How the Gaming Industry Affect Our Daily Lives

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					How the Gaming Industry Affect Our Daily Lives

Most people think that the gaming industry, specifically mobile game development, does not
have a big impact on their daily lives. Society does not really grasp how the gaming industry can
affect their daily lives, thinking that the games on their iPhones and Android devices are just that –
games. The mobile game development is a multi-billion dollar industry and it has an impact on
your daily life more than you realize.

First of all, game development has created jobs, thousands of jobs, not only in the U.S. but all
over the world. Even in the Philippines, mobile game development is a young but very
promising industry. Being a game developer in the Philippines is a very viable career. It is a
dream job for a lot of game enthusiasts, especially for the generation that grew up playing video
games. There are a lot of jobs involved in the process of making games – from game design,
programming, art creation to mobile app marketing. These jobs are not just financially satisfying,
but they also challenge and enrich creativity. With the various game development jobs available,
people interested in joining the industry can find their own place in the exciting gaming world.

But what if you don't want to be a game developer, does it mean the gaming industry does not
affect your life beyond saving you from boredom during a long traffic jam? If you are very fond of
playing mobile games, it can affect your daily life more than you think it does.

Mobile games affect how we think. It has good and bad effects, but if you are aware, you can
keep the mobile game's influence positive. Mobile games improve your hand-eye coordination
and exercise your brain to multi-task. Since mobile games have different genres and gameplays,
some games can improve your logic and reasoning skills while others develop the right-side of
your brain, making you more creative and perspective.

If used right, mobile games can elevate education. Kids learn quicker if they are enjoying while
learning. Your tablets and phones can do more than just entertain your kids for a few minutes or
appease their tantrums, they can be an exciting educational tool for your kids.

The gaming industry can also affect your commercial choices. Brands and business are counting
mobile games as part of their marketing efforts. They use mobile games either to catch or sustain
your attention, so they can be a bigger part of your life beyond their actual product.

Lastly, mobile games also have a social component. You can play with anyone across the world,
but mostly social mobile games allow you to have fun, connect and bond with your friends that
you cannot readily hang out with. It is an interactive mobile socialization that complements talking
and texting.

The gaming industry do more than provide entertainment. It is a stable industry that continues to
grow even in bad economy. Furthermore, it has subtle but meaningful impact in our daily lives.
Game developers in the Philippines such as FunGuy Studio, an Android and iPhone app
development company, strive to keep the impact of mobile games positive and commendable.