Travis Townsend, Jr. - Managing Partner at Townsend Lockett Milfort, LLC

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Travis Townsend, Jr. - Managing Partner at Townsend Lockett Milfort, LLC

What happens when you combine three big firm associates eager to strike out on their own in an effort to serve small and start up
businesses? You become a formidable team known as Townsend, Lockett & Milfort, LLC. This week, we introduce you to this new firm’s
managing partner, Travis T. Townsend Jr.

                       Travis T. Townsend, Jr, managing partner          Townsend began his career at Alston & Bird in 2003 and
                       of Townsend, Lockett & Milfort, LLC, has          moved to the firm Morris, Manning & Martin in 2005 and now,
                       always envisioned owning his own firm.            along with his partners, he is one third of Townsend, Lockett
                       He and his two partners have taken                & Milford, LLC. The Michigan native serves as a Big Brother
                       that vision and made it a reality and are         through the Atlanta Chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters and is
                       now specializing in the unique needs of           the current Vice President of the Atlanta Urban League Young
                       small and startup businesses. And their           Professionals and also the Vice President and Board Member of
                       mission? ‘’To provide that top-notch              M.E.N.S. Wear, Inc., a non-profit whose mission to provide life
                       service that people would love to have            skills and employment training for young men. And if his plate
                       if they could afford to pay a large law           were not already overflowing, Townsend also provides pro
firm and do it in an affordable, streamlined manner’’, says              bono work for the Georgia Innocence Project.
Townsend. Sounds like a winner to us.
                                                                         Some of his recent accomplishments include the successful
Townsend is a corporate and securities attorney who is                   representation of an emerging technology company where
committed to helping his clients grow their businesses in the            $12 million in venture capital was secured; representation of
Atlanta, Georgia area. His experience includes organizing,               a publicly-traded medical transcription company in its annual,
financing and growing businesses, providing representation               quarterly and periodic filings to ensure compliance with federal
to both public and private companies in the mergers &                    securities laws and representation of a restaurant franchise
acquisitions specialty, preparing employment and consulting              company in its efforts of reorganizing its franchisees and
agreements, non disclosure and non compete agreements as                 securing $15 million in bank financing.
well as drafting securities offerings and filings for the SEC -
just to name a few.                                                      The University of Michigan graduate earned his B.A. in
                                                                         Psychology in 2000 and in 2003, graduated from the
He and his partners have now raised the bar both for                     University of Michigan School of Law. He is also an author,
themselves and the legal community as a whole. Because                   having co-authored ‘’When the Cops Come Knockin: An
they know the intricacies and sometimes overwhelming nature              Illustrated Guide to Criminal Law’’.
of small businesses, they are in an ideal position to provide
expert guidance for those companies in their infancies. Says             You can learn more about Travis Townsend, Jr. by visiting his
Townsend, ‘’They need explanations and someone to shed                   firm’s site at
light on their options…we want to help them prosper’’. He
goes on to say ‘’...small businesses are the lifeblood of our

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Description: Travis T. Townsend, Jr, managing partner of Townsend, Lockett & Milfort, LLC, has always envisioned owning his own firm.
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