Impact Of Nutrition On Nations Produtivity And Healthy Growth by nomanmdabu



     Impact Of Nutrition On Nations Produtivity
               And Healthy Growth
    Nigeria is significantly it has improved her past and different economic, social. Malnutrition
    problems cut across her still some citizens. She lack long political instability, corruption and
    infrastructure suffer poor macro economic management are biting. This has led to reliance on the
    capital-intensive oil sector, provides about 65% of the foreign currency income budgeted
    revenue of 20% of GDP, 95% of her. However, the estimated increase per from many of her
    GDP $ 430 resulted in economic reform and improving Government in 2003 to $ 1000 in 2005.

    Unemployment reduced 2.9% in 2005 from 3.2 percent in 1997. Best recruitment Bank of
    Nigeria CBN consolidation in Africa as one of the evaluation's results and liquidation of banks
    and microfinance banks. $ 30 Billion worth a peak total of by $ 37 billion from Nigeria Paris
    Club from March even though in 2000 of the historic debt relief of all of these recent
    developments, below the poverty line and malnutrition is 70% of Nigeria still under the hands of
    60% of the alienation.

    Malnutrition, excess and micronutrition classifies nutritional problems in Nigeria for the
    clarification. The purpose of this article is how emanating from the hands of poverty alienation
    that threatens the country's proposed future review efforts of the Government.
    Nutritional problems.

    It would be better to see entire issue after the other, to make three nutritional issues overview of
    the country's malnutrition problem,. Malnutrition is to seek greener pasture was attacked by most
    people in rural areas and some of them who went to the city's biggest nutritional problem.

    Malnutrition is characterized by inadequate intake of macro nutrients (i.e.: calories and protein
    髖. According to President Olusegun Obasanjo and President "kids almost half your age 7 + +-13
    in Nigeria weight". Many of the children and adults is eating these carbohydrates goes to bed
    hungry, some take 1 day and most. It makes malnutrition and protein deficiency. People who live
    in tropical Africa more unique and is a major cause of kwashiorkor.

    For adults the recommended dietary allowance of protein (RDA) 0.79 g / kg/day 髕 1B per 0.36
    g 髖 weight every day. And twice the RDA for infants and children three times, respectively,
    because of their rapid growth. This is a deformation of the child growth and development of root
    cause. Lives in the other foods of Nigerian children died before living on less than $ 1 are mostly
    5-year-old from millions of Nigerians 1-5 pm, and on the streets begging.

    Excess is a problem for urban residents especially minority youth and adults mainly. Is the public
    rapidly escalated to reflect a more sedimentary lifestyle shift of major dietary patterns and
    nutritional problems. Nigeria situation where rich economy favor than others for particular
    groups, poor poor while the rich new acquisition over Nigeria percentage of big man disease had
This nutritional problem right now in diet-related chronic diseases such as type II diabetes, high
blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and some diet-related cancer's alarming rise. Accounts of
these chronic diseases human suffering, distress, loss of productivity and economic burden on
the health and other sectors of the economy. Increase in the population in a country obsessed
both productivity and the labor force of the country affects the country now and in the near

End of the list rather, trace the micronutrient deficiencies. It is inadequate intake of essential
vitamins and minerals. It is experienced by both poor and rich, rural and urban dwellers. Is the
hunger that are hidden under the guise of self-sufficiency in the Nigerian society. Result the lack
of vitamins and minerals of permanent disability to the child's physical and mental development.

That is why this type of malnutrition in pregnant women or children's Center. At least some
empirical conclusions using moderate iodine deficiency of fetal development and infancy
through 10-15 watched as shown to depress the level of intelligence by points.

Folic acid deficiency is linked to serious birth defects. Reduced capacity and inadequate iron will
affect the growth and learning ability of concentration, to participate fully in the school and
social dialogue, and to develop; material mortality rate reduced workforce productivity,
contributes to. It is suffering from vitamin A deficiency of less than 40% of five-year old child to
record is.

Tied to the decline in the economy slumping to three major nutritional problems in Nigeria
where the big challenge for expensive protein-rich foods, oil, animal feed imports. Many parents
now give up breastfeeding task.

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