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                             University of Colorado School of Law, Boulder, CO
                             [By Jen Woods]
                             Students interested in Native American law have unique opportunities at the University of Colorado School of Law
                             because it is located in the “Hub of Indian Country.”

Colorado is home to two Native American tribes,     Out of more than 3,000 applicants each year,          bono Colorado attorneys and nonprofit
the Southern Ute Tribe and the Ute Mountain         only about 700 are offered admission, and             organizations. Students volunteer
Tribe, and more than 30,000 Native Americans live   an average of 65 applicants enroll as first-         their time to do research, conduct
within a 30-mile radius of the university campus.   year students. Out of these 65 students, at          investigations, and perform other related
Therefore, students enrolled in the school’s        least 55% must be residents of Colorado.              tasks. Involvement in the legal community
American Indian Law Program have numerous                                                                 encourages students to build relationships
educational and experiential opportunities.         The university heavily bases its admissions           within Boulder and provides them with
                                                    decisions on LSAT scores and undergraduate            hands-on experience.
For instance, students who participate in the       GPAs. Last year, the average LSAT score of
American Indian Law Clinic have chances             entering students was 62, and the average            The university has an exceptionally
to represent low-income Native Americans            GPA was 3.62. While the school’s emphasis on          high graduation rate. For instance, the
with specific Native American law-related           scores may be slightly stronger than average,         graduating class of 2005 had an initial
problems. Students typically handle issues          other factors are taken into consideration,           enrollment of 65 students. Of those initially
such as tribal sovereignty, preservation of         including background, experience, and                 enrolled, 90% graduated in three years and
tribal identity, discrimination, preservation of    interests. In order to increase cultural and          96% had graduated by their fourth years.
native lands, and religious freedom.                ethnic diversity, the university abides by a
                                                    policy of affirmative action. Therefore, even         Statistics show that most students are able
Since the Denver metro area is the national
                                                    though the school is small, the student body is       to find jobs soon after graduation. More
headquarters of many major Native American
                                                    comprised of a diverse group of individuals.          than 92% of students in the 2004 graduating
organizations, students have access to a
                                                                                                          class were able to find jobs within six
multitude of Native American law externships.
                                                    With a student-to-faculty ratio of 3:, the school   months of receiving their diplomas. Most
Students have served as externs with the
                                                    is known for its strong network of relationships      studentsabout 5%joined legal firms,
Native American Rights Fund, the Tribal
                                                    among students and faculty members. Class             while a small number of studentsabout
Program of the U.S. Environmental Protection
                                                    sizes range from 5 to 85, and every first-year        2%accepted positions in the military.
Agency, the Intertribal Council on Utility
                                                    student is guaranteed to have at least one class
Policy, and the Southern Ute Tribal Court.
                                                    consisting of 30 or fewer students.                   The university stands apart from its
                                                                                                          competitors particularly because of its
In addition, three private law firms in
                                                    The university offers graduate                        pristine location. Boulder is located at
Boulder also specialize in Native American
                                                    interdisciplinary environmental policy                the base of the Rocky Mountains. Many
law and offer externships, summer associate
                                                    certificates, tax emphasis certificates, and          students take advantage of the mountainous
positions, and career opportunities.
                                                    Juris Doctor degrees. Five joint degrees              area to hike, bike, or backpack during the
The university’s nationally acclaimed               are also available, which include a Juris             warmer seasons and ski or snowboard
academic programs attract students                  Doctor/Master of Business Administration,             during the snowy winters.
interested in all fields of law. The law            Juris Doctor/Master of Public Affairs,
school, founded in 892, has consistently           Juris Doctor/Master of Science in                     ON THE NET
been ranked among the top 50 law schools            Telecommunications, Juris Doctor/Master
                                                                                                          University of Colorado School of Law
in the country. This year, the school was           of Science in Environmental Studies,
ranked 43 among the top 00 law schools             and Juris Doctor/Doctor of Philosophy in
in the United States according to the 2007          Environmental Studies.
                                                                                                          U.S. News & World Report
U.S. News & World Report rankings.
                                                    The university also has a unique Lend-
Admissions into this top-notch law school
                                                    A-Law-Student Program, which makes
are competitive, and it may be particularly                                                               City of Boulder, Colorado
                                                    law students available to help pro-
difficult for non-residents to gain entrance.                                                   


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Description: Find Unique Opportunities For Students Interested In Native American Law At The University Of Colorado School Of Law Because It Is Located In The Hub Of Indian Country.
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