"Women’s Wear for the Diva of Today " by Indiaplaza


									                           Women’s Wear for the Diva of Today

Women have an uncanny eye for clothes. Very rarely would one come across a woman who is
shabbily dresses although you would find many men who would be shabby dressers. Today’s
woman is fashion conscious and likes to dress according to the occasion and place. Their clothes
reflect their style and gives expression to their taste and their innate sensibilities.

They demand the best and are not satisfied with run of the mill design. This has led to the
fashion industry gearing up to suit the sensibilities of the diva of today. The demand for creative
and fashionable clothes has hit the Indian market with several designer labels and brands
available in the women’s wear section. Socio-economic and professional status of women has
brought about a change in the way the fashion industry is looking at women’s wear. Keeping in
mind the ever-changing demands and preferences of women, the woman’s fashion Industry in
India that was highly fragmented is becoming competitive and competing with known foreign
brands to have a slice of the pie.

Women are no longer cost conscious they want the best today and do not shy away from
investing in a go0d dress from a designer label. These fashion-savvy women are turning to
online clothes shopping to find the latest fashionable clothes from known brands abroad.

In India also online shopping portals are growing day-by-day with the influx of
International brands and local one’s too. The apparel business in India is growing, and the
women’s wear segment is turning into a lucrative and evolving market. You can buy the best
in women’s clothing and baby clothes right from sarees, salwar kameez to kurti’s in the
traditional segment to trousers, shirts, skirts, dresses in the western wear section

According to a study by RNCO, a leading industry research and consultancy firm, “the Indian
ladies wear industry that is worth Rs. 540 billion already is likely to grow at the rate of
more than 11 % during 2012-2015.” The study was on the basis of feasible market trends,
demographics, consumer behavior, spending patterns and comparisons among western wear,
ethnic wear and fashion accessories.

With metro cities have a number of women’s wear brands available that is lacking in smaller
cities opening a huge opportunity for online shopping websites to aggressively position
themselves and offer the best brands and labels both international and indigenous at
competitive price!

According to a research by Technopak Advisors (2011), the online apparel category continues
to rule the list of high performers in e-commerce.

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