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					       Welcome to
    Nouri Industrial
Establishment Co. Profile
                                                                               Home Page
   List of Products                     NOURI
 List of Principals
                            INDUSTRIAL ESTABLISHMENT CO.
       Nouri & Kent
                                 P.O. BOX 2829, POSTAL CODE 13029, SAFAT,
                                             STATE OF KUWAIT.

                                            Tel.: (965) 4333355
                                            Fax: (965) 4344085


                                                                      Last Updated: November 27, 2012
       Welcome to
    Nouri Industrial
Establishment Co. Profile
                                                  Site Map
   List of Products
 List of Principals                Nouri & Kent

       Nouri & Kent                 Principals

       Welcome to
    Nouri Industrial
Establishment Co. Profile
                            Nouri Industrial Establishment Co. (NIEC) is a long established leader in the trading and supply
               Home         specialized Engineering Industrial equipment to the Oil & Petrochemical Power Industries, Government
                            and Private Sectors. NIEC has become one of the top companies in Kuwait because of their
                            achievements and have served their clients with unwavering dedication. They now represents some of the
                            world’s most renowned engineering manufacturers of Mechanical, Electrical, Telecommunication,
                   Links    Cathodic protection, Instruments and Automation systems.

                            Founded in 1958, by Late Mr. Abdulkhaliq Al-Nouri (1924-2003), as a Civil Contracting Company, NIEC
                 Profile    quickly established themselves as a major civil contractor in Kuwait and between 1958 and 1976
                            successfully executed several Government’s Civil major projects. This placed the company at the top of
                            the list of civil contractors in the State. Since 1970, NIEC gradually extended their business to supplying
   List of Products         capital equipment to the Oil & Petrochemical Industries and to providing operational and maintenance
                            equipment for the Power, Defense, Aviation, Interior and Telecommunications Ministries. Their activities
                            also included the distribution of HVAC equipment. Despite fierce and ever growing competition, NIEC has
 List of Principals         constantly triumphed because of the exceptional high standard they maintained, both for top caliber of
                            services and the quality of products.
       Nouri & Kent         In 1982, they formed a sister company called Nouri & Kent Technical Contracting and Maintenance
                            Company in Collaboration with M.F. Kent International to develop the construction, commissioning and
                            maintenance of engineering plants in Kuwait. An experience workforce of over 7000 personnel (450 of
                            them in Kuwait) has successfully undertaken a large number of contracts with Oil, Petrochemical and
                            government bodies in the State of Kuwait.

                            Today NIEC is well aware of the market tendencies of “Compromising quality standards” for immediate
                            gains. The have accepted this challenge and are dedicated to the promotion of quality products. NIEC is
                            committed to the provision of an unmatched service built on the quality of products and dedication to their
                            Customers. NIEC is proud to say that their efforts to convince our clients on value based products with
                            long term gains is being accepted by this market and this gives them a unique place in meeting the needs
                            of their clients.
       Welcome to
    Nouri Industrial
Establishment Co. Profile
                                                                                                      List of Products
                            •   Oilfield and Refinery production equipment.
               Home         •   Rotating equipment, pumps (process, boaster, dosing, HVAC) Compressors (Centrifugal,
                                Reciprocating, Plant Air) Turbines and packaged units.
                            •   Heat exchangers, pressure vessels / separators / air coolers.
                            •   Process equipment, Incinerators, Flare systems, Vapour recovery.
                            •   Industrial automation, Instrumentation & Controls.
                   Links    •   HVAC, Water cooling towers, pumps, exhaust / fresh / smoke air fans, Instrumentation.
                            •   Explosion proof A/C and water coolers and electrical fittings.
                            •   Chemical Injection / Metering pumps / packages.
                 Profile    •   Valves for HVAC & Industrial.
                            •   Cathodic Projection systems & services.
   List of Products         •   Electrical Heat tracing / Leak sensing & Locating / Duct sealing systems.
                            •   Electrical / Telecommunication / Fiber Optic Cable Joints & Cable accessories.
                            •   Heat treatment / stress relieving.
 List of Principals         •   Hydronic products / Drainage specialties.
                            •   Wrapping Tapes for pipelines corrosion protection.
                            •   Refractory Materials.
       Nouri & Kent         •   Laboratory & Petroleum testing equipment.
                            •   Fittings for oil fields and Industrial applications, Process filtration.
                            •   Supply & Erection of Structural steel and steel decking.
                            •   Diesel Engine & Generations.
                            •   Personal safety devices: Hearing, Eye, Respiratory, Face shields protection.
                            •   Environmental Engineers & Consultants.
                            •   Leak detectors, Cable / Pipe locators, Holiday detectors.
                            •   Detectors for Air / Gas / Noise / Water, etc. Air purification systems.
                            •   Inline or offline electronic measuring devices for liquid or gas.
                            •   Repair & Maintenance of Aircraft's components, Engines, Brakes and Landing Gears.
                            •   Compression Fittings and Crimping tools.
                            •   Marine Hoses & Navigational Aids.
       Welcome to
    Nouri Industrial
Establishment Co. Profile
                                                                                                             Nouri & Kent
                            NOURI & KENT is an established Engineering, Construction and Maintenance Services
               Home                             Group, operating in Kuwait since 1982.

                                           NOURI & KENT is supported by KENTZ CORPORATION and
                   Links                    utilizes their international capabilities and back-up resources.
                            Nouri & Kent and it's affiliate companies in the Middle East has established a track record as a quality
                 Profile    contractor or the provision of Engineering, Construction and Maintenance Services. It has carried out work
                            for the major Oil, Gas and petrochemical companies in Kuwait, such as Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait
                            National Petroleum Company and Petrochemical Industries Company and elsewhere in the GCC
   List of Products         countries, for Saudi Arabian Oil Company (ARAMCO), Saudi Petrochemical Company (SADAF), Abu
                            Dhabi National Oil company (ADNOC) Qatar General Petroleum Corporation (OGPC) and many others. It
 List of Principals         has also carried out work for Utilities companies such as Ministry for Electricity and Water, Saudi
                            Consolidated Electric Company (SCECO) etc..

       Nouri & Kent         With a current staff of over 800 in Kuwait and a total staff of 2,500 in the Middle East, Nouri & Kent can
                            quickly mobilize resources for large, fast-track projects.

                            Nouri & Kent within its maintenance, engineering and construction services, has developed a strong team
                            of dedicated professionals with detailed knowledge of Kuwait and Middle East market conditions. Due to
                            the technical nature of projects handled, it is corporate policy that our operational staff have an
                            engineering background, this ensures that detailed specifications of materials / equipment are fully
                            understood and that there is no confusion between the engineering teams and the principal.

                            Nouri & Kent recognizes that a Company is only as good as the People it employs; and its Employees are
                            the essence of the image that the Company portrays.
       Welcome to
    Nouri Industrial
Establishment Co. Profile
                                                                                  List of Principals
                            ELECTRICAL & TELECOM DIVISION
               Home         1   Cembre SPA                                         Italy
                            2   CMP Products                                       U.K.
                            3   Raychem Saudi Arabia Ltd.                          Saudi Arabia
                            4   Tyco Thermal Controls NV                           Belgium
                   Links        - Raychem
                                - Isopad
                 Profile        - Pyrotenax
                                - Digitrace
   List of Products             - TRACER
                            5   Tyco Electronics Energy Division
 List of Principals             - Raychem
                                - Dulmison
       Nouri & Kent             - SIMEL
                                - B&H
                                - Hellstern
                                - AMP
                                - Dorman Smith
                                - Bowthorpe
                                - Crompton Instruments
                            6   Tyco Electronics Telecom Outside Plant DIVISION
                                - Tyco Electronics N.V. (Raychem)                  Belgium
                            7   Weidmuller Interface GmbH                          Germany
       Welcome to
    Nouri Industrial
Establishment Co. Profile
                                                                                List of Principals
                            ENVIRONMENTAL DIVISION
               Home           1         El Industries International                       U.S.A.
                              2         National Environment Preservation Co.             Saudi Arabia

                   Links      3         Smith & Loveless, Inc.                            USA
                              4      Sava Environmental Protection Products               Slovenia
                             HVAC DIVISION
                                   1   Bioclimatic, Inc.                         U.S.A.

   List of Products                2   Energy International Corp.                U.S.A.
                                   3   Flowcon International                     USA
 List of Principals                4   IGC International Group Co.               USA
                                   5   Marley Cooling Tower Co.                  U.S.A.
       Nouri & Kent                6   Nibco Inc.                                U.S.A.
                                   7   Nu-Aire Ltd                               U.K.
                                   8   Petra International Export Co. Ltd.       Jordan
                                   9   Pullen Pumps Ltd.                         U.K.
                                  10   Specific Systems, Ltd.                    USA
                                  11   Taco Inc.                                 U.S.A.
                                  12   Weksler Instruments Corporation           U.S.A.
                                  13   Wade International                        UK

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