, being the squelchy
blob that he is, couldn't keep up*

You may think that you are escaping, but my intelligence triumphs where my
physical form fails!

*and with that, Magus promptly melted into the shallow, murky waters which
flowed through the sewer. He used the current to travel through the water faster
than she could escape, and he reforms on the other side of her*

You wouldn't want me to go hungry now would you?
((Might I point out that the sewers are perfect for Magus. Although slow on dry
land, when in water he can travel much, much faster. Also, the compact tunnel
environment means that his pieces don't have far to travel to reform))

DementChild                                                        01-03-2006 03:06 PM

Hmm, it's dark and wet here. How crappy.
Smells too... Where could I be?
*turns on torch*
Oh great... The sewers... :|
*Hears a distant rumbling*
Hmm... What was that?
*Walks off to investigate*

Raven13                                                            01-03-2006 03:27 PM

*Ravens new aura was shimmering with multiple colours, yellow, black, purple,
and green...Suddenly, they started to separate, and take shape...Raven was
compleatly covered, and no one could see what was happening. The different
colours of the aura were separating, and moving away from each other...There
was still no sign from Raven....*

((Name: Dark Raven
Age: Unkown
Sanity: None
Appearance: A shadow, or black fog...Blood red glowing eyes from what should
be the face, and what looks like a sword in one clawish hand. It truly looks like a
daemon of pure darkness and suffering...
Gender: It seems to be female
Abilities: All of Ravens powers, and some darker ones that she has never been
able to use because of the others stopping her...
Personality: Cruel, unforgiving, loyal, evil, ruthless and she will never quit till all
of her enimys are dead and rotting....

Sanity:Almost undiluted....But a little bit of insanity
Appearance:She it sleek and tall, her skin is milk white, and she had a flowing
green dress on, the sleeves look like folded ivy leaves, and the bottom looks like
giant leaves, she it the epitamy of good it seems....
Abilitys:She can controle all elements, and can manipulate plant life.
Personality:Calm, nice, friendly...Pritty much the opposite of Dark Raven...

Sanity:Small amount, but it seems to have gone for a bit of a vacation.....
Appearance:A slim built teenage girl, about 5.7. She had mouse brown hair,
plae complection, and shocking blue eyes. She usually wears black hoodies, and
jeans. And navy converse.
Abilitys:She has no magic, being human. But she does carry around an unlimited
supply of knives, petrol bombs, nailvarnish remover, matches, and
aerosols.....Only I know how to use them all properly...Oh, and she carries
around a role of toilet paper...Just incase you need a longer fuse...
Personality:Spunky, and hard seeming. She really is as soft os a marshmellow.
She gets on with what she has to do, but she secretly holds a want to kill, and be
evil. Sometimes she wishes she was a vampire, but unless one suddenly appears
in the battle, that wish will never be fulfilled, and she will never be able to cure
her blood lust...

Name:Magical Pie Man (MPM for short)
Age:About 3 houres, he was just baked fresh.
Sanity:He is the ephany of stupid insanity...
Apperance:A pie...In a tin...With googley eyes, and a red cape...With tinfoil
rolled up for arms and legs...
GenderMale....I think...
Abilitys:He's able to fly...And move....And grant wished to Raven, Jess and Ivy.
Personality:WUSS! COWARD! PONCE! (You get the idea?)))

~~~Dark Ravens POV~~~
*Raven snapped open her eyes...She was...Free...* "REVENGE!" *She had been
trapped for so long...Now her true power and blood lust was released...She would
kill...Mame, and destroy anyone who got in her way...*

~~~Ivys POV~~
*Her eyes fluttered open...She was free!* "Freedom! The world can become a
better place now!" * She whirled around....But all she saw was suffering...This
war...It had to stop....She got one of her trees to life her up in the sky, then she
looked around.SHe saw lepordae chanting with her signs and went to join her*

~~~Jesss POV~~~
*She opend her eyes...It was a dream, she thought. But she closed them
again...And...It didn't go away...Exitement and fear rushed through her! She
looked around and saw people fighting, it was like a cartoon! Then she saw Ivy,
being a goodie goodie as always, she snuck up behind her, and took out some of
her matches and nail varnish remover...Waiting for the right moment....*

~~~MPMs POV~~~
*MPM looked around...It was so scary! He ran to the nearest fridge and hid

leannewoods                                                       01-03-2006 05:27 PM



*clings to nearest branch*

vorodorer                                                         01-03-2006 06:34 PM

*Seph whips off his cloak of shadows, he was completely invisible until he took it
off, he appears behind the fridge*

*He short circuits the fridge using a thin rod of iron and a peice of rubber, setting
the fridge on fire, you can hear the screams of pie man cooking slowly inside, he
pushes his back up against it, lifts it up slightly and pushes the flaming-screaming
fridge down the slope towards the place were Sywyn and Addman are dueling,
with a look of evill satisfaction, he puts the cloak back on and dissapears*

leannewoods                                                      01-03-2006 06:36 PM

*is still clinging to branch*

*branch breaks*

*falls and lands in front of invisible vorodorer*

*looks around*

phew. nobody here...

vorodorer                                                        01-03-2006 06:41 PM

*Grabs hold of Leanne and whips her under the cloak*

(whisper) Ahh... So they sent in the young ones? I recons i have a few bones to
break with you...

leannewoods                                                      01-03-2006 06:42 PM


vorodorer                                                        01-03-2006 06:46 PM

*His black wings Snap open push the cloak off him, he grabs it in one hand and
tucks it under his Jerkin, with the other he had grabbed hold of Leanne by the
mouth, he is revealed to be wearing pitch black Ninja sneaking gear, with an
ornate head-dress of an ornate silver dragon, his black sword is strapped to his
back his eyes have turned a shade of dark blue as to not show out reflections*

Scream all you want little girl, nobody is coming to save you!

*He drops Leanne and pulls out his sword*

leannewoods                                                      01-03-2006 06:49 PM

*climbs nearest tree and clings to branch*

*windows of nearby house shatter*

heh heh heh :D

vorodorer                                                        01-03-2006 06:51 PM

*he brings his black sword around and cuts through the tree felling it instantly*

Run and hide, Run and hide!

Raven13                                                          01-03-2006 06:51 PM

((I gave Seph my full consent to kill of MPM before he did it, I actually suggested
it. So therefore, he was NOT powerplaying))

~~~Dark Ravens POV~~~
*Raven was floating through a hoard of cc members, slashing and killing them as
she past, she wanted to find a worths opponent...But that was proving hard...She
was growing stronger from all the pain, blood, and violence around her...But she

~~~Ivys POV~~~
*Ivy was still chanting, she wanted it all to stop, all the unbalence of dying and
evil was giving her a migrain...She sat down to clear her head...Not noticing
anythig because of her sore head*

~~~Jesss POV~~~
*Jess was waiting for the right time to soak Ivy in nail varnish...She suddenly saw
her sit down and massage her head...Quietly sneaking up on her...She quickly
emtied the nail varnish remover onto Ivy, and lit a match throwing it at her. Ivy
screamed, as she was made of nature, her plant part lighted up quickly, and she
was burning...Jess smiled and walked away. Her work was done....For now....*

~~~Ivys POV~~~
*Ivy was dying...She could feel it...How could Jess do that to her? I thought she
was neutral...But Ivy would return...She created her, and she could not live
without her...She would not be freed again for a long time, but atleast she would
have the pie to keep her company...She dived off the tree, and fell into the
cavern below....*

~~~Dark Ravens POV~~~
*As Raven was making her way through the battle field, she felt a great power
leave....* "Excelent...." *She knew this was Jesss work...She could feel it, she
had killed Ivy...Taking out that wimp was very evil....Maybe they had more in
common then she thought. Continuing on, looking for an opponent willing to fight
her in this state...*

leannewoods                                                      01-03-2006 06:55 PM

*rips bark off branch and chucks it at vorodorer*
vorodorer                                                       01-03-2006 06:57 PM

*it flies towards his head, he grabs it in his mouth and crushes it with his fangs,
he grins an insane grin and spits out the rest of the bark, he readies his sword an
lunges at Leanne*


leannewoods                                                     01-03-2006 07:00 PM


vorodorer                                                       01-03-2006 07:05 PM

*chases after Leanne, he sheathes his sword and pulls out his spear so he can get
more length*

Sywyn                                                           01-03-2006 07:12 PM

"you shouldent be so careless as to give me such large weapons muppit" Sywyn
throws the dark energy towards the ground, it splits up enveloping the falling
buildings, Sywyn lifts shadow covered buildings into the air and hurls every last
on at addman, he aims his free hand at the ground and lets loose a torrent of fire
that begins melting the earth around addman and the falling buildings. Sywyn
now board of this opponent flys off to find someone a bit more challenging

vorodorer                                                       01-03-2006 07:13 PM

(( Umm, what about the fridge i threw at you? ))

Sywyn                                                           01-03-2006 07:13 PM

((i was flying, you slid the fridge))

leannewoods                                                     01-03-2006 07:15 PM

*turns the corner and turns into a crimson norn and acts like a normal norn*

*although still has a strangely long tail*


Raven13                                                         01-03-2006 07:21 PM

~~~Dark Ravens POV~~~
*Raven was almost at her most powerful now...But she still wanted an
opponent...She saw Sywyn walking around, and even though they had been
friends the past, she went in to attack, her blood lust rising, she was now....Pure

~~~Jess's POV~~~
*Jess felt slightly sick, the blood, guts, and other things she prefered not to
mention were overpowering her, the smell...Was sickening...She curled up in a
ball moaning, she vomited...After awhile, she got up and walked over to a tree.
She noticed Leanne sneaking around the corner....* "Exelent" * She thought.
Sneaking around, she took out one of her knives, and attemted to stab Leanne.*

~~~Dark Ravens POV~~~
*Raven approced Sywyn, he was still unnaware of her, she took a deathly blow at
him with her sword, hoping that he would be skilled enough to block it...*
"Die..."* She whispered as she swung her sword...*

Sywyn                                                            01-03-2006 07:25 PM

Sywyn draws his blade with almost lightning quickness to block ravens attack,
"ah, so now the demoness wants to fight me, so be it" he uses his left hand to
swing at ravens face, while holding her blade back with the sword in his right

vorodorer                                                        01-03-2006 07:27 PM

*losing Leanne he gets rather bored, he goes back to the originall plan he was
assigned, and goes off for some sabotage, he puts the cloak around himself once
more and becomes invisible*

Raven13                                                          01-03-2006 07:32 PM

~~~Dark Raven's POV~~~
*Sywyns strike shocked her, she did not expect anyone to be at all skilled
here...But then again...She had battled side by side with him before, and he was
up to scratch. She tried to dodge the blow, but only succeding in making it only
hit her arm. Angered, she Flew into the sky and started to hurl fire balls at him.*
"You dare strike me?!" *She hissed, still firing the flames, she watched them soar
to the ground, dead on target for now....*

vorodorer                                                        01-03-2006 07:35 PM

*A load explosion is heard down wind with a maniacle laughter, a few dozen
people fly into the air with fireballs chasing them rapidly*

Sywyn                                                            01-03-2006 07:39 PM

Sywyn waves his arm in front of him and a black force wall appears, the fireballs
crack the barrier with every blow, with the last one penetrating it completly
striking Sywyn in the chest and throwing him back a few feet, "AH! thats hot" he
shouts as he reagins his balence and flys towards raven at full speed, he draws a
second sword from his side and deflects some of the fireballs, then thrusts one
blade at raven and swings horiozontaly with the other

Raven13                                                        01-03-2006 07:43 PM

~~~Dark Raven's POV~~~
*Raven watched amused from below, once again her shadow puppets had
confused Sywyn. Getting a freezing energy ball ready in her hands, she threw it
up to Sywyn, if she was lucky, it would hit him, and he would fall to the ground
frozen....* "Don't try and play with the bigger kids, you just end up getting
hurt....." *She hissed...It was one of the few thing she remembered her mother
saying to her, most had faded over the centuarys, but that one was always useful
in battle, so it stayed....*

Sywyn                                                          01-03-2006 07:51 PM

quickly noticing the fake raven Sywyn turns and matches the ice with flame, "and
you shouldent play with fire" he snears as he dives through the smoke then stops
and tosses one of his swords into the air and uses his umbramancy to forge 100
shadow copys of it, upon catching the real blade he launchs the copys directly at

(i made up the word umbramancy
umbra- shadow mancy- magic)

Raven13                                                        01-03-2006 07:56 PM

~~~Dark Ravens POV~~~
"Ah....A wall of swords? How clever..." *Raven cooed.* "But, my dearest, I'm
afraid....It's just not good enough...*Raven smirked, then suddenly, she sank into
the ground, dissapearing....*

Sywyn                                                          01-03-2006 08:00 PM

Sywyn shrugs "well at least this will last a while" he says then chases the
demoness into the shadow "were are you" he wispers into the void, looking
around cautiously

Raven13                                                        01-03-2006 08:03 PM

~~~Dark Raven's POV~~~
*Raven smiled, he was truly what she had been looking for...Not willing to give
up, much like herself. She saw him in the shadows, her demon eyes, scanning
the dark. Sneaking up on him, she drew her blade.* "I've found you" *She
whispered, striking, and aiming for him neck*

Sywyn                                                          01-03-2006 08:05 PM
Sywyn turns around and grabs the sword is mid swing, "not quite as slow as you
had expected am i" he says as he brings a dagger towards ravens forehead

Raven13                                                         01-03-2006 08:10 PM

~~~Dark Raven's POV~~~
*Raven saw dagger, turning to do a backflip, she got caught in the side with the
blade, blood started puring out.* "You will pay for that!" *She hissed, tracing her
fingers along the wound, you could smell the scent of burning flesh, Raven was
welding the wound back together....* "Now, where was I?" *She cooed, swinging
her sword around in one hand, and charging a dark energy bll in the other, she
went in for the kill*

Sywyn                                                           01-03-2006 08:15 PM

Sywyn feels the sting of the wound on his hand as he gestures for his body to
become shadow like, ravens attack scatters the mist that he had become, and it
takes a bit longer for him to pull himself together, in mid reformation he swings
both of his swords at raven, becoming solid once again at the last moment

3kul                                                            01-03-2006 08:18 PM

~Uuuu... He's smarter than he looks...~ She remembered that the water controls
for the sewers were further down this tunnel, and her plan had been to use that
to her advantage, but Magus would easily catch her by then at this rate. More
earthquakes shook around them as chaos rampaged above them. At any rate, the
nearest man-hole was blocked by the remains of the cannon, and there wasn't
one for several kilometres going back the other way.

She began to rapidly expand her hair out, so that each strand could get a good
grip on the walls around her and shrieked at him as loudly as she could, sending
a shockwave through the tunnels. At the same time, she leaned back and
launched herself forward - she was now moving twice as fast as before, each
strand acting as an individual leg ((the general effect is something like a daddy
long-legs)). At the very least, she could hope that he might have trouble catching
her like this, as she was now in the centre of a large bundle of her own hair.

((Some shrewd moves there Magus ;)))

Raven13                                                         01-03-2006 08:22 PM

~~~Dark Raven's POV~~~
*Raven saw the sword coming down, smirking, she stepped to one side* "You
really need to do better my dear...." *She cooed, stepping up to Sywyn, tracing
her nail along his cheeck leaving a cut. As the blood trickeled down, she smiled,
and thrusted her sword towards his stomack*

leannewoods                                                     01-03-2006 08:25 PM
*is sitting in a tree wondering where sywyn and raven went*

*senses vorodorer near*

*curls into ball*

Sywyn                                                            01-03-2006 08:28 PM

Sywyn turns to his side and and strikes ravens blade knocking the weapons from
both their hands, "you realy should give me more credit, but then again you
seem less vicious than normal" he jests at the demoness, then sores high into the
void, and throws a ball of flame like shadow at Raven

Raven13                                                          01-03-2006 08:32 PM

~~~Jess's POV~~~
*Jess saw Leanne sitting in a tree, she took out one of her knives, and started to
climb, she silently reached Leanne, and thrusted her knife at her back*

~~Dark Raven's POV~~
*As Ravens sworg got knocked out of her hand, her anger rose.* "How dare
he!?!" *She thought, the fire ball came hurtelling down at her, and with a flick of
her hand, it bounced off her. She seemed to be glowing with rage. Walking over,
she picked up her sword, and proptly...Sank into the darkness....*

Sywyn                                                            01-03-2006 08:38 PM

Sywyn ponders what exactly she sank into as they were already in the plane of
darkness, suddenly is dawned on him, he quickly begins casting flames in random
directions to keep the shadows away, "maybe i shouldent have made that jest"
he thinks to himself, looking for the gate through which he entered

Raven13                                                          01-03-2006 08:41 PM

~~~Dark Raven's POV~~~
*As the flames burned, Raven felt a new strength rise in her, coming out from
the shadows, she approced Sywyn from behind, and thrusted her sword at his

leannewoods                                                      01-03-2006 08:46 PM

*shifts to the side*

*jumps of tree*

Sywyn                                                           01-03-2006 08:46 PM

at that exact moment Sywyn turns and blasts flames in the direction raven is
coming from, he feels relived, then lands on the ground and disperses his wings

Raven13                                                         01-03-2006 08:53 PM

~~~Dark Raven's POV~~~
*Raven barly ducked in time, she needed to be more careful...But for now, she
needed to rest, she needed to feed....* "May we meet again my lovely, and next
time...You wont be so lucky...." *Flapping her shadowy wings, she went to the
surface, cut open a portal with her sword, and went to another dimension to feed
and regenerate...*

~~~Jess's POV~~~
"Darn it!" *She said, as Leanne got away, she was tired, and needed to rest, the
sickening smell was overpowering her, she lay down to rest her eyes, and she
promptly fell asleep...*

((Hey, I need to sleep too,I have a history essay to do for tommorow. *cringes*
Anyway, don't touch my charicters while I'm gone, the last time I left I got frozen
and my sword got stolen! Anyway, I bid thee all good night, and have un-
pleasant dreams...))

leannewoods                                                     01-03-2006 08:57 PM

((bed? its not even 10:00 yet!! o.o i probably haven't gone to bed early for a
month :p ))

*curls into ball and naps in an abandoned bird nest*


Sywyn                                                           01-03-2006 09:13 PM

((its 5 here, i usualy go to bed at 6, then i wake up at 11))

DementChild                                                     01-03-2006 09:16 PM

((It's 10:15pm here, I normally go to bed at 3:00am))

*walking towards the direction the sound came from*

leannewoods                                                     01-03-2006 09:19 PM

WebsiteAl                                                       01-03-2006 09:30 PM

By this time, Al had climbed near to the top of the tree he had previously been
hiding behind. He looked down.

"Ok, don't look down" he whispered to himself.

He began pointing and shooting the pistol in his right hand at various CC
members, while holding on to a branch with the other. He missed a lot. In fact,
he wasn't sure if he was actually hitting anyone.

"...This is pointless." He sighed, looking down again. His pistol came out of his
hand as he wobbled and fell. Somehow he managed to grab onto the branch
again, but let go almost instantly. He landed on his feet, though his legs were
unsurprisingly broken, and he was no longer invisible. He pushed a few buttons
on his wristband and slid under the tree using his arms. He lay back and shut his
eyes, trying to block out the pain. Minutes later he was invisible again.

leannewoods                                                     01-03-2006 09:36 PM


Danikat                                                         01-03-2006 09:49 PM

((Aurillion I know it was back on page 8 but I just want to point out that the
dragon you were fighting is actually a character, specifically one of my
Controlling his actions is still considered power-playing.))

*Veamoth snarled in frustration at the brief distraction Aurillion had provided and
turned his attention back to the fog, which was trying once again to grab at him*

*Circling the great dragon sent blasts of flame out towards the cloud, bellowing
his frustration as they passed through*

((Ok I know I'm technically power-playing here since DP has never posted to say
what the fire did. But I know from past experience what it would do: nothing. And
I'm impatient.))

*Suddenly Veamoth was distracted by an unexpected voice in his mind*
Alzaranth: Fool! Fire cannot hurt the cloud.
Veamoth: What then? What can I do?
Danikat: You've been thinking like a dragon for too long. You can't burn cloud,
but you can freeze it!

*On his next pass Veamoth circled away from the cloud, taking time to shift his
focus. Suddenly he swung back around and instead of breathing flame at the
cloud he blasted it with a gust of freezing air*

leannewoods                                                     01-03-2006 10:15 PM

TheDarkPsycho                                                    01-03-2006 11:27 PM

*The cloud had an instant response to the started to shrink, first
revealing the outskirts of the city, moving towards the spot where the dragon was

Once the fog shrank into an area abou 3 cubic feet, it stayed, frozen solid...and
there it would stay until it thawed*

((ARGH! You just took DP Beta from me...I suppose now you would be taking him
inbetween now, right Dani?))

DementChild                                                      01-03-2006 11:35 PM


 Originally Posted by leannewoods

((Quit spamming you moron))

Narmie                                                           01-03-2006 11:41 PM

i threw my sword at you DP

(Narmies nothing special so he doesn’t change right?)

*A long time it has bean since Narmie had gone into a coma (page number 14 to
Narmie wakes up and looks around “yuk a body less head.” Narmie takes his
off to tend to his wound ”ouch! What its bean stitched, I wonder who did it?
“what’s this, a basket of some sort, made of bones.” takes the basket
with him as he leaves the room “there’s nearly no one here.” Narmie desides to
goto a lot of his worlds to get 30 genetically modified norns that feel no pain, and
a hole tribe of hardmans, ten slug guns, some enslaved grendels, some worker
etins, 5 freeze guns, 20 helicopters, 5 magma norns and 10 teleporters. ”that
should do it” Narmie goes and gets a long sword and some dragon skin armour
for himsalf.*

TheDarkPsycho                                                    02-03-2006 02:41 AM

((Did you? Well, what I did was a response to Danikat's attack on the fog, um..DP
beta. I'll do a reply for your attack when I get home))

Officer 1BDI                                                     02-03-2006 03:13 AM

Originally Posted by Narmie
in the rpg i did not no you were deid. when i wake up ill find you body with no
and a pull of blood yuk.

((Ah, ok. BTW, unless I missed someone else taking it, PF's found and taken my
head for reasons I'll explain if/when I come back. :p ))

Narmie                                                         02-03-2006 04:21 AM

bummer your heads gone i had plans for that.

Sywyn                                                          02-03-2006 05:02 AM

Sywyn emerges from the darkness and walks through the war torn city, "dosent
look like much happened while i was gone" he says to himself, then looks around
cautiously, he takes some of the blood from the gash on his hand and combines it
with shadow to create twin blood swords

Norn-mania                                                     02-03-2006 07:30 AM

*Norn-mania yelped, the vines would of killed him if it weren't for (A) ...*
*A horde of Zombie llamas runs into and blows up killing them*
*and (B) Him being un-dead. Norn-mania jumped on an invisible motor bike
which he hoped would hapen to be there. It was he sped of into the distasnce
before reality woke up and auto killed the Motor Bike*

leannewoods                                                    02-03-2006 07:35 AM

((invisible motorbike? reminds me of crazy frog XD))

*wakes up*

*chucks pebbles at random EC members*

Norn-mania                                                     02-03-2006 07:45 AM

((Where'd you think I got my idea from?))
*Norn-manias remaining un-dead llamas panic upon seeing the pebbles.*
Noo bad llama don't peanut butter jelly Leanne! She's on our team! Sorta.... Stuff
*Chucks smiley bomb at leanne*
addman                                                          02-03-2006 09:32 AM

*Addman had been lying underneath the pile of rubble for some time now. His
puppet body held only a fraction of the strength he once had, and he was
weakened. The attack had backfired and it looked as though Addman was in
trouble. Groaning and creaking, he managed to lift a rock off of himself and laid
there on his back, in the open air.*


*he wasn't finished just yet. Addman stumbled to his feet, reached into his
pocket, and devoured a handful of cookies. He hoped this would aid him in
regaining his strength*

Come back and finish what you started!

*He lurched in Sywyn's direction, defiant as ever, trying not to show that he was

magusmagus                                                      02-03-2006 10:08 AM

*Magus was having a hard time keeping up with her. She was fast, maybe too
fast for him to keep this up for much longer. Again, Magus used his brain and
came up with a new strategy. He knew the sewers well as this was his feeding
grounds in the mornings, and he also had an idea where she was heading*

Tally bye!

*magus turned suddenly down a small side passage, intending to cut her off as
she came round the corner. The blob reached his location a few seconds before
his opponent, and sprung out of the water. Using his stretchy body, he reached
out his entire body to create a giant net with himself. The thin, sticky trap was
laid, and stretched all the way around the walls. He hoped that she would turn
the corner sharply and run straight into his net. The sewer controls were just on
the other side of him, but he was determined she wouldn't get there.*

((If you need to imagine what this looks like, then think of a tube of smarties with
the lid representing myself, blocking the way))

Shadowveil                                                      02-03-2006 10:36 AM

In griffon form, Shadowveil hovered high above the battlefield. She had been
watching the scene for some time, and was still unable to work out which side
each fighter was on. This did not really matter. Whoever attacked her first would
become the enemy.

She noticed a disturbance below her. It looked like a horde of... Undead llamas?
She was no stranger to undead warriors, but llamas was something new.

Shadowveil folded her wings and dropped down for a closer look. It was time to
cause some havoc.
3kul                                                            02-03-2006 11:18 AM

Noticing Magus call out as he slid off somewhere, Little Sister felt confident that
he'd either given up or noticed some kind of other emergency for the CC - she
was positive that she'd checked almost every passage in the sewers, and this was
the only one she knew of that led to the water mains.

Continuing to maintain her speed, she hurtled around the corner, noticing him all
too late. Unable to slow down, she crashed straight into the sticky Magus-
membrane that was blocking the tunnel. Shrieking and flailing about wildly, she
quickly shortened and sharpened her strands of hair so that they were less like
tendrils and more like daggers - if she could just manage to get a lock of hair
through him, she could probably reach the mains...

magusmagus                                                      02-03-2006 11:59 AM

((Shadowveil, the EC (Evil Council) is fighting everyone who else. If you aren't in
the EC, then you are on our side (Gameware, or CC, short for Creatures
Community). I'm positive the EC put up a memberlist somewhere, but I cannot
remember at this point in time))

Ah ha, like a lamb to the slaughter!

*Magus delighted in the flailing creature stuck to him as she wiggled for freedom.
He certainly enjoyed his victory and nothing filled him with glee more than a plan
of his coming together so well. The slime peeled off the walls and collapsed like a
bedsheet covered in superglue onto little sister ((I assume that is her name)),
covering her from all sides. He quivered with anticipation as he tried to absorb
her, starting to feel giddy at the thought of sampling a new flavour. Magus was
somewhat of a gormet and delighted in trying/absorbing new and unique tastes.*

You shall not threaten the Creatures Community any longer, and provide a buffet
lunch too!

*Suddenly, Magus felt a slight pop in his side. Had he been punctured? Of course,
his membrane was still very thin, and she had razor sharp hairs. Magus did
consider that she might try this beforehand, but had secretly hoped little sister
wouldn't have time to prepare her sharp hairs, he needed to close the gap before
she tore straight through and out the other side*

DementChild                                                      02-03-2006 06:20 PM


Oh, I beg to differ Magus...

*begins assisting 3kul/HollowEyes/Little Sister*

Raven13                                                          02-03-2006 06:23 PM

~~~Jess's POV~~~
*Jess awoke, sat up, and hit her head againsed a branch...* "Ow..." * She
mumbeled* "Oh crap!" *She said as she realised she had falled asleep, where
was Leanne, and what was happening! Deciding she didn't care, she went off and
started making things interesting with a little bit of fire....*

~~~Dark Raven's POV~~~
*Raven had feed enough, it was time to go back out there, cutting a hole in the
dimension's fabric, she went back to the battle, although she would miss torturing
people in hell, she wanted to cure her blood lust...* "Oh darn..." *She teased to
no one in particular* "It looks like my prey has been stolen..." *She gestured to
addman running after Sywyn* "Looks like I'll need to find a new one..." *Drifting
off to find a new challenger*

leannewoods                                                    02-03-2006 06:42 PM

*smiley bom b lands beside her*


Sywyn                                                          02-03-2006 07:04 PM

Sywyn, looks at addman who is clearly bad at hiding his injurys "man this guys
persistant" Sywyn says in a somewhat annoyed fashion "i have no time for you, i
have more powerful opponents to fight" then simply by waving his hand he
makes his blood red aura visable and a dark mist surrounds him, then vanishes
leaving no trace of Sywyn

meanwhile near where raven is hunting a similar black mist appears

leannewoods                                                    02-03-2006 07:13 PM

*is bored*

*chucks pebbles at closest EC member*

Raven13                                                        02-03-2006 07:14 PM

~~~Dark Raven's POV~~~
*Raven senced a familiar presence...Yet it was different...More...Powerful...*
"Come out to play Sywyn, you can't stalk me, you should know that by now...."
*She teased. Spinning around to fave him, she un-sheathed her sword.* "So are
you just going to stan there?" *Smirking, she teased and tried to anger him.*

leannewoods                                                    02-03-2006 07:16 PM

*pebble hits raven*

oh uh...

3kul                                                             02-03-2006 07:29 PM

Little Sister needed to act fast - she probably wouldn't have time to get her entire
body through the small puncture before Magus repaired himself, so she snaked a
few locks of hair through the gap. The locks headed towards the large water
mains valve quickly - she didn't have much time, and she couldn't afford to screw
it up. She began to yank at the mains valve as hard as she could, which was
quite difficult without anything to grip on. As she was doing so, she noticed
Dement arrive out of the corner of her eye, and hoped that he was ready to get

Sywyn                                                            02-03-2006 07:44 PM

"you cant taunt me into attacking" Sywyn says in a cold voice, the mist disperses
leaving only Sywyn, his eyes glow with the same blood red intersity as the aura
that surronds him, he pulls one of the blood swords from its sheath on his back
"last chance to run, dont worry i wont hold it agenst you if you do..."

blood swords: damage not only on a physical plane but also a mental and
spiritual one, the blades can vampiriclty heal the weilder if any open wounds are
on the body, they can only be held safly by the one whos blood was used in the

Sywyn's temporary abilitys(wraith form)::
1. ethereal body- only 25% chance of hitting with a physical non-enchanted
2. can see on all vision levels, invisablity dosent work
3. moves twice as fast
4. improved shadow magic
5. takes alot less damage from dark element attacks

Raven13                                                          02-03-2006 07:57 PM

~~~Dark Raven's POV~~~
"Did you think that was what I was trying to do?" *Raven Sneered* "You must
have less brains then you look like you have, I was just having a little fun"
*Raven smiled* "But if you just want to start fighting....Then let it be...*Leannes
pebble hits Raven* "Leanne darling, can't you see I'm busy? Jess!" *She

~~~Jess's POV~~~
*Jess was busy setting fire to the ruines, when she heard Dark Raven's call*
"Jess!" *She turned around to where the call came from and started to run
towards it. She reached raven, who was taunting Sywyn, then asked her* "What
do you want? I was busy."

~~~Dark Raven's POV~~~
*Raven senced Jess running towards her, she heard her question, and turned
around to deal with her* "Would you be so kind and take car of leanne for me?
I'm afraid I'm a little busy..." *She waited for a reply*

~~~Jess's POV~~~
*Jess pondered this, she would be helping Raven, which would be a smart move,
and she would be able to get Leanne...* "Sure, why not." *She replyed, going off
to find Leanne*

~~~Dark Raven's POV~~~
*Raven watched Jess walk off, then turned to Sywyn.* "Do you want first strike,
or shall I?" *She smiled, and unsheathed her sword*

DementChild                                                   02-03-2006 07:58 PM


Originally Posted by 3kul
Little Sister needed to act fast - she probably wouldn't have time to get her
entire body through the small puncture before Magus repaired himself, so she
snaked a few locks of hair through the gap. The locks headed towards the large
water mains valve quickly - she didn't have much time, and she couldn't afford
to screw it up. She began to yank at the mains valve as hard as she could,
which was quite difficult without anything to grip on. As she was doing so, she
noticed Dement arrive out of the corner of her eye, and hoped that he was
ready to get wet.

Oh god, I'm electronic! :O

Actually, Gameware doesn't know that, so for the record:

Originally Posted by Profile-O-Ile
Name: NeoDement
Age: 14
Description: Has an appearance similar to that of a normal human of the same
age, but with various switchable cybernetic implants, which can be used in a
variety of different ways. (IE. Translation implant, Teleportation implant,
Plasma Cannon etc.)
(basically I make them up on the spot, but nothing too amazing)
Abilities: Various through implants
Species: Human
Sub-Species: Cyborg
Weaponry: Various
History: Unknown, memory appears to have been tampered with...

Sywyn                                                         02-03-2006 08:06 PM

"to be honest with you have have no quarrel with you, other than the little
number you did on my hand, but i suppose i should thank you for that" he looks
at the ground "but then again we are enemys in this war, ladys first", Sywyn
bows then enters a combat stance
Raven13                                                          02-03-2006 08:09 PM

~~~Dark Raven's POV~~~
*Raven smiled* A gentleman as always... *She suddenly dissapeared in the blink
of an eye, just to reapear behind Sywyn and thrusted her sword towards his
unprotected back*

leannewoods                                                      02-03-2006 08:11 PM


Sywyn                                                            02-03-2006 08:14 PM

Sywyn smiles as if knowing the attack is coming, he seems to fade from sight,
suddenly Raven hears him wisper in her ear " its rude to stab people in the back
you know" he says clearly enjoying this

leannewoods                                                      02-03-2006 08:19 PM

*watches scoffing popcorn*

Raven13                                                          02-03-2006 08:20 PM

~~~Dark Raven's POV~~~
*Raven smiled...She was enjoying this, swirling around to face Sywyn, she said*
"Well, when did I ever have manners to my opponents?" *Then she threw a
charged lightining ball at his stomack* "Enjoy the....Buzz...." *She said smirking*

~~~Jess's POV~~~
*Jess saw Leanne running away, throwing a petrol bomb at her, and running
towards her, she hoped to catch up with her*

leannewoods                                                      02-03-2006 08:21 PM

*sees petrol b omb*

*drops popcorn and runs*

Sywyn                                                            02-03-2006 08:25 PM

Sywyn catches the ball in the palm of his hand, it turns black "and you said i
dident have brains" Sywyn tosses the energy in the direction jess is going "im
curious, do you have a soft spot for the girl or will you let her get hit" Sywyn
leannewoods                                                       02-03-2006 08:30 PM

*runs in the way by acciden t*

Raven13                                                           02-03-2006 08:36 PM

~~~Dark Raven's POV~~~
"Ha ha ha! You think that is going to stop me? She can save herself,
now...Where was I?" *Raven smiled* "Oh yes..." *Raven flew up, and dived at
Sywyn, no appearant attack, but still, she kept diving* "Can you guess what I'm
going to do? Or are you going to dive out of the way like a chicken?" *Raven
loved taunting, she kept diving, and not giving away her plan*

~~~Jess's POV~~~
*Jess heard a crackling noise, she spun around to see what looked like a black
version of Raven's lightning balls, she knew how dangerous they were, she she
started to sprint. The ball was gaining on her, she dived into a ditch, just intime,
as the ball hit where she kjust was, creatinga gigantic explosion, that the ditch
shielded her from* "WTF WAS THAT FOR!" *She screamed, then she noticed
Raven and Sywyn.* " Oh, of cource" *She said shaking her head. She started
pursuing Leanne again*

leannewoods                                                       02-03-2006 08:38 PM


Sywyn                                                             02-03-2006 08:39 PM

(i guess leannes dead if that hit her)

Sywyn pulls the second blood sword from his side and crosses them in a X
guarding stance in front of him " dont try it!" he shouts glaring back at Raven

leannewoods                                                       02-03-2006 08:43 PM

(it missed) :D

*climbs tree and jumps on the roof of a house*

Raven13                                                           02-03-2006 08:43 PM

((Leanne, are you dead or alive?))

~~~Dark Raven's POV~~~
*Raven kept diving, she saw the sword, and was slightly tempted to stop, but not
enough, she dived straight at them, then just at the last minit, she turned purely
into shadow, diving through them, and solidising when she was passing through
Sywyn, her sword was out when she did this, she she turned around to see if she
had caused any damage.*
leannewoods                                                     02-03-2006 08:47 PM


*watches from the roof of the house*


Sywyn                                                           02-03-2006 08:47 PM

Sywyn turns his body reforming, "you cant kill me that way ma'lady" he jests, he
swings his sword toward Ravens neck

leannewoods                                                     02-03-2006 08:51 PM

*gets bored and wanders off*

Raven13                                                         02-03-2006 08:56 PM

~~~Dark Raven's POV~~~
*The blade sliced her neck, blood started pouring out, Raven smiled* "First cut to
you..." *She flew up, and traced her fingers along the wound, once again, you
could smell the charing flesh, she welded the skin back together, and she flew
down to Swywn.* "So, you still think you can beat me? I am older and more
skilled then you." *She traced her finger along the cut she had made on his cheek
earlier on in the war.* "Still hasn't healed has it? Oh well, I hope it leaves a
scar..." *Raven put her hand on Swywns chest, and unleashed a powerful
energyball at him.*

leannewoods                                                     02-03-2006 08:59 PM


Sywyn                                                           02-03-2006 09:08 PM

Sywyn is thrown to the ground by the blast, he lifts himself from the crater "sorry
i guess you wont get that scar you wanted", Ravens blood is absorbed into the
blade of his sword and his wounds regenerate "see i can play vampire too" Sywyn
drops to his knees, and a rune circle glowing with a black light appears around
him, a barrier emerges and dark energy in the form of black lightning begins
lashing out from it at at raven

panther385                                                      02-03-2006 09:09 PM

*Appears next to Leanne ((for no reason :P )), cradling a large pink sword and
sitting in the saddle of her blue time dragon. ((She is also now in her regular
form, the Anthro Hedgehog Kitty :D)) Swearing colorfully, she talks to the sky-
hued reptilian in it's home tounge. Nothing could be heard, as this was mind
Leanne, what's gone on so far? I stayed a post too long at home, eh girl?
*Dragon grinned and let out a puff of flame*
Don't worry, you'll get your share.


 .....and some dragon skin armour.....

:vangry:**** you!:vangry: ))

leannewoods                                                        02-03-2006 09:10 PM

*climbs tree and watches*


panther385                                                         02-03-2006 09:20 PM

((NARMIE MUST PERISH! MWhahhahahahahhahah! XP ))

leannewoods                                                        02-03-2006 09:22 PM

narmie is on our side. :uh_oh: :rolleyes:

Narmie                                                             02-03-2006 09:45 PM

I don't no leanne but I have a felling that panther385 is not on our side.

*Narmie flies in a helicopter over to a hill that’s by the battle field with his troops
“land!” the etens norns and grendels landed “you yetin your in charged of the
building. grendels line up the guns. hardmans get ready. nopains form troops
around the etins.” Narmie goes to look at the battle” what a mess, the EC had to
attack didn’t they. But this is just one battle the war has only just begun. One
day if the EC win this and moves onto the CC HQ it will be harder than ever for
them.” He turns around and faces the hardmans “you know what you must do”
the hardmans scurry off. “Aim the guns! Fire!” the 10 sludge and 5 freeze guns
shot off heading in ravens direction at a supper speed “that should hold her for a
wile” Narmie walks off into the barracks the etins made and watches raven to see
what she will do*

Sywyn                                                              02-03-2006 10:17 PM
Sywyn rises and shatters his own barrier, he jumps into the air and deflects the
beams into random directions with his sword "this is my fight narmie, stay out of
it!" he shouts as he lands on the ground

Narmie                                                          02-03-2006 10:20 PM


DementChild                                                     02-03-2006 10:46 PM

Everyone should put their Title to either EC or GW, so we know who's who...
Some people just don't get it :rolleyes:

Narmie                                                          02-03-2006 11:06 PM

who me?

Sywyn                                                           02-03-2006 11:09 PM

sywyn looks back at narmie "you might wanna go after addman with those guns"
then fires another shot of dark lightning at Raven

DementChild                                                     02-03-2006 11:25 PM


Originally Posted by Narmie
who me?

((Everyone in the RP, so as not to cause confusion.))

panther385                                                      02-03-2006 11:29 PM

I am on your side narmie, it's just that I find the 'Dragon skin Armour' a big
insult. You know there are severla dragon lovers lurking about in these forums.
For example; Jess !
Couldn't it have been somekind of magical metal armor?

*Panthe sighed and patted the Time Dragon's scaley hide.*
Up up! Set sights for puppet blood! Onward!

Narmie                                                          03-03-2006 12:06 AM

ok Ill change it lets say panther skin, oops (just kidding) daydrick armour one of
the best in morrowind the elder scrolls 3. I’m not shure that how you spall it.
Sywyn                                                           03-03-2006 12:14 AM

(Daedric armor morrowind version

daedric armor oblivion version, your choice narmie)

Narmie                                                          03-03-2006 12:48 AM

oblivion without a doubt

panther385                                                      03-03-2006 01:43 AM

Thanks Narmie :)

*Panther summoned several death motes* and tossed them towards then squall.
Hah! that should give us some extra moments to plan.

*Death motes are small floating creatures riddled with disease. Any it touch will
be plauged with fever, vomiting, coughing, and what feels like bugs under the

Narmie                                                          03-03-2006 02:10 AM

*Narmie fires all his guns at addman*

(If you don’t know how many guns it is addman its 10 sludge and 5 freeze guns)

EnDSchultz                                                      03-03-2006 03:59 AM

((Ahh, so I see I'm not the only Elder Scrolls fan about these forums...Lots of
people say the new Daedric Armor looks too much like Sauron
See a resemblance? But anyway, don't mind my off-topicness, back to RP!))

Sywyn                                                           03-03-2006 04:19 AM

((actualy i was playing morrowind when i posted those deadric armor pictures, im
trying to become a werewolf))

Narmie                                                          03-03-2006 04:47 AM

sywyn when i ask could you make my 10 sludge gun sludges look like 100?

Sywyn                                                           03-03-2006 04:48 AM

((if you mean the shadow copys then ya, but if anything living touches them or
there ammo it will burn like hell, youl need an automatic firing mechinism))

addman                                                           03-03-2006 09:06 AM

((God, it's hard to keep up in this RP, unless your on all night, which I'm never on
in the evenings))

*Addman leaped through the air and over Narmie's head, dodging all the bullets.
He had now had plenty of time to recover and was feeling 100% once again*

Think fast!

*Addman landed behind Narmie, whips out a bag of edible powder, and throws it
on Narmie. The bag bursts, showering Narmie with the powder*

Heh heh, you'll make a tasty treat for Scabbers!

*Addman whistles and a giant white rat comes bounding over the hill. he sniffs
the air, and smells Narmie. Drooling, he advances*

Now to find Sywyn...

*addman leaves to find Sywyn, Scabbers stays behind and attempts to bite

magusmagus                                                       03-03-2006 09:46 AM

*Magus felt the tear growing bigger and bigger. She was escaping from the trap.
Magus knew what Little Sister was trying to do, to wash him away in the sewers,
so he knew he had to get out of the water, as he could no longer stop her from
getting to the controls. Suddenly, Dement showed up to help Little Sister. Seeing
his chance, Magus reformed, letting Little Sister go. He squelched up the wall to
get out of the way of the current. Right now, he was in serious trouble as he had
two opponents*

3kul                                                             03-03-2006 10:57 AM

Finally able to breathe again, and seeing Magus attempting to flee the scene,
Little Sister was free to rush over and flood the sewers. The only problem was
Dement - his cry of anguish before had alerted her to his incompatibility with
water. It seemed incredibly illogical for a person who had cybernetic implants that
were not water-proof to enter a sewer, but she couldn't just let him get short-
circuited. ~Looks like it can't be helped...~ she thought to herself.

Multiple locks of her hair began spinning the main valve until it twisted right off,
which she then hurled towards Magus, hoping it might slow his escape. The pipes
began to groan, and the machinery that regulated the water volume for the
sewers began to creak and buckle under the pressure - small amounts of water
began to shoot out of some newly formed holes. With the rest of her hair, she
quickly forced Dement out of the manhole above the sewer controls as the entire
thing burst under the extreme amount of water pressure, leaving her a few
seconds to figure out her own escape. There was no way she'd make it out in
time, so she twirled her hair around her body as she felt the full force of the
current sweep her away.

((Excuse the small amount of powerplaying here Dement, but I assume you'd
prefere this over short-circuiting :p))

addman                                                           03-03-2006 11:49 AM

*Addman continues on his way, hacking down any CC troops or Creatures that
get in the way*

These are easy!

*he takes down scores of them, and then notices a large dragon silhouette above
the mist*

I see Danikat has sent out a welcome party ((Addman hasn't noticed the dragon
up until now)).

*Addman starts to scale a tall building nearby, hoping to get high enough to
battle the dragon*

magusmagus                                                       03-03-2006 02:48 PM

*Magus had almost reached the roof when the valve which Little Sister hurled at
him, made impact with the side of his face. It came to a stop inside Magus. He
didn't enjoy the valve's flavour, too rusty* offend my taste-sensitive slime molecules!

*He didn't have much time to dwell on the matter, as a sudden burst of water
gushed through the passageway, sweeping Magus away from safety. He dissolved
into the water, but was completely helpless as the current flushed him away.
Magus was aware of where the sewer led to, a large lake on the outskirts of
Forumopolis. This wouldn't be so bad, but it may take him a while to get back
into the fight. He had no idea where Little Sister was, whether she had escaped,
or was tumbling though these torrents as he was*


*He felt the cold, open air as his particles flew out of the sewers and started to
descend into the freezing outdoor lake with a pant-wetting sploosh. He travelled
through the water, and tried to reach the bank of the lake so he could reform and
get back into the action*

leannewoods                                                      03-03-2006 04:04 PM

*runs to the lake and grabs magus then puts him down*

DementChild                                                      03-03-2006 05:10 PM
"Well, that was pointless..."
*grabs passing helicopter, throws the pilots out, and starts flying around looking
for the CC*
((I didn't teleport there on purpose, my teleporter sucks!))

panther385                                                       03-03-2006 06:22 PM

*Seeing Addman scale the building, a devious idea sprung anew in Panther's

Kiri, target bottom of the building the EC commander is climbing! Cordinates 13
72 4!

leannewoods                                                      03-03-2006 06:29 PM

*wanders over to panther*

what r u doing?

Raven13                                                          03-03-2006 07:15 PM


sywyn looks back at narmie "you might wanna go after addman with those
guns" then fires another shot of dark lightning at Raven

~~~Dark Raven's POV~~~
*The lightning broke when Sywyn broke the barrier. He shouted something she
didn't hear, then Raven saw the new lightning soar through the air at her. She
stepped to the side, and it hit where she once was.* "You know....That gets
easier every time..." *She mumbled. Taking out a dagger, she threw it at Sywyns
unprotected neck as he turned.*

leannewoods                                                      03-03-2006 07:18 PM

*watches from in a tree*

Sywyn                                                            03-03-2006 07:27 PM

Sywyn raises his arm and catches the dagger "do you take me for a fool, do you
think id be so blind as to not expect a trick like that" he shouts, then throws the
dagger back with an added 'present'

Raven13                                                          03-03-2006 07:35 PM

~~~Dark Raven's POV~~~
*Raven saw the dagger coming back at her, knowing that it would be spelled, she
flew up in the air to avoid it. The dagger exploded as it hit the ground, there was
smoke and dust everywhere, Raven flew blindly, and just kept firing fire balls
around to clear the smoke, and hoping as an extra bonus she would hit Sywyn*

leannewoods                                                       03-03-2006 07:38 PM

*ducks as fireball flies over her and burns another tree*


Sywyn                                                             03-03-2006 07:43 PM

it begins raining, lightning splits the sky as a storm rolls in over the decimated
battlefield, once again at ravens ear Sywyn wispers "you should pay more
attention", now in his winged form, he thrusts a dagger downwards at ravens

Raven13                                                           03-03-2006 07:46 PM

~~~Dark Raven's POV~~~
*Raven heard Sywyns whisper, thet wasn't good...She swerved to the left just
intime to see the kife barely miss her. Spinning around she trusted her sword at
Swywns side.*

Sywyn                                                             03-03-2006 07:52 PM

"your fast"he says, as he kicks away Ravens sword, then swings the dagger
towards ravens face

Raven13                                                           03-03-2006 07:55 PM

~~~Dark Raven's POV~~~
"I know I am" *Raven said as she clung to her sword, letting it's weight pull her
out of the daggers path, swinging it around, she took a slice at Sywyns gut.*"But
I think the question is, are you?" *She smiled*

Sywyn                                                             03-03-2006 08:00 PM

Sywyn flys up out of the way and throws the dagger to the ground "that depends"
he says drawing the blood swords, he then dives at raven blades positioned as if
ready to strike

Raven13                                                           03-03-2006 08:04 PM

~~~Dark Raven's POV~~~
*Raven smiled, she had seen that coming. Swerving to the side, Sywyn passed
by her, as he did she thrusted her sword at his side.* "Depends on what? How
fast I'm going to kill you? Or how fast till you get seriously injured?" *She
taunted smiling sweetly.*

Sywyn                                                            03-03-2006 08:09 PM

"no, how fast my opponent is" he says as he stops next to raven and crosses
bades with her "now are you gonna play nice or go i have to start fighing dirty"

Raven13                                                          03-03-2006 08:11 PM

~~~Dark Raven's POV~~~
"When have I ever fought clean?" *She said smiling. Taking out a second dagger,
she shoved it into Sywyns stomac.*

Sywyn                                                            03-03-2006 08:18 PM

"Sywyn half smiles as the dagger goes right through him, " well that dident work
to well did it" his body reforms where the dagger was "might have worked better
if you used that sword" Sywyn kicks off Ravens stomach to push himself away, he
brings one sword down at ravens head and throws acid powder at her with his
other hand

Raven13                                                          03-03-2006 08:30 PM

~~~Dark Raven's POV~~~
*Raven saw both of them coming as if in slow motion, quickly, she casted a
bubble around her to protect her from the acid powder, then jumped backwards,
doing a mid-air backflip* "Ah! So thats what you call playing dirty. I must say,
it's a little easier to deal with then I expected..." *She smirked* "But I have a
present for you too." *She flew over to Sywyn,and ut of her hand, she
produced....A little chocolate...And handed it to Sywyns.* "You'll need this, it will
help you get over the embarresment of being beaten by me" *Winking, she flew a
distance away* "So? Ae you going to follow me? Or be a chicken?" *She

Sywyn                                                            03-03-2006 08:35 PM

"your taunts wont work, theres no shame in losing to a worthy opponent" he flys
after Raven pondering where she is flying to

vorodorer                                                        03-03-2006 08:43 PM

*Seph spots Sywyn and Raven flying somewherem he ignores them and
continues noting things down in a leather book, he smiels and dissapears in a puff
of smoke*
Raven13                                                        03-03-2006 08:44 PM

~~~Dark Raven's POV~~~
*Raven was playing, she had been getting bored with fighting, and wanted a little
fun...She let her fangs extend, and looked back, Sywyn was just behind her.
Suddenly, she stopped, and as Sywyn passed her, she took a lunge at his neck
with her fangs outstretched.*

vorodorer                                                      03-03-2006 08:45 PM

*Seph appears about a metre from Sywyn, he nods and smiles again, he takes
out his black quill and begins writing things down again grinning evilly*

Sywyn                                                          03-03-2006 08:54 PM

Sywyn snaps around quickly and grabs raven by the throat "i wouldent do that if i
were you" he lets go pushing raven back "and seph, stop taking notes" Sywyn
throws a massive fire ball at sephs book and swings his blood sword at ravens gut

Raven13                                                        03-03-2006 08:56 PM

~~~Dark Raven's POV~~
"Do what?" *She said from behind Swywn, instantly, her shadow puppet
dissapeared into the mist.* "It's not polite to starve someone..." *She whispered,
she was right behind Sywyn, she grabbed hold of him so he was unable to move,
and tried to take a bite at his neck*

DementChild                                                    03-03-2006 08:58 PM

*flying overhead*
Hey, it's Raven... Attacking Sywyn!
And Sywyn is firing a fire-ball at Voroder!
*fires at Sywyn*
"You can't possibly take down all three of us, Sywyn!"

Edit: Yeah, I repaired it appropriately.

Edit 2: Um, I have no magic... Now what?

Sywyn                                                          03-03-2006 09:08 PM

ravens grip on Sywyn collapses into a black mist which reforms behind raven "im
not letting you bite me" daments shots pass through him as though he isent
there, he looks down "those weapons wont work cyborg"

Raven13                                                        03-03-2006 09:13 PM
~~~Dark Raven's POV~~~
"Awww, but I'm sooo hungery....Just, a little bite?" *She said playfully. Flying
around in circles.* "Why wont you let me bite you? Are you afrid of little ol' me?"
*She extended her fangs again.*

DementChild                                                      03-03-2006 09:16 PM

Yeah!? Good thing I keep THIS with me then (!)

*gets muffin out of compartment of some such*

*Muffin opens eyes*

DementChild: Why have you awakened me!?

NeoDement: You are magic, I have no other magical weapons!

DementChild: Oh you are sooooooooooooo prepared...

NeoDement: Shutit.

*throws DC at Sywyn*

*DC expands to a large shape, so as to crush Sywyn*

DementChild: CURSE YOU NEOOOOOOooooo...!!!

Sywyn                                                            03-03-2006 09:22 PM

He dodges DC, Sywyn stairs with curiousity "why do you want to bite me" he
charges at Raven swinging one blood sword at he neck and the other at her hips

DementChild                                                      03-03-2006 09:25 PM


Originally Posted by Sywyn
He dodges DC

Don't you just always?

Sywyn                                                            03-03-2006 09:28 PM


Originally Posted by DementChild
Don't you just always?
((you threw a muffin at me and i dident want to edit my whole post over it,
besides who cant dodge a giant muffin))

Raven13                                                         03-03-2006 09:29 PM

~~~Dark Raven's POV~~~
*Raven smiled* "All in good time...Plus I'm hungry..." *She smiled, dodging the
swords, and looking up, and seeing the muffin.* "Well...That was unexpected..."
*Raven lunged foreward as Sywyn was looking at the muffin in the sky, sinking
her fangs into his neck, she tasted the blood with a sweet tinge of something
powerful...Through his blood, she was absorbing his lifeforce, she felt it flowing
through her, regenerating her. The blood was trickling down her throte. It tasted
like......Stawberry milk......*

((I was given permission from Sywyn to do this, you youngin's dont think I would
actually powerlay did you?))

DementChild                                                     03-03-2006 09:32 PM

((Ah, that makes sense now))

*gravity cannons back a rapidly shrinking DementChild*

NeoDement: See? You caused distraction! You're still useful!

DementChild: You threw me. I hate you.

NeoDement: Whats that you say?

*quickly stuffs back in compartment - mo - bob*

leannewoods                                                     03-03-2006 09:34 PM

*looks up and sees dement*

*chucks pebbles at him*

DementChild                                                     03-03-2006 09:36 PM

*attempts to gun down Leanne*

panther385                                                      03-03-2006 09:37 PM

(( Leanne! You named your fish! YAY!))

leannewoods                                                     03-03-2006 09:37 PM

*flies onto roof of house*
*chucks more pebbles at dement*

DementChild                                                       03-03-2006 09:38 PM

*Rocket launches roof of house off, which SHOULD cause Leanne to fly off and at
LEAST hurt her leg... Not my call though*

leannewoods                                                      03-03-2006 09:40 PM

*flies off*



*is on floor with face in the muck*

DementChild                                                       03-03-2006 09:42 PM

*flys round to other side of house and aims minigun at Leanne*


*Pulls trigger*

leannewoods                                                      03-03-2006 09:44 PM

*pulls face out of muck and teleports behind a tree*

this teleporter is getting bad...

*flies up to dement and pulls faces*

Sywyn                                                             03-03-2006 09:44 PM

Sywyn thrusts the blood sword behind him into Ravens side, the blade beings
absorbing Ravens blood creating a loop of vampiric energy and Sywyns wounds
begin regenerating also "so what ah, happens now" Sywyn says with the slight
distraction of the fands in his neck

((i to had permission))

DementChild                                                       03-03-2006 09:45 PM

((Leanne, Miniguns fire a lot of bullets with a large spread, recreate that post to
make more sense ;)))
leannewoods                                                         03-03-2006 09:50 PM

(well i didn't know)

Sywyn                                                               03-03-2006 09:51 PM

((minigun not so mini after all))

Raven13                                                             03-03-2006 09:52 PM

~~~Jess's POV~~~
*Jess was sitting by a tree, one of the buuets that had been flieing around had hit
her...She was dying...She knew it...She could stay alive for an hour at the
most...But after that...She was dead...*

~~~Dark Ravens POV~~~
*Raven felt the blade slide in, it almost felt....Nice....Se felt the blood trickle out,
she knew he was absorbing her lifeforce aswell as his own back, but she didn't
care...She felt dizzy. Something was happening....* "Why?" *She whispered to no
one in particular, then, she vanished into thin air, only leaving her blood on
Sywyns sword...*

*A young girl was leant againsed a tree, her eyes were closed, and she was still.
She could have been sleeping, if she had been breathing...She had given up on
life, given up on the pain and suffering...No one noticed her fade away, not a
single soul...But she was not gone forever...*

leannewoods                                                         03-03-2006 09:52 PM


DementChild                                                         03-03-2006 09:55 PM

Um, okay...

*Chucks a grenade down at Leanne*

Sywyn                                                               03-03-2006 09:57 PM

Sywyn feels the fangs disapear, he looks around for his opponent but shes no
where to be found "where did she go"

Raven13                                                             03-03-2006 10:00 PM

*Raven awoke, she was feeling a bit groggy. Separating your egos takes a lot of
power and strenght. All but Dark Raven had died. Now, they were all bak with
her. She went off to find Sywyn, and finish what Dark Raven had begun...*

leannewoods                                                     03-03-2006 10:05 PM

*picks up the g renade and chucks it back at dement and it goes boom!...*

DementChild                                                     03-03-2006 10:05 PM

No it doesn't, it's a remote grenade! It blows up in your FACE! :D

leannewoods                                                     03-03-2006 10:07 PM


*gets burnt*

Sywyn                                                           03-03-2006 10:07 PM

Sywyn lands and disperses his wings, feeling a bit light headed he disperes his
shadow form and begins scouting for Raven of foot

DementChild                                                     03-03-2006 10:08 PM

((It's not a flame grenade))

Raven13                                                         03-03-2006 10:10 PM

*Raven could sence Sywyn near, she could feel where he was because she still
had his blood inside her. Then, she noticed a shape coming out of the fog...Was it
Sywyn, another cc member, or one of her allies? She pondered over this, and
decided to wait and see....*

Sywyn                                                           03-03-2006 10:16 PM

Sywyn sees raven watching the fog, he decides this is the perfect oppertunity for
a sneak attack, he charges up dark energy in his hand and blasts it towards
raven, the energy tares the ground it passes over

leannewoods                                                     03-03-2006 10:39 PM


*is burnt from the boom*
DementChild                                                       03-03-2006 10:40 PM

*attempts to gun down a somehow intact Leanne*

leannewoods                                                       03-03-2006 10:41 PM


Raven13                                                           03-03-2006 10:47 PM

*Raven saw the dark energy blast coming from the shape in the fog...It was
Sywyn. She did her ol' trick...And stepped to the left, the bolt went straight
passed her.* "Will you ever learn I can do that Sywyn?" *She sid shaking her
head* "My turn..."*She said synically, firing an ice ball big enough to consume a
building at Sywnw, she smiled...*

Sywyn                                                             03-03-2006 10:50 PM

the fog clears leaving a frozen rock in the shape of a person, Sywyn rises from
behind raven "when are you going to remember i can to that... now where did we
leave off" Sywyn unsheaths his sword

DementChild                                                       03-03-2006 10:54 PM

*quickly fiddles with the helicopter until it can pilot itself, and jumps out, plasma
cannon at the ready, running after Leanne randomly firing at her*

Raven13                                                           03-03-2006 10:58 PM

"I was just going to kill you" *Raven said, as she thrusted her sword backward
towards Sywyns heart*

Sywyn                                                             03-03-2006 11:00 PM

Sywyn jumps backwords out of the way then charges Raven "always right to the
point, you need to loosen up" Sywyn grabs the hilt of his blade with both hands
and brings it down over Ravens left shoulder

Raven13                                                           03-03-2006 11:03 PM

*Raven jumped over Sywyn, avoiding the attack* "Why? What would you prefer I
do?" *She asked teasingly, she spun around and threw an energy ball at him.*

Sywyn                                                             03-03-2006 11:12 PM
Sywyn bends backwords allowing the energy to passover him then regain his
footing "well not trying to decintagrate me would be nice" he shouts charging
towards her, then swings the sword around with both hands in a horizontal

EnDSchultz                                                      03-03-2006 11:14 PM

EnD purred quietly to himself, crouching on a hill at the edge of the warzone. He
surveyed the area, debating the best course of approach. Bullets flying
everywhere, buildings collapsing, large explosions, magical energies detonating. it
was a spectacular sight. Being the hunter he was, EnD decided it would not be
wise to attack just yet. The mystical energies possessed by some of the EC's foes
would easily outmatch his technological approach to combat. He would wait, for
His cloaking device activated, the Yaut'Ja slinked into a nearby tree, and watched
the events unfold from a safe distance.
((My character is a Yaut'Ja, from the movies Predator, Predator 2, and Aliens Vs.
On a side note, the classical 'purr' sounds something like this ))

Raven13                                                         03-03-2006 11:15 PM

*Raven stepped a few paces to the side* "Who said I was trying to disintergrate
you? I was just tryin to cause you great pain" *She winked at him. Then
unsheathed her own sword* "Any last requests?" *She said as she charged her
blade with magical energy.*

Sywyn                                                           03-03-2006 11:20 PM

"ya, actualy unfortionently its not time for me to die ma'lady" Sywyn draws a
picture on the ground with the tip of his sword

Raven13                                                         03-03-2006 11:22 PM

*Raven realised that what ever he was doing wasn't going to be good. Using her
now charged sword, she sent a blast at the picture and tried to make it messed
up.*" Hope I didn't spoil your fun...."

Sywyn                                                           03-03-2006 11:33 PM

Sywyn looks up his eyes widened and his mouth gaping open "that was a present,
you ruined it" the blood red aura appears begins fluxuating furiously around
Sywyn, his eyes turn a deep red, he clutches his sword and heaves it upward with
great speed at Ravens lower jaw

3kul                                                            04-03-2006 12:18 AM

A large fish-like Little Sister darted past Magus whilst he was being flushed down
the main tunnel of the sewers, she however, took an alternative route, as she
was not at the whim of the current. After having recovered from the initial shock
and pain of being smashed by the intense volume of water, she realized that by
having wrapped her hair around her body like this and slightly altering the shape,
she could use it as a tail to swim easily - her spider like legs were very ill-suited
to water, but her hair was able to compensate. She was somewhat satisfied that
Magus had been swept away like that - from what she could tell when she was
exploring earlier, the Forumopolis sewer system spread on for miles and miles, so
it would be quite the inconvenience for the little slimeball.

The smaller, narrower tunnel that she had picked ran under several manholes, so
once she managed to get out, she'd be reasonably close to where she was
supposed to be. Ramming herself into one of the manhole covers at what she
could only hope would be the right angle, she knocked it off and flew out into the
alleyways of downtown Forumopolis. Speaking to him via their shared mind, she
informed HollowEyes of her success. ~Phase 1 of our plan is complete brother,
the sewers are continuing to flood as we speak.~ A great distance above
Forumopolis, HollowEyes smiled at this good bit of news. "Excellent work Little
Sister, I'll begin my descent soon - let me know if I'm off target once you can see
me." He attached the new beetle charm to his horn and waited for the effects to
kick in.

Norn-mania                                                       04-03-2006 02:35 AM

*Norn-mania meeps into existance. Unfortunantely for the land bound Zombie he
appeared in the sewers. Underwater.*
Oh cra- blarblearbleagh!
*The zombie meeped out of existance again hoping to appear somewhere dryer*
((Damn EnD's a Predator. Maybe I should get my old Avatar out again...

Narmie                                                           04-03-2006 03:07 AM

Addman I'm up on a hill you can't jump that far

* Narmie sees addman dodge all his bullets “I’m board” he goes down to the
battle field to find DP. Narmie sees leanne running and shouts to her “you really
should stop fighting leanna your doing no good, but if you want to do some good
I can give you a job” He then sees DP and starts fighting his way through to him
“you’ll die for what you did to me”*

Norn-mania                                                       04-03-2006 03:22 AM

*The ground on the battle field trembles claws scrabble from the dirt digging
upwards to freedom. Xenomorphs rise from seemingly everywhere ready to serve
there king the only Xenomorph king (Similar to the Alien Queen, but I'm a guy
so...).... IN ZOMBIE FLAVOUR! The Kings long tail emerged from the ground
skewering an EC grunt as it rose. The tail jerked and the grunt flew screaming
into the hordes of Zombie ALiens. The king rose. The zombie of SPAM had
retuned in a new form*
Do we get dental now?
*The Zombies all wondered how this would change their lives. Noticing Narmie
the dental concerned Alien screeched to it's clan members they moved
menacingly towards Narmie hissing and screaching as the creeped slowly towards
((Beat that ya silly Yaut'Ja/Predator! How do you pronounce that?))

Narmie                                                          04-03-2006 03:49 AM

*”oh, shit” Narmie starts to run back to the hill hopping to get there before it “I
really should be careful what a wish for” He reaches the hill just in time “FIRE,
FIRE, FIRE!” but it was to late the great monster picket him up, just as ten sludge
and 5 freeze guns hit him. but they had hardly did anything. the monster went
and kicked
them away Narmie started to hack at him but with to success “It is time
the sound of throp, throp, throp came from over the opposite side of the battle
field as
the hardmans came flying over in there helicopters with guns at the ready. down
at the monsters feet the nopains were fighting the monster “I hope I don’t die
this time”*

Norn-mania                                                      04-03-2006 03:59 AM

((Don't kill them! They spray acid when they die! You'll die to. They're only about
5 feet tall. But the king...))
*The Alien king saw the hardmans flying towards the horde he sreeched*
(< >=n Xenomorphish) <Get back underground they're hurling crap at us!>
*The Xenomorphs panicked they couldn't bear to be covered in norn waste. A
stampede followed, but in less than thirty seconds there was no trace of any
disturbance. Nobody could have told that a thousand zombie creatures had just
burst from the ground and dived back under again.*
<Go my spys find them and kill them all...>
*The spys scuttled away to the above world...*

Sywyn                                                           04-03-2006 04:20 AM

((yep xemomorphs have highly acidic blood, although why they dident start as
face-huggers is beyond me))

Norn-mania                                                      04-03-2006 04:26 AM

((They did. Underground, they face hugged the zombies. Thus being kinda
Zombie Xeno's. Sywyn are you on Gameware's side? I thought you were in the
*Spy's keep shuttling*

Narmie                                                          04-03-2006 04:49 AM

*spy's come and tell Narmie that panther is on the EC*
Norn-mania                                                        04-03-2006 04:59 AM

((The spys are facehuggers and are not on your side. I am on my own side FTM))
*The facehuggers creeped up to Narmie. One of the two managed to get inside
one of the Heli's*
*The facehugger crawled on a remote turning on "Rage". They were airing Axel F.
The hardman inside whirled around un-holstering it's weapon within a second.
But it was one second to late. The facehugger attactched itself firmly to it's face.
The second hardman screamed and jumped out into the grasp of the second.
They were doomed.*

Narmie                                                            04-03-2006 05:09 AM

sorry MY spy's i do have them

*the 15 heli's left stat to fire at the ones that have bean taken over by the
"you better watch out Norn-mania you did kick me in the groin you know"*

EnDSchultz                                                        04-03-2006 05:29 AM

((It's pronounced Yawt-Jaw. And Xeno's are typically closer to 7 ft, I think. I'll
post my reaction tomorrow.))

Norn-mania                                                        04-03-2006 06:08 AM

((Oh ho. My Xeno King is not going to stand for that!))
Onwards ZOmbies kill them all!
*thousands of aliens begin pouring out of the ground the hardman aliens join in
as the aliens comatose and capture EC grunts for face hugging*
((P.S. does anyone remember who started the brain thing, not DP's Zombie part
but the actual brain part?))

Narmie                                                            04-03-2006 06:30 AM

*”shit the hole of half life is attacking(nearly)” Narmie gathers all his teleportes
and teleports all the zombies to one of his worlds “that should hold them for
awhile" “wait! It mite just work........” Narmie deletes the world the zombies are

Norn-mania                                                        04-03-2006 06:53 AM

World editor cannot change this world I'm still in it.
*The zombies all screeched these words shatering the confinements of the world.
Shades poured out of it harvesting the souls of the brainless EC grunts. The
Aliens screeched in agony as they were pushed through the fabric of the world.*
*In fury the zombies all turn on Narmie. SOme digging into the ground and
reaching up to reach him/her from all angles they close in. Closer. CLoser.

3kul                                                            04-03-2006 06:57 AM

((Norn-mania, it's supposed to be GW versus EC, so setting up your own side is
not only unessecary, it seems pretty stupid to me, but I guess we'll see how it all
plays out soon enough))

Norn-mania                                                      04-03-2006 07:28 AM

((Ah-ha that's the stupid side!))
*The zombies moved closer and closer*
Why hi there!
*All the zombies happily shook hands with Narmie some trying to nibble his
brains out*
((I actually planned on joining Gameware. At some point. It was a me Vs. Narmie
war so I got bored.))

Narmie                                                          04-03-2006 07:39 AM

ohhhhhhhhhhhh that was fun. anyway got to go to bed.

Du Toit                                                         04-03-2006 08:03 AM

Takes 2 mashine guns and shoots to everywhere like crazy.

Raven13                                                         04-03-2006 10:15 AM

*Raven saw the sword coming at her, dodging it, she flew into a backflip, and
landed softly on a storm cloud.* "How was I supposed to know that? You'r always
surprising me, it could have been a trap...Any you know how little I trust
people...BTW, did you eat the chocoate?" *She asked innocently.*

Sywyn                                                           04-03-2006 11:44 AM

Sywyn throws the chocolate like a shuriken, then swings then blade with such
force that its followed by a sonic wave "im not toying around anymore!" he
shouts, bringing the blade around for a second downward swing

Raven13                                                         04-03-2006 11:50 AM

*Raven smiled* "You call that not toying around? Frankly dear, I'm
dissapointed..." *Using her sword to cut something in the air right infront of her,
she flew foreward dissapearing out of sight.* "Now it's my turn" *She growled in
Sywyns ear, she traced her nail along his neck, leaving a wet substance along it.*
"Poison, it will sink into your bloodstream...I hope you have a good immune
system..." *She said smiling maniacly*

Sywyn                                                             04-03-2006 12:02 PM

"im an elf of corse i have a good immune system" Sywyn sheaths his blade and
walks to the nearest hillside, he bombbards it with flames and waits for the
smoke to clear

Raven13                                                           04-03-2006 12:25 PM

*Raven realised she needed to be more powerfull...She used her sword to cut
into another dimension to have a meeting with some...Old friends...*

Raven:We need more power!
Ivy:I agree, we will all die if this form does, we shouldnt be fighting, but I think
this is the only was to resolve this one.
MPM: You do know I can grant wishes?
Jess: I say we butcher him!
Raven:Yes, that was the plan, but we need an advantage to do that....
Ivy:...Well....We could combine all our powers, I have the ability to controle all
nature, and poison people, MPM can make things magically appear, and Jess
is...Um...There for extra energy. Plus your powers Raven...
Raven:....Hmmm...Maybe that would work...But I think we will still need more...
Jess: We could preform the materalis spell.
Ivy: O_O How did you know about that!?!
Jess: I broke into your room and read your books.
Raven: Hahahahha!
Ivy:*Grumbles about lack of privacy*
Raven: Right, thats a good idea Jess...We will do that, and fuse out powers

*Nexus Raven came out of the fog. She knew where Sywyn was, and she was still
hidden. She fired a ball of...well...Everything at him.* "Run run run, as fast as
you can, you cant be me, you puy man..." *She said using the voices of all 5 of
her egos at once. Her eyes were glowing with a silvery blue colour, she had no
iris or pupil. Her hair had turned snow white, and she was wearing a flowing silver
dress. Her wings had turned into a cape, and she was floating in the air

Sywyn                                                             04-03-2006 12:31 PM

Sywyn just stands there, the ball comes directly at him, he half smiles and fires
dark energy into the smoke, somthing black flys out at increadable speed and
holds ravens attack back, the attack is redirected to where everyone else is
fighting, Sywyn stands there smilimg "why thank you... Raven" he says looking at
the mirrior image of his opponent
leannewoods                                                        04-03-2006 12:34 PM

*grabs a bucket and flies over a lake*

DementChild                                                        04-03-2006 01:43 PM

((Um, Leanne... Wasn't I killing you?))

leannewoods                                                        04-03-2006 02:57 PM

(wasn't i running? :p)

DementChild                                                        04-03-2006 03:12 PM

((Yeah, but I came out of the heli and left it on autopilot...))

Anyway, I'm firing a lot at you, you can't possibly avoid it all >:)

leannewoods                                                        04-03-2006 03:37 PM

(or can i? Dun dun DUUUN!!!)


DementChild                                                        04-03-2006 04:20 PM

((What species are you again? :S))

leannewoods                                                        04-03-2006 05:17 PM

*points to av*

and before you ask i'm part borg and i had the borg client used on me so i can
teleport. right? right.

Raven13                                                            04-03-2006 05:20 PM

((She the dissapearing kind! :eek: )

DementChild                                                        04-03-2006 05:28 PM

((So you just dissappeared? Great...))

Good thing I copied her genetic signature...
*scans for any beings within 100 miles*

"Found you."

*a huge electrical implosion and Dement is standing next to her, and fires...


leannewoods                                                      04-03-2006 05:37 PM


Sywyn                                                            04-03-2006 06:16 PM

((leanne this is a war not a race quit running))

Raven13                                                          04-03-2006 06:21 PM

((Yes leanne, you'll have to fight sometime.))

3kul                                                             04-03-2006 07:23 PM

Looking around for any sign of HollowEyes, Little Sister noticed the extremely
large and very dangerous ball of magical energy heading towards them. The
upside of course, being that many CC members would be destroyed, however,
she didn't really think it was worth losing EC members over. Scuttling towards the
ball, she stretched her hair out and seperated it into two elongated arms.

Of course, touching the ball would totally annhiliate her, so instead, she began to
use the arms to rapidly circle the ball. Creating a cushion of contained wind by
doing so, she was able to slow the ball down and control it without actually
touching it. Once she had control over it, she began to use the wind created by
her arm motions to spin it faster and faster. Once she felt the ball begin to pull
her in towards it, she hurled it back towards Sywyn - this time, the ball was
moving at a blinding speed with an incredible amount of spin on it, and deadly

vorodorer                                                        04-03-2006 07:33 PM

(( I was away so sry, heres my post over the last bit))

*Seph caught the ball without even looking at it, he compressed it into the size of
a marble and set it floating above the book*

thanks i needed a light...

*He continues taking notes as he was ordered, and summarises the battle, he
chews slightly on his quill in anoyance and thinking, he sets quill to paper again
and starts scribbling furiosly*

EnDSchultz                                                       04-03-2006 07:34 PM

EnD was shocked by the sight of so many Kainde Amedha ("Hard Meat", aka
As Sywyn and Raven continued to slug it out, he decided it would be best to
notify her of the new threat. Reaching for the communicator on his left forearm,
he contacted Raven's pager.
His message read, "Look down. Just FYI."

Raven13                                                          04-03-2006 07:45 PM

*Nexus Raven saw EnD's message. She wrote back* "I know, just let me finish
this one, he's bugging me"* Then, opening a dimension she loved with her sword
behind Sywyn, she flew forward and tried to push him in.*

Sywyn                                                            04-03-2006 07:51 PM

Raven knocks Sywyn backwords into the swirling vortex,"if im going in then your
coming with me!" he shouts casts a shadow whip at Raven, it wraps around her
ankle and drags her in as well

meanwhile the Raven clone, flys off to hunt down EC members

Raven13                                                          04-03-2006 07:55 PM

*Nexus Raven smiled* "You stupid little child" *She said in all of their voices. She
looked around, he demonic bretherin were there, all waiting for them, they all
started firing at Sywyn. There was no way he could block this...*

Sywyn                                                            04-03-2006 07:59 PM

Sywyn grins and a black mist fills the air where he once stood "fools" the blasts
all collide at once creating a massive explosion, when the flames and smoke have
faded the mist reforms into Sywyn

3kul                                                             04-03-2006 08:03 PM

((Edit: Ignore this, Seph caught the ball))

Sywyn                                                            04-03-2006 08:06 PM

((what magic ball))
Raven13                                                            04-03-2006 08:06 PM

*Nexus Raven smiled, she knew he would do that.* Ach, reab, monor, stalisi!"
*More of the demons fired at Sywyn.*

Sywyn                                                              04-03-2006 08:12 PM

Sywyn drops on to one knee "you guys just dont give up do you" at once he
becomes like mist again, after the explosion he reforms and swings one of his
swords horizontaly sending a shock wave towards a group of slow looking

EDIT: ((ok i found the ball thing))

Raven2 sees the ball and blasts enough energy at it to hold it at bay, once it has
slowed considerably she uses her sword like at bat and hits the ball towards seph

Raven13                                                            04-03-2006 08:14 PM

*More demons fired at him, but this time it was ice they fired, while Sywyn was
distracted, Nexus Raven opened another gateway, and went back to forumopolis
and closed it behind her...*

3kul                                                               04-03-2006 08:19 PM

((Don't worry, I just noticed that Seph posted about catching it - Seph, that ball
had an incredible amount of spin on it, so it would probably raze your arm or
something if you tried to catch it with one hand, but I'm letting you get away with
catching it because you're on my side :p Too bad that Raven clone gets to wander
around now though...))

Sywyn                                                              04-03-2006 08:21 PM

Sywyn laughs "siense when is Raven a coward!" he shouts creating a wall of fire
around himself, the watery beams all collide with him, knocking the wind out of
him as coughs getting back up, as the demons approach he gets back on his feet
and charges towards the portal recently closed, after cutting down several
demons and reaching the spot he coats his hands in darkness and grabs the still
partialy fluxuating energy and struggles to rip it open again as he falls exhausted
through the other side he looks at the burns on his hands "damn where did she

((the ball seph cought was mine not yours))

vorodorer                                                          04-03-2006 08:22 PM

(( yeah, i would love to be fighting as well, but i have my own orders to fullfill ))

*Seph looks at the par with a bored look, he notices something strange, he looks
down at his hand and half of his fingers have dissapeared*

Hmm, thats strange...

*He looks at the ball upwards, in his minds eye he can see it smiling at him, he
swats it away in annoyance and reforms his fingers with a slight grimace, he gets
back to his book and starts scribbling furiosly, he gets bored so he lobs a rock at
some odd person (First person to post gets it aimed at them)*

Raven13                                                           04-03-2006 08:24 PM

*Nexus Raven had been waiting for Sywyn. Grabbing hold of hm, she put her
sword to his throut.* "Prepare to die..." *She said in the multiple voices, as she
made a branch of a tree help her capture him. She pulled the blade accross his
neck...And began ending his life...*

3kul                                                              04-03-2006 08:25 PM

((Seph posted right after mine, so it doesn't really matter. Just as a side note (I
don't really care, since it's already done and gone), but I don't think directly
blasting it would've slowed it down, if anything, it would've just ricocheted off to
one side - like in cricket :p

EDIT: Thanks Seph for losing your fingers (it's not like you couldn't grow them
back anyway :p), adds a touch of realism, yeah?))

Sywyn                                                             04-03-2006 08:29 PM

((raven thats powerplaying, i dident say you could do that one, i i in turn shall fix

Sephs rock nails raven in the head distracting her long enough for Sywyn to kick
Raven back and burn the branches "nice try" he says still kind of shaky

The clone of Raven lands next to Sywyn and he stabs the clone with the blood
sword to absorb some of its energy "thanks"

vorodorer                                                         04-03-2006 08:31 PM

*Seph has taken to amusing himself in his own ways, he seems to be playing
with some obscene long metal rod of some sort with a blue light on the end, he
clicks the light and drops it down below him*

Hey i got bored, you may want to retreat to a safe 200 metre distance...

*he pulls out a red pad and presses it, the top of the rod spins round clicking
quickly, Seph sits cross legged, arms folded with a grin*

DementChild                                                       04-03-2006 08:46 PM
*repeats as before, but this time freezes Leanne in place*


*draws lightening sword and rams it through Leanne (hopefully *yawn*)*

leannewoods                                                      04-03-2006 08:48 PM


vorodorer                                                        04-03-2006 08:51 PM

*waiting for the rod to unleash itself he begins listening to his favourite music on
a dark looking ipod*

DementChild                                                      04-03-2006 09:04 PM


((So what you gonna do? Have a second character, renorminator, cloned .gen

leannewoods                                                      04-03-2006 09:06 PM

(i dunno. edited gene file? although then i'd come as a baby. but then i only have
to wait 6 mins. :D )

*random guy fiddles with my .gen file and makes me a red.. um... and blue....
magma/civet mix*


DementChild                                                      04-03-2006 09:13 PM

((This means everyone will keep doing similiar things... An infinite war...))

leannewoods                                                      04-03-2006 09:16 PM

(yeah but what if the thread dies?)

*egg starts to hatch*

DementChild                                                      04-03-2006 09:23 PM

((It can't die, I love it too much))
*back to the helicopter, I hope nobody thieved it XD*

leannewoods                                                      04-03-2006 09:29 PM

(yes but what about everyone else?)

*crawls out of egg*

EnDSchultz                                                       04-03-2006 09:35 PM


Originally Posted by leannewoods
(yeah but what if the thread dies?)

((That is the outcome of this I have predicted since the beginning. Raven and
Sywyn are almost exactly equal, and if the parrying and dodging goes on for too
much longer, the death of the thread is inevitable. My theory on RP's is that the
'bad guy' typically needs to be an NPC in order for things to stay interesting,
otherwise the situation between Raven and Sywyn ensues, creating an endless

leannewoods                                                      04-03-2006 09:38 PM


*blinks and looks round*

DementChild                                                      04-03-2006 09:47 PM

((Raven and Sywyn discuss everything before they do it too... it will die :())

Sywyn                                                            04-03-2006 09:48 PM

((or you you could work out some kind of combat sywtem to make sure someone
dies, me and raven are just realy stubborn))

EDIT: ((howd you know that dement))

leannewoods                                                      04-03-2006 09:52 PM

*crawls around randomly*

DementChild                                                      04-03-2006 09:57 PM
((Because you keep saying it's not power-playing, I had permission etc.))

leannewoods                                                    04-03-2006 10:01 PM

*is child*

*shoves teaching amulet thingo*


*sees popcorn*

OOH popcorn!

3kul                                                           04-03-2006 10:13 PM


Originally Posted by EnDSchultz
((That is the outcome of this I have predicted since the beginning. Raven and
Sywyn are almost exactly equal, and if the parrying and dodging goes on for too
much longer, the death of the thread is inevitable. My theory on RP's is that the
'bad guy' typically needs to be an NPC in order for things to stay interesting,
otherwise the situation between Raven and Sywyn ensues, creating an endless

((Hm... yeah, but the problem with that is, when nobody controls the character,
then people are more inclined to powerplay. Like so:
Zeus: I am almighty Zeus, here to smite you all for not worshipping me 24/7!
3kul: I kill you now *shoots super ultimate magic caterpillars into Zeus' brain*
Zeus: Zounds! I have been smited (or smote, it doesn't really matter, since I'm
dead :().
But then again, I'm not all that experienced with good long lasting RP's - all I
have seen to go by are the few reasonably unsuccessful ones that go on around
here, like that Santa RP *shudders*. True, Dungeons for Dummies does well, but
that's more like a lot of smaller RPs bundled together.
I don't really think that the Raven and Sywyn scenario has to happen to everyone
though, I really enjoyed my fight with Magus - it was very challenging (took me
ages to come up with each post :p), and even though I still didn't beat him, I
managed to flood the sewers.))

leannewoods                                                    04-03-2006 10:16 PM


*scoffs popcorn and chucks box at random EC member*
3kul                                                             04-03-2006 10:23 PM

The empty popcorn box bounced off Little Sister's head as she continued to watch
for HollowEyes. Angry at being distracted, she slices the box to shreds with her
hair before it hits the ground. She writes a message with the torn up pieces, and
then returns to watching for her brother.

The message reads: Disturb me again and it'll be you instead of the box

((Just so you all know (it's in my RP profiles everywhere, but if you're lazy, you
won't have read those), Little Sister can't speak - when she does, it's indicated
with a ~, and this means that she is communicating to HollowEyes only. It's not
really standard telepathy (there's a story that explains it, read my RP profile in
the Creatures wiki if you really want to know), so you wouldn't be able to
intercept such thoughts easily, and thus only HollowEyes hears them.))

EnDSchultz                                                       04-03-2006 10:25 PM

((Well, 3kul, I mean a semi-npc, a Dungeon/Game Master. Like our EA rp.))

leannewoods                                                      04-03-2006 10:26 PM


3kul                                                             04-03-2006 10:40 PM

((Oh, now I understand. Sorry EnD, I guess I must've misinterpretted what you
said - you're right then, something like that would certainly make this thread a lot
more interesting.))

leannewoods                                                      04-03-2006 10:48 PM

*scoffs more popcorn and chucks the box at another random EC member*

DementChild                                                      04-03-2006 10:58 PM

((I agree, now who to be it?))

EnDSchultz                                                       04-03-2006 11:09 PM

((The only people who could truly be trusted to keep things in order would be the
Admins, but we all know their isolationist policies... :p ))

Sywyn                                                            04-03-2006 11:27 PM

((sense the fight between raven and me probably would go on for a realy long
time im gonna end it now))

Sywyn looks at Raven and sheaths his sword "i have buisness elsewere, farewell
mi'lady" Sywyn bows and walks away followed by the clone, both are searching
for leanne

DementChild                                                     05-03-2006 01:13 AM

((Back to the game :D))

<<This is a new character, stab my avatar about it, I'll do a profile sooner or

*Rises from the ground, and spots Sywyn saying something to Raven, then
walking away*

Revived again? Heh, someone down there must like me... Another war then I

*looks for more action packed places :p*

Norn-mania                                                      05-03-2006 03:23 AM

*Throws MPFROG bomb at Seph and Raven*
Eat this muffins!
*Axel F blares through the whole battle field*
*Zombies blow up in shock, causing minor burns to the EC base*
No my zombies. Ah well I've still got the ALien Ki-
*Alien King stuffs Peanut Butter Jelly-o-matic down throat and fires.*
*Alien King lands in EC base*
I knew that would happen*

3kul                                                            05-03-2006 03:43 AM

((We haven't actually stated whether or not we have a base Norn-mania, or
where it is - from the first post, we all just met up and invaded the Gameware
forums. :p))

Norn-mania                                                      05-03-2006 03:55 AM

((Ah, but you have a forum! And I know the URL!))

EnDSchultz                                                      05-03-2006 04:45 AM

((I don't think you do...))
Norn-mania                                                     05-03-2006 04:46 AM

((Ah but I do!))

3kul                                                           05-03-2006 05:49 AM

((That's the EC's public forum, and the fight's currently going on here - we don't
need any confusion in regards to which forum to post on and where, so keep the
fight here Norn-mania. Besides, I doubt anything you send to our public forums
would last two seconds - not only will there be way more of us there, but it's our
home turf (in other words, traps and weapons everywhere for us, nothing for you

EnDSchultz                                                     05-03-2006 06:15 AM

((Not to mention we have supporters there who aren't even EC members))

Narmie                                                         05-03-2006 07:24 AM

((and we have one that are EC members))

Du Toit                                                        05-03-2006 07:36 AM still a memba

leannewoods                                                    05-03-2006 08:46 AM


*sees sywyn looking for something*

lost something?

Du Toit                                                        05-03-2006 08:50 AM

!rebmem a llits mI.

leannewoods                                                    05-03-2006 08:57 AM

((!taht wonk i))

Raven13                                                        05-03-2006 08:57 AM

*Nexus Raven saw Sywyn walking away. She smiled, he was still in a bad
condition. Silently flying behind him. She thrusted her sword towards his
back...Right where his heart is...*

Sywyn                                                            05-03-2006 09:05 AM

Sywyn heard somthing behind him, as he turned to look his eyes widen and
ravens blade pierces the center of his rib cage "that was a cheap shot" he says
grinning, no longer able to hold the clone together it shatters, and as raven draws
the sword from Sywyns body he collapses to the ground, from a close enough
distance you can hear the faint sound of breathing

Raven13                                                          05-03-2006 09:17 AM

*As Raven pulled the blade out, blood sputed from the wound. Sywyn started to
fall, and Raven 2 dissapeared.* "I don't want to see you among the living or the
dead. Your time is up..." *She said in the multiple voices, flying away to find
some prey...*

DementChild                                                      05-03-2006 11:00 AM


Originally Posted by Du Toit
!rebmem a llits mI.

((No you're not.))

leannewoods                                                      05-03-2006 11:05 AM

((?erus uoy era))

Apocalipse_Dawn                                                   05-03-2006 12:00 PM

((Hey, I just joined. But I'd like to join in. Would I be part of the GW side? And
should I put up my role play profile?))

Sywyn                                                             05-03-2006 12:05 PM

((yes and yes))

vorodorer                                                         05-03-2006 12:06 PM

(( The more the merrier, and i was itching for a fight anyways ))

DementChild                                                       05-03-2006 12:21 PM
((Yup, GW for you :p))

Apocalipse_Dawn                                                05-03-2006 12:34 PM

Age:Centuarys old
Abilities: She can drain energy of opponents, she carries a migcal sword with
her. She got infused with magics from a battle with a powerful witch.
Species: Astrail Vampire
Info: She has an uncureable blood lust, but other then that she is not too bad.
Though she can be a little synical and cruel.
History: She was abondoned as a baby, and brought up amonst vampires. When
she was 16, she was sired. Ever since then, she has been a queen of the night.
Weapons:A magical sword, her fangs, and magic.
Appearance:*Black hair down to her sholders, pale skin, and grey eyes. Tall and
slim. And she wears dark cloths. She wears a cape to hide her features, but only
when hunting at night.

I guess I'm on the GW side.))

*Dawn was hunting. She had decided to look for a fresh supply. The vilagers had
been getting suspicious. She came across forumopolis. She saw the fighting, the
blood...And the power. This was her sort of place...Venturing down into the heart
of the battles, she met a cc member. She found out what was going on, and she
joined the CC side.* "Who wishes to challenge me? I will crush you into dust..."

Du Toit                                                        05-03-2006 12:39 PM

*zombies rises out of the ground and du toit shoots them down with his mashine

vorodorer                                                      05-03-2006 12:48 PM

*raises hand*


*Lunges at Dawn with his sword blazing*

Apocalipse_Dawn                                                05-03-2006 12:55 PM

*Dawn saw the Blade coming towards her, she heard the cry, and she smelled
the stench of another vampire. Stepping over to avoid the blade, she tried to
make a cut as Seph.*

vorodorer                                                      05-03-2006 12:57 PM
*as he turns to avoid the blade cuts his arm weekly, he spins round and swings
his sword aiming for the head*

DementChild                                                       05-03-2006 12:58 PM

*Dement fades back under the ground and re-rises next to Du Toit*

*NeoDement gets back in the helicopter*

Neo: And away!

*Neo flys away*

Apocalipse_Dawn                                                   05-03-2006 12:59 PM

*Dawn swerved, the blade made a slight cut in her arm. Swinging around, she
fired a ball of flames at Seph*

vorodorer                                                         05-03-2006 01:08 PM

*Seph spins round and grabs the ball, he compresses it into the size of a marble
then fuses it with chaos energy making it triple the size of what ity originally was,
with an evil grin he throws it back*

Du Toit                                                           05-03-2006 01:08 PM

time to pack it heavy.....shoots with a mashine gun to dawn and shoots rockets
to seph.

Apocalipse_Dawn                                                   05-03-2006 01:16 PM

((I think I'm on your side Duitoit))

*Dawn flies up to avoid the ball, but she gets hit anyway. She gets pushed into
the ground, and when she gets up, her fangs have extended.* "Don't play games
with me child, or I will crush you." *She flew over to him, and swung her blade at
his head.*

vorodorer                                                         05-03-2006 01:18 PM

Ha child?!

Give me your best shot!

*He spins the polearm round and stabs it into the ground leaving it there, he
folds his arms and looks at Dawn grinning evill*

Well? im waiting...
Du Toit                                                          05-03-2006 01:21 PM

wait a munit.....whose on the ec side...becuase i checked and im still in the ec.

DementChild                                                      05-03-2006 01:25 PM

((Um Du Toit, I'm fighting you?))

*Sticks arm through Du Toit in an attempt to harm him*

Raven13                                                          05-03-2006 01:25 PM

((Duitoit, you are NOT a member of the ec. You go onto the PUBLIC forums, and
therefor, you arn't one of us. if you knew the url of the secret forums, you would
still not be in the ec. You must be invited, and frankly my dear, I doubt you were.
I would know.))

Du Toit                                                          05-03-2006 01:46 PM

my name there is lord dragon

Raven13                                                          05-03-2006 01:51 PM

((I'm sorry, but your not in the EC. You have to fight againsed us, and there is no
EC member called "Lord Dragon". I'm afraid you are mistaken, and you are
talking about the public forums. They are for anyone, but if you join, it does not
mean you are an EC member.))

leannewoods                                                      05-03-2006 01:54 PM

*walks over to du toit, grabs the machine g un*

*climbs up a tree and starts firing at EC members*

Du Toit                                                          05-03-2006 02:00 PM

ahhhh.yessss....did i telll you about the nuclear misles im targeted at

Du Toit didappears as he jumps away.

leannewoods                                                      05-03-2006 02:03 PM

((on who? who u talking to?))
Du Toit                                                            05-03-2006 02:11 PM

to dawn

leannewoods                                                        05-03-2006 02:20 PM

((dawn's on gameware's side. and they've already said you're not an EC member.
so there))

*fires at EC members with machine g un*

Kat_05                                                             05-03-2006 03:23 PM

((It's just a blue, very hot flame. Enjoy the burns dearie ;) ))

Kat ran forward, still shooting flames. She jumped, almost catching Danikat, but
leaving a path of escape.

"What's the matter, don't you want to play?"

DementChild                                                        05-03-2006 03:44 PM

((For gods sake Du Toit, you retard, I have my arm through you))

leannewoods                                                        05-03-2006 03:58 PM



Du Toit                                                            05-03-2006 04:05 PM


Danikat                                                            05-03-2006 04:07 PM

((If anyone has any doubts as to the potential longevity of a thread like this I
recommend you read the first Forum Wars. It might take you a while but, well,
thats the point isn't it?
Admittedly that had the advantage of an additional storyline when Fort broke the
universe and we had to fix it. But even the random fighting went on for a good
long while.))

Veamoth: Danikat! Things out here are getting desperate.
Arian: He's right. The EC has us out numbered and out gunned. We need help.
Danikat: I- *She frantically dodged Kats attack, trying to ignore the pain in her
wing from the previous burn* I know. I'm doing my best.
*Suddenly Danikat pushed herself off the wall, twisted in mid-air and found
herself between Kat and the door. Folding her wings she dropped to the floor and
in one leap threw herself through the doorway. She smiled slightly as she
slammed the heavy obsidian slab and Kat heard the faint click as the door closed
behind her*

((Sorry to lock you in but I couldn't very well leave you free to roam aroud my
fortress could I?))

Danikat: Arian, see to our 'guest' will you?
*Danikat requested as she sped down the passage to the weyr. She ducked into a
side room long enough to grab some numbweed ((cream made from a native
Pernese plant that kills pain)) and smeared it on her wing tip as she settled
herself on Alzaranths back*

Katy: Arian and Veamoth are right. You're in trouble.
Danikat: Well what do you suggest?
Katy: I suggest you get help.
Danikat: Oh. She will help us?
Katy: Of course she will. She has no choice in the matter.
Danikat: Of course. How do I find her?
Katy: She's here: *Danikat sees an image of a snowy landscape, a figure dressed
in red comes into view, trudging through the snow*

Alzaranth: We go to the battle.
Danikat: Not quite yet. Although...yes, lets go to the battlefield, the walls will be
thinner there. It will make our next jump easier.

*Alzaranth drops from the ledge and spreads her wings, catching herself mid air
she glides upwards before suddenly dissappering*

*she reappears high above the edge of the battlefield*

Alzaranth: And now, where do we go?
Danikat: Here. *She relays to the dragon the same image Katy had shown her,
the snowy forest and the woman in red*
Alzaranth: That is not an easy jump.
Danikat: I know dearheart. But its one you've made before. Focus, take your time
and jump only when you feel ready.

*Danikat waited, unwilling to distract the dragon*

*Suddenly she found herself in the utter black and freezing airlessness of
between. Before she really had time to react the view (or lack of one) was
replaced by exactly the landscape she had seen in her mind, the woman in red
had stopped where she was gazing up at the great dragon above her. Alzaranth
circled slowly, landing in front of the woman*

Danielle: Well, I hadn't expected to see a dragon out here, much less one
appearing in mid air. Might I ask who you are?
*Suddenly she spotted Danikat, smiling down at her from the dragons back*
Danielle: Oh. So you need my help again do you?
Danikat: We do. Will you come?
Danielle: Its not as though I have anything better to do. I will.
*Danielle climbed quickly up and settled herself behind Danikat as Alzaranth took
off and dissapeared to reappear over the battlefield beside Veamoth*

((As a brief recap, and for the new members, when my chracters talk to each
other in italics it means their doing it telepathically. In general no one else can
hear them, unless they're also a very strong telepath.
What Katy and Danikat talk to each other their doing it scitzophrenically(sp?),
they are literally voices in each others heads. (Katy is me, the real person sat at
a computer typing all this). So even telepaths can't hear them.

Oh and I'll be posting an explaination of who, and what, Danielle is shortly.))

Apocalipse_Dawn                                                    05-03-2006 05:21 PM

*Dawn say the missile coming towards her. Placing a sheild arouns herself, it
bounced off, hurteling towards DP ((Dont blame me, someone told me to!)).
Turning back to Seph, she said* "Yes, compared to me, you are a child. You
should learn to respect your elders...." *She smiled, and shot a ball of ice at

vorodorer                                                          05-03-2006 06:03 PM

mm yeah.... about that....

*the ice ball hits an invisible sheild and implodes on itself*

Im not really into the insults, i class them as a pathetic cry for help

DementChild                                                        05-03-2006 06:35 PM


Originally Posted by Du Toit

((I'll give a cookie ot anyone who can translate this! :p))

vorodorer                                                          05-03-2006 06:46 PM

(( I give up ))

leannewoods                                                        05-03-2006 06:58 PM

((i think he means he programmed the m issile to hit dawn before he knew about
him not being an ec member))

vorodorer                                                          05-03-2006 06:59 PM
(( True, but "before time" usually means before the beggining of the universe and
earth itself ))

Apocalipse_Dawn                                                   05-03-2006 07:26 PM

((I think he's confused...))

EnDSchultz                                                        05-03-2006 07:40 PM

((Yeah, just a little. Anyone here taken Toitish as a second language?))

3kul                                                              05-03-2006 07:48 PM

((Du Toit: I PROGRAMED IT BEFORE TIME = I cannot form a logical sentance))

A bard of some kind wanders onto the battlefield, continuing his never-ending
quest for good song lyrics that will tell the world of his travels - since he never
stops travelling, he never stops singing. He hears Du Toit's false claims and the
dispute caused by it, and using his incredible music mind-melding technique,
begins to make a few lines for his life-song out of it:

"Du Toit suffers from delusions of being in the EC,
Chocolate nightmares in sandwich dreams, baby."

Writing these lyrics down, the bard of some kind hurls a spare lute after Du Toit,
cracking him in the back of the head (and hopefully killing him). Little Sister was
most amused by this, so she applauded and handed him some spare change. The
bard of some kind bowed as he accepted the coins, and left to continue on his
never-ending quest.

((Based on a dream I had O_o. The bard of some kind is just a random character,
I just thought it'd be more interesting to read like this than me just saying "Du
Toit, you are not an EC member". I don't really care that the bard of some kind
powerplayed, because Du Toit deserves it for acting like an idiot :p))

vorodorer                                                         05-03-2006 08:00 PM

(( Hear hear! *raises glass* ))

Sywyn                                                             05-03-2006 08:03 PM

((couldent we just have raven open a portal into an endless void then we all
shove du toit into it))

vorodorer                                                         05-03-2006 08:07 PM

(( I can do that meself, but i am tireeed... ))
leannewoods                                                      05-03-2006 08:34 PM

((its only half 9. i'm not tired. ME NEVER TIRED!!! NEVER!!!

i say we shove him of a cliff edge. i know how. write a letter saying:

eem really friendly. meet eem by cliff edge.

ya know i think he'll do that... XD))

RapidPancake                                                     05-03-2006 09:04 PM

Um, hello everyone. This probably isn't the best place to introduce myself, but hi!
*avoids some bullets*
Fun war...

DementChild                                                      05-03-2006 09:05 PM

No, probably not...

leannewoods                                                      05-03-2006 09:06 PM

are you food? i LIKE pancakes!!! *drools*

DementChild                                                      05-03-2006 09:17 PM

Good thing they're not a muffin, I'm hungry >:D

leannewoods                                                      05-03-2006 09:18 PM

i thought you were a muffin.

DementChild                                                      05-03-2006 09:21 PM

Are you blind to my sig?

leannewoods                                                      05-03-2006 09:23 PM

what sig?

RapidPancake                                                     05-03-2006 09:28 PM
The one saying "Muffin Eater", I'd imagine.

Officer 1BDI                                                      05-03-2006 09:44 PM


Originally Posted by RapidPancake
Um, hello everyone. This probably isn't the best place to introduce myself, but
*avoids some bullets*
Fun war...

*A gangly horse norn comes out of nowhere and starts ranting at RapidPancake*

Are you mad, man?! At least spare your sanity first!

*Indicates a skull-shaped basket for him to deposit said sanity into at the gates
of Gameware*

Oh, on the behalf of 1BDI, who's still missing her head at the moment, welcome
to the Creatures Community. Pity you came in during such a time.

*PF hurries off the battlefield because, unlike me, he'd like to live through this

RapidPancake                                                      05-03-2006 09:49 PM

I shall kill you all! In the morning.

Narmie                                                            05-03-2006 10:14 PM

Don’t count on it RapidPancake were all to good.

* Narmie gets really board and runs down to the fight like a maniac shouting
“who’s your momma”*

leannewoods                                                       05-03-2006 10:16 PM

plus are you in the evil council?

Kat_05                                                            05-03-2006 10:24 PM

Kat growled in rage as the door slammed shut. Several bursts of flame melted
the surface of the stone door, but it would take to long to melt it down. As such,
Kat started exploring the room, finding a trap door. The door was secured like the
door, but the hinges melted easily, and the door soon fell down some old stairs.
Kat followed the path, dodging old steps, until she hear rushing water. A manhole
was shooting water- it was the sewer.
Nois above proved to be Kat's reinforcements, fully equipped for any battle. They
followed Kat's signal to the lower level, and on her command, everyone dove into
the sewer, washing towards Forumopolis.

DementChild                                                      05-03-2006 10:25 PM

Not to my knowledge they're not.

Narmie                                                           05-03-2006 10:26 PM


Originally Posted by leannewoods
plus are you in the evil council?

are you talking to me?

panther385                                                       06-03-2006 12:12 AM

((EEP! Stop posting so quickly! :uh_oh: ))

*Panther saw the building becoem covered in dust, then she could hear a
cracking sound and a large boom*
Hah, lets see that Jim Henson creation relay information to his grunts now!

TheDarkPsycho                                                    06-03-2006 02:43 AM

((Sorry for the delay, Life had me busy...I can't guarentee it won't do the same
next week either. But enough with that, lets get this thing rolling, Forum Wars

*DP had finally reformed. He had no idea what narmie's sword was, but it sure
did play havoc with his energy. He quickly made his way up to the bluff he had
first appeared on above Forumopolis. They had to have been warned. But
how...and who? That didn't matter, the EC had to regroup and reform an attack
strategy. I quickly punched a few buttons into his armband, and a massive Warp
Portal appeared on the ground, open end facing down. He pressed a few more
buttons, and the warp portal started to move up, revealing underneath it a
equally massive Fortress, originally used in the forum wars. The walls had no
doors on it, and as the portal moved up, it revealed more than a few massive
artillery pieces (oversized cannons) around it's parameter, and on each of the
four towers at the corners of it's square frame. Once the fortress, had been
transported, the portal disappeared, and another one appeared in the wall to
grant DP entry into the EC's war room, quickly shutting after his entry*

DP *to random grunt*: How long until we can bring the sheild back online?
Grunt: The engineering teams are reporting at least two hours, maybe three.
DP: Tell them they have thirty minutes. And send a broadcast to all the other EC
members...tell them that if they are able to, they should return to the fortress to
regroup and plan our next action.
Grunt: Aye Aye sir!

Sywyn                                                            06-03-2006 02:48 AM

((um DP du toit shot nukes at dawn and she reflected them towards you, if those
blow at this range wont it kill everyone though, i mean i doubt even seph could
survive being redused to his moleculare structure))

TheDarkPsycho                                                    06-03-2006 02:52 AM

((And that friends is called powerplaying, and something I chose to ignore. Nukes
make horrible close combat weapons anyways. Plus the fact that I'm upset at
that particular imposter at the moment doesn't help))

3kul                                                             06-03-2006 06:45 AM

Little Sister finally spotted HollowEyes plummeting towards the city at a rapid
speed. ~The new charm seems to have worked well, your horn looks very
impressive.~ "Thanks, the upgraded beetle charm makes it bigger, stronger and
more dense - this impact should feel like barely anything at all." ~Makes me
wonder though, can you actually lift your head up that way?~ "I don't know...
How am I looking in terms of accuracy?" ~Hm... I guess you're mostly on
target... One sec, my pager's going off.~ "Mine too. I guess it doesn't really
matter then, since we've got to head back to-"

HollowEyes was unable to speak anymore because he had just struck the top of a
building travelling at an insane speed - he punched through the building like it
was made of paper, although the shockwave that came after the impact would
have led one to believe otherwise. The building that he hit collapsed as he
travelled through it, sending shrapnel in multiple directions, whilst many of the
other nearby buildings began to collapse shortly after he had virtually destroyed
the foundations with the earthquake he caused when he hit the ground.

After the dust cleared, it was evident that a few blocks of buildings in Forumopolis
had just been levelled, and HollowEyes was in the middle of a crater, resting
upside down. "You're right, my head is too heavy to lift up like this... I guess I'll
have to speak with the beetle spirit about that. What was the message about?"
~Seems we need to withdraw for some tactical strategizing, rather than randomly
destroying segments of the city.~ "Damn... and I thought that it was such-"
HollowEyes was cut off as he was blasted by a jet of water from the sewers - the
main tunnel was exposed thanks to the impact, and large amounts of debris had
fallen and blocked it up so that the water was now pouring out into the city.

"Oh, bonus, the plan worked out after all" HollowEyes commented as he removed
the beetle charm from his horn and stood back up. Little Sister was still sceptical
about her twin's plan, despite the fact that it had worked ~So, this is why you
wanted me to flood the sewers? So that eventually, Forumopolis is going to be
underwater? At this rate, it may take more than just a couple of days...~
HollowEyes looked back to the meeting place to notice that the EC Fortress had
finally got here. "Well, let's not worry about that for now, we'd best get back to
the meeting spot for now." Both HollowEyes and Little Sister fled the rapidly filling
crater, going their seperate ways and planning to meet back up at the fortress.

leannewoods                                                       06-03-2006 07:29 AM


Originally Posted by Narmie
are you talking to me?


addman                                                            06-03-2006 08:35 AM

*wades through the copious amounts of spam*

((Nearly 25 pages since I last checked, and I'll be damned if I'm going to read
them all. I don't care if I've been attacked by anyone during this time, I'm just
going to jump back in))

*addman leaps down into the fray, killing a few CC grunts with a flash of his

Hey, is it just me or is this place a little wetter than usual?

*notices a gushing torrent streaming out of the floor where Holloweyes had

Nice work, we'll flood them out!

vorodorer                                                         06-03-2006 12:28 PM


Originally Posted by Sywyn
((um DP du toit shot nukes at dawn and she reflected them towards you, if
those blow at this range wont it kill everyone though, i mean i doubt even seph
could survive being redused to his moleculare structure))

(( Thats what you think, besides, whats to say i would let it hit me? ))

Danikat                                                           06-03-2006 01:47 PM

((And now, as compensation for my overly long post last time here's a short

Danielle: Together again huh?
Danikat: It would seem that way.
Alzaranth: Look!
Danikat: Ah. Took him long enough.
Danielle: What is it?
Danikat: The EC fortress. The EC have finally gotten around to adding some
tactics into the mix. And now things get interesting.
Danielle: Oh.....good.....

TheDarkPsycho                                                   06-03-2006 02:12 PM

((Actually, it's the Psychotopian Fortress, on loan to the EC, but whatever))

Spook                                                           06-03-2006 02:38 PM

((Can't... keep.. up.. last time I checked, there were 16 pages. :P))

DementChild                                                     06-03-2006 02:56 PM

((Damn you Du Toit, I'm off to fight someone else :p))

leannewoods                                                     06-03-2006 04:32 PM

*wanders round randomly*

RapidPancake                                                    06-03-2006 06:31 PM

Leanne, come over here!

leannewoods                                                     06-03-2006 06:32 PM


RapidPancake                                                    06-03-2006 06:35 PM

No wait, are you evil or not?

leannewoods                                                     06-03-2006 06:38 PM

look at the av. a norn? gameware? DUH!

RapidPancake                                                    06-03-2006 06:39 PM

Well sorry!

Am I evil?

leannewoods                                                      06-03-2006 06:42 PM

are you a member of the evil council? if not your on gameware's side and your
fighting anyone in the EC yes?

well DUh i'm evil but i ain't in the EC

3kul                                                             06-03-2006 07:18 PM

((Oi, this is an RP thread, not a chatbox - if you want to talk off topic so much,
then PM each other or something))

leannewoods                                                      06-03-2006 07:19 PM

((alright alright!))

*wanders round randomly*

DementChild                                                      06-03-2006 07:26 PM


"So, this is what it boils down to, eh? Random chat... Disgusting"

*attempts to cut Leanne's head off, and hopes Rapid doesn't notice :p*

leannewoods                                                      06-03-2006 07:37 PM

*steps to the side*

so are you in the EC or not pancake?

Anny                                                             06-03-2006 07:41 PM

no, he's not.

Narmie                                                           06-03-2006 07:41 PM

good one Dement.Leanne your getting really annoying I mite try and kill you
even tho I’m on gameware’s side.

*Narmie runs to DP and slashes his sword down to DP throat “this time DP this

Sywyn                                                               06-03-2006 08:04 PM

SYwyn finaly come to inside a make shift tent, everything seems blurry at first,
he wipes his eyes and notices that his hands have been bandaged, as has his
chest, he looks around the room hoping to find someone who can tell him what
happened, as he gets up a tall man wearing a cowl enters the tent

"ah, your awake you had us worried Sywyn"
"is, is that you Khazar"
"ya, we have been hunting you down for a while now"
"We? you mean Kasia and Morik are hear too""
"Yep, they have been waiting a while for you to wake up, want me to send them
"that would be nice..."

Khazar leaves the tend and shouts somthing, two more enter the tent, Morik, a
dwarven cleric, and Kasia, a half-vampire paladin

DementChild                                                         06-03-2006 08:20 PM


 Originally Posted by Narmie
 good one Dement.Leanne your getting really annoying I mite try and kill you
 even tho I’m on gameware’s side.

 *Narmie runs to DP and slashes his sword down to DP throat “this time DP this

Not if I kill her first!

*Leanne killing race :p*

leannewoods                                                         06-03-2006 08:37 PM

((oh great. so everybody h ates me. this is like at school. -_-))

panther385                                                          06-03-2006 08:41 PM

(( Greetings Rapid :D
I'm going to add in Kiri's speech to my posts, it'll be easier for you all. :) ))

*Panther and her mount flew around randomly, each scanning for a target.*
Felis, look! Isn't that thou enemy? The muppet creature?
So it is my dragon friend. He seems to be unfazed from our assaults. Let's do
some ground work, eh Kiri?
*Kiri grinned, bloodlust clearly forming in her eyes. A cruel glint shone fron them
as she roared a battle cry.*
Let's not get too over excited now, keep your dignified air. Kill all you like when
we win.
*Panther steered Kiri over the grunts and warriors, as she sighted Addman.
Circling overhead, she summoned a few commrads of hers. A portal appeared
just above, a robotic wolf tumbled out, followed by a busty pink hare, and around
twenty or so Chibidracs ((See sig)). The canine immediatley started slaughter,
the bunny shaking her hips around the 'stronger' male grunts. Being decived, she
wipped out two Katanas and lopped their heads off.
A male Chibidrac with a blue bandana flew over to Panther, bowing and winking
his golden eyes.*
'Ello, m'lady! wot be yar needs?'
*Panther blushed slightly and gave him the basic ordeal*
Da*ned EC! Can't they do thair own work? Dey waste dere time gettin'
expindable soldiers togeder when dey can just use da grunts for da work! Idiots!
*He sighed* Ah well, Id had ta happen some time.
Thanks Ekilinar, I can always count on you. *Panther kissed him on the head*
No problem gel, dis war'll be over soon 'nough!
*With that, the commander flew away, with Panther gazing after him. Kiri noticed
her rider's gaze and she commented thus;*
Thou seeks his courtship, doth thou not?
*Panther blushed furiously at this suggestion, and nodded*
I guess, but I'd really like to talk about this when the war is over, okay?
Alrighty. C'mon, let's show these blighters whose boss! Tallyho!

Narmie                                                            06-03-2006 08:50 PM

Is that a challenge? ok ready GO!

*Narmie stops attacking DP and runs over to leanne throwing stones ”take some
off your own medicine leanne” Narmie gets to leanne and swings his sword down
on her.*

leannewoods                                                       06-03-2006 08:51 PM

*climbs further up the tree*

Narmie                                                            06-03-2006 08:52 PM

*Narmie stars to climb the tree*

DementChild                                                       06-03-2006 08:54 PM

((Just for the record, I don't really hate you, and apologise for telling you and
others to shut up so many times recenty :())

*grabs the tree and throws it into a lake (you can jump off, no powerplay, see?)*

leannewoods                                                       06-03-2006 08:56 PM
*jumps off* :p

Narmie                                                  06-03-2006 08:58 PM

*Narmie jumps off the tree and heads for leanne*
are you still in Dement?

leannewoods                                             06-03-2006 08:58 PM

*flies off*

Narmie                                                  06-03-2006 09:02 PM

*Narmie throws knives at leanne as she flys off*

DementChild                                             06-03-2006 09:03 PM

*grabs Leanne and attempts to pull her to the ground*

leannewoods                                             06-03-2006 09:04 PM

*gets pulled down*


Narmie                                                  06-03-2006 09:05 PM

*swings sword at leanne*

leannewoods                                             06-03-2006 09:08 PM


*tries to run off*

Narmie                                                  06-03-2006 09:10 PM

*"she getting away!" Narmie runs after her*

DementChild                                             06-03-2006 09:11 PM

*stands in way and (yawn, attempts) to kick over*
leannewoods                                                   06-03-2006 09:12 PM

*rolls into ball*

Narmie                                                        06-03-2006 09:13 PM

*guns leanne with a freeze gun*

leannewoods                                                   06-03-2006 09:16 PM

*is frozen*

Narmie                                                        06-03-2006 09:18 PM

*swings sword down on the frozen leanne*

DementChild                                                   06-03-2006 09:21 PM

*joins the cutting attempt*

leannewoods                                                   06-03-2006 09:23 PM

*thinking* this is gonna hurt *thinking*


Narmie                                                        06-03-2006 09:24 PM

who killed you leanne me or Dement?

leannewoods                                                   06-03-2006 09:29 PM

i ain't got a clue. both?

Narmie                                                        06-03-2006 09:34 PM

we were having a race to kill you. sins we were both attacking at the same time
you decide who killed you.

leannewoods                                                   06-03-2006 09:35 PM

uh...... u?
Narmie                                                         06-03-2006 09:36 PM

thanks. i bet you Dement hahahahaha.

*Narmie goes to find DP*

leannewoods                                                    06-03-2006 09:50 PM

*brown haired g irl walks past*

Narmie                                                         06-03-2006 09:52 PM

*Narmie swings his sword down to DP neck.*

leannewoods                                                    06-03-2006 09:54 PM

*looks round*

o...kaaay.... wasn't like this last time i was here...


*climbs up tree*

Narmie                                                         06-03-2006 10:04 PM

not again

*Narmie shoots freeze gun at the tree leanne is in*

DementChild                                                    06-03-2006 10:20 PM

Oops, bit busy with my signature. Seems like you did well though. I shall leave
you be, for now.

TheDarkPsycho                                                  06-03-2006 10:26 PM


Originally Posted by Narmie
good one Dement.Leanne your getting really annoying I mite try and kill you
even tho I’m on gameware’s side.

*Narmie runs to DP and slashes his sword down to DP throat “this time DP this
((Firstly, DP is in the EC fortress, and secondly, WTF?))

Narmie                                                          06-03-2006 10:29 PM


Originally Posted by DementChild
Oops, bit busy with my signature.

looks good tho.

*Narmies freeze gun built froze the tree leanne is in "you better
get out quick leanne"*

DementChild                                                     06-03-2006 10:30 PM

Frozen again? Oh deary doop...

Narmie                                                          06-03-2006 10:31 PM


Originally Posted by TheDarkPsycho
((Firstly, DP is in the EC fortress, and secondly, WTF?))

sorry i didn't know and "this time DP this time"
i was meaning that i'd kill you this time.


I have decided something ‘I’m on my side not GW or EC”
if you want to be my ally dement I be yours and we can kill leanne together.

Let the fun begin!

EnDSchultz                                                      06-03-2006 10:55 PM

Upon hearing the communique from DP, the Predator swiftly hopped from the
tree and made his way toward the fortress.
"Finally, a chance to reorganize and sort out this mess."

Narmie                                                          06-03-2006 11:06 PM

*Narmie starts doing the sword dance and throwing knives at leanne at the same
Danikat                                                            07-03-2006 03:51 AM

((Just as a general tip for Leanne, Narmie and Dement your posts would be a
heck of a lot more interesting, both for you and for everyone else, if you actually
put some description in instead of just posting single statements.

Look at what everyone else does, or imagine you're writing a story and post it
like that.))

EnDSchultz                                                         07-03-2006 05:40 AM

((I'm assuming the majority of them are young, so perhaps they don't have the
vocabulary quite yet to make story-like posts?))

netdroid9                                                          07-03-2006 07:59 AM

((Bullcrap. Creature could do it, why can't they?))

addman                                                             07-03-2006 09:50 AM

*another swift turn, and another CC grunt falls to the floor*

I need a bigger opponent!

*spys Dani's giant dragon flying overhead*

That's a little more my size!

*Addman runs into a nearby building. He takes the elevator to the roof, and
walks out on top. The dragon is still flying too high for Addman to jump onto him,
so he decides to try and attract it's attention. Pulling an air conditioning unit off of
the top of the building, he launches the item as hard as he can at the enormous
lizard. He knew this would do little to harm it, but he wanted to get it's attention*

DementChild                                                         07-03-2006 12:45 PM

((I could do it, i just haven't as of yet))

panther385                                                          07-03-2006 01:10 PM

((Meh, Dani has a dragon?))

Anny                                                                07-03-2006 02:07 PM

((two Pernese dragons and a firelizard))
TheDarkPsycho                                                      07-03-2006 02:51 PM

((and an army of armadillo spies.))

Aurellion                                                          07-03-2006 03:12 PM

*Aurellions gobbos fire off a cousin into the town*

Gobbo1:   When do you think the boss'll be back?
Gobbo2:   Dunno
Gobbo1:   How many cousins do you think we'll be fireing off today?
Gobbo2:   Dunno
Gobbo1:   Do think we'll ever run out?
Gobbo2:   You know the answer to that.

*Another cousin gets fired out the cannon*

Gobbo1:   Do I?
Gobbo2:   DRAGON!!!!
Gobbo1:   Dragon? that doesn't make much sense
Gobbo2:   No it doesn't, does it.
Gobbo1:   Better shoot a cousin at it though...

Mean while down in the town...

*Aurellion stands around looking rather bewildered*

Aurellion: Better get...

*Aurellion gets hit by one of the incoming cousins and is sent tumbling into a

Aurellion: God Damn it.

*Aurellion cursed to himself, he should know better than to just stand around in
the middle of a battle, as he removed the gibbering creature from his person*

Aurellion: Better find an opponent quick...

*Aurellion takes a quick look around and spots Narmie and, without the
knowledge of his Neutrality, charges him, firing several nails from his nailgun on
the way...*

Narmie                                                             07-03-2006 10:19 PM

*The nails come fling at Narmie and into him nailing his armour to his skin. He
starts to topple then falls and in his last breath he fires hundreds of fire bullets at
Then he sees that light again but this time excepting it as it comes “it is my
His spirit rises out of his body and to the heavens. Looking down he sees Narmie
down on the ground died. He was not Narmie anymore he was Cydious.*
panther385                                                      08-03-2006 12:26 AM

(( ...; ))

*Panther circled again, searching for that darned commander.*
Crap! The worm escaped again!
Impatient one, there he is.
Next stop, destruction.
Heck yeah!
*With that, Panther and Kiri swooped doen to Addman. Panther drawed her
sword, leaping down from the gargantuan lizard.*
Heh, hello, EC member..... Prepare to die....

fatlotus                                                        08-03-2006 01:47 AM

Suddenly, a whale fell out of the sky, falling onto someone's fortress. Someone
was about to say something, but they were flattened underneath a pile of smiles.
Who's fort was it?

:D :D :D :D :D


HisLordship                                                     08-03-2006 02:02 AM

(((Thank you for your words of wisdom, Danikat. They are most beneficial for any
persons who intend to partake in a Creatures Community roleplay.
Much better, Narmie. You show considerable improvement; keep up the good

Norn-mania                                                      08-03-2006 08:41 AM

((I have a pet Wyrm! Yeah, so..... I used to have an alien King too but he went
boopsay toop!))
*The spam zombie observced the ;arge amount of cheese on his arm* He spat
and ran at the tree hoping to get Dement. But hit the tree and fel apart.*
N/n/./n/n! NArgh!
*The zombie crawled over the frozen tree blood spilling from the cheese 0_o
grabbing onto each root, pulling himself closer to the muffin.*
((Dement are you still a muffin?))

addman                                                          08-03-2006 09:42 AM

*As soon as the air conditioner had left Addman's hands, another Gameware
member lands next to him. Addman looks around at his surroundings, there is a
hole from the air conditioner in the roof, and also a raised section where the door
leading downwards was situated*
Panther: Prepare to die ((I'm sure you said something along these lines))
Addman: Bye!

*In a confusing strategy, Addman throws a pack of digestive biscuits onto the
floor, which explodes instantly ((I mentioned earlier that these act like smoke
grenades)). The crumbs fly around, making it difficult for Panther to see anything
at all. When the crumbs disappear, Addman is gone. he must be hiding nearby*

DementChild                                                       08-03-2006 12:51 PM


Originally Posted by Norn-mania
((Dement are you still a muffin?))

I have two characters, one looks like my pic, and the other is:


Originally Posted by Description of Doom
Name: NeoDement
Age: 14
Description: Has an appearance similar to that of a normal human of the same
age, but with various switchable cybernetic implants, which can be used in a
variety of different ways. (IE. Translation implant, Teleportation implant,
Plasma Cannon etc.)
(basically I make them up on the spot, but nothing too amazing)
Abilities: Various through implants
Species: Human
Sub-Species: Cyborg
Weaponry: Various
History: Unknown, memory appears to have been tampered with...

(But I have decided to kill the one in my pic, because I can't be bothered)
(NeoDement also carries DementChild (the muffin) with him. See me.)

panther385                                                        08-03-2006 02:03 PM

*With that Panther morphed into what looked like a mosquito crossed with a
wasp. Her large papery wings flapped speedily, making her rise above the
battlefield. With a grunt, a large blue dragon could be seen jumping off the
building to the mob below. The dragon fought tooth and claw, her tail swishing
like a mower.*

addman                                                            08-03-2006 02:15 PM
That distraction gave me the perfect chance to charge up my blade! *thought
Addman as he leaped out of the hole from the air conditioner, blade ablaze with

Where'd she go?

*He caught something fling itself off the side of the building and down towards
the battle below*

Where are you goin'? This battle's just getting started!

*And with that, the puppet flung himself off the top of the building after Panther,
attempting to bring his scimitar on top of her!*

panther385                                                      08-03-2006 05:00 PM

*Panther whipped around just in time to see Addman bring his scrimtar upon her.
The blade cut Panther in her back, blood draining quickly. 'Oh crap' she though
falling through the air. almost simutaniously, she morphed into a Chibidrac, the
wound healing automatically. Flitting around, she danced around Addman's head
blowing raspberries and making gaging sounds*
Hahhahahh! Almost had me there, puppet! Taste blade!
*She unsheathed her sword from an interdementional pocket and swung towards

Raven13                                                         08-03-2006 05:00 PM

*Raven had been unconcious, it had taken too much power for her to retain
Nexus Raven's form. But at least she had gotten Sywyn. Standing up, she
wobbled a bit. She looked around...The battle seemed to be cooling down...She
searched for somthing to do. She noticed as she walked the ground was wetter,
sorfter...And to her disgust...Muddier...Someone must be playing with
water.....Flying up to dryer land, she continued her search...Untill she came
accross an overturned truck full of.....Washing up liquid....Suddenly; she had a
vision. A vision...Of...Bubbles, gigantic bubbles, everywhere, cc members trappen
in them, the air running out...Flying to the nearest glue factory, she stole as
much glue as she could, then...Watched...And waited for the water to rise...*

Sywyn                                                           08-03-2006 05:44 PM

Kasia- teal
Khazar- dark olive green
Morik- blue
Sywyn- dark red

Morik and Kasia enter the tent, Morik leans agenst a wooden post and Kasia sits
next to Sywyns bed " So how are ya feeling"" ya you had us scared for a minute,
we found you by a crater with your hands burnt and bleeding to death" they say
to Sywyn. "well i have a splitting headach and my fingers tingle, but other tan
that i feel fine", he says. "Sywyn what exactly is going on here anyway", "well
theres a war going on, you want to help, im sure they would pay well for your
'services' Khazar", Khazar looks at Sywyn " we will all help you, but do you have
some kind of plan, there seem to be alot of grunts running around out there"
"yes, if you want to go back out just give the word and we will follow you into
battle" " i dont know i think you should rest a while longer, just leave the fighting
to us" they all say, " dont worie Kas, I will be fine, il have Morik with me", he
says reassuringly. " ok now here is my plan, Kasia and Khazar I need you two to
provide a distraction for Morik and I, we are going to attemp to summon an
elemental army from their respective planes"" hold on a second, isent that kind of
dangerous", Morik protests. " i agree with the dwarf", "its the only way to get rid
of those damn grunts, now Morik and I will head west to the crater i was by,
hopefuly there will be enough energy left there to open a gateway, Khazar, you
and Kisia head east to cause a diversion, kill as many grunts as you possably can,
and dont get yourselves killed"

the others agree, and they leave the tent heading in diffrent directions

Apocalipse_Dawn                                                    08-03-2006 06:08 PM

*Dawn had dissapeared. She had fled from her battle, because she had been
weakening. Walking through the battleground. She stopped to think.*

DementChild                                                        08-03-2006 06:57 PM


Originally Posted by Sywyn
Kasia- teal
Khazar- dark olive green
Morik- blue
Sywyn- dark red

Morik and Kasia enter the tent, Morik leans agenst a wooden post and Kasia sits
next to Sywyns bed " So how are ya feeling"" ya you had us scared for a
minute, we found you by a crater with your hands burnt and bleeding to death"
they say to Sywyn. "well i have a splitting headach and my fingers tingle, but
other tan that i feel fine", he says. "Sywyn what exactly is going on here
anyway", "well theres a war going on, you want to help, im sure they would pay
well for your 'services' Khazar", Khazar looks at Sywyn " we will all help you,
but do you have some kind of plan, there seem to be alot of grunts running
around out there" "yes, if you want to go back out just give the word and we
will follow you into battle" " i dont know i think you should rest a while longer,
just leave the fighting to us" they all say, " dont worie Kas, I will be fine, il have
Morik with me", he says reassuringly. " ok now here is my plan, Kasia and
Khazar I need you two to provide a distraction for Morik and I, we are going to
attemp to summon an elemental army from their respective planes"" hold on a
second, isent that kind of dangerous", Morik protests. " i agree with the dwarf",
"its the only way to get rid of those damn grunts, now Morik and I will head
west to the crater i was by, hopefuly there will be enough energy left there to
open a gateway, Khazar, you and Kisia head east to cause a diversion, kill as
many grunts as you possably can, and dont get yourselves killed"

the others agree, and they leave the tent heading in diffrent directions
Wow, confusing...

leannewoods                                                       08-03-2006 07:07 PM

(khazar? ooh black and white flashback...)

Sywyn                                                             08-03-2006 07:17 PM

(yep, i tryed to kill him before nemisis could once)

EDIT: (its color coded for a reason, the key is at the top)

Danikat                                                           08-03-2006 10:16 PM

Veamoth: The muppet threw an air conditioner at me!
Danikat: Well? Are you just going to hover there or are you going to kill him?
*Veamoth bellowed his delight and swerved around to face Addman*

Danielle: Wait! It seems one of your allies is fighting him for you.
Danikat: Veamoth, wait. Don't hurt Panther.
Veamoth: Never! But the muppet must pay!

*The great dragon continues towards Addman and Panther*

Danielle: So we're just going to wait here then?
Danikat: Of course not. Veamoth can take care of himself, we have other fish to
roast. Alzaranth, if you would be so kind lets go and check out that fortress of
DP's shall we. See if he's made any changes since our last visit.

Arian: Danikat? I have some strange news. The field teams are reporting that the
battle field is flooding. I don't know the soruce of the leak but all the teams have
reported a steady increase in the water level. Team 3 are investigating.
Danikat: Good. Keep me posted on any changes. Esspecially in the water level.
Oh and what happened to Kat?
Arian: She...she escaped. Don't worry, the problem has been dealt with and
Team 1 have a specilist squad on the case.
Danikat: Good.

3kul                                                              08-03-2006 10:17 PM

Having passed right by the tent, HollowEyes heard most of what was said. "Hm...
a large scale summoning? Now that's not such a bad idea there Sywyn..." He
smiled to himself as he whipped out a few Locust Fiend charms, momentarily
forgetting that he was on his way back to the EC fortress as he began to work out
the best way to do this.

TheDarkPsycho                                                     08-03-2006 11:39 PM

*As the EC members started to assemble around the castle, a Warp portal
opened for each one just long enough for them to continue their run through it.
The EC Members, in turn, were used to this system and just kept running into the
wall knowing the portal would open up in time and just long enough...if they'd
dared slow down, the portal would close before they were through it.

As each one exited the other side of the Portal, they entered a large dark room
with spotlights focused on each of the seats, and a nameplate for each Council
members at each seat. Each seat also featured a small partition that looked
seperate from the rest of the table built into said table as so to form a flat
surface. DP, of course, was already at the head of this table, directing repairs
from his terminal he had flipped up from this "seperated" section.

The Fortress had withstood the jump relatively well, with the exception of the
shield generators, which were still taking a while to repair. In the mean time, all
the other Grunts in the fortress where busy doing upgrades to the cannons and
the walls.*

EnDSchultz                                                          09-03-2006 12:42 AM

EnD surveyed the seats. Upon finding his, he read on the back,
"Very funny, DP."
He took his place at the table, waiting for the others to arrive.

DementChild                                                         09-03-2006 01:39 AM


Danikat                                                             09-03-2006 01:45 AM

((*Resists the urge to make death-threat inducing comments about sitting


EnDSchultz                                                          09-03-2006 04:36 AM

((Suddenly flies into the realm of OOCness, slaps Dani, and immediatly returns to
his seat)) :p

3kul                                                                09-03-2006 05:21 AM

Having remembered where he was supposed to be, and noticing that Sywyn and
company had all left the immeadiate area, HollowEyes decided to swiftly make his
way back to the EC Fortress like he'd been told to. He arrived several minutes
after Little Sister, who was already perched in her seat, so he approached his own
and sat down. He was somewhat intrigued to hear how the others had progressed
and what kind of resistance they may have encountered, if any of significance
((Feels weird typing from HollowEyes' point of view - I have to keep in mind that
neither HollowEyes or Little Sister would have seen that much, since they were
up in the sky and down in the sewer respectively :p))

Norn-mania                                                         09-03-2006 07:01 AM

((Girl basher!))
*The spam zombie cried in dismay, the muffin/other thing depending on what it
was had escaped*
*The zombie busied himself re-atatching limbs. Compoletely un-aware of the
water rising around him...*

addman                                                             09-03-2006 10:35 AM


Originally Posted by panther385
*Panther whipped around just in time to see Addman bring his scrimtar upon
her. The blade cut Panther in her back, blood draining quickly. 'Oh crap' she
though falling through the air. almost simutaniously, she morphed into a
Chibidrac, the wound healing automatically. Flitting around, she danced around
Addman's head blowing raspberries and making gaging sounds*
Hahhahahh! Almost had me there, puppet! Taste blade!
*She unsheathed her sword from an interdementional pocket and swung
towards Addman.*

*Panther knocked Addman's Scimitar out of his hands with her attack, but he
didn't need it for the time being. The damage had been done. He elegantly landed
on the floor with a splash as the area was slowly flooding. Standing up straight,
he informed Panther of what he had done*

MWAHAHA! Are you not aware of the Scimitar's powers? When charged up it can
alter the state of anyone hit by it, meaning that you are about to slowly turn evil.
Soon, you shall join us! They don't call it the Scimitar Of Corruption for nothing
you know!

((For your info Panther, I did describe the blade's ability earlier on in this very RP.
I shall PM you with details and hopefully we'll be able to work out how this works
for both our characters))

*Briefly distracted, Addman looks up at the sky, only to notice Dani's dragon
descending towards him. Deciding he had done all that he needed with Panther,
Addman ran off to retrieve his Scimitar, which was still glowing in the distance.
He wanted to turn the dragon to the dark side and turn the tide of this war in the
EC's favour. Quickly, the muppet sprang into action, hoping to reach his weapon
before the dragon reached him*
Sywyn                                                              09-03-2006 11:13 AM

((yes he descbribes it in his battle agenst me, and now i have to go to school))

Aurellion                                                          09-03-2006 12:01 PM

*Aurellion, finding himself now charging a hailstorm of nails quickly makes a
dodge roll to his left, removing much of his upper body from harm. Feeling the
sting of roughly 30 nails puncture the right of his legs and tail, Aurellion flintches,
trips and falls to the ground and takes a look at the now studded lower body*

Aurellion: grrrrrRRhh

*Aurellion, now in rather serious pain, looks up at the now glowing image of
Cydious with fear and awe in equal measures*

Aurellion: *panting heavily* what are you!?

panther385                                                         09-03-2006 01:54 PM


*Panther's eye's widened in shock as Addman informed her. Slowly, she could
feel a dark prescence growing, urging her to kill her fellow CC members.
Screwing her eyes in pain, she clutched skull, letting out a blood chilling moan.
Panther collapsed on the ground, stunned*

*Kiri's ear's pricked up as she caught her rider's moan. Kiri gasped when she
spotted her scales. Each one now glittered a deep maroon, her claws matching.
The wave of new color spread up her body like an ocean's wave, finally ending at
her nose. Large spikes burst from her spine and crainium, giving her a tortured
and demented appearence. Kiri's aquamarine orbs turned a startiling black, no
pupils to be seen. She roared, and immediatley fought with the grunts, leaping
into the air to attack Veamoth*

*Panther had already been corrupted, bloodlust and cruelty shone in her eyes.
Feeling a power surge, she morphed one of her most powerful forms, the
Van'kiele. The Van'kiele is a sort of cross between a white Tiger and a Lightning
dragon. It is about the size of an Adolscent dragon, it's body engulfed in green
flame. The markings are old dragon text, banishing the Van'kiele to Hell. It is
possible to summon the original Van'kiele, but doing so would break the Ancient
Laws set down by the Dragon Elders. There was one such woman who visited Hell
to retrive the being, only resulting in a very long pregnancy ((*wink wink*
*Nudge nudge* XD )). Nowadays, the shapeshifters can take the form of him,
duplicating the powers.*

NOTE: Mehehhehehheh, Panther is now a temporary EVIL! What a plot
twist!:twirl: But as an answer to Kiri now being evil, if you have read Eragon and
Eldest ((Christopher Paolini)), you know that a Dragon and her rider have a mind-
link, though Kiri and Panther weren't orignally paired together. It was necassary
when Panther was little to actually live in Kiri's body for awile ((LONG story)), so
they are uniquley bonded. What an intersting Role Play indeed!
addman                                                            09-03-2006 02:46 PM

((Simply sublime Panther, perhaps it might worth putting GW: temporary EC or
something as your title, so people know that you may attack them. Anyway,
welcome to the team!))

*Addman looked back and saw his twisted actions come to effect as Panther and
Kiri turned to the dark side. He especially delighted in watching Kiri fly off to meet
Veamoth head on, hoping this would give him enough time to reach his sword. He
decided he'd better check on HQ, reaching for his EC communicator, he contacted

Hey DP, sorry I can't join you in base right about now. I've just converted
Panther and Kiri with the Scimitar Of Corruption, and now I've got a dragon to
slay. I'll be back for breakfast!

*And with that, he hung up*

Raven13                                                           09-03-2006 03:36 PM

*Raven decided to let her plan ferment in her mind for awhile. She flew towards
the counsil meeting place, making it through the portal. Taking her new
cushioned seat, with the name Raven on the back. She waited for the others.*

Narmie                                                            10-03-2006 01:27 AM

*“I am a Critten a very powerful being that could destroy you this instant,
unfortunately I am not aloud to interfere in your matters if I do I will get
banished from Sentera” Cydiouses image starts to fade away and then he is

Cydious was watching the battle closely through a big magnifying glass type of
thing “I wish I was down there fighting, there are no wars up here in Sentera all
to perfect” he half said to himself half to his pet Wofolpig who was trying to get a
good view of the battle. “I am down there in my dreams tho, ever since I was
born I had dreams of that place. Narmie was my name there, but he died and I
don’t have dreams any more. Quite sad really.” Cydious herd the bell ring and left
the building taking Mako (his Wofolpig) with him.*

DementChild                                                       10-03-2006 01:32 AM


Originally Posted by Norn-mania
*The spam zombie cried in dismay, the muffin/other thing depending on what it
was had escaped*

Cyborg goddamn you!
EnDSchultz                                                        10-03-2006 02:04 AM

((Heyy, language, Dement!!!!))

TheDarkPsycho                                                     10-03-2006 02:07 AM

*a window popped up as Addman contacted DP*

DP: Be carefull....i have a feeling that these people had been informed about the
attack. And show up as soon as possible, we need the leadership here safe.

vorodorer                                                         10-03-2006 12:35 PM

*Seph ports onto the battlefield, he takes out a scroll and sets it in mid air, he
says an old word and a spherical window opens, it appears infront of DP and
Addman, Seph bows and begins to talk to them*

Give me my orders, i have completed the first objective, i need the secound!

TheDarkPsycho                                                     10-03-2006 12:57 PM

DP: *to window that appeared in front of him* yes, report to the Fortress on the
hill as soon as you can. I wish to gather the Council to talk of strategy.

TheLightPsycho                                                    10-03-2006 01:06 PM

*LP had been following the events from his dimension for some time now. And he
had to admit he was troubled. The forces of good were way outnumbered and
outmatched. Something had to be done. Going to Hunter's part of the Fortress of
Purity, LP fired up the interdimensional Portal, and jumped in.

A Few seconds later, LP found himself on a beach, a few miles outside of the city.
He looked around, and the only signs of life in this region was some pile of slime
along a creek. LP looked closer, and realized that slime had been one of the one's
fighting the EC. LP Carefully picked up the slime, put him in a conveniently placed
nearby bucket, and started heading towards teh flooded Metropolis at an
incredible speed*

LP: Don't worry Little fella, I'll get you back to your home soon enough...

addman                                                            10-03-2006 02:32 PM

Don't worry about me DP, I'll be back in a mo...

*Addman is distracted by a blinding flash by the beach. A flash that he
remembered from a long time ago from an event which is now know as the WoN*

Erm DP, we may have a problem...
DementChild                                                    10-03-2006 06:26 PM


Originally Posted by EnDSchultz
((Heyy, language, Dement!!!!))

((Net was swearing earlier... -_-))

Sywyn                                                          10-03-2006 07:05 PM

Morik- blue
Sywyn- dark red

Sywyn and Morik watch from atop a high cliff as some of the EC members leave
the battle through portals

"Morik, this is the perfect chance to make a run for it"
"Are you mad, look at the grunts between us and the crater" *Morik points out
several battalions*
"We dont need to worry about them, the main EC members would be the problem
and they all seem to have buisness elseware"
"You better be right, and take these, your going to need them"

Morik slides a bundle of cloth over to Sywyn, he unwraps the cloth which turn out
to be a sturdy cloth armor and 2 daggers

"Where did you find these?"
"They were on the floor of the tomb where we were assigned to slay that lich,
why would you cast away your weapons and armor like that"
"It dosent matter now, come we have much to do, lets just hope Khazar ans
Kasia can give us enough time"
"Well then Sywyn, lets get this suicide mission of yours over with"

Sywyn and Morik head over to one of the near by slopes, the slide down the face
of the cliff taking care to remain under the cover of darkness

netdroid9                                                     11-03-2006 05:07 AM


Originally Posted by DementChild
((Net was swearing earlier... -_-))

Shut the *bleep* up. Have some *bleep*ing respect for your *bleep*ing elders
you *bleep*ing muffin.
panther385                                                      11-03-2006 11:15 PM

*Panther could feel the unnatural strength flow through her. Her eyes glinted
murderously, scanning the battlefield for prey. She bellowed and tramped off,
swinging her skull left and right to look for an opponent*

*Kiri heard her friend's roar, and flew faster. Her wings pumped faster and faster,
bringing her to face Veamoth.*
Greetingsss felow reptilian.... The Creaturesss Communtiy shall fall to the power
of the Evil Council! Tremble, lessst thou forgetsss the greatnesssss of the Evil
*With that, she swung a clawed appendage towards her opponent*

Du Toit                                                         12-03-2006 05:06 PM


TheDarkPsycho                                                   12-03-2006 09:40 PM

*DP finally looked up from his console*

Well, looks like everyone who's going to show up has. We have a very, VERY
serious problem. Someone has warned them about our attack, as evidenced by
their attack on us to start the battle. And although they aren't much of a match,
there are a few people of the CC that do concern me, as much for their talent as
well as their potential contacts. All we need is to get those....goody-two-shoes
form the Grove involved. So I called you back to do three things: Regroup, Find
the source of the leak, and come up with a strategy to beat these few threats so
we can take down the rest without mercy.

DementChild                                                     12-03-2006 10:55 PM


Originally Posted by Du Toit

Nah, perhaps you could do it for us?


Originally Posted by TheDarkPsycho
Regroup, Find the source of the leak, and come up with a strategy to beat these
few threats so we can take down the rest without mercy.


EnDSchultz                                                      13-03-2006 12:40 AM
EnD gave a nod of approval.
"So, the ones I see as a threat would be Sywyn, and Danikat. Who else should
probably be of concern to us?"

Narmie                                                          13-03-2006 01:22 AM

Name: Conteris
Age: 20
Appearance: A wood elf. His heir is white and spiky, he is about 5.8 feet high
with wooden knuckles. He wares a lather top, silk trousers and lather foot ware.
Abilities: Expert archer, can not get decessus and very quick and light footed and
some control over animals and can transform into them.
Weaponry: Lighting bow, sword and dagger witch will do lots of damage
and make the opponent fly back.
History: Conteris was abandoned at the age of three and he had to survive
on his own in tell he was 10 when he was picked up by some travailing
strangers who took him in. He did not know how to speak and was wild
and it took a long wile of hardship and hurt but he learnt. At the age of
20 he left the strangers to look for his parents. When he was in a town called
Transer he sore some vampires attacking girl around the age of him, he quickly
shot them with his bow and they fled. The girl did not have a home and decide
to come with Conteris. Over the time he came to love the girl but then she was
away by a group called the evil counsel and on that day he swore an oath to fite
the EC in tell he freed her.

*Conteris walked over to the battle field and sore all the deviation.
It looked as all the EC members had left, there were not too many people on GW
side left sywyn, leanne, magustheblob, ...(ok there were a lot) only some were
good at fighting tho and up to the EC they didn’t stand a chance, "all we can do
well we can try” he thought.*

TheLightPsycho                                                  13-03-2006 03:26 AM

*LP continued his run, even as the water rose due to the flooding. Then he
reached his goal...the Fountain in the city square. He came to a stop just in time,
standing on the water that wasn't to deep in this part of town (yet). He released
the bucket, and Magus within, into the fountian, then looked up, releasing PM
birds (similar to Lisa's) to all the members of the fledgling CC Alliance, telling
them to meet him near the Fountain in the City Square*

Sywyn                                                           13-03-2006 04:03 AM

*As Sywyn and Morik reach the bottem of the cliff a red-tailed hawk bearing a
note lands on Sywyns arm.*

''Hmmm... i wonder who this if from" Sywyn says taking the note from the birds
"you mean you don't know who its from, they surely know you enough to be
sending you messeges"
*Sywyn examines the wax seal looking for any familiar markings*

"this seal dosent bear the mark of anyone i know, but still..."

Sywyn opens LP's messege and quickly reads over it, he then pulls out a peice of
parchment and a quill and writes back
" lightpsycho, i have recieved your messege but sadly i can not return just yet, i
have a plan that could buy us some time for a direct assult, but you will have to
wait to find out lest this note fall into enemy hands"

with that he ties the note back, wispers somthing to the hawk and sends it on its
way, he and Morik continue onward to the site where the conclusion of his and
Raven's battle took place

Narmie                                                            13-03-2006 04:17 AM

*Conteris gets the letter and reads it “hmmm I’ll come” he quickly transforms
into a bird and flies to the fountain. "So what's the plan?” he asks LP.*

addman                                                            13-03-2006 10:28 AM

*Addman reaches his blade and the dynamic duo are reunited once again*

Sweet, sweet sword, don't ever leave me again!

*Suddenly, Addman notices a few of the surrounding CC heading somewhere.
Remembering his map, he realised that they were heading to the main square,
possibly to regroup. Not sure about their next course of action, Addman shouts
up to the newly turned Panther*

Panther! Who is the bigger threat? Veamoth, or the other CC members?

3kul                                                              13-03-2006 08:29 PM

((Narmie, decessus = diseases? You can't just have us kidnap a maiden for you
btw - perhaps it would be better if your character had been led to believe that
she had been kidnapped by the EC, or maybe ask one of us first. We're pretty
picky when it comes to prisoners, usually we don't bother with keeping 'em alive

HollowEyes took in what DP had to say with careful consideration. "Hm... I still
have a few cards to play, and whilst the leak does have reason for concern, I'm
also a little concerned about the one called Sywyn. He's grouped together with a
few allies and I overheard him discussing some kind of large-scale summoning - I
didn't quite catch all the details, but he mentioned something like 'elemental

Raven13                                                           13-03-2006 08:59 PM

*Raven sat in her chair. Listening intently. At the same time. She was having a
conferece of her own. She had suspicions about Ivy...*
Raven: So...what did you do when you were free Ivy?
Ivy: You saw me protesting...
Raven: Really? Was that all you did?
Ivy: *Looks around for exists* Of course...What else could I have done?
Raven:..I dunno..Something like...LEAK EC INFORMATION!
Ivy: *Spinning around to run, Jess blocked her exit*
Jess: Your not going anywhere...
*Raven gave Ivy an icy stare*
Raven: What did you tell them? *She advanced on her lightly fingering the hilt of
her sword*

Sywyn                                                           13-03-2006 09:25 PM

Sywyn and Morik quickly sneak around the grunts without being spoted, however
once they reach their destination things begin to go downhill, Sywyn is hard at
work drawing the summoning seal and for the last 20 minutes Morik has been
felling the incoming grunts with his crossbow but all seems lost, suddenly an
entire regiment of 100 grunts abruptly stops moving, a faint slicing sound is
heard and a red cloud rises from the grunts, Khazar leaps from a nearby tree and
fires threads into any close grunts slicing them apart, then Kasia flips over a
boulder and holy energy leaps from her fingertips into the army smiting the dark
soldiers it comes into contact with

" why is it that you are always late Khazar" Sywyn says still drawing
"would you have prefered we let them rip you limb from limb" Khazar protests
"no, no, we are grateful, Sywyn can you please work a bit faster"
" Im working as fast as i can, Kasia hand me my daggers"
"these" she says picking up two silver daggers off the ground
"yes, thank you"

Sywyn takes the daggers and the other 3 turn back to holding off the grunts, in
one swift motion Sywyn twirls the daggers crouches down and stabs two specific
points in the center of the seal, a bright white light pours forth from the places
the daggers have pierced as Sywyn recites an incantation, the seal its self begins
to glow furiously then stops leaving no trace of Sywyn

AT that same moment Sywyn awakens in a dark void, with no light present exept
from the disk of light he appears to be standing on, voices call out to him from
the darkness

3kul                                                            13-03-2006 09:51 PM

HollowEyes felt something a little off in the atmosphere, and looked at Little
Sister. She nodded and swished her hair around so that a different eye was
showing - unlike her eye that she usually kept showing, this one was small and
beady, almost insect like. She turned around in the chair and gazed out of the EC
fortress, surveying their surroundings, and within moments she noticed what
Sywyn was doing. ~Brother, Sywyn is doing something strange...~

HollowEyes peered into her mind and saw what was happening, and realized that
there wasn't much time. "I'd best leave now if I'm to stop Sywyn - Little Sister
can remain here and relay the details of the meeting to me as she hears them."
They rushed to one of the towers in the fortress as Little Sister was rapidly
extending and weaving her hair, and within moments it had formed a large
cannon. Upon reaching the tower, HollowEyes threw an explosive device into the
cannon and jumped in after it, Little Sister took aim and fired, sending
HollowEyes rocketing towards Sywyn. As he flew, he stuck his recently upgraded
beetle charm on his head, and felt his horn expand and harden - even if he
missed Sywyn, he was sure to at least mess up whatever he'd used to create the

((Sywyn, since the ground is now underwater, where did you draw the seal for
the portal? I'd be assuming that you drew it on a building, but let me know if I'm

Sywyn                                                            13-03-2006 09:55 PM

(i was on higher ground, so it was not yet underwater, at this point though i am
at the nexus of the elemental planes about to make a deal for an army)

3kul                                                             13-03-2006 10:18 PM

((ah, fair enough then))

As HollowEyes shot towards Sywyn, the seal flashed bright white, and Sywyn was
gone. Unable to stop himself or slow down, HollowEyes suddenly realized how
poorly thought out his plan had been, but figured that he could at least take out
Sywyn's allies before he got back. Smashing into the ground that the seal was
drawn on, he quickly removed the beetle charm so that he could move about
again, and darted towards the closest one of Sywyn's allies, spinning his arm
blades rapidly.

((I'll let you decide who I attack Sywyn, since I don't know them that well, it
doesn't really matter to me))

panther385                                                       13-03-2006 11:05 PM

*Panther trodded over to Addman, growling slightly*
Heh, Kiri is taking out Veamoth currently, how about sending some extra forces
towards them? That'll leave the rest of us to crush the spirits and bones of the CC
members. If you'd like, get as many fighters near me as possible, and I'll
transport us right next to the fools!

Sywyn                                                            14-03-2006 01:21 AM

((ok then 3kul, you will fight Khazar the mysterious "person" who trained

before Holloweyes could even get close enough to do any real damage Khazar
had his crystaline threads entertwine to form a staff, he knockas back the blades
with one fluid motion and still leaves himself an opening to launch a powerful kick
directly at Holloweyes chest
" Morik, Kasia you two hold them off, il take this one" *he shouts* "so are you a
general, or just another stooge"

3kul                                                            14-03-2006 03:49 AM

((Sywyn, that move is not physically possible :p. HollowEyes' arm blades are
called that because they are his four arms that are around his neck, however,
they move in a propellor-like fashion. If you were to knock the arm blades, you'd
have to physically knock HollowEyes aside rather than back, and even then it
probably wouldn't work (try jamming a stick into a fan and see what I mean :p...
don't blame me if you take out an eye though). Either way, you wouldn't be able
to do both so it's either knock the arm blades or kick him in the chest. Since it's
something you'd only know if you'd seen a picture of him, I'll assume that what
you've actually done is taken HollowEyes by surprise with the materialization of
the staff, stopped the spinning motion of his arms with it, and then kicked him
back (which is possible, but you'll probably not get another chance like that, since
he's now aware of the kind of weapon you use). Check HollowEyes' profile over
on my page of the Creatures wiki (here), or in the Evil Council public forums.))

HollowEyes had not expected the tall stranger to have a weapon like this -
judging from the way he'd used it moments before, they were merely threads.
This method of combat somewhat reminded him of Little Sister's style, but
chances were these threads had a limit to their length. Picking himself up off the
ground, laughing at the man's unnecessarily bold words.

"As amusing as it would be for your friends to later think that you were killed by a
mere grunt, I'm sorry to say that I'm not. My rank is that of Officer amongst the
Council, if you absolutely must know, but I don't think that means much to
anyone who doesn't know how our ranking system works. To put it as bluntly as
it needs to be... I'm more than strong enough to eliminate you."

He picked out a Devil Squid charm and stuck it to the ground - a thick black smog
began to rapidly pour out of it, into which HollowEyes quickly vanished from
sight. "That first hit was a lucky one old man, savour it, because miracles only
ever happen once." Several large vines burst out of the smog, whipping towards
Khazar, trying to grab him.

Sywyn                                                           14-03-2006 04:01 AM

((i suppose this would be a good time to post Khazars character sheet))

Name- Khazar
Age- unknown
hight- 5'9''
Race- unknown
gender- male
Class- assassin
hair color- unknown
eye color- black
distinctive markings- none visable

weapons- crystaline thread- Khazar uses crystal like threads as his weapon, once
cast they can act as spears or whipes, peircing or slicing Khazars enemys , he can
also wrap the threads to form other weapons

double sided daggers- Khazar uses diamond daggers that have a blade at the top
and bottom of the hilt

throwing knives- glass throwing knives that are filled with a neuro toxin, this
poison drives the afflicted person crazy while slowly killing them, very effective
when used for interigation, these knives are carried in a special case to ensure
they dont break

magic abilitys- wind manipulation- Khazar can manipulate the wind
puppet master- Khazar can magicly string up corpses with his crystal threads and
use them as puppits

Physical abilitys- lightning reflexes, can see extreamly well in the dark, enhanced
senses, increadably strong

background- Khazars background is unknown to anyone exept himself and not
much is known exept that Sywyn apprentaced under him, no one has ever seen
Khazars face thus his race remains a mystery, over the years he has gained the
title "demon of the winds"


Khazar looks at the vines with what seems to be either fear or disgust, the vive
swings toward Khazar but a split second before the vine would hit Khazar he
vanishes leaving behind a trail of upturned dust the smog is thrown apart by a
strong gust of wind revealing 3kuls location, Khazar quickly holds up the staff and
grabs one of the threads changing the staff into a bow, another thread moves to
become the arrow

"old man, you have no idea, i am no more a man than a rock and older still, there
is a reason i am called the demon of the wind" he says firing the bow

another vine comes up from behind him and slams him down into the ground

Danikat                                                               14-03-2006 04:04 AM

((Apologies to Panther and Addman for taking so long to reply. I'll try and keep
more on top of things from now on.))

*Not expecting an attack from another dragon, much less an ally, Veamoth did
not have time to duck the attack. Fortunately his thick hide took the brunt of the
damage and the wound began to heal almost as soon as it had happened*

*Bellowing in rage he dissapeared with the typical quiet pop of displaced air,
reappearing roughly 100 feet above Kiri*

*Danikat, feeling her dragons pain, suprise and anger demanded to know what
had happened*
Veamoth: A dragon attacked me.
Arian: It was Kiri. Team 1 reports that Addman has attacked and seemingly
corrupted Panther. It seems dragon and rider were more closely linked than we
had suspected.
Danikat: Her rider has been corrupted. And remember she is not Pernese. Its
possible her kind thinks nothing of attacking another dragon. Fight back, but
don't do any permenant damage.
Veamoth: Pernese dragons do not fiht dragons.
Danikat: Good thing you're not a Pernese dragon then isn't it? Thats just a habit,
and one you need to break quickly if you are to survive.

*Danikat could feel emotions waring within the great beast, deeply ingrained
habits fought with practical knowlege. Finally his mind was made up as a surge of
seemingly forgotten blood lust over took him. Eyes whirling red he dove towards
Kiri, sending a long blast of fire out towards her*

((Oh and if anyones wondering although he looks and in many ways acts like one
Veamoth was never really a Pernese dragon. He's a genetically engineered
weapon of mass destruction that was originally based on one.))

Danielle: I hate it when you do that.
Danikat: Do what?
Danielle: Stare off into space like that.
Danikat: I was talking to-
*She's interrupted as one of LP's birds landed on Alzaranths neck, just in front of
her. Unrolling the message she scanned it quickly*

Danielle: And?
Danikat: LP wants us to meet at the fountain.
Arian: Danikat! Team two believes the EC fortress will have its shields up soon.
Danikat: But if we want to try and attack on the EC fortress we'll need to do it
Danielle: Simple enough. I'll attack it, you go to this meeting.
*Danikat paused, not wanting to admit she didn't want to leave Veamoth fightig
on his own*
Alzaranth: Veamoth is never alone. You can always reach him if he needs you.
Danikat: Alright. Alzaranth, will you stay with Danielle? Protect her for us.
Alzaranth: Always.
Danikat: Alright I'm leaving Alzaranth with you. Do your best and just tell her
anything you want relayed to me.
Danielle: Ok. Good luck.

*Danikat leaps from Alzaranths neck and flies quickly towards the fountain.

*Danielle barely watches her leave before turning her attention to the fortress in
front of her. She takes two deep breaths, preparing herself for a long period of
working magic and quickly fingering the ring on her left hand she begins the first

*Green tinged clouds rapidly appear over the fortress and within moment a fine
acid rain begins, developing quickly into a steady, heavy fall. ((DP I'll let you
decide the effects since its your fortress.)) Once she's satisfied that the storm will
maintain itself for a while Danielle shifts her focus and summoning heat from
deep within her own body sends bolts of lighting towards the cannons dotted
around the walls of the fortress*
((Apologies for the long post but if I'm going to be controlling three characters in
diffrent places its going to happen a lot.))

3kul                                                             14-03-2006 04:26 AM

HollowEyes had been taken by surprise once more - the tall stranger had
disappeared before his eyes for a few moments. 'No, not disappeared' HollowEyes
thought to himself - he had seen his legs move a little before he left his sight...
'Damn, I was hoping the smog and vines would let me see a little more than
that...' he cursed to himself as he watched the arrow speed towards him - the so-
called demon of the wind's arrow seemed quite sluggish if one compared it to his
ridiculously fast movements a moment ago.

"I'm surprised you'd think that a projectile like that would be any good against
someone like me after seeing my arm movements" he commented as he stepped
aside, quickly spinning his arms. He snatched the arrow in mid-flight and hurled it
back towards the man, not wishing to allow him a chance to alter it's form.
Noticing that one of his vines had made a successful hit for once, HollowEyes
followed through with a volley of petrified beetle charms.

((As the name would indicate, these charms petrify whatever they touch - they
might have been recently upgraded, but the deal was only for new effects to
apply to HollowEyes))

Sywyn                                                            14-03-2006 04:35 AM

Khazars POV:
quickly regaining coinciousness Khazar sends a blast of wind at the charms
reversing their direction, then reforms the bow into a sword and cuts down the
vine that hit him

"your cheap parlor tricks can only work for so long, i hope you have a large

he pulls a glass knife from its case and taps it to crack the glass slightly while
holloweyes isent paying attention to his hands, then he splits a trail of wind so
there is almost no friction as he throws at knife at that same moment he rolls to
the side and sends a gust from his leg kicking up a dust cloud to impare vision,
another vine comes down on him but this time he makes a barrier from the wind
to block it

Sywyns POV:

Sywyn walks toward the voices suddenly everything begins to reform around him,
six greater elemental guardians sit in thrones surronding him, they speak in

- Sywyn Geness, why have you come here-

"i wish to make a deal, for an army of elementals from all the planes"
-we will barter, but what do you have to offer us-

"what is it you want, we are in desprate need of aid, i will do my bast to attain
what ever you request"

-we want... freedom, yes freedom from this hellish place-

" i am afraid i do not know how to grant that wish"

-let us explain, if you allow us to take refuge in your body for 1 day, we will grant
you the army you require-

"its a deal then"

-its not that simple, you see before we may enter we must set a challenge, if you
pass you may make decisions normaly, but if you fail...-

"what, what happens if i fail"

-then we may influence you and punish you for not deciding to do things our

Sywyn sits on floor and begins thinking it over

3kul                                                             14-03-2006 04:59 AM

HollowEyes sighed, it took him a long time to make charms and organize deals
with the spirits that embued them with power, but did anyone ever appreciate
them? No. "If only you had paused and thought about the consequences of your
actions for a moment, breeze-maker..." HollowEyes said in a smug tone as he
allowed the charms to hit him in the face, feeling their effects immeadiately.

His horn bulged and distorted outwards, just in time for the glass dagger to
smash against it, it's contents wasted againts the inorganic material that
HollowEyes' horn was now composed of. "Oho, what's this? A knife filled with a
mysterious liquid... Now who's using cheap parlour tricks, eh?" The sand whipped
against his oversized horn, but didn't do much else - his face was easily covered
by his horn, as was the rest of him.

Using the moment that the man took to block the vine's attack to remove the
charms from his horn so that he could move around again, quickly coming up
with a new strategy. He stuck a few charms of the vexing fox onto his hands
((the tips of the blades flay out into claws)) and began to dash towards his
opponent - this time he was whirling his arms much faster, and ready to adjust
his speed and direction the moment his enemy tried to attack.

Sywyn                                                            14-03-2006 05:21 AM

At that exact moment the seal activates, Sywyn had accepted and just barely
passed the challenge, a massave surge of energy casts everything away from the
newly opened vortex hovering in the air, Sywyn leaps out of the gate on the back
of a nightmare he is folowed by a massive number of fire, water, earth, wind,
light, and shadow elementals of all natures from lesser to greater and humanoid
to serpentine

"looks like you guys started the party without me"

Khazar, Kasia, and Morik rise from where they landed and join Sywyn on their
own personal mounts

"i doubt you can take on all of us at once holloweyes..."he says glaring at this
lone EC member

TheDarkPsycho                                                     14-03-2006 06:02 AM

*The Rock walls of the Fortress withstood the battering of the Acid Rain well
enough, although there were signs that it was weathering away. DP cursed under
his breath, then concentrated deep within for a second, releasing a ball of light
out, which landed and formed into a DP clone with a C on his chest*


DP: Good, you've formed. I want you to go out and deal with that pest outside.


DP: Of course you can kill her! would I be asking you if I wanted her alive?

*with that DP charlie runs out of the meeting room like a gorilla and up to the
balcony to confront Danielle*

3kul                                                              14-03-2006 07:05 AM

((Nightmare is the worst pun I have heard all day Sywyn :p))

"You'd think that, but no, I can probably still take you all on. All your little army
tells me is that you can't beat me with your own power. You cannot imagine the
pleasure it brings me to tell you this, but I've been holding back against you old
man... a lot." He said, turning towards Khazar. "It would be a huge waste to only
make charms if I could commune with the spirits - charms are a nice little boost
to my strength, and add to the entertainment of the match." He continued his
little spiel, seeing that Sywyn would probably give him time to speak -
overconfident people were good like that.

"Didn't it strike you as somewhat odd that most of my charms rely on animal
spirits so much? My worst charms are elemental charms - my vine and water
charms you've already seen used as mere distractions, and my lava charm is
generally for defense purposes only. I usually tell people that this is because I'm
quite bad at communing with the elements, and that it isn't as easy to make a
deal with them as it is to make a deal with animal spirits." He noticed Sywyn and
co. getting somewhat impatient, probably wondering whether this speech actually
had a point or not.

"But, I'll let you all in on a little secret. The real reason I hate to commune with
the elements... is because they suck so very much." Not caring to observe their
reactions, he pulled a twisted black charm out, heavily encrusted with the dried
blood of it's victims. "This little baby will render everything you have totally
obsolete. You don't even want to know what I have to sacrifice to borrow just a
smidgen of this spirit's power... Let's just say it's totally worth it." He knew that
calling it a spirit was very inaccurate, but it's not like anyone else would.

He closed his eyes, tapped the charm, and opened his third eye. "I hope you
didn't promise your precious elements much, because they'll be loosing so much
more than they ever could have bargained for..." Moments after he uttered these
words, the charm fluctuated and distorted - a horrendous roar bellowed from the
charm as it exploded, the immense burst of energy knocking everyone back in a
similar fashion to Sywyn's energy burst just before. Four enourmous chains were
now circling HollowEyes, who was floating with only third eye on his chest open,
glowing eerily. Attached to the end of each chain was a monstrously savage-
looking metallic jaw that bore the remains of hundreds of tattered charms, each
enourmous jaw snapping viciously in a manner not unlike a bear trap.

HollowEyes spoke softly, his voice full of malicious intent as the chains prepared
for attack. "Bear witness to the wrath that is the Chains of Despair..." He turned
to the jaws that were slowly encircling him with chains and quietly uttered their
command - "Proceed." The jaws flashed towards Sywyn's elemental army -
HollowEyes was not going to let Sywyn have a chance to retaliate.

((Excuse the long post, I've been waiting forever to use the Chains of Despair,
and I wanted their awakening to be dramatic (hopefully I succeeded :p). Just so
you know, it's only my opinion that elements suck (not fact), since every man
and his dog uses them. Read HollowEyes' profile for more info on the Chains of
Despair - if you have any questions, feel free to ask me. Needless to say, you just
made things much more difficult for yourself Sywyn :p))

Norn-mania                                                         14-03-2006 07:20 AM

*The zombie completed it's task, reassembling it's body. Heaving its self up
wards the zombie floated to the top of the water. He left some decoy slime to, do
pretty much nothing unless an EC member liked collecting slime so it could get
it's hands burnt off. But apart from that, no it was just for the sake of it. Getting
out his L.L.A.M.A 16 the zombie aimed at the EC fortress carefully. His fingers
began to pull back on the trigger. Soon the EC would curse all llamas for

addman                                                             14-03-2006 11:02 AM

OK Panther, if you can escort a troop of EC grunts to the square and start the
assault. I shall stay here and help Kiri battle Veamoth.

((Just a side note Panther, seeing as I have corrupted you to our side, we now
share a psychic bond, meaning that we can communicate over long distances.
This will help if you run into trouble and need assistance))

*Addman radio's the EC Fortress to ask DP to move some troops to Panther's
position, then he looks up at the raging dragons above them. The flames from
Veamoths attack plunge down to the ground. Addman leaps to the side, only to
have his shoulder set alight. He lands on his back in the shallow water of the
flooding Forumopolis, instantly putting the flames out, but leaving him with a
scorched, bald patch*

Nobody ruins my perfect fur, nobody!

*With that, Addman starts to scale the building as he did before. On his way up
he shouts to the dragon*

You may not see me as much of a threat Veamoth, but I've battled large mythical
creatures before. Did you know I defeated the Phoenix!? ((Addman did this in an
RP on our public website, when an opponent summoned up the phoenix))

*Addman continues his ascent to the roof top*

Sywyn                                                           14-03-2006 11:21 AM

((nightmare isent a pun, its actualy the name of that kind of horse))

Sywyns steed braced itself allowing it to remain standing, he charges directly at
the beast but at the last minute he jumps over one of the chains and off the
horses back

"you and your long-winded speaches, typical villian, but im sure you need to
maintain some sort of concentration to keep that beast active" Sywyn shouts
grinning, he draws three throwing knives and slings them all toward the trid eye,
then lands a few feet from holloweyes

"oh, and dont worry about my elementals, I have one hundred times this many
on the other side of the gate just waiting to get through"

3kul                                                            14-03-2006 11:55 AM

((Oh... well, it sounded like a pun, since a mare is a female horse))

One of the giant metallic jaws swept back towards HollowEyes, catching each
knife and shattering them all with one bite. "Of course, concentration is crucial,
as with any summoning - it would only make sense since the same probably
applies to you with keeping that gate open. However, I doubt you'll ever find a
way to exploit that in your current predicament. As for your elementals, it doesn't
matter how many you've got - take a look at the three that the other jaws have

Three smaller elementals who hadn't moved quickly enough were each screaming
out in agony - not from any physical wounds, but they were being mentally
devestated. "I have no idea what elementals desire or dread, but the Chains of
Despair cause the most intense emotional and mental pain one could possibly
imagine - there is no way anybody would follow you through this, regardless of
what they are." The jaw that had destroyed the knives slowly opened whilst
HollowEyes was talking, but the moment he finished, it shot towards Sywyn,
ready to latch onto him.

magusmagus                                                       14-03-2006 12:24 PM
*Magus oozed out of the bucket and into the Square's Fountain*

Many thankyou's chum, I would not have arrived on time if it wasn't for your

*Magus glanced around at the various CC who had appeared for this meeting*

May we begin our plan? I doubt the EC will permit us much longer to speak, they
are most probably heading this direction, so let us make haste!

panther385                                                      14-03-2006 01:20 PM

*Panter sat impatiently while the forces moved towards her. Once they were
finished, she sighed and said thus;*
Alright, I'm going to transport all of us to the CC meeting. As soon as you can see
with your mortal eyes, start fighting. Clear?
*The soldiers stuttered out random agreements towards the large feline. She
nodded, and started shaking her fur in the manner of a wet dog. Small sparks
flew out, engulfing the army and Panther in a white light. They were soon gone.*

*Kiri screeched, her back and half of her wings getting scorched with flame.
Growling, she attempted to scratch Veamoth's underbelly. She misjudged her
position, and missed.*
Puppet! Ever fly upon a dragon before?

addman                                                          14-03-2006 01:46 PM

Nope, but I always like to try new things!

*And with that, the evil puppet leaped from a ledge on the side of the building
towards Kiri. Feeling weightless in mid air, so far above the ground, he flung his
arms forward as he approached. Landing gracefully, Addman steadied himself and
started to carefully walk up Kiri's back, trying to get as high up as possible*

Kiri, take me in closer!

Violet                                                          14-03-2006 02:46 PM

Violet, being the incredibly heavy sleeper that he is, woke up only to hand
Addman a large 80's-style Mario-Donkey Kong Hammer (a la before falling back

panther385                                                      14-03-2006 04:39 PM

*Kiri obliged, swooping low to the ground only to let the momentum carry her
upwards at the last second. She beat her wings harder to fly farther above
Veamoth. Dodging another fireblast, Kiri dived again, using Fast Forward to make
herself faster.*
Hold on!
Sywyn                                                             14-03-2006 07:56 PM

these creatures have no choice but to bend to my will until this war is over, their
masters forbid that they disobey

Sywyn rolls out of the way narowly dodging the jaw, to the extreamity where it
cut the bottem of his pant leg near his ankle

" i am not maintaining that gate, thats what the seal is for, but i can think of
plenty of ways to exploit your position"

Sywyn kneels down and lays his hands on the ground which begins to brighten
and glow, all at once a blast of fire shoot toward holloweyes moving swiftly across
the ground, melting it into magma

"surround him" Sywyn shouts to Khazar, Kasia and Morik

Raven13                                                           14-03-2006 08:19 PM

*Raven had been torturing Ivy in her mind. Still she had kept denying it. Moving
on, she realised things were moving quickly now. And decided to find another
opponet...Spying Sywyn, she gasped. She thought she had killed him. She
started flying down to investigate*

3kul                                                              14-03-2006 08:29 PM

As usual, the over confident proved ever so useful - HollowEyes now understood
the situation a lot better. "If only you'd done your research... But I'm not going to
tell you what you'll probably figure out in a moment or two." HollowEyes said as
the chains closest to the direction that the fireball was coming from bunched
together - the ball scorched the earth as it flew, but the moment it touched the
chains, it fizzled out of existence.

"Thank you for preventing me from wasting my time." He said as he made a few
slight hand motions, and the three chains that were terrorizing the smaller
elementals released them - they may have been bound to Sywyn's will, but they
were still shaking from the mental shock they'd just received. "It's now quite
obvious who I need to attack." Each jaw shot towards a seperate opponent, this
time only aiming for Sywyn and his allies.

Sywyn                                                             14-03-2006 08:44 PM

Sywyn was expecting this manuver, at once he and all his allys attacked the
jaws, Sywyn sinks into the ground and rises behind them swinging the blood
swords at the sides, Morik rolls to the side and bashes them in with his morning
star, Khazar constricts his threads around another and finaly Kasia holds up her
shield and thrusts the holy avenger over it

Sywyn notices Raven coming down
"this is about to get intresting"

Raven13                                                           14-03-2006 08:50 PM

*Raven saw Sywyn looking at hyer, and sped up. Throwing a swarm of deadly
poisoned shurikens at him and all around his area. Then flying to the other side,
she dived down and unsheathing her sword, she took a shot at his back with it.*

3kul                                                              14-03-2006 09:03 PM

Noticing Raven's presence, HollowEyes grinned - it would be much harder for
Sywyn to defend against the both of them. He was a little annoyed that the jaws
had all managed to miss their target, but it's not like biting was their only

The jaws that Sywyn was attacking lashed it's chain around Sywyn as the blood
swords connect with it's sides, the jaw begins to tighten the chains as it tries to
turn around. Whether the chains succeeded in grabbing him or not, he would still
find it difficult to avoid both this and Raven's attack whilst continuing to hold the
jaw back. The jaw ensnared by Khazar's threads pulls off a similar move, whilst
the jaw knocked aside by Morik circles around him and attempts to bite him once
more whilst tightening it's chain. The jaw targetting Kasia crunches down on her
shield trying to break it, and chains begin to circle her as well.

((argh, feel like I've said jaw too many times, but you get what I mean))

Danikat                                                           15-03-2006 02:16 AM

((DP you forgot to say what Danielle's lightning would do to the artillery on the
EC fortress.))

*Danielle, still sat on Alzaranths back high above the EC fortress, saw DP Charlie
emerge on to the balcony ((Are we assuming the acid rain isn't a problem

Danielle: Who, or what, is that? Alzaranth can you take me in for a closer look
please. Without getting under the rain of course.


*Veamoth held his position, just in front of one of the few remaining buildings,
until the last second. Just as Kiri is about to reach him he dissapears, reappearing
almost immidiately several feet in front of his original position but out of the line
of Kiri's attack. He immidiately begins to circle around to attack again*

Danikat: Veamoth! You were cutting it far too close that time. Always, always,
always have your destination in mind BEFORE you jump between!
Veamoth: I always know where I am going.
Danikat: Maybe so, but don't get over confident.

((Quick explaination might be helpful here: Pernese dragons can teleport into
between at will but in order to get back out into the real world they must be
visulising a specific arrival point.))


*Danikat was pleased to have completed her short flight across Forumopolis
without inccident. She landed at the fountain just in time to catch Magus's words.

Danikat: We seemed to have timed this meeting perfectly. *She glances at LP*
Most of the EC are currently in their fortress, also discussing tactics. Oh and
under assult from Danielle.

My armadillos report that the only active members are Holloweyes, who is
fighting Sywyn and his elemental army, Raven who has just reappeard and joined
Holloweyes, and Addman who has corrupted Panther and is currently fighting

Not wanting to sound over-confident but Veamoth can more than hold his own so
may I suggest we focus either on a way to attack the fortress, or a way to help
Sywyn. Or prehaps both?

Narmie                                                          15-03-2006 02:45 AM

*Conteris got tired of waiting for LP to respond and turned to Danikat “what do
you think we should do? Personally I think we should wait in tell they come out
and then strike. We haven’t really got a chance at attacking the fortress unless
we take the spells off” and with that Conteris looks toward the fortress with the
expression as if he was thinking hard*

Danikat                                                         15-03-2006 05:07 AM

Danikat: The only problem with that is they won't be comming out until they're
ready to attack us. So if we wait for them to come out we'd be in danger of giving
them the upper hand.

My armadillos say the shields aren't actually up yet, although we have no way of
knowing how long that will last.

And either way I wouldn't recommend rushing an attack on the fortress without
proper planning first.

Sywyn                                                           15-03-2006 07:35 AM

Sywyn saw the Shurikens coming and half-smiles at the jaw "bye" he says as his
body becomes evanescent, reforming elsewhere, out of both the shuriken and
ravens path ((i wonder if the jaw can dodge all those shruiken that are now
heading for it))

Kasia drops the shield and somersaults backwards then fires a bolt of divine
energy from her crossbow "what in god's name are these things" she shouts, but
notices Sywyn has vanished "where did he go!" she shouts to the others

Khazar jumps above the chain and reforms more thread into large spikes, then
throws them at the chain directly to try and nail it down at diffrent segments

Morik pulls off a similar move to the one kasia did and fires his own divine
crossbow "good question, he just faded away" he answers Kasia

the army begins grouping together so the human shaped greater elementals
(which are realy big and could probably grab the jaws and hold them open if they
have hands) are at the front, sides and back, almost as if on que they begin
marching on the EC fortress

Norn-mania                                                      15-03-2006 07:48 AM

((BTW llamas are bassicaly imune to most kinds of shield or spell. Though they
can ressist any for a period of time. Reason being they're pretty harmless and are
really just there to annoy the enemy))
*The zombie fired. The missile rocketed at the fortress expanding and growing fur
and legs. Eventually the llama panted clutching the side of the EC fortress as it's
siblings arrived soon after. The llamas began searching the fortress for any
entrance they could get through. They found none. Crying in despair the llamas
started bombarding the fortress in envolopes, the spam zombies main attack.
They did nothing but it sure as hell wasn't nice to have to swim through billions of
envolopes to get outside.*
Hurry my brothers drown them in spam!
*The llamas quickened their pace dropping letter after letter of spam. The first
llama began burning up, he fell as the life force was sucked out of him by the
*He yelped as he struck the ground dieing isntantly. The other llamas screamed
as the shield took effect draining their life force away*
I agree.
*Spam ((I'm calling my character spam now)) turned to face Danikat and
We've got to do something. My llama's didn't last long, their shield is very
powerful. Maybe we should bombard them with peanut butter and jelly?
Sir, we have readied the Spam-o-famic-n00b-o-fier
*Reprted the zombies servant. The large weapon stood bolted to the ground.*
You'll be getting a few suprises in any up-comming IQ tests EC...

addman                                                           15-03-2006 09:47 AM

Abandon dragon!

*Addman roared as he leaped off Kiri's back, and towards Veamoth. Just as he
flew through the air, Veamoth disappeared! Looking towards the floor, a sinking
feeling filled Addman as he pictured plummeting to his death. Luckily, Veamoth
reappeared quickly a few feet ahead of his original position. Although now
Addman wasn't in position to land directly on his back, but manged to grab onto
Veamoth's tail instead. Dangling precariously, Addman took a moment to take in
what had happened, thens started the ascent towards Veamoth's back*

Raven13                                                          15-03-2006 04:15 PM
*Falling a little forward. Raven shook her head, she never teleported away...
Spotting Sywyn again, she threw a bolt of lightning at him. The cutting a hole in
the dimensonal fabric, she dissapeared*

Sywyn                                                              15-03-2006 05:54 PM

Sywyn turns to look behind him, Ravens lightning attack hits him dead in his
shoulder, he braces himself as he slides backwords. he grips his shoulder cringing
from the pain, "damn it", he rips off the sleeve of his shirt showing a large burn
where the bolt had hit, Sywyns eyes glow as he sinks into the ground and moves
swiftly through the plane of shadow, he jumps back out into the battle above
raven coming down on top of her, dagger in hand " your going to pay for that" he

3kul                                                               15-03-2006 08:32 PM

((The jaws are fairly huge (maybe about the same size as a grown adult), and
made of an unknown substance that is often perceived as metal - they aren't
alive either, so poisoned shurikens would have no effect.))

The chains that had been coiling around Sywyn strangled naught but thin air as
he disappeared, the shurikens bouncing harmlessly off the jaw. The jaw then shot
towards the seal Sywyn made, and began tearing chunks of rock out of it with
lightning quick, shallow metallic bites. HollowEyes figured that he could destroy
the gate by disfiguring the seal, which Sywyn had told him was maintaining the
gate. After doing this, the jaw whips through the air towards Sywyn, ready to bite
him once more.

Three of Khazar's threads were wide enough to not pass through the gaps in the
chain, and the jaw was now temporarily unable to reach him. The jaw back-
tracked along itself and began to pull the threads out, keeping them gripped
tightly in it's cold, steel-like jaws.

The jaw attacking Kasia continues to hold the shield in it's mouth, using it to
deflect the divine bolt that she fired. It then flings the remains of the shield at her
and darts towards Khazar. The jaw that was aiming to bite Morik simply opened
itself wider so that the divine bolt he fired passed through the hollow parts of the
jaws, the joins the other chain in dashing towards Khazar. Now that one jaw was
keeping Khazar's threads in a tight grip, the other two would be free to attack
him without worrying about them.

Sywyn                                                              15-03-2006 09:10 PM

(greater elementals are usualy 5x the size of an adult human sense they are
made from the element they are spawned from, and Khazars threads can detach)

the gate fluxuates and implodes, unfortanently most of the elementals were out
by now, and marching on the fortress

Khazar fire 100 threads from his free hand creating a criscrossing web of razor
sharp threads whos hardness rivaled adamantium right in the path of the jaws
Kasia and Morik both begin gathering the energy of their gods to smite the jaws
and holloweyes

Sywyn dosent worry because by the time it reaches him he will be so close to
raven that it would probably have to bite them both just to get him

3kul                                                            15-03-2006 10:50 PM

Time seemed to slow down as HollowEyes took a moment to analyse the
situation. The gate was closed, which was good - Sywyn couldn't get any more
allies out for now, and his relationship with the elements would certainly require
more than a few sacrifices to restore. What confused and irritated him was that
Khazar's threads seemed limitless, which was illogical, since they were inorganic,
and thus there had to be a limit to the number of them. Regardless of this, he
figured that it would be best to abandon attacking him for now, as the wall of
threads could be used as a net to contain the jaws. Kasia and Morik had both
begun gathering energy from somewhere, and whilst HollowEyes was reasonably
sure that the Chains of Despair could withstand the blast, he was not 100% sure,
and he preferred not to risk it. These two now seemed to be his primary concern,
so Raven would have to deal with Sywyn alone for the time being.

He reached out and grabbed the chains surrounding him, stopping each jaw dead
in it's tracks - by holding the chains, he could better manipulate them. This kind
of forced 'upgrade' would, of course, come at a price, but he would worry about
that later. Carefully calculating his next move, he yanked the chains hard, and
the jaws began to fade out of view. This was not because they were disappearing,
but because their speed had suddenly increased dramatically.

For a few seconds, the jaws would still appear to be where they once were, this
way, Kasia and Morik would have no way of telling which way the jaws were
coming from or how many were aiming for them, and even if they did, they
couldn't possibly block all of them and maintain the energy gathering that they
were attempting. There was no doubt in HollowEyes' mind that now, at least one
of the jaws would not miss it's target.

Sywyn                                                           15-03-2006 11:55 PM

Kasia being half-vampire and half- elf instantly found where one of the jaws was
coming from with her increadable senses, Morik on the other hand wasent to
lucky, as Kasia turn to fire at one jaw Morik fires his blast where they had been,
the two increadably powerful blasts of pure divine might flew with increadble
speed at there targets, one towards the real thing and the other towards an

(you can hit Morik)

TheDarkPsycho                                                   16-03-2006 03:13 AM

((I'd assume that the metal of the artillery was made from wierd Psychotopian
alloy, and wasn't too affected by the acid... But that is just an assumption.))

*DP Chairlie stared at his opponent. He had never seen anyone dressed as she
was, and it made him think only one thing: Kill.*


*Charlie's battlecry rang out as he jumped with amazing precision trying to attack
Danielle while she remained on the Dragon*

3kul                                                              16-03-2006 04:54 AM

HollowEyes noticed the difference in direction of one of the energy balls, and
instantly let the chain from the jaw that it was aiming for go. The divine blast
narrowly missed the jaw, but instead hit the chain. HollowEyes prayed that it
would be able to withstand the blast, but he could hear the chain creaking
horribly. The other jaw aiming towards Kasia continued on it's path, looping
around her in several directions, the swooping upwards in an attempt to bind her
in the chains once more.

The other two that he had launched towards Morik had much better luck - one
sank it's jagged metallic fangs into his chest (by biting over his shoulder), the
other, into his leg. HollowEyes knew that nothing short of tearing these parts off
would get rid of the jaws and waited for Morik's cries of agony. Morik was
surprised to notice that he didn't feel any pain from the jaws, even though he
could feel the jaws biting down to his bones.

Noticing Morik's slight confusion, HolowEyes decided to explain. "You won't feel
any physical pain, since that's not what the Chains of Despair are for. Instead,
you'll feel the intense magnification of the feelings of everything in your life that
has ever caused you any kind of emotional pain. Not only that, but anyone who
you've ever killed will have the opportunity to amplify their grief through the
chains. No man can ever say that he is totally innocent, or truely happy - all that
awaits you now is crippling despair beyond your most terrifying nightmares."

He turned back to the chain that had been hit by the divine blast, and noticed the
creaking getting worse as the chain began to buckle - the jaw began to thrash
against the chain, and HollowEyes desperately tried to keep it under his will. In a
final burst of energy, the blast dissapated, and the chain snapped. As the jaw
shot away into Forumopolis, HollowEyes knew that they were now all in hot water
- he'd have sworn, but most of the words he knew didn't seem strong enough to
convey the feeling of impending doom he now had.

((Just so you know, the proper definition of despair is: 'to lose all hope', or 'to be
overcome by a sense of futility or defeat'. Morik is going to be feeling nothing but
this, so he's pretty much going to be screaming, in total agony, huddling into a
ball - seeming to be in intense pain, but not showing any physical wounds. As
another note, HollowEyes is only controlling the jaws using his third eye - now
that the chain has broken, one of the jaws has been freed from HollowEyes'
control, and will not obey him or anyone else. Boo Sywyn, boo! It's all your fault
:p. I'm going to have to wrack my brain to figure out a way to get it back now...))

Norn-mania                                                        16-03-2006 07:15 AM

*Spam spots Sywyn being attacked by Raven. Wheeling the Spam-o-famic-n00b-
o-fier around he tried to lock the sight on Raven. This proved to be a difficult
Keep still b...
*The zombies servants approached the battlefield where Holloweyes was they
prepared to douse him in mud. They crept up slowly, lifting the bucket above his
head the began to tilt it...*

3kul                                                            16-03-2006 08:25 AM

HollowEyes notices the zombies creeping up to him before they manage to tip the
buckets on his head, stands on a chain and makes it float higher, elevating
himself above the heads of the zombies. He grabbed the broken chain and
whipped it around, knocking the buckets out of each zombies' hand, spilling mud
all around them. "You'd best flee whilst you can... one of the jaws has gotten
loose." He notified them quietly, now that he was safely out of the zombies'

For now, he had to remember that his fight was with the allies of Sywyn, he
figured that the Spam Scholar's minions would find something else to do soon
enough if he left them alone, but there was no harm in trying to trick them whilst
he was at it. Talking too much diverted his concentration from what was fast
becoming a rather stressful summoning, so he was only able to murmur as he
spoke ((which, coincidentally, is a zombie's preferred method of talking - ever
heard a perky zombie? :p)) "Did you notice the rather sensible discussion a few
people were having about raising norns? Totally on-topic, made a lot of sense,
getting quite a lot of people interested - they were just over that hill."

((Somewhat dodgey that zombies would be able to get so close when the chains
are surrounding HollowEyes, but I'll let it slide this time :p Sorry I forgot your
character's name, but your title Spam Scholar sounded pretty cool, so I just went
with that.))

Norn-mania                                                      16-03-2006 08:52 AM

*The zombies groaned in dissmay. How long till they would get dental. "After this
war he says" but when will it finish?*
Pack up the n000b-o-fier.
*The zombies obeyed without question, while the Spam Scholar moved off into
the distance.*
Is he gone? Good now get the camera this fights going on "ZombieNets goreest
home groin shots!

addman                                                          16-03-2006 09:21 AM

((LOL Norn Mania!))

*It felt like a long climb to the dragon's back, but Addman eventually made it. It
has also been quite difficult as Veamoth flew around, and the battle against
gravity, but he finally finished his ascent. Stood upright on Veamoth's back,
Addman hoped Kiri would be able to keep Veamoth distracted long enough as he
started to charge his Scimitar. It would take a few more seconds*
panther385                                                         16-03-2006 04:02 PM

*Kiri grinned, immediatley seeing Addman's opputunity. She took up the role
Ha! Call thouself a dragon? You're but a mere fool, a discrace to your race!
*She flitted around, blowing rasberries and saying things like:*
Thou mother worest open-toed combat boots!

*Panther transferred the army to the meeting place, immediatley taking off on
her own. She had more important matters to atend to. The chibidracs were still
fighting as hard as ever. Spotting the captain, she bounded over. *

*Around 20 yards away, a certain metal jaw lay in wait for it's largest prey in

(Ha, though I forgot about the Chibidracs? NEVER! :evil: )

Raven13                                                            16-03-2006 08:07 PM

*Raven wondered how Sywyn got into this dimension, swerving to the left she
dodged his dagger. Thrusting her sword towards his side as he passed her.*

Sywyn                                                              16-03-2006 08:21 PM

"I dont think so" Sywyn shouts as the blade passes him, he grabs the blade and
uses it is a support to force himself back up, he flips off the blade and brings his
leg down towards Raven, slightly cruving his body to grab one of his smaller
blades to throw imediatly after the kick

Morik screams in some unknown torment, the chain almost snares Kasia but
Khazar interviens and throws 4 threads into the ground near her forcing the chain
to wrap around them unentintionaly "Kasia you idiot attack the master not the
minions" Khazar shouts from behind his web, Kasia leaps out narowly dodging the
jaw as it snaps at her, she charges at holloweyes

3kul                                                               16-03-2006 08:49 PM

"Not so fast!" HollowEyes shouted, holding up a hand in Kasia's direction. He
wished to quickly regain control of the situation - he now needed to recover the
escaped jaw more than anything, but he couldn't do that with the allies of Sywyn
in the way. "Try anything at all and I'll let the two chains biting your friend go. If
I do that, nothing short of tearing him to pieces will remove them - they will
remain attached to him until the day he dies unless they are under my control."

He knew that there were better ways to kill their friend, but the escape of the
other jaw would at least allow them to deduce that he only had limited control
over the Chains of Despair, and would make his threat all the more convincing.
"If you want your friend here to avoid an eternity of despair and suffering... then
you must kill Sywyn for me."
Raven13                                                           16-03-2006 08:51 PM

*Raven was jolted backwards from the kick, she saw Sywyn throwing the dager,
and backflipped in mid air so it missed her. Then she shot an ice ball at his

Narmie                                                            16-03-2006 09:20 PM

*Conteris was getting bord “I need some action!” he slowly transforms into a bird
and fly’s up to survey the area and see Sywyn, Raven and HollowEyes. Conteris
spreads his wings and feels the unnatural energy go through him. He dives and
swoops it was amazing to be a bird and he never got used to how it felt, now he
let the bird part take over him and only telling it he wanted to go. Conteris lands
near ware Raven and Sywyn ware fighting, he had not yet taken human form so
they could not know who or what he was*

Sywyn                                                             16-03-2006 09:21 PM

Sywyn waves his hand in front of him making a barrier of fire, effectivly blocking
the ice, he throws two knives each with a rope attached into a cliffside giving
himself somthing to stand on , he grabs the rope and flips around to balence on
it, he gestures for Raven to come at him and begins gathering his energy

Kasia stops dead in her tracks and begins thinking, Khazar Shouts at her not to
do it, Morik screams in agony "i wont do it, Sywyn is like my little brother" Kasia
shouts at holloweyes, She twirls the holy avenger around aiming the tip directly
at the third eye then charges directly at holloweyes, Khazar looks at Morik who
seems to be in unbarable anguish "im sorry old friend" he wispers, firing a single
thread towards Morik, blood splatters across the groundwhere the thread come
out the other side of his head

Raven13                                                           16-03-2006 09:30 PM

*Raven stayed where she was. She wasn't going to walk into a trap. While firing a
ligning bolt at Sywyn, she threw 7 daggers to cut his lines.*

3kul                                                              16-03-2006 09:53 PM

HollowEyes couldn't think of what to say as he watch his only hostage die. His
demand had been to high, and he had underestimated the kinds of sacrifice that
the forces of good would make - he was about to pay too, as Kasia was too close
to avoid. To top it all off, it was now harder than ever to keep control of the
Chains - the recently-gained freedom of one of them as well as the almost instant
loss of their prey had made them extremely resistant to his mind control.

Remembering that he still had the vexing fox charm on his hands, he slashes at
the rapidly approaching sword to deflect it - if his eye was pierced, well, he didn't
really want to think about that. In the end though, mere claws cannot hope to
deflect a sword, and he felt the sword cut his arm deeply, screaming out in pain.
He had managed to prevent his third eye getting damaged, but he was rapidly
losing control of the situation. The only way he could control the jaws now was by
reminding them that there was still more prey for them here. As they wildly
lashed outwards towards Kasia, HollowEyes whispered to her, yanking her sword
out of his arm with one hand and pointing towards the chains with another. "Kill
me, and you have no idea what kind of monster you'd be releasing into this

Sywyn                                                           16-03-2006 10:39 PM

Sywyn quickly draws his spirit daggers and they begin to glow furiously with
lightning, he swings the blades together catching and neutralising Ravens attack,
he jumps off the rope as it snaps and wings form in his aura once again
"you would have been better off attacking" Sywyn shouts as he flys toward Raven
and puts all the momentum into his right fist as he swings at Raven

The Jaw grabs Kasia's leg as she trys to jump out of the way, she begins
screaming in horror, Khazar watches from behind his web as though he were
contemplating a tough decision

Raven13                                                         16-03-2006 10:54 PM

*Raven flew up narrowly missing his attack, thrusting her sowrd at his head while
he parred under her, she tharted focusing on something deep inside at the same
time...Waiting for it to come...*

3kul                                                            16-03-2006 10:57 PM

HollowEyes smiles as the upper hand is once again his - the physical pain he was
feeling was nothing compared to the mental anguish that Kasia would now be
going, and knowing this made him somewhat satisfied. The jaws seemed
appeased with new prey, and he had regained his stronghold on them, holding
the other two back for now. It was time to gloat.

"What will it be old man? Planning on showing her the same kind of compassion
you showed to your friend? He may have seemed in utter agony, but if I'd made
the chains let go, he might've recovered with only a slight case of trauma. I now
seriously doubt that either of you would be into killing Sywyn for me, I'll just
have to leave that up to Raven. So, I guess the big question now is how much is
her life worth to you?" As he said this, the chain holding the screaming Kasia rose
up a little, dangling her in front of Khazar as if to further torment him.

Sywyn                                                           16-03-2006 11:03 PM

Sywyn, reaches up and grabs the sword, shadows taking the form of lightning
begin to travel up the blade

Khazar, looks at Holloweyes "il kill him, if he found out i let all this happen he
would kill me anyway" he says, but on one condition, you let the girl go free once
he's dead

Raven13                                                            16-03-2006 11:10 PM

*Raven slightly noticed the black stuff creeping up her blade, a green mist started
to fload around it dispelling the other stuff. Her eyes were hollow, they showed no
sign of anything behind them...But if you looked closely, you could see a speck of
something...Something dark...Something...Unknown...Suddenly, a red bubble
appeared around Raven, forcing everything away from her, sealing itself up, it
turned a blood red, and Raven was no longer visable...Then..Suddenly, the ball
shattered, and shards flew eveywhere, tearing everything in their path...*

3kul                                                               16-03-2006 11:42 PM

"Oho, isn't this an interesting turn of events? Let's not get ahead of ourselves
though, you've got me curious." The chains intertwined around him to form a
chair, which he now sat down upon. "Do pray tell why this friend of yours
deserves to live, and your other friend does not." The jaw dangled her around a
bit more, further taunting Khazar. HollowEyes was making it very obvious that he
enjoyed this immensely. "Still, I'm not too sure. Raven's an Elite, you know,
there's no doubt that she'd be ticked off if she ever found out that I was
interfering in her fights, and it's probably not even necessary - I only thought
that it would be amusing to witness betrayal amongst friends..."

He noticed that Khazar was staring him right back in the eyes - the mysterious
stranger was not at all falling for any of HollowEyes taunts and jeers. This
annoyed him a little - it's no fun teasing someone if they don't get teased. The
chair made of chains untangled itself and he took a more serious tone. "Fine,
despite the fact that it's not very evil at all, and I'll probably receive some severe
punishment, I'll agree. Once Sywyn is dead, I'll free the girl."

Sywyn                                                              17-03-2006 12:04 AM

The shards fly towards Sywyn at a speeds that would not have time to evade, one
shard peirces his left hand, another dose the same to the side of his stomach, a
third re opens the wound where Raven had scratched his cheek, and a forth went
into his leg, the rest either missed or gave him minor cuts and scratches, he pulls
a blood sword from its sheath with his good arm and lunges towards Raven
swinging the blade furiously

Khazar turns and begins to leave, but stops abruptly and turns a little "the reason
i choose to kill Sywyn is because he will be wounded and Kasia cant kill me", he
says then walks off searching for Sywyn

3kul                                                               17-03-2006 12:58 AM

"Whatever helps you sleep at night." HollowEyes said as Khazar wandered off.

Once he was sure that Khazar wouldn't be able to see or hear him (taking into
account the old man's keen senses), HollowEyes turned around to face Kasia,
who was still screaming in agony, and whispered to her. "You know what I love
about the forces of good, my pitiful prisoner?" Of course, he knew that she was
unable to answer, but that didn't mean that she couldn't hear him. "It's that they
are so trusting of even the most untrustworthy people... I've always wanted a pet
you see, and you seem very interesting. There's nothing wrong with keeping a
prisoner or two, so I might keep you for a while." He began to laugh as he
watched her writhe a bit more before he began to rearrange the chains.

Two jaws dug into the ground, and the chains attached to them stiffened.
HollowEyes sat on a small platform made by a section of latticed chains, next to
him was the charm used to contain the Chains of Despair. The jaw holding his
captive was hanging above his head, and the remaining loose chain rested in his
hand. Given his current injuries, he wouldn't be able to carry the girl by himself
anyways, so he'd decided to keep the Chains summoned for now. The stiffened
chain-legs began to move forward, carrying them both back to the EC Fortress.

Sywyn                                                            17-03-2006 01:04 AM

((im trying to flesh out the characters personalitys a bit, as you can probably tell
by now khazar is a coward, oh and Kasia might be useful if you could get addman
to turn her, after all she is like an older sister to Sywyn, if you remember that she
said that before attacking you))

Khazar eventualy finds Sywyn and waits patiently for his moment to strike

3kul                                                             17-03-2006 01:26 AM

((A coward? Hm... didn't really think of him like that before, so far, he's come
accross to me as the smart one, but it kinda makes sense now that I think about
it - good that you're fleshing them out, it certainly makes things all the more
interesting. As you can no doubt tell by now, HollowEyes loves to screw with
people and their minds. As for Kasia, you'll have to wait and see - Addman's
currently fighting Veamoth, which is a fight I might steer clear of for now, given
HollowEyes' injuries :p))

Spook                                                            17-03-2006 03:59 AM

*Spook's vision went black somwhere around page 30. Now, he seemed to be
falling out of a hole in the sky, plumetting through the thick fog layer.*

Or at least he thought it was fog. He couldn't remember if the fog was still there
or not.

*Spook rubbed his eyes, and realized that he was about to run into the ground at
life threatening speeds. He quickly turned his ghostly body so that his feet were
facing the ground, and landed heavily on them, as the shock of landing
reverberated through him.*

Phew. I still don't understand why I find myself falling out of the sky so often.

*Spook brushed dust off of himself, and drew his Darkness Blade. The light in the
surrounding area dimmed, as the blade absorbed it.*
Lets see who is in for a surprize today.

Raven13                                                           17-03-2006 09:37 AM

*The blade sunk in deep, so deep it could not be pulled out without someone
helping. So Raven gave a yank and pulled it out of Aosoth.* "Are you
alright...Sister?"* Raven said lightly.* "But of course, you know how much I have
longed to join to in battle, what has it been? 9000 years?" *She smiled revealing
two sharp fangs* "10000" *Raven said as she spun around to Sywyn.* "Is this
the one?" *Said Aosoth* "Yes. Kill him slowly, I want to see him suffer..." *Raven
smiled as the said the last word, then lunged at Sywyn. Brandishing her sword,
she thrusted it at Sywyn's stomac. Meanwhile, Aosoth, was Loading her bow,
firing an arrow at Sywyn, it multiplied into 15 arrows, and all of them glowed with
an erie red glow...*

addman                                                            17-03-2006 10:04 AM

((Seeing as Dani hasn't been on since my last post, I'll give her chance to do so
before I strike Veamoth with the Scimitar Of Corruption))

*Addman was just about to sink the blade into the dragon's flesh, when
something caught his eye*

What the? That thing looks metallic!

*An object was hurtling towards Addman at considerable speed, it was one the
the jaws from Holloweye's Chains Of Despair. Although this was the first time he
had seen them in action, Addman recognised it as it drew closer from Holloweye's
descriptions. He also knew the damage they could do*

You want a piece of me?

*The jaw flew towards Addman, mouth gaping open, ready to strike. But Addman
was also ready with his Scimitar. He hoped the status changing ability of his
blade would bring the Jaws out of their frenzy and back under control of the


*A loud clank rang out as the pair collided. The blade deflected the Jaws from
their current trajectory, and sent them spiralling towards the ground. The sheer
force of the blow had knocked Addman backwards, and he rolled down Veamoth's
back. Unable to stop himself rolling, Addman fell straight off Veamoth, only to
fling out his trailing arm and grab onto Veamoth's talon on his back leg. The talon
was sharp and it started to tear through his hand*

Kiri! I'm loosing my grip!

*He screamed at the recently turned dragon, hoping for some assistance*

((3kul, I'll let you decide if the Scimitar Of Corruption alters this rouge jaw in any
way. I just felt it might be a good way of bringing it back under control))
Sywyn                                                            17-03-2006 12:32 PM

Sywyn, smiles as his wounds begin to heal, the blood sword had not sit in Ravens
sister long enough to heal all his wounds but it was good enough for him, he
parrys Ravens blade as he rolls behind her, then extends his arm throwing a
single knife, his eyes glow briefly and 15 shadow copys split off of it, each one
heading for an arrow with the origional heading for Aosoth "you cant beat me that
easily" he says casualy, drawing the other blood sword with his newly mended
left arm

Raven13                                                          17-03-2006 02:05 PM

*Aosoth fired more arrows at Sywyn, while Raven swung around and fired a ball
of acid at him.* "Don't touch my sister, or you will pay..." *Raven said icily.*

Sywyn                                                            17-03-2006 02:19 PM

Sywyn, narrowly evades the acid, only to have his shoulder peirced by an arrow,
he rips the arrow from his arm and dodges more arrows "fine i wont mess with
your sister, if she stops shooting me that is" Sywyn says, "your more fun to fight
with anyway".

Suddenly threads shoot out from the trees below

"Khazar, what are you doing here, i dont need your help"
"who says im here to help you"
"WHat are you tal..."

the threads narrowly miss raven and wrap around Sywyns arms and legs, almost
restraining him

"if you two are going to kill him i suggest you do it now" Khazar shouts to Raven
and her sister

the threads harden, to an unnatural strength, Sywyn struggles to free himself but
cant manage to move enough

"Khazar you bastard!"Sywyn shouts at the top of his lungs

Raven13                                                          17-03-2006 02:28 PM

*Raven pondered this...But decided againsed it. Flying over to Sywyn she drew a
dagger from her belt. Touching it to below his rib cage, she dug it in and pulled it
up to his shoulder slowly, but surely.... Hearing his agonised screams made her
smile. The blood was seeping out, drenching Sywyn and herself. The flesh tore,
the blood poured. When it reached his sholder, she stopped. Putting her dagger
back, she shouted to Khazar* "Do it yourself....I am done here.." *Flying off, her
and Aosoth went to do something else...*
Sywyn                                                             17-03-2006 03:06 PM

Khazars eyes widen, even with Sywyn in this condition he is still nerveous,
Sywyn's wings dicipate as he can no longer maintain them, Khazar sees this as
an oppertunity and releses Sywyn from the threads allowing him to fall to his

"goodbye Sywyn" Khazar says turning to walk away
"Leaving so soon, you cant go just yet, I mean i am still alive after all"

Khazar goes pale at the sound of Sywyns voice and deep breathing, he turns to
see his old student dripping with blood, this sight relived him some

"do you honestly think you can beat me like that"
"you havent been albe to beat me in combat in 700 years what make you think
you could do it now"
"just look at you, you can barely stand up straight, and i can hear your breathing
from a mile away"

*Sywyn wipes blood from his face*

"where are Morik and Kasia"

*Khazar smiles*

Morik is dead by my hand, i killed him to aliviate his suffering, and Kasia is with
the Holloweyes, but once your dead he promised to free her"
"oh so you realy are a coward, you would rather kill me while im wounded that
fight Holloweyes at full strength, lets get this over with"

Sywyn picks up one of his swords off the ground and rushes towards Khazar, who
as a counter measure fires threads grouped together into the form of spear

Sywyn dodges the spear, his reflexes slowing greatly. he lifts himself to the
ground and once more goes after Khazar

he swings at Khazars throat but Khazar flips out of the way then throws a glass
throwing knife at Sywyn, who cathces at and whips it back at twice the speed,
Khaar attempts to catch it but it shatters peircing his hand

Khazar begins to get a bit dizzy, his temprature slowly rises as the toxin in the
knife takes effect

"now you know how i feel right now"

Khazar trys to back away but starts halucinating, he pulls his chakram and swings
them at Sywyns apprach

Sywyn ducks under the Swinging blades and throws his body upwards forcing his
blade up into Khazars chest using both hands, blood spews from Khazars wound
but is drawn back into the blood sword, mending Sywyn's body, Khazar falls over
and speaks his final words

"you were right, im nothing but an old coward"

Sywyn walks back to where he last saw holloweyes
((for some reason that scene reminds me of when you have to kill maze in fable))

3kul                                                              17-03-2006 10:39 PM

((The jaw is already kinda evil, so I was really stumped as to how the Scimitar of
Corruption would affect it - in the end, I flipped a coin on it :p Heads, the jaw
remains rogue, tails the jaw returns to HollowEyes. Best out of 5 gave me 2 tails,
3 heads. Why five? Because I had five coins on me at the time :p))

The Jaw, deflected by Addman's attack, began spiralling back towards the
ground. It suddenly realized that attacking the forces of good was a much better
idea, and fighting for the Evil Council was even better than that. The Jaw was
somewhat proud of itself for coming up with this idea, taking it's failure to bite
Addman as a result of a quick change of heart rather than any actual defeat. It
had been awhile since the Jaw had been able to think for itself, so it was
comforting to know that it was smart. Noticing Sywyn some distance below him,
who the Jaw already knew was good, it began to dive towards him, opening itself
wide to ensure that it's bite would sink deep into him.

As HollowEyes drew close to the EC Fortress, he noticed that it was under attack
from a person he'd never seen before and a large winged reptile of some kind.
"Perhaps now is not the best time to return to the Fortress..." He said aloud to
himself as the Chains began to wade through the flooding Forumopolis - he would
now have to look around for somewhere else to keep his prisoner contained.

((The Jaw is still rogue, but now definately aligned to the forces of evil - whether
HollowEyes can manage to get it back is another story though :p))

Sywyn                                                             17-03-2006 11:03 PM

Sywyn looks up, seeing the jaw plumiting at him, he dives out of the way "dont
mess with me Holloweyes im in a bad mood!" he shouts looking around, he
notices that the flame and earth elementals have begun their assult on the EC
HQ, Sywyn pulls both blood swords from their sheaths at his sides, after taking a
deep breath Sywyn charges directly at the jaw "Alea iacta est"

3kul                                                              18-03-2006 12:02 AM

The Jaw did not know who HollowEyes was (HollowEyes had been careful to make
sure of that), all it knew was that attacking Sywyn was the greatest idea ever.
Now using it's mind instead of just it's fangs, it decided to rely on it's smarts once
more - it closed itself tight, so that instead of biting Sywyn, it aimed to ram him.
As it drew closer, it began to spin, so that Sywyn's Blood Swords wouldn't be able
to restrain it like they had previously done so.

((Sywyn, could you sort of announce the elemental army's attack on the EC
Fortress as more than just a side comment? It's a pretty important thing
anyways, and it's possible that it won't get noticed like that - I only noticed it
after I was trying to figure out what you were saying "Alea iacta est" about :p))
Sywyn                                                            18-03-2006 12:19 AM

((Alea iacta est= the die is cast , announcing their attck dident seem as important
at the time, but ya i will give a better discription this time))

Sywyn stops and crosses his blades to block the jaw but the spinning motion
nearly over powers him, he lets one blade be cast from his hand to save the
other, instead of risking losing both, as the sword draws away from Sywyn the
blade begins to twist a fluxuate before a black mist rises from it and the left over
blood splashis into the water, "Holloweyes, i know your here, stop hiding and
show yourself, Sywyn says oblivious to the fact that this jaw is not being
controled, he then leaps upward in an attempt to get on top of the jaw

as the elemental army approaches the bright flames of the fire elementals can be
seen and the tremors of the earth elementals heard, stones and torrents of flame
pour onto the fortress, other elementals, mostly smaller ones charge into battle,
flame burning all in its path and earth reshaping their stone bodys into weapons,
approaching behind this first wave are the 4 other armys of light, shadow, wind
and water

Shaon299                                                         18-03-2006 12:39 AM

When she appeared.

Standing at full height, she was the size of a small child.

Atop the fortress, at the highest point, she watched.

Violet                                                           18-03-2006 12:53 AM

((How do you people DO it? I mean, how can anyone RP for 73 pages?! It's
insane. I wish I could do it. *stops taking away from the atmosphere of the
thread*...someone from the EC remind me I need to get an apprentice with one
of you people))

Shaon299                                                         18-03-2006 01:00 AM

((Because we are the same people who made FORUM WARS. JEEZ.))

3kul                                                             18-03-2006 03:55 AM

((Because I have no life! :p I've only been RPing for less than 6 months - I just
type too much, that's all))

The Jaw was overjoyed with itself - fighting people was not nearly as hard as it
had previously thought. Not that it recalled having ever thought before. This
notion ruined the Jaw's good mood, so it stopped spinning and snapped itself
open as Sywyn jumped above it. Once the greatest idea ever had been acted out,
he might be able to think of another one. As it waited for Sywyn to drop into it,
the Jaws noticed a piece of it's broken chain link dissolve.
((The Jaw is kinda funny to RP as :) - HollowEyes has taken great care to ensure
that they know nothing about anything, so that he can maximize his mind control
over them, but Addman's Scimitar of Corruption has now filled it's mind with
thoughts. Evil thoughts, yes, but it wouldn't have thought anything otherwise.))

Norn-mania                                                       18-03-2006 06:04 AM

*Spam notices the dragon and thinks about three things*
1. What were those Zombies doing filming holloweyes's fight with sywyn.
2. Did he finish those french Fries that had fallen out of the sky?
3. Which side was the dragon on.
*Uncertain about the last, first and okay the second as well, Spam decides to get
closer, reaching into his pocket he finds the French Fries*
A decoy, hang it! What's Kiri doing?
*Spam remembers back to his child hood days, realises that doesn't really have
anything to do with the EC Vs. CC war and draws out his "Damn useless, waste of
money Minnie sanity blade*
Okay Kiri I'll make you forget being attacked by Addman, or make Addman regret
attacking you. Yeah, the second one. One of you is going down. Maybe on a
dragon, yeah, a dragon that sounds good!
*Meanwhile the zombies are still filming the fight*
Oh, look the Jaw get a shot of it!
*Clicking furiously, the zombies closely resembled Japanese tourists, only dead
and covered in blood*
Oh nice! Here it comes again. No! Wait! THE OTHERWAY GO THE OTHERWAY

Sywyn                                                             18-03-2006 08:04 PM

((i just need to know before i post, are the jaws like bear traps or chain chomps))

3kul                                                              18-03-2006 08:40 PM

((hahaha, whilst it would be totally hilarious for them to be like chain chomps, I
think I've already said that they're like bear-traps (it's in HollowEyes RP profile
anyways)... *wishes he'd made them like chain chomps*))

Sywyn                                                             18-03-2006 09:21 PM

Sywyn lands directly inside the trap like jaw and hastily ducks as it snaps shut, he
flips onto his back and extends his arms upward to cast a jet of flame at the jaws,
while constantly increacing the temprature of the fire

at this point the wind and water elementals join the fire and earth in their assault,
the water elementals utalise the flooding of the battlefield to create whirlpools
ensuring that no EC member or grunt that cant fly or teleport will be able to
escape, they also fire water cannons to knock back the enemy and shards of ice
to spear them on, the smaller elementals charge in freezing their liquid bodys to
form armor and waepons to slaughter the enemy with, the wind elementals
bombard the fortress with blasts of air and lightining, some of the smaller
elementals (whos lightning based abilitys, like the water elementals, are greatly
increaced from the flooding battlefield) spear the grunts with bolts of electricity
and blade like gales of wind

Shaon299                                                         18-03-2006 11:09 PM

There was a splash.

And the water was gone.

Yamatano                                                         18-03-2006 11:41 PM

((Well, now seems as good a time as any to introduce a certain one of my
characters. Been meaning to for like a week but have been reading the threads
and constantly getting lost in the pages))

Name: DM (short for Dragon Mutant, real name is Blue)
Age: 18
Height: 5'4
Weight: 8 stone
Race: Mutant
Desciption: Quite slim, with long silky black hair, but pale skin. Eyes are bright
yellow with slit pupils, and she has small fangs. She has black 'dragon-like',
leathery wings and a black 'dragon-like' tail. She also has retractable claws
instead of nails. She prefers to wear a black cloak or a long black coat as this
helps to conceal her physical abnormalities.
Abilities: Fast and very agile, and her wings while not fully grown can help her
jump really high and glide. But she cannot yet fly properly
Illusion-e.g, she can make you see a vase where there is thin air. And if she's
tring to cover a physical object with an illusion, the shape will remain the same
Blind Rage: A fairly new technique, uncontrollable and rarely used. This only
happens when someone makes her extremely mad. Her eyes will glow, and she
will get ten times stronger and faster than she is normally. In this state, a punch
from her could knock a large tree down, and the punches would be a blur. She
will also not notice any pain (which can be considered either an advantage or a

*DM runs down from where she was to the battlefield. She'd gotten Lisas PM bird
and now LPs to meet by the fountain in the centre. She knew she shouldn't have
gone so far today. As she gets closer to Forumopolis, she notices the ground
starting to get softer due to the flooding*

Danikat                                                          18-03-2006 11:46 PM

((Once again apologies for taking so long to post.

Oh and Shaon, you're currently standing in the middle of an acid rain storm.))

*As DP Charlie leapt towards Alzaranth and Danielle the dragon ((Alzaranth))
swung her head up and snapped at him, trying to catch him in mid air*

*Danielle pulled out her sword, the Day Star, which began to burn as soon as it
emerged from the sheath. She held it ready, waiting for DP Charlies next action*


*Veamoth felt Addman clinging to his claw and kicked his leg hard, trying to
dislodge him*

((Wow, now I feel even more annoying. Posting so little after all this time.))

Sywyn                                                            18-03-2006 11:53 PM


Originally Posted by Danikat
((Oh and Shaon, you're currently standing in the middle of an acid rain storm.))

((not to mention the babrage of stones, lightning, heavy gales, and torrents of
water ice and flame from my army))

Shaon299                                                         19-03-2006 12:25 AM

((All the more power to my strategy.))

Ten balls of pure energy spun around the crouching Mist Shath, some of them
growing slightly smaller to heal whatever wounds their creator happened to gain
while creating them. Which wasn't much, thanks to the extremely slim figure of
the Shath.

Sometimes, she was happy Refrika didn't apprentice her, instead of Ariel.

EnDSchultz                                                       19-03-2006 02:57 AM


Originally Posted by Violet
((How do you people DO it? I mean, how can anyone RP for 73 pages?! It's
insane. I wish I could do it. *stops taking away from the atmosphere of the
thread*...someone from the EC remind me I need to get an apprentice with one
of you people))

((My post-per-page selection is higher so it's actually only 25 pages))

Norn-mania                                                       19-03-2006 04:00 AM

((It's 19 on mine ^_^))

3kul                                                             19-03-2006 10:29 AM
The Jaw was a little shocked at Sywyn's movements - did this happen to it's prey
often? It seemed to be a rather obvious place to be safe from attack, and the
increasing heat made it hard for the Jaw to think, as it was a very unpleasant
sensation. It snapped itself open so that the jet of flames continued upwards, and
began to wrap the chain around it's middle, which would also hopefully snare

Whilst this was happening, HollowEyes realized that he was approaching the
outskirts of Forumopolis, and still hadn't found a good place to keep his prisoner -
Kasia was proving to be quite the burden to him now. He looked back towards the
Fortress, noticing that the water there had disappeared. For a moment, he was
puzzled, until he noticed a silver figure standing atop the Fortress. "Oho, looks
like Shaon's decided to enter the fray... Your friends are in so much more trouble

Kasia was still crying out in despair - the only thing stopping HollowEyes from
making the Jaw let her go (and thus stopping the infernal racket) was because he
doubted he'd be able to catch her a second time if she regained enough sense to
fight him. He only hoped that her screams wouldn't attract too much attention
from the kinds of people he didn't feel like running into at the moment.

panther385                                                      19-03-2006 11:33 AM

*Kiri, seeing Addman's trouble, swoooped over and picked him up with her jaws.
Still teasing Veamoth, she flew as high as before.*

Alright, I'm going to drop thou upon yonder opponent as soon as we get close
enough. Hopefully we can converteth him to the side of Power.

*Panther was dodging Ekilinar's fierce claw attacks, whislit charging up a Rage
storm attck*
*He managed to give her a nice gash on her left cheek, the wound healing almost
Beacause it's alot more fun on the Dark Side....*Evil laughter*
Ok, now you're just being stupid.
*Ekil attempted another scratch, but Panther caught him before he did anything.
She pinned him to the ground ready to strike.....*

Danikat                                                          19-03-2006 02:26 PM

*Seeing Kiri flying above him Veamoth chased after her blasting fire in her

Veamoth: The fool is yelling insults now. As if that would distract me.
Danikat: Obviously doesn't know the right insults does she?

Sywyn                                                            19-03-2006 02:38 PM

Sywyn grins almost as if this whole thing was planed, he slams his hands down
on the ground at his sides, cylenders of shadow rise and curve around the mouth
of the jaw to hold it open, Sywyn stands noticing the chain coming in, he reaches
into his pocket and draws a crystal bracelet, that seems rather thin

"hahaha, well look at that Holloweyes, you almost wasted all his thread"

Sywyn slips on the braclet and makes a fist which he puts to his other hand, he
slips into a state of deep consentration as a dark vortex appears in his open palm
and similar portals open in strategic positions in the air a few meters away from
the chain, threads fire from the bracelet into the vortex until there is nothing left,
then likewise fire back through the other gates and shoot down toward the links
in the chain, attempting create a crisscrossing web to ensnare in in

((note: the threads would go out one portal and into another because what they
are attached to is in the plane of shadow, and while these gates are being
maintained by me they can not close if there is somthing obstructing them like
the threads

oh and the threads are goind towards the holes in the chain, not making a net))

Yamatano                                                           19-03-2006 05:21 PM

*DM appraoches Forumopolis, the waterlogged ground squelches under her
running feet and starts to impede her speed*

I gotta get there faster than this

*She mumbles to the world in general. Well, since running on the ground wasn't
working very well, it was time to go higher. She takes off her cloak as she runs,
revealing.her leathery black wings which she stretches as she wraps the cloak
around her waist. While running she opens the wings wide then beats them down
as she jumps simultaneously, landing on the roof of a small house. However
before she jumps again she stops, looking out over the battlefield. She could
swear she can hear someone screaming. She hesitates, does she try to help or
does she go to the meeting? Making up her mind, she decides to at least find out
where the source of the screaming is coming from. She flaps her wings and
jumps onto the roof of a higher building so she can see better, and keeps moving
towards the sound of the screams. She keeps to most outward ones as she

This is better, much more my style of travel... Whats that?

*She can see... walking chains? It wouldn't be the weirdest thing she'd ever seen
in her life, but still it kinda freaked her out*

3kul                                                              19-03-2006 08:12 PM

As the threads snagged it's chains and pulled it back to the ground, the Jaw
began to remember. It remembered that it had fought someone like this before,
and that there had been more than one Jaw to do so. Where had it's comrades
gone? It needed to find them - certainly defeating the forces of good was a very
good idea, but getting stronger in order to do so seemed a much better idea.

As another piece of the Jaw's broken chain dissolves, it begins to strain against
the shadows that bound it - shadows were an element, and the Jaw now
remembered that elements were virtually useless against it. It snapped through
the shadow, aiming to bite into Sywyn as it was dragged downward.

HollowEyes finally decided to put Kasia down for a moment or two as he scanned
the perimeter to make sure that nobody was following him - he didn't have to
worry about her recovering right away, he'd have at least half an hour before
she'd recover from being bitten by one of the jaws. He looked around, for a
second he thought he'd caught a glimpse of someone, but he wasn't too sure. As
long as they kept to themselves, he didn't really care for now, but if they came
for him, he would be ready.

Sywyn                                                            19-03-2006 09:29 PM

Sywyn senses the jaw closing in on him "oh, crap" he shouts as he makes himself
fade away again, but he cuts it a bit to close and the jaw is able to hit the edge of
his shoulders before he is out of harms way, he reapears in a tree high above the
jaw, a slight sence of paranoia around him... among other things

Danikat                                                          19-03-2006 10:46 PM

Arian: Danikat! Kasia has been kidnapped, Sywyns other friends are dead and
he's still fighting Holloweyes, minus his elemental army.
Danikat: Ouch. Why didn't you tell me earlier?
Arian: I tried. You were too busy worrying about Alzaranth and Veamoth.
Danikat: All right. I'll go now. Where are they?
*The armadillo sends her an image of Holloweyes and his chains on the edge of

*Danikat turns around, getting her bearings before leaping into the air and flying
in the direction Arian had told her to go*

Danikat: What are these chains?
Arian: We don't know. Team 2 have been trying to find out but all we know so far
is that they seem intelligent, but under Holloweyes control, and they cause
people to scream a lot. Team 1 says they're called the Chains of Dispair.
Danikat: Thanks. Keep trying to find out, but for now I think I'll just try and avoid
being hit by them.

*She continues closing with Holloweyes*

Shadowveil                                                       20-03-2006 04:25 AM

A dark shape glided over the ruined city, surveying the carnage around it. The
battle had clearly been raging for some time.

She did not usually take part in a fight that was not her own, but the defenders of
the city looked outnumbered. Perhaps it is time to take a side, she thought.

Shadowveil flew on, following the sound of screams.

((A brief decription of Shadowveil and some of her abilities:
She is a shapeshifter, some of her most common forms are human, dragon,
griffin, and wolf, among others. Her human form, which she is currently in, has
dragon-like wings made of solid shadow. She wields a lightning Atlan sword,
which is practically indestructible. I'll tell you more about her abilities as I use

Norn-mania                                                         20-03-2006 04:39 AM

Here vemothy guy! Take my french Fries!
*Spam hurls the french fries at the dragon*
This might help, but it also might not. Just eat them in-case!
((On the zombies servants side...)))
Now just sneak up here so the Jaw doesn't get us.
*They sneak up there so the Jaw can't get them*
Zombie 1: He's put the prisoner down!
Zombie 2: Should we rescue it?
Zombie 1: No way! ZombieNets goriest home groin shots, remember?

3kul                                                               20-03-2006 09:55 AM

((Why has everyone suddenly turned their sights on me...))

With the small insight into Sywyn's mind that came from scraping his shoulder,
the Jaw realized who HollowEyes was, and saw it's fellow Jaws alongside him.
This was all it needed to know. The Jaw charged at the tree that Sywyn was
standing up in, crunching through it, totally ignoring Sywyn. It flew onwards and
smashed it's way into one of the various manholes that was currently still flooding
water into Forumopolis, having no problems with the heavy current due to it's
weight and element-resistance.

HollowEyes felt very exposed in the outskirts of Forumopolis, and Kasia's
screaming wasn't helping him. He seized one the Jaws and whacked her across
the head with it - now she could keep the screaming inside her head. The odds
that somebody had heard her screams by now where extremely high, but at least
with her unconscious they might have some difficulty tracking HollowEyes down.

Just in case, he stuck a Petrified Beetle charm on his wounded arm - this way,
the injury wouldn't prove to be too much of a hinderance. He then had the Jaws
place the unconscious Kasia inside a small building, and pile large chunks of rock
in the doorway. For now, he'd be better off without the CC Alliance finding one of
their own in his hands.

addman                                                             20-03-2006 12:17 PM

((OK, Addman is suspended in mid air hundreds of feet above the ground, he's in
the jaws of a dragon, he's trying to fight another dragon, and there's a wall of fire
heading his way. Perhaps now would be a good time for Panther and Kiri to turn
back? I'll leave that up to panther, whether the effects wear off or not, but if so,
it's been good RPing with you :) ))

*Kiri drops Addman and he starts to descend towards Veamoth. Unfortunatly for
Addman, he is met by a wave of intense fire straight from the dragon's mouth.
He finds himself becoming a large fireball dropping through the air like a brick.
With his Scimitar still powered up, he holds it above his head and begins a barrell
roll, effectively turning himself into a twirling fireball with a propellor on top,
heading straight towards Veamoth*

((Note, Addman is going to be severely injured after this attack))

panther385                                                      20-03-2006 01:11 PM

((Hehheh, that's just what I was going to do :D ))

*Panther brought down her clawed arm next to Ekil. For some reason she had
trouble seeing. A headache formed, pounding like a million jackhamers. Panther
clutched her skull once more, listening to the various voices i her head....*

Gah, Korsoth, she's becoming good again!
What did thou expect? She can't be Evil forever. Though there may be side
Loike wat?
Probably small intervals of mass destruction and chaos every once in awhile, is
that correct?
Yes Taiko, but now we must fade away......

*Panther woke to Ekilinar shaking her*
*Panther pushed him away, rubbing her skull. She was back in her most common
form, the Blue Spiked Anthro Kitty.*
E-Ekil, what happened?

*Kiri felt the same effect, but at a lesse amount. Seeing Addman about to atack
Veamoth, she pondered. It was fun being evil, but I'm supposed to be good.
Good always triumphs over evil, but this is the EC! They could win! But, then the
other CC members would slaves.....

Sywyn                                                           20-03-2006 10:00 PM

*Sywyn tumbles out of the tree and lands on the wet soggy ground, picking
himself up he feels a sharp pain in his side. He looks over to see a decent sized
shard of wood lodged in him and cringes as he slowly pulls it out. After taking a
few breaths he sprints to where he had last fought Holloweyes, finding only
Morik's corpse and Kasia's sword, he takes a moment to cremate the body then
sheaths the holy avenger on his back taking care not to touch it directly, then
follows the tracks left in the mud by the walking chains*

Narmie                                                          20-03-2006 10:55 PM

*Conteris was board so he decided to transforms back into a human form
and shouts to Sywyn “Do you need any help over there? I’m getting quite
board, it doesn’t seem as if there are enough EC members to go around”*

Yamatano                                                        21-03-2006 12:31 AM
*DM follows the walking chains from the rooftops. As HollowEyes puts something
in the small house, she watches crouching near the edge. The screaming seemed
to have stopped for now. She could see him sitting in the middle of the walking of
chains, and wondered. If all the others were meeting at the fountain, and there
was a member of the EC so close, it probably wouldn't be a good idea to ignore
him. Maybe she could buy them some time. She concentrated, forming a rather
large illusion of a piece of concrete floating in front of her. A few tweaks, and she
had it looking like a broken off piece of one of Forumopolis buildings. Standing up
and looking down so she had a clear view, she sent it tumbling down towards
HollowEyes and the chains*

((Little note, any of DM's illusions will go straight through anything solid, and will
disappear when she stops concentrating on them))

3kul                                                                21-03-2006 02:45 AM

HollowEyes noticed the large chunk of 'building' as it flew towards him - it was
obviously an attack from a CC Alliance member, as nobody had damaged these
buildings yet. A Chain flicked out to stop the falling debris, but the rock went
straight through it, much to HollowEyes' surprise. This was the kind of enemy
that he woud be better off trying to outwit. He quickly formulated a rather
devious plan, which, although risky, would almost certainly work regardless of
whether his opponent fell for it or not.

He had no idea where his attacker was, so he simply shouted out loud to talk to
them. He took great care to hide his true intentions, making sure that he sounded
meek and pitiful. "There is no need to attack me, I am but a mere medic for the
Council. My friend is severly wounded, and I have only just applied the necessary
medicine to help her recover. Please leave us alone. I'll even pay you!"

He then placed a small rectangular piece of paper on the ground, and then
backed away from it. "That outlines one of the Council's next attack strategies,
it's the only thing I have of value with me. P-please take it and don't hurt us." He
made sure to quiver and stutter with that last bit, but he was also careful not to
play the part too strongly - he'd based most of this off how Cornelius sounded
every time he was about to be killed.

((Obviously I am still allied to the Council, this is all part of HollowEyes' plan))

Sywyn                                                               21-03-2006 02:59 AM

"thats ok Narmie, i have personal buisness with holloweyes" Sywyn says with
obvious spite in his voice, he follows the tracks further, only to overhear
Holloweyes' attempt at a bluff "LIAR!" he shouts from atop a hill a short distance
away, quickly drawing Kasia's sword off his back, steam seems to rise from his
hands while he weilds the holy avenger, his side is still bleeding slightly where the
wood had been

((the steam is actualy where the sword is burning the uncovered parts of his
hands, as he is not a paladin the blade dose not want him weilding it especialy
with his mind set on revenge))
3kul                                                             21-03-2006 03:44 AM

((Sywyn, you must be one hell of a tracker - last I checked, I'd waded through
most of the city with the Jaws, so I wouldn't have left any jaw-prints at all after
I'd left the place where we fought (since it was higher ground). But whatever, it
doesn't really matter, I've still got lots of tricks up my sleeve.))

"Oh my, if it isn't Sywyn, the supposed ally to the forces of good." He made sure
to speak loudly, so that his mystery attacker could hear them, and gave Sywyn
what would appear to be a pleasant, almost friendly smile (it was quite difficult
remembering what this sort of thing looked like, but he'd seen many pictures of
people smiling honestly in magazines before). What anyone else would now see
as niceties would most likely cut through Sywyn to his very core. "How is Khazar,
Sywyn? Last I saw him, he decided against hurting me, so I wish to express my
gratitude - is he well? I do believe he mentioned to me that he planned on seeing
you, so you surely must know how he is."

Sywyn                                                            21-03-2006 04:03 AM

((i was a bit confused by the water being there then disapearing, and it was all
one big mess i thought you went off the higher ground to the the mud where the
water was but anyway))

"Khazars dead, unless somehow one can live with their heart split in two" he
cringes a bit from the burning sensation in his hands, he can no longer hold on to
the sword and drops it, looking at his hands he notices that there are no burn
marks, they werent physical wounds, he throws a cloth over the hilt and picks up
the sword with both hands still fixated on Holloweyes "tell me where Kasia is
Holloweyes and i may leave you in one piece"

3kul                                                             21-03-2006 04:17 AM

"Nothing you have could make me tell you where my friend Kasia is, you horrible
man. Fancy killing your own mentor..." HollowEyes was enjoying messing with
Sywyn's head immensely, and he was sure that he was winning his mystery
attacker's favour. He called out loudly to his attacker. "My mystery assailant, who
would you believe? A man who would kill one of his oldest friends, and then hunt
down an injured woman, or a mild and meek healer who's taken a few wrong
turns in life? If you doubt my healing techniques, then watch this..."

He looked around for a moment, and found what he was looking for - a recently
dead rat. The outskirts of Forumopolis were fairly filthy, so he had expected to
find something vile and dead lying around. "This poor creature has met an ill fate,
but I shall soon fix that. Behold my healer's tools - the Jaws of Life!" One of the
Jaws rose up and nipped at the rat - HollowEyes had to force it, since the Chains
of Despair did not really caring for dead, emotionless prey. Instantly, the rat leapt
up and scampered off. "Ah, the joys of being a healer..." HollowEyes smiled
again, his mind control had worked perfectly on the rat's mostly dead brain. The
moment the rat darted off through a few buildings (and was safely out of sight),
he released his hold of it, and it dropped dead once more. "What more proof is
there than witnessing my healing with your own eyes? Judge for yourself which of
us is truely evil."
Sywyn                                                            21-03-2006 04:25 AM

"ah, what shall you do next to convience your assailent, would you use the fact
that i can not directly weild this sword, or maybe that my power is over darkness
and flame" Sywyn retorts, "you claim that i hunt down a person who is like a
sister to me, twisting my intentions for your own gain and that i can not have" a
menicing gleam breifly appears in Sywyn's eyes as he glares toward holloweyes

3kul                                                             21-03-2006 04:49 AM

"Actions speak louder than words Sywyn, I'm performing miracles here whilst all
you can do is stand there and spin your webs of lies and deceit. You pointed out
that you can't hold that holy sword yourself - if I'm so evil, why am I able to
weild the divine Jaws of Life?" He glances around, hoping for a response from the
mystery attacker - this was going so much better than he had initially planned.

"There's no need to answer Sywyn, and I'd appreciate if you didn't glare at me
so. I can practically see your victim's faces in your murderous eyes."

Sywyn                                                            21-03-2006 05:00 AM

"divine jaws of life? is that what you call them now, last i cheaked they were the
chains of dispare" Sywyn grins "and why should i pretend to do what i cant,
however if your so good then why try and save the life of one born of an unholy
union, clearly if Kasia is your friend then you know she is half vampire" Sywyn
looks at the ground near the jaws "now why dont you stop hiding behind those
jaws of yours, are trying to let me bleed to death" he half smiles, clearly he up to

3kul                                                             21-03-2006 05:39 AM

"What can I say? I'm a merciful soul caught up in a cruel world..." These words
stung a little as he said them, and on top of that HollowEyes was tiring of this
interrogation - for all he knew, the attacker had decided to leave the two to feud
amongst each other. "If your death could be that simple Sywyn, then I'm all for
it..." He muttered under his breath as he waited for the last time for some
response from the hidden member of the CC Alliance.

Shadowveil                                                       21-03-2006 05:41 AM

Shadowveil was not fooled by HollowEyes' display - she could easily tell the
difference between the living and the dead. But how had he done it? Not
necromancy, that was obvious. She was familiar with that dicipline, and sensed
none of it's power about him.

That left only one answer. Mind control, she thought, her eyes burning red for a
moment. She really hated mind-mages. They were always so smug...

Shadowveil drops down and lands silently behind DM. "Draconian", she whispers.
"Do not fall for his trick. That was mind control, not resurrection."
Yamatano                                                         21-03-2006 09:37 AM

*When the illusion hits the ground it disappears, freeing up DM's concentration.
Then DM looks over at Shadowveil, she's clearly confused. HollowEyes was very
convincing but so was Sywyn. She'd let them talk amongst themselves to see if
she could distinguish who it was that was telling the truth, but she couldn't*

Mind control? Oh great. I don't think he knows I'm up here... Wait, that means
Sywyns telling the truth...

*DM jumps over to a second building so if something happened Shadowveil
wouldn't be seen, and calls out*

Almost had me convinced there. But I don't believe you!

((Sorry about that 3kul bed was beckoning))

Sywyn                                                            21-03-2006 05:11 PM

Sywyn smiles upon hearing this "looks like your plan dident work out holloweyes,
but mine is still in full swing, just look at your jaws" black seals have appeared on
the ground under the jaws, each one leads into the shadow plane "ive set those
up so that the jaws will fall into the shadow plane, you only have a few seconds
before the gates open, what will you do Holloweyes"

Raven13                                                          21-03-2006 05:49 PM

((When I first created her history was a little sketchy, I'm planning to reveal quite
a bit of it in this thread. For those of you who know of celtic gods, the Morrigu
was a celtic shapeshifting war goddess of lust, magic, prophecy, revenge, war.
Known as Great Queen, Supreme War Goddess, Queen of Phantoms, and Specter
Queen. She killed thosands, and her power was great. She tranformed into a
raven to watch cuchillin die, as he refused to die lying down....Wow, there was an
unwanted irish myth lesson!))
*Raven and Aosoth were looking around. Stopping, Aosoth started to speak*

Aosoth: Sister...I cannot understand why you gave up your power for this...These
mortals...And some immorals....Why?
Raven:I did not choose to....If I had my way the world would be in shambles, and
I would rule...
Aosoth: Then...How?
Raven:Cerridwen was afraid of my power.....She gave me a rebirth as a child...
Aosoth: She will pay for this!
Raven: No. I have long accepted it.
Aosoth: How? And why did you kepp your human name?
Raven: I was born as a child, I knew love and compassion. You might have heard
what happend to me when I was but a child. But I grew into quite a bit of power
on demonic standards. I am happy the way I am...I will stay this way...At
least...For now...
Aosoth: I miss you Morrigu...
Raven: That is no longer my name...
Aosoth: It is your heritage, your history. Your past and your future...It is you...
Raven: Call me what you wish... I am Raven...
Aosoth:....Sister...I do not like seeing you so weak...
Raven: I know you don't...Why not smite me now and bring me back to my
power? Is that what you wish?
Aosoth: No, you would punish me!
Raven: Then leave me to be, and be paitent...
Aosoth: I've been waiting for thirty thousand years sister, how much longer...
Raven: Within the centuary...
Aosoth: Must I stay in this form for the hole centuary!
Raven: No, I will only call you when I am in need, or I want an advantege. Will
you stay with me sister?
Aosoth: Yes, but I will have to leave you eventually.
Raven: *Kisses her sister on the cheek* Thank you, I can always count on you to
be there for me....

3kul                                                             21-03-2006 07:41 PM

"My, my Sywyn." HollowEyes was trying to keep a somewhat calm tone, though
he was very irritated that Sywyn and the newcomer has spoiled his trick. "Seems
like I have to put the Chains away for now. It's a pity I still don't know where the
fourth is, but I can always put it away later." He tapped the twisted black charm
as he'd done so when he called the Chains forth, only this time, it acted as a
vacuum, sucking them back in. He closed his third eye and reopened his other
eyes, blinking for a few seconds from the disorientation.

"Of course, as you should know from our previous fight Sywyn, I always have an
extra trick or two up my sleeve. You might want to watch where you are
standing, by the way." The small piece of paper that HollowEyes had left on the
ground (the one that supposedly contained the EC's plans) suddenly exploded,
the shockwave it sent out rattled the windows of the buildings around them, but
paled in comparison to the blast caused by summoning the Chains.

"This is one of my more powerful charms, which allows me to summon my Locust
Fiends." The small part of Forumopolis that they had been in was now swarming
with thousands of large, hideous locusts - each of them screeching to each other
in their own tongue. "Certainly, they're nowhere near as strong as the Chains of
Despair, but when it comes to strength in numbers, they can't be beat. And even
though it should be obvious... these aren't your average run-of-the-mill Locusts."

He shrieked a command to them in their own simple language, "Devour Sywyn."

Shadowveil                                                       21-03-2006 11:43 PM

Shadowveil watched as HollowEyes banished the chains. She had been reluctant
to attack him while he was so well protected, but this now looked to be her

She draws her sword and creeps silently to the edge of the bulding, preparing to
leap down on HollowEyes and - BUGS! The air was suddenly thick with locusts.
Muttering curses, she casts a fire shield and leaps from the building, flames
trailing from her wings. Kill the summoner! She dives through the swarm, aiming
for HollowEyes.
((The fire shield will burn anything that comes near Shadowveil, but it won't last
long if there are locusts flying into it.))

Sywyn                                                            22-03-2006 01:03 AM

Sywyn drops Kasia's sword and raises his hands "come and get me!" a barrier of
solid darkness, surronded my intense flames materializes around Sywyn

3kul                                                             22-03-2006 03:30 AM

HollowEyes noticed Shadowveil rapidly approaching him. Thinking quickly, he
leaps onto two Locust Fiends, planting one foot firmly on each one's back, and
darted out of the way. He screeched a few more commands at the multitude of
his summoned fiends, "Devour any other attackers as well. Leave no one here
alive." He motioned for a small portion of the swarm (a couple dozen or so) to
approach him. "There's a different job for you lot, you'll have to feast later" he
squawked at them, smashing his petrified fist through part of the concrete
barricade he'd placed in the doorway to the building which contained Kasia.

The swarm totally surrounded both Sywyn and Shadowveil, and fiend after fiend
began pounding into both Sywyn's barrier and Shadowveil's shield - some burned
up in the flames, but they did not care, all they could feel was an intense hunger
for anything alive.

The smaller part of the swarm used this opportunity to escape, flying off with
both Kasia and HollowEyes, making a beeline back to the EC Fortress.

Sywyn                                                            22-03-2006 05:14 AM

Get back here Holloweyes!!! Sywyn shouts ripping through his own barrier, his
daggers burst into flame as he swings them wildy, cleaving through any locusts
that dare get in his path. Suddenly Sywyn stops and casts his arms out to his
sides, numerous flames spawn around him and fly into the locust swarm as he
claps his hands together.

Shadowveil                                                       22-03-2006 06:00 AM

Shadowveil snarls as she swoops past the escaping HollowEyes. She was now
surrounded by a halo of flame from the burning locusts, and it was making things
very hard to see. The shield was not going to hold much longer...

At that moment, Shadowveil feels the fire shield begin to disintegrate. She drops
to the ground, and holds her sword before her, shouting "In'dahe mirian, atam'e
kull!" As she drives the point of the sword into the ground, a wall of air hits the
swarm, scattering the insects and tearing chunks off several nearby buildings.
Wind of the mountain... they never see that one coming.

Shadowveil pulls her sword out of the ground and follows Sywyn, slashing at any
disoriented insects that cross her path.
3kul                                                            22-03-2006 06:12 AM

"Not on your life Sywyn!" HollowEyes laughs back at Sywyn. The fiends continue
to fly towards the EC Fortress, and HollowEyes readies another Locust Fiend
charm just in case. "Keep up the assault! Feast on the flesh of our enemies!" He
screeched back to the fiends as he continued his escape.

The locusts currently attacking Sywyn and Shadowveil continue to barrage them,
totally ignoring the fact that the flames were killing them. As long as they could
move and were still 'alive' (as alive as they could be), they were driven solely by
their incredible hunger for live prey. Hundreds were dieing, but there were
hundreds more clammouring to take their place.

addman                                                          22-03-2006 09:09 AM

((OK I want to get back into this RP))

*The flaming inferno previously known as Addman fell short of it's mark. He had
narrowly missed Veamoth in midair and was now plummeting to the ground. The
flames were causing Addman extreme pain, and in some cases were burning
away pieces of fur, leaving his stuffing exposed. Trying to focus on the problem in
hand, Addman opened his eyes to see where he was falling. Below he could see a
massive swarm of Locusts attacking a couple of characters below. Between attack
waves, he saw Sywyn and some unknown character who he assumed was in the
CC. If he was going down, then perhaps he could take a couple of these clowns
with him. The blazing puppet fell straight into the ground like a flaming meteor.
The impact created a towering inferno, wiping out most of the locusts in the area
as well as setting a few buildings alight. Addman lost conciousness*

Raven13                                                         22-03-2006 06:39 PM

*Raven and Aosoth continued to walk. Suddenly, they both felt a great boiling
head wash over them*
Raven:μας προστατεύστε από τη θερμότητα!
*The heat did not touch them, they were protected. Looking over, she saw the
buildings burning, the locests dead, and Addman...Unconsious...*
Raven:Aosoth...I think it's time...
Aosoth: It must be...The prophisy....
Raven: Leave. Only one must die...
Aosoth: *She bows her head* I connot die sister, I am sorry...But it must be
you....Farewell...*A fog rolled and and incased Aosoth leaving Raven standing

"Farewell sister, do not cry when you come for me" *She whispered while walking
into the inferno...*

Sywyn                                                           22-03-2006 07:30 PM

((i have been grounded for the rest of the week due to forgetting to take out the
trash this morning, thus i am temporarily handing control of my character over to
3kul                                                            22-03-2006 07:53 PM

HollowEyes almost fell off his fiends in shock when he saw a flaming Second in
Command fly past him. "What the f-" HollowEyes was cut off by the blast made
by Addman's explosive attack. The remaining locusts instantly began searching
for the corpses of their enemies to devour before the smoke even cleared, which
caused HollowEyes to worry a little. Even though Addman didn't have flesh, he
still might be mistaken for an enemy for attacking the fiends, and might get
eaten (given HollowEyes most recent command to the fiends).
Thinking fast, he shrieked out to them. "Bring me the one who is blue and reeks
of baked goods!" Most of the fiends began to squawk amongst themselves over
what baked goods were, and what one might smell like, but HollowEyes knew
that they'd be able to tell if the found Addman. "Well, if worst comes to worst,
they know what the colour blue looks like" he told himself, " least, I assume
that they do." He ordered the fiends that were carrying Kasia to continue as he
waited back for Addman.

((For anyone worried about swearing around children, don't harass me, because
clearly HollowEyes was about to say 'what the fudge'))

panther385                                                      22-03-2006 09:26 PM


 don't harass me, because clearly HollowEyes was about to say 'what the fudge'


*Kiri's train of thought crashed as she saw Addman fall through the locusts. The
flesh-eating beasts seem to have sprung from the very shadows, their shreiking
voices could be heard for miles. He could clearly die, but a few more things had
to be cleared*
Veamoth! I need some help!

Sywyn                                                           22-03-2006 09:51 PM

((because no one is home, Im going to make one more post before handing my
character over to Raven for the week))

Sywyn puts up a barrier to absorb the blast but is thrown back by the shear force
of the impact, as his body drags across the ground it leaves a trail behind it.
Sywyn gets back onto his feet making sure he is still in one peice, he is a bit
brused but it seems he avoided getting hit by all of the energy, remembering the
locusts he picks up his daggers from the ground nearby, franticly he searches for
them but finds only charred exoskeletons, he charges into the direction he saw
holloweyes going only to run into more locust fiends

Narmie                                                          22-03-2006 11:22 PM
((A nice post raven))

*A little mouse watched Raven walking in to the inferno, and with a sad look on
its face it scurried away. Conteris flew over to ware HollowEyes, Sywyn and
Shadowveil were fighting, with a swarm of birds following him. He chirped
something to the them, and they started attacking the locusts. Conteris landed on
the ground and became human again. He had never fancied himself for spells,
although he new a lot they never worked but what time better to try to use them
than now. He positioned his hands in a cupping motion directed at the locusts
“Vas Flam” there was meant to be a fire ball but all that happened was a little bit
of smoke came floated above him*

Yamatano                                                        23-03-2006 12:12 AM

((Wow, I missed a lot))

*DM bares her teeth, three shocks to the building and she was lying on her back
and dazed. She can see what appears to be a large locust above her head.
Unsheathing her claws she slashes at it and jumps back up. There weren't
anywhere near as many as she'd seen before she'd been knocked over on her
back but they still looked like they could be a problem. She concentrates, and two
large black silhouettes of bipedal winged creatures appear, and are sent into
whatever remains of the swarm to try and draw them away from the others*

3kul                                                            23-03-2006 03:04 AM

((Excuse the chunkiness of my last post, the forums were not working so well for
me when I made it... Narmie, what kind of birds were they? They're not just
locusts, but locust fiends, so you'd have to have some pretty big birds to take
them on (to give a very rough idea of size, locust fiends are almost 2 times
bigger than a seagull) - Yamatano's will probably do the trick though.))

Peering through the smoke, HollowEyes noticed that his fiends were being
harassed by many birds. The smaller birds were quickly swallowed whole, and
seemed to only momentarily distract the fiends from the task at hand, but the
larger birds were putting up a decent fight. Around half a dozen had stuck to their
objective, though they were still unable to lift Addman off the ground, dragging
his unconcious body through the dirt and rubble.

HollowEyes ordered the remains of the swarm that was escorting him to go and
help carry Addman - a order which they seemed none too pleased with, but still
obeyed. HollowEyes was relieved that the Second in Command was still holding
his Scimitar of Corruption, as he hadn't been sure that the fiends would've been
able to find it otherwise. He tapped a Demonic Squid charm onto the ground,
which began spewing out black smog. Hopefully this would give them suitable
cover for now.

Shadowveil                                                      23-03-2006 05:06 AM

Shadowveil pulls herself out of the wreckage of a bulding. What in Tartarus just
hit me? Still somewhat dazed, she looks around the scorched landscape, trying to
get her bearings. She saw Sywyn and DM - Nice of her to show up - still fighting
the remaining locusts, and a scorched blue object being dragged away through
the rubble. This had to be the source of the explosion. It appeared to be some
sort of puppet, although it was holding a very nasty looking scimitar.

She retrieved her own sword from the rubble and flew after the retreating

((Note: Shadowveil is immune to damage from fire. I probably should have
mentioned that earlier, but I did not expect to be struck by a ballistic Addman.))

Raven13                                                           23-03-2006 06:44 AM

*Raven kept walking into the scorched landscape. A locust came at her, but
catching it, she tore it apart and ate it. After all, she was a bird demon, and birds
eat bugs. Drawing her blade, she ran into the hoard, slicing their heads off in
groups. Bodys soon littered the ground, twitching, and trying to bite her.
Standing on their heads to crush ther skulls, she continued to walk towards the

3kul                                                              23-03-2006 08:06 AM

"What the hell Raven?! My fiends!" HollowEyes drops to the ground to try and see
exactly what's going on. "Just because you're an Elite doesn't mean you can just-
" ~-Let it go brother~ Little Sister's cool, calm voice echoed throughout his mind,
HollowEyes turned around to see her standing right behind him. ~Let her do what
she feels is necessary. Neither of us could hope to defeat her anyways, she
outranks us for a reason.~

Not at all surprised at her sudden appearance, HollowEyes attempted to regain
his composure. "I suppose you've been watching since I was wounded by Kasia?
So kind of you to aid me back there." His voice was heavy with sarcasm, but
Little Sister's expression and tone didn't change at all. ~Your death would make
my life so much better brother, I don't know why you expect me to hold the same
beliefs as you - we share the same mind, not the same thoughts.~ She looked
past him to their charred Second in Command. ~Addman's attack packed quite
the punch, is he still alive?~

Thinking for a moment, HollowEyes thought of a new plan. "Little Sister, you're
an expert weaver - take Addman and see if he needs to be healed or repaired or
however you fix a char-grilled muppet. The remaining locust fiends will ensure
that Kasia remains in our hands. I'll stay here and do whatever needs to be done.
Meet at the third out of our secret meeting places, most of the others aren't safe

Little Sister nodded, extended her hair around Addman and wrapped him (and
the Scimitar of Corruption) up tightly in it so that he appeared to be in a cocoon.
The cocoon seemed to sprout limbs as she extended tendrils of hair to the ground
to act as supportive legs, and she began to scuttle off with Addman in tow.
Looking around at all the burnt, smashed and mutilated locust corpses she turned
back to HollowEyes. ~Looks like everyone really hates those fiends, the Locust
Spirit's going to go into a fury about this.~

"Not if I present him with an adequate sacrifice, he won't..." HollowEyes
muttered, observing the locust fiends carrying Kasia towards their secret meeting

addman                                                           23-03-2006 08:51 AM

((I had hoped someone would be courteous enough to take some kind of injury,
as my attack left my character very vunerable, but never mind))

*Addman awoke, dazed and confused. He couldn't move and appeared to be
restrained by some sort of hairy cocoon. Not quite understanding where he was,
Addman could feel the dread rising in his stomach to bursting point. Had he been
captured? What were they going to do with him? How long had he been out for?
He wasn't sure of any of the answers, but he assumed that anyone who wanted
to secure him down did not have the best intentions for him.*


*The muppet couldn't do anything but moan and groan, he was too weak to try
and burst out of this thing, or even speak correctly. A bump shook his cocoon,
hurting some of the still smouldering wounds on his back. Was he moving? Once
they got him back to base, they would surely interrogate him, and probably kill
him once they had the access codes to the EC Fortress. He couldn't allow that to
happen, they'd kill the Council, his friends, and raid his cookie stash!*


*Although he was resolute, there wasn't much he could do to rectify the situation.
This feeling of helplessness stirred an emotion in him, something he hadn't felt in
what seemed like centuries, which also gave him a distinct emotion of panic
which shook his body. The sheer desperation of his predicament appeared to
awaken his senses, and his strength slightly. He had to burst out of here! He was
going to burst out of here! As if by magic, Addman began to notice that he was
slowly feeling rejuvinated, he could move his arms now,and his legs. He could
think clearly, and the pain was subsiding. Whatever Addman had stirred, it might
just mean the difference between life and death. As he glanced down at his body,
he noticed parts of his body between strands of fur were starting to transform
into a yellowish glow, especially in the areas of his wounds...*

((Sorry for the longish post, I'll explain more about what's happening in the next
post I make))

3kul                                                             23-03-2006 09:45 AM

((Well, at least you almost totally decimated my locust fiends... There's what,
like, less than 20 left now maybe? :( HollowEyes is currently pretty defenseless
himself tho, one of his arms is petrified completely - if he takes the charm off, the
wound will open, and he'll bleed everywhere, but if he leaves it on, his movement
is seriously hindered.

Still, people's injuries seem quite unrealistic - the only one who's taken serious
damage that I can think of is Sywyn, who heals with his blood-manipulation
techniques (:evil: Eat it Khazar! Serves you right for failing me!)... and you know,
pretty much all of Sywyn's friends...))
Shadowveil                                                         23-03-2006 11:34 AM

Shadowveil pulls up sharply as a wall of black smog looms ahead. She could see
through natural fog quite easily, but this was clearly magical in origin, and she
was reluctant to fly blindly into it. This called for a change in tactics. She lands on
a nearby rooftop.

Shadowveil closes her eyes, trying to block out all distraction. This spell was
dangerous, it required total concentration. A sphere of intense blue light begins to
form between her hands, the air around it appearing to shake violently. This was
not an effect of the spell itself, but of Shadowveil's attempts to keep it from
breaking loose. As the spell reaches full power, she fires at the wall of smog.

As the antimagic charge vanishes into the smog, Shadowveil drops down behind
the building, waiting for the detonation.

((The charge will detonate when it hits something. As Shadowveil cannot aim
through the haze, this will probably be the ground. When it detonates, any
magical/divine/demonic energy within 30 metres will be explosively destroyed,
and out to about 60 metres anything relying on this type of energy will be
unreliable for a while.))

((And as to Addman's complaint... this is my first RP, and I am trying to play
fairly. I know I need practice. I did refrain from posting for a day, as I was stuck
under a building))

panther385                                                         23-03-2006 12:57 PM

((This is your first, Shadow? You're actually really good! Keep it up! :D ))

*Ekil explained the current events, while Panther stood and streched.*
So there's some chain thing loose? And I was evil? Boy....
*She looked towards the horizon, spotting Veamoth and Kiri. She was soon
trotting in an odd horse/dog/reptile mix, niping any fiends that went by. Leaping
back into the Anthro Cat form, Panther crept up behind Holloweyes. She
Holloweyes! I have a bone to pick with you!

3kul                                                               23-03-2006 07:54 PM

((This city does not seem to have an accurate scale of distance :p))

"Delightful to know that I'm so very popular with you lot." HollowEyes said, with
heavy amounts of sarcasm, "but I don't believe that you and I have actually ever
crossed paths before." He kept an eye on Panther whilst he slowly moved closer
to one of the alleyways, when he felt something strange happen to the Demonic
Squid charm that he'd left in the crater. The charm fizzled, sucked all the smog
back into it like a vacuum, then burst. The explosion wasn't that big, but then
again, neither was the charm.

HollowEyes was very puzzled, what the hell had just happened to his charm? He
tried to get a better look, but it was hard with Panther about to pounce on him.
He wasn't able to see much, but he could see a blue wisp of smoke floating out of
the charm's remains. He wasn't very knowledgable on schools of sorcery other
than charm-weilding, but that sort of magical residue generally wasn't a good
thing. He quickly checked his other charms, only to find that they too had a faint
blue wisp flowing from them.

'Shoot... not a good sign' he thought to himself. Whatever was making his
charms look weird seemed to be invisible anywhere except at the direct source of
otherworldly energy, like some kind of gaseous substance. There was no escaping
it, he just hoped that it wouldn't last long. He needed to find his missing Chain
quickly, then hightail it over to where he'd arranged for the locusts to take Kasia.

((Given that it's a 30 and 60 metre radius, I'd say that just about anyone who
was attacking the locusts (eg: Sywyn, Yamatano's birds, etc.) will probably feel
the effects of this. Little Sister doesn't use magic of any sort, and she'd have
easily carried Addman to a safe enough distance by now. You've probably made
things a bit worse for your allies, but you've crippled a fair amount of HollowEyes'
strength now that his charms might not work right - not bad for your first RP :)))

Yamatano                                                          23-03-2006 08:05 PM

((This just proves I'm out of practice (and probably shouldn't post at 3 am)... I
wondered why when I left the last post I felt like I was missing something. And
yep, I did. DM has many scratches and a piece of glass stuck in her back from the
three falls, as well as down both her arms. And probably a few cracks starting to
show themselves in her bones from the force))

*DM's shadow creatures swoop around any locust fiends remaining, trying to get
the fiends to follow them. One of the creatures swoops past Shadowveil. It really
should make a breeze or a noise of some sort, but it does not. Because its not
really there. DM stands up straight atop the building, it would make her easy to
see but it was also the only way she could keep an eye on the illusions. She
sends the two creatures away from the others hoping the locusts will follow*

((Since they're your fiends 3kul, I thought it'd be better for you to decide if they
follow them or not))

vorodorer                                                         23-03-2006 08:25 PM

*Seph ported onto the battlefield holding a weird looking jar, cackling insanely he
looks around, know not what it is but know it means big trouble*

HisLordship                                                       23-03-2006 08:53 PM

The Owl fluttered softly through the corridors, away from the well-lighted areas
and into the darker, more obscure regions; it was in these places where the
security cameras did not reach that he often went to take action.
Kat is safe. The patrols will serve her well as defense. This allows me time to take
Some time later at the Evil Council's Psychotopian Warp Portal control room, the
owl greeted the Elite grunt in charge of the portal.
"Create a discreet portal for me somewhere in the region of Forumopolis. As close
as I can get to the population without notice." The Bird's instructions were
unflappable and emotionless.
"Sir," the grunt began, "That is a restricted-access zone. Officially, you will need
"Officially, I do not exist. Nor does the mission I embark upon. Paperwork has
been made authorizing a portal test in the next two minutes. The report reads
that after a half-hour's calibration, the portal showed no irregularities whatsoever
and is in working order."
"Right away, sir!"
************************************************** **************
The portal flashed. The Owl was gone. The grunts napped, at least for half an

panther385                                                        23-03-2006 09:19 PM

*Panther growled, foaming at the mouth. She stomped closer to Holloweyes,
making fists.*
You let a Chain of Despair get away! You should know better than that!

3kul                                                              23-03-2006 09:32 PM

"Ah." commented HollowEyes, a little nervous at the fact that his charms might
not be in working order anymore and that his opponent now looked like she had
rabies or some other horrible disease.

"Well, the thing about that is, your good pal Sywyn over there and his buddies
cut it loose. Totally not my fault. As a matter of fact, I'm about to go find it now,
so... yeah, I don't really have the time to go head to head against you or
anything. I'm sure you understand." He began to back away carefully, then once
he felt that he was out of pouncing distance, he made a break for it.

((No, HollowEyes has not suddenly turned chicken, but think about the entire
situation all together - there's currently like, 4 CC Alliance members in his
immediate vicinity all of whom want to kill him, the Chains of Despair have been
unsummoned, and now, like the rest of his charms, might not work for a while,
and one of his armblades is made of stone. To top that off, he's got to make a
sacrifice to appease the Locust Spirit as well as find the missing Jaw. It's fast
becoming a bad day :p))

Shadowveil                                                        23-03-2006 09:34 PM

This was puzzling... the charge should have detonated by now. Shadowveil edges
around the side of the building, and sees that the smog has dissapeared. Odd..
there should have been an explosion. But then, she had not fought in this
dimension before, and it was possible the spell would not work correctly here.

Cautiously, she moves forward until she senses the edge of the magical
interference left by the spell. At least that part worked.

With an evil smile, she shifts into the smaller of her two griffon forms, and slinks
into the shadows.

((OK, I didn't explain that very well. The antimagic charge should have exploded
on impact, as it reacts with any natural background magic, like matter reacting
with antimatter. But never mind, I've made up an explaination for that. And it
works rather like an EMP weapon, only it affects magic rather than technology.))

((The griffon form is about the size of a leopard, with dark red fur and long,
narrow wings. The wing feathers are stiff and slightly metallic in texture, and will
cut like swords. It is quite agile if there is a decent amount of wind, but will
struggle to gain altitude in still air due to the narrowness of the wings. What's the
weather report for Forumopolis?))

((And thanks, panther, 3kul, that means a lot to me))

Yamatano                                                         23-03-2006 10:33 PM

((O_o is this really your first time Shadowveil? You RP really really good))

*DM sends the two shadow creatures into the ground where a lot of glass from
broken windows has accumulated, finally she can let them disappear. Illusions
take quite a bit of energy and ones that she tries to make look alive take even
more. She breathes a sigh of relief and wipes her forehead with the back of her
arm. The arm comes down covered in both blood and cold sweat, and only now
does she notice that her back has been torn to shreds. Her wings too. Tentatively
she spreads them and tests them with a little flap, and winces. It also felt like
something in her chest had cracked*

Ouch... Guess I'm grounded for now. Better get off this building

*She jumps with wings opened wide, gliding down to the field, and wincing
everytime she had to move her wings to adjust her trajectory*

Raven13                                                          24-03-2006 05:10 AM

~~~Sywyn Says!~~~
*Sywyn, about to cut down the locusts notices Raven making short work of them
herself, he decides it work benifit him more to chase after Holloweyes now, he
starts heading out of the locust horde*

~~~Raven Says!~~~
*Raven walked foreward, she saw Hollow eyes trying to escape, his charms
seemed to be on the fritz...Out of curiousity, she tred to spark a fire ball. It
worked.* "Pfhew!"* She said, she hated to think that all magic was useless. She'd
have to kill purely with her sword....She deicded to help Hollow eyes. Snapping
out her wings, she flew down to where him and Panther were speaking.* "I'm not
interupting anything am I? Hollow eyes dear, would you mind if I cut in?"

3kul                                                             24-03-2006 08:18 AM

((Um, if by horde, Sywyn means around two dozen, then I guess that's somewhat
accurate :p))
'I believe you've cut in quite enough already Raven.' Was what HollowEyes
would've liked to say - he was clearly annoyed by his superior's previously
flippant attitude towards his locust fiends, and her tone of speaking didn't indicate
any regret. Instead, he thought better of it, and replied whilst keeping a cautious
eye on Panther.

"Do what you will Raven, it's not my place to question the judgement of the
Elites. However, even in my present condition, you should know that I am more
than capable of handling a pitiful weakling like this. You, on the other hand, have
failed to kill Sywyn twice, or so I've heard... Losing your touch, lady Raven?
Whatever will the other Elites say..."

He smiled smugly when he said that last part - he felt sure that Sywyn would've
left a rather unpleasant bruise on the bird demon's ego by now. That would be
adequate revenge for the wanton destruction of his remaining fiends, and he was
still somewhat annoyed that Raven had made Elitehood and yet he had not. Any
fear that he might've had before was now vanquished, as he now had a
substancial amount of bragging to back up.

He turned to Panther, grinning evilly. "If you plan on attacking me, feel free to do
so - ladies first, as the saying goes. If you don't wish to attack me though, may I
assume it is ok to rend the flesh from your bones?"

((Just so you know, HollowEyes currently has the Vexing Fox charm still applied
to three of arms (gives him large, sharp claws), and the Petrified Beetle charm
applied to the other (arm made of solid stone). His mind-control abilities still work
(only on the weak-minded, as always), but for my next few posts, let's say that
charms only have a 25% chance of working, and see how that goes.))

addman                                                           24-03-2006 09:04 AM

((Yeah Shadow, you've picked it up quickly. I wasn't picking at you by the way,
or anyone, just hoped to score some hits with my last attack))

*Beams of light rip through the cocoon as a blinding flash lights up the area. A
shockwave resounds in the immediate vicinity, knocking a few of the locusts
across the landscape, and suddenly, there's Addman, stood upright and looking
stronger than ever. The muppet's fur has turned completely yellow as it glows,
filled with ki energy.*

I can feel it! It's back! My power!

*He flexed his arms, testing to see if his injuries were still hampering him.
Although he still showed plenty of physical wounds, Addman couldn't feel the pain
anymore from his burns and injuries, he then turned around to the group who
were looking startled*

Allow me to explain. Before I inhabited this muppet, I was once human, a human
who had gained incredible power through a mixture of an artifact known as the Ki
Stone and immense training. I was able to weild a power so great, so destructive,
that it threatened civilisation as we know it!

*He paused for breath. The smile spread across his face rapidly, the CC had no
idea what he was capable of. Addman knew his full power might not be restored
just yet, but he hoped to use this time to allow the energy to build up to a level of
which it once was*

Upon my death, the devil himself had taken great interest in my evil deeds,
believing me to be the evil one he had prophesised! I was resurrected, but at the
cost of my original body. Of course, you all know me as the cookiemonster, but
that was just the first object that my bodyless spirit came across, the discarded
muppet from Sesame Street. How ironic that the world's most destructive being
would wind up as a child's entertainer! But now, those who took me lightly in the
past shall feel the full force of my wrath!

*It was clear Addman had completely lost the plot. His new form was sending him
slightly into the territory of a raving megalomaniac, but he cared not. All he cared
about was the destrction of his enemies. Rasing his palm, a ball of ki energy
appeared in his hand, which started to slowly grow in size as he charged it up.
With a flick of the wrist, he flung a ball of explosive energy towards the group
who had been fighting the locusts*

((For more information on Addman in this form, please visit my profile on the
Creatures Wiki, read the later chapters of the EC Mini Novel on the EC Website
(Which is down at the moment), or the Fight The EC thread, also on our

netdroid9                                                        24-03-2006 09:16 AM

((Can someone summerise the RP for me? I think I'll try joining in tomorrow.))

Shadowveil                                                       24-03-2006 09:42 AM

Shadowveil watches the exchange from a short distance away, noting with
unease the appearence of Raven. Demons made tricky opponents.

She knew that her magical abilities would still be unreliable, although Raven's
seemed unaffected, for some reason. She flicks her wings in annoyance, still
unable to work out what had gone wrong.

Knowing that Sywyn is probably heading this way, Shadowveil decides to wait for
him, to keep the advantage of surprise.

((Addman, who are you throwing that at? Everyone has moved by now. I'm
standing near HollowEyes, Sywyn is heading this way, and I don't know where
DM is.))

((I'll be offline for about 12 hours from now, so if there is serious fighting
someone can join me in. Just don't make me do anything stupid. Read my last
post for notes on what my griffon form can do, remember that I prefer to fight
from the ground if there is little wind.))

addman                                                           24-03-2006 11:13 AM

((Sorry I thought people were still in position, my bad!))
*the energy blast heads in the direction of the approaching Sywyn*

((Quick summary Net. The EC Fortress has appeared, which Dani is attacking with
one of her dragons. Holloweyes flooded the city, so you'll have wade around.
Holloweye also stopped Sywyn and his buddies summoning a large army of
elemental soldiers, but lost a rouge Chain Of Despair, which is wondering the city
looking for CC members. Addman converted Panther and her dragon Kiri to the
dark side, and then they all attacked Veamoth, but the effects have worn and
Panther and Kiri are back to normal. Addman has also just transformed. Raven
has attempted to kill Sywyn twice, and most of the other EC members are in the
fortress plotting. Oh and HisLordShip seems to be on a confidential mission of
some sorts))

Norn-mania                                                       24-03-2006 11:35 AM

((Damn not much to do while waiting))
*Spam did the only thing he could, got out some playing cards and burried them*
Now lets see if...
*Digs up one card*
NO! I will be kille dby a chain of despair?!?! This is bogus!

panther385                                                       24-03-2006 12:14 PM

(( Panther isn't all the way converted to good, she seems to like the evil side
somewhat..... :evil: ))
*Panther grinned, her eyes taking on a murderous gleem.*
I didn't wish to fight you, I want to help you catch the lost Chain of Despair.
*She closed her eyes, putting her hands behind her head*

Raven13                                                          24-03-2006 04:51 PM

((The reson my powers wern't affected was because of my sister, her presence
(being a god) dispelled the negative power...Un...maker... And caused my powers
to work, but only for a short time. Since she has left, they will be less powerful,
and will start to fade. And I'm not actually posting for Sywyn, he's allowed on
msn, so I'm giving him a summary of what going on, and he's gving me what to
say. He's not on now, so I can't say anything that wouldn't be unfair.))

~~Raven Says!~~
"Well...If you think you can handle it hollow eyes...." *Raven smiled* "We all
know how good you are at....Keeping things under controle..." *She said obiously
speaking about the chains. Turning around, she looked over her shoulder and
said* "Don't screw anything up Hollow eyes. And don't be so insulting next
time..." *Walking away. She turned to see Shadowveil watching her. Smiling and
revealing her fangs. Her wings snapped out again, and she started to fly towards

3kul                                                             24-03-2006 05:13 PM

Damn, he didn't think that she knew about that... She'd probably hold that
against him for a while now. "Not to worry Raven, we don't all have a good side
holding us back..." he muttered as she flew off, hoping that she'd hear him. He
didn't mind Ivy that much - she was fun to play tricks on, and was good for
getting Cornelius' guard down - but he knew that Raven despised her.

He was a little stunned at Panther's reaction though, she had been acting like she
wanted to tear him limb from limb up until now. It was highly possible that she
had alterior motives, he wondered if she planned on stealing the rogue Jaw for
herself, although that wasn't really a smart idea anyway, since she had no idea
how to use it. Either way, good help was hard to come by, and there's no point in
murdering an eager volunteer. "Alright then kid, let's go. Addman seems to be
having some kind of freak-out over his fur colour changing or something
anyways." They began to wander away from the battlefield, to start the search.

~Addman, you absolute spaz! I was only trying to help you out, and then you go
and ruin my hair like that, stupid jerk!~ Little Sister knew that HollowEyes was
the only one who could hear her, but it still made her feel better to yell. So did
throwing rocks, until she saw the ball of ki energy that Addman hurled towards
Sywyn, after which fleeing seemed like a much better idea.

vorodorer                                                          24-03-2006 06:38 PM

*Seph landed near Holloweyes, his hair was turned bright red instead of the plain
silver, he notices Holloweyes loking at him*

Bad Alchemy experiment gone wrong, dont ask...

*He produces a green glowing vial*

But THIS, is the real deal, i have concocted a plague, i call it the Elixir of Chaos,
reality will warp, your mind will melt, your eyes will fizzle and stuff unimaginable
will venture forth from the void to come drag you away!

I must discuss with the leaders, are they still in the fortress?

Sywyn                                                              24-03-2006 07:13 PM

((no ones home so i can post this one myself))

Sywyn hears the crackling of the ki and turn to see it heading directly at him, he
holds out his hand to make a barrier but can only maintain it for a few seconds
before his power gives out and the barrier sinks back into the ground. "oh crap!"
Sywyn dives out of the way, but the aftershock of the wave throws him aside
causing him to slam into a building. Getting up he brushes the dust off and
notices holloweyes. he finds a nearby ladder and climbs the building to try and
sneak up on Holloweyes from behind

panther385                                                         24-03-2006 08:08 PM

*Panther nodded, keeping her aloff atitude. She shifted into a Griffon form, a
large pink creature. She cawed, padding along side the EC officer.*
I can search from the air if needed. Any special morphing requests?
*She grinned as much as a beaked avian could*
3kul                                                             24-03-2006 09:02 PM

HollowEyes looked Seph up and down again. He certainly looked weird with red
hair... Regardless of how strange he now looked, Seph's work with magicks was
generally top-notch, so this was probably urgent. "As you can see, our ever-
reliable Second-in-Command has lost the plot and gone beserk, but yeah, most of
the higher-ups are back at the Fortress. And don't worry about the hair, it's not
nearly as bad as what usually happens to Cornie in bad experiments."

Turning back to Panther, he noticed her rather disturbing smile and fluorescent
shade of pink. "Ugh, please morph into something else, you call yourself evil?
There'll be no need to search the skies anyways, the Jaw would have more
victims available to it on the ground." He paused for a moment as he realized
that she might be able to morph into anything. "Actually, I do have a request, so
I'll apologize for my rudeness before. Are you able to morph so that you look like
me? Not a pink me, the same colour as me too?"

The Jaw in question was still travelling through the sewers underground, not at all
hindered by the swift current due to it's resistance to elements. It now had no
idea where HollowEyes was, the trail of charm energy had grown faint thanks to
the anti-magic spell, not that the Jaw knew of this. It decided that it was time to
return to the surface, and burst out of the sewer through the solid concrete. It
couldn't see anyone anywhere - clearly, it had made a wrong turn once it had lost
the trail.

((The Jaw is somewhere in the middle of Forumopolis. We should really establish
where everyone and everything is sometime :p))

vorodorer                                                        24-03-2006 09:06 PM

*Seph looks up at his Red hair*

I kinda like it...

Anyways thanks, this is most urgent...

*Seph's wings snap out of his back with a crack like a whip, he takes flight
heading towards the Fortress, nobody can interrupt him, this one task was of
most importance*

Shadowveil                                                       24-03-2006 10:46 PM

Shadowveil snarls with fury as Raven heads towards her. HollowEyes would have
to wait.

She leaps from her hiding place and stands in Raven's path. Most demons loved
to mock their opponents before attacking.
"My lady...", she purrs, bowing. "To whom do I owe the honour of this fight?"

((Let's go with 3kul's idea, shall we? For the next few posts, any spell we cast has
a 75% chance of failing or going haywire. It will make things more interesting.))
panther385                                                         25-03-2006 02:31 AM

*Panther raised an eyebrow, clearly pleased. Her skin began to melt, fur blending
with flesh. Four arms split from her next, and three eyes situated themselves on
her crainium. The hooked beak smoothed into a regular mouth, which was
grinning once again. Panther could now be mistaked for a clone of Holloweyes
:evil: *
Like it? What did you want this for anyways?

netdroid9                                                          25-03-2006 07:16 AM

*Net looks arround the medical bay. The last thing he could remember was being
thwapped over the head for the umpteenth time by that giant ogre thingy.*

Net: ...Oww... Where am I?
Net2: You've finally woken up, eh?
Net: You?! Damn, dieing wishes don't come true after all.
Net2: You're not dead?
Net: Oh really? Watch.

*Net gets out of his hospital bed and walks into a wall.*

Net: Damn wall must be ghost-proof.
Net2: Hmm... So this is what they meant by extreme brain damage...

*Net2 begins writing things down in a notepad while Net takes a sledgehammer
to the alledgedly 'ghost-proof' wall. Unfortunatly, to save space, they put the
hospitable bay next to the EC's portable nuclear weapons research laboritory.
Luckilly, Net was nowhere near the hospitable bay. In fact, he was in the hospital
bay, which was right next to an ammo cache filled to the brim with TNT.

They say the resulting explosion could be heard all the way down to the Baulders
Gate 2 modding community.*

Raven13                                                            25-03-2006 10:03 AM

((Ok, I'll go with those stats. I'll just say that because of Aosoth's absence it's
affecting me to. Good thing I have my trust sword ^_^))

*Raven landed softly by Shaodowveil and her wings snapped back into her back*
"You do not know of me? Well....We can change that. I am Raven. As you might
have guessed, I am not on your side. Now, can we speed this up? I have a
prophesy to forfill." *Raven unsheather her sword, and thrusted it towards
Shadowveils heart.*

Sywyn                                                              25-03-2006 10:25 AM

Sywyn walks over to the railing at the side of the building and to his dismay there
are two holloweyes, he shrung and thinks he will just have to take them both out
to be sure. He runs toward the edge grabt the rail and jumps off, unsheathing
both daggers he pulls his legs back and positions his arms to stab one holloweyes
while slashing at the other

Shadowveil                                                        25-03-2006 10:31 AM

Shadowveil twists aside, parrying the strike with her left wing, and leaps at Raven
with the right aimed at her throat, talons ready to slash. Prophecy? Fool, demon,
fool. Prophecies are for the weak to follow.

((You just made an enemy. Shadowveil reviles those who speak of prophecies
and destiny... she has seen far too many good fighters led to their deaths by
those words.))

vorodorer                                                         25-03-2006 10:35 AM

*Seph broke flying speed using the wind, if wind was hard as cement a high-
pitched screaching sound would have been heard, he looks towards the explosion,
it gave the same mushroom cloud as a Nuclear Bomb*

What the hell is that?!

Raven13                                                           25-03-2006 11:05 AM

((Don't worry, I'm going to kill off someone else. Do you really think I'd kill off

*Raven bend backwards inhumanly so Shadowveil goes over her. Swerving
around she tries to shove a dagger into her stomac as she goes over.*

Shadowveil                                                        25-03-2006 11:54 AM

Shadowveil had been expecting a dirty trick like this. Thousands of worlds,
thousands of battles. A million voices crying that their cause shall lead them to
victory. It's all just tricks in the end.

Well, she knew plenty of tricks. One talon shoots out, catching Raven by the
wrist. She flares her wings, causing herself to twist suddenly in midair.

((That will break your wrist if you don't do anything about it. And why would I
worry? You are my enemy))

Raven13                                                            25-03-2006 08:57 PM

*Raven felt her wrist disloacate. It hurt, but swerving with Shadowveil, she
managed to stop if from breaking. When she was upright, she yanked her hand
away, grimising at the pain* "I see you know how to fight. Good....For a child...
But I'm afraid not good enough." *Suddenly a cracking noise was heard, and
Ravens wrist weilded back into place.*
Shadowveil                                                         25-03-2006 09:13 PM

Shadowveil lands a short distance away, and turns to Raven with a mocking bow.
"Come now, my lady, this is unseemly. Why must we resort to brawling like
common thieves?"

((She is trying to goad you into attempting a spell. You'll have to decide if that
tactic works or not))

3kul                                                               25-03-2006 09:39 PM


Originally Posted by panther385
Four arms split from her next, and three eyes situated themselves on her
crainium. The hooked beak smoothed into a regular mouth, which was grinning
once again. Panther could now be mistaked for a clone of Holloweyes :evil:

((Not looking like that you couldn't XD - HollowEye's third eye is on his chest, not
on his head (he does have a horn tho), but other than that you got it right. You'll
have the same charm appearance too most likely, so one of your four arms is
petrified (made of stone) and the other has three regular arm blades with knife-
like claws.))

"Excellent work, and you'll see why I told you to do that soon enough."
HollowEyes wouldn't be surprised if someone decided to follow them rather than
go head to head against Addman or Raven, since he was clearly the weaker of
the three, so having an exact duplicate of himself would be of invaluable help
when this happened.

Sure enough, someone had followed them: Sywyn. HollowEyes heard him leaping
over the edge of the roof top, so he had enough time to react. The dagger that
was coming at him in a slashing motion ((which means that the one coming
towards you Panther will be in a stabbing motion)), so he reached his petrified
arm up and grabbed it. The blade of the dagger in his stony grasp, he yanked it
back as hard as he could, hoping that this might give his doppleganger an

Raven13                                                            25-03-2006 09:44 PM

((It was quite obvious. You don't have to tell me. I can work these things out for
myself ^_^))

*Raven smiled. She had felt her powers draining, but she also knew that
Shadowveil's would be weak aswell. Raven's might even still be a little stronger.*
"Taunting is one of your strenghts child. Keep at it, it comes in handy when you
want to annoy you foe. I'll ammuse you for now. But only to see your hope
crushed later." *Smiling, she created a large lighting ball and hurteled it at
Shadowveil. While in the air, it split into many different lighting balls all aiming at
Shadowveil from different angles.*
Sywyn                                                            25-03-2006 10:03 PM

*Sywyn grasps the blade tightly and jerks it back, sliding his leg towards
Holloweyes as if to make him trip*

"is that the best you can do holloweyes?!"

Shadowveil                                                       25-03-2006 10:05 PM

Shadowveil felt no fear at the sight of the lightning balls converging on her. If she
was human, she would have been grinning.

She closes her eyes and raises her wings, as if welcoming the attack. As the
lightning balls strike her, she catches their power, channeling it along her wings
and strengthening it with her own power. Lightning? You have a lot to learn, my

She flicks her wings forward, sending the lightning back at Raven in one solid
blue bolt.

3kul                                                             25-03-2006 10:38 PM

"HollowEyes?" HollowEyes lets go of the blade, and allows himself to trip on
Sywyn's leg. As he falls forward, he spins his arm blades, smashing his petrified
arm into Sywyn's kneecap, aiming to either dislocate or shatter it. He continues
to spin, digging his claws into the ground, so he rolls off to one side, then picks
himself up.

"Oh, now I understand... Clever move HollowEyes, Sywyn'll never be able to tell
the difference between us."

((Sywyn, are you still trying to stab Panther at the same time, or did your other
movements mean that you aren't))

panther385                                                       25-03-2006 11:18 PM

((Whoops XD Thanks for correcting me 3kul :) ))
*Panther saw the stab coming. She ducked, leaping opposite of Holloweyes.*

Sywyn                                                            25-03-2006 11:44 PM

((i leaped off a building to stab ypo ducking would only have made the blade go
into your forehead, but anyway))

Sywyn quickly loosens the muscels in his body so that the stone arm tosses him
into the air, he lands on his feet but falls onto his wounded knee, stumbles to his
feet still clutching the daggers, and looking down at his ground

"this pain is nothing" he says to himself clearly trying to boost his own
confidence, then begins moving his hands together as if to do somthing
panther385                                                     26-03-2006 12:08 AM

((Heh, I just HAD to post this! XDDDD))
*Panther, seeing the opportunity for some fun, promptly ran up to Sywyn and
kneed him in the crotch*


3kul                                                           26-03-2006 12:18 AM

Argh! Stupid, stupid, stupid! It might've been incredibly evil to use such a dirty
fighting move, but why did Panther have to go and make such a ridiculous attack
that he would never use? There was no doubt in HollowEyes mind that Sywyn
would now easily figure out who the fake was... unless he altered his own fighting

Digging his claws into the ground, and raising his petrified arm blade, he charged
forward using his arms as legs. This was the way that he'd noticed Panther
standing in her griffin form, so running like this would probably throw Sywyn off.
He leapt up and twisted his arm forwards, aiming to slam his stone fist into
Sywyn's face.

((Heheheh, kneeing him in the crotch XD It's a little powerplayish, coz such an
attack would cause him to keel over, but I can't wait to see how Sywyn reacts.))

panther385                                                     26-03-2006 12:26 AM

(( Heh, I couldn't resist :D Ah, you did exactly what I hoped! What an amazing
Rp! Go people-on-these-forums! :) ))

Sywyn                                                          26-03-2006 12:51 AM

Panthers knee passes right through Sywyn, who grins "i guess magic isent
completely negated after all" he says returning to his solid from with his
dislocated knee back in place ((im not exactly sure what happens when you
dislocate your knee)), he reaches up and grabs holloweyes stone arm, then
pushes him back towards panther. He jumps into the air and grabs the railing of a
second floor balcony and climbs up it " catch me if you can holloweyes" he shouts
back as he shatters a window to get into the building and begins ascending the

((he got lucky with his shadow evade spell))

3kul                                                           26-03-2006 02:16 AM

((Well, I'm sure a dislocated knee is quite painful... And the kneecap can slip
around a bit whilst dislocated - I once heard a guy's kneecap dislocated and went
around to the back of his leg :blergh: ))
"Don't think you can escape me Sywyn! Even in my current condition, keeping up
with you is easy enough!" HollowEyes shouted after him. After Sywyn climbed
into the building, HollowEyes turned to Panther. "Let's go kid, we've got better
things to do." He was glad that Sywyn had decided to try and play a cat-and-
mouse game, because it was easier to leave this way.

However, they only had a short amount of time before Sywyn found out that they
weren't following him, so escaping the same way as they were going to go before
wouldn't be very clever, as he'd probably catch up to them soon enough.
HollowEyes grinned as he noticed an alternate escape route that Sywyn would
find impossible to navigate. He bent over and lifted up a manhole, which led to
the rushing currents of the flooded Forumopolis sewers. Still grinning, he turned
back to Panther. "Any good at swimming, kid?"

Narmie                                                            26-03-2006 07:22 AM

(this forum is going fast again)

*’THIS IS SO BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” shouted Conteris at the
top of is lungs. He started to run, faster and faster in the direction of HollowEyes.
Raven came into view first “if you can’t dodge this, I over estimated you!”
Conteris swiftly pulls his bow from his back and fires 5 arrows at Raven. “Take
that!” then he saw H.eyes, (you from now on HollowEyes unless you want to
change it. Having HE would be a bit funny) the one he wanted to fight the most
despite what Sywyn said.
He put another arrow on the string of his bow, pulling it back and making his
body strait. There it went strait for H.eyes at an incredible speed He’s going to
to move fast to avoid that *

3kul                                                              26-03-2006 09:08 AM

((Freaking hell, Conteris must be absurdly fast :p H.Eyes is fine with me, I don't
mind abbreviations))

The arrow whistled through the air, flying at an incredible speed. HollowEyes
didn't even notice it until it hit his arm, at which point the arrow smashed. "Um...
Ow, I guess..." He looked over his petrified arm, which seemed perfectly fine
other than a small mark caused by the arrow head. He looked over to the
direction where the arrow had come from, and spotted Conteris - yet another CC
Alliance punk out to prove himself, thought HollowEyes.

"Better luck next time, amateur!" he shouted out, diving into the swiftly flowing
waters in the sewers.

Narmie                                                            26-03-2006 09:43 AM

((3kul that’s no ordinary arrow it will stun you for awhile just remember for next
if there is one. Me, a punk? sounds cool))
3kul                                                             26-03-2006 09:50 AM

((It hit the arm made of solid rock, there's nothing to stun :p - HollowEyes
doesn't feel what happens to his body parts when they're petrified))

Narmie                                                           26-03-2006 09:53 AM

((ROCK! i thought you were water.))

3kul                                                             26-03-2006 10:56 AM

((Um, no, I've had one of my arms petrified for quite some time now, and have
made numerous references to it :p. The water I've been referring to is in the
sewers - since I flooded it way back in the early pages, I'm making my escape
using the swift current. Any other time I've 'been' water is by using one of
HollowEyes charms that makes water shape itself into HollowEyes-duplicates,
which I haven't done for over 50 pages now :p))

panther385                                                       26-03-2006 12:17 PM

*Panther dived into the sewers. She floated on her back, letting the current take
her wherever.*
What now?

Raven13                                                          26-03-2006 12:23 PM

*Raven saw the lightning, she heard the arrows...Time seemed to slow, as she
jumped up snapping her wings open.The lightning went towards Narmie, and the
arrows Shadowveil. Dropping from the sky, she had an angery look on her face.
Turning around to where Narmie was, she shouted* "Sneak attacks are
immature, do not think they would work!" *Then drawing a few shurikens and
throwing them at Shadowveils head and torso.*

Sywyn                                                            26-03-2006 01:14 PM

Sywyn turns noticing no one is following him " damn, i guess i cant drop the
building on him, oh well i have bigger fish to fry". Sywyn looks over to find a
convieniontly place emergence exit. After sneaking out through the back door, he
looks around to see whats going on "hmmm, everyone seems to be fighting, this
could be the distracion i need to find Kasia"

((where is she again anyway, i forgot))

vorodorer                                                        26-03-2006 01:41 PM

*Seph watched the explosion subside, he thought that the Plague vial would best
be left in a box, he took 5 minutes to weave reality into a black box, it is warm to
the touch and seems to radiate energy, he places the vial inside the carefully
crafted box, molded into its shape, he tucks it under one arm, and flies off
towards the entrance*

3kul                                                                 26-03-2006 08:57 PM

((You forgot, eh? Then I can't tell you, because it would take away an element of
realism :p You musn't have been paying attention - I took her out of the building
I left her in when I summoned the Locust fiends, then had some fiends fly her off
to a secret meeting place. Since they flew, so you probably won't be able to track
them. No idea how you're planning on saving her now, but I guess that's a good
thing for me :D))

"We'll put some distance between us and them first kid, then we'll continue
searching for that rogue jaw" HollowEyes blurbled - talking underwater was
tricky, but hopefully Panther understood. As they both continued to drift with the
current, HollowEyes noticing various signs that the Jaw had been in here - chunks
of the wall taken out, large sections scraped, and traces of it's magical energy.

((Next post I'll get out of the sewers - I'm just trying to establish that this is
going to put quite a bit of distance between HollowEyes and you lot))

TheDarkPsycho                                                        26-03-2006 09:21 PM

((I'm not sure if anyone is still at the meeting, but if they aren't, DP would still be
there coordinating things. and sorry for my do that

*DP remained sitting at the meeting table, looking down at his console, when he
began to smoke. Simultaneously, DP Charlie, who was fighting Danielle, and DP
Beta, who was an iceblock somewhere downtown, also began to smoke. As a few
seconds past, the smoked worsened in all of them, and then, suddenly, they all
burst into flame and disappeared, leaving a sweet smelling smoke rising from
where they previously were*

Shadowveil                                                           27-03-2006 03:29 AM

Shadowveil slashes one wing in front of her, and both arrows and shurikens are
thrown back with a blinding flash.
"Sneak attacks? But you seem so fond of them, my lady."

She circles Raven, just out of reach, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

((Edit: The flash was a reflect-shield. It will repel physical projectiles, if I see
them coming with enough time to cast it.))

Narmie                                                               27-03-2006 03:48 AM

*Conteris looked at H.Eyes and decided against fighting him then terns to Raven
‘You must have a big burden not being able to do anything that’s so called
“immature”’ then he starts to walk towards her.*
Sywyn                                                              27-03-2006 04:04 AM

(( i dont think a gust of wind could send arrows and shuriken back, im pretty sure
they would just cut right through it if they were sharp enough))

Sywyn looks around, unable to figure out which way Kasia was taken, he puts his
hand to his chin and begins to think for a moment. Suddenly he has an idea, he
pulls a small flute from his pocket "i hope you followed them here" he wispers to
no one, then blows, (only those with super sensitive hearing can and WILL
probably hear this and it will be a realy annoying sound bound to give you a
migrane), a howl is heard and a white wolf runs toward Sywyn tackling him
licking his face, he laughs and pushes her off "hahaha, stop Khamara, i need you
to find Kasia for me, can you do that" the wolf sits and nods "ok then, here get
the scent" Sywyn holds out a peice of cloth, which Khamara begins to sniff, then
smells the air, it picks up on the scent and begins to run off, with Sywyn following

Leporidae                                                          27-03-2006 04:19 AM

Leporidae is quite bored sitting in this tree holding a sign. (remember me from
the first page? I havn't read how the whole battle is going so I might be a little
off) She gets out of the tree and puts on her favorite lion cloth and picks up her
sabre. Leporidae walks into the battle feild. She is going to fight for the heck of it
and she is ready.

3kul                                                               27-03-2006 04:30 AM

((It all depends on the angle of the wind - yeah, if the shurikens and arrows were
going perfectly straight, and it was a perfectly straight gust, then they'd cut
straight through, but that'd be almost impossible. Clever move with the dog there
Sywyn, but you'd better hurry - scent on the wind doesn't last long :evil:.))

Shadowveil                                                         27-03-2006 05:12 AM

((It was not wind... I did edit my post, try reading it!))

Raven13                                                            27-03-2006 06:30 AM

((I can't post cause I have to go to school, but I do have one thing to
say...Ehem...DAMN YOU 3KUL! Why did you have to be so unapitising! Now there
ganging up on me! Lol))

addman                                                             27-03-2006 08:52 AM

*Pushing the inner energy towards the lower part of his body, Addman began to
rise from the floor, levitating around four feet off the ground. This was a new feat
for the muppet, who'd never been the most airbourne person around. Clenching
his fists tighter, he attempted to harness this new-found energy, and not loose it
as he had done a couple of times before, so he strained to control it. His eye's
glowed a brilliant gold as he tried to curb it's flow, although it appeared it was a
loosing battle. This energy could easily consume Addman, and turn him against
anything and everything that stood in his path of destruction. He cackled
manically then ceased as though he were a schizo or something. By the time he
had finished this, the muppet appeared to be much taller, stronger, and generally
larger, as though he had inflated due to the overwhelming ki. At this point, it was
difficult to tell whether it was still Addman in there or not as he gazed over the
landscape, awaiting his first victim*

((Addman is going to be extremely powerful from now on, but do not worry.
Addman has never managed to harness this power for very long in the past,
although this time it appears to be sending him mad, so this could play anyway.
He may even forget who he is))

panther385                                                         27-03-2006 03:06 PM

*Panther nodded, then said*
Hey! Another manhole!

Leporidae                                                          27-03-2006 05:13 PM

"ugg, I been here in the battle feild some time and no one wants to fight me yet.
hmmmm" *leporidae gets out a yoyo and starts playing with it*

3kul                                                               27-03-2006 06:02 PM

The 'manhole' that Panther pointed out had clearly been made wider by
something too large to enter it any other way - the Jaw had definately either
entered or exited this one. "Ok, time to get out." HollowEyes spun his arms to
slowly work his way to the top of the tunnel and climbed out (in a not so graceful
way), making sure to check first to see if the Jaw was in their immeadiate
vicinity. It wasn't, but he could tell that they were on the right track - several rats
and other small animals were writhing on the ground, screaming horribly. This
was not a good sign.

"We have to hurry. If it's bitten too many living things I won't be able to re-
attach it to the charm."

Sywyn                                                              27-03-2006 06:32 PM

Sywyn quickly finds himself unable to keep up with Khamara, but he knows time
can not be wasted. He quickly wistles and a burst of flame appears next to him,
the nightmare on which he exited through the portal emerges from the smoke
and Sywyn throws himself onto it by pushing down on its neck and jumping.
Sywyn leans foward and charges at full speed after the wolf but slows to its speed
as he get close enough to follow

vorodorer                                                          27-03-2006 07:57 PM
*Seph looked back, Raven looked like she was in a bit of trouble, he sighs, ports
into the controle room next to DP, he sets the box on the desk*

Canttalknewsecretweaponbigplaguewipesoutloadsofpeo plebye!

*he ports out and appears aroung 30 metres above Raven, he see's Narmie
walking towards her, he draws his polearm, sets a magical blue flame around it,
and charges Cascading into the ground between Narmie and Raven, an explosion
is heard and dirt and rock fly up as if hit by a Mortar shell, he raises up looking
most evil... he hisses, using his true voice*

You ssshall not harm thisss warrior corward, two agaisssnt one isss pathetic, try
me for sssize....

*He spins his polearm around and assume the fighting stance*

Raven13                                                          27-03-2006 08:21 PM

"Thank you Seph, but you should know I don't need it. Anyway, carry on.
*Watching Shadowveil circling her. She charged a rather big energy ball in her
hand. Keeping it hidden from view by her cloak, when Shaodowveil wasn't looking
for a second, she hurteled it at her.*

panther385                                                       27-03-2006 08:43 PM

*Panther followed suit, nodding as she went. She looked around, sighing at the
tortured rodents and random fauna. She walked a little further. A small rustling in
the bushes caught her attention*

Narmie                                                           27-03-2006 11:01 PM

*Conteris laughed, “All you care about is honour, ha. Anyway I prefer a one to
one fight.” He drew his sword and ran to Voro. When he was a few feet away he
jumped over him and swung his sword at Voro’s back.*

Charling Lord                                                    27-03-2006 11:32 PM

Why are you still duking it out here? I have started a new war and some more
people need to get involved to make it work. At the moment it is just one on one
conversation. Little fighting has actually happened. If I need to I will intervene
here and bring the fight to this thread. I know you are all having alot of fun with
this one and you are all in the middle of chopping each other's head's off but
really, Gameware warriors, I can't fight them by myself!

Sywyn                                                            27-03-2006 11:34 PM

((this has gone on for 863 posts you dont just stop somthing like that abruptly))
netdroid9                                                            27-03-2006 11:47 PM

((This, my friend, is the new Forum Wars. Don't try to stop it, many have tried
and none have prevailed. We have invaded the territory of the gods, and now we
must prove ourselves worthy no-matter how many pages of RP it'll take. And
anyway, I'd like to be able to participate in another legendary RP. Forum Wars
was finished when I joined up.))

*Net found himself in a smoldering crater somewhere in the middle of
Forumopolis. He was remarkebly close to the interedimensional gate of which the
beast had emerged. Net looked inside...*

...Dear god. Is that Smurfville?! ...Nah, couldn't possibly be that place, we
anihalated it in the chicken wars...

*Net looked around, and spotting Addman headed in his direction.*

He MUST know what's going on. Jeeze, I hope he doesn't get angry and blast me
with some kind of pure energy beam when I tell him I used his cookie and paper
supplies on that monster when we ran out of pockey... Hmm, I wonder what
happened to the huge interdimensional Net army? And Net2, for that matter...


Net2: H-hello..?
Large group of Nets: All must die! All must die!
Net2: *Gulp*

Charling Lord                                                        27-03-2006 11:48 PM

I know, that was my point. I was recruiting. I need some of these Gameware
warriors. The EC is more powerful than I expected. I didn't want you to stop this
battle, its fun to read:) they should make it into a book.

Narmie                                                           28-03-2006 12:13 AM

(ok ill help you, I’m not going to stop posting on this tread tho)

TheDarkPsycho                                                    28-03-2006 12:35 AM

*Seph portals out, leaving the box next to an empty chair*

************************************************** **

*DP rewakens in an empty chamber, with a single stand before him. His
conciousness has been remerged, all of his alter egos brought into him. As he
looks around, the contents of the bowl at the top of the stand bursts into flame,
much to DP's horror. His form bows down to his knees, under what feels like a
heavy gravity well.*

Rafrika: You have grown weak in your time with this "Council" of yours.
DP: I would beg to difARRRGH!

*A sudden firey bolt strikes DP, punishing him for his insubordination*

DP: What is your will master.

Rafrika: Your treachorous Council is about to put into motion a chain of events
that will eventually lead to them taking over the world. Naturally, I cannot have
that, which is probably why you lead them into such an action. If anyone takes
over my world but me, I would be the laughing stock of the Immortal realm. Now
you have a choice to make. You can continue to serve those people instead of
me, which I'll give you a taste of what is in store if you do that...

*DP is suddenly set ablaze, the intense painful heat soring through him like
thousands of hot knives. After a few moments, of which the flame in the bowl
seems to delight, the flames subside, leaving a smoldering DP gasping for

Rafrika: Or you can come back to serving me.

DP: What...*cough*...would my master..*cough cough*...have his
servant...*groan*.. do?

Rafrika: Destroy the Council you helped build. Show them no mercy. And make
sure no one who alines themselves with the Council never sleeps peacefully until
they die. Let them know your master has sent you, and His will be done!

*DP's vision in engulfed with flames. After a second, the flames subside, and DP
is floating above Forumopolis.*

DP: *under his breathe*: Please forgive me for what I am about to do.


Yamatano                                                       28-03-2006 01:36 AM

((DM was gliding off the top of the building near the edge of Forumopolus (the
one where she made the rubble illusion on top of), cause being up there with
painful wings and back is not a good idea))

*DM hits the ground with speed, and stumbles. Her feet squelch and stick to the
mud. She saw one EC member fighting Shadowveil and another challenging
Narmie, none of which she knew. Looking out over the battlefield, she can see a
hovering and glowing Addman, as well as Leporidae*

Oh, great

*Not knowing what it was that had happened to the blue muppet, but knowing it
was probably not good, she sighs. I can't get away quick enough now I'm
grounded...but I'll have to do soemthing. That energy ball looked way too
dangerous... I'm gonna regret this. She thought to herself, walking into the
middle of the battlefield
Shaon299                                                         28-03-2006 02:04 AM



Let me take over. I'm the only one who could make it to the Realm.

I held you back last ti-

It was against your will. We're sharing.

The world faded.

Shaon started moving, turning into her charistic goddess form, before leaping
into the air and disappearing in a snarl.

Holy... I wasn't expecting it to be that exausting.

The very same fox was collapsed on the roots of an eternally dying tree.

Forte's forest. And the edge of it to boot.

3kul                                                             28-03-2006 04:59 AM

HollowEyes was too far away to hear DP's voice, but Little Sister heard it.
~Brother, Elder Dark Psycho is betraying the Council!~ Her words almost made
him fall to his knees - he knew that she wouldn't lie to him about something like
this, but he just couldn't believe it. "Impossible... DP would never do such a
thing! He helped build the Council, he established the very rules he'd be
breaking-" She cut back across, not caring for HollowEyes' attempts at re-
assuring himself. ~Believe it brother, it's the work of Rafrika, the God of Fire.~

HollowEyes knew very little of the Gods themselves, but from what he'd heard
from his various contacts amongst the animal spirits, they were kind of like
humans in terms of their attitudes, only extremely powerful. There was no such
thing as an equal contract with Gods, spirits like DP were forced to do their

"Panther, our current situation has just gotten much worse than I could have ever
anticipated. From here on in, there may be more than one occassion where I'll
require your assistance, so..." He turned to her, his eyes letting her know that he
was dead serious. "If you so much as show one hint of reverting to your old good
side, I won't hesitate to kill you."

Not far from their current location, the Jaw rose up from the latest animal that it
had bitten, having only one chain link left on the end of it. It sensed that larger
prey was nearby. After waiting for a moment to pinpoint their location, it
suddenly surged towards them, smashing through whatever happened to be in
it's way.
netdroid9                                                       28-03-2006 05:04 AM

((Oooh, finally. I've been waiting for something to happen in the Immortal

*Net looks at the source of the threat.*

Net: ...Bullcrap. I'm the one who always ends up betraying the EC! HOW DARE

*Net starts running towards Addman, hoping to get to him before whatever the
hell kind of fate DP chose could befall him.*

TheDarkPsycho                                                   28-03-2006 05:17 AM

*DP opened up his more omniscient senses to the battlefield below. He could
sense where all the people were, what they were doing, what they were saying.
He had hoped to give the EC as much of a chance as Rafrika would allow him to
give, and keep from going into his spirit form, but he had no was
destroy...or be destroyed.

DP started selecting his targets below him. there was Net, trying to do something
foolishly heroic. That boy would end up going good sooner than later. DP wasn't
sure what the bounds of Spirithood said about attacking another god's spirit, nor
did he care, he had been given an order. And Holloweyes. Again, his relation to
the spirits could post a problem, but luckily DP hadn't made any deals as Au'Marui
with the gelatinous blob. Addman was on the battlefield. His nature as a meta-
demon could pose problems, but nothing DP couldn't handle. All in all, DP rested
in the fact that his survival would be guarenteed. Then here was Raven, or
Ravens, going around everywhere. Phasing his arms out into spirit form, he
started charging up energy spheres, hurling them down at EC members once they
became about the diameter of dinner plates.*

Sywyn                                                           28-03-2006 05:24 AM

Sywyn hears the messege intended for the EC members, he shouts for Khamara
to go on ahead but to leave a trail for him, as he sees this as a good time to
strike a deal, pulling back on the reigns he turns his steed around and heads back
through teh streets shouting for Holloweyes

3kul                                                            28-03-2006 05:30 AM

((DP, my avatar is a gelatenous blob, but HollowEyes isn't - I might have to fix
that one of these days :p))

HollowEyes looked towards the collapsing buildings near him, only to see the
rogue Jaw flying towards him, opened wide and ready to bite. The Jaw knew
instantly that HollowEyes was in the EC, but it didn't know much else about him -
only that the energy disc hurtling towards him would spell certain death for him.
HollowEyes jumped through it as it snapped down behind him, just as the energy
disc hit.

The Jaw struggled against it for a moment or two, then deflected the disc.
HollowEyes was too shocked for words, as there was no way he'd thought that
this could ever have happened. The Jaw floated above him, and came to settle in
front of him - he noticed that it now had a large dint on the front of it where the
disc had hit, and a few of it's teeth were badly damaged. Since the Jaw wasn't
attacking him, HollowEyes knew of only one other way to get it to rejoin him. "I
won't ask why you just saved me, or whether or not you have forgiven me, but I
have a request..." He knelt down on the ground, and bent over until his face
touched the ground. "Ancestor! I beg of you, rejoin your siblings, and lend me
your strength once more!"

The Jaw reeled back as memories began flooding back into it's mind. It now knew
who was kneeling in front of him - Byule, one of the most hated and feared
Parasitian in their people's long history. This monstrosity had chosen to turn on
his own kind rather than devour his twin, and yet... it couldn't physically bring
itself to harm him. The Jaw didn't understand why it no longer hated Byule - it
was as if something was holding the Jaw back.

A horrible metallic noise came from the jaw as it attempted to speak for the first
time in decades, hoping that HollowEyes might give it some insight on the
matter. "...Faitru?" HollowEyes looked up at the Jaw, knowing the kind of logic that
Parasitians had for this kind of internal conflict - he himself often felt the same
way. "Most likely Ancestor..." he commented as he tapped the black, twisted
charm. Unlike previously, the charm did not shoot a wave of energy out as it
released the other Chains, and the loose chain reattached itself to the rogue Jaw
instantly. Once again, the Chains of Despair were complete.

((Sorry for the long post, it started off small, but grew with some character
development. Just in case you were wondering, 'Faitru' means 'Fate' in the
Parasitian language - Parasitians (which is what HollowEyes is) are a very
superstitious people, and strongly believe in fate, destiny and things of that
nature. The reason that the Jaw no longer hates HollowEyes is because of the
effects of Addman's Scimitar of Corruption, which will probably wear off soon

Shadowveil                                                       28-03-2006 06:27 AM

Although she had been watching Seph at the time, Shadowveil could sense Raven
charging an energy ball. Once again she caught it, channeling the power through
her wings and flicking it back at Raven.

At that moment, she heard DP's declaration of war against the Council. This is not
good. She had fought in many wars against many foes, and knew that once the
gods got involved, things quickly turned bad for everyone. This "Rafrika" might
well turn the city into a smoking crater just to ensure he did not miss anyone.

This is why I stayed out of the Crusades...

netdroid9                                                        28-03-2006 06:47 AM

*Net turns arround and stares at the energy ball heading his way.*

*ZAP! The energy ball smashes into Net, leaving nothing but a smoldering
carcase and a pair of boots behind. A mist that could've been mistaken for smoke
rises out of the boots and reforms into Net.*

...Right in the cake-hole... Now nothing's gunna taste right...

*Net continues his painstakingly slow progress towards Addman.*

vorodorer                                                         28-03-2006 08:23 AM

(( Sorry, i was asleep))

*Seph grinned evilly as Narmie leaped over him, he swing backwards and parried
the sword, with the other hand he pulls out a pistol and holds it to Narmie's


addman                                                            28-03-2006 08:44 AM

((Woah this RP has moved on!))

*Addman heard the proclamation from DP high above the city of Forumopolis.
Normally, Addman would be petrified for his life if he had to take on DP in
combat, but that was in his old, weak form. This would be an appropriate test of
his power, a chance to flew his proverbial muscle*

Ahh The Dark Psycho, congratulations, you've earned the position of being my
first worthy victim!

*The psychotic laughter bounded off of the various buildings as Addman waited
for the arrival of DP's energy spheres. As soon as they came close to him, the
puppet concentrated his energy to create a shockwave, sending DP's energy
blasts back to towards their creator ((only applies to ones aimed at me, and
possibly Net if he's close enough)). He then responded by firing off his own
energy blasts with lightning fast speed and precision, creating a machine gun
affect with spheres of ki, all of which were aimed in DP's direction. Without
looking away from his target, Addman addresses Net, who is getting closer*

Netdroid, you come to me for assistance? The old me may have worked as part of
a team, but the new has no need for such weak aquaintences!

((Addman's ki is altering his perceptions. His arrogance has surfaced and he will
most likely work for himself until he turns back))

Shaon299                                                          28-03-2006 11:38 AM

There's someone here.
Not sure how long they stayed there, slowly regaining energy.

And sure enough, there was someone here. Not that Shaon could see or
anything, her sight's been translated from her ability to sense energy. But their
energy was enough to see them. Enough to be a god.

We've been found.

panther385                                                      28-03-2006 04:15 PM

((Gah! MUST POST!))

Panther nodded once more. "I'll never go back." She slitted her eyes, she trotted
towards Holloweyes and the Jaw. She inspected it closely and sighed. "Well,
that's finished. What are we going to do about Addman and The Dark Psyco?" She
suddenly twisted around, cocking her head to the side. "Did ya hear that? Did ya
hear that?" She sniffed the air, tasting it slightly with her tounge like a reptile.
Speaking of reptiles....
"Oh crap, I forgot Kiri!" Panther took out what looked like a stone, but it was
made of wood. It was round, polished, a light blue. It had small holes in it and it
tapered on one side. She put the object to her lips and blew. It produced a sound
much like a flute, yet more medival, more mystic. She used 'fingers' to play a
small tune.
Flapping could be heard, a large shape appearing in the distance. A deep, hoarse
roar split the silence, flame erupting from the creature's maw.
"Kiri! You won't believe what I heard!"

Raven13                                                         28-03-2006 05:27 PM

((There only one of me right now. My sister is gone, and my ego's are back where
they should be. Arguing in my head ^_^

Ivy: We never argue, we just debate our views ^_^
Jess: Shut up, were always fighting.
Raven: No, were always hurting Ivy and MPM.
MPM: Aaaaahh!
Jess: Shouldn't we get back to roleplaying?
Raven:....Twould be a good idea...))

*Raven saw her energy ball flying back at her, and swerved slightly to the side to
avaiod it.* "Use your enimys streanth againsed them...Good...You have
potential...." *Suddenly, DP's ball hit her, slamming her into the ground...With it,
came his words echoing in her mind.* "Let it be known...To the council of
evil....The flame god Rafrika....Has sentenced you....To death...And his servant
has come...To execute his order... " Raven didn't know how long she was lying
there, crippled, scorched, and betrayed. Opening her eyes gave a searing pain.
Rage started to flow through her veins.* "How DARE he betray us?" *She
thought.* "How DARE he abuse our trust! How dare he break the Aoc! HOW DARE
HE BETRAY WHAT HE BUILT!" *With thouse thoughts, her aura started to glow an
eerie crimson red...*

*A mile away an albino flying pig was taking a nightime stroll. Suddenly, he saw
an explosion in the distance, and a glowing light what brightened the night

TheDarkPsycho                                                   28-03-2006 07:35 PM

*just to prove a point DP let Addman's energy spheres hit him. When they impact
his body, it simply disentigrates. A few seconds pass and it starts to rain on the
battlefield that was once a city. a small puddle forms behind Addman, who was
still staring at the place where DP was ((sorry about that Addman!)). The puddle
builds up until it is about human sized, then takes the shape of a human, and
finally, DP*

DP: You should have known better than that. Now, I beg you to renounce your
ties to the Council and leave this place, before I am forced to do something we'll
both regret.

*As DP says this, he reaches for the puppet, attempting to pick him up and throw
him through the nearest building*

vorodorer                                                       28-03-2006 08:25 PM

*Seph was distracted by the blast of light that hit Raven, he had time to shout
"Raven!!", his eyes grew insanely red and he charged at DP, he then saw the
secound coming at him, he dropped the blade and pistol, and attempted to grab
it, he held out his palms, the ball collided with him and pushed him back a good
few metres past Narmie, he grimaces and it explodes pushing Seph about a
metre into the earth, he lays there hardly breathing with a gaping hole in his

Sywyn                                                           28-03-2006 08:33 PM

Sywyn finaly catches up to Holloweyes " Holloweyes, you seem to have quite a
problem with DarkPsycho turning on you and all, tell you what im willing to make
a deal if you are" Sywyn dismount awaiting Holloweyes answer

netdroid9                                                       28-03-2006 11:48 PM

What?! Ah crap. Unfortunatly I cannot relinquish my ties to the council so easilly.
I'm a fool to say that, but at least there is honour among fools. There is no
honour among traitors.

*Net turns away and walks down the hill. A few steps from the bottom he slings
his BFG over his shoulder and fires, turning it into a lavary pit of doom.*

Shadowveil                                                      29-03-2006 01:10 AM

Shadowveil leaps away as Raven is hit. This was not a good place to be standing.
Nearby, she sees Seph struck down as well.

Switching back to human form, she crouches by the injured demon.
"Raven. This fight is senseless. Call off your attack on the CC, and I will help

Shaon299                                                          29-03-2006 01:21 AM


Another unknown time gap. There was much unneeded silence, the two
personalities seemingly in a stupor.

Paranesia heavily lifted her head. So damn weak. Through tired eyes, she could
see. Something was glowing.

An apple? A glowing apple? Is it from that god?

Glowing apples... holy apples. The only apple here. Any mortal subjects that ate
these became supernaturally strong, yet no one's sure what happens to gods, for
whatever effects seem to be negated. What if...

And slowly, the vixen pulled the apple into her paws, and ate it.

She became tired no longer.

panther385                                                        29-03-2006 01:46 AM

Panter's head snapped 'round at the sound of Sywyn's voice. She slitted her eyes
and growled, "What do you want?"

Sywyn                                                             29-03-2006 02:07 AM

Sywyn looks at pather with distain " can you not hear, im here to make a deal"

3kul                                                              29-03-2006 02:18 AM

"Good to know Panther," HollowEyes responded to her assurance that she had no
intentions of reverting to the good side. "I originally thought we'd need to stop
Addman, but now it looks like we'll need to take care of DP first..." He didn't hear
whatever else it was Panther had to say, as he began to think to himself about
what to do. They had been presented with an immensely difficult situation, and
he hadn't the slightest idea of what to do. He'd never expected that anyone in the
Council would turn on them, and yet it was happening right before his eyes.

His train of thought was broken by Sywyn's appearance, but he decided to wait
and see what Sywyn had to say for himself before he attacked - which turned out
in his favour. He raised an arm in front of Panther, indicating that she should
back down for now. "Strength in numbers is a preferred strategy of mine, so I see
nothing wrong with an alliance between us. State that which you desire Sywyn,
and I'll give it consideration." He turned aside to Panther, who was still growling.
"Panther, I'm not assuming that you'll be happy with an alliance with Sywyn, but
if you go along with it, then I'll lend you a bit of my own strength."
HollowEyes figured that Sywyn would want Kasia back, which would make things
harder for him. If he didn't make at least one sacrifice to the Locust Spirit before
he used the charm a third time, he'd be out of luck. It would be pretty difficult,
but he'd have to avoid using that charm from now on.

Sywyn                                                            29-03-2006 02:39 AM

Sywyn takes a deep breath, as this sort of thing isent somthing he normaly likes
doing you know what i want Holloweyes dont play dumb with me" trying to sound
as sencere as possable "now do you want my help or not"

3kul                                                             29-03-2006 02:56 AM

There was no avoiding it, HollowEyes would have to give Kasia back to Sywyn. It
mght end up working in his favour, she'd be fully recovered soon enough, and
conscious for some time now, so she could probably help Sywyn help them.
"Consider it done then." HollowEyes said in a serious tone. "Please cover your
ears..." He paused for a moment, inhaled deeply, then let out an ear-piercing
shriek that echoed across Forumopolis, which would be enough to let the Fiends
carrying Kasia know exactly what he wanted them to do. "They'll be here within
five minutes. In the meantime, please read this." He handed Sywyn a small piece
of paper, covered with his own scrawled handwriting, most of which was illegible.

"I apologize for my poor handwriting, but those are instructions on how to use
charms." He untied a string attached to one of his arms, removed a small leather
pouch and handed it to Sywyn. "There's five of each type of charm that I use in
here, except for the Locust Fiend charm and the Chains of Despair. Only a charm
user like myself knows how to make charms, but anybody can weild them.
Combine these with your own abilities, and I'm sure you'll get some interesting

He untied another small pouch from his arm, and suddenly thought of something
that he'd neglected to mention. "Oh, and don't worry about sacrifices or anything,
since you've only got a sample pack - spirits like to use them to encourage more
mediums to make contracts with them." He turned to Panther, and held out the
second pouch and another set of poorly handwritten instructions. "Interested?"

((If you agree, I'll be sending you the instructions and stuff in a PM so that you
don't have to rummage through my RP profile everytime you want to use a charm

Sywyn                                                            29-03-2006 03:05 AM

Sywyn grinns widly "sounds like fun, ive always wondered how these things work"
he takes the pack and ties it to his belt. Sywyn then sits on the ground and reads
the note carefuly.

Norn-mania                                                       29-03-2006 10:14 AM

*Spam was torn between two choices, he had always wanted to learn how to use
charms, but most of the wars he had been hired for had needed the use of guns,
not magic. But he had always wanted to kill Raven, she had been weakened. He
decided to go for Raven. Who needed charms, who needed McDonalds? He would
be feasting soon enough, on live demon flesh...*

addman                                                          29-03-2006 10:29 AM

*DP's hand grabbed nothing but air, as Addman was gone in an instant*

Up here!

*Addman was stood atop the building DP intended to throw him at, peering down
mockingly at his former superior ((I assumed this was a two storey building
rather than a towering skyscraper, so it's not as difficult to get up there))*

DP, you underestimate my new found abilities. Speed comes naturally to me now.
Oh and, before you get cocky, I knew my attack wouldn't kill you off, afterall
we've worked together for a while. I know your weaknesses. It wouldn't be fun to
kill you yet, you'll make a good practice dummy as I test my abilities out on you!

*Although perfectly aware that if DP was blown apart, beaten up or worse, he
would just reform, Addman took great pride in blasting the spirit into chunky
kibbles. For now he was just having fun whilst pushing his own limits, and this is
how he planned to continue for the time being. Charging up a larger Ki blast,
Addman slung the energy straight at the floor where DP stood, then leaped off
the building towards his opponent*

TheDarkPsycho                                                   29-03-2006 01:49 PM

*DP waited until the Ki blast was almost to him, and then he teleported a short
distance forward so it completely missed him. Then just to prove a point, he
teleported in front of Addman, and with one arm outstretched, completely
stopped Addman's movement.*

Vanity has been the downfall of thousands of great warriors in history...I seem to
recall it being your downfall too. Please stop this foolishness, I don't want to
destroy you. But if you remain with the Council, I have no choice.

addman                                                          29-03-2006 02:12 PM

You may not want to destroy me DP, but I want to destroy you!

*The megalomanic muppet placed his hands on DP's arm, and attempted to sling
the spirit towards the floor*

Destroy all ties with the Council? What makes you think I have need for such ties
anymore? The old me would have laid down his life for the EC, but only a weak
fool places his life in the hands of others! Nonetheless, I shall destroy them all
soon enough!

vorodorer                                                       29-03-2006 02:30 PM
*Seph's form was fading, his form flickered in and out of existance, he knew he
could die from that blast, the sheer energy was enough to completely eviscerate
his form, it faded and it was shown, Seph ignored it, he flew upwards, on wing
crooked from the blast, he held his hand to his chest, blood was seeping from the
wound, he grimaced and tried to repair it, it only half healed, the wound closed
up but still internally bled*


*Seph somehow drew his sword his hair was not silver anymore, but a rather
dark shade of blue, his eyes dyed bright red, his hands had been replaced by long
claw like fingers, he also grew dark red horns. his fangs extended a few inchs, he
started to fly, his wings buckled, so he walked slowly over towards where
Addman and DP were fighting*

panther385                                                        29-03-2006 02:47 PM

Panther reluctantly back away and stopped growling. She brightened up at the
pouches, her curiosity take over. She put the instructions and the pouch in her
interdimentional pocket. Kiri had landed by this time, raising her serpentine skull
over Panther's shoulder. She growled slightly, but Panther patted her.
"Holloweyes, I don't if it's any real importance to you, but Kasia has escaped."

((Forgive me if this is powerplaying, I can't tell XP ))

TheDarkPsycho                                                     29-03-2006 04:24 PM

*DP phased out his arm so that Addman couldn't sling him around*

Good. You may go. I have to take care of other members now.

*With that, DP disappeared from in front of Addman, only to reappear behind
Seph. He started to charge up another energy sphere while he spoke*

Speak. What words do you want?

vorodorer                                                         29-03-2006 06:10 PM

*Seph sighs*

Those words of bloody daggers and betrayel....

*Seph slowly turns trying to hold his form together, it flickers in and out of
existence, he grins evilly*

What are you now? Just some mindless shell? Ha! You off all people, go ahead,
kill me, like i could do anything, ive far but given up anyway

*Seph grabs DP's hand and sets it up to his head*
Go on, do it, like i care anymore...

Narmie                                                          29-03-2006 09:45 PM

*Conteris wacks the pistol down from his chest and it fires into his leg “AHHHHH!
you really make me annoyed you know” He kicks at Voro then brings his sword
down on him.*

Shaon299                                                        30-03-2006 12:29 AM

Stretching eagerly, Paranesia cautiously (read: bounded carelessly) approached
the borders.

The Parntheon. Mount Olympus. The Sun.

Many cultures have many names for this land, but they all mean the same.

The Immortal Realm. The true glory of it, the beautiful core to the planet of black.

There was only one guard.


3kul                                                            30-03-2006 01:28 AM


Originally Posted by panther385
((Forgive me if this is powerplaying, I can't tell XP ))

((Normally, I'd say it was, but I did say earlier that she'd have recovered by now,
so it's no surprise to me that she tore like, less than 6 fiends apart. They base
their strength on numbers, but as individuals they're not very strong. Kasia was
unaware that I was bringing her back to Sywyn, so it makes sense that she'd

HollowEyes checked to see if he could sense the remaining fiends, and sure
enough, he couldn't. It was most fortunate that he'd made an agreement with
Sywyn prior to this, because he wouldn't have had much to bargain with now.
"Seems Kasia saw fit to escape then..." he muttered to himself.

He began to speak to both members of the small alliance, outlining their options.
"For now, we seem to have two courses of action. Either take down Addman, or
take down The Dark Psycho. Neither are all that favourable in my opinion, but it's
unavoidable, as no doubt they will both eventually become everyone's problem."
He paused for a few moments, contemplating the various differences between
their opponents and how any of these differences might work against them.

"Addman might be the best target, as his current state of mind would play in our
favour - unlike DP, he probably won't start off by going all out against us, and
he's not specifically targetting anyone in particular. But since we appear to be in
this together, I'll let you both voice your opinions." He sat down and waited to
hear what they had to say. "Oh, and Sywyn, your friend is only a few blocks from
here, you might want to let her know where you are."

Yamatano                                                        30-03-2006 01:39 AM

*DM makes herself scarce watching DP and Addmans exchange, until they both
disappeared and started fighting on a building. Shrugging, she started to jog
through the city to the centre, to tell the rest of the CC what was going on*

Sywyn                                                           30-03-2006 01:53 AM

Sywyn contemplates ways to let Kasia know where he is, he decides it would be
best if she had a ride here, he wistles and the nightmare gallops over to him.
Sywyn puts his hand on the steeds snout and whispers somthing into its ear, then
blows the wistle calling Khamara back and promptly dose the same. The wolf runs
off after Kasia with the nightmare following. "i saw we go after who ever is more
dangerous first, if we get him out of the way he cant come after us while we are
taking on the weaker one"

addman                                                          30-03-2006 09:27 AM


*Addman was furious. How dare DP ignore him! This was surely the biggest insult
to his ever inflating ego, and he couldn't stand it! The Dark Psycho must have
been scared, that's the only logical reasoning Addman could give to this action.
Well, he wasn't going to let him get away with this, DP must die!*

That's right DP, ignore me! It'll be your downfall!

*Addman began to levitate at least four foot off the ground, then flew off in the
direction of an abandoned factory on the other side of town*

((If anyone wants to interfere while I'm heading there, then be my guest))

3kul                                                            30-03-2006 09:57 AM

HollowEyes took in what Sywyn had to say and paused for a moment's
consideration. "I believe that Addman would definately not hesitate to interrupt a
fight with DP, as you can see from his current attitude. DP would probably not
bother to interrupt a fight with Addman, as you two aren't in the EC, and he
might come to the conclusion that Addman will save him the effort of taking me
out." He got up, noticing Addman flying off to a factory in the distance - now
wouldn't be a bad chance to go after him, as DP appeared to be focusing on
someone else.

"I'm not entirely sure how to stop DP, but all we have to do is to get Addman
back to normal is by bringing him back to his senses. The Chains of Despair
probably can't do that, but they're bound to screw with his mind bad enough, so
hopefully that'll make things a bit better." It was about the same logic as
continuously hitting a television to improve reception, but it was all he could think
of. "Any thoughts Panther?"

Yamatano                                                         30-03-2006 02:35 PM

((You'll probably overtake me, Addman, as my character is running into the
middle of the city, and not using her little jumping trick))

*DM passes Sywyn, Panther and HollowEyes. She bares her fangs as she passes
on her way to the fountain in the centre*

TheDarkPsycho                                                    30-03-2006 03:55 PM

*DP stared at his hand, then at Seph, and repeated that for several minutes. This
is the psycho-kinetic conversation going on between DP, and the AI in his
Armband, Dir.

DP: Dir, give me options
Dir: It appears you have none. Carry through, or be destroyed.
DP: What if I made it look like I carried through.
Dir: Wouldn't work.
DP: Hmm...Dir, I expressly "Forbid" you to open up a portal under Seph leading
to a Safe house in Psychotopia as I'm firing this energy at him.
Dir: Got it.

*DP then looked Seph square in the eye*

DP: I'm sorry.

*DP Fires the shot. As he does so, his armband automatically activates, opening a
warp portal under Seph leading to said Psychotopian safe house. As soon as the
portal finishes opening (which is like a split second), Seph starts to fall, bearly
missing the energy ball that blasts over his head, and into a nearby building.*

DP: *under his breath* Now to complete the Illusion.

vorodorer                                                        30-03-2006 04:21 PM

*Seph knew he was going to fire, he had a little trick up his sleeve to counter it,
and DP fired the shot, he tried to dodge it by passing backwards, the fire shot
and it singed his head, the burning pain, it scared his head, as he backed
avoiding the worst of it, he un-holstered his pistols and put them towards DP's
chest, (you already know what my "special" ammo does) and fired a few rounds,
the portal opened and Seph fell through, he fired about 6 shots and without
knowing it fell through the portal into a strange room*

wow, somebody must like me.... *He tends to his wounds in his chest and his
TheDarkPsycho                                                    30-03-2006 09:49 PM

((Um...I do? time to check the sites))

((Nope, to detail them for us one more time?))

netdroid9                                                        31-03-2006 12:19 AM

((I believe he uses silver bullets. Pretty effective against the undead, and
depending on how we were created they'll leave a nasty mark on spirits, too.))

*Net stares at his non-functional BFG. The battery was dead.*

Bugger. I need backup... There's gotta be some way to get some kind of super
powerful godlike creature into the fight and help Addman banish DP. 3kul might
know how to summon one...

*Net pulls out his wrist communicator (Actually, it was a cell phone, but 'Wrist
Communicator' sounded better on paper) and attempts to contact 3kul.*

panther385                                                       31-03-2006 01:20 AM

Panther looked to Kiri and then to 3kul. "I don't really have any thoughts, but Kiri
might have something, if you'll allow her to speak."

((You have to give a dragon permission to speak, as they speak through
telepathcy. If you didn't and she tried to force her way through, you could end up
with some werious nightmares :P ))

3kul                                                             31-03-2006 01:29 AM

"That's fine, Kiri is free to speak whenever it seems necessary." The group was
interrupted by the sound of the EC theme song ((which rocks in every way it is
possible for a song to rock)). "Hm? I have a phone? Where have I been keeping
this?" HollowEyes picked up his battered, wet and sparking phone (obviously it
was not meant to be dragged through the sewers) and answered it, amazed that
it still worked. He listened to what Net had to say, and thought a little. "Hm...
Summoning's not really my forte, but I'll see what I can think of. Otherwise,
there's always the option of making a charm contract, since you're a spirit,

He quickly re-thought that last part - a charm contract with Net? Was that
necessarily a good thing? "However, I don't what how the charm would work until
I use it though, and knowing you, you'd probably make the sacrifice requirement
would either be extremely obscure or numerous. I'll see how I go with the
summoning for now." He tried to hang up, but realized that the button for that
had broken off, so he just pushed a bunch of random buttons and hoped that
would work.

((Got to go for now, I'll sort out the summoning thing later :p You can choose to
go with the charm contract or the summoning Net, either way is fine by me))
Sywyn                                                             31-03-2006 01:37 AM

Sywyn looks over with an expression of great curiosity "whats this about a

panther385                                                        31-03-2006 01:43 AM

Kiri grinned, obviously pleased. How about some illusions? Something to make
him miserable? I can try to enter his mind, give him some 'daymares'?

3kul                                                              31-03-2006 01:44 AM

"Oh, yes, you're quite good at those aren't you Sywyn?" HollowEyes had
forgotten about his newfound ally's proficiency in this field of sorcery. "Well, Net
is hoping for some kind of absurdly powerful monstrosity to come and banish DP
or something. For me to do something like that would be quite difficult - I have
someone in mind, but it's probably easier for you to try your hand at it. Make
sure it can tell the difference between DP and the rest of us though."

He thought about Kiri's idea for a moment, and whether or not it had any merit.
"Well, you could try... but I wouldn't recommend entering the mind of Addman, it
might be more than anyone could handle."

((Argh, I keep missing one person's posts :p *EDIT: I thought Panther was
talking about entering DP's mind for some reason))

Sywyn                                                             31-03-2006 01:49 AM

Sywyn ponders this in deep concentration "you have anything specific in mind, or
should i try to call forth the most absurdly powerful thing i can think of", he pulls
a small book from the bag he keeps at his side, inside are various circles eached
marked with a series of lines, and underneath each has a name written

panther385                                                        31-03-2006 01:52 AM

Kiri pondered a little, then nodded. Trust me, after having Panther's soul reside in
my skull for four years, I can handle it. When I distract him, how about attacking
him? It's worked on many a powerful beast before...

3kul                                                              31-03-2006 02:10 AM

HollowEyes seemed to be ignoring them, but he was actually using the free mind
of one of the Jaws he currently had summoned to think about their ideas. He was
going through many possible strategies with his ancestor. They were discussing it
on a similar frequency to how Little Sister speaks to HollowEyes, but they were
speaking in Parasitian, so even if somebody else heard them, they wouldn't
After about five minutes, he turned to Kiri and Panther. "If you think you're up to
it, then go for it, but if you get into any trouble, remember to think 'lawyers'." He
then turned to Sywyn "Try to focus on speed and accuracy. We can either try to
banish DP, or try to destroy him, and the first is probably much easier. Also,
make sure it doesn't have a mind of it's own - we don't want DP influencing it in
any way." He looked to one side and spotted Little Sister, who nodded at him and
scuttled off.

Remembering that he still had Net on the phone, he picked it up and began to
speak into it again, hoping that several minutes of button-pushing hadn't made
Net hang up. "Did you get all that Net?"

Sywyn                                                            31-03-2006 02:18 AM

"hmmm, that makes things alot easier, fast and accurate, how about i throuh in a
liquid body too, one with an absurdly high boiling point and a rediculously low
freezing point" Sywyn sticks a finger between some pages and flips them, this
action reveals a page with a somewhat complex looking seal , and what looks like
an inpronouncable name

netdroid9                                                        31-03-2006 02:57 AM


Originally Posted by 3kul
He quickly re-thought that last part - a charm contract with Net? Was that
necessarily a good thing? "However, I don't what how the charm would work
until I use it though, and knowing you, you'd probably make the sacrifice
requirement would either be extremely obscure or numerous. I'll see how I go
with the summoning for now." He tried to hang up, but realized that the button
for that had broken off, so he just pushed a bunch of random buttons and
hoped that would work.

((Got to go for now, I'll sort out the summoning thing later :p You can choose
to go with the charm contract or the summoning Net, either way is fine by me))

((That was exactly what I was thinking. You beat me to it! You evil little medium!

The charms Net would give would be to do with stuff like Time Distortion (Think
'Bullet-time', but you control the speed. You could go ultra-fast or ultra-slow, you
could put someone in stasis with it, etc.) and other time/technological abilities. I
don't know what Net would need as a sacrifice, though. 100 Floppy Disks? The
space-time continuum? The secret of what they really put in McDonalds food?
What sort of sacrifices do spirits usually want?))

Net: Obscure... Numerous... Now there's an idea...

*5 minutes later...*

3kul: Did you get all that?
Net: Yeah. I didn't know you could speak in Ascii... Some of the things you said
about my mother would have been quite disconcerting if they weren't true.
3kul: ...I mean about the summoning.
Net: Oh! Right, yeah... Try not to destroy DP, I don't think he has a choice in
this. Why would he suddenly turn on us? Refika's pissed off about something...

3kul                                                               31-03-2006 03:18 AM

((Spirits mostly make charm contracts either for the sacrifices or the publicity (to
gain more followers). Spirit sacrifices can vary - sometimes it's living sacrifices
(humans, animals, plants, etc.), other times it's rarities. Try and think of
something cool that you wish you had, but couldn't get by yourself :p. Usually it's
something that can be obtained more than once though, otherwise you might get
bored of it and try to break the contract. It's all usually stuff to show off to other
spirits. ie:
Random Spirit: Hahaha, one of my disciples just slaughtered a nation for less
than a hundredth of my power!
Net: Oh yeah? Well my disciple got me the Colonel's 11 secret herbs and spices.
Random Spirit: ...Damn, why didn't I ask for that?
If you can't think of anything, then just go for living sacrifices. Living sacrifices
never made total sense to me, but one would think that the souls from those
sacrifices would add to the power of the spirit they're sacrificed for, so it'd be a
good way to get stronger (so long as I don't slack off).))

panther385                                                         31-03-2006 04:11 AM

Panther lept upon Kiri's back, jabbing Kiri's hide slightly. They took to the skies,
soaring above Addman. Kiri started to concentrate, reaching for the puppet's

vorodorer                                                          31-03-2006 05:34 AM

(( Yeah they are specially designed for dealing with undead and spirits, if you are
an undead, they burn, spirit, they freeze you with about a 5 inch circle each
ways, i got the whole lot Mercury, silver, blessings, and gunpowder that exploads
when it hits inside you for maximum inpact))

Shadowveil                                                         31-03-2006 07:42 AM

((Is Raven still posting here, or am I talking to empty space?))

3kul                                                               31-03-2006 08:17 AM

((I reminded her today, but she had to go offline before she posted again - she'll
probably post next time she goes on (which'll be in about 6 hours or so)))

Raven13                                                            31-03-2006 08:32 AM

((Yeah sorry. Stuff's been happening. Plus I've been trying to think of something
to go with me glowing. I think bursting into flamed is the right way to go ^_^))
*Raven's aura seemed to be on fire, glowing with a crimson blood red. She
snapped out her wings, and flew out of the pit she had made with her fall*"You.
Help me? I think not. Dp would crush you. We will continue our fight. Now! Make
your move child!"*Raven unsheathed her sword. And her eyes were glowing with
a firey rage.*

addman                                                         31-03-2006 08:56 AM

*On his way to the factory, Addman was beginning to think how diabolically evil
his plan was, it was sure to destroy DP, and Addman was willing to search the
entire industrial district to find it*

Oh hello, what do we have here?

*Addman saw DM jumping around between alleyways, on her way somewhere.
Deciding to have a little fun, Addman rasied one hand, and flicked an energy ball
in her direction. Just as he was about to follow it up, Panther and Kiri appeared
above him*

Do you not know when to cease?

*A sharp twang of pain hit Addman on the left side of his head*

Argh! What are you doing?

*They were up to something, something psychic, something which involved his
inner most thoughts, although he wasn't able to understand what was happening.
The muppet stopped in his tracks and began to hold his head in agony*

((By the way, I'm going to be away from today until next Thursday, so I'll leave
my character in your hands Panther. Perhaps you could create a humourous story
arc about running through Addman's psyche, which wouldn't be pretty. Still, while
I'm gone, don't kill me. You can put my brain through agony, or even make me
power down, just don't make me die!))

Shadowveil                                                     31-03-2006 10:26 AM

Shadowveil stands and unfolds her wings, looking upon Raven with cold fury in
her gaze.

"I am no child. I am Shadowveil. You will learn to fear that name, as thousands
have." She draws her sword, her eyes suddenly blazing with a cold blue fire.
Lightning crackles along the blade.

Shadowveil strikes with a sudden whirling slash, moving with unnatural speed.
The Atlan sword sings through the air, trailing arcs of lightning.

((The sword is a soulbound weapon. Any other, ally or enemy, who tries to touch
it will be harmed.))

Yamatano                                                       31-03-2006 10:45 AM
*DM doesn't notice the energy ball behind her as she makes her way into the
middle of the city. To her downfall, as it hits the ground under the knee deep
water just behind her*


*She screams as the blast hits her back and singes her skin, as well as sending
her flying forwards. Landing awkwardly with a splash on the street in front of her,
she lets out a groan, which comes to the surface as bubbles. Raising herself up so
her head is above water, she gasps for breath*

vorodorer                                                          31-03-2006 12:36 PM

(( Seph doesnt know that you saved him DP, and he's angry ))

*Seph was fit to explode, her had left his comrades, he had left his comrades, he
wondered how Raven was faring with them both, he would never forgive himself
if DP harmed one hair on her head, a sudden burst of rage impowered him he got
up while still bleeding, he was hallucinating from loss of blood, with the most
amount of effort he could give, he creates a portal, he steps through it, he has to
drag his sword on the ground because of his arms condition, he takes one look
around the battlefield, too late, he takes one step and collapses in a pool of his
own blood*

netdroid9                                                          31-03-2006 12:42 PM


Originally Posted by 3kul
Random Spirit: Hahaha, one of my disciples just slaughtered a nation for less
than a hundredth of my power!
Net: Oh yeah? Well my disciple got me the Colonel's 11 secret herbs and spices.
Random Spirit: ...Damn, why didn't I ask for that?

((Lol! I was thinking of something numerous and so common it's impossible to
get. I once had to get 10k Jellopy (A type of obscure computer-game gemstone)
in a computer game. You could get Jellopy by killing pink blobs that were so weak
you only had to look at them and they'd die. It took weeks to get that many
Jellopy. I later discovered that you could buy them at almost any shop in the
game for about $3 each. I never finished the quest. It was not a good month for

panther385                                                         31-03-2006 02:38 PM

((Sanskoo! Wheeee! :D ))
Kiri grinned, going perfectly as planned. Panther lept off Kiri, shooting fireballs as
she went.
Shaon299                                                       31-03-2006 04:47 PM


Originally Posted by netdroid9
((Lol! I was thinking of something numerous and so common it's impossible to
get. I once had to get 10k Jellopy (A type of obscure computer-game
gemstone) in a computer game. You could get Jellopy by killing pink blobs that
were so weak you only had to look at them and they'd die. It took weeks to get
that many Jellopy. I later discovered that you could buy them at almost any
shop in the game for about $3 each. I never finished the quest. It was not a
good month for me...))

((Heehee. Ragnarok. It's z, not $, by the way.))

3kul                                                           01-04-2006 07:09 AM

((hahaha, oh man, I hate when stuff like that happens Net - I've never played a
game where you have to get 10,000 of anything, but it sounds like a nightmare
:greshock: ... But if you could buy it, why didn't you ever finish the quest?
Anyways, just to try and get going in this RP again, did you want to make a
charm contract or not? (Keep in mind if you make the sacrifice requirement
impossible, HollowEyes will probably turn you down) Otherwise I can go back to...
what was I doing again? *checks* Oh right, trying to fight DP or Addman...
Addman's gone for a week, and Panther's taking him on anyways (btw, did you
read his post Panther? It's going to be a while before he dodges those fireballs
:p), so I guess I'd be going up against DP :eek: ))

Narmie                                                         01-04-2006 07:13 AM

*Pronto, Conteris’s much stronger evil brother walked up behind Conteris, “DIE
you!” he shouted, then drove a fire ball into his brothers back. Conteris fell and
Pronto laughed “you were always the weak one Conteris, always fighting the good
fight, well now you die” he drove his sword into him. Then started walking
towards Shadowveil “And you’ll be next”*

netdroid9                                                      01-04-2006 09:10 AM

((Shaon: Duely noted.
3kul: I never finished it because the next three items I needed were 100 Orcish
Vouchers (Obtained from orcs), then 10000 Orcish Vouchers (No, you can't buy
them unfortunatly :() then 100 Heroic Emblems (Heroic Emblems come from an
MvP, which means you need to attack them in groups to even stand a chance.
And they only spawn once ever hour or two.). I think the people who made the
game made that quest to spite me. I like the charm contract idea, lets go with

3kul                                                           01-04-2006 11:00 AM
((Alright, since I'm feeling kinda bored with so much talking an no action, I'll
create the charm now and we can sort out the sacrifice requirements later))

HollowEyes was a little surprised at Net's enthusiasm for the charm contract.
"Well... I guess it's fine then, I'll make the charm now. Don't be concerned if you
feel a slight drain in your power, I'll try and make a sacrifice as soon as I can."
HollowEyes put the phone down and pulled out a blank charm, along with a
gnarled claw of some kind. He began to scratch various symbols on the charm
with the claw, and mumbling in Parasitian as he did so. Once the charm was
coated in the symbols, he threw it up into the air, and yelled at the top of his
lungs. "I announce a formal request to the powers that be, let there be a charm
contract between the spirit, Netdroid9, and his latest disciple, HollowEyes!"

The charm glowed for a few moments, as various signatures and stamps of
official approval began to appear on it. It then burst, and several Netdroid charms
floated back down the HollowEyes. He took a moment to observe them, but
couldn't tell what they did from merely looking at them - they were black, and
coated with green 1's and 0's ((and probably a 9 too, since I'm basically going by
your sig for this :p)). A small scroll dropped in front of him - it was blank, but
could be altered for specific contract details. He placed all of these things in the
leather pouches tied to his arms.

He looked around for something to sacrifice to relieve Net of his initial power
drain that he was no doubt feeling about now, but only found a few roaches
scuttling around. "I smite these cockroaches in the name of the mighty spirit
Netdroid!" he shouted as he stomped on the unsuspecting insects - not the
greatest of first sacrifices, but it was better than nothing. He turned to Sywyn,
who still appeared to be busy with the seal that he was drawing. "Let me know
when you're done Sywyn, then we can go after DP and- Ooh, a rat. Excuse me
whilst I make another sacrifice."

((Feel the power of these mighty beasts flow to you Net! :p I honestly couldn't
think of anything else that might be living in the outskirts of Forumopolis...))

panther385                                                        01-04-2006 01:25 PM


 "I smite these cockroaches in the name of the mighty spirit Netdroid!" he
 shouted as he stomped on the unsuspecting insects-


netdroid9                                                        02-04-2006 12:14 AM


 Originally Posted by 3kul
 ((and probably a 9 too, since I'm basically going by your sig for this :p)).

((Feel the power of these mighty beasts flow to you Net! :p I honestly couldn't
think of anything else that might be living in the outskirts of Forumopolis...))

((The 9's for extra flavor :P. The Cockroach, Man's greatest nemisis. A beast of
unimaginable proportions (How many creatures have six legs and are long and
flat? Eh? Eh?!), that can survive in the most hellish of conditions, from an ice-age
to a brief dip in KFC's salad relish. It would be an honour to recive on as a
sacrifice. I think you're enjoying yourself a little too much for it to be a proper
sacrifice though :P.))

*Net feels suddenly weakened, as 3kul said he would. But then he feels
unimaginable power flow through him as the roach's soul is devoured by his

Net: W00T! PH34R T3H 13376!!!
3kul: What?
Net: Umm... Nothing.

((Yes, that six was intentional.))

Raven13                                                          02-04-2006 01:21 PM

*Raven swerved out of the way. Trying to kick Shadowveil in the stomac as she
passed, she also tried to stab her with her sword.*"Do not try play with me girl.
You are no match for me, no matter how old you are."

Shadowveil                                                       03-04-2006 02:50 AM

Raven's kick bounces harmlessly off Shadowveil's armour. Enough banter. Die.

She twists out of the way of the incoming strike, bringing her sword down on
Raven's arm in a vicious slash.

TheDarkPsycho                                                    03-04-2006 03:13 AM

*The Dark Psycho managed to do exactly what he wanted, make it look like
someone else saved Seph, but still save Seph's life. Of course, He had not
counted on Seph firing the rounds. As the rounds made it back out of the closing
portal, they collide with DP, freezing him instantly in a five in Ice Cocoon.*

((OK, unless someone unfreezes DP, he's done for a while...or until I figure a way
out of this....))

netdroid9                                                        04-04-2006 05:10 AM

*Net stares at DP, before raising his handset and issuing an order to all EC
members in the area: 'Get DP to the cave, pronto! I wanna know who's
responsible for this and why'.*
Raven13                                                          04-04-2006 06:00 AM

*Raven heard Nets command. Distracting her, the sword cut her arm, releasing
blood flowing to the ground. Sighing she said* "They always call when you don't
want them to..." *Shaking her head. She snapped her wings out, and said to
Shodowveil*"I'm sorry dear, but duty calls. I'll kill you another time. Chow!"
*Flying off towards the cave, she had a sick feeling in her gut.*

Shadowveil                                                       04-04-2006 01:03 PM

Shadowveil watched Raven depart. Her first impulse had been to follow, but
Raven surely had allies on the battlefield.

She cast her hand over the ground, whispering softly. She normally hated to use
this spell, but Raven had angered her. You will learn, my lady, you will learn to
fear me.

Dust began to swirl, forming into twisted grey shapes. Suddenly, it coalesced into
three terrifying forms. They might have been wolves once, left to rot and then
charred by fire. They were the laetherys, the Corrupt, creatures out of darkest

One of them bared its rotted fangs at Shadowveil, and she suppressed the urge
to shudder. She had worked with undead many times, but these creatures were
simply vile.

She gestured to the splash of Raven's blood, and gave them a single command.

As the grey shapes raced off, Shadowveil took to the sky. Alone against the world
again. I need allies here. She flew over the city, seeking other fighters.

((The undead wolves really are based on one of my nightmares. They will follow
Raven's scent, but may be distracted by other prey. I cannot control them unless
I am nearby. They will feel no pain, and are very hard to kill.))

panther385                                                       04-04-2006 02:55 PM

((Gah, I can't seem to come up with a backstory for Addman.... ARG! ))

3kul                                                             04-04-2006 07:43 PM

((You don't need to, just appear inside the cookie-land that is his brain :p))

panther385                                                       05-04-2006 12:56 AM

((Um, ok....))
Kiri's spirit reached deeper into the muppet's mind. She 'looked' around, seeing
memories float around her. She thought a minute, daring a probe at one of the
bubbles. The nudged one and......
nothing happened.
She poked again, becoming even more curious. A small tear appeared in the
bubble, small.... Cookies?.... pouring out at an alarming rate. The 'room' started
to fill up with the baked delights, surrounding Kiri's existance.

Panther saw Kiri fall limp to the ground, landing next to Addman's body, which
was convoulsing violently. His glow had gone, the 'Ki' gone with it. She sighed,
sitting next to them.

Kiri had failed at slashing the sugary foods away, so she attempted to eat them.
Vomiting soon followed after. Kiri exahled, closing her eyes for a mere moment
until she heard growling......

Panther's head shot up, staring at Addman. His orbs had opened, now a violent
red. He groggily stood, grunting and growling as he did. He fell again, clutching
his skull. Bumps appeared on his head, poking out. It was a gruesome sight. A
deafening screech ripped from the stuffed creature's mouth, the bulges more
prominent now. A rip reavealed itself on the back of his head, not a phsical tear,
but a spiritual one. It glowed white, light brown and black things spilling out.
Kiri's etheral self tumbled out ((as it is as small as a mouse :p )) panting and
"T-The cookies.... They're ALIVE! "

netdroid9                                                        06-04-2006 01:45 AM

*A lightbulb appeared above Net's head, shattered and then reappeared with a
ghostly light. Net barks another order into his communicator...*

Net: I have a plan. Take him to the lab, pronto. I should be able to distort time
arround him, so he won't be able to harm us. Meet you there.

*Net takes out his El Cheapo imitation Psychotopian Warp Band and warps to the

addman                                                           06-04-2006 11:57 AM

((Brilliant work Panther, I enjoyed reading that. Seeing as now I'm back, I'll
retake control of Addman now.

Oh and, Addman was heading to the industrial district to retrieve something to
freeze DP with, such as a large cooling vat or something. Seeing as DP is now
frozen, and Addman no longer wishes to kill him in murderous rage, I'll stop
attacking him))
Addman stood upright, weary, but still able bodied. His memory was faded, but
his thoughts were filled with the calming image of cascading cookies, forming a
waterfall in his imagination.

The puppet looked at his body, expecting it to be charred beyond recognition
from the fireball earlier. He was more than shocked to see he held no injuries,
scars, or even burns from Veamoth's assault. Addman had no recollection of the
previous events, of awakening his Ki, of the battle with DP and various others, it
had evaporated from his concious thought.

Turning to Panther, he unsheathed his Scimitar. He attempted to remember
who's side she was on and if she was still under the influence of the Corrupted

"Panther, what's going on here?! Why am I healed?"

There were many more questions bouncing around in his brain, but he felt the
sharpness of his demand might result in the best response from the Gameware
member, whether she was friend or foe.

panther385                                                      06-04-2006 06:36 PM

((Thanks :D Twas fun writing it :) ))
Panther grinned, spotting the scrimtar.
"Put the toy away, I'm on you're side. We have bigger problems to ponder
She pointed towards a horde of red-eyed demon cookies trotting towards the
"Kiri says their some sort of manifestation of your previous power. What they
want, we have no clue."
She patted Kiri's body, she had passed out after returning from Addman's mind.
She had awoken now, watching the Evil Cookies with hatred.

addman                                                          07-04-2006 11:47 AM

*Addman looks at the army and begins to drool. In some sort of ravenous
rampage, he darts off towards them, screaming. He leaps through the air, landing
on the first one, and starts taking bites out of it*

3kul                                                            08-04-2006 07:14 AM

((Net, who did you mean for to be taken to the lab? You didn't really specify, so
I'm confused :p))

netdroid9                                                       08-04-2006 08:32 AM

((DP, who is now frozen. I should be able to keep him in stasis long enough to
defreeze him, find out why he's doing this and refreeze him.))
3kul                                                             08-04-2006 09:03 AM

((A dodgy re-cap that didn't really happen, but did to avoid plot-holed-ness: Little
Sister and HollowEyes have met back up at frozen-DP after Net's message, HE
figuring that Sywyn and Panther would be fine by themselves. If a CC Alliance
member found them, they could either kill them or trick them, and if an EC
member found them, they had HollowEyes charms to back up their story.))

For whatever reason, both HollowEyes and Little Sister found the frozen Dark
Psycho to be very unnerving. Even though both knew that it was impossible for
him to do so, they couldn't shake the feeling that he might burst out any minute.
Little Sister wrapped DP up in her hair, and extended one end to HollowEyes.
Both began to lug their icy captive back to the lab, in hopes of discovering exactly
why he'd betrayed them. Despite their dismal mood, they continued to be ever
vigilant for a surprise attack, as it wouldn't be good for them if DP was kidnapped
by the enemy.

Shine                                                            08-04-2006 03:46 PM

On a small wooded hill, some distance away, the air crackled and a figure
materialized unnoticed. He looked like a wood norn, only human sized, Once he
might have been a woodnorn, but that was thousands of years and hundreds of
lifetimes ago. His name was Whiteoak He was wearing clothing made of
something woven and vaguely metalic, and that was covered by armor plates
which were translucent and iridescent (extremely light weight and EXTREMELY
impenetrable to edged and projectile weapons) He was carrying a walking staff
with a pointed blade tip which looked like black diamond (blended with crystalized
titanium,) the hand grip area appeared pearly opalescent)
he stretched
"Ahhh, life is good!" he said softly

but right away he was disturbed by the feelings of anger, sadness, and evil which
seemed to pervade the area, "That must be why I have been sent here" he
thought. He looked around and spotted a gathering of odd looking figures. He
didn't know who was who and was too far away to tell where the feelings
emmanated from, but he could see an army of cookies, all of which sent out
feelings of anger and evil.

He pointed the staff at a dozen of the cookies and said "Life is good, Cookies,
remember your sweetness" he repeated this at another couple of dozens. The
chocolate chip ones became more "chipper", the snickerdoodles started to
snicker, the sugar cookies became sweeter, they were so happy and joy filled that
they wanted to share that good feeling with other cookies who simply didn't
understand the true intention of a cookies existance (that being to make
someone feel happy), they turned on the neighboring cookies and started to
tickle them, or hug them in an attempt to convert them to "goodness". There was
a general melee of cookies, some evil ones converted, some good ones where
smashed, but in general, their advance was at least temporarily halted.

"Perhaps I should no longer be where I just was" he thought, he filled his heart
with happiness, drew a figure in the air, and time slowed to nearly a standstill, he
ran about twenty feet behind a tree, and made an erasing motion in the air, and
time resumed. To an outside observer, it would have appeared like he had just
dissappeared from one place and materialized in another. Looking again at the
figures in the distance, he spotted a blue fuzzy thing who seemed quite upset
about the cookie melee. He pointed his staff at the "cookie monster" thing and
sung "Cheer up, little one, cheer up"

An energy field formed around Addman, it twirled and blurred, pulling angry
feelings, and old hurts, betrayals, and dissappointments out of him. A beam of
light shot skyward, and Addman felt a brief calm settle over him and he had an
urge to hug someone near him who he now felt to be his very best friend.

As soon as his spell engulfed Addman, he could sense a much stronger evil than
he he expected to find inside of a fuzzy blue thing

"Time to go" Whiteoak thought. He tried to sense goodness. It was very weak,
and seemed to be coming from the city. It appeared to be flooded, but he started
to head that way trying to stay out of sight.

Shadowveil                                                       09-04-2006 12:28 AM

The laetherys prowled through the city. They had lost Raven's trail and now were
searching, hungry. One of them pounced on a rat. The unfortunate animal
shrieked as all life and warmth were drained from it, leaving only the torn
remains of a dried and shrivelled corpse.

The sweet smell of life drifted on the air. Other prey was close at hand. The
creatures closed in, circling HollowEyes and Little Sister. Here was rich prey...

Without warning, they leapt, coming at their prey from all sides.

3kul                                                             09-04-2006 02:59 AM

HollowEyes noticed the monsters leaping towards them. "A poor strategy at
best..." HollowEyes quickly told Little Sister what to do via their shared mind, and
Little Sister rapidly extended her hair in all directions. She sharpened each
strand, and HollowEyes stuck a Fox charm to her head. Together, they had
formed an impenetrable shield of spikes - anything that tried to get close would
be skewered easily, and then torn apart internally.

Yamatano                                                         09-04-2006 10:48 AM

*DM finally got up, smelling of meted flesh that had cooled far too soon. Her
wings folded tightly around her body she turned, and started limping back the
way she had come*

Why does Blind Rage never show itself when I need it?

*DM muttered as she walked, eventually coming to the strange sight of evil
cookies that were fighting among themselves, and the blue muppet. One of the
supposed CC Alliance members was near too*

Shadowveil                                                       09-04-2006 10:58 AM
The laetherys circled the wall of spines, lunging and snarling at any gap they
could find. They would wait, for as long as it took. Sooner or later, the prey would
make a mistake.

3kul                                                              09-04-2006 11:01 AM

Several charms fly out from underneath the wall of spines, and large vines burst
from the ground, swiping at any laetherys that happened to be within their range.
If they could clear a few out of the way, HollowEyes and Little Sister could keep
moving under the cover of the spikes.

Sywyn                                                             09-04-2006 11:02 AM

Sywyn finishes his seal, looking arounf he notices everyone is gone "oh well" he
says, getting onto his knees he rubs his hands together then places them on the
edge of the circle "I call upon Undeisair lord of darkness" the seal turns black as a
dark fog rises, two large red glowing eyes appear and from within it comes a dark
voice "who calls my name"

Shadowveil                                                        09-04-2006 11:05 AM

((There are only three of them, 3kul. Are the vines living things?))

3kul                                                              09-04-2006 11:58 AM

((Only three? I thought that there were more... *goes back to check* Oh, well
now I feel stupid... I just thought that there were heaps more since you said
"coming at their prey from all sides" :p Anyways, I guess you could count the
vines as living things.))

HollowEyes now realized that there were only three of the monstrocities. He'd
thought that there'd be more approaching them, but evidentally there were not,
which made things a lot easier on them. He turned to Little Sister. "Grab a hold of
DP, we'll be able to make a break for it in a moment." She extended a few
strands of hair around the frozen DP - it wasn't as protective as the cocoon, but it
was enough to carry him.

Shadowveil                                                        09-04-2006 12:52 PM

A vine whipped at one of the creatures, and instinctively it snapped at it. It was
moving, it might be prey. The vine began to wither and die where it had been

The laetherys backed off, puzzled. The thing tasted strange, bitter, but it was
clearly living. It snapped at another, this time holding and tearing the vine as it
shriveled to a dry husk.

((Ugh, nearly 1am. Don't expect any more from me tonight.))
Shine                                                             09-04-2006 04:15 PM

Whiteoak approached the city. He decided to do a couple of things.

He muttered a small banishing ritual and a limited protection charm, creating a
healthy clean space surrounded by a sort of force field around him
mentally/spiritually. It would warn him of incoming spells, block low level ones,
and keep evil belings from senseing him too strongly, without impeding his ability
to cast spells out. It was roughly egg shaped and ten feet out from him.

He also muttered, "geriopoverita" (a little charm of his own making, of which he
was proud.) He now appeared aged, and in brown tattered coarse woven clothing,
giving the effect of old, and poor. He limped as he walked and his staff now
appeared as it once had, a plain white oak walking staff.

Continuing to try to sense the growing sense of good amidst this veritable
onslaught of evil, he lookd for the best way into the city.

addman                                                            09-04-2006 04:40 PM


Originally Posted by Shine
An energy field formed around Addman, it twirled and blurred, pulling angry
feelings, and old hurts, betrayals, and dissappointments out of him. A beam of
light shot skyward, and Addman felt a brief calm settle over him and he had an
urge to hug someone near him who he now felt to be his very best friend.

As soon as his spell engulfed Addman, he could sense a much stronger evil than
he he expected to find inside of a fuzzy blue thing

"Time to go" Whiteoak thought. He tried to sense goodness. It was very weak,
and seemed to be coming from the city. It appeared to be flooded, but he
started to head that way trying to stay out of sight.

((Welcome to the RP shine. FYI, telling someone they've been hit by an attack,
spell or in this case, happy charm is considered powerplaying. Personally, I'll let
this slide as it might make for interesting play, but for future reference, try not to
tell people they've been hit or affected, instead tell them that you've launched the
attack and let them decide if it hits))

*Addman suddenly had an overwhelming urge to hug Panther*

Oh Panther, you've always been there for me. Please, accept my cuddles as

Yamatano                                                          09-04-2006 07:51 PM

((*reads Shines post again* Oh, good, my characters tend to depend on those
'bad' feelings for their powers. If your Whiteoak does that to DM, you'll just make
her weaker :S))
*DM stops dead in her tracks, seeing Addman attepting to hug the one she now
knew was called Panther, and stares in disbelief*

Shine                                                              09-04-2006 08:14 PM

(Sorry about that Addman, I'm still learning how things are done here, that was
supposed to indicate the nature of the spell, How you react to feelings is your
choice. I'll try to find ways to indicate the effects while leaving the choices up to
the other characters. Wouldn't everybody just always block and totally ignore
such attacks?)

Yamatano                                                           09-04-2006 08:25 PM

((Not necessarily Shine, it's fun to get hit every so often. E. g. if someone where
to hit my character with a spell that enfolds the victim, I'd have to take a hit.
Because my char doesn't have anything to combat that kind of power with. If I
just said I randomly blocked it, that would be me powerplaying))

addman                                                             09-04-2006 09:36 PM

((It's OK Shine. I liked the style of the post and the idea, although I'm sure my
character doesn't heh heh.

The thing is Shine, RPs aren't about winning and loosing, they are about the
story, and as long as everyone enjoys the story then that is ok. Hence, we don't
unfairly take control of characters, nor do we make our characters uncontroably
strong. As you saw from my last post, I took a hit out of goodwill and because I
thought it might be interesting, therefore Addman is now a goody twoshoes))

*Addman walks over to Panther with his arms outstretched. His mind was
carefree, and he had pretty much forgotten about the ensuing battle, and even
the giant tasty cookies. All he cared about was the giving of cuddles, and it
looked like Panther would be his first victim/friend*

Me wuv you!

panther385                                                         09-04-2006 10:17 PM

Panther backed away, 'sweat-dropping' as it would be called in animes. Kiri
twitched ((Much like this avie: :gulp: )) frozen to the spot.

"Hehheh, N-now Addman, A-aren't we g-going a little t-to fast?!?!?" Panther
stuttered, glancing nervously from side to side.

Yamatano                                                            10-04-2006 08:34 AM

((Panther! There's a slot open in my Grendel run. You can enter it if you want
now, Catz dropped out of it. Just thought you should know))

*DM shrugged, regretting it as pain shot through her. She concentrated again,
creating the illusion of what looked like a puppy. Any bigger and she'd keel over
from exhaustion, making something look alive was really hard. It trotted around
to the front of Panther and looked up at Addman with big, round, blue eyes.
Hopefully it would distract the muppet long enough for Panther to get away*

addman                                                              10-04-2006 10:57 AM

Hey there lil fella, oh aren't you just adorable, who's a little cutie?

*Addman scoops up the frightened puppy and begins to talk in baby speak to it*

Ohjoe bobo dodo, oochy poochy poo, yes you like having your belly tickled don't
you, yes you do. I will call you smoochems, and you will be wuvverly, yes you
will, won't you?

*Addman's trusty giant pet rat, Scrubbers comes across the battlefield and looks
at Addman hopefully*

No Scabbers, bad Scabbers, you filthy rat. Be gone you evil creature!

netdroid9                                                           10-04-2006 01:23 PM

*After watching Addman's transformation via the lab's satalite screen
thingamijiggers, Net portals down (or up, as the case may be) to Addman's

...What are you doing?! Crap, this is worse than WoN. Panther! Muppet hugs are
like bear hugs, except without the furry cuddly stuff. Unless you really don't like
your lungs, help me subdue Addman so I can take him back to DP's old lab.

addman                                                              11-04-2006 10:12 AM

Why Netty, please be careful with that sharp object, why you stab someone in the
shoulder with that thing!

*Addman trips over and falls onto the blade, stabbing himself through the
shoulder. Immediately, the evil prescence within the Scimitar takes over his
body, and he is once again evilly restored*

Phew, thats better. Now if someone can help me treat this shoulder wound, I'd
much appreciate it!

panther385                                                          11-04-2006 04:24 PM
((On a2K right? Wh00tness! ))
Panther sighed, wiping her forehead. "Thanks DM!" She walked back over to
Addman, searching through her Interdimensional Bag for some Healing Stuffs.

Shine                                                              12-04-2006 05:03 AM

Whiteoak slowly entered the city. The streets are wet, someplaces they are even
flooded. Feelings of anger and evil pervade the air. Good is hard to detect. Is
there anyone good left or did he arrive too late, only to find the city fallen and
overrun. Evil even seems to be fighting evil.

On a deserted side street, he practices with his staff, first with a sholin kata
without technology, then working with the "extras"
-The blade is manufactured diamond (for hardness) tempered with crystalized
titanium for added tensil strength. cuts anything
-lazer, light saber, weapon and/or cutting tool
-general illumination

(on the down end)
-tractor beam (grab and/or pull, large or small one ton max)
-force field (push and/or smash, large or small, one ton max)
- - - both can be either intertial neutral (not affecting Whiteoak, including lifting
capability) or the staff can be used to move Whiteoak relative to an object.

-all powers can be finely focused or broadcast.

When he was done, Whiteoak used the lazer to carve a big smiley face on a wall
and inscribe "Whiteoak was here" beneath it.

(So,... are there any good guys left in the game? I haven't seen any basic GW
folks posting for a half a dozen pages or more, I can't take y'all on by myself...)

Sywyn                                                              12-04-2006 06:17 AM

"I, Sywyn called upon you lord Undeisair, *stands and grins* there is a war going
on and it may be a perfect time for you to show your power" Sywyn twiddles is
thumbs as he waits for a responce from the darkness "a war you say, hmmm this
could be intresting indeed" the dark voice in the shadows says. Sywyn lets out a
sigh of relief "then we had best be off, dont want to keep everyone waiting...", As
Sywyn turns to walk away the mist takes on its true from "Sywyn, wait, before
we go it might be more fun if we had some.... minions" they both watch as dark
beings rise from the darkness to fill the hall


shadow /constently spawning from darkness/bladed weapons
Elite shadows/20 or so/ bladed weapons after a strong light to solidify the body
perfect shadow/5/none(meaning just run away if you see one it you see two
then my some spirit have mercy on your soul)
(for all intensive purposes everyone can control these in battle, they are all very
fast and have liquid bodys so they can regenerate if a minor part is cut off, the
minor part then becomes a new whatever it was cut from, there bodys
 temporarily become solid if hit with enough light, the perfect shadows however
 reform if struck in this state and like in the liquid state if anything was cut from
 them it becomes a new one)

Yamatano                                                           12-04-2006 02:13 PM

((DM is Neutral, however for purposes of this RP she is on GW's side. And yup
that's right Panther, on A2K, you just have to send one to my Netscape account

*The puppy disappears and DM breathes a sigh of relief as she stopped expelling
energy to sustain it. Interesting that it was solid this time. She watches Panther
move towards the two EC members, and decides it would be better to move.
Three on one was not a good number. She starts limping back the way she had
come, deeper into the city*

TheDarkPsycho                                                      12-04-2006 03:37 PM

*DP is still frozen in a block of ice....*

((just thought I would add an update ;) ))

Shadowveil                                                         12-04-2006 10:23 PM

((Just letting people know I haven't vanished, I am still lurking around
somewhere and will turn up when needed. My character is technically evil, but in
this RP I am fighting for GW. I am sort of 'freelance' evil.))

panther385                                                         13-04-2006 01:16 AM

((But I don't have email! (((And I forgot where the thread was.... :P ))) Panther
is a sort of neutral, she enjoys being evil, but sometimes she may be 'Good'))

3kul                                                               13-04-2006 04:23 AM

((Sorry I haven't posted in a while - to be honest, I totally forgot :p Sorry DP! I'll
try to get you to the lab soon!))

As the laetherys tore through the vines, HollowEyes pulled the fox charm off of
Little Sister's head, and her hair returned to normal. They darted towards the
alleyways of Forumopolis with the frozen DP in tow - the original plan had been to
go around the town, which would have been much easier to navigate, and a much
shorter route as well. HollowEyes had thought that it would be safer to avoid the
city, but given recent events, it seemed the exact opposite.

As they reached the first buildings, HollowEyes flicked a few more vine charms
towards the laetherys. Hopefully, they would either deter the monsters from
following them or at least slow them down a little.

Yamatano                                                           13-04-2006 09:04 AM

((Well in that case send one throught the Warp, my name is Yamatano as it is
here on DS. And the thread is in Creatures General))

Shine                                                              13-04-2006 06:18 PM

Whiteoak comes to a park and finds a gazebo up out of the flooding and muck.
He sits down to meditate. As he sets his staff down, it powers down, no longer
receiving the bioenergy recognition of its owner. In meditation he calls to
commune with the four great cardinal archangels. One in each direction, they
share together in the vision of a world free from fear, healed of hurts and angers,
balanced both personally and socially, where love, life, justice, caring and
character reign supreme. There descends upon him a joyous, hopeful
contentment, it is powerful, exstatic, almost orgasmic. He concentrates it into the
shape of a ball the size of a softball, and carefully places it into his
inventory/armory, available to combat evil. There are many such orbs in there
already, most like this, some a little different. He embraces the archangels one at
a time, like old friends, and returns to normal consciousness. Renewed in his faith
that all in this world can be redeemed, (or removed) he spiritually searches again
for positive energy. It seems a little closer now.

He would also like a turtle latte, with whipped cream, a cranberry scone would be
nice too, so he also searches for a coffee house. :twirl:

TheDarkPsycho                                                      13-04-2006 07:04 PM

((argh...I know that it takes something extreme to counter the Evil of the EC, but
that's just sickening...when DP gets unfrozen, I think he just may take a side trip
on his mission to destroy the EC to rid you of your pesky sanity))

panther385                                                         13-04-2006 07:20 PM

((OMFG 100 PAGES!!!! WHOO HOO!!! :hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty:

Shadowveil                                                         14-04-2006 10:23 AM

The laetherys tore at the vines, too absorbed in the killing frenzy to notice their
original prey escaping.

((Run while you still can, 3kul, that will not distract them for long!))

Elsewhere in the city (or over it, perhaps), Shadowveil sensed the presence of a
new power. It was quite unlike anything else on the battlefield. Almost... angelic.
Whatever it was, it had best stay out of her way. She rather disliked angels and
paladins, if only because she had heard the words "Begone from this place, foul
creature" a few times too many.

3kul                                                            14-04-2006 12:15 PM

((Hahaha, it doesn't matter - HollowEyes is very good with traps, all he needs is
some distance between him and his foe/s))

~How do we plan to escape, brother? I doubt we can outrun them with DP
slowing us down...~ Little Sister queried as they ran through various alleyways,
drawing ever-closer to their destination. "Little Sister, I set up traps before we
even began this assault - traps that haven't been touched as of yet. It seems like
we're running randomly, but if those monstrocities follow us, they'll find these
alleyways to be most troublesome." Little Sister was surprised by this, and cast a
few cautious glances around the alleyway that they were currently in. Sure
enough, various charms were carefully hidden all over the place, and she now
took greater care in avoiding them.

((No, I'm not cheating. Waaaaaaay back in the earliest pages (whilst we were still
on a single digit page I think), HollowEyes commented that he'd set up charm
traps throughout the city. These traps will most likely be more vine charms, liquid
flame charms (spouts lava), or beetle charms (petrifies the limb that touches it) -
you can pick which ones the laetherys trigger if you like. A reminder to anyone
else, these charms cannot be picked up or anything without activating them.))

Sywyn                                                           14-04-2006 12:32 PM

Kasia, now riding the nightmare to where Sywyn is notices the shadow spawning
and despawning as the persence of living things nears them "Sywyn, what have
you done..." she mutters, suddenly one of the shadows charges at her, she
reaches for her holy avenger but can not find it, quickly she holds out her hands
and fires ars much holy energy as she can gather, blasting the shadow apart, this
tactic however draws the attention of 7 other shadows in the area. Kasia leans in
and whispers into the nighmares ear, it quickly speads up but the shadows chase
it persistently as they flee Kasia thinks to herself ~dose he not know that
although Undeisair is bound to him, Undeisair's minions are not~

(the shadows, elite shadows, and perfect shadows will attack everyone)

panther385                                                      14-04-2006 01:30 PM

Panther dug out a few random healing herbs. "Kiri, can you get me some water
please?" Panther requested. Kiri flew off and was back a few moments later with
a small couldron of water. Throwing in the herbs, Panther patted her dragon on
the neck.
A little while later, the morpher pulled out a few cloth bandages and dumped
them in the pot. After being soaked, she attempted to wrap them on Addman's

Shine                                                           14-04-2006 04:03 PM
Sensing an ever increasing level of evil (he is beginning to think that even some
of the "good" are not truly good.) Whiteoak decided that an ally might be helpful.
He drew some arcane figures in the air and chanted "I Whiteoak, servant of
Michael, servant of the Divine One, summon the assistance of the mighty and
terrible.... Scruffy!" the air sparkled and a midsized black wirehaired rat terrier

"Thats not funny, mon", the dog said " You know I don' like dis form, and I out
rank you. Why you summoning me?. and since there ain' nobody aroun, I choose
my rightful form" again the air sparkled and the dog became a black lion with a
human face and dreadlocks for the mane and metal spikes tipping the tail and
wings close folded to the body. "Das better mon" he said as he shook out his
dreads. "An call me by my real name, I am Obed, Lion of Judah, and remember I
outrank you, nornthing."

Whiteoak replied "I was told I could pick my team for this mission and we've
worked well together before. Remember that village in the Sudan? Hey we were
strack right?

Obed laughed, and said "Yah, we were good together you and I, but I was lead
on that one, an did anyone ever tell you that you look ridiculous as an old mon,

"I think I look dignified" Whiteoak protested "and I want to be met in a way that
makes folks underestimate me."

"That shouldn't be hard, mon." the lion said "even at your best, you look kinda
punky wi dat cute little topknot thing you got goin on"

"I'd still like the dog form back, for now. Help me find some good folks and watch
out for the bad 'uns.

"Have it your way, mon, but remember, I'm not your pet, I'm your ally"

and with that Obed morphed back into Scruffy

TheDarkPsycho                                                    14-04-2006 08:41 PM

*As Little Sister carried DP through the alleyways and traps, she did not notice
the trail of water dripping from the ice...or the fact that DP was melting away
with the ice too.*

Shadowveil                                                       15-04-2006 12:11 PM

As the last of the vines crumbled to dust, the laetherys sniffed the air. The prey
was gone, but the trail was still fresh. They raced through the city, following the

Suddenly, liquid fire sprayed up in the creatures path. The leading one snarled
with fury as molten lava clung and burned its already charred flesh. It shook
itself, spraying drops of cooling lava on the walls. It now looked even more
hideous than before, with charred bones sticking through its skin.
The undead beasts slunk onwards, driven by their hunger for the sweet taste of

shee mon                                                         15-04-2006 05:17 PM

((before i start my chars profile:

name:Red Angel
species: liquidrock turned fallen angel
apperance: tall, 5'6", fiery red hair and orange-yellow eyes. black feathered
wings edged with dark red, aprox. 6' wingspan. wears ragged remains of fire-
bender armour.
age: as old as Earth
weapons: twin japanese style fire swords (burn anything that they come into
contact with), livingmetal wrist braces which extend to the elbow with sharp
backward pointing blades, leg braces to match.
abilities: control and creation of fire, control of rock stone and metals (not
including opponents weapons),
weaknesses: water ))

*they threw her out and now they where having a war without telling her! shame
on them. she reaslised that that was because she HAD become the equal in mind
and powers to the EC's worst enemy... she also realised that she didnt care.*
revenge is sweet
* muttered the Red Angel as she swept over the destroyed and almost deserted
city. she needed to know what was going on, and fast. seeing the unconcious
seph she recognised him as an EC member and fell in to a steep dive and pulled
up, skimming the surface of the water before coming to a halt in front of seph.
she reached down and hauled him to his feet.*

((seph ill let you decide what you reaction is ))

Yamatano                                                         15-04-2006 09:12 PM

*While walking back through the city, DM comes across something engraved in
the wall. It looked like a... smiley face? She scraped it with her claws, frowning*

Whiteoak? Who on earth is Whiteoak?

HisLordship                                                      16-04-2006 01:46 AM

***OOC: Dear Lord! We've just had thousand and first post! I feel like
Scheherazade, and I've barely posted. Such verbal promiscuity! OOC*****

vorodorer                                                        16-04-2006 10:08 AM

(( Isnt Scheherazade a Mech from Escaflowne? ))

shee mon                                                         16-04-2006 10:48 AM
*Red Angel droped seph in disgust as he bled on her. she beat her wings and
shot in to the sky, searching for a better opponent. she saw the fleeing
holloweyes and decided to join the chase. as she neared H.eyes sh realised what
the pair where transporting*
well well... if it isnt DP, all helpless
*she put on speed and landed in front of H.eyes and drew her weapons*
hand him over or i'll cut you down

vorodorer                                                       16-04-2006 10:56 AM

(( Woops sorry, i thought i was out of action, looks like my brother was trying to
help ><, ill go along with it now ))

*Seph's eyes opened, he had no idea how long he had been out for, he got up
with some difficulty and picked up his sword, he staggered and fell under a tree,
he noticed he had been moved, he looked around and shook his head, trying to
remain awake, he took a bandage out of his cloak pocket and began to mend his

(meh, attack him, he isnt going anywhere soon)

netdroid9                                                       16-04-2006 01:36 PM

((And where the devil have you been, Shee Mon? We thought we'd lost you to the
forces of good.

You are still an EC member, right? I'm sure you were, it says so on the CWiki...))

shee mon                                                        16-04-2006 01:38 PM

((i had school stuff to do, course work yerch. stayed off 4 2 long and lost my
admision :( n e way this should make for a good RP. like i said, revenge is

netdroid9                                                       16-04-2006 02:04 PM

((Oh well. I'm looking at doing the procedures to get you back in, anyway.

Where's 3kul? I'm lost 0.o))

shee mon                                                        16-04-2006 02:09 PM

(( thanksh net :D 3kul is (in this thread) dragging DP to the EC fort with the help
of his sister))

3kul                                                            16-04-2006 11:16 PM
((Well, not anymore, DP's melted away... Damn those laetherys for delaying

Both Little Sister and HollowEyes heard the snarling of the laetherys behin them.
~Sounds like they've hit the charm traps...~ Little Sister grinned a little, it was
good to know that their enemies were so predictable. "Yes, but they're much
quicker than I thought - the vines bought us less than a minute, and the charm
they just hit doesn't sound like it did much." At this point in time, things got
much worse. Shee mon dropped down, demanding that they hand over DP. Little
Sister shrieked at her loudly, and HollowEyes stepped forward to object to
surrendering DP to her. "I doubt that you can-"

Suddenly, HollowEyes slipped on something, and dropped his end of the chunk of
ice. His head went forward, and as in most instances when you know something
terrible is going to happen, it felt like it took an eon before his horn shattered the
ice. The silence was broken for HollowEyes by Little Sister screaming into his
mind. ~Y-you just smashed the Dark Psycho to smithereens!~ However, when he
didn't reply she looked closer at the smashed ice block, and noticed what he'd
slipped on - water ((aka melted DP :p)). She looked at him, and felt the need to
ask the obvious question, even though it was unlikely she'd get an answer.
~Where is DP?~ HollowEyes silently picked up his EC communicator and pressed
a few buttons, the expression on his face reflecting the graveness of the
situation. "Net, we have a serious problem on our hands."

Shadowveil                                                        16-04-2006 11:38 PM

((I was not going to post every time they hit a trap. I'll just summarise the
damage when they catch up to you, so you have a while yet))

3kul                                                              16-04-2006 11:56 PM

((Ok, tho my post is set when they hit the first trap, so I've assumed that until
then the laetherys have had little trouble closing in on the pair of Parasitians until
then. Hitting more traps would explain why the laetherys wouldn't catch up to
them the moment they smashed the iceblock that formerly contained DP.))

shee mon                                                          17-04-2006 12:07 AM

*Red listens to H.eyes call*
he's under orders for the fire god and you LET HIM ESCAPE?!? FOOL! *she roared
and blasted upwards to find another elite. she sees addman*
ahh perfect target... earth bound, injured heh heh heh
*she charges and aims her fire at him*

3kul                                                              17-04-2006 12:22 AM

((Wah, sorry Shee mon, I didn't even see your post, I'll alter my previous one to
fit you in. EDIT: Done.))
TheDarkPsycho                                                      17-04-2006 12:27 AM

*When the ice block smashed, the last little bit of the previous body of DP melted
away, and DP was set free. A swirling mass of mist appeared before Little Sister
and Holloeyes.*

I thank you for setting me free, and in return I'll destroy you last of the Council
members. But now I must leave...I feel an annoyingly sane presense amongst us,
and must take care of that first.

*with that, the mist flew off out of sight. A few moments later, the mist appeared
in front of Whiteoak, then coalessed into DP, wielding his Sane Reapers Scythe*

You have been annoying my mind since you arrived...I'm sorry that I was delayed
in dealing with you. Allow me to introduce myself, sane one. I am The Dark
Psycho, Spirit of Insanity, servant to the Fire God Rafrika, and bringer of your
initiation into the Creatures Community. Prepare to lose your Sanity!

3kul                                                               17-04-2006 12:38 AM

HollowEyes chose to ignore Shee mon as he waited for Net to respond. ~Keh! The
most useless dogs always bark the loudest...~ Little Sister commented angrily,
feeling an instant dislike for the openly violent and demanding Shee mon, and
was glad that she'd left.

DP's appearance alarmed them, but he left before they could speak, which was
probably a good thing, since he intended to destroy them. At least now they'd
have time to prepare to fight him.

netdroid9                                                          17-04-2006 01:16 AM

Net: You're kidding me. Who could you... Never mind. Still got those charms you
got from me? Use one. They'll allow you to distort time. If you use them on
yourself you should be able to speed up time around you, essentially activating a
sort of bullet time. Try and whack one on DP and put him in stasis 'till I get there.
Over and out.

*Bzzt. A light goes out on Net's communicator.*

Net: Poor kid. Hope the aging effect doesn't have as much of an effect on him as
it did on the last test subjects...

*Net walks over to a cabinet in the lab and opens it. Inside was a weapon that DP
had explicitly forbid the council to use. Noone knew what it could do, but it
certainly looked pretty damn powerful. Net picks it up and leaves the lab.*

((Where's the EC fort ATM? And is it still working? I have an idea...))

3kul                                                               17-04-2006 02:31 AM

((The EC Fort is actually a borrowed Psychotopian fort, so I'm not sure if it's still
for us to use or not))

HollowEyes switched his communicator off after listening to Net's commands, and
looked towards where he felt that DP was. "Little Sister, keep your distance from
me. I've been told to pursue and capture the Dark Psycho - this is an order from
Net, our superior and our spirit ally, so I intend to fulfil it as best as I can." Little
Sister looked away from him, slightly irritated by the way he was ditching her like
this. ~Tch, you take these kind of things too seriously...~

He readied several of his charms, applying them to his body. His fingers extended
into large claws and his horn sharpened into something like an curved blade as he
stuck fox charms to them, and he removed the beetle charm from his wounded
arm. It still hurt, but speed was the most crucial part of this job, and he couldn't
afford to be weighed down by a petrified arm. Finally, he placed the Netdroid
charm on his forehead.

It didn't seem like much had happened, until he looked around - the world
seemed like it had slowed down to a snail's pace. He began to run towards where
DP seemed to be - he couldn't actually see where DP was, but to his third eye, DP
appeared as a large swirling mass of insanity. His mind was virtually impossible
to miss, but utterly terrifying at the same time. HollowEyes continued to run
onwards through the alleyways, but to anyone who might see him, all they would
see is a blur and a cloud of dust trailing behind him.

shee mon                                                             17-04-2006 01:03 PM

*unsatisfied by the ensuing explosion Red conitnues to circle the city, searching
for anything, anyone who would put up a reasonable fight. passing over DP she
sees him coalesse and sees the trail of dust behind H.Eyes. Red decides not to let
him get a hold on DP a second time, she wanted to fight him. she dives and lands
in front of H.eyes*
stand and fight, or be pronounced a coward!
*she draws her swords again*

Embri                                                                17-04-2006 05:23 PM

In a blazing flash...

"Didn't your mother ever tell you two on one isn't fair?"

A brilliant comet of light descends down to the open square where DP and Red
Angel have gathered against the paladin Whiteoak. Broad, flaming wings carry
down a cream coloured unicorn. The ground below her hooves bursts into flames
as she lands, despite the seeming lack of fuel for the fires. Embri snorts and
tosses her flaming mane, stomping her diamond hard hooves against the

"Come and get me! GW will never fail!"

*With a shrill whinny, Embri charges at shee mon, spiral horn lowered.*
shee mon                                                          17-04-2006 06:08 PM

*rRed narrows her eyes*
*Red flicks one of her swords sideways to deflect the horn harmlessly away and
positions the second to rake along to cream flank of the unicorn.*
you will have to do better than that
*She jumps round to hammer home a second attack with both swords, aiming for
the hamstrings*

Embri                                                             17-04-2006 06:26 PM

The tip of Red's sword melts as it comes into contact with Embri's flank, leaving a
trail of molten metal running down the fire horse's side. Embri snarls, and whips
around, slamming her shoulder into Red. The deadly twin blades just narrowly
miss her tendons, as Embri bucks and tries to impale Red with her horn, to no

"No mere metal will stand against my heat!" Embri snorts, looking for an opening.
"You're fast, though, I'll give you that..."

shee mon                                                          17-04-2006 07:04 PM

*Red is momentairily shocked but soon regains her composure*
it is not "mere metal"
*as she speaks the sword repairs itself at its mistreses comand. Red sheathes
them quickly and rises into the air, bringing her hands out to either side. as she
does the ground begins to flow and two rock javelins hurl towards Embri. she
quickly folows the attact with a dive and slashes with her more heat resistant fire-
bender armblades*

3kul                                                              17-04-2006 07:12 PM

HollowEyes darts between the two and continues racing towards DP, thankful that
someone got Red out of his way.

((Short post, I know, but I've got to head off to work now :p))

Embri                                                             17-04-2006 07:20 PM

Embri leaps for the sky, frantically trying to avoid the rock spires. The javilins
magically follow her evasive flight path, chasing down the soaring fire horse with
impunity. Embri lashes out with her hooves, shattering one of the rock lances, as
the other lacerates her rump before she can bash it to smithereens. The unicorn's
blood splatters wetly onto the stones below, seeping into the rock. With a
screamed challenge, Embri turns towards her attacker, and charges straight at
Red, pumping her wings powerfully. Embri's flames intensify, making the very
ground shimmer in a haze of heat.

".....NOW I'm angry...."
The winds, formerly dead calm, suddenly roar to life, howling like like banshees
as they tear and batter everything in their path.

shee mon                                                         17-04-2006 07:42 PM

*Red powers directly towards Embri, the wind wiping her cloak around her. in the
moment before impact she swerves out of the way and slashes at the horses
neck. as she passes the hord digs deep in her side and tears her arm. a scream of
rage and pain escapes the Red Angel. she spirals out of control and hits the
ground with a sickenig thud. she hopes desperatly that her attack found its
that... is going... to leave a mark
*red mutters as she hauls her self, wincing, to her feet and flaps into the air, her
left arem dangeling uselessly*

Embri                                                            17-04-2006 08:04 PM

Embri grits her teeth as Red Angel's armblade scythes across her neck, leaving a
long gash before it too melts from the heat radiating off of the fire horse.
Ignoring the pain, Embri buries her long horn in Red Angel's arm with abandon,
slicing down to the bone. Suddenly, the fire horse realizes she's falling - Red
Angel has clipped her left wing! Unable to sustain her flight, Embri plumets
several meters to the ground, flapping her good wing to slow her fall.

"'re...not death..." Embri pants, landing
heavily. "Fire...cauterizes...wounds..."

Composing herself, Embri raises her head with effort and whispers to the wind.
Her voice can barely be heard over the howling of the gale, she manages to call
on her attack of last resort.

"Soulfire!" Embri murmurs.

Immediately, the very stones she stands upon leap into flames. Racing like
wildfire, Embri's inferno spreads, growing to cataclysmic proportions in seconds.
A pool of bubbling lava spreads beneath her, cracking the ground and sending
pyroclastic debris shooting into the sky in all directions. The ground trembles, and
a deadly rain of molten rock begins to pelt everything in sight. The very air grows
heavy and thick, so laced with sulphur it's almost impossible to breathe.

shee mon                                                         17-04-2006 08:31 PM

*Reds head swam and the noxious fumes rose, the heat was no problem, but the
AIR! she begins the choke and gagand her vision swims. she fears that she will
fall in to darkness but her resolve hardens and she vows to take Embri with her.
with a last effort she calls the molten rock and hurls it at the unicorn then hurls
herself towards the top of the closest building left standing*
*she hits the flat roof and roles over and over until she comes to rest on the icy
Embri                                                              17-04-2006 08:47 PM

Embri stands stock still in the center of the fiery inferno, barely glancing up as
the molten rock flies at her. <Throwing fire at me?> Embri thinks, <How silly. I
AM fire incarnate, she-demon!> She staggers as the liquid boulders crash against
her sturdy form, flowing over her soft fur. The fire horse lowers her head, and
shakes, sending droplets of rock flying in all directions. The searing flames caress
Embri's body, easing her wounds. With a shake of her mane, Embri lets the fires
die down. She spreads her wings, wincing as the left one flinches, and folds them
back against her sides. Glancing up at the tall building where her foe has fled,
Embri frowns, and paws the ground with her hoof.

"Get back down here, you noodle-spined wench!" Embri calls out.

Hearing no reply, she rears up onto her hind legs and smashes down, creating a
massive tremor - Embri's causing an earthquake! With terrible groans and creaks,
the buildings around the park begin to tremble, and sway back and forth.
Snorting with the effort, small flames leap from the fire horse's nostrils.

"I'll shake this whole city apart if I have to!" Embri smashes the ground again,
shockwaves radiating out from her hooves. Pieces of stonework and the brick
facades of the houses around her begin to fall apart.

shee mon                                                           17-04-2006 09:05 PM

*as the fumes clear Red begins to regain conciousness. she sits up shivering from
cold and pain. she hears Embri call*

Get back down here, you noodle-spined wench!

*she should have been angry, but she was too buisy shivering and trying not to
be sick. as she strugles upright she feels the first tremor, her mind races, what
can a fire elemental use to fight a fire-horse?! an idea strikes her*
you fight fire with water!
*she risked a look over the shaking parapets of the building and sees the flooded
half of the city it would be risky but... it might just work. she pulled her self up on
to the low wall and glides down to the road below. she stagers off towards the
water, clutching her useless arm and with one wing trailing in the dirt*
come and get me... *she murmers.
when she steps into the icy water she takes a sharp breath and the cold makes
he bones ache but she pushes onwards*

Embri                                                              17-04-2006 09:18 PM

Embri watches with sharp eyes as her foe flutters down from her rocky perch.
"Come and get me..." The fire horse's ears pick up the faint voice, still sarcastic
despite the owner's rough condition. Embri risks using her damaged wing to get a
better vantage point. With dismay, she watches Red Angel sulk off towards the
flooded outer edge of the city, darting down the cracked pavement from shadow
to shadow.

Unwilling to give up the fight, but wise enough to know when close combat
wouldn't be a good idea, Embri stalks Red Angel from afar a wary eye on the cold
waters on the horizon... she watches as the winged fire demon slips into the frigid

shee mon                                                         17-04-2006 09:40 PM

*Red shudders as the cold makes her joints stiff, but she pushes on towards the
hospital steps rising out of the water at the end of the road. she forces open the
door and looks around nervously, seeing that the coast is clear she searches*
its got to be here somewhere...ahh!
*having found what she needed, Red seeks out dressings and binds her arm until
it is just about useable. dreading the next step, she tenses herself and runs
bodily at the wall and slamp into it, relocating her wing. she hated dilocating
things but it is so usefull for making you look helpless...
conguring a fire to dry herself off she sits and waits for Embri. this time she
would be ready.*

Embri                                                            17-04-2006 09:51 PM

Sitting calmly on a tall office building top, Embri munches thoughtfully on a shrub
that was once part of the rooftop garden. Eating always helped her think better.

Turning to the east, she whinnys shrilly. Her haunting cry echos off of the vertical
walls of the abandoned city buildings. It does not take long. She soon spies
familar movements below her. Gliding down carefully, still testing her tender
wing, Embri whistles at the ripples in the water lapping at her hooves. A sleek
blue head with a yellow horn breaks the surface, slitted yellow eyes fixed on her
own inquiringly.

"The hunt begins." Embri says to Myste, nodding towards the partially submerged
buildings. The serpentine feline grins, revealing a mouth with far too many large
teeth. "Huntsssss" Myste hisses, and with a flip of her tail, she disappears below
the surface. Embri returns to her watchpost, content to observe from afar.

shee mon                                                         17-04-2006 10:01 PM

*Red thinks that Embri was not fooled into following her and gains new respect
for her opponent. testing her ravaged arm she picks up her secret weapon and
peers out of the door to whitness the new arrival*
oh just great...
*she whispers as she casts around for Embri. seeing her on the top of a building
she takes off, her wing popping unpleasently with every beat. she drags the
ungainly odject in her hand round as she approaches the flaming shape and pulls
the trigger. it goes off with the sound of thousands of hissing snakes and white
foam and ice spurt out to smother Embris flames. Red brings her sword to bear
on to (hopefully) cooled flesh.*

Sywyn                                                            17-04-2006 10:06 PM

Sywyn and the mist form of lord Undeisair walk through the ruins of the city they
come upon the building upon which embri is watching from, Undeisair turns to
Sywyn "we could travel faster if you had a mount with you" he says, Sywyn looks
at him and says "ya, but unicorns arnt realy my thing, besides i could just
summon another nightmare" Sywyn wistles and a black horse with a flaming
main and hooves appears surronded by a dark fog, Sywyn grins mounting the

Embri                                                            17-04-2006 10:08 PM

As Red Angel dives down onto Embri, trying vainly to shake off all the foam,
Myste leaps from the depths, fanged maw aimed for the she-demon's legs. Jaws
open impossibly wide, the aquatic creature torpedos straight for the flying

Embri backpedals furiously from Red Angel's swords, leaping into the air. Still
weighed down by the foam, she lands on the road. Her mane and tail sputter and
flicker as she tries to shake off as much of the foam as she can.

"Foul demon tricks!" Embri snarls, galloping away from the water.

Sywyn                                                            17-04-2006 10:18 PM

Sywyn and Undeisair now traveling quickly through the streets begin searching
for Holloweyes and DP

shee mon                                                         17-04-2006 10:21 PM

*Red banks and flips over backwards in a deliberate stall to avoid the gaping
maw and falls down with myste hacking and slashing only pulling up when the
water becomes dangerously close. pulling up she redoubles her speed and
launces on to the struggling unicorn and digging her leg blades into her flanks
and trying to swing her sword at her neck*

((right have to go off line for bed now c ya!))

Embri                                                            17-04-2006 10:26 PM

With a cry of pain, Embri redoubles her gallop, almost flying through the streets,
back to the park. She grits her teeth as Angel digs her leg blades into her flanks.

"I will NOT be ridden!" Embri screams, "ESPECIALLY by the likes of YOU!" Bucking
and thrashing, the fire horse turns her head around to bite at rip at any part of
Red Angel she can reach.

With a mighty leap, Embri dives into the pool of lava still bubbling in on the park's
west side.

((Tomorrow, you might want to get off me before you become a crispy critter! :p
I had a ball RP'ing with you, Angel. See you tomorrow evening, maybe.))
Shine                                                            18-04-2006 06:08 AM

(Sorry I missed the action, I was kind of busy this weekend)

An insane mist formed in front of Whiteoak. With great compassion he
remembered how oft times insane and psychotic souls came into being as a best
attempt to deal with insane and painful situations.

He strengthened his spiritual energy field, calming himself, yet readying his staff
for battle. If the being moved towards him aggressivly, especially if he lifted his
scythe further, Whiteoak would activate the repulsing energy beam. The being
might be etherial, but the weapon looked soild enough.

Also he formed and released a spiritual gyroscopic "Harmony and Balance" bubble
(quite separate from his own field) which would attempt to envelope the insane
mist-being and aid it into quieting it thoughts and feelings, and allow it to
stabilize it's psychotic impulses and find its own balance and harmony. and it
would be rather persistant about enveloping this being.

Whiteoak was in the process of time-porting himself five feet to the left (just so
he wasn't where he had been, incase of counter attack) when he noticed another
being running down the street in fast time. This was totally unexpected, their
eyes met briefly, and Whiteoak lost concentation. He was only about two feet
from his original position when he popped back to normal time, which was about
the same time that all hell broke loose with flames and pyroclastic lava spewing
every which way. He shouted "Watch out!" to the insane mist being person and
used his repulse beam to deflect a flying lava blob from smashing into DP.

shee mon                                                         18-04-2006 09:03 AM

((im mostly immune to flame btw caus im a liquidrock elemental only my
weapons are affected by heat, (see profile)))
*red leaps over backwards and pulls her her one unsheathed sword out of the
way of the heat and tugging her cloak out of Embri's mouth. she circles the pool
warily looking for any sign that Embri might be surfacing*
come out little horsey!
*she pulls two more rock javelins out of the ground and readies them to hurl at
Embri the moment she becomes visable*

Shadowveil                                                       18-04-2006 09:53 AM

((Mind if I crash this fight?))

A spark of flame races through the streets far below. High above the city,
Shadowveil watches.

She folds her wings and begins to dive, charging an ice spell as she falls. Ice was
not really her area of expertise, but it had its uses. As she nears the ground she
flares her wings, turning her fall into a swoop.

Shadowveil shoots past Red Angel at high speed, unleashing the spell. Spears of
ice and freezing air pummel the area around her target as she soars back into the
shee mon                                                        18-04-2006 10:07 AM

*a piercing, in human scream shatters the air as the ice touches Red and she
shots upwards to escape the pain. white hot anger floods her system and her
eyes begin to glow fierce red*
who dares?!
who dares?!
*her voice echos strangely. her whole body burns with light as she hurls two
imense tongues of flame at Shadowveil quickly followed by a javelin of white hot

Shadowveil                                                      18-04-2006 10:33 AM

Shadowveil pulls in her wings and rolls in midair, neatly dodging the javelin. She
laughs as the flames lick across her wings.

She turns sharply and lands on the roof of a nearby building. Drawing her sword,
she gives Red Angel a mocking salute.
"Shadowveil dares!"

((It would seem we are both immune to flame))

shee mon                                                        18-04-2006 11:03 AM

((lol.. interesting))
*Red flies toward shadowveil gaining speed and drawing her swords, ignoring the
fact that her arm had begun to bleed again. using one sword she tries to twist
Shadowveils sword out of her hand and whipe that salute away. the second she
plunges with her dab arm towards her chest*

((btw you can decide if my arm fails or not as it is badly wounded))

Shadowveil                                                      18-04-2006 11:18 AM

Shadowveil offers no resistance as her sword is swept aside. Twisting aside from
the oncoming strike, she whips her blade around, aiming at the back of Red
Angel's head.

((That strike is quite similar to a 13th century German move, called 'deceiving the
sword'. Yes, I actually know how to swordfight.))

((That's all from me tonight, it is getting late here.))

Embri                                                           18-04-2006 11:27 AM

With a roar, a fountain of lava erupts from the bubbling pool, scattering molten
rock across the battlefield. Embri emerges from her liquid rock bath, flames
renewed and foam free. As she steps away from the lava, it begins to cool against
her skin, forming a layer of armor across her pearly hide. Black granite with
molten red seams now covers most of her vulnerable body.

But Embri's thoughts are not on the combat around her. With a cry, she speeds
towards the watery shore, where Myste lies, battered and broken. Landing lightly
beside her ally, Embri noses the scaled feline gently, before glaring with fury back
towards the city. Touching Myste gently with her horn, they are both surrounded
by sparkling motes of light, and begin to fade. Before they completely disappear,
Embri bellows,

"This is far from over. Indeed, it has only begun!"

Myste and Embri vanish, gone to only they know where.

(I'm going to work now, so I'll be back in tonight!)

shee mon                                                            18-04-2006 11:31 AM

((cool! what style? what kind of blade do you use? i prefer arabian my self ;) ))
*Red twists around in time to see the strike coming and tries to dodge and the tip
of the sword just cuts her cheek. she pulls back and raises her hand to the cut.
growling and hissing with anger she makes the ground tremble and 6 shafts of
rock arch upwards to meet over Shadoveils head. they form a kind of cage and
the squeeze together to try and trap her.*

Shadowveil                                                          19-04-2006 12:22 AM

((It's called I.33. It uses a single handed straight sword and a buckler (small
shield). I am also learning a bit of 14th century longsword, which is a two-handed
technique. Anyway, on to fighting.))

Shadowveil snarls with fury as the shafts encircle her. You dare try to cage me?
You will pay dearly for this...

With a blur of movement she is gone, and a lithe grey wolf slips through the bars.
It leaps from the edge of the building and dissapears into the trees in the park
beyond. ~It is your move, angel. Dare you come and find me?~

((The things written in italics represents what I am thinking, you can't hear it
unless you are extremely psychic. Anything written like ~this~ is telepathic
speech, which you can hear if I am directing it at you. I can't talk in wolf form.
Except, of course, to other wolves :p))

((3kul, is Little Sister still hanging around? If so, she risks getting eaten...))

3kul                                                                19-04-2006 01:12 AM

((Yeah, she's still around, you can try to eat her if you like... In case anyone's
wondering, I'm making less posts because I'm trying to be realistic (ie: the
distance between HollowEyes and DP), not because I'm online any less :p))

HollowEyes had caught Whiteoak's eye for a only fraction of a second, but to him
it seemed like several minutes. However, it didn't really matter - he was so close
that Whiteoak probably wouldn't have the time to form the sentance that would
alert DP to his presence. That was assuming that DP couldn't already tell where
he was, of course. As he dodged a slowly moving blob of lava that had been
deflected in his general direction, he whipped out another Netdroid charm, held it
in his hand and charged, aiming to slam his palm into DP's forehead.

netdroid9                                                        19-04-2006 02:50 AM

((Actually, the time distortion effect should also translate to super speed in
normal time. So you have no excuse! Muahahahaha!))

*The fort reved into life. Execising extreme caution, Net puts the pedal to the
metal and promptly reverses into what appeared to be a skybox.*

...What the hell? Damn, wrong gear.

*After changing gears and once again putting the pedal to the proverbial metal
(Because, as it turned out, the Fort was made of a practically invunerable plastic.
It's not my fault the EC can't afford a real metal fort. Blame Addman! His cookie
addiction will be the end of us all!), the fort hurtles towards a small black object
in the middle of the battlefield which Net presumed was DP.*

shee mon                                                         19-04-2006 08:00 AM

((nice 1, i use twin arabian shorts, the ones for horseback. ive never used any
kind of sheild though...))
*Red looks down at DP*
you will have to wait *she spat, and raced off after Shadowveil, pelting his path,
when she could see it through the trees, with rocks.*
come out coward! stop running, its no use!

Shadowveil                                                       19-04-2006 09:02 AM

((Shee mon, are you on the ground or still flying? I need to know for my next


The laetherys snapped and snarled as a blurred shape raced past them. Their
prey did not normally do that!

They were rather more scorched from their dash through the charm trapped
streets, and one was dragging a petrified leg. Growling, they closed in on Little

3kul                                                             19-04-2006 12:18 PM

Little Sister grinned and formed rake-like claws out of her hair - it had been a
while since she last fought ((with Magusmagus, I believe, much longer ago than I
thought :p)) and she had been itching for some action. ~Ugh, looks like brother's
traps messed you lot up quite a bit...~ She leaned over to one side to build up a
little motion, and swung one arm at the laetherys with the petrified leg, aiming to
grab it by it's stony limb. Her other arm swept out in a wider motion the other
way, partially to act as a counter balance, but also to prevent any attacks from
that side.

TheDarkPsycho                                                   19-04-2006 12:31 PM

*DP, being a spirit, already knew of Holloweyes presence behind him. He had
been planning an attack that would neutralize both him and Whiteoak. Shame
too, had Hollow Eyes not heard DP's repreive? As he sat their plotting whenhe
should make his move, Whiteoak deflected the Lava blob. He had not expected
Whiteoak to try to defend him...blasted good with their ever-perpetual need to
save things. He quickly swung around and brought his scythe in an arc towards
Hollow Eyes, so that it would catch the speed charm.

At the same time, DP released the clone DP Beta, which flew out of him as a ball
of light, landing behind where Whiteoak has shifted to. When the ball landed, it
quiet simply exploded, leaving a cloud of dust. Then DP Beta (always being one
for the dramatics), jumped up out of the dust and tried to bring the Sanity Blade
down onto Whiteoak*

((Ok, now I'm waiting for two people to respond...but at least I'm not trying to
fight two on one...Gotta love spirithood. ))

netdroid9                                                       19-04-2006 01:14 PM

*The fort was plummeting out of control. Warning lights were flashing as it fell to
pieces, splurting molten fuel on occasion. And, perhaps most unfortunatly of all
for it's creator, whom had poured his love and soul into the device, it was headed
straight for DP, the single most powerful being known to psychotopian



*The fort knew it was going to die. It had known of its end for decades. As it
lowered to tree level and started smashing through buildings on it's path to DP,
it's last thought was 'Why do buildings hurt so damn mu-'.*

panther385                                                      19-04-2006 08:43 PM

((Beh, I feel the need to add another character. This is one I've had for awile on
another forum.... ))

Name: Taekri (Tie- cree)

Age: teen, another immortal :P

Gender: Female
Species: Deakron (Day-cron), A type of anthro fox. Usually comes in silver, tan or
brown. Each have long, thick claws, fur or five tail, and an innate knowledge of
magic. (Like dragons)

Clothes: Taekri usually wears a long black dress type outfit, it has pants
underneath. Due to the high winds blowing around sand (She's from a nomad
pack in the desert,), she has a white scarf wrapped around her mouth and nose.
Her outfit also has a ridge going up to the scarf.

Taekri had ben watching all the going ons of the past few days. She had slipped
around in the shadows, using that foxyness of hers. Keen yellow orbs watched
the battle rage on.
Leaping from the rooftop, Taekri fell a few stories down to the ground. Fire
horses, Spell weaving creatures with multiple limbs, Time dragons, giant blue
puppets?! What was the world coming to?
The green anthro padded off.

Shine                                                              19-04-2006 09:13 PM

(Hey DP, Just what does the Sanity Blade do? so I know how to react, and also,
remember that there is a spiritual energy field that is still trying to engulf you to
bring you into balance and harmony and it will continue to home in on you untill
you successfully do something about it. Also, to what extent does DP have a
material body to attack)

As the ball of light flew over him, Whiteoak pivoted to the rear. Since the energy
beam had been pointing toward DP, the blade lazer end would have been pointing
backwards already. but being confused by the explosion/dust/ clone DP
emergence, and what he believed to have been a glimpse of a building falling out
of the sky, he was just slightly delayed in his reaction of a reverse upwards parry
to block the strike.. Clone DPs blade gave him a painful but glanceing slice on the
upper left arm. as his head started to swim a bit, he swung the staff back down,
sliceing at Clone DP with the blade and returning the staff to a neutral, ground
parralel position. He released the innertial dampers on his staff and gave a full
blast of the repulse energy beam. For every action there is an equal and opposite
reaction. Whiteoak was pushed hard and fast in one direction (with and/or
through the DP clone) and most likely accidently DP would have been similarly
blasted in the opposite direction if he was still where he had been. They would
have traveled some distance untill they smashed fairly hard into something
(wall/building/tree? ) not pleasant, but better than having a building fall on you.

addman                                                             19-04-2006 09:39 PM

*Addman's shoulder had healed up quite nicely. He looked over at Panther*

We've fought together, you've bought me round from the brink of chaos and
healed me, I shall make sure you'll be spared when the EC takes over, Panther.
And Kiri too. I may be evil, psychotic and ravenous, but I shall not forget your
aid. Still, I must battle your friends, it's in my contract.

*Addman spun around to see an epic battle in the making over in the distance.
The fort was toppling over onto DP, whilst DP, Whiteoak and Holloweyes
appeared to be fighting. Addman said farewell to the Shapeshifter, and ran
towards the onslaught shouting*

Hey Holloweyes! Need some help?

Shadowveil                                                       19-04-2006 09:47 PM

((Um, Addman? It's Holloweyes who is fighting DP. Little Sister is elsewhere,
fighting my undead wolves.))

addman                                                           19-04-2006 09:52 PM

((My mistake, I shall edit my post))

TheDarkPsycho                                                    19-04-2006 10:41 PM

((Ok, there are several things I must point out.

First, DP, or Au'Marui, is the Spirit of Insanity. He cannot become sane...for he is
insanity embodied (so to speak).

This accounts for the fact that the Sanity blade doesn't affect him like it does the
rest of the CC. The Sanity Blade is a powerfull relic (made by Au'Marui himself ;)
). With one touch, it turns things sane. Sentient beings (demons, angels, aliens,
humans, talking dogs, the like) aren't effected as fast as non-sentient being, but
it will happen, usually ending in the victim becoming an accountant (if they were
insane to start...and most of the CC is insane). For non-sentient
beings/objects/etc, the Sanity blade turns it into a normal version of whatever it
was (dragon to lizard, etc).

However, your character appears to be sane. This has an unsual affect on the
Sanity Blade. When used on you, it acts like a regular sword. Soooo....It cut your
arm. Now the Sane Reaper's Scythe, what I'm using to fight H.E. (which I wanted
to use on you), has the opposite steals (or reaps) a person's sanity.
H.E. has nothing to worry about, but if DP and DP Beta switch, you should start

And DP has a physical body...sort of. It's actually water suspended and held in
place by strong (but controlled) EM fields. If you try to kill him by conventional
means, he'll simply get rid of that body (usually with some kind of flair...spraying
into mist, melting, etc) and form a new one. He must get rid of the current body
to reform a new one, so he is suseptible to freezing. This locks him to his old
body thusly entrapping him))

*Sadly for Net, the fort stopped short of it's intended target, having shaken off
it's Anti-Gravity Generators and slid just shy of DP and Hollow Eye's location.

DP Beta would have been hit by the building, but at the last second Whiteoak
blasted the both of them away. DP Beta went through several walls several
hundred meters away just as the building past by. He quickly jumped up,
grabbed the Sanity Blade, and jumped through the walls and back outside. He
had to find Whiteoak...he couldn't afford to lose DP Alpha's favor again.*

Embri                                                            19-04-2006 11:05 PM

A fiery flash lights up the cityscape. Body blazing, Embri descends to enter the
fray again, sweltering flames caressing her fur and rocky armor. With gleaming
amber eyes, she seeks her demonic foe, winging down to battle.

Her keen eyes spy a dark four legged wolf shape slipping fluidly from shadow to
shadow, and her quarry giving chase. With a echoing cry, Embri whips up a
furious windstorm, sending cyclonic funnels of gale force winds at Red Angel. She
did not recognize the lupine form her foe followed, but after all, the old mantra
says "my enemy's enemy is my friend..." Beating her wings at an astonishing
speed, the howling gales gather up every loose particle of dust, rock and sand,
and Embri unleashes her tornados towards Red Angel; woe to any flyer who
comes into this maelstorm's path!

3kul                                                             20-04-2006 12:03 AM

((Actually, I'm not sure that HollowEyes wouldn't be entirely immune to the
insanitising effects of the Sane Reaper's Sythe, as there are various aspects of his
personality that I would class as sane and insane - he is somewhat a mixture
between the two, mainly because of what he is.))

HollowEyes dug his other forearm into the ground, allowing his to twist his body
so that he narrowly missed both DP and the sythe. He continued rolling a little to
put some distance between them, then leapt up. The two halves of the Netdroid
charm that he had held in his hand fell to the ground and dissolved - evidentally,
DP's sythe had cut much closer than he'd thought.

The moment the now worthless pieces of charm touched the ground, HollowEyes
disappeared. He was now rapidly circling DP, and began flicking a large amount of
Netdroid charms at him from all angles.

Shadowveil                                                       20-04-2006 01:44 AM

Shadowveil races through the park, trying to shake off her pursuer. This is why I
hate city fighting, there is never enough cover!. A shard of rock grazes her flank.

Above, a blaze of light signals Embri's return.

((3kul, what does Little Sister look like? I can never get a clear mental picture))

Embri                                                            20-04-2006 02:32 AM

??? How fortunate.... it seems we have another mindspeaker among our ranks.
*Shall I chase off that burr on your tail, furry sister?* Embri hails the she-wolf

Flipping her wings back, Embri rolls in the sky and dives towards Red Angel.
Driving her whirlwinds forward, Embri prepares to attack, surrounding the flying
demoness with walls of wind and hurtling debris.

shee mon                                                        20-04-2006 09:07 AM

((WOW! away for 1 day and so much happens! i'm still flying Shadow :) ))
*Red darts from side to side searching for a route of escape from the hurtling
rocks and debris. finding none she claps her wings to her sides and falls straight
downwards mumering inteligablly (sp?) *
shova nac'eth aumak trroth!
*she fineshes the incantation when she is only inches from the ground but
instead of meeting an untimely, and messy, end, the stone heaves appart and
she plunges down. she opens her wings again and flies directly at the far end of
the crack, which opens up to let her pass. she gains height again and comes up
out of the rock beyond the outer reaches of the tornado*
i'll get YOU later!
*she yells to shadoveil and tears towards Embri, hands out streached trying to
tear of her rock armour with a second spell*

3kul                                                            20-04-2006 09:28 AM

((Shadowveil, it shocks me to discover that I've never posted a pic of her up :p
So yeah, I don't blame you for having trouble imagining what she looks like,
given the way she attacks and everything, it would be pretty difficult. I'm drawing
a decent pic of her now, and after I've put it onto my computer with my n00b
tablet skillz, you can have a look.))

addman                                                          20-04-2006 09:30 AM

*Addman stand at the side of Holloweyes*

I hope you've got a plan pal, there's only one thing that can stop DP, and we both
know that's to freeze him! Haven't you got any freezing charms or anything? If
not, I can try and hold him off whilst you make some from whatever freezing
spirit you'd have to contact!

*The muppet readies himself for battle*

Shadowveil                                                      20-04-2006 10:57 AM

"I'll get YOU later!" As Red Angel turns away to strike at Embri, Shadowveil races
after her. ~Now who is running?~

Without breaking off her pursuit she changes form again. She crouches, then
springs upwards through the trees. The windsteed, the gryphoncat, reaches out
its claws to tear Red Angel from the sky.
((My first attempt at drawing this form. The pencil lines did not show up well
when I scanned it, the black background makes it more visible. It is about the
size of a horse, or a large tiger, with dark red fur and thin, darker stripes. The
proportions are a bit off, I am not great at drawing.))

shee mon                                                          20-04-2006 11:16 AM

(( thats awsome :) *is waiting for Embri to post* ))

3kul                                                              20-04-2006 11:56 AM

((Addman, I'm currently showering DP with Netdroid charms, which distort time
itself. As Net said:

Originally Posted by netdroid9
Try and whack one on DP and put him in stasis 'till I get there.

Kinda like freezing him in time I guess. Also, to stand at my side whilst I'm
circling DP at a speed that's hard to see would be pretty difficult :p.))

Embri                                                             20-04-2006 01:50 PM

Embri watches Red Angels escape from her windstorm with narrowed eyes.

*Hurrumph. Watch yourself, Shadowveil. This one is out for blood. Got anything
effective against fire demons?*

Embri continues her dive towards Red Angel, picking up speed as she plummets
from the overcast sky. As she nears the she-demon, Embri calls upon her own
magic, waiting until she can see the red hot fury in her opponent's eyes. When
the two flyers are barely a heartbeat apart, she unleashes her spell, shattering
her rock armour into a thousand tiny, diamond tipped lances, forged in the
titantic heat of the earth, which explode towards the flying demon, trying to make
an Angel pincushion.

The howling winds whip around the three flyers, battering wings and limbs with
impunity, though they have lost some of their desctructive force as the rocks fall
away, too heavy to remain airborne without the unicorn's kinetic touch.

shee mon                                                          20-04-2006 04:32 PM

*Reds armor shrugs of most of the rock fragments but her face is unprotected
and she throws up her arms to sheild it. one peice gets past though and hits her
forehead, as the cut begins to ooze she grins and says:*
you're right, and i wont settle for less!
*she picks up the rocks that are rapidly falling out of Embri's control and, froming
them into javelins with a tiwst of the wrist, makes them hurl upwards at Embri's
Vunerable belly*

((ill assume its vunerable as a horses belly is its second most vunerable point,
correct me if im wrong though))

Embri                                                             20-04-2006 06:28 PM

Rocky spires shoot up towards Embri's belly, a similar attack to what Red Angel
used during their previous battle. While she panicked the first time, Embri wasn't
about to fall for the same trick twice. With diamond hard hooves, she flails at the
rocky spires, smashing them to dust as they try to impale her. The small
fragments which don't get trampled simply melt as they touch her skin.

((Legs that can propel somthing the size and weight of a horse at close to
supersonic speeds (That's how fast Embri can run, if she needs to,) have a heck
of a lot of power behind them; besides her horn, Embri's hooves are probably the
most dangerous close combat "weapon" she has.))

Concentrating on her storms again, Embri closes her wall of cyclonic funnels
around herself and Red Angel, making sure to cut her off from the ground below.

*Now you've made a mistake.* Embri sends. The winged she-demon has not
tried to distance herself from the wrathful fire unicorn, and Embri plummets
directly on top of Red Angel, trying to latch onto any part of the demoness that
she can reach with her teeth.

((Embri's got her wings almost completely folded, so unless you get out of the
way, you've got 2+ tonnes of unicorn falling right on you, shee mon :twirl: )

shee mon                                                          20-04-2006 07:31 PM

((AHHH!! lol :) speaking of heavy horses i broke my toe last week when a 17
hands black colt stood on me :/. B*stard of a horse ))
*with no means of escape all Red can do is flit sideways to avoid the deadly
attack. As she does the winds pick her up and spin her around. Beating her wings
franticly she dodges rocks and debrisuntill the unicorn passes by and she
greatfully beats her way back into the calm air.

deciding on a new tactic she unleashes an veritable barrage of rocks and sharp
shards from all angles in an attempt to make an undodgable and deadly attack

Shine                                                             20-04-2006 08:28 PM

Whiteoak lies banged and bruised from having smashed himself into a wall to
escape the falling fortress. He picks himself up groggily, retrieves his staff, and
tries to recall what he is in the midst of.
??Two DarkPsychos??

?and an onrushing timerunner, ?good or bad?

He looks around, and spots one of the DPs, and the furry blue thing that hosts a
great evil, not far from it. The timerunner is swirling around the DP hurling
charms at it. The time runner feel to be a mix of good and bad (mostly bad, but
with redeemable qualities like, caring for ones comrads and the like), both
persons seem to be experiencing worried anxious emotions which they are trying
hard to supress.

"Hummm evil as they are, they are both working together against this DP thing,
as though it were a threat or a greater evil, perhaps I should help."

Whitoak sends additional energy to the "Balance and Harmony" field trying to
home in on DarkPsycho. Since psychosis is characterized by a distortion of
perceptions and an intense confusion of emotional states, an extreme
selfcentered ego construction and a lack of the ability to bond to others, this
energy field would have an extremely confusing effect on a psychotic individual,
even the very spirity of insanity would not simply be immune to its temporary
healing effects, although predicting just what the effect would be, would be

Whiteoak looks around trying to spot the other DP, -- no sign of him for now. He
moves cautiously away from Addman and Holloweyes, and continues up the road.
He removes the illusion of old poverty and now appears as he is.

Scruffy is no where to be seen, having run off following the scent of a large rat.

Embri                                                            20-04-2006 08:30 PM

Embri snarls as her prey once again slips past her grasp. Her keen ears hear the
sting of rock lances once again chasing her through the air.

Instead of halting her fall, the fire horse gapes her jaws wide and releases a
molten tongue of fire towards the ground, into Red Angel's rift. Almost
immediately, lava rises up as the very ground melts under Embri's firey breath,
and she dives down into her molten sanctuary, the rock spires shattering
harmlessly against the ground, or melting into a rising lava flow.

((Sorry to hear about your toe - I know all too well that horsey hooves can
definitely hurt when they "accidentially" step on you... sometimes I really doubt
how often it's accidental. Horses are smarter than most people think, at least
until something scares them. Heh. :p )

The ground trembles and splits, as pools of lava rise to the surface, and gysers of
flame begin to erupt all over the battlefield. Red Angel's rift is spreading, cracks
forming all along it's length, like a great puckering wound.

((Sidenote: I'm about to make it very difficult for anyone to cool this place down -
run wild, DP! Anything or anybody who's not at least partially fireproof might
want to consider getting off the immediate grounds.)
HisLordship                                                     20-04-2006 10:19 PM

The portal could not have been more discreet. The delivery of the Old Bird had
been quietly deposited into a small pocket of air underground, buried away as
one might do with unsightly rancid trash or some exquisite treasure too valuable
to leave to the clutched of the everyday.

With few exceptions, birds were not intended to dwell underground. The Owl
made it his personal mandate to newer allow an emotion to completely rule his
senses, never let the clockwork of his thinking be corroded by the grime to
impulse. The panic of his stifling surroundings was one of the few exceptions to
this rule.

Hyperventilating, he would surely have asphyxiated in such cramped quarters had
he not been alive in the traditional sense. Not that he was dead, or undead, or
any such commingling of the two states; he was very much alive and well, as
only an idea can be. To call him an owl is a bit of a stretch, for although in form,
habits and other such categorica he resembled a bird of the strigiforme order, yet
could not be classified as such. He was the idea of an owl, a construct of thought
and memory granted physical form in an outlandishly improbable event that was
as much magical phenomena as quantum mechanic.

As an idea, he was as justice, freedom or evil; as long as he was unconsciously
remembered in his unharmed state, injuries, torments and death itself were only
temporary if painful distractions from his current task. Even a feather plucked
from his wings would eventually fade from existence and remarkably work itself
back into his plumage. This weird brand of half-immortality was a great
advantage in any case; he had no intent of being remembered in any other way.

Stop panting. He ordered himself. Stop breathing. You are here. You are now.
The flailing feathery form stilled itself. Think.

Think he did.


A delicate dribble of spittle trailed down his beak, and plopped onto the dark
earth. In the dim light, his large, carnal gold eyes watched it trickle downwards
before evaporating into nothing.

Excellent. Therefore, I must dig in the opposite direction. Digging with his
wickedly hooked beak, the owl slowly but surely bored to the surface. For how
long he laboured he had no clue, and no concern, for when at last the roar of an
explosion ripped away the topsoil all he could do was breathe silent praises to the
fog-hazed sky.

He was free, and the stars beyond the mist beckoned with whispers of quiet
praise and subtle glory.

Shadowveil                                                      20-04-2006 11:31 PM

((Things have been happening, it would seem. Curse this obscure timezone!))

Shadowveil snarls as the windstorm throws off her attack. Dropping back to the
ground she watches the two fighters, waiting for her moment to strike. As Embri
dives into the rift she sees the incoming barrage of stone.

She folds her wings before her, and the rocks shatter as though they have hit an
invisible wall. The reflect-shield sends splinters of stone flying in all directions.

Eyes blazing, she pounces out of the haze of smoke and flame, claws glowing
golden to rend through stone, steel, and flesh.

((Sorry, 3kul, I will post my move against Little Sister later.))

netdroid9                                                           21-04-2006 12:57 AM

*Net stared at the control panel. He was alive! Alive!!! And with that thought, the
ship's reactors overloaded, causing what's best described as one of the biggest
and most powerful nuclear explosions in the history of mankind.*

Shine                                                               21-04-2006 04:53 AM

( I'M CONFUSED!!, just what ship was that, and considering the blast radius of
the world's largest nuclear explosion, the entire city would have been
molecularized if this blast happened anywhere near the rest of us. Has every non-
immortal combatant just been wiped out of the game? Somebody had better do

TheDarkPsycho                                                       21-04-2006 05:15 AM

((Sounds like a job for Superman.

Unfortunately, he's retired in Florida...I mean the man is like old!))

*DP was doing the best he could to avoid all the charms H.E. was throwing at
him...then he heard the distint sound of a reactor overheating.

He quickly dematerialized his body, ascended to his pure spirit form, then
descended into another water-suspension body a little ways away in front of the

Punching some numbers on his armband, he quickly opened up a portal
underneath the Fortress to the deepest reaches of space, and then shut it after
the reactor's of the fortress had gone through but not Net. Turning back to Hollow
Eyes, he noticed that Addman had shown up, ready to fight*

DP Alpha: Are you of you EC people suicidal these days? Please tell me I wasn't
this suicidal when I was a member!


*DP Beta was jumping from building to building trying to find Whiteoak when teh
"peace field" locked onto him. He tried dodging and weaving over and through
buildings, but the field would just go through the walls and remain on his heels.

He looked back the check where the field was, just as a rock came up ahead of
him. By the time he turned around and noticed it, it was too late, and he fell face
first onto the ground.

AS the field caught and impacted with him, the sanity and insanity began to
mingle and merge....


The two entities, one sane, one insane, were thrown back, away from each other,
both severily weakened by the explosion. Like matter and Anti-matter, some
things were not meant to mix, as the crater that was three city blocks now

When DP Beta landed, he quicly turned back into a ball of dark red light and flew
back to DP. DP then pulled out the now re-acquired Sanity Blade and prepared for
battle with who ever dared to take on the will of the flame.*

shee mon                                                               21-04-2006 08:48 AM

*Red closed her wings infront of her to block the shards of stone*
Embri, you hide again!
*she yells down at the molten rock sanctuary. seeing the oncoming attack by
Shadoveil she draws her Katanas and slices down at the side of her neck. whith a
great heave of her wings Red rises up and shoots over shadows head. she aims
anouther slice at her rump*

Shadowveil                                                             21-04-2006 09:11 AM

With catlike speed Shadowveil rolls in midair, swatting the katana aside with one
~Pitiful! You cannot out-fly me!~ As the two flyers shoot past one another,
Shadowveil lashes out at Red's face with her hind claws.


The beast with the petrified leg is dragged off its feet, snapping and snarling at
Little Sister. Its two comrades leap at her, heedless of any danger.

addman                                                                 21-04-2006 09:31 AM

*Addman pulls out another cookie grenade and throws it towards DP Alpha. The
grenade lands on the floor nearby, creating a large field of biscuit crumbs which
begin floating around in the air. This creates poor visibility as would a smoke

The muppet hoped to impair DP's vision and distract him whilst Holloweyes nailed
him with a Netdroid Charm*

Hope this helps!

*Just to be sure, Addman throws another grenade, making the cloud of crumbs
twice the size*

HisLordship                                                        21-04-2006 11:16 AM

((OOC: Marvellous, Netdroid9. Complete obliteration of the city through means of
over-powered devices through you seek to end the game. Such fun! What more
perfect way of robbing all others of fun in the city could there be than robbing
them of the city itself? I can hardly believe youth in this day and powerplay with
such ploys as these running about!))

shee mon                                                           21-04-2006 11:53 AM

((umm DP solved that problem))

3kul                                                               21-04-2006 12:58 PM

"Nicely done Addman" HollowEyes followed the lead of the SiC, zig-zaging
towards DP Alpha in the centre of the crumbs. He held a Netdroid charm in each
of his four arms, as he felt that this would increase the odds of landing a hit. If he
missed, he'd simply circle back and try again.

Little Sister, having successfully grabbed one of the laetherys by it's petrified leg,
swings it across at the other two, aiming to take them all out at once.

((Sorry about my short posts, I'm about to collapse from exhaustion though, so
I'll head off to bed now. Shadowveil, I haven't forgotten about a pic of Little
Sister, I should have it done by tomorrow (it's a little trickier than I thought :p).))

shee mon                                                           21-04-2006 04:39 PM

*Red deflects the simple attack with one of her bladed and armoured wrists and
powers verticly upwards to gain and advantage in the quickly decending dog
I can try!

Shine                                                              21-04-2006 06:30 PM

Whiteoak would have continued on down the street, blissfully unaware of
potential booby traps, but there is now a very large crater in the way.

"I summon the Ally "Scruffy"

the air sparkled and a midsized black wirehaired rat terrier appeared.
"Hey mon, I was jus gettin close to dat rat"

"I need you in your normal form now" Whiteoak said, and the dog morphed into
an oversized balck lion with a human face, dreadlocks, and a long tail with metal
spikes, and most importantly for now, large wings close folded to his body.

I'm confused about what is going on, Obed, the evil are fighting each other, the
good are as much bad as good, and I sense a new power that I cannot identify. I
need a better picture of what is going on. can we get airborne?

"Shur 'nuf little buddy, hop on." Whitoak does so.

With powerful wing beats the Lion of Judah soars into the sky and sees the battle
between Red Angel and Shadowveil.

"Hold on tight, nornling" Obed says as he joins the frey, unleashing a stream of
large hail from his mouth directed at the fire being(RedAngel)

(so, Shadowveil, what do you look like, are you a wolf or feline,
you too Red, I tried to look back but I didn't find the descriptions)

(??Any other GW folks around? and just which side are you going to be on
HisLordship? I"m having a hard time figureing the sides out, why are you EC guys
fighting DP, is he just a wildcard?)

TheDarkPsycho                                                     21-04-2006 06:42 PM

((DP was a Council member, but is under orders from his god to destroy them
now, so yes, he is a wildcard.))

shee mon                                                          21-04-2006 07:24 PM

(( Shadowveil is a griffon at the moment, and Red is an angel i.e humanoid with
*Red sees the hail as it bears down on her and crosses her swords above her
head. as the hail nears torrents of fire erupt from along her blades and form a
sheild above her, the hail hits and melts into steam but Red is forced lower and
oh, biliming heck! THREE against one now? sheesh!
*she pants, as she pushes the ice back with a tongue of flame. sheathing her
katanas she pulls out her shadow daggers and hurls one at Whiteoak and the
other at Shadowveil*

Embri                                                             22-04-2006 12:30 AM

Two molten tounges of flame, like avenging lances, shoot forth from the bubbling
ground, neatly spearing Red Angel's daggers, melting them into harmless slag. A
soaring pillar of flame flies skyward, unfurling tendrils of heat until only Embri
remains, hovering above the battlefield, not far from Whiteoak.

The unicorn casts a surprised gaze over the paladin's ...unsual mount.
"Purrrft. Now there's something you don't see everyday." Embri tosses her mane
and addresses Whiteoak's mount. "What exactly ARE you, anyway?"

"I am Embri, Guardian of Light. I serve the Great Pheonix, the Great Guardian of
Regeneration. It is my sworn duty to protect the balance of this place, for all who
live in it. Who are you? I'm afraid I don't have time for a lengthy discussion, as I
must try to prevent this war from going any farther."

With that, Embri begins to glow, her form soon becoming too bright to look at
directly. In moments, she shines like a tiny sun, impossible to watch without
becoming blind. The white hot light shimmers and swirls, until suddenly flying
outward, encompassing Red Angel instead. Embri focuses all of her formidable
kinetic stregth on holding her demonic nemesis down within the globe of light,
trying to make her fall out of the sky.

Shadowveil                                                       22-04-2006 01:16 AM

Shadowveil circles above the fight, watching Whiteoak warily. This, then, was the
source of holiness she had sensed earlier. That was the problem with fighting for
the side of good. You so often got stuck with the religious nutters...

She tried not to think about the damage this was doing to her reputation.

Shine                                                            22-04-2006 05:16 AM

Obed looked at Embri and replied in a deep booming and very loud voice:

Me, I am just a weary travellor, ma'am, cummin into town lookin for a good
cappochino and some east african food, when of a sudden all hell broke loose
around me, looked like you could use some help. This, thing on my back is my
trained monkey, jus ignor him" he said with a smile.

My name is Whiteoak," called the woodnorn "I'm sort of a scholar, and an
unemployed teacher, I like gardening, and drawing, and defending the world from
evil minions. Do you like my pet lion, his name is Obed, you should see the tricks
I've taught him, he can do every biblical plague in the book. I'm particularly fond
of the frogs, but the "angel of death" has come in handy a time or two. I'd love to
talk more, but it tends to make us easyer targets"

With that Obed banked and turned, looking about quickly incase of counter
attack. He said to Whiteoak: "Ain' she the most noble and beautiful unicorn you
ever saw?

Whiteoak answered, "Forget it Obed, we're here on a mission. Where'd that
gryphon go, I don't sense nearly as much good from her as I do the unicorn. I'd
want to know her better before before I'd trust her in a pinch."

They curved back around, but still a distance away from Shadowviel, and
Whiteoak gave her a nod and a salute. Whiteoak spoke more softly to Obed and
said: "That one, I feel, is not what she seems, I sense more to her than we have
seen so far."

They watched to see what the firey Red Angel would do about the Unicorns' light

shee mon                                                         22-04-2006 12:02 PM

((oooh! I'm your NEMISIS? cool! oh and on a side note the shadow daggers are
not made of metal but of smelted darknes, I'm sure I posted that some where...))
*As the shadow daggers are split the fragments of dark air that remain return to
their sheathes to regenerate themselves*
I dont take kindly to my weapons destruction, unicorn!
*She shouted to Embri. With the light bearing down on her and having to beat
her wingd hard to stay in the air, Red has to think fast. Dredging up an old spell
she begins to mutter*
shal kek nem ron,
kree shak bashaak nok!
*Whips of black fire lash out and put a strangle hold on the globe of light and
thrusting their way into it's core. The whips crack and tear the globe apart,
working in pairs to force the cracks wider.
A second kind of tendril emerges from Red, this time slower and more inquisitive.
They seem to be facinated by the fragments of light being hurled around. One by
one the latch on to every last peice of light and suck them dry. In moments every
last peice of light has been absorbed and the black flames stroke their mistress
before withdrawing into her body.
RedAngel, having absorded so much energy is literaly on fire. The black flames
lick all over her body and close her wounds leaving white and red lines in their
The flames begin to collect in her outstreached arms and form solid looking black
disks. With a flick Red sends them spinning towards Embri. when the leave her
hands they shimmer out of visability, only to reappear inches away from their

Shadowveil                                                       22-04-2006 12:43 PM

Embri's light spell had given Shadowveil time to prepare a spell of her own. As
she circled ever higher above the other combatants, a cold blue light begins to
gather around her wings and claws. Ice magic did not come easily to her, fire was
her element, but without distractions she could cast it.

With a flick of her wings she begins to dive. As she falls, building up speed, the
spell begins to glow brighter. It was now cold enough now to shatter steel. Now
almost entirely enveloped in the freezing fire, she falls upon Red Angel like a
vengeful comet, just as she throws the black discs.

((I posted a picture of what I look like a few pages back, if you haven't found it

netdroid9                                                        22-04-2006 01:32 PM


Originally Posted by HisLordship
((OOC: Marvellous, Netdroid9. Complete obliteration of the city through means
of over-powered devices through you seek to end the game. Such fun! What
more perfect way of robbing all others of fun in the city could there be than
robbing them of the city itself? I can hardly believe youth in this day and
powerplay with such ploys as these running about!))

((Powerplay, eh? Jeeze, I wonder if Fort got this lecture when he nearly
destroyed the multiverse. Blame him! He's a bad influence I tells ya!))

*Net stood shakilly, just happy to be alive.*

...Thankyou! Thankyou so much! I don't know how to thank you enou-What is


*Meanwhile, gears were spinning and metal fusing as the reactors brought
themselves back under control in the vacuum of space. In minutes the fort's
mainframes were back online, and with them the signs of sentience. There was a
strange clinking noise, and the fort suddenly became fluid, and reformed into a
new device. It was coloured so black that light could not escape the horror that
was it's surface. It looked at itself, the mechanical representation of a pheonix. A
fitting phenomena, it thought as it burst into flame, speeding towards the planet
it used to call home.


...What is that?

*The pheonix tilted its wings and brought itself down to land with a grace
unmatched even in Net's wildest dreams. It tilted it's head, shrugged, raised it's
neck and shot a missile into the air.

The missile was made out of a glass/florecent dye mixture that could absorb light
and concentrate it until it was the equivalent of a second sun. Fortunatly, the
glass only had green dye and was therefore harmless. It was, however, still more
blinding than staring directly at the sun for seven straight hours and then
plunging yourself in to complete and utter darkness.

In the ensuring chaos, the pheonix looks for a target. It chooses what looks to be
a unicorn and lunges, hoping to catch Embri in it's talons.*

((The pheonix means you no harm. Well, no harm yet, anyway.))

shee mon                                                         22-04-2006 02:52 PM

*Red feels the ice spell coming closer and imediatly regrets that she used the
energy she gained from Embri's attack so quickly. With no time to dodge she wips
her swords in the hope that when Shadow hits her they will do some damage to
her too. She slices in a V shape at Shadow and her blades burn with cold as the
encounter the spell. shadow hits her full in the chest and she blacks out.

Into the Icy dark.
No hope, no light,no thought, no life, no...

Red plumets to the ground, wings limp, blades tumbling out of her losened grip.*

vorodorer                                                         22-04-2006 03:03 PM

*Seph's eyes snapped open, he had blacked out again, bah he was hopeless, he
shouldnt have even ported out (Thanks jack :( ) he sighed a secound time and
wrapped the bandage limply around his arms, he put the reel in his fanged teeth
and bit hard, this would hurt, he yanked on the bandage quickly tightening it
around his arm, he heard a bone crack, he yelled a muffled cry into the bandage,
he took it out of his mouth and ripped it, he he tied it into a weird knot using his
remaining hand, it hung limp at his side, he was not one to seek aid or hide, but
he needed help, quickly, he attempted to pick his sword out of the ground untill
something caught his eye, a ball of fire fell from the sky, with a slight blue trickle
following it, he wondered what it was, but it contained dimming power, he moved
a leg and heard it crack, he yelled sharply in pain and anger, he hated being so
helpless, his eyes closed and he blacked out again*

HisLordship                                                       22-04-2006 04:14 PM

Wrenching himself completely free of his terrestrial prison, The bird surveyed
around him with all of the senses he was endowed.

So much had happened. So much conflict, so much betrayal, so much change.
Transformis ab cessis, a certain learned brain thought. One must bend in the
storm or break in its passing.

His night vision could not penetrate the unnatural fog any better than a toothpick
could penetrate a brick, but this did not matter to the old bird. His scalpel-sharp
hearing could sharply cut through the miasma to unmask the treasures and traps
it concealed, and his down-tipped feathers, despite their apparently coarse
appearance, were as sensitive to air movements as they were silent. Although his
sense of smell was pathetic – out of the entire bird kingdom the turkey vulture
and kiwi were the only two specimens which could truthfully state otherwise – he
nevertheless could note some subtle things about him that others would most
likely miss.

He pumped his wings, and took to the night. His wings hung on the air like leaves
gliding on the surface tension of the pond. He was effortless and free, an agent of
his own devices and whims. How I thrive on this. No bureaucracy, no legalism, no
Councillary regulations or the fetters of any false pretext of political loyalty.

He strained his hearing. He could hear sparks and clattering, conflict flying
through the air, polluting his repose. Closing his eyes, he attempted to visualize
the combatants. Crackling flame, whinnying of bravado- a unicorn. And the
flapping of wings amidst grunts of exertion- an angel. Scooping the sound closer
into his brain, he added to the images. A phoenix approaches. And – a lion
bearing a norn? He inwardly laughed.
What is this world, if full of care – we have no time to stand and stare.

He veered away, settling to perch upon an unscathed tree nearby. Despite being
night-impossible to outright kill, he nevertheless found himself ill-suited to
physical combat. He would wait, and listen.

((OOC: What side am I on? What a preposterous thing to ask! What side is the
sun on, Shine? The moon? Where does the sky stand on the issue of the battle?
Are the stars partisan to a particular faction? I am not one who takes to the
notion of nationalities, boundaries, possessions. Look to my past, Shine, and you
will find some affiliations with various groups. Yet am I dead-set in allegiance to
such organizations? Or am I simply trying to ensure a long-term plan of survival?
What side am I on? The one that suits me best, the one I will forever be on: my

shee mon                                                              22-04-2006 07:15 PM

* Drowning!
The darkness clutches,
The cold crushes,
No air!
No warmth,
No fire,
No flame,
Bitter lonelyness,
So empty,

panther385                                                            22-04-2006 10:36 PM

Taekri's resting form graced the bottom of an unscathed tree. Her purple locks
delicatley intertwined around her face, hiding the darkness that resided in those


Panthe bowed to Addman, grinning. Kiri nodded as well, equally pleased with the
outcome of their assisstance. Panther started walking off when Kiri hissed. A deep
growl erupted from her jaws.
"What is it Kiri?" Panther inquired. The repptilian mammoth began to stalk in the
direction of several creatures.
"Eh? A lion, a norn, a unicorn? What the.....?"
Panther climbed up Kiri's aqua spikes onto her back. The morpher patted the
Time Dragon and they flew upwards.

Shadowveil                                                            23-04-2006 04:05 AM

Red's swords shatter as they hit the ice spell. Shadowveil dives through the cloud
of steel shards, not noticing the pain as the freezing fragmets cut across her
wings. Pulling out of the dive, she lets loose a gryphonic shriek. Victory!


The laetherys are sent flying as their comrade is swung into them with bone-
crushing force. Within moments they are up, leaping once again at their
troublesome prey.

Shine                                                           23-04-2006 05:43 AM

Whiteoak and Obed cheered and roared for joy as they watched Embri's and
Shadowveil's 1-2 punch knock the RedAngel to the dust and defeat, but suddenly
they were all engulfed in a blinding ball of light.

"Where did that come from?" Whiteoak asked Obed

"Above, somewhere, is my best guess..." replied the leonine being,

He tipped his face upwards and opened his fanged mouth, and a hissing sucking
sound poured forth, but that which would normally produce "darkness and
shadows upon the land" was not nearly strong enough to eliminate the light flash.
It did, however, allow them recover sight sooner than they might have otherwise.

Through squinted eyes, they saw the "phoenix" structure/craft swooping towards
Embri with talons outstrecthed.

Whiteoak began to unstrap his staff, but Obed called "hold on nornling" and with
a whip of the metal spiked tail he threw a massive lightning bolt towards the
"head" of the "phoenix". The lion declared, "If its technical, that should play
games with its electrical systems."

Whiteoak pulled the staff into position, set the inertial dampers and attempted to
lock a short term burst of the tractor beam onto Embri, hoping to move her out of
the path of the "phoenix's" talons.

Suddenly, Whiteoak tipped his head to oneside and said: "Bad news my friend,
two new and strongly malevolent presences have just entered the range of my
empathic perceptions, I fear we are about to have new adversaries, we are
severly outnumbered.

HisLordship                                                     23-04-2006 07:04 AM

((OOC: Do not assume me a villain, Shine. Just because I joined groups to save
myself from a life of experimentation doesn't neccessarily make me a pawn of
said groups. I take care of myself. Is that bad? In a world that has no concern for
one's own well-ebing, someone ought to be worried about keeping oneself as
their own agent. The only someone I can absolutely depend on for that is

Embri                                                           23-04-2006 04:43 PM

Without their mistresses guidance, the black disks crumple and fade away.

"Sacrilige!" Embri screamed, trying to tear free of the tractor beam that gripped
her to attack the shadow pheonix. She glares up at the monstrously large
construct, no light of earth or sky strong enough to block her sight. "How dare
you defile the sacred form of the Great Protector?!?! Know this; it will NOT be
Engraged, the flame unicorn glows fiercely, becoming a pillar of light which
reaches towards the heavens, followed by a sound like the deepest boom of
thunder you've ever heard. The very skies seem to tear themselves apart as
Embri's light fades, and a ball of fire detaches itself from the sun to descend onto
the earth.

A great bird comes into focus, its wings immensely wide, seeimg to span the
entire sky, and with plumage shining in all seven colours of the rainbow, a
vertiable prisim of hues. Gouts of flame follow in its wake, like contrails. Before
you is a beast of legend, the Greater Pheonix.

"HRROOOOOOOHHHH - OOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!" It's cry shakes everything
arround it to the very core. With blazing speed far beyond what any earthly
creature could possess, the great bird interposes itself between Embri and the
dark pheonix, grappling talon to talon, deadly meter long claws of shining
diamond attempting to rend it's opponent. The pheonix's beak, easily in excess of
10 meters, stabs at the unnatural construct with terrible force. Immense waves of
heat roll off of its body, making Embri's fire seem like a candle in comparision.
The entire battlefield is blanketed in a red orange glow from the Pheonix's fire.

Knowing her own powers of little use to her patron, Embri folds her wings and
drops down to the ground below, snapping them open again and backwinging just
before hitting the earth. The little fire horse spots a familiar form lying on the
ground. With slow steps, she approaches the humanoid. Crumpled and broken,
wings twisted beneath her, Red Angel lies completely still. An expression of grief
and loss crosses Embri's face.

"What have we done?" She whispers, reaching down to nudge the demoness's
arm. "This isn't what was supposed to be. Instead of preserving the balance, it is
I who have destroyed it." Tears form in Embri's amber eyes roll down her velvet
nose to splash wetly onto Red Angel.

"I have .... failed."

Raising her head to gaze at the Pheonix battling above, Embri calls "What are we
fighting for? If this continues, all that wil result is more pain, more death, more
suffering. I cannot stop this war." Embri returns her gaze to the body at her
hooves. Her choice is made quickly.

Embri rolls Red Angel over onto her back as carefully as she can. Focusing her
power inward, she concentrates. Deftly, with the tip of her horn, she slices away
the fabric from Red Angels chest, baring the pasty flesh below.

The fire unicorn closes her eyes, rearing up on her hind legs. Horn glowing with
brilliant light, she tips her head down and plunges it through Red Angel's chest,
piercing her heart.

"Fire to fire."
A corona of flame surrounds the two beings.
"Heart to heart."
Embri's knees buckle, her vision beginning to blur.
"Life... to .. life."

As the last words slip from her mouth, Red Angel gasps a rattling breath, her
eyes flying open. Embri's legs fail, and she crumples down onto the earth, her
horn sliding out of Red Angel's chest. The wound closes over almost immediately,
leaving not a mark. With a sigh, Embri closes her eyes a faint smile on her equine
lips. Her head lays across Red Angels lap, the eddying winds cause the fire
unicorns' mane to flicker weakly, and gently stir the tips of her feathered wings.


shee mon                                                         23-04-2006 06:01 PM

((wow! i was wondering how i could get out of that one without powerplaying ;)
*With a gasp, Red's chest heaves and she roles over onto her side, coughing and
spluttering. the fire spreads through her veins and she sits up. the unicorns noble
head rests on her lap.*
*Vauge memories flit through her conciousness;
...suffering. I cannot stop this war... to fire... to life...*
you... you saved me...
*she brushes Embri's fiery mane away from her closed eyes*
wake up, please wake up
*Red couldnt care less that her armour was torn open at the front or that her
beloved swords are lying in pieces a few yards away. all she cares about is the
beautifull creature to whom she owes her life. she sits there, cradiling her elegant
head in her arms, and praying for her to wake up.*

Embri                                                            23-04-2006 06:43 PM

"Murrumph." Embri sighs, her nostrils dilating and contracting, lips nibbling on
invisible grass.

"You .... up 'n .... kicking?" The fire horse mumbles at Angel.
"Don't worry 'bout me..... won't get rid .... so easy....." *cough* A shiver runs
down Embri's body as she switches to mindspeech.

~I hope you're not planning on carving me up again, since it'll hurt you just as
much as it would me.~

Not sensing any comprehension from Red Angel, Embri "grabs" her mental focus
and takes the demoness inside her own dark psyche.
~Here.~ A presence surrounds them; a triple beat. ~This is you. It is also me.~
The "sounds" resolve themselves into two heartbeats, one humanoid, one equine,
intertwined into a single rhythm. ~Whatever happens to you, will happen to me.
We are of one heart, now, though not one mind.~ Amusement at that thought
permeates Embri's mindtouch. Gently, the unicorn releases her "hold" on Angel's

~Guess you're stuck with me now, Lady of Shadows.~

Embri presses her head against Angel's chest, her warm breath puffing out her
nostrils, and she sighs. A strange sensation creeps over Angel, one she does not
readily recognize. Love. Pure, unconditional, simple affection, without demand,
without expectations, from the most unlikely of sources; the fire horse who once
called her foe.

shee mon                                                            23-04-2006 06:55 PM

~it wont be so bad~
*she leans down and kisses Embri's creamy cheek.*
~not bad at all...~
*she puts her hand on the unicorns neck and she can feel Embri's heart beating
in time with her own*
what unlikely freinds we shall make.
*she whispers. shifting her hands round she pushes Embri's shoulder up and rolls
her onto her chest*
~come on, up! get up, freind. this is still a battle field, it would not do well to
linger here~
*as she says this one of the phoenixes gives a great cry and Red's sense of
urgency crosses the link between them*

Embri                                                               23-04-2006 07:10 PM

~Do not fear for the Great Protector~ Embri sends calmly at Angel as she gets
back onto her hooves, first front legs, then back. ~He is immortal, and timeless,
older than even the Earth below us.~ Embri looks up at the Pheonix with great

"Still, you are right. It is not wise to linger on the battlefield. Let's be on our way,
shall we?" Embri shakes out her mane and tail, and streches her wings, poised to
take flight.

shee mon                                                            23-04-2006 07:55 PM

*Eased by Embri's words Angel readies for flight, glad to see her on her hoves.
she shudders her wings and the dust shakes off,
~I will not fear him if you do not.~ Red feels the fire horses affection for the
phoenix and smiles. beating her wings she springs into the air and glids over to
where her swords lie. gathering up the pieces she puts them in her sheathes to
repair later. walking back to Embri she runs her hands over her other weapons to
check their soundness. finding everything in order she returns to her new found
freind and lifts off.*

Goliath_Bird_Eater                                                  23-04-2006 10:48 PM

Suddenly, in the middle of the battle field, a strange blue and green hue starts to
form, almost like a teleportation is taking place. There is no noise, but anyone in
the battlefield at this time would feel just only a slight bit weaker. Their
conscience would make them think about all of their wrong doings. It would only
last briefly.

The general feeling of life would feel strange, as this prescence arrived. The hues
combine, and in a blue and green flash, a green being stands. He is wearing a
white robe with white clothing. A white turban like hat adorns his head.
His eyes closed, he lifts his head up, and tries to feel the spirit of this place, and
he can feel it disapating. Opening his eyes, a gruff voice booms out, and anyone
hearing it, would feel like they're talking to more than a spirit or God, but actually
speaking to life itself...

"Stooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop! This is madness. YOU dare to pollute
this place with your petty wars and arguments. Can you not deal diplomatically?!
I will tolerate this fighting no more!


His eyes finally open, as he levitates upwards, and slowly spinning around, his
cape flapping in the wind. Around him, the green and blue hue shimmer, almost
as if something is being drawn from the Earth itself...

((This is Earth Guardian BTW. Info on link below))


Over a slightly distant hill, a strange silvery cloud begins to form. Except it was
moving with unerring speed. As it gets nearer, it's visible that there is a leader at
the front.

As they get closer, they all land. There must be at least 50, what looks like,
robots. Their leader, Collator, turns and studies them, "Pistol's attack!". The 50
strong robot army takes off and start firing energy balls into the battlefield,
charged by solar power.

Collator claps his metallic hands together, and beneath his mask, grins.

Shadowveil                                                        23-04-2006 10:49 PM

Startled by the sudden appearence of the Phoenix, Shadowveil veers away from
the battlefield, landing in the branches of a tall oak tree. She watches as Embri
revives Red Angel. What is she doing?. Realisation slowly dawned. A life-force
link? Shaking her head at the strangeness of this war, she suddenly winces.
Reaching over, she pulls a splinter of steel from her wing.

She flexes her wings a few times. The cuts stung, but there seemed to be no
major damage. Leaping from the tree she flies after Embri and Red, keeping low
to the ground.

((Perhaps now I need to explain the character a bit more. Now she has defeated
you, Red, she sees no point in killing you, unless you give her a reason. It is hard
to say whether she is good or evil, as her personality is quite unlike that of a
human. She can be very unpredictible. If she comes across a fight, and she has
no reason to take one side over the other, she will quite often take the side of the

netdroid9                                                         23-04-2006 11:38 PM
Pheonix: ...Great... This is all I need. Now I've got two elementals on my ass.

*The protector's beak plunges into the Pheonix's body, and yet has no effect

Pheonix: I am a machine, my metals modified by radiation. I do not feel pain,
and I cannot be easilly destroyed.

*The bird shoots another piece of glowing glass, and amid the blast of light
promptly disappears. It reforms behind Hollow Eyes and Little Sister.*

Pheonix: ...But I can be destroyed. So I do what I must to survive, as does
everyone else.

*The Pheonix attempts to absorb Little Sister into the prison that is his internal

Shadowveil                                                           23-04-2006 11:41 PM

((Little Sister is not in this fight , she is some distance away))

Embri                                                                24-04-2006 02:05 AM

The Great Pheonix separates from its dark counterpart, and speaks


The great bird seems to consider, jeweled eyes reflecting an alien inteligence.


The Protector rises, trailing ribbons of flame and rainbows. It circles the dark
construct, subtley weaving light and shadow into a new form.

3kul                                                                 24-04-2006 05:11 AM

((Net, as Shadowveil said, Little Sister is nowhere near HollowEyes. Atm
HollowEyes and Addman are fighting DP in a cloud of cookie dust, and Little Sister
is fighting the Laetherys in some alleyway somewhere in Forumopolis. For now,
I'll have to ignore you trying to eat her, since it really doesn't make sense

Little Sister was irritated - there was nothing worse than an enemy that wouldn't
stay down. She could only rely on her own abilities, since she had no talent for
magic like HollowEyes did, but they usually served her well enough. She decided
a quick change in tactics was in order. This time, she sharpened her hair into
finely thin blades and lashed out in many directions - if they were hit by any one
of the strands, it would slice through them like wire.
Shine                                                            24-04-2006 09:28 PM

Whiteoak and Obed soar down to where Shadowveil landed and address her:

"Did you see that Unicorn?, that was a classy move, no?" I hope that it doesn't
back fire on her, I don't know if I'd link my self to something so essentially evil,
but maybe the unicorn can be a moderating inluence on that. I'm hungry, and
what we've got for MREs leaves a lot to be desired. I saw a coffee shop that was
kinda busted up but they might serve us. If they gotta rebuild they could use the
business" Whiteoak said

Obed interupted- Forgive my frien' noble gryphon, sometime when he is excited
he talks like jah speed demon, although truth be, I would about kill for a steak
sanwich myself. Dere is no need to linger on jah battle feild, those two great birds
can take care of themselves for the moment, and my frien' tells me there is a
dragon on dhe way. Are you from aroun here?, perhaps you can fill us in on
happenin's and we can plan stratgies. We just arrived, we had been told that your
town was attacked without provocation and needed some help. Seems like dere is
som strange gon's on, the oddest most collection of beings I'v ever seen
gathering in one place.
By the way, I'm Obed, from Dar es Salaam originally, but that was a long time
ago. My friend is Whiteoak, he's a norn, and then some"

Whiteoak smiles and bows slightly, and says: And you are?

Shadowveil                                                       24-04-2006 11:08 PM

Shadowveil tilts her head in a slight bow, keeping her eyes on the norn and
manticore. ~I have many names in many worlds, but you might call me
Shadowveil. I am a traveller across the dimensions, a freelance fighter.~

~I know little more than you about this war. It seems a group called the Evil
Council has attacked the city, I do not know their reasons. But one of their
number has turned against them.~

~I heard his declaration of war. "Let it be known to the Council of Evil: the flame
god Rafrika has sentenced you to death, and his servant has come to execute his
order!" It would seem our opponents have been incautious with their choice of

Now she fixes Whiteoak with a cold and piercing gaze. Time to see if he was ally
or enemy. In the blink of an eye she shapeshifts back to human form. Unfurling
her wings, her eyes glittering with emerald fire. "And as for the dragon... you can
leave that to me."

((In human form she appears with short black hair, black armour (mostly
chainmail and leather, with plate across the chest), and dragonlike black wings
made of solid shadow, so they are slightly transparent. Anyone observant will see
that although she looks human, she is clearly not. Alas, I lack the skill to draw

Shine                                                            25-04-2006 05:04 AM
Obed grins, and says to Shadowviel: "Impressive, good lady. How many forms
have you? I'm working in those areas myself, I was originally a Lion, captured in
Ethiopia. I was kept and trained by King Solomon the wise. For good service and
with special training I was allowed to develop beyond my origins."

He sparkles and becomes a mid-sized black wirehaired rat terrier.

Whiteoak says: Thats "Scruffy", especailly good for espionage.

The dog shifts into a fair sized white dove, who flies, trailing a rainbow refraction
behind it, and dissappears.

Whiteoak says next: "The dove he calls Graciella, right now he's probably either
amoebic dysentery or ebola fever, or something of the like, he's developed a
knack for the plague type things."

Obed reappears. "I'm currently working on aquatic creatures. I've got the
enhanced sturgeon fairly well, but I'm having a bit of trouble with the Orca. Ever
since discovering prehistory, I've had a fascination for say a wooly mammoth, or
the everpopluar T-Rex, but adding that much mass I find difficult."

"Say" says Whiteoak "Speaking of size, If you are actually going after the Dragon,
I've, um, "borrowed" the Sword of St. George, its in my arsenal, you want to
borrow it?" he pulls a small handheld device and starts to scroll down a list.
"Compressed molecular storage device," he says indicating the object in his hand.
"It's a single handed, two sided sword with a unique alloy to the blade that
causes the flesh of dragons to rot, doing extra damage. but it's kinda big for me,
I have to use two hands, and I'm slow. The only thing is , I absolutely have to get
it back. It's not actually on my approved list. Obed has high enough clearance,
but as you see, he lack opposable thumbs, so, I'm not exactly sure that we're
really supposed to have it. Want to use it?" with a push of the button, it
materializes on the ground before him. "Also there is a switch on the handle that
activates a force field with a five foot radius from around the blade plate that
deflects flames coming to the front, but don't get caught from behind with it on,
it's been know to trap the flames into a ball around you. You interested?"

Shadowveil                                                        25-04-2006 05:42 AM

Shadowveil eyes the sword with distaste. "No, I really think not. There are better
ways to deal with dragons, if you know how."

netdroid9                                                         25-04-2006 07:45 AM


Originally Posted by 3kul
((Net, as Shadowveil said, Little Sister is nowhere near HollowEyes. Atm
HollowEyes and Addman are fighting DP in a cloud of cookie dust, and Little
Sister is fighting the Laetherys in some alleyway somewhere in Forumopolis. For
now, I'll have to ignore you trying to eat her, since it really doesn't make sense
((Whoops, sorry. Ignore my post then.))

Pheonix: Alive? 'Tis just a matter of definition. Now, I must ask you a question:
What gives you the right to protect the 'balance', to say what is and isn't allowed?
Or are you a mere slave as I once was, being controlled by a 'divine' force? Tell
me, do you know anything of a being called... 'Refika'?

((Is it just me, or is Refika playing a big part in this RP?))

Embri                                                            25-04-2006 04:02 PM

The Great Pheonix looks exasperated, regarding the dark form below it with
whirling jeweled eyes; wings clapping like thunder, the Great Protector rises into
the sky.





shee mon                                                         25-04-2006 04:52 PM

~he is a formibable ally, sister, though by my knowledge ally is not the right
word, correct?~
*Red asks as they fly to a safe distance.*

panther385                                                       25-04-2006 07:48 PM

Taekri had spotted Kiri. The canine's green shape dissipated, only to appear
several feet away. She kept this up until she appeared near Panther's landing


"Mmm, so the Great Pheonix has decided to grace us with his precence.
Wonderful." Panther mumbled sarcasticaly.
"Oh give it a rest. Look, there's the Lion and norn I saw earlier. Wanna say hi to a
fellow feline, Panther?"
"Holy Sh- Kiri, recognize that sword?"
Kiri's large pupils dialated, scanning the sword's every detail. "Don't worry,
remember, I'm a Time Dragon! "

Embri                                                            25-04-2006 08:53 PM
~Correct, heartsister - The Great Pheonix is my patron. I serve the Balance under
his guidance. Like my sibs, the other two Lesser Guardians, I go where the Great
Protector cannot. As you can see, a bird the size of a large apartment building
tends to be somewhat...obvious.~

*Embri lands on a tall building, a short distance from the battlefield which used to
be a park.*

"I do not doubt my patron, but I do hope this turns out well. That dark creature
holds a terrible power, one I fear untempered by emotion or personal ties."

shee mon                                                          25-04-2006 09:02 PM

*Red lands lightly next to her heartsister. she rests her hand on the firehorses
shoulder and nodds
~emotions can be powerfull weapons and weaknesses, it is wise to remember
Red sits on the edge of the building and watches the two birds fight, she is
confused, normaly such violence would be irrelevant to her but now she feels
sorrow that things have changed*

Embri                                                             25-04-2006 09:17 PM

~I fear that my own feelings are rubbing off on you, Red Angel, as you are on
me. One creature of dark, one creature of light. Will we both become creatures of
dusk, neither day nor night?~

netdroid9                                                         26-04-2006 02:15 AM

Pheonix: Perhaps, perhaps not. I for one thrive on war. It is interesting, however,
that you wish to maintain balence and yet ignore the ones who threaten it most.
Tell me, what sort of thing affects your so-called 'balance'? Does this?

*A nearby forest explodes in a ball of flame.*

Shadowveil                                                        26-04-2006 03:01 AM

The laetherys charged through the storm of blades, not caring that they were
being cut to pieces. They crashed into Little Sister, tearing at her, trying to drain
the life force they so hungered for.

((Yikes, its been two pages since I posted in this fight. You have probably
guessed by now that the laetherys have never heard of a thing called "tactics".
They are really pretty dumb creatures))

Shine                                                             26-04-2006 05:44 AM

Whiteoak said to Shadowveil: "Suit yourself..." and reached down with the
handheld device and touched it to the sword, then pushed a button and the sword
shrank up into the "storage device."

He continued, "If there are other ways we can assist in this defense let us know,
thats what we're here for."

Suddenly, Obed sniffed the air and looked in the direction of Panther and the
Dragon. His eyes passed over the eyes of the Panther without staring directly into
them. He gave his dreadlocks a shake. Then he walked in their direction, sort of,
circled around to the side of the Panther, several feet away and on the side away
from the dragon thing, turned and looked in the direction the Panther was
looking, his tail waved calmly behind him. He looked at her nonchalantly and
looked away, saying: " 'ello, do you live here? I am Obed, dhe Lion ov Judah, I
am no threat to you if you do no threaten me, I am here to help defend the
town." He turned to face her, looking at her, but not stareing into her eyes. (but
every now and then watched quite carefully the eyes of the dragon.)

While Obed was going through his feline introduction/territorial stuff, Whiteoak
studied the surroundings, preparing to be cover for his ally if necessary, he had
unslung the staff from his back, and let it hang parralel to the ground with the
diamond blade end facing the newcomers, he subtily turned on the lazer
electonics, and continued to visually scan the area. He noticed a large bird in a
tree some distance away, but it was mostly hidden in the branches and he could
not make out what kind it was. Large enough to be a predator, but he could not
see it clearly. He was also watching the dragon. As it had not made any
threatening moves, there was no reason to be aggressive, but he didn't trust
dragons. He wished he hadn't been so hasty about storing the sword.

He also kept an eye on Shadowveil. Its never a good idea to turn your back on a
being with the powers he had just seen her use in battle, even if she appeared to
be on the same side as you, until you knew her better.

panther385                                                        26-04-2006 06:00 PM

Kiri landed with a loud thump! She reptile cautiously watched the norn's staff.
Nice staff you have there, young norn. the reptile commented through
Panther lept off Kiri's back, landng on all fours on the earth. Her form began to
grow taller, the tail thickening and twisting until it resembled the back end of a
tiger. Her feet turned into tiger's paws, a black hued fur rippling from the tiger
end up to her face. Now she seemed to be a Centuar, albeit feline.
"No. I am Panther, a Shifter of Forms and Summoner of Beasts. From Judah eh?
she glanced at the Great Pheonix and it's dark, mechanical counterpart.
"Do you know what he's doing here?"

Taekri watched the dragon and it's morphing rider land. She watched Panther
shift to a tigertaur, and Kiri watch the norn's staff.
So it is her.... This'll be good.... . The creature of Darkness slinked towards the
shadows, preparing to use some major magic.

Embri                                                             26-04-2006 07:14 PM
~SUCH A SHOW OF POWER~ The Protector replies with great distain. With a flick
of a wing, the fires vanish, extinguished with barely a thought.

With a lazy, rolling dive, the Light Pheonix soars over the ashen forest, tiny
sparkling motes falling from it's wings. Where each lands, a new tree springs up,
growing to maturity in seconds. The ground overflows with life, new plants and
animals blossiming from the former ruins. Where once there was a sparse, dull
landscape, now shines a thousand shades of emerald green.

YOU.~ The Great Pheonix tips its head towards the dark bird.

~EMBRI, COME TO ME.~ The Great Pheonix commands.

vorodorer                                                        26-04-2006 07:31 PM

*Seph eyes opened slowly for the third time, all this shouting had woken him up,
when he thought about what had happened...he...he was fuming.... he wanted
blood, and he wanted it now...he would rip...and tear...then devour anything that
got in his way, he got up, grimaced because of his wounds, only adding to his
frustration, he had gone beserk and the bloodlust had taken over him, last person
to do that ended up in little scraps in a matchbox, he laughed insanely, he drew
his Crescent Blades, he clicked the button on the hilt and smiled evilly and the
moons twisted a few degrees and slid down the blade to act as Hook-swords, he
swung them around once and walked back into the battlefield*

shee mon                                                         26-04-2006 09:25 PM

*Red heard the Phoenix's command and has the urge to obey, but she desists, it
is not her place to.
instead she forces herself to remain seated. she unstrapps her sword shoulder
belts and surveys the dammage, shattered blades with very few pices missing
and intact hilts. she lays the swords out and concentraits, she sends her mind
down the blade, ensuring that every pice is ligned up exactly befere forcing the
blades to rebond.
She puts the two repaired blades back in their sheathes and walks to the edge of
the roof. looking out over the battle field she sees Seph and hears him laugh.
ah... she thinks someone is going to go home in a box tonight...
she grins and sits down to watch and stay out of the way.*

netdroid9                                                        27-04-2006 03:36 AM

Pheonix: ...Pah, I've never been one for riddles. I've made my decision, you
won't last the night. Your evil 'balance' will be no more. Say goodbye to your
followers, and then prepare for the sanctity of death.

Narmie                                                           27-04-2006 05:15 AM

((I say its bean a long time since I’ve posted on this but I’m going to start

*Conteris looked around, “Were was ever body?” he wondered. Slowly and
painfully he pushed him self up. The smell of burnt flesh was every ware, then he
remembered that Pronto had fire balled him in the back. Limping he wondered
around looking for a place to rest.*

*Pronto was not far from Shadowveil ready to strike. He shot a huge fire ball at
her all the time keeping it in his grasp with mental powers so that it would follow
her to death.*

Shadowveil                                                       27-04-2006 05:33 AM

The fireball hits Shadowveil, doing no damage at all. She turns to see what this
new distraction is. Seeing Pronto, she flings a lightning bolt at him, then turns
back to Kiri and Panther.

vorodorer                                                        27-04-2006 05:40 AM

*Seph stood his ground and looked upwards, he surveyed the scene, big birds or
something seemed to be arguing, he shook his head, let em argue, more roast
dinner afterwards.... Seph's bloodlust had let him pick up faint heat traces, yet
one was a lot wider than the others, and it had wings though she seemed to be
resting, best not kick when down, he looked around the battlefield, a fireball shot
from one person, he could not tell who, straight into the back of another, that
seemed a little low..., he turned his attention to the person resting, he scanned
her on the 5 planes his bloodlust had given him, on the 4th he saw she had
power, he smiled revealing fanged teeth, as she slowly walked over to her*

shee mon                                                         27-04-2006 07:14 AM

((is that me? i'll assume it is for now, correct me if you had someone else in
*Red watched seph approach and got slightly worried, he always liked someone
with powers... she hailed him*
Seph! old freind, how goes the fight for you?
*she is successful in keeping a tremor of fear out of her voice. in her current
condition it would be a hard fight. she gets down off the parapet of the building
and draws her swords behind it, out of the vampires line of sight. she walks back
into view, still conceiling her weapons, just in case he is still in some control of
himself, it is not wise to show fear of a vampire. she waits for him to answer her
question, or make his move.*

vorodorer                                                        27-04-2006 12:21 PM

*Seh stopped about a metre from her, he clipped his Crescent Blades to his belt,
the metal clasps locked shut, he heard a slight "shing" of a weapon being drawn,
he smiled*

Are you going to attack me?
*He noticed a few things*

The way you walk, and the way you speak, you are weak... wounded, and a

Your breathing is too quick to be calm, lest you show fear of me...

*He laughs*

I was out, Give me an assesment, what has happened?

Embri                                                           27-04-2006 12:30 PM

Dark Pheonix: ...Pah, I've never been one for riddles. I've made my decision, you
won't last the night. Your evil 'balance' will be no more. Say goodbye to your
followers, and then prepare for the sanctity of death.


*Embri launches herself skyward, approaching her patron.*

The Great Protector gazes down at the tiny unicorn who hovers hearby, awaiting
her summons.


*The fire unicorn arches her neck in acknowledgment.*


A tendril of fire ribbons away from the Pheonix's wing, wrapping itself around and
into the fire horse.

~Red Angel?~ Embri queries, ~My balance? You're not ... angry?~



~I will not forget.~ Embri dives down, away from the two great birds, returning
to Angel's side. She looks about in confusion for a moment, as her heartsister is
not where she left her. A wave of subdued panic echos through her link, and
Embri shot towards Angel.

~What frightens you?~ She sends, identifying the strange vampire as the source
of Red Angels fear almost at the same instant. Something new inside of Embri
awakens. Like a sixth sense, she reaches out towards the shadowy figure. ~So
cold....such need, a great hunger...~

Unbidden, the Pheonix's power awoke in Embri, reaching out to fill the need. ~If
it is power you seek,~ Embri sent, ~Then come and take what is freely given,
Lord of Shadows.~

netdroid9                                                      27-04-2006 12:51 PM

Pheonix: You pretend to be good and I evil when, in fact, our positions are
reversed. Your balance requires death, war, famine, disease. Pretend the balance
doesn't exist, for just a moment even. Together we could remove those hateful
things from the universe for all eternity! They were put in place to help the
universe evolve, and now that it has, they are useless. They were never intended
to last as long as they have, 'protector'. Come, do your job, protect those that
actually need protecting.

Embri                                                          27-04-2006 01:23 PM




shee mon                                                       27-04-2006 03:55 PM

*Red is relived by Seph's words, he intends her no harm as it seems. The return
of Embri from her exchange also eases her nerves. She returns her swords to
their rightful place and relaxes somewhat.
~do not fret Heartsister I was wrong to fear. He is cold, but that comes of being
dead, and the hunger well...~
She sends across the link a picture of Seph smiling and revealing his vampiric
teeth. All the same she cannot resist the temptation to bury her face in the
unicorn’s rich, fiery mane and does so, breathing her sweet scent. She turns to
Seph, still with one arm around Embri's neck*
Much of the fighting has stopped, the two phoenixes take up much of the battle
field. The only battle remaining is that between The Dark Lord Psycho and the
Norn creature. I know you heard about DP's declaration of war, HollowEyes and
Addman still endeavor to halt his progress.

vorodorer                                                      27-04-2006 04:01 PM

*Seph's face drops, he looks angry, he points towards Embri*

Do not flirt with spirits lest ye wish to join them...

You are linked now, yes? What a stupid thing to do...

*He unclasped the Crescent blades and look upwards towards the great birds*
Hmph, One of Ying, and one of Yang...

And you, Embri... You are inbued with the one of light, Correct?

Then you an I are most different, and i am afraid if the time comes.... I may have
to kill you....

*He sits down and pulls out a packet, he sticks a dark straw into it and sucks out
a red liquid*

shee mon                                                         27-04-2006 05:37 PM

If you would kill her, you would kill me. I will NOT let that happen, do not be so
flippant with your words vampire. Silver is not so far away.
*she casts around for a moment and finds a seam of silver ore along with
innumerable pieces of silver cutlery and jewelry in the city. She knows, however
weak she is, that she can make a weapon. Her emotions are fueled by his
threatening Embri and these thoughts are somewhat overbearing but she is right;
she could make a silver weapon in moments.*

vorodorer                                                        27-04-2006 08:12 PM

*He laughs slightly*


The myths are overated...

*He reaches near his neck and pulls of something with a chink, he sighs and
looks at it for a secound, he holds it up into the light, it is a cross, undoubtedly
silver, he stands up and looks directly into Shee Mon's eyes, he grinds his teeth a

The first person to die in my arms gave me this...

My so called.... Kin... did it for me, do you know how it felt to watch her have her
throat torn out infront of you?

Didnt think so....

*He returns to his dark mood and throws the empty packet over his shoulder, he
sighs and clips it back onto his neck, he sat down and emptied a black box,
numerous glasses and vials fell out, he begins mixing things from vials and such*

Sywyn                                                            27-04-2006 08:29 PM

((im going to start using another character i made a while back and just recently
finished working out now))

As the fighting continues a dark figure watches from atop a tall building, he has
long black shoulder length hair, and his eyes gleam yellow in the dimming light,
his skin is pale and he appears to be very young in age possably in his late teens
or early twentys, in actuality he is much, much older, he is clad in loose black
clothing that seems to flow with the wind as it blows, and straped to his back is a
katana, about 3 feet in length, the blade of which is black with golden markings,
and the hilt is wraped in blood red leather. The figure stands showing that he
himself is around 5 1/2 feet tall, he flexes his hands showing his pearl white
claws, his pointed ears twitch a bit, then he turns and walks towards the stairs
"this could get intresting..."

Shine                                                            27-04-2006 08:44 PM

Whiteoak maintains conscious awareness of his surroundings, but called to mind
the images and influences of the four cardinal archangels, says to himself: 'earth,
air, fire, and water surround me, wisdom, reason, will, and emotion surround me,
the ground beneath me,the spirit above me, all will keep me safe.' and a spiritual
energy field forms around him: 'The push, the pull, that which goes out, that
which comes in, for every action there is an equal an opposite reaction, the tao
brings the way into equilibrium, that which I would will to send, I must be willing
to receive'. and he chuckles to himself.

His perceptions expand to fill the energy field, he becomes aware of the crazy
spirit, still struggling with its antagonists, he senses something avain, watching;
he senses the strong wills of the phoenixs in contest; and something new, a great
hungering evil that reaks of death. Most of those who surround him on the field
are such a mix of good and evil that he is still not sure which side most of them
are really on, but since they have not attacked him, he feels them no ill will. From
somewhere he does sense an agressive intent, he cannot tell the direction or the
target, but someone is prepareing to do harm to someone, He tries to
consentrate on it so as to be ready to respond.

Obed began to address those in hearing: "Who is here to attack the city and who
is here to defend it? Let those of us who would defend it work together and repell
the invaders that we may each return to our chosen persuits."

It was then that Shadowveil was hit with the fireball, and parried with the
lightening bolt. Obed momentarily took his eyes off of Panther and Kiri, and
sought out the attacker.

Whiteoak felt the attack and the parry, but this was only part of what he had
sensed, there was another attack still being contemplated, still he turned, to face
the direction of the fireball, ready to fend off any followup assault, repulse beam

Sywyn                                                            27-04-2006 09:16 PM

the figure pushes open a glass door and steps out of the building, he looks
around survaying the area, as he dose 3 shadows spawn near him, he glares at
them as they attempt to tackles him, only to be skewered by lightning, he grins
and shakes his head "they never learn"

((Rin is an elementalist))
HisLordship                                                       28-04-2006 03:04 AM

Another explosion. How quaint. The Owl had not move from his perch, in the
physical sense. Mentally, he had been up and down the battlefield, weaving
through its violent tapestry in search of a pattern. Good versus evil, human
versus inhuman, reason versus savagery. It was all the same. The epic struggle
for balance, for life, for a place where order held sway and chaos shrank from
civilization. One would expect at least a few innovations with the storyline, eh?
His vision strayed to the phoenixes in their confrontation. His hearing could dimly
catch the fragments and ideas of the conversation, following the exact same lines
of the larger conflict. Oh Doctor Jung, how I salute thee! The collective
unconscious churns through the progress of the Great Human Story yet again.
Joseph Campbell, be proud of this moment, for the cycle of the hero is renewed
once more!
The bird continued his roundabout mental path through the battle. That
shapeshifter. Kiri is it? The Owl stretched his neck in curiosity. Acting peculiarly,
eh? Something which can be capitalized on. A subtle motion in the background
was noticed by the Owl’s light-sensitive eyes. What is that? Vulpine? It fades in
and out of existence like a bloody kitsune – why, I have not observed a nine-tails
in age! I must keep that one under scrutiny. She can serve many purposes.
The norn, Whiteoak, attracted the Owl’s vision yet again. He had observed the
fact that he was observed, mentally remarking that caution ought to be observed
when one which served as adamant a purpose to preserve as this one had been
observed to do, although as of yet the bird reserved his judgement.
You are wise. You are clever. You are subtle. I like y- A fireball exploded over
Shadowveil, while Obed and Whiteoak dodged the sudden attack.
Damn. The Owl thought.
Chaos versus order, eh?

netdroid9                                                         28-04-2006 10:19 AM

Pheonix: Life without death is a life worth living. Death ensures that no matter
what you do, in the big scheme of things it won't make a difference. Soon
everyone'll forget you ever existed. Where's the point in that? And to answer your
question, Day and Night are equal. In the night, you are cloaked in darkness, in
day danger is easy to spot. I prefer the night, personally.

panther385                                                        28-04-2006 09:46 PM

Taekri kneeled on the earth, pulling out a knapsack and dumping various items
out of it. One of them looked to be a scaled blue wolf, it's eyes were pupilless.
The femme grinned, petting the doll. She searched some more and pulled out a
blue book, it's surface was inscribed with mysterious circles and patterns.
Opening the book, her orbs scanning the page. "Ah ha..." she snickered, "Here it
Laike'el! She shouted, an aqua light gleaming from the text and the book's front.
The doll was enveloped in the light. When the it cleared, the creature was
standing on it's own, it's white orbs now held blood-red pupils.
"Greetings, my pet. It's been quite awile...." The vulpine patted the monster,
who's name was Dailtro.
shee mon                                                         28-04-2006 09:47 PM

*Red is momentarily stunned by this sudden show of emotion from the vampire,
and feels great pity for him. She banishes this though; he does not need her or
anyone else’s pity. But to have such a deed thrust upon you... she tries not to
think about it.
She turns her attention to his vials and notes many rare chemicals and
ingredients. Seph’s "little vials" are quite legendary amongst some.*
What do you concoct (sp?) potionmaster?

Sywyn                                                            28-04-2006 10:04 PM

Rin walks down the streets, he stops to look up at the sky "i wish it would rain..."
he quickly snaps his attention elsewere "i wonder whats over that way..." he says
grinning, revealing his fangs, then darts off

((where exactly is everyone i lost track))

shee mon                                                         28-04-2006 10:07 PM

((we are all around a big central park where the two phoenixes are.. chatting. ))

goron40                                                          28-04-2006 10:46 PM

((I'm joining this wether you all like it or not))

GORON40 toppled out of another wormhole, followed by his faithful Grendel,
Shadow. Shadow mumbled somthing that sounded like, "Oooh grah". Goron got
up and dusted himself off, shaking his head. That last reality was... interesting.
He recalled somthing to do with skeleton pirates, but not much else. He must of
hit his head through the warp.

Shadow saw a small furry creature and chased it into a nearby bush. Goron stood
up to get his bearings. He looked around and found himself to be in a park of
some sort, with several other... things... hanging about one another.

As Shadow came back with his dead prey, Goron determined that this reality was
going to make even less sense than the previous one...

vorodorer                                                        29-04-2006 07:53 AM

Hmph, Potionmaster...

*Seph takes out a black vial, he grins, he shakes it before opening it, he puts the
cork in his mouth and tears it off, a little plume of smoke rises out of the vial,
Seph pours it into the vial, it fizzes, he blocks it using a cork, he throws it over
his shoulder*

Drink that...
*He notices her expression and laughs*

Its nothing like that, i call it.... "Firestarter"

Sywyn                                                            29-04-2006 11:50 AM

the figure comes to a park, not seeing the need to get into a battle if there is no
reason, he waits in the shaodws, watching

shee mon                                                         29-04-2006 12:27 PM

*she raises her eyebrows, but sniffs it anyway. she detects no poisons that could
touch a being made of fire, and sips it. its as if she has swolowed molten steel,
the rest of the potion slips down her throuht and her eyes burn brighter. it feels
as if her very blood is burning.*
hmmm thats good... *she laughs* very good,
what is it?
*her head snaps round, someone new is in the park... not from before... she
seeks out his shape amongst the lengthening shadows. the last sliver of the
setting sun casts a blood like pall over everything.*
We are being watched.

vorodorer                                                        29-04-2006 12:36 PM

Yup, He's over there...

*Seph points to Rin, Seph has excelent night-vision as you should know by now*

Although i doubt he means any harm, by the look of him he's a little scrawny...

shee mon                                                         29-04-2006 12:41 PM

hmmmm... sights can be deceiving.
*she reaches over her shoulders to her Katanas and thumbs them out of their
sheathes a little way to losen them. she realises she is feeling a lot less weak
since sephs potion*
can you tell wheather he has majiks?

Sywyn                                                            29-04-2006 12:46 PM

Rin ears twitch a bit, he growls at seph "who are you calling scrawny!"

vorodorer                                                        29-04-2006 01:33 PM

Haha, I Call em as i see em...

*Seph laughs*
Dont stay in shadows, it is rather rude

Sywyn                                                            29-04-2006 02:04 PM

a light thump is made as Rin sits on the ground, scratching his ear with his foot "i
like it here just fine" he puts his foot down and glares a seph

shee mon                                                         29-04-2006 02:25 PM

*she stares at the comical sight of a 5'6" man scratching his ear with a foot. she
found it hard to beleive that someone who had been lurking so much could be
so... funny.*
who's side are you on? if there are any in this war..

vorodorer                                                        29-04-2006 02:31 PM

*Seph snarled*

Bite me...

I dont like him whoever he is, mongrel...

Sywyn                                                            29-04-2006 02:38 PM

((technicly Rin isent a man he is teenager, and he's a dog demon so to him
scratching his ear like that is normal))

Rin growls back at seph "clearly not his"

shee mon                                                         29-04-2006 02:39 PM

((oh ok, a dog scratching its ear is still funy though :D ))
*bite you? hmmm, she thinks, she would like to see someone try.*
*she looks around to see where Embri had got to*

Sywyn                                                            29-04-2006 02:53 PM

Rin stands and draws the katana from his back, its cold black blade whistling as it
drags across the inside of the sheath, he grasps the handle with both hands and
begins practicing out of boredom

goron40                                                          29-04-2006 03:03 PM

Goron watched this scene from a fair distance away. He couldn't tell wether these
characters were friends or foes, but by the look of it they seemed fairly angry.
One of them, the one closest to him, stayed near the edge of the woods...
scratching his ear using his foot... The other two were some distance away, and
while one of them seemed to be curious of this shadow-lurker, the other one
seemed to be snarling at him. In any case, Goron stayed in the shadow of a
nearby tree, for if things got ugly, he might need to disapear in a hurry.

"Shadow, stay close." Goron ordered, as his grendel finished his meal. Shadow
detected a tone of seriousness in Goron's voice and went to stand by his side. He
observed the three figures curiously, and normally he would have approached
them and sniffed them, but his master's cautiousness made him uneasy, so he
kept his distance.

vorodorer                                                       29-04-2006 03:17 PM

*Seph perked up his ears, he could hear whispering*

Gotta go, be right back!

*Seph sprung up, he drew his Crescent Blades, already in their hook form, he
went charging in the direction of the sound*

(That would be you Goron)

Sywyn                                                           29-04-2006 03:20 PM

Rin also hears this whispering, he however decides to stay out of it, as he
practices one of his sword stokes hits a lamp post, passing through it without
making sound, the lamp falls over crasing into the dirt of the park

((the blade of this form of the sword is increadibly sharp, however there is a
drawback to it.... which i will mention later))

goron40                                                         29-04-2006 03:22 PM

(Got that)

Suddenly, the angry one's ears perked up and he came charging in his direction.
"Wow, that's good hearing", thought Goron. By what he had seen so far this one
was probablly hostile, and as Goron had not seen him fight, he could not tell
wether this was a fight he could win...

"Better safe than sorry" he thought. "Shadow we're leaving now!" Shadow leapt
into Goron's arms just as Goron merged with the shadow he was standing on.

vorodorer                                                       29-04-2006 03:25 PM

*Seph jumped through a thicket of tree's, cutting one in half in mid jump, he
landed, this was a puzzle, a shadow, but nobody making it, either he was inside
it, or he was invisible, he put a sword through the place were he should be,
nothing, so only one option, he spun the sword around, ready to plunge it into
the shadow...*
goron40                                                          29-04-2006 03:32 PM

(Goron actually became part of the Shadow, so he wouldn't be making his own

Shadow couldn't take this anymore, his curiosity got the best of him, and he leapt
from Goron's arms, undoing the shadow-merge he was in.

"Shadow, no!" Goron hissed. He unmerged himself from the shadow of the tree,
and popped out to the right of the angry figure. Shadow went to sniff the man
with the sword, cautious every step.

"Umm heh eheh... Hello?" Goron stuttered, trying to be as polite as he could.

vorodorer                                                        29-04-2006 03:35 PM

*Seph raised an eyebrow, he spun the sword around in his hand*

Who might you be? friend or foe?

Speak quickly lest you loose your throat...

goron40                                                          29-04-2006 03:39 PM

Shadow was startled by the movement and retreat to Goron's side.

"Yeah, that's what I figured... I am new to this world. You are the first one I have
come into contact with... Your guess is as good as mine." He felt that given the
nature of this swordsman, his guess would probablly be that Goron was a foe.
The kantana at Goron's side was little comfort...

vorodorer                                                        29-04-2006 03:46 PM

*Seph sighed, he pointed to the Campfire he had started to heat up his
Alchemical isntruments*

Ill be over there if you need me, I along with 2 other people are just sitting and
watching, though i intent to get involved soon...

There is sanctuary there, but not for long...

*Seph turns around and walks back towards the campfire, he pushes the tree log
which he had cut through earlier, it fell sideways off the stump and collapsed a
metre infront of Goron**

Shine                                                            29-04-2006 03:50 PM

While keeping in his mind the idea of keeping the world free from evil and
defending the wronged: Whiteoak spins the staff to point the bladetip end
towards Pronto. Flicking on the cutting lazer(light saber-esque) beam, he takes
several pulse-swipes at the vague form of his opponent,. with all the trees, it is
not a clear shot, but he is pretty sure of his target. he ducks for cover, shifts five
feet to the left, and turns to see how his ally Obed has fared, still with his senses
heightned he becomes aware of the arrival of a new presense. looking around he
spots Rin practicing with his weapon, sees him slice the lamp, and approaches
him: "Welcome travelor, the city is under seige, you are not safe, evil is all
around us, we are attempting to unifly the defenders to repulse the Evil Council,
seeing as you appear to be a fighter let us join forces. there is a powerful evil
lurking among the shadows nearby, but there are others of us over there, there
can be safety in numbers"

Obed turns back to Panther and the others: So, What will it be, mon, do you
stand together with jah good, or allow jah world to slip further into corruption,
you see how even now it woul attack us in the back one at a time, Are we

goron40                                                            29-04-2006 03:55 PM

Well... at least he still had his head, and that was a good thing. Goron looked at
the campfire, and decided to show off a little.

"Let's go Shadow." Shadow leapt into his arms, and once again they merged with
the shadow which they stood in. Several seconds later, they emerged out of a
different shadow near the campfire.

"Ooogh" Shadow leapt from goron's arms and curled up near the fire. Goron
turned his gaze to the other figure beside the fire and smiled. "Hello. Your friend
told me that I might find sanctuary here for a little while. My 'name' is Genetically
Outlined Recon Operative Number Four Zero... but I prefer to be known as Goron.
That there would be Shadow." Goron said as he pointed to the lizard curled up
next to the fire.

Sywyn                                                              29-04-2006 04:13 PM

Rin turns to whiteoak sheathing the dark blade as he dose so "you wouldent be
asking me that if you knew what i am" he yawns making a sound like a yawning
dog and showing his fangs then flexes his claws, twitching his hand a bit so that a
peice of stone breaks off the ground and flys into his hand

shee mon                                                           29-04-2006 05:20 PM

hurumph! sanctuary indeed. it may be safe but the company is not, watch your
tongue and your thoughts. neither are as private as you may wish to beleve.
I'm RedAngel by the way.
*she unstraps a satchel from her side and puts it on the ground next to the fire.
kneeling down, she takes out a odd shaped piece of Mithriel and a black ore of
she puts the ore in the fire, which burns green after a flick of the wrist from
Angel. the black crumbily rock floats in the hottest part of the flame and quickly
reduces to make pure iron. She takes the Mithriel in her hands and it liquifies into
a quicksilver type substance which she cupps in her hand and whispers into
ohne rolila haen, lan brole, la hite!
*the liquid metal stills and moves in her hands more purpousfuly. she moves her
hands into the fire and brings them up beneath the globe of iron. the two metals
merge and she pulls her hands out, the metal inside now has a purpleish sheen.
she whispers some inaudable incantations and the metal forms into two shards
which combine with a final ingredient from her bag, obsidan. the result is two
diamond hard daggers, light as air, with dark purple, almost black, hilt.
she pulls out a spare set of sheathes and ajusts them so the two blades would
cross at the small of the back. puting the daggers in their new home she puts the
belt on under her cloak. she shifts untill they are in a comfortable position and
returns the fire to its original state.

vorodorer                                                          29-04-2006 05:31 PM

*Seph walks out of the woods, he is different, he looks almost 4, he is short, still
with the silver hair, but very different, he wears a long scarlet robe, pictured with
a black Eye of Horus, he only stands about 70 cm's high, he is wearing a rather
large scarlet hat also, impictured with another black eye, yet this is different, it is
half closed with black eyelids, the iris is purple, he sits down beside the fire with a
sigh, he gently plays with the grass in his rather, kiddy form, he takes out a silver
goblet from inside his robes and holds it with both hands, he gently sips the
purple liquid every so often*

shee mon                                                           29-04-2006 05:42 PM

well, well, what have we here? a child form? and what, prey tell, brought this on?
*she leans over to pick up a piece of left over obsidian and catches a whif of the
purple liquid*
oh my... what is THAT?

vorodorer                                                          29-04-2006 05:45 PM

*The child smiles*

You dont want to know...

*he sips it*

This is me, or how i remember myself....

*he sighs, he picks up a little stick and throws it onto the fire, he points to the
eye on his hat, it falls over his eyes, he repositions it again and points to it*

That is the first thing i remember seeing, i wasnt even looked after, i just
remember waking up in this robe, and this hat infront of me, its strange, but
funny in a way...

*he laughs and sips the drink looking at her face, he offers it to her*

Try some, its sweet!
goron40                                                          29-04-2006 05:50 PM

Goron decided that the people in this dimension can be a little irritible, and
concluded not to say anything more. He sat down next to his Grendel, and viewed
the scene. A child playing in the grass, he supposed that was the swordsman he
had run into a few seconds ago.

Shadow had fallen asleep. Granted, he had not rested in days, but this was no
place to be asleep! Goron decided to let him rest until they need to move. He
watched the edge of the woods near where he had seen the guy chewing on his
foot. Now there was that same character, except he seemed to be telekenetically
moving rock around, and threatening another, which was out of Goron's view.

This would have stuck him as odd had he not seen so many strange things in this
world already...

Sywyn                                                            29-04-2006 05:55 PM

Rin throws his rock into the lake, then goes to lay in a tree, he begins playing a

Shine                                                            30-04-2006 06:17 AM

Whiteoak strolls over to the base of the tree and looks up at Rin

"Nice music. Indeed, 'music hath charms to tame the savage breast', but the evil
that invades this city will not be tamed even by such very nice music as yours.
The rock thing might prove more useful..." he says with a smile. "The invaders
would seem to be increasing in numbers and strength. They show no signs of
leaving, and I for one would rather help encourage them to leave so we can all
return to our chosen pursuits free from the fear, or hassle, of attack. A united
front may well fare better than allowing them to strike at us one at a time. I'd like
to get several of us to work together in a coordinated cooperative response. Your
input and assistance would be much appreciated. What you think?"

He reinforces his "field" and becomes aware of the small fire nearby and the
unusual gathering around it. Speaking again to Rin

"I think we should move away them," he says gesturing towards the light of the
fire in the distance, " I have a friend who is talking to some others over to that
side, will you come with me and see how he has fared with his recruitment?"

shee mon                                                         30-04-2006 10:55 AM

your original form... i'm supprised you use it, unless it has some restorative
*she politley declines to try the drink, organic foodand drink does not fare well for
a person made of fire, stone and steel. though she appears to be made of flesh,
and she does bleed, she is most definatley not organic*
how old where you when you where Made? oh..*she realises how rude this is*
i'm sorry i shouldnt have asked, i know its not... i... *she bumbles into silence*

Sywyn                                                             30-04-2006 12:12 PM

Rin looks down and grins "who says its them im trying to sooth he turns his
attention towards the sky "what phase of the moon is there tonight he says with
a bit of nervousness in his voice towards the comeing night

Embri                                                             30-04-2006 12:20 PM

Ears twitching to a strange new music, the fire unicorn known as Embri leaves
her dreams behind. Next to Red Angel and the campfire, Embri yawns, stretches
and awakens, shaking herself out from neck to tail. Blinking with sleepy eyes, she
quickly surveys the assembled group.

"Hurrrr, well, looks like we have quite a number of new arrivals." With a jerk, she
gets up onto all fours. The fire unicorn reaches out for Angel's mindtouch, quickly
assimilating all that the demoness has seen during the time Embri was asleep.

"That's.... Seph?" Embri walks over to the young boy cautiously, extending her
nose towards him and sniffing. The scent of the purple liquid makes her snort and
pull back. "Ugh. Nasty brew, that is."

Embri studies Seph's new form. "You still hurt, and yet you will not accept my
help." She states, sadly.

Turning back towards Red Angel, Embri throws herself into their link, seeking a
sense of her heartsister's condition. Appalled at what she feels, Embri sends.
~Why did you not tell me you were still injured?~

Reaching for her own tiny fraction of the Great Pheonix's power, Embri leans
against Angel, guiding her healing abilities towards the demoness. As she
establishes the nessessary lines of energy, Embri realizes that something is
different this time. Where she once felt a trickle of power, now lies an ocean,
impossibly wide and deep. ~Something has .... changed.~

~Is this of your will, Great Protector?~ Embri asks of the Light Pheonix still flying
far above and beyond, but she recieves no reply.

~So be it.~ The fire unicorn wastes no more time. Closing her eyes, she shifts
her senses into Oversight, centering and grounding herself to the land below.
Embri grabs the leylines, twisting the tides of power around and through herself,
changing them to match Angel's, and pouring them into her heartsister. It takes
but a moment; once complete, the fire horse releases the tides, one by one,
returning them to their natural ebb and flow.

((Apologies for my absence, everyone. Real life intervenes yet again! :p ))

((EDIT: ))

Turning towards the asker of questions, Embri replies. "The moon? Tis' waxing,
half-demon. Never fear. Do I guess right? You have all the signs of a child of two
Sywyn                                                            30-04-2006 12:33 PM


Rin turns to the horse "no, i am a full blooded demon, however under the full
moon i am forced into my "other" form..."

Embri                                                            30-04-2006 12:40 PM

((The phases of the moon go from New moon, to waxing (becoming fuller- more
of the moon visible each night) to a full moon, then waning (becoming smaller -
less of the moon visible each night), and back again. ))

"Apologies, my mistake. I have not had many dealings with wolf demons. Your
kind is rare where I come from. What other form do you posess? I confess I have
an interest in shapeshifers, not being able to change my own form."

*Embri looks down at her hooves*

"While good for running, it would be nice to have hands, sometimes."

Sywyn                                                            30-04-2006 12:49 PM

Rin sighs "well, i might as well show you it would be easier than describing it" Rin
closes his eyes as a black, liquidy, almost living darkness rises from the ground
and begins to envelope him, then drops down from the tree onto the ground, the
mass of black begins to change in both size and shape getting bigger, it starts to
resemble a 20ft tall canine, glowing red eyes shining through the blackness, the
liquid turns into a mist and rises from Rins body leaving a massive vicious looking
black dog in his sted

((                              somthing like this but black instead of grey))

EDIT: new picture is closer than the old one

Embri                                                            30-04-2006 01:25 PM

"Ah! Hurrmm, most interesting. Much larger than I expected."

"What a strange collection we are, gathered from all corners of the known worlds
and beyond." Embri looks about at all the beings who have gathered.
Sywyn                                                            30-04-2006 01:32 PM

the form of the beast becomes distorted and blows away like a mist, leaving Rin
standing where it was "your right on that mark... he says as he sits on the
ground and begins playing again

goron40                                                          30-04-2006 01:47 PM

"Hah. I know that form. As long as he keeps his mouth shut, he can generally fair
quite well." Goron smirked as Rin reverted to his old form. He turned his attention
back to the group around the fire.

"So! Does anyone want to fill me in on what I'm even doing here? Whenever a
portal forms for me, it's because I am needed to do somthing in the destination.
Well, let's start with what you all are doing here."

panther385                                                       30-04-2006 02:06 PM

Panther nodded. "I guess I'm with the good side, though I do like evil...." She
grinned slyly.

((Bleh, sorry it's so short :( ))

Sywyn                                                            30-04-2006 02:08 PM

"just wandering around... i dont even know whats going on, some guy kept telling
me i wasent safe and mentioning a war..." Rin says, then goes back to his flute

((sorry it took so long, got cought up in KH2))

shee mon                                                         30-04-2006 02:34 PM

*Red leans into her HeatSisters ministrations*
~i... did not want you to worry. you had buisness else where~
*she senses Embri's slight confusion*
~what, what has changed?~
*she gasps slightly as the energy flows into her and closes over the gaps in her
own spirit and body. as the process ends she rests against the unicorns flank and
sleeps. her first proper, restfull sleep in days. anger and exertion have tired her
but now she rests.*

Embri                                                            30-04-2006 02:35 PM

*Embri looks around.*

"Most of the combattants have retired from the battlefield, I'm afraid, at least
temporarily. It seems as if the looming conflict between Mech and the EC has
taken over most of the attention."
*The fire unicorn lapses into a summary of the battle.*

Well, originally, the EC decided that since they had not done anything "evil" in a
while, they were going to wage war on the rest of the CC, enslave everyone, and
rule the world. You know, the standard plot.

Everything was going just fine, up until Net's fortress almost caused a nulclear
war, got 'ported of into space, and reborn as the Dark Pheonix. I called on my
own patron, the Great Protector, or Light Pheonix, to defend the world from this
new threat. The two skylords have been hashing it out in the philosophy arena
ever since. *Embri shrugs and points up at the two soaring, giant birds.*

That's the short and sweet version. Lots o' stuff has happened in between, but
right now we seem to be in a bit of a lull. In fact, at the moment both sides of the
war are currently sharing this campfire.

goron40                                                          30-04-2006 02:39 PM

"So... what can we do then?"

Goron was confused. As far as he could see it, there was nothing this group could
do to effect the outcome of the Pheonix's battle.

shee mon                                                         30-04-2006 02:44 PM

*red wakes, but keeps her eyes closed, she is comfortable, warm and Embri's
scent fills her nostrills. she giggles quietly:*
you forgot to mention that DP tried to destroy the EC forces, and almost
succeeded. HollowEyes and addman stopped him though i think.
*she laughs gently*
it is rather strange that all us enimies are sitting here, at ease. not a single
weapon drawn...

Sywyn                                                            30-04-2006 02:46 PM

Rin eyes his claws as he plays the flute and trys not to laugh, he gets up and
walks over to the pond where he threw the rock

shee mon                                                         30-04-2006 02:59 PM

fair enough, some of us have weapons that have sheathes...
*she opens her eyes, sits up and holds her hand, palm down, over a patch of soil.
a tongue of flame shoots out and caresses the ground. when she with draws her
hand this symbol can be seen scorched into the Earth in flames*
goron40                                                           30-04-2006 03:06 PM

"Ooogh... beh..."

Shadow looked at the fire and sniffed it. ((If you'll recall creatures can smell
heat... and light for that matter...)) He was uncertain... what was this thing?

Goron didn't know why Shadow was speaking in Gribble, he usually did that when
he wanted to comment on something, but couldn't find the words. Goron himself
was only slightly suspicous. So far no one here (except Seph) had tried to hurt

Sywyn                                                             30-04-2006 03:10 PM

Rin comes back with a fish in his mouth and one in each hand, he tosses them
into the fire "im hungry..."

Embri                                                             30-04-2006 03:11 PM

Ah yes, the infamous God of Psychotopia fought on the side of GameWare, and
split into two separate beings. Crazyness. Though one would expect no less from
DarkPsycho. *Embri shakes her head.*

Embri looks at Rin. "I thought canids preferred raw food. Hurr. Learn something
new everyday, I guess."

shee mon                                                          30-04-2006 03:15 PM

*Red pushes some more logs onto the fire and it burns a bit hotter*
you eat mortal food then? i was wondering. so many deamons dont.
Sywyn                                                                30-04-2006 03:18 PM

Rin looks over "food is food reguardless of who eats it, and yes i like raw food,
but cooked food tastes better and fish stink raw... i have sensitive sense of

goron40                                                              30-04-2006 03:37 PM

"Grah!" Shadows eye's glistened at the sight of the fish. It had been had been
almost 5 minutes since he had eaten, and the fish looked juicy. Remebering his
manners, he trotted over to Rin and gave him the "Cute Face" look along with the
sound that a dying grendel would make. No, he wasn't dying, but if Rin thought
he was, then maybe he could get a piece of that fish.

Sywyn                                                                30-04-2006 03:44 PM

Rin stares blankly at the grendel, he knew nothing was wrong with it but he
throws it a whole fish anyway just so it will leave him alone, then he begins eatin
teh other 2

vorodorer                                                            30-04-2006 05:24 PM


Originally Posted by shee mon
your original form... i'm supprised you use it, unless it has some restorative
*she politley declines to try the drink, organic foodand drink does not fare well
for a person made of fire, stone and steel. though she appears to be made of
flesh, and she does bleed, she is most definatley not organic*
how old where you when you where Made? oh..*she realises how rude this is*
i'm sorry i shouldnt have asked, i know its not... i... *she bumbles into silence*

Currently i dont know, i lost count...

But i know that living an undying life is harsh, you see countless battles like this
and you just get used to it...

Heck i even enjoy it *Seph adjusts his hat*

But thats me, i think your friend is a little keen to end it all..

How very pointless, Humans and immortals are not made to be together, nobody
can stop fighting since basic human emotions controle, people get jealous and
fight to take something from another such as land or minerals jsut to become
richer, then they launch an attack and want resources, in the end the whole world
destroys itself and nothing happens therefor...

*He sips his drink and sighs*
I miss Raven...

Sywyn                                                              30-04-2006 05:35 PM

Rin curls up like a dog and takes a nap

shee mon                                                           30-04-2006 07:15 PM

she'll be back, no worries.
i'm not immortal, but im older that you, that much i know. i mean i know you
where human once, and i was the adopted daughter of mother earth when the
human race was born... anyway, i know what you mean.

vorodorer                                                          30-04-2006 07:24 PM

*Seph's eyes widen*


*He crushes the glass in his hands spilling the content everywhere*

I was never human...

I was made a monster...

Sywyn                                                              30-04-2006 07:26 PM

Rin opens one eye and looks up "if your gonna break glass dont do it so close to

shee mon                                                           30-04-2006 07:48 PM

I..I...I'd assumed...I.I'm sorry, your original form is human...
*she shuts up, blushing. she holds out her hands*
please, let me...
*she tries to take his hands and pull the glass out*

vorodorer                                                          30-04-2006 07:50 PM

*Seph closes his hands roughly, letting the blood flow outwards, he grins*

Dont even try....

*He tightens his hand letting the blood flow freely, it drops onto the ground
leaving dark stains on the grass*
shee mon                                                         30-04-2006 08:02 PM

*she drops her hands to her lap and her head on to her chest.*
I'm so sorry...
*she regrets ever having asked or related or what ever she did wrong to make
him so bitter.*

vorodorer                                                        30-04-2006 08:06 PM

*Seph eyes her evilly*

Why are you blushing?

And stop with the apologies, empty human emotions, nobody really means them,
doesnt take 2 secounds to say does it....

*He picks out the glass bits one by one then licks them clean, he looks at his
hand as it heals itself up quickly, he snarls*

shee mon                                                         30-04-2006 08:20 PM

it takes courage to admit mistakes. and i do mean it, stop being such a bl**dy
pesimistic bas**rd!
*she realises she is crying and hides it quickly with anger. she pulls out an
obsidian dagger and thrusts it as hard as she can at him.*
Keep it! you will need it when i hunt you down!
*she powers into the air and roars off over the lake*

Shine                                                            30-04-2006 08:23 PM

Whiteoak watched as Rin took up his conversation with the others, and then he
slipped away to find Obed. Obed had had no better luck with the other group,
they talked together on the side:-

Whiteoak commented, "The evil don't seem to have so strong a desire to take
over or do damage as they had, and the towns folk don't seem to care about
being invaded and the mercenaries are slow to commit themselves. Many are
waiting the "outcome" of the battle of the two breat birds, not realizing thsat that
battle will not be resolved for a very, very, long time, if ever. Some speak of that
insane spirit who attacked me, he is appropriately called the Dark Psycho and is
apparently at war with the other evil council folks, and as long as he is restrained,
they seem satisfied. If you want to know more, there is some kind of gathering
over through that way. Perhaps we can approach it very carefully and learn

Obed replied: "Ah think ah kno' jus the trick, ma frien'" as he shook out the
dreadlocks of his mane. He quietly quoted "and darkness and shadows were
about the land", as shadowy darkness enveloped them both, and the light rays
bent around them rather than bouncing back off them, and they were "cloaked"
and could move about largely unseen, and so they kept to the shadows as they
moved closer to the gathering by the fire.
Whiteoak whispered to Obed, "I sense that some of them my be able to sense us
in spite of the fact they can't see us, let's get no closer than we need inorder to
hear, I also sense we are not the only ones listening in the shadows and trees,
and that should confuse them as to our exact whereabouts."

and so they had watched and listened, learning most of the above conversation...

vorodorer                                                                30-04-2006 08:24 PM

*Seph smiles, he doesnt even flinch as the dagger peirces his flesh, he just sits
there and laughs, he reaches up to his chest and pulls it out, blood seaps out of
the wound, the eye on his hat focuses on her as she flies away, he raises the
knife up to his mouth and licks the blood of it*


*He holds it out and chaos surrounds it, they warp and bend the matter as Seph
focuses, all he holds is black metal ball, he tosses it into the air a few times*

Hunt me if you wish, i will not hesitate in killing you little girl...

*He raises a hand to his bloodstained robes and wipes the blood off, he licks it off
his hands*

Sywyn                                                                    30-04-2006 08:47 PM

Rin looks up sniffing the air "someones watching us, whoever it is their scent is
familiar... its coming from over there" he points in the general direction of
whiteoak and obed

goron40                                                                  30-04-2006 08:49 PM

Goron watched this scene with moderate surprise. He had hoped that he would
never have to fight either one of these two.

"I still don't what I'm doing here," he thought as Shadow finished off his fish and
returned to his sleeping position.

All will be revealed in good time...

shee mon                                                                 30-04-2006 08:50 PM

*as red soared over the buildings and streets, tears like liquid flames roll down
her cheeks
why did she always have to mess things up? get it wrong every time?
images of his blood keep forcing their way into her mind and she longs for the
comfort and smell of her Sister.
along side her sorrow anger smoulders.
why? how could anyone do somthing so horrable?
she lands on the top of a building and stands with her face to the wind. her tears
fall to her feet and remain there like miniature suns trapped in a dewdrop.
she reaches behind her and pulls out her second dagger. grasping the blade with
her left hand and the hilt with her right, she holds them both out in front of her.*
here. today. i vow through the sanctity of the blood to reunite you with your twin!
*she pulls the hilt backwards and blood drips down.*
by what ever means neccisary. murder. torture. pain of death. I vow.
this day will not go forgotten.

vorodorer                                                        30-04-2006 08:55 PM

*Seph felt a pulse go out, he quickly put a finger to his temple to find the
designation, he saw her with the blade, he laughed evilly*

Ssso.... The sssilly girl hasss made a blood-oath, How amusssing!

Shine                                                            01-05-2006 01:31 AM

Whiteoak whispers "stay here and be ready" to Obed. He strengthens his "feild"
yet again and walks out of Obed's cloaking shadow and strolls into camp.

They see a large woodnorn with opalescent body armor, and woven metalic
looking clothing under that, and the traditional red topknot of his breed, carrying
a bladed staff-- He addresses Rin cheerfully

"Helloo my wolfish friend, I see you have found some comrads, I don't know
you," he says to Goron, "I am Whiteoak"

turning to Seph, he sneers

"I know your kind, do you folks know that he is undead? I don't even have to
pretend to be nice to you, you are irredeemable, if you ever had a soul it was
either redeemed or dissapated long ago, you are a perversion of creation, and I
do not fear you! Your stench disgusts me. Go ahead, try to drink my blood, I'd
love to see what happens again. But just to model civility, I would ask you to
leave this place, return to whereever you come from and don't come back to
haunt these good people."

Sywyn                                                            01-05-2006 01:49 AM

Rin tilts his head and looks over towards Whiteoak with a sort of curious gleam in
his eyes "you would snear at the undead but not a demon, you make me
curious.... what exactly is your purpose here

goron40                                                          01-05-2006 02:24 AM

"Wolfish? If you say so man..." Goron looked at this new arrival. He was no
longer startled by the random... things that seemed to be popping out of the

"I am Genetically Outlined Recon Operative Number Four Zero. Please call me
Goron. The sleeping Grendel behind me is my friend, Shadow."
Shadowveil                                                         01-05-2006 03:20 AM

((Since Narmie has not posted, I will assume he is gone))

In windsteed shape, Shadowveil slunk through the trees. The fighting had
stopped for the moment, but she still kept her distance from the campfire.

A spark of liquid fire landed in the grass by her paw. She watched as Red flew
overhead, away from the campfire. Natural curiosity warred with a caution
learned from long experience, and this time curiosity won. Silent as a hunting cat,
she followed Red through the empty streets.

Hearing Red's oath, she leaps up to the roof with a flick of her wings.
~Who has angered you so?~

Shine                                                              01-05-2006 05:11 AM

In my understanding, and I am sure you will disagree with me, the daemonic can
still yet be turned. Although it is not my particular forte, nor my intention to try. I
leave that to those considerably more skilled in such areas. This being reeks of
vampyre, and their only purpose is to corrupt, steal, and end the life of their
victims. It would be my intention to make sure that everyone around knows
exactly what he is, and to protect others from him if necessary. Beyond that, I
am but a humble travelor who journeyed back to a town I had visited before,
(and where, by the way I had found a most delectible crab salad wrap and
cappoccino) only to find the town under seige (and that restaurant destroyed) by
the Evil Council, of which I believe this Seph creature may well be a member. I
have joined the struggle to rid the city of their plague so that its residents can
return to their chosen pursuits, good or evil, that is their business, but they have
the right to be free from the domination of the EC. The resistance is weak and
disorganized and mostly composed of loner types who while strong in their own
right, seem to be unable to provide a united front against this EC.

Beyond that, my purpose would be to warm myself by the fire and share a meal
with comrads"

He hoists a small leather pouch from his belt- " Its sort of random, but it
generally provides food stuffs for those present." He reaches into the bag and
pulls out a large red raw steak" looking around, he props it on a stick before the
fire and says to Rin" I'm betting that might be for you if you want it, if not, I like
steak too"

He reaches in and pulls out large carrot "Ah yes, for your Grendel, and its been a
long time since I've seen one of those." He tosses it on the ground in front of

Reaching in again he pulls out a packet labeled "G.O.R.O.N. M/R/E/" "I've never
seen anything like this before, I'm guessing its for you Goron, and he set it on the
ground infront of him.

Whiteoak reaches in one more time, and feels something and scowls. "I guess my
providers are more gracious than I." he says as he pulls out a pint beaker of red
blood, labeled "A+" "This I take it is for you" he says as he sets it befor Seph."
"Eat or not, your choice; guaranteed non-toxic, also guaranteed to disappear by
sunrise the next morning." He smiles at them all, even Seph this time.

vorodorer                                                       01-05-2006 08:22 AM

*Seph doesnt even think, in one quick movement he has stepped back a metre
and has both guns drawn pointed at Whiteoak, safety off*

You may sit here and eat, but i will take nothing from you...

What are you then? Just some senseless... "Saviour" Sent from all this fighting?!

What the hell do you think you can ACTUALLY do?!

*Seph slams his foot on the container, it explodes sending blood flying upwards,
it turns down and splatters half of Seph's face*

Dont you DARE even TALK to me, do it again and i will not hesitate in attacking

*Seph sat up and pulled his cloak over his head, he tilted his hat downwards and
set off at a slow walk into the forest, as going he spoke*

You cannot stop the fighting, nobody can, its in your own emotions, locked away

*He laughs as he steps into the shadow of the trees, he shouts out*

You are weak! Your foolish ambitions will cost you dearly!

shee mon                                                        01-05-2006 10:02 AM

*she stands quite still for a moment as Shadow asks her question. in a flash,
once she has finished, the bloody dagger in Reds hand is pressed against her
what angers me is no concern of yours, enemy. my anger alone should take all of
your concentration.
*her voice is a low growl, full of eaons old menace, power and rage.*

Shadowveil                                                      01-05-2006 10:43 AM

Shadowveil leaps back with catlike agility, crouching on the edge of the roof.
~There is no need for that. Our fight is over. I was merely curious.~

goron40                                                         01-05-2006 10:47 AM

"What's his problem?"

Goron shook it off, and turned his attention to his meal. Shadow was more tired
than hungry for once, so he slept with the carrot in his arms, growling in his sleep
when anyone got near to it.

"Where'd you get this stuff, uh... I didn't catch your name..."

shee mon                                                          01-05-2006 11:25 AM

the fight is never over. not while life remains, feeling remains and memory
*she spins the bloody dagger round, whipes her blood off it and sheathes it.*
but i will not fight you here.

vorodorer                                                         01-05-2006 11:30 AM

*Seph walked deeper and deeper into the forest, he found a lake, he picked up a
stone and skimmed it along the surface, 4 bounces, he sits down on a rock and
awaits for Red to come and challenge him, he sticks two fingers in the wound he
had recieved from her earlier, he hadnt even been bothered to close it up yet, he
takes them out then licks the gore clean off them, he noticed a deer resting near
the waters edge "food...." was the only word going around his head, with one
swift movement he had charged and grabbed it by the neck, he heard it squeel,
he snapped its neck like a twig, he dragged it back to his rock and started up his
own fire, after a while the deer lay roasting on a spit Seph had made from a few
branchs of a tree, Seph was busy making more potions from the water, he looked
up in the moonlight, he dipped a vial into the water, it burned him as he did so,
he smiled, he took it and added it with this and that, he set it down on the fire to
simmer slowly*

shee mon                                                          01-05-2006 12:25 PM

*she is watching the park from the air now and sees the campfire amongst the
shadows. she glides down silently to land without a noise behind the occupied
Seph. now she is so close to him, her nose filled with his scent, her anger fuels
the fires. her wings begin to burn with white flames and her body is covered in
red and black liquid fire.
she advances slowly. she turns the vials in his hands into molten glass and slag.
she calls to her dagger and it flies towards her hand. with her other hand she
draws a katana and rests it on his shoulder*
i have fullfiled my vow, will you make me kill you?
*her voice echoes with sounds of rock against stone, fire and flame.

vorodorer                                                         01-05-2006 12:31 PM

*Seph doesnt even move, he just stretches out on the log*

Im not making you do anything, but if your rather weak show of force just now
has anything to prove then you are the one that will die tonight...

*He reaches over and takes a tiny peice of meat off the deer*

Ive always loved Venisan, Dont know why...
*He places it inside his mouth and chews*

Shadowveil                                                        01-05-2006 12:35 PM

Shadowveil stretches her wings, and sets off towards the campfire.

((I won't be online for at least 17 hours. The real world is getting in the way...))

shee mon                                                          01-05-2006 01:04 PM

*she sighs and puts away her weapons.*
i shouldnt have got so... irate earlier.
*she sits down and fiddles with a little flame.*
at least i didnt vow to kill you...
*she deeply regrets being so rash and acting so young and foolish. there isnt any
anger left now.*

vorodorer                                                         01-05-2006 01:06 PM

*He laughs loudly*

You did, you said that you were going to re-unite your dagger with its brother or
sister or whatnot, that is this...

*Seph takes out the black ball he had modled from the dagger she had attempted
to kill him with*

To get it you will have to kill me...

*Seph pushes the ball into the wound she had made using the dagger, afterwards
his regenerative powers kicked in and the hole cleared up*

shee mon                                                          01-05-2006 01:19 PM

ohh god! why? dont want to kill you anymore! i was foolish...
*her voice fades out. she stays where she is and closes her eyes. she
concentraits on the dagger thing and moulds it into a sharp edge. with a wrench
she tries to make it cut itself out.*

vorodorer                                                         01-05-2006 01:21 PM

*Seph is pulled forward slightly, his eyes glaze over and become red, the
Vampiricy grows inside, he clutches his chest, his skin grows tougher as do his
muscles, he changed from the boy to a tall wraith like figure, the talon like fingers
reach out towards her*

Nice try....

Zamiel hasss come for you little girl!
Do not flirt with ssspiritsss lesst ye join them!!

*He lunged with rows of fanged teeth and talon like hands*

Shine                                                            01-05-2006 01:28 PM

Talking to Goron, the norn says:
"My name is Whiteoak, I am a Woodnorn, I come from roughly the same place as
your friend there, but that was a long time ago, (or is it years ahead of now, I
lose track of when I am sometimes,). I was "enhanced" by a group of friends, and
now we travel around "helping" folks, righting wrongs, and generally fighting evil,
or that's the shorthand version.

These pouches are issued to us rather than have to pack food around, "food-
stuffs replicators" -

He reaches in and starts to pull, then sets it down and steps on a corner and
continues to yank. He finally pulls out the carcass of a gazelle fawn.

"Obed, I'm bettin' this is for you!"

There are ripples in the air about 25 feet out and a "bubble" opens to reveal a
very large black winged lion with a human face, shakeing his dreadlock mane to
dispell the cloaking field.

He walks in and smells the gazelle

"Ummm smells good," He looks up at Whiteoak and says "I almos had to heet dat
cowboy wi' a lightenin' bolt, I don' think we saw de las of him, now he smell like
an angry deadmon"

This is my friend Obed, he was originally from Ethiopia. After years of guarding
the Ark of the Covenant for many years, he was too enhanced.

We are trying to organize a resistance, there are lots of very powerful folks in
Forumopolis, but their defense is disorganized. I'm not talking about anyone
giving orders or anything, just working together cooperatively and sharing
information, you interested?, either of you?

shee mon                                                         01-05-2006 01:31 PM

*Reds eyes snap open as he changes. she reacts quickly but not quick enough,
his tallon cuts her cheek. she steps out of his reach, where her blood lingers on
his claws it glows and gives Red an idea. she makes a fist with her cut left hand
and squeezes until it bleeds again, swinging it through the air she slaps him hard
on the face, making to leave white hot blood in his eyes.
using this gained time, she powers up a firestorm and hurls it at him with
huracane force*

vorodorer                                                        01-05-2006 01:35 PM
*Seph made a rather strange noise, it was something inbetween a scream and a
roar, it was very high pitched, he leapt through the Firestorm, smoke issued out
from him he screamed again. he lifts the taloned hand up and licks the blood off,
the blood on his face burns, but not much, slightly a tingle, he lumbers towards
her and looks her straight in the eyes*

If you wont try to kill me then it jussst makesss it all ther more easssier!

*He raises a taloned hand*

Run little girl run!! Sssscream! I will enjoy tearing your throat out!!

*He lunges*

shee mon                                                           01-05-2006 01:42 PM

*she calls on the earth and a shard of silacon shoots out of the ground and
towards Seph from behind. Red ducks the lunge and fires fireballs and throws
daggers to keep him occupied so the silacon can skewer him.*

vorodorer                                                          01-05-2006 01:48 PM

*He laughs in a high metallic laugh*

Good! I like sssport...

*He easily dodges the projectiles by twisting his body, he advances slowly, the
shards of Silacon pepper Seph from behind, he just laughs and walks onwards*

Zamiel hasss come....

*He lunges at her with his talons*

shee mon                                                           01-05-2006 01:52 PM

((umm that shard was about 3 feet long...))
*a second easy dodge now she is ready to them these attacks seem pitifull. she
recalls her daggers to their sheathes and draws her katanas.
she brings her right across in a downward slanting attack and holds the second
ready to defend*

Sywyn                                                              01-05-2006 01:55 PM
cold chills run down Rins spine, his attention snaps towards the woods in the
direction seph had walked off in, he slowly rises to his feet and begins to back
away "he's here..."

vorodorer                                                        01-05-2006 01:59 PM

*Seph's transformation had taken full effect, he stood tall, the ground around him
withered and died, he crushed a rose beneath his right foot, it crumbled into ash,
Seph took in one breath of the now stale air, it came out so you could see it, the
temperature dropped considerably, Seph took one taloned finger and ran it down
a tree trunk, the tree slowly withered and died, the leaves turned to ash and fell
off the twigs, his eyes burned pure red*


I have come for you little girl... sssuccumb to darknessss..

*His voice drops lower, he stands high as a black aura surrounds him, he holds
out one hand eagerly and somethign that looks like blackfire surrounds it, it
solidifies and takes the image of a Scythe, dark scarlet runes run along the blades
edge, it is a gruesome looking weapon, he lets it rest against the groun, it burns
anything it touches*

goron40                                                          01-05-2006 02:08 PM

Goron sat with his back to a tree, eyes closed, oblivious to all the destruction
around him.

"That's the problem with having too many allies, Shadow... There's no one to
fight... But this resistance sounds appealing... sure I'll help."

Opening one eye, he glanced at Rin.

"Is there a problem dogged one?"

shee mon                                                         01-05-2006 02:11 PM

*as her blade touches him it burns with cold and seems to suck to life out of her,
she drops it to the ground with a yelp. the air seems to freeze her and she
stumbles backwards. she flaps her wings hard and gains the air, she wraps her
cloak around her and concentraits. blackflames spring from her palms and dive
towards Zamiel, they wrench and tear at the rock, hurling boulders and stones at

Sywyn                                                            01-05-2006 02:20 PM

Rin looks towards Goron, his hand slowly moving towards the katana on his back
"he...Zamiel, is here"
goron40                                                         01-05-2006 02:33 PM

This name meant nothing to Goron, but he could sense fear in Rin's voice.

"Alright Whiteoak, I'm going to see what this Zamiel thing is, and after I've done
wahtever I can, I'll be back to help you.

... On second thought, take Shadow with you for now, and I'll catch up." Goron
kicked a rock at Shadow, which woke him. Shadow noticed the carrot he was
holding and took a bite out of it.

"Shadow, go with Whiteoak here. I'll be along shortly." Shadow turned his
attention to the new face. "Shadow approach norn."

Goron slid his own kantana out of it's sheath, and without turning to Rin he
asked, "Shall we?"

Sywyn                                                           01-05-2006 02:46 PM

Rin grins "thought you'd never ask" he grabs the katana a whips it out of its
sheath, taking care not to change its form "i'm ready when you are"

goron40                                                         01-05-2006 02:48 PM

Goron nodded and said, "Lead the way."

Shadow watched the pair leave then turned his attention back to Whiteoak.


Sywyn                                                           01-05-2006 02:58 PM

Rin nods and grasps the katana with both hands, holding it out to his side as
though ready to attack or defend at a moments notice, he starts towards the
woods following the putrid stench of pure death that he is picking up on

vorodorer                                                       01-05-2006 03:59 PM

*Zamiel brought his talons up and smashed them through the rocks like butter,
they fall apart at his feet, he continued walking towards her spinning his Scythe
in one hand, he ecchoed a long dark hiss*

Time to die little girl...

*He spun the Scythe around in an arc aiming for her neck*

shee mon                                                        01-05-2006 04:08 PM

not again! i will not go so quietly!
*she dive to the side and springs back up again. she lashes out with thick white
tonges of fire from all sides. white on black... in a moment she relives the vision
of angels fighting angels, white on black, red on gold, sword on bone, sear on
it is gone as quick as it had come but left her stronger. with a roar she unleashes
her power on Zamiel. incinerating flames pound outwards from her, rock and
stone is riped from the ground and blackflames lash with deadly acuracy.*

vorodorer                                                       01-05-2006 04:11 PM

*Zamiel stops walking forward*

You jussst dont lay down and take it DO YOU?!

*Zamiel charged, he brought the Sycthe up parting rock and stone wherever it
threatened to hit him, he swerved to avoid the blackflames like water, in under
30 secounds he had his face about 10 cm's away from hers*


*Zamiel brought the Scythe down towards her head*

goron40                                                         01-05-2006 04:15 PM

Goron heard fighting ahead, and burst from the forest right behind Rin. A huge
vampirical demon-type thing was twirling a giant scythe about, attacking Red.
Goron didn't really have time to ponder this, the monster was about to drop his
scythe onto Red's head. He raised his right arm and fired his laser cannon three
times at the demon. Traveling at light speed, he hoped that they would be able to
strike it down before it was too late...

vorodorer                                                       01-05-2006 04:18 PM

*The lazers hit Zamiel, they burned, he turned his cold, hard gaze to look at

Your next...

*He spins the Scythe behind him, without even looking towards Red's neck*

goron40                                                         01-05-2006 04:21 PM

"What the heck is this thing?"

Goron had never seen such a creature in all of his inter-dimensional travels.

There had to be a way to kill it though. Three shuriken flew from his hand in
quick succession at the huge demonic... thing...
vorodorer                                                         01-05-2006 04:24 PM

*Zamiel spun the Scythe around, he swung it through a tree loosign all interest in
Red at all, the tree was aimed to fall ontop of her, he continued to spin the
Scythe faster and faster*

Bow down before death...

*He quickly pivoted on the spot to bring the Scythe down in a deadly arc*

shee mon                                                          01-05-2006 04:25 PM

*Red bent backwards to avoid the swing and, taking the opertunity, kicked him
hard in the back. she takes a dagger and tries to cut him open and retreave her
obsidian blade.*

vorodorer                                                         01-05-2006 04:27 PM

*Zamiel looked behind him, he grinned revealing row upon row of pointy teeth*

I wouldnt do that if i were you..

*He quickly spun around aiming an attack at both of them*

shee mon                                                          01-05-2006 04:30 PM

*she crouches down and the blade sails over her head, she sticks her foot into
the path of Zamiel's feet to trip him up. *
your not me though are you.
*she blasts fire into his face from a distance of centimeters*

vorodorer                                                         01-05-2006 04:34 PM

*Zamiel leapt into the air, the Scyth dissapeared into thin air, a pair of bat like
wings snapped out of his back, measured at about 8m wingspan, he laugh in the
low metallic voice again*

I will drag you kicking and sssscreaming to hell little girl...

*He held out his talons, they started to glow blueish, then they extended by a
good 30cm's, he grinned*

Sywyn                                                             01-05-2006 04:35 PM

Rin rushes towards Zamiel, leaping into the air he brings the healing blade down
towards zamiels throat "hello Zamy, nice to finaly meet ya!"
vorodorer                                                        01-05-2006 04:36 PM

*Zamiel swerved*


*He was puzzled*


What a dissgrace, i take it you wish an early death like all the othersss?

Sywyn                                                            01-05-2006 04:43 PM

Rin grins as he lands "you would know, i mean that is your job right... or are you
slipping in your old age" he turns the blade and thrusts his body fowards swinging
horizonatly at Zamiel

vorodorer                                                        01-05-2006 04:45 PM

Old age?

I am only the ender of time...

I have no sssimple age... Puny mortal...

*Zamiel wrapped one hand around his wrist, and said a few words, a pure dark
ball of energy was being channeled, under 20 secounds and it was already 2m's

shee mon                                                         01-05-2006 04:45 PM

*Red stops, a thought has struck her, drag to hell... she cannot go to hell, she
was the spirit guardian, the bridge from life to the worlds of the spirits. she can
never do what she was made to do to others...*
you have no power over me! you can no more take me to hell than go to heaven!
strike me if you will! you have no POWER!
*she yells triumphantly. she soars upwards to Zamiel, confident with good

Sywyn                                                            01-05-2006 04:48 PM

Rin backflips sheathing his sword in the process, he lands in a crouches position
charging a ball of light in between his hands "lets just see the limit of your power"

vorodorer                                                        01-05-2006 04:48 PM

Sssspirit gaurdian, hmph
You do not think that i had already know that?

You weak fool...

*Zamiel tightens his grip*

If you are a ssspirit gaurdian, that jusst makes you harder pray, even one such
asss yoursself...

Can be banissshed into eternal damnation, you know that asss well asss I...

*He let the shot go propelling him backwards about 1 metre to all 3 of the group*

Sywyn                                                             01-05-2006 04:52 PM

Rin fires his energy also, to force of which forces his backwords a bit, the white
sphere travels at increadable speed searing the ground under it headng straight
for Zamiel's dark energy, as the last of the energy passes from his fingertips Rin
backflips and makes 4 foot thick wall of stone rise to shield him

vorodorer                                                         01-05-2006 04:56 PM

*Zamiel makes a weird gesture with his hands, he darkness feeds off the light
and grows in proportion, it slams into the wall devestating it utterly, he says
another word and 2 blood red swords appear in his hands, they glow with dark
energy and humm with all the power they contain, they both have the same
design as a Kris-blade but in the version of a longsword, they both have the
emblem of a Vampiric skull at the joint between the hilt and blade, the fangs
curve around and end at the bottom of the hilt, the eyes glow red*

Ssstupid mortalsss..


*Zamiel explodes, he rams himself into the ground leaving a hole like a mortar
shell, he brings both swords downwards, he sets his taloned feet into the ground
and leaps upwards attempting to cut Red in half with an uppercut*

shee mon                                                          01-05-2006 05:11 PM

*she does an easy back flip and twists the swords with her arm blades, to try and
disarm him.*
you underestimate my oragins Zamy!
*she flips over his head and away from the swords a second time. she pushes
downwards with her shin blades to push them into his back. she pulls out a
shadow dagger and attempts to ram it between the vertibrae in his neck, with the
outher hand she tears at the peice of obsidian still in his chest and tries to pull it
out. *

vorodorer                                                         01-05-2006 05:18 PM
(( The obsidian is INSIDE him, its in his rib-cage))

*Zamiel just lets it slide into his neck, he lets the blades drop to the ground,
before they touch the floor they dissapear into fog again, he grabs her wrist as
she does so, he grabs her other hand to stop her from trying to get inside him, he
glares at her*

You cannot kill what doesss not live....

Give up now, and sssave a lot of pain later when i devour your ssssoul...

Sywyn                                                            01-05-2006 05:19 PM

Rin is thrown back by the blast, he slids across the ground and flips onto his feet
while still in motion, looking up at the sky "oh crap, shes gonna need help" Rin
makes a series of gestures while concentrating, several spheres of light appear
around Zamiel and begin charging lightning

shee mon                                                         01-05-2006 05:47 PM

(( yes i know, i was there when he put it in. she is using her hand as a
strengthening aspect of her mental powers of manipulation, sorry if it was
obscure :blergh: ))
*she thrashes and twists one hand out of his grip. she presses her palm on his
chest and blasts fire into him. tearing her second hand away she slashes down at
his arm and pushes her arm blades into his side in a deadly hug.*

((god damn immortals! they just keep coming...))

vorodorer                                                        01-05-2006 05:50 PM

*He smiles*

Are you done...?

*He spins around, grabs her arms and sends her spawling onto the ground*

Now, Were wasss I?

*The swords reappear, he spins them around once, he notices the balls*

Darkness feeds off the light, Dust returns to dust...

*A single ring shoots out around his chest and absorbs the lightning, they fall to
the floor in the shape of metal ball bearings*

Ash...returns to ash...

*He drops to the floor just beyond Red*

Now you die...
*In one swift movement he lunges forward trying to impale her into the floor*

Sywyn                                                            01-05-2006 05:56 PM

"life feeds on death!" Rin says diving at Zamiel, ready to skiewer him with the

((the katanas normal forn is called guardian form, it can cut through alot of
things easily but was designed to heal the living, so when it passes through
somthing that thing is filled with healing energy and life, making it seem as
though the blade can not cut a living being because the woulds heal instantly, not
exactly sure how this would effect death))

vorodorer                                                        01-05-2006 06:02 PM

*The Katana cleaves though his flesh sending blood flying everywhere, the wound
instantly heals up*

Death consssumes life...

*he carries on with the attempt inpalement of Red, seeing no threat from this
weak being*

Sywyn                                                            01-05-2006 06:13 PM

Rin extends the katana, it begins to glow and reshape itself, the end of the hilt
streaches and forms another blade at the end, Rin grabs the now long handle
with his other hand spinning the double bladed sword like a staff, he holds it like
a spear and charged at Zamiel

((form: vengence(double bladed sword)- the jagged edge of the blades is
designed specificly to rip and tear flesh, and unlike the guardian form whos blade
is always cold, the vengence form blade is always hot to sear wounds, it can also
fire cresent shaped energy blasts))

shee mon                                                         01-05-2006 06:37 PM

*Red is stunned by the impact but manages to roll out of the way as the blade
sails down. she screams as the blade impales her left wing, she tears it off the
blade and leaps to her feet, trailing glowing blood on the stone.
she pulls out her swords to try and parry any incoming strikes*

vorodorer                                                        01-05-2006 06:39 PM

*Zamiel swings around and lets the Spear slide off his sword into a tree, he
continues slamming attack after attack on Red's defensive*

Ssscream little girl ssscream!!
Run assss fassst asss you can!!

shee mon                                                         01-05-2006 06:58 PM

*by now runing was not an option, no mater how appealing it became.
the attacks push her back but she finds an opening and slams a hit home.
she pulls back to find a good footingand goes back on ther defensive, parrying
left and right.*

Sywyn                                                            01-05-2006 07:01 PM

Rin pulls the blade from the tree and swings it several times focusing all his anger
and hatred into crecent shaped energy blades which are fired from the blade

vorodorer                                                        01-05-2006 07:02 PM

*The gash leaks right across his chest, he spots something, it was easy..*


*He spins the blades round to the side of hers, brings them down in an X
formation and sinks them all the way into the ground, , he lets go of the sword
and raises a taloned hand, ready to tear her to ribbons*

shee mon                                                         01-05-2006 07:09 PM

*she gives up on her swords and lets them fall rather than be dragged to the
floor. she holds her arms infront of her face and summons her fire sheild. as hard
as diamond and burning at the temperature of the sun.
she uses it to block his attack and throws a dagger at the place where the
obsidian lies. hoping to shatter it and poison him.*

vorodorer                                                        01-05-2006 07:18 PM

*Zamiel swings his hand down and catches the dagger inbetween his talons, he
grins reaveling rows of sharp teeth*

Have to try harder little girl...

*The Scythe returns, he swung it over his head and tried to bring it down into her

shee mon                                                         01-05-2006 07:28 PM

*she sidesteps and pushes the scythe away with her sheild. she stepps in to his
swing circle, thats the problem with scythes they are useless in really close
she clips the sheild on her back to protect it and conjures BlackFlames. they
shoot out of her hands, which she presses onto Zamiels torso. the flames edges
harden into sharp edges and cut into hit chest and belly*

vorodorer                                                       01-05-2006 07:32 PM

*Zamiel smiles, this would be good, he pushed himself along the blackfire so it
impaled him, he kept walking slowly towards her, he was literally only 30cms
away from her*

They way i sssee it you have two choicesss here, you can either let the blackfire

*The sword appears on his hand*

Or you can let me behead you then devour your soul...

*He spins the sword around, and presses it agianst her neck*

shee mon                                                        01-05-2006 07:38 PM

*she freezes, this had not happened before. she feels the cold steel against her
neck and swalows hard. she pulls her hands of his body slowly, carefuly and holds
her hands up.
in a flash she brings her handfulls of black flames down on Zamiels sword arm to
chop it to pieces. she ducks out of his reach again. *

vorodorer                                                       01-05-2006 07:40 PM

*Zamiels arm falls off, the blade cut through it*

Now look what you did!

shee mon                                                        01-05-2006 08:06 PM

*she grins, finaly one up for her.
she steps forwards to do the same to his legs and other arm, this was an
oppertunity not to be missed. *

goron40                                                         01-05-2006 08:15 PM

Goron suffers RP lag...

"What'd I mi... Oh... Wow..."

A demon with one arm stood before him, and Red looking as though she was
about to remove the rest of his limbs.

"The hell with that!" Goron wasn't going to let Zamiel regenerate his arm,
because he knew that he would if he didn't act now.
He leapt from his position with kantana in hand and aimed the blade directly for
Zamiel's neck.

Shine                                                           01-05-2006 08:39 PM

Whiteoak exchanges the traditional set of punch/slaps as greetings with the
Grendle, hands it some food, to keep it busy.

Obed queries, "don't you feel it,?"

"Of course I do,, and I've got an idea, that should help"

he pulls out his hand held arsenal device and scrolls down to David's Sling, and it
materializes in front of him. He puts his hands together and separating them to
produce a glowing ball. he jumps on Obed back and they take off to join the frey.

As they approach, Whiteoak puts the ball into the sling and starts to twirl it.
About 40 meters out he lets fly with the orb. It flies about 20 feet over the head
of Zamiel. Whiteoak cries, "Let there be light" and the orb bursts with a small
popping sound. Like an air-fueled weapon hundrends of small projectiles fill a 100
ft cube of space, each of these explodes in all directions with divine energy of
creation (and behold it was good) The effect being that anything showered within
this blast radius would have what ever was good in it strengthed (even if it was
just "honor among theives" type stuff) and what ever was evil in it neutralized a
bit, and nooo, it wouldn't be absorbred to make a bad thing stronger, it would
just dissapate some part of its evilness and energy, and it would not cause bad
things to writhe in agony, the good and the evil would just counteract each other
out of existance, It would probably not eliminate Zamiel in just one hit, but it
should weaken him considerably considering that he is the antithesis of the act of

Embri                                                           01-05-2006 10:04 PM

"THAT IS ENOUGH!" Embri thunders, landing beside the ruined campfire.

"What's going on? Why are you all fighting again, and for what? A piece of metal.
This is pointless."

~Heartsister, I feel your sorrow, and your vow.~

"Fufill your vow, but do not wage war in pursuit of honor. Give Seph the other
dagger. Thus you may keep your promise, without this fight!"

Embri forces herself between Angel and Seph, separating the combatnants. The
fire horse turns to stare at Sephiroth, eyes wide and golden.

Why? She whispers.
Why do you fight?
Why do you distain my aid?

Do you cherish your wounds?
Do you delight in being incomplete?
Are you happy, always walking alone?

Twice I have offered, and twice I have been denied. So I do offer again,
Sephiroth, One Winged Angel, will you not accept my help?

As she speaks, the ground beneath Embri begins to change. Faint lines of energy
shimmer into existance, flowing and rippling along the leylines. The very air
shimmers with power, with lifeforce, as the fire unicorn reaches out to touch

Sywyn                                                            01-05-2006 10:07 PM

((technicly obsidian is glass that forms when magma cools rapidly))

Yoshimasa                                                        01-05-2006 10:09 PM

((Wow, this is getting good. I won't interfere. This is too good. Some flaws, but
essentially a great story.))

goron40                                                          01-05-2006 10:11 PM

Goron froze in midair with his blade at Seph's neck.

"OK... I'm about 20 feet off the ground... but in cartoons, as long as I don't look
down I shouldn't fall." goron thought to himself.

"Um... nice weather up here eh Seph?"

Sywyn                                                            01-05-2006 10:20 PM

Rin loosens the grip on his blade watching as the air shimmers, his blade reverts
back into its guardian form, which Rin sheaths

Embri                                                            01-05-2006 10:20 PM

*Embri sighs, and reaches out telekinetically to gently return Goron to the
ground, a (relatively) safe distance from the fight.*

Sywyn                                                            01-05-2006 10:27 PM

"um... flaming horse.... what are you doing... Rin asks

goron40                                                          01-05-2006 10:38 PM

Goron grumbles.
"Why'd ya do that? I was perfectly capable of staying up there... I think?"

Embri                                                           01-05-2006 11:02 PM

~Peace, Rin. Have faith. I know what I am offering, though Sephiroth insists that
I do not.~

Sywyn                                                           01-05-2006 11:36 PM

Rin turns and hops into a tree to watch the "fireworks"

Shine                                                           02-05-2006 12:06 AM

Whiteoak and Obed also land to observe what is going to transpire. The norn
looks around and notices that the ground under the fight, upon which the remains
of the "Divine Energy of Creation" blast had fallen, is now lush with growing
foliage, some of it even coming into bloom, within moments they are all
surrounded by a field of flowers filling the air with the aromas of spring. He would
make careful observation of the effects of this blast, they would only just now be
showing themselves in the actions of the combatants, he could adjust the
composition of the orb for greater effect if he needed to next time.

Embri                                                           02-05-2006 01:06 AM

Embri barely notices the plants and flowers blossoming at her feet, but deftly
gathers and weaves their lifeforce into her own, riding the endless tides of the
lifestream. Normally invisible, the universal energy of all things courses around
and through her, gathering, waiting.

panther385                                                      02-05-2006 01:43 AM

(( 0.0 RPG lag! Oi! ))

Panther hopped back upon Kiri, continuing to patrol the skies. Rider and Dragon
both spotted the others, and watched from above. Panther pulled some popcorn
frm her Interdimensinol Pouch and began munching. Kiri rolled her eyes and
dived towards the Fire Unicorn.


Taekri and her Momodo slinked around in Panther and Kiri's shadow, keeping to
the ground. They continued this for quite awhile, until the point the abomination
got bored.
"How much longer mussssst we continue thissss !?" it hissed annoyedly. "I want
to fiiight!" It growled deeply, and Tae petted the thing.
"All in good time my pet, all in good time...."

shee mon                                                        02-05-2006 06:31 AM
*Red pulls the brother dagger from its sheath and stears at it. she had never
given up a weapon before.
but she hardens and hurls the dagger with as much strength as she can muster,
directly at its twin.*

vorodorer                                                          02-05-2006 06:52 AM

(( Jeez i go to sleep and i have a load of crap to read, ill just make him do thiiis ))

*zamiel noticed that the forest was blooming with life*

We cant have that now can we?!

*He bends like water through the blades of his opponents to land in the lake, it
burns him, but not much, he sinks his hand into the mud, blackness begins to
leak from his hand and poisen the wildlife*

Sssomeoness poisssened the water hole! Hahaha!

Shadowveil                                                         02-05-2006 07:14 AM

((It seems I missed the fight.))

As Shadowveil nears the group, she sees the fighting has begun anew. There was
some sort of demon in the lake and the air was filled with... light. With a silent
snarl, she shakes her head and creeps up behind Whiteoak. She growls, low and
menacing. ~Do not do that again, paladin. I will not allow my mind to be
tampered with.~

With that, she slinks past him to watch the battle.

Narmie                                                             02-05-2006 07:31 AM

((Sorry about that Shadowveil))

*Pronto ducks as the lightning passes over him. He follows her for a bit then
without worning he swings up a tree and starts. Being a elf he was very good in
trees, jumping from one to the other he ganed on SV then jumped with his sword
pionted downward at SV*

Shadowveil                                                         02-05-2006 07:38 AM

((I have been flying, Narmie. You could not possibly follow me. And that tree you
are in is probably the same one as Rin... Oh well.))

Shadowveil felt a flash of annoyance as the elf decended from the tree. Some
people just could not take a hint. Spinning out of the way, she brings her claws
up to maul him as he landed.
Embri                                                            02-05-2006 03:02 PM

~Oh Sephiroth, will you never learn?~ *With a deep sigh, the fire unicorn
brightens, tiny rivers of lifestream weaving up her legs and body, forming a net of
energy across her fur. Bright balls of mana leap from her horn, and like slowly
falling stars, drop into the lake. A green glow spreads in moments, lighting the
water from within. The plants and trees along the shore quickly recover.

Questing tendrils of energy emerge from the surface of the lake, darting around
Seph's hand, and yet never touching him.

~Magic. Mana. Lifeforce. Energy.
Many names, one source.
We are all connected, in one way or another.~ Embri's thoughts echo in every
mind present.

~By   the air that fills our wings.~ Shadowveil, Panther.
~By   earth beneath our feet.~ Rin, Pronto.
~By   light that glows in our hearts.~ Obed, Whiteoak.
~By   fire that burns in our souls.~ Red Angel, and myself.

"Only you are separate. Only you are not connected. Enough games, enough
evasion. Answer me! Are you content as an outcast from the order of life, or do
you wish an end to the unquenchable thirst that no amount of blood can satisfy?"

vorodorer                                                        02-05-2006 03:13 PM

*He tilts his head to one side*

Hmph, What do you wisssh? And ending to all the battle?

BAH! Tisss impossible! There iss no real way to sstop the fighting, people fight for
fun ssometimess! Thiss battle iss jusst one of thosse exampless, you yoursself
have failed in your attempt...

And Me? I am quite content as an outcast...

You cannot kill what doesss not live...

shee mon                                                         02-05-2006 03:30 PM

then we will cast you into the pit from whence you came, never to return. you
can not take us all.
*she thinks to Embri:
~we need to work together, as strong as we are united, we still fall divided. fuzzy
i know, but true. we must fight or die, he fights to kill and will chase us down,
should we run.~
She reaches down into her soul and taps into the unfathomable power of the
Chaos and Order Angels from whom she was created. she channels the two
streams of energy side by side through her soul, one light one dark, black and
white, red and gold. she can feel the powers coursing in her body and prepairs to
attack in concert.*
vorodorer                                                         02-05-2006 03:33 PM

*Zamiel grins evilly*

Time to kick thisss up a notch...

*He spoke a few words and 4 humps appeared in his back, after a few minutes 4
new arms exploded outwards of his back, each weilding a sword*

Come on take me!

*He leaps into the group*

Embri                                                             02-05-2006 03:37 PM

"I will not fight you." Embri stands defiant, cloaked in a web of light.

"And you are wrong. You are alive, just in a different way." The fire unicorn
stands in Seph's path, unmoving.

vorodorer                                                         02-05-2006 03:39 PM

*Zamiel laughed*

Easssy prey...

*He brought his front swords down aiming for her neck*

shee mon                                                          02-05-2006 03:41 PM

*Red summersaults backwards away from the swords and her glowing blood
splaters in an arc from he wounded wing. it lands on Zamiel and lights him up like
a christmas tree.
she lands on her feet and as her eyes come back into view it can be seen that her
eyes have changed. her left is now all black with red flecks radiating out from the
centre, her right is all white with gold flecks.
she flicks her hands infront of her and light begins to build up in them, dark and

Embri                                                             02-05-2006 03:45 PM

~Stand fast, Angel.~ Embri sends.

"Come and get me." Embri levels her gaze at Sephiroth, unflinching.

vorodorer                                                         02-05-2006 03:51 PM

*Zamiel landed right next to her, he had his blade inchs away from her head, yet
she didnt move*
Eh? Thisss iss strange, you sshow more confidence than the otherss

Im going to like breaking your will...

*A dark hand loomed slowly towards her face*

Embri                                                            02-05-2006 03:57 PM

Closing her eyes, the young fire horse pushes her nose into Seph's hand, warm
breath tickling the hairs along his arm.

The throb of power flows against the dark figure's palm, wild and free.

vorodorer                                                        02-05-2006 04:04 PM

*He grips her nose, he begins sending waves of dark energy into her head, most
likely it will poisen her brain*

Goood horrrssssey....

Embri                                                            02-05-2006 04:15 PM

Energy ripples across the boundry, first a trickle, then a stream, growing into a
torrent of lifeforce. It crashes over Seph's dark tide, swamping and flooding the
poisonous marisma, leaping across his hand and arm, flowing through chilled

~You should know by now that while light can fill darkness, shadow does not
overcome light, for it is an absence, not a power.~

Extending a wing, Embri gently enfolds Sephiroth, drawing him close to her body.

~Why is it so hard for you to believe I bear you no ill will?~

vorodorer                                                        02-05-2006 04:26 PM

*Seph growled*

Bite me...

*His hands formed into long pointy needle like weapons, he takes his arms back
and tries to peirce her chest with them*

Embri                                                            02-05-2006 05:00 PM

~As you wish.~ With teeth far sharper and longer than any horse should have,
Embri sinks her canines into Seph's hand, drawing blood.
Embri barely feels the wounds as Seph buries his long talons into her chest. Webs
of lifestream dance up the length of his arms, leaping from point to point and
fusing with Seph's body.

~Your blood to me, my blood to you. The circle is complete.~ With a cryptic
comment, Embri releases her ties on the energy web she had been holding,
channelling it through Sephiroth. Expanding rapidly, the globe of energy
surrounds equine and vampire.

~Be lost no longer, little brother. You are part of the world again, for better or

goron40                                                           02-05-2006 05:01 PM


 Originally Posted by Embri
 ~By the air that fills our wings.~ Shadowveil, Panther.
 ~By earth beneath our feet.~ Rin, Pronto.
 ~By light that glows in our hearts.~ Obed, Whiteoak.
 ~By fire that burns in our souls.~ Red Angel, and myself.

"Hey! I'm here too? What category do I fall into?"

Goron... for his impaitience...

vorodorer                                                         02-05-2006 05:03 PM

Ill more like!

I refussse to become whatever you are trying to make me horsseey!

*He spins around to land in the water, his hands change once again into hooks,
he looks around at the group*

What are you waiting for?

Attack attack or I will firssst!

*He lunges at Embri again*

I would rather DIE than become life and weak!

Embri                                                             02-05-2006 05:32 PM

"I have made you nothing that you were not already. I have no desire to change
you, Sephiroth. Each is master of his own destiny. I have simply restored your tie
to the lands. Do you not sense it? The power all around you? Don't you realize
that this is part of what you hunger for?"
*Embri licks her wounds, healing the long gashes Seph has left in her hide.*

"If you still wish to kill me, though I have done you no harm, than come. I will
raise neither horn nor hoof against you." Embri throws up her head, baring her

vorodorer                                                        02-05-2006 05:36 PM


*Seph put on foot down, he scarred a mark into the land, the flowers withered
around him, he lunged with his hook hand, aiming to rip her throat out*

Embri                                                            02-05-2006 05:47 PM

Embri stands firm, watching Seph with sad eyes.

~So much hurt, so much anger. And yet you feel the need to add more.~

vorodorer                                                        02-05-2006 05:49 PM

(( Bah, Is that an invite to powerplay? ))
*The blade stops inches away from her neck, it digs into her drawing blood, he
hisses at her*

Ill doo what i ssseee fit little horssey...

Time to die...

*He put more pressure on the blade*

shee mon                                                         02-05-2006 06:00 PM

*Red leaps into Zamiel, hands blazing and hurls all her weight and power into
pushing him away from her beloved Embri. she roars and the globes of light and
dark explode into thick blasts, chanleing straight into Zamiel with all the power of
thousands of battle primed, Angel souls.
with a heave she sends the light crashing sidways into his head and the dark at
his torso. she aims hit after hit, unleashing more and more power to tear him

vorodorer                                                        02-05-2006 06:07 PM

*Zamiel was buffeted aside, the blade was alreay in her neck, maybe it had killed
her yet, not many beings can survive having their windpipe cut in half, he was
slammed into the ground, the light barraged him viscously, after a few minutes it
stopped, he opened his eyes and stood up, he screeched again*
Insssolent worm!!

Now you die!!

*Zamiel's figure changed again, his hands became not hooks, but viscious chain
blades, they spun with a metallic buzz, he lunged at her*

shee mon                                                         02-05-2006 06:14 PM

((the barrage has not ended))
*she croses the two beams infront of her and the spiral round each other, she
slams this into Zamiels chest and the two beams split to circle round and trap
him. Red blasts him with balls of the light and dark, they roar towards him in
quick succesion.
as he lunges he hits a clear barrier, and it blasts him with more energy. tendrils
of light emerge from it and try to tear his weapons apart*

vorodorer                                                        02-05-2006 06:43 PM

*the hands come off only to be replaced by brand new ones, he yells out*

That all you gotsss kiddy?!

shee mon                                                         02-05-2006 06:52 PM

*RedAngels voice Echoes like a chorus of thousands of voices*
*with a crash a bolt of solid white light breaches the gap between the two
fighters, with another bang an arch of black and red crashes in to being between
them. the bars hold both of them imobile for a second before releasing enough
explosive force into Zamiel to blast a moon into pieces. *

vorodorer                                                        02-05-2006 06:57 PM

*Zamiel was in peices, bits of him bled all over the floor, wherever it reached the
floor withered and died, where his blood spilled, nothing would grow ever..*

shee mon                                                         02-05-2006 07:23 PM

*Red kicks Zamiel in the head and spits on him.*
Dont touch Embri.
*she says it with deadly Finality.
She walks over to her HeartSister and crables her hear in her arms, Pressing her
forehead on her forehead she pours White energy into her freind.*
Do not leave me now.
*The energy flows into her wounds and closes them over with greenish light.*

vorodorer                                                        02-05-2006 07:27 PM
*A loud hissing laugh is heard*

You have underessssssstimate meee....

*The black eyes appear once again, along with a very dark laugh, it sounded as if
it came from everywhere, and yet it was nowhere*

You cannot kill what doesss not live....

shee mon                                                           02-05-2006 07:46 PM

*she whips round*
*she is slightly angry. only slightly.
She raises her arms and the light and dark fill her hands once more*
*The energy fills the area and then compleatly dissapears.*
*The air flashes with the energy as it flicks into existance from Reds soul and
dissapears into the spirit planes*

((whew! ok explination. When RedAngel was in the care of the earth spirit, her
sister... ish, she was fed on the souls of angels killed in the Chaos wars. these
now, along with all their power, reside inside her. at first they hated her for it but
they have grown attatched to her and they realise that their only way to survive
is to make sure Red survives. their power comes only in times of great need and
danger. she is only just begining to realise these facts and conciously use the
power of the angels.))

vorodorer                                                          02-05-2006 07:53 PM

*The portal closes with not a bang, but with a rather old groan, Zamiel laughed*

Yesss, it iss MY plane....


Can you honesstly sssay that I am... "Here"?

goron40                                                            02-05-2006 07:54 PM

Goron leaned back against his tree. This was a *slightly* new trick. He could tell
when he was needed and when he wasn't. Maybe a nap was in order.

"Rin! Wake me if somthing interesting happens... like if I'm about to be

shee mon                                                           02-05-2006 08:10 PM
*Red grins*
*the flashe increase in speed and volume, they crash through the planal barier
with crashes and roars. as they reach His plane they contract, pulling at him
squeezing him*

vorodorer                                                        02-05-2006 08:11 PM

*The plane closes, Zamiels eye's close, it looks and sounds as if he is yawning*

I think ill sstay here for a while...

Embri                                                            02-05-2006 08:21 PM

*Embri staggers back to her feet.*
"What's ... going on?" Bewildered, the fire horse looks left and right, seeing
nothing but darkness. "Oh." Embri opens her eyes.

Staggering slightly, Embri walks over to lean against Angel.
"Ewww." She lifts up a hoof, covered in gore.

~Angel, what did you do?~ Embri looks about at the devastation with surprise.

shee mon                                                         02-05-2006 08:23 PM

*she grins.*
*the spirits close off the plains and set a barrier of destructive energy between
the levels of existance.*

vorodorer                                                        02-05-2006 08:27 PM

*The eyes burn up, only to be replaced by a black figure wearing plate armour,
raising a massive great sword, he spoke in a metallic voice*

Pardon? Didnt hear that dear...

shee mon                                                         02-05-2006 08:29 PM

((ops i didnt refresh))
*The Angels have finished their duty and leave RedAngel to her own head. she
turns to Embri and huggs her neck,*
~hush now, its over, hush~
*she rubs her creamy flank and strokes her main out of her eyes.*
~shhh Sister, we're going to be alright~
vorodorer                                                        02-05-2006 08:32 PM

*Seph slams into the ground, the platemail carried him down, he twirls the sword
in his right hand*

Fine? Hahaha!

The parties only started! Let the show begin...

*The blade began to humm and glow with a dark aura*

shee mon                                                         02-05-2006 08:44 PM

*Reds eyes return to their black and white state and she turns to Seph.*
*she pushes her left hand forward and a bolt of solid black appears. she drives it
hard at his chest. from her other hand a bolt of yellow lightning bursts and blasts
through the air at him at lightspeed.*

vorodorer                                                        02-05-2006 08:46 PM

*Zamiel continues walking forward*

Death consumes everything...

*He stops an metre from her and raises his sword*

It ends everything...

*He brings it down towards her skull*

goron40                                                          02-05-2006 08:48 PM

Goron rolled over in his sleep and set off his laser gun yet again. Coiencidentally
it happened to be aimed at Zamiel.

The shots going off woke him.

"Hueh? Hut's goig og?"

shee mon                                                         02-05-2006 08:53 PM

*She brings her hand over her head and stops the blade with a bar of black. she
blasts at his chest, palm almost touching his skin. with her other hand she
plunges into his side with a white blade.*

vorodorer                                                        02-05-2006 08:55 PM
*He grabs hold of her wrist with one hand and tries crushing it, the blast burns
him deeply but he just moves onward, he spins the blade around and puts it to
her neck*

Are you ready to face death little girl?

goron40                                                           02-05-2006 08:59 PM

Goron was fully awake now. This looked to be something worth his attention.

He pushed off the tree he was leaning against and flew at Zamiel, kantana ready
to puncture him at first contact.

shee mon                                                          02-05-2006 09:04 PM

*she pulls up her free hand and pushes through his sword with a bar of light and
rams it away from her neck. her hand in his grip darkes and begins to burn with
anti-light, she wrenches it out of his grip.
she grabs round his neck with solid white light and cuts*

panther385                                                        02-05-2006 09:46 PM

The sky darkened around the duo. Panther sniffed the air, closing her eyes for a
moment. She sighed.
"Kiri, this is getting..... weird. And it seems that Taekri is back, I hope she's
learned her lesson."
"Mind if we go keep the Unicorn company?"
"Nah, let's go."
The pair landed next to the mythical equine. Panther crawled down, pulling out
yet more popcorn.
Kiri snorted, ebony smoke rising from her nostrils.


Taekri stopped in mid-stalk.
"They've sensed us, demon. We must hurry." The emerald vulpine ran now, her
small paws barly touching the earth.
Dail grunted, two mounds forming on his spine. They grew to the size of himself,
then burst uncerimoniusly. Blood dripped down newly formed bat wings, at once
taking to the skies.

Shine                                                             02-05-2006 09:46 PM

Whiteoak reinforced his earlier Reflexive Protection field, and added to it the
Balance and Harmony effect, took from his inner arsenal another Divine Energy of
Creation orb, but instead of using the field coverage effect delivery he chose to
project an energy beam blast,

"This should drain a good deal of his destructive/evil energy for a few moments,
and distract his attention, he'll have to deal both on the spiritual and the physical
levels, I know he may not really be "there", but as a symbol of his "presense" it
will still work for mental combat" He said to no one in particular.

and with that Whiteoak unleashed his beam blast at the Sephiroth being, and
prepared for a counter attack...

Embri                                                              02-05-2006 09:57 PM

"Hello." Embri greets Panther dully. She turns back to the combat with bright
eyes, the occasional tear running down her face.

"Why do they continue to fight? Do they gain some sort of pleasure from this? So
senseless...." *The unicorn drops her head.*

Kat_05                                                             02-05-2006 09:58 PM

Shee mon cuts... nothing. Kat_05 swiftly forces her back with a stream of force
(pressure, nor a definite element that can be defended against) and marches
towards Shee mon.

"Nice lightshow. Want to try that again?"

panther385                                                         02-05-2006 10:00 PM

Kiri nodded.
"It's just.... foolish." The reptile bobbed her head up and down a little, sighing.

shee mon                                                           02-05-2006 10:09 PM

*RedAngel plants her feet and sends a fire ball at Kat, followed by a dagger and a
lash of BlackFlame. she stalks forwards and throws a punch full of razor sharp
shards of light at her face.*

Kat_05                                                             02-05-2006 10:18 PM

A shield of ice is quickly formed, deflecting the fire attacks. The dagger embedds
itself in Kat's shoulder as she dodges the flames. Once the attack has finished,
Kat calmly pulls out the dagger, the wound healing almost instantly. Just for
added effect, Kat tosses the dagger back to Redangel.

"Still confident in your lights?"

Kat begins weaving in a way as to make her a hard target to hit and pulls out a
vial of light- a sickly purple one. As the vial is uncorked, the nearby area goes
dark as all light is sucked inside the vial. As a last bit of Shine's magic interacts
with the vial, the room is flooded with light as the vial shatters. The light is
blinding. Giving no time for recovery, Kat_05 charges RedAngel, transforming
into her canine form.
shee mon                                                        02-05-2006 10:29 PM

*Reds AngelEyes filter out the blinding light, and her spirits guide her hand as
she draws her blades. she brings her katana across and into the canine muzzle,
with her second hand she blasts out a jet of blinding light into her flank.*

Kat_05                                                          02-05-2006 10:35 PM

*The katana cracks scale, but the attack to Kat's flank quickly remedies it as her
tail takes the blow. Kat gains speed from the burst, digging a claw deep into
Redangel's side.*

(OOC: For anyone that hasn't found my RP character yet, here:
Age:Looks around 19
Description:Large canine-creature with intermingling scales (forest-green) and fur
(deep blue). Approx 1.6 metres high at shoulder, 3 metres in length. General
young wolf bodytype, with a thin, whiplike tail (blade at end). Teeth and claws
present. Shoulderblades seem to have small tufts.
Known Abilities: Poison, speed, strength, camoflouge (3 known forms so far:
Normal-look at description; human form, wolf form (shrinking to size of a general
wolf/cyote with grey striped coloration), partial camoflouge (sems to be a
developing chameleon trait, Kat is able to blend in partially to her surroundings
atm), tail shows the ability to absorb energy from surrounding organisims for
advanced healing.
Species: Human
Weapontry: Claws, teeth, tail-human form carries various weapons (usually). Mild
magical/scientific powers from her travels.
History: Kat was one of the few humans in the EC, and careless at that. When an
evil angel invaded the cave she went in a small band of members to explore the
system, and came across a living diamond. Upon eating the diamond, most
humans would perish, but a bit of demon blood in Kat's veins prevented such.
Kat's body absorbed the inherent energy of the live diamond causing her

goron40                                                         02-05-2006 10:46 PM

((I can't even follow this RP anymore...))

shee mon                                                        02-05-2006 10:49 PM

*Red parrys the claw with a blade and makes a note to not use her magic near
the tail. she pulls out her second sword and drives it at her chest. with the first
she swings round at her neck*

Shine                                                             03-05-2006 12:07 AM

"Hey, no fair, that wasn't even meant for you, you evil guys always cheat!!" pouts
Whiteoak. Whiteoak calls to his ally "Obed, cover me" and he begins the mental
preparations to repeat the attack.

Obed unleashes a lightening bolt at Kat 05, then sensing the human nature of the
Kat being, he releases a very small plague of flies, only a dozen or so, not so
significant as to attract attention, infects some of them with the bubonic plague,
and some of them with ebola virus, and directs his little plague battalion to attack
Kat 05 (as their only target), just for fun :)

this may not take effect for a day or two :)

Kat_05                                                            03-05-2006 12:19 AM

Shrinking to wolfish-size, Kat dodges both blades, still aiming for the chest bfore
resuming normal canine form (scales and all). Though Kat hasn't noticed the
insects as of yet, the bugs will have litle chance to bite unles Kat resumes human
form (fur/scale protection).

[;)Shine, you telling me you don't find flies annoying as heck? RL I'd definitely
notice the little buggers if they came within a yard!]

Shine                                                             03-05-2006 01:05 AM

Observing the transformations, Obed, repeats the plague attack, this time
sending them as deerflies with canine heartworm. :D

I hate insects too, but somehow, I still get mosquito bites every summer. These
are persistent buggers, both batches, and the horse flies can get through fur in
places like ears, and right behind the fore limbs, I'm sure that you or your friends
can heal you up before you get terminal, but they could certainly slow you down
for a day or two, and Obed loves a good plague :blergh: (if they get you, roll a
dice and lets see, what do you think? 50/50? :cool:

shee mon                                                          03-05-2006 06:40 AM

*Red dodges her second attack at her chest by fliting sideways and letting the
canine form fly past her. befor her tail comes within range she thrusts upwards
with one katana and into her belly with the other.*

vorodorer                                                         03-05-2006 06:44 AM

*Zamiel laughed at this*
Hmph, Guess i take my leave...

*He continues walking into the forest*

shee mon                                                          03-05-2006 06:47 AM

*Red sees him walking away and realises that her chance to get fullfil her vow is
going with him so she summons the compleat dagger to her hand and hurls it
after him.*

vorodorer                                                         03-05-2006 06:51 AM

*Zamiel spins around and catches the dagger, inchs away from his neck*

Nice try little girl

*He spins the dagger so he is holding the hilt, he throws it at her, he continues
walking into the shadows*

shee mon                                                          03-05-2006 06:59 AM

((it wasnt aimed to kill, but i gess i didnt make that clear. she just wants to
discharge her blood vow and be done with it.))
*She waves her palm infrount of the dagger and it tumbles out of the air.*

Kat_05                                                            03-05-2006 11:57 AM

The gash to the stomach is a blow, but the hit was timed badly. As the knife
embeds itself into Kat's stomach, The lighting attack from shine hits, giving a
shock to RedAngel. Kat then takes a chance to heal while Redangel is after

"Oy! Don't you want to finish the fight?!?"

Kat gives a snap in the direction of RedAngel before heading for the woods like
Zamiel-it's a good place to use her camoflouge.

goron40                                                           03-05-2006 12:03 PM

Goron wandered through a secluded section of the woods, with Shadow right
behind him.

About ten minutes ago, he had left the battle to go pick up Shadow, and,
typically, he got lost on the way back. Now he was picking his way through the
dense forest.

"Have we passed that tree before, Shadow?", Goron asked his reptilian friend.
"Grah", Shadow gave a useless answer.

"Thanks...", Goron rolled his eyes and pushed through another thorn bush.

shee mon                                                         03-05-2006 03:19 PM

*Red watches the two disappear into the forest and sighs. slowly her eyes fade to
their ushal red and she hands lose their black and white auras. it is like waking up
from a strange dream, where she is in control of somthing remote and powerful.
she begins to feel the pain of her torn, limp and dislocated wing again. with one
hand she gathers it up and folds it next to her side, using a nearby tree she runs
into it and pops the joint back in. this makes her want to scream but she bites
her lip and refuses to point blank.
with some movement restored to it she sits down by the fire and shivers
violently. she looks around for Embri, vision bluring slightly, she sees her glowing
in the darkness and staggers up right to go to her. as she walks she trails hot,
glowing blood on the ravaged flowers and plants.
upon reaching Embri she hugs her close.*
this is all my fault, i'm so sorry! I...I didnt think.
*hot tears roll down her face for the second time that day. she whipes them
I'm sorry, i feel so childish
*her voice snags in her throat and she buries her face in Embris mane.*

Shine                                                            03-05-2006 08:36 PM

(( I do not want the basic discussion of EC and MEC to take place in here, but I
am feeling a need for come clarification of what this RPG is now about, the EC
invaded Forumopolis, we members are fighting to defend it, but most EC folks
aren't posting any more, Did we win?, we seem now to be just fighting for
fighting's sake with no clear goal. has the MEC taken over the ECs role as
adversary, or for the sake of this RPG are they able to fight on the same side?. I
didnt know there was a difference or I wouldn't have gotten all like hostile with
seph and tried to pick a fight. This is just for fun right? we can keep going but I
don't know really what i am fighting against, If we won, lets all go to an
imaginary restaurant and celebrate, while we are there I can get like drunk and
insult sombody and we can all form up sides and have a new reason for fighting.
Party on, Wayne, eat my shorts all you evil nasties :D (Lets keep this fun and not
let the basic argument come in here.))) (Assuming we are continueing, could the
"Badguys" please identify yourselves somehow in your sig, or avatar, or
somewhere, once your character's allegiance becomes established so I don't end
up attacking somebody who's on my side ?)

goron40                                                          03-05-2006 08:39 PM

((No... there are no clear defined evil and good any more... we're just fighting for
the sake of fighting...))

Sywyn                                                            03-05-2006 08:41 PM

((um... i dont think most of teh EC will be posting anymore because there seems
to have been an oath forcing teh losing side to leave the forums... or somthing
like that))

Shadowveil                                                        03-05-2006 08:50 PM

((Addman said they were leaving because everyone here was being completely
stupid... and I am inclined to agree. I stay and fight because I have nowhere else
to go.))

Yoshimasa                                                         03-05-2006 08:59 PM

((I would have left but didn't have anywhere to post after that. I'm not a member
of any other forums and can't really join any right now. It might have been better
if I had left earlier...))

panther385                                                        03-05-2006 09:08 PM

(Addman's leaving?!?!? *screams* )

Shadowveil                                                        03-05-2006 09:18 PM


panther385                                                        03-05-2006 09:40 PM




3kul                                                              03-05-2006 11:23 PM

((Mwahaha! So, how's this thread been going during the MEC plot? Bet you're all
pretty relaxed, thinking that there's no enemy anymore, eh? Well, just you wait
until I've read the last... 40 pages... damn. Well, it might be a while, but I'll be
back soon enough!))

Shine                                                            04-05-2006 01:53 AM

So, Whiteoak and Obed return to the small fire in the forest just outside of town,
to see who else limps out of the frey looking for a warm place to rest. Whiteoak
takes several pieces of wood to get the fire burining more brightly, then takes out
his "Rations" pouch and pulls out a philly peppersteak and cheese sandwich for
himself, and a large jackrabbit carcass for the lion. As they eat Whiteoak re-
visualises his defensive fields, and tries to sense what presences might be

Embri                                                            04-05-2006 02:34 PM

"S'okay, Angel. Don't cry. We're all children, inside." Embri rubs her head up
against Red Angel's side.

~Ground. The earth beneath me.~
~Center. Our hearts, inside.~
~Shield. Nothing out, nothing in.~

*Reaching downward into the planet with all her might, Embri once again gathers
up the leylines. Deftly twisting and shaping the lifestream, she spins out tendrils
of power tame enough to channel to her heartsister.*

~You're a real mess this time, aren't you? Whatever did you do without me?~
Embri's teasing voice tries to mask her weariness. ~I've never tied anyone back
into the lifestream before. I don't even know if it worked. Oh Angel, the power!
Did you feel it? I've never experienced anything like it before; one could become
drunk on it, oh so easily....~

*Tenderly, with great care, the fire unicorn wields her tendrils of power, knitting
flesh and bone back into their proper shape, until her heartsister is once again

~I managed to touch him, just for a moment, Angel.~ The unicorn shudders
involuntarily. ~Such pain, such anguish. It's like dying, every moment of every
day. I don't know how Seph survives like that. Maybe that's what drives him to
fight, maybe it's the only thing that keeps the pain at bay. I don't know.~

shee mon                                                         04-05-2006 08:00 PM

*Red relaxes in to her HeartSisters ministrations for the umpteenth time that
~your tired, we need to rest and heal more slowly, i dont think i've slept properly
for days and i know you havent.~
*she snuggles up between Embris forelegs and curls up into a tight ball*
~I dont know how he does it either. i think it would send me mad, if i wasnt
*she presses herself against Embri's heartbeat and breathes her sweet scent.*

Embri                                                            04-05-2006 09:00 PM

~You're right, of course. We need to rest. I'll take us back to the Grove. You'll
like it; it's beautiful.~

*Embri closes her eyes, leans down over her heartsister, and whisks them away
in a zephyr of sparkling motes of light.*

~This is my home, Angel.~
The tallest trees you've ever seen stretch up towards the sky. Everything is
painted in shades of green, lush and vibrant. Flashes of colour dart from tree to
tree, as animals, birds and insects in every colour of the rainbow run, fly, glide,
hop and crawl amongst the inumerable plants. Each one looks somewhat familiar,
and yet totally unlike anything you've ever seen before. An ancient spire of rock,
not quite natural in appearance, is thrust up in the center of the Grove. From it
cascades a waterfall of clear water, splashing down into rock pools and basins

The lifestream is incredibly strong in this place; the very air tingles with it's
presence; the heartbeat of the Earth. Embri sinks down with a contented sigh into
the mossy floor, head pillowed on a hummock of peat.

~We can rest here, Angel.~ Embri sends as she falls asleep, to tired to stay
awake any longer.

Shadowveil                                                      04-05-2006 09:26 PM

With a growl, Shadowveil slinks off into the trees, hunting.

shee mon                                                        05-05-2006 07:08 PM

*Red falls into the deepest and sweetest sleep she has ever known as she lies on
the sweet glen grass. She dreams of light and air and... Screams?
The light disappears and the air grows heavy with the stench of burnt feathers
and blood. Crashes and clashes of great titans of the skies fill the revolting air.
Reds view point plummets through boiling black cloud and out the other side. She
sees burning trees and fields, blackened ground. But what steals her gaze is two
great armies hanging suspended in the air. Two figures float, one in front of each.
On her left and great handsome angel, with black wings, hair and eyes, the air
around him seems to have been fled by all light and warmth. On her right a
wizened old man, clutching a tarnished sword and eyes brimming with kindness
and sadness for the imminent war. But he knows it must come and his face
hardens, lifting his sword with strength unnatural for such an old body his rattley
voice carries a war cry across the two waves of beings. The white and gold angels
raise their swords in salute and cry for those who will be lost, but the tears roll
down over hard set chins and the swords do not falter.
The black army gives no cry, no warning, no respect; it merely crashes down
onto its opponent. At the hordes head the black lord angel leaves a stream of
lightless air behind him.
Red's view drops to the front line of the battle and she tries to shut out the
images of the terrible battle but is forced to watch. Black tears at white and gold
at red.
Bodies drop bleeding to the ground and feathers fall. The sounds of ripping flesh
and breaking bone fill the air but the Angels fight voicelessly. No cries but those
of the wounded and no screams of rage. Golden tears fall freely from golden eyes
as enemy after ally falls.
High above the battle two sparks, one light one dark, circle. They pause and dive
in to each other, their blades crash together and the clouds begin to redden.
Again and again the blades ring true, the battle falls lower and lower until no
more clashes of steel or bangs of spell can be heard as the two grapple hand to
hand. The balance of the world hangs in the slightest breath of wind that would
turn them this way or that.
In a moment it is over. No dark air remains and no blinding light shows. In their
place two twisted and broken bodies fall through the air, blood and feathers
streaming after them.

Back in the Glen Red tosses and frets, sweating feverously. Tears leak from her
fiercely closed eyelids and a sob escapes her lips.

Her view point drops for the final time and she is kneeling next to the two bodies.
With tears rolling down her cheeks she wipes blood from their faces and
smoothes their hair. Above the battle rages, blood and feathers fall in testament
to the fallen and wounded, but on the ground silence prevails.
No wind stirs the lifeless bodies and the flames consume the last trees.
Nothing stirs until a strong and sad Angel of gold lands behind Red and puts his
hand on her shoulder.
~cry for them, your tears are worth more than an army’s. ~
Far above their heads the black Angels are fleeing into the clouds and long
streams of white pour to the ground around Red. They form a great, silent crowd
around the grieving pair, tears stream down handsome faces.
They move closer and bear off the two bodies, treating both with equal respect.
Eventually only two remain the one with his hand on her shoulder and a beautiful
Lady Angel. The woman reaches down and pulls Red onto her feet and into an all
embracing hug. Effortlessly she picks her up like a child and cradles her in her
arms. Red feels like she is floating and cannot resist closing her eyes.
In the Glen she sleeps peacefully and mindlessly once more.

((Sorry about the essay, I couldn’t resist))

panther385                                                         05-05-2006 09:26 PM

((I'm adding a new char :D Yesh, I be so evil! Mwhahahahha!

Name: Xuxi
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female (AGAIN!)
Species: Feline, ghost.
Powers/History: Xuxi was a pet to an eccentric Alchemist, who often talked to
her. She died during one of his insane rants, during which a box of random items
where thrown at her. When she died, she couldn't be judged on whether to go to
Heaven or H ell. So, she spend many a millenium floting in limbo, engaging in
odd, weird activities. One of which was Puppeting. The feline learned how to
manipulate object and people to her own will. She was released from limbo after
being decided that she could just roam. After a few decades or so, she created
her own collection of marrrionettes, albeit without strings.
Looks: A ghostly white feline, deep blood colored eyes. Her right eye has one long
scar starting above it, twisting until it hits her left forearm.

Kiri chuckled quitely, glancing about the horizon. Her glittering green orbs
scanned every body, every sword, every tear. The battle waged on somewhat in a
few places, the fiece intents beginning to wane. Hath Peace been restored...?
Thought she quzzically. Her nostrils let loose a wisp of black smoke.

Panther sat down under a Sakura Blossom tree, around 10 feet away from the
reptile. Her form was now in it's classic feline form, the spines slightly piecing the
earth. Her eyelids became heavy, eventually closing over weary eyes. A slight
snore could be heard from the female, Sakura petals drifting about.

Taekri ground her teeth. Da*n this! She shouted quietley. Her momodo Dail felt
the same. Where was the action? The blood? The screams of terror and pain!?
Each on the top of grassy knoll, having a great view of Forumopolis.
"Well... What know...?" The lupine hissed hoarsely, slitting it's eyes against the
"I'm thinking!" The vulpine snapped, muttering under her breath.

Heavy breathing could be heard in the forest, but noone to be found. Red eyes
sprung from the nothingness, only to gaze cruely at it's surroundings. A large
white feline's form gathered together as if it was mist. She slunk through the
underbrush. Hatred eminated from the supernatural beast, turning the
surrounding plants ashcolored.
"Heh, you should have never relesed me Lord, never..." Xuxi hissed, scrfatching a
few symbols in the ground. Slamming a paw in the center of the markings, she
shouted a sentence of unknown words. The symbols glowed red and dissapeared.
A small, green bear puppet was left. The cat chuckled deeply and stood it up. She
pricked her paw on a nearby thorn, crimson blood dripping upon the toy. It
shuddered and sprung to life. It grew to a mammoth size, grunting slightly.

Embri                                                              06-05-2006 02:07 AM

*I'm falling.*
*Why can't I fly?*

~Angels. Death, Pain. Why? So much fighting. ANGEL! Where's my Angel?~
Embri falls from the dream-sky, tumbling down through the clouds. Below her,
she spies glimpses of two great forces of flyers, winged angels. The inumerable
numbers crash together, like opposing tides.

~What is this? When is this? Where's my Angel?~ The fire horse yearns for her

There. A flash of red amongst the white and black, a familiar form.

~Why won't she answer me?~


As the opposing armies meet and mingle, a great shudder trembles through the
lifestream, and the Balance tips. Embri feels ill, terribly ill, far worse than she has
ever felt in her life. Chest constricting, it was as if the very air was being sqeezed
out of her.

~Can't ... breathe .... ANGEL!~
With a snap, Embri awoke, lurching to her feet, sides heaving. Head stretched
towards the ground, she shudders, panting and gasping for breath. A chill runs
down her spine, despite the warmth of the Grove. With grim determination, she
refuses to give in to her roiling stomach.

"Angel?" Frantic, the unicorn moves towards the still form of the demoness. With
relief, she finds her heartsister alive and well, and collapses gratefully back down
into the mossy turf, laying her head across Angel's arm.

"Was that a .... dream?" Embri murmurs, "Or a memory?"

The fire unicorn closes her eyes yet again, but cannot find the will to sleep.

Shadowveil                                                       06-05-2006 08:18 AM

((Is this still a park, or have we moved outside the city?))

Shadowveil crouched in the grass. A flock of geese grazed by a pond, oblivious to
the gryphoncat's presence. Until she pounced, catching one in her claws as the
rest took off in a flurry of feathers, honking in panic.

Leopard-like, she climbed up a large walnut tree to eat her prize. Being a
creature of magic, she fed on the life force, as well as the meat, of her prey. A
fresh kill was always more satisfying than cold meat.

White goose feathers began to pile up beneath the tree.

shee mon                                                         06-05-2006 09:25 AM

*Red Angel murmurs in her sleep and begins to stir fretfully once more. Slowly
her mind wakes and she cries at the terrible memories the Angels have opened
within her. She opens her eyes only to be blinded by the leaf dappled sunlight in
the Glen, she feels so strange, changed some how.
She rolls over and get onto her hands and knees, she feels like she is going to be
sick. Her wings... they feel so weak, she tries to move them but they merely
shake for a moment before lying still on the grass either side of her. Her hands
tremble and she drops face down back on to the grass. Her eyes begin to burn
with pain and she screws them shut.
When she opens them again the have changed, this time permanently she feels,
one is all black and one all white. What she sees through them makes her head
spin; through the black she sees things into the infrared, the patches of sun light
on the floor glow with warmth and Embri blazes with a magnificent golden light.
Through her white eye the world is vaguely normal but crisscrossed with golden
lines. Trees appear to be surrounded by transparent green mist and Embri is
covered in flame shaped clouds of gold and red.
She glances at her own hands and sees that they are surounded by swirls of
black and white, never mixing and always moving.
Slowly the feeling comes back and she pushes herself upright. her gaze is caught
by bars of white where before all was black. her wings have changed, alternate
groups of feathers are white, whe spreads the wide and marvels at their
as she does she remembers how and why she has these, and a tear leaks from
her eye. as it rolls down her face a warm voice coos*
Do not dwell on this, Shani, we survive in you. look to your Sister.
*Red obeys the sultry and beautiful voice*
She deserves all our thanks, we where not able to contact you before, though we
have been here for many ages of men. Look to her.
*the voice fades and RedAngel kneels and hugs her sister.*
I love you.
*she whispers*
Never forget it.

Shine                                                            06-05-2006 04:21 PM

(I don't actually remember leaving the city, but all of a sudden folks were near
trees and lakes, some of which seemed heavily wooded. If we were in a big park,
we still are in the same park, I just got confused by all the big scale fighting and
assumed we ended up somewhere else. I'm back where ever the campfire was
where Goron40 and Seph and Rin and I first met and started arguing)

Embri                                                            06-05-2006 04:31 PM

"Angel!" Beside herself, all that Embri can do is watch as Angel quivers and cries.
At last, it seems to be over, and the fire unicorn's companion turns to face her.
Embri buries her head in Angel's arms, simply happy to find her heartsister awake
again. "What's happened to you?"

*The fire unicorn gazes into a face at once familiar and yet strange.*

"I heard someone talking to you. Someone ... that sounded familiar. I'm so
confused. Everything's changing too fast. I dreamt ... I was falling. There were
angels fighting everywhere. You were there, but you would not answer me."
*Embri shivers again.*

"I love you. Never forget it." Angel whispers.


*The fire horse gazes deeply into Angel's eyes, drowning in a mindlink far tighter
and stronger than any she has ever known.

~Zhai'helleva, ashke Shani. May I be wind to thy wings, beloved. Be known to
me, as I am to you.~

~To you, and only you, I am Twrini.~ Time itself seemed to stand still, as
humanoid and equine were bound in a single perfect moment.

shee mon                                                         06-05-2006 04:47 PM

~It was a ...dream...or a memory from before... i dont know~
*her confused and whirling mind calms and she concentrates fully on her Sister,
pouring her heart and soul into the link and hugs her so tight, like she never
wants to let go.*
Twrini and Shani, together as one, one heart, one fire, one soul, for eternity.
*she watches with her mis-matched eyes as their two auras blend, black, white,
red and rich gold cover them both. her heart leaps, she will never be alone

Embri                                                            06-05-2006 06:06 PM

~Forever, I promise.~

Embri litters Angel's chainmail with hot tears of happiness. "Good thing you're fire
resistant." The unicorn smiles. "I thought I knew what light was, Angel, but you
make my heart so much brighter than I could have ever imagined. Please don't
ever go away."

Sywyn                                                            06-05-2006 06:32 PM

Rin Turns into his wolf form and sits on the ground, he tilts his head and pants

shee mon                                                         06-05-2006 06:34 PM

~I wont, ever i promise~
*a second set of tears join Embri's. *
~I will NEVER leave you.~

Sywyn                                                            06-05-2006 08:19 PM

Rin scratches his ear then walks over to the pond to drink

Embri                                                            06-05-2006 09:06 PM

"Maagg Magg?" A tiny red creature with small clawed hands and a duck-like
mouth waddles over to Embri and Angel, climbing up Embri's flank and patting
her neck.

"I'm fine, I'm fine, really." Embri address the small creature, shaking her head.
"Where are the rest?"

"Maggggbiiii MagMag." The Magby points and gestures. "Magg magggbii mag?"

"For two, please." Embri responds.

The small bipedal elemental toddles off, presumably to rejoin the others of it's
kind. Embri turns back to Angel. "I've sent some of my residents off to get us
something to eat. Any preferences, heartsister? I don't know about you, but I'm
panther385                                                       06-05-2006 11:21 PM

((OMG POKEMON! *squeals*))

shee mon                                                         07-05-2006 08:27 AM

*RedAngel, or as she should be called black-and-white Angel, but thats too long,
squeals. she realizes that she hasnt had anything to eat for 48 hours.*
ahem, no, no preferences, except i cant eat plants *shudder*
*she grins and regains her composure*
this place is beautiful Sister, but i have a nagging feeling that we need to be back
in Forumopolis soon.

Norn-mania                                                       07-05-2006 10:33 AM

Spam randomly appears after ages of quitness. "fOOD!"
Spam Grabs the little Magby and stufffs it onto a plate and begins sprinkling
herbs on it. "No I'm not going to eat yuo little one, not at all no, *cough* I'm
going to rip you to shreds then eat you." Spam stuffs the magby into his mouth
and starts chewing. "Mmmm bif spiccy!"

shee mon                                                         07-05-2006 10:40 AM

*Red shoots a dagger at Spams head and steps up to him. she goes for his neck
and tries to push him up ag