Discount Pond Store Announces Pond Filters Promotion

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					Discount Pond StoreAnnounces Pond Filters Promotion
Leading online pond and water garden supply companyannounces promotion on Pond Filters

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Discount Pond Store, a leading online retailer of pond supplies and water
garden products announces special promotion on pond filters. “We offer the largest selection of quality
pond filter systems on the Web,” says Richard O’Brien, Operations Manager for Discount Pond Store.
“And this new promotion allows us to provide an even greater value to our customers nationwide.”

Despite the current economic downturn, many homeowners continue to build Koi ponds or water
gardens in their backyards. This growing popularity has led to an influx of new pond filters and other
equipment designed specifically for use in fish ponds. “Many pond owners enjoy spending holiday
weekends at home enjoying their ponds rather than taking long road trips, “says O’Brien. “Having a
beautiful Koi pond in your backyard is like having your own private paradise.” Many pond owners find it
a challenge achieving clear, healthy pond water. Building a proper Koi pond involves much more than
simply digging a hole and filling it with water,” states O’Brien. “And a good pond filter is absolutely
critical to providing a healthy ecosystem for Koi and other pond fish.” Chlorine and other chemicals
commonly used in swimming pools to achieve clear water cannot be used in a fish pond. “There are
several Koi pond filtration solutions available to accommodate ponds and water gardens of all sizes,”
says O’Brien. “And there is no universal best choice for every Koi pond.”

Pressurized filters for ponds are similar to canister filters commonly used in aquariums. Many popular
filters of this type feature an integrated ultraviolet sterilizer designed to help prevent green water
caused by algae blooms, a common occurrence in outdoor fish ponds. “Laguna ClearFlo Filters are one
of our most popular pressurized filters,” says O’Brien. “These systems also include a Laguna Max-Flo
Pump.” For larger fish ponds, many pond owners in the USA choose to install pressurized bead filters.
Resembling sand filters often used for swimming pools, pond bead filters utilize biological filter media –
commonly known as bio media – to help achieve healthy water parameters. “Bead Filters are the ideal
choice for highly stocked fish ponds,” says O’Brien. “The Ultima II Filter from Aqua Ultraviolet and
Advantage Bead Filter from Sacramento Koi rank among our best sellers,” states O’Brien. “AlphaONE
Filters from GCTek are also extremely popular among our customers.”

As part of this special promotion, Discount Pond Store is currently offering free shipping on most pond
filter orders within the lower 48 states. “This exciting promotion allows our customers to purchase the
best pond filtration systems on the market without worrying about high shipping costs. It is our way of
saying thanks for the support.”

Discount Pond Store is committed to achieving one hundred percent customer satisfaction and offers a
price match guarantee on most items.

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Discount Pond Store is a leading pond and water garden supply retailer committed to providing
exceptional customer service. Specializing in pond filtration solutions, Discount Pond Storeoffers free
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