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									Groom Curriculum Vitae- Guidelines to Make It Better

Clearing an interview is a farthest thing; as many time even a Curriculum Vitae fails to strike a note. CV
outlines candidate’s educational as well as experiences, which is created for job application. It is
considered as the best way to make applications, but this marketing tool sometime fails to sell your skills,
qualifications and abilities. The unsuccessful result could be due to unclear presentation of capabilities on
the CV. A poorly designed resume could face ignorance and might be thrashed in a bin. Therefore, it
should be created, so that it can stand out of the pile of CVs. Are you also unsure about your resume and
want to restructure it? Then, here is most sought after guidelines that are suggested by every good job
agencies in London.

       One sheet? Two? Or More?

        To be very clear, length of a resume should not be more than two A4 sheet. Undergraduates and
        school leavers will not be able to have a two sheet resume where as a candidate with a big
        career history would have to be selective with prior experiences and sensible when using
        margins as well fonts.

       Who will be on the top?

        If you are studying or have completed formal education, then academic achievements will form
        an important part of your CV. However, work experiences take a position higher than the
        educational qualifications.

       Objective says you are focussed

        All recruitment agencies in London will agree with the fact that placement of the objective is not
        crucial on CV. However, you can easily impress the employer by creating a good objective for
        your job application.

       Sparse Content –Don’t worry

        Inexperienced candidates may face the problem as they have nothing to write on their CV, but
        don’t worry as one has to start from somewhere. You can utilise the space with intelligent
        formatting and indentation.

       Hobbies or interests-Peep or not on CV?

        It is true that hobbies and interests convey employer about your personality, but it is not
        compulsory to have them on your CV. Undoubtedly, an employer will ask the same during the
        interview session, so more important is to prepare to answer in a better way.

It is significant to note that CVs are scanned first and keeping this mind you should prepare your resume
so that it can be read easily. It is desired to present your information in clear and concise manner, discard
irrelevant, adopt industry buzzwords, and attract reader with good and professional font style and size.
Apart from the aforementioned aspects, there are several other aspects that should be followed to make
CV a good marketing tool. You can always seek the assistance of the employment services as they not
just fix an interview meeting in a company, but will also chop your CV in a fine manner making it easily
digestible by the employer.

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