Introduction To Interior Design by wuzhenguang


									By: Eva Smith
3rd hour career technology
     October 9, 2009
Working with people

Keeping to a timeline

Exploring New design styles


Funding new clients and maintaining income
Mostly mental but if you are physically arranging
furniture or shopping then its both

Indoor-interior design

Outdoor-exterior design

Regular hours
Architectural, engineering, and related services.   $46,750
Architectural services                               $46,750
Furniture Stores                                     $38,980
 Building And Materials & Supply Dealers            $36,650
Specialized Design Services                          $43,250

Entry Wage            $18.69 per hour
Annually             $38,870

Median Wage           $23.69 per hour
Annually             $49,270

 Experienced Wage $32.06 per hour
Annually          $66,680
Only expected to go up 13%
Lots of competition due to fewer job
$66,690-$125,180 annually
bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting,
economics, or business administration is
the minimum requirement
master’s degree in business
administration, economics, finance, or risk
management maximum
I chose it because I can take both classes
for interior design and finances in college
having financial experience will help me
get a job in the design field
           I am confident with my choice to go into the design
field. I am most looking forward to working with different styles
of design and trying new things. I like to be creative and try new
and exciting things, and I'm not afraid of a challenge. I like
working with people for the most part. I really don’t want to
have to deal with annoying or demanding clients though. I am ok
with the amount of years I have to go to college. I am very
excited to go into interior design!!! I am so excited to go to
school to become an interior designer.

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