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									         Top 4 Handy Methods to Reset Windows 7 Password
"I forgot Windows 7 password, Although I could log onto other accounts, I could not download
anything without admin account," Mr. Obama complains, "My daughter downloaded too much
things onto the computer, but now I forgot the password, and I haven't a password reset disk in
hand yet. what can I do to reset the password on Windows 7?" Ms. Micheal says.

Here, we gathered 4 methods for you to reset the password.
Solution 1: Reset Password with Windows Password Unlocker
It is better to DIY a Windows password reset CD/DVD or USB to reset Windows 7 password
without reinstalling the system. Just follow next 4 steps, you can enable to handle this Windows
Password Unlocker with ease.
     1:Download and install Windows Password Unlocker Professional
Step 1:
Free Trial Windows Password Unlocker Professional
      2:Burn a bootable CD/DVD or USB. (A USB flash drive is well-recommended as its tiny
Step 2:
size but large space.)
      3:Set your target computer to boot from CDROM or USB flash drive
Step 3:
      4:Reset the forgotten Windows 7 password
Step 4:                                  password.
Insert the burned CD/DVD or USB flash drive into the locked computer. When a window pops up
with all your account names, select the target one to reset its forgotten password.
Reference: Youtube Guide for Resetting Windows 7 password

Solution 2: Use A Windows 7 Password Reset Disk

A Windows password reset disk can be used to reset Windows password if you have created in
advance. Here are the steps to reset password with the disk.
Step 1: you enter the wrong password when you attempt to log on, Windows will display a
message that the password is incorrect. Click OK to close the message box.
     2:Click Reset Windows Password and then insert Windows password reset disk (or other
Step 2:                         Password,
removable media).
     3:Follow the steps in the Password Reset Wizard to create a new password.
Step 3:
Step 4:
     4:Log on with the new password.
Reference: How to Create Windows 7 Password Reset Disk For Free?
Notes 1. It cannot be used to reset Windows password on another computer. 2. Keep the password
reset disk in a safe place in case of others' access your computer. 3. Take the disk for Windows
password reset if you lost the password next time.
Solution 3: Reset Windows 7 Password with Typing lusrmgr.msc

     1:Log on to the account who owns the credential of an administrator account.
Step 1:
     2:Click the Start button
Step 2:                           with typing lusrmgr.msc into the Search box, and press Enter
Then Local Users and Groups opens. If you are prompted for an administrator password or
confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
     3:Double-click Local Users and Groups and then click Users
Step 3:                               Groups,             Users.

      4:Right-click the account that you need to reset the password for, and then click Set
Step 4:
     5:Type and confirm the new password.
Step 5:

Solution 4: Reset Windows 7 Password From the Command Prompt
In the Command Prompt you can monitor all the user of the computer by typing some commands.
      1:Press Win Key+R and type cmd in the Run command box and hit enter to open command
Step 1:
And then type net user in the command prompt and hit Enter The Command Prompt will show
you all accounts on the Windows 7 PC.

     2:Type net user xyz
Step 2:
(xyz is the locked admin account's name and 123 is the new password) and press Enter. Now you
have successfully created a new password on the locked admin account.

     3:Type shutdown -r -t 00 and press Enter
Step 3:                                 Enter.
Your Windows 7 PC should be rebooted automatically and then you can log in Windows 7 with
the new password. It is a simple and easy way to change the password of any users from the
Command Prompt.
The drawback of this technique is that you can’t solve Windows 7 password recovery troubles if
you do not have the Administrator Privileges
There are so many methods to solve your trouble with Windows 7 password lost, of which
depends on your convenience. If you have another available Windows 7 admin account in hand, it
will take less time to change Windows 7 password in Control Panel Go forword with Start
button and follow its guide to remove or change the Windows password instantly.


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