Rastafarianism by yurtgc548


   A Brief History
     – Rastafarianism was
       founded around 1930.
     – The founder of
       Rastafarianism is Haile
       Selassie, but he is seen
       more as the man who
       embodied Rasta.
     – Selassie was not himself a
       Rastafarian but after
       becoming Prince Ras
       Tafari in Ethiopia he
       embodied the culture of
     – Rasta has come from the
       Ethiopian Orthodox faith.
    – Today there are about
      one million followers of
      Rastafarian worldwide.
   Ganja (Marijuana)
    – Rastafarians are best known for their use and
      promotion and use of marijuana, or ganja as the
      Rastafarians know it.
    – Their use of ganja is justified by several versus in
      the Bible.
          “…thou shalt eat the herb of the field” (Genesis 3:18)
          “…eat every herb of the land” (Exodus 10:12)
          “Better is a dinner of herb where love is, than a stalled
           ox and hatred therewith.” (proverbs 15:17)
          He Causeth the Grass to Grow for the Cattle, and Herb
           for the Service of Man” (Psalm 104:14)
    – Ganja is used for spiritual purposes and for
      medicinal purposes.
    – These uses of marijuana are no different than any
      uses of drugs in religions around the world.
       Food and Diet
        – A main issue in the Rasta beliefs is
          their diet, which is not addressed
          enough in society.
        – The diet of a true Rasta consists of I-
          tal food, which is food that never
          touches chemicals and is in every
          way natural.
        – Food is prepared in the rawest way
          possible and without salts,
          preservatives and condiments.
        – Many Rastas are vegetarian but
          those who eat meat won’t eat pig, for
          they are scavengers, most shellfish
          and what fish is eaten cannot be
          longer than 12 inches long.
        – Even though natural food is good for
          the body, Rastas take some of these
          food specifications too far.
   Popular Symbols of Rasta
    – Red, black and green together is a very
      well known symbols of the Rasta culture.
       Red  stand for the Church Triumphant.
       Black stand for the color of Africans.

       Green is for beauty and vegetation.

       Yellow is also included sometimes for wealth
        of the homeland.
  Dreadlocks     have been a long
  time sign of a Rasta, and this is
  done is opposition of white
  hair, straight.

              -Lion of Judah
                    • The Lion of Judah is said to
                      represent King of Kings
                      because lions are the kings
                      of all beasts.
                    • It has also meant to show
                      the males which basically
                      control this religion.
   Hatred for the White Race
    – Hatred for the white race is a known characteristic of
      Rasta, which is odd because most Rastas live in
      Jamaica and tourists, white people, is the main source
      of their economy.
    – Much of this hate is rooted in misunderstanding of the
      Bible. Rastas believe that the story in the Old
      Testament is about Africans that were descendents of
      Abraham and Jacob. While these people may not
      have been Africans it is a fact that they were not white.
      Because of these misunderstandings Rastafarianism
      rejects the Bible and now go by the Holy Piby, or the
      black man’s Bible.
    – Rastas refer to their oppression as “Babylon.” Most of
      their oppressors where white of the apartheid in Africa,
      not all white people, which is a distinction that they do
      not make.

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