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					        A quiz
1.Which is the national flag of the UK?

A.                    B.


                           The Union Jack
           A quiz

2. Who rules the country?

A. The Queen   Elizabeth Ⅱ
B. The Prime Minister
    A quiz

3.What are the provinces called in
  A. counties
  B. departments
  C. states
4.Which is the longest river in England?
  A. The River Avon
  B. The River Thames
  C. The River Severn
     A quiz
A.            5. Which is the
              bank note of
              the UK ?

London Bridge
                 Big Ben


  Cambridge University
Scotland kilt
 Answer the following questions:
1. The UK consists of four countries. They
 England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
2. What is the name of the flag of the UK?
  The Union Jack (L12)
3. What’s the suggestion that the writer gives
   us if we make a travel to UK?
 You must keep your eyes open if you are going to
 make your trip to the UK enjoyable and
 worthwhile. (L38)
1.What does “this question” refer to ?
2.How can we work out “this question”?
3.What’s the function of Para.1 ?
   People may wonder why different words are
used to describe these four countries: England,
Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. You can
clarify this question if you study British history.
  Time          country       name of the countries
first         only England         England
In the 13th century, Wales
was linked to it.
    the 17th
In ________, England and
                                  Great Britain
Wales were joined to Scotland
Inthe early 20th Northern Ireland
   _________, _______________       the United
was joined in a peaceful way.       Kingdom
2. …“this was shown to the world in a new flag
  called the Union Jack.” What does “this” refer
  to ?
         +            +            =
Para. 3
1. Use one word to summarize Para.3.
Para. 4
1.England is divided into 3 zones. They are…
 Most population settled
 in ________________.
    the South of England

 Most of the large
 industrial cities are in
  the North and the Midlands

 Many cities have famous
  football teams
The invaders      What did they leave?
the Romans       towns and roads
the Anglo-Saxons language and government
the Vikings      Vocabulary and place-names
                 of the North of England
the Normans     castles and new words for food
2. Why does London become the center of
  national government and its administration?
 London has the greatest historical treasure of
 all. (L25) It has …(L26)
3. Which group of the invaders did not influence
  London?        L26
 True or False
1.Wales was linked to England in the 13th
  century. Wales
2.Great Britain was the name given when
  England was joined to Scotland.
3. England, Scotland and Wales were united
4. The four countries work together in all
          with some differences
  areas without any difference.
5. You find most of the population settled in
  the South but most of the large industrial
  cities in the Midlands.and the North.
    What’s the main idea of the passage?
  The UK_______ of four countries and they
work together but they still have different
 institutions ______
_________. England is the largest country. It
is _____ ___ three zones and they have their
   divided into
own characteristics. The capital --London is
               historical ______
the greatest ________ treasure of all because
there are many_________, art__________,
                   museums        collections
theatres, parks and buildings left by the
    Good morning, my dear classmates. Today I’d
like to tell you something about the United
Kingdom.                      Give a speech!
                               choose three points
   1) …consists of …4 countries …
  2) history…first…then…finally…
  3) …work together…different institutions…
  4) England…be divided into…3 zones…
  5) Believe it or not… 4 sets of invaders…
  6) If you want to visit…you’d better/ I suggest…
      That’s all. Thank you.
Write down your speech.

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