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English 463Seventeenth-Century Poetry


									  English 463                               Syllabus                                Adams (eng_ira)
                                                                                    Evans 110 (x1419)
                                                                                    Office: 11-1 M&W
                       Studies in 17th-Century Poetry
  Required Text: (all are at websites; you should download the relevant texts and print them either at
  home or in the SHSU labs)

  Week              Tuesday                                   Thursday

  1                 SYLLABUS                                  Overview of Course

  2                 JONSON, "On My First Sonne"               JONSON, "Penshurst,"
                    "Epitaph on Elizabeth L. H."

  3                 JONSON, "To the Immortal Memory           DONNE, "Songs and Sonnets"
                    and Friendship of that Noble Pair, Sir
                    Lucius Cary and Sir H. Morison"

  4                 DONNE, "Songs and Sonnets"                DONNE, "Holy Sonnets"

  5                 DONNE, "Holy Sonnets"                     DONNE, "Good Friday 1613. Riding
                                                              Westward" and "A Hymn to God the

  6                 HERBERT, “Redemption”                     VAUGHAN, “The World”
                    “Easter-wings” “The Pilgrimage”           “The Retreat” “They are all gone..”
                    “The Pearl”

  7                 MARVELL, “To His Coy Mistress”            MIDTERM EXAM (FEB 26th)
                    “Daphnis and Chloe”

  8                 MARVELL, “Horatian Ode upon               MARVELL, "The Garden"
                    Cromwell's Return from Ireland”

                                         SPRING BREAK (MAR 9-15)

  9                 MILTON, Lecture on His Life               MILTON "On the Morning
                                                              of Christ's Nativity"

 10                 MILTON, "On the Morning                   MILTON, Comus
                    of Christ's Nativity"

 11                 MILTON, Comus                             MILTON, Comus

 12                 MILTON, Comus                             MILTON, Samson Agonistes

 13                 MILTON, Samson Agonistes                  MILTON, Samson Agonistes

 14                 MILTON, Samson Agonistes                  MILTON, Samson Agonistes

 15                 MILTON, Samson Agonistes                  MILTON, Samson Agonistes

 16                 REVIEW (MAY 5th)                          REVIEW

Attendance: Not mandatory. You may be absent as you see fit, with the exception of the

Grades: There will be a mid-term and a final. A research paper on a single author’s work (10
pages) is required. It is due on Tuesday, May 5th. The paper will count 20% of your final
grade, and each of the tests will count 40%. The mid-term will be in an objective format, and
the final will be in essay format. Any makeup of the midterm will be offered on one day only:
Thursday, May 5th. Makeups are available ONLY if you have alleged a valid medical or
family emergency.

COURSE DESCRIPTION AND OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this course is to introduce the
student to the lyric and dramatic poetry of 17th c. England, focussing on major works and
authors from ca. 1605 till 1670.

Random SHSU-mandated information: Student Absences on Religious Holy Days Policy Section 51.911(b) of the Texas Education
Code requires that an institution of higher education excuse a student from attending classes or other required activities, including
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days as: "a holy day observed by a religion whose places of worship are exempt from property taxation under Section 11.20, Tax
Code...." A student whose absence is excused under this subsection may not be penalized for that absence and shall be allowed to take an
examination or complete an assignment from which the student is excused within a reasonable time after the absence. University policy
861001 provides the procedures to be followed by the student and instructor. A student desiring to absent himself/herself from a
scheduled class in order to observe (a) religious holy day(s) shall present to each instructor involved a written statement concerning the
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regulations, and guidelines with respect to providing reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. If you have a disability
that may affect adversely your work in this class, then I encourage you to register with the SHSU Counseling Center and to talk with me
about how I can best help you. All disclosures of disabilities will be kept strictly confidential. NOTE: no accommodation can be made
until you register with the Counseling Center. Please contact the Chair of the Committee for Continuing Assistance for Disabled Students
and Director of the Counseling Center, Lee Drain Annex, or by calling 294-1720. A course evaluation form will be offered near the end
of the semester. Unannounced visitors to class must present a current, official SHSU identification card to be permitted into the
classroom. They must not present a disruption to the class by their attendance. If the visitor is not a registered student, it is at the
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