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					                               Carrefour France: Consumer Profile
Carrefour France: Consumer Profile is the result of Canadean’s extensive online consumer survey Carrefour in
France, presenting uniquely detailed data on Carrefour’s end-consumers. It provides retailer profiles for both
regular and occasional consumers (determined by the share of their goods coming from this retailer) covering over
25 individual consumer groups, and retailer share at product category level.

While shopper and store audit data provide the picture of what’s happening in store, this report focuses on
providing data on the final consumers of products from Carrefour. Therefore, this report provides a different view
from both loyalty card and shopper data in order to help complete a total understanding of the consumer base and
improve decision making.

Understanding the consumer audience is key and increasingly this means not just understanding the shoppers in
store, but also who they are purchasing for. This broader view of who their customers are allows retailers to make
more informed strategic decisions.

Reasons to buy:

       Predict future consumption trends of Carrefour’s customers thanks to incisive and accurate data.
       Gain access to data derived from Canadean’s unique in-depth consumer research.
       Understand your own business better thanks to analysis of the consumer base of one of France’s largest
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