Short Drama Script for English by zaurikkid


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									Title – A Realistic Dream

Settings: It is the 18th of March 2012 when, Adam and his best friend Michael
where going to sleep after a late night of playing Call of Duty…
Mum: Adam! Go to sleep right now!
Adam: But mum…
Mum: Go, or else you won’t be able to play Call of Duty Zombies for 2 weeks!
Adam: Yes mum…
Narrator: So Adam went to sleep, anticipating for the next day.

Adam: Finally, that was one of the longest sleeps I've ever had!
Narrator: He slowly opened his eyes, ready to be screamed at by his mother,
but instead woke up in a large city, with noises bustling all around him.
Adam: Where am I, what am I doing here?
Narrator: All of a sudden his best friend Michael appeared next to him also
confused and over whelmed by the surroundings.
Michael: Where am I Adam? Do you know what where doing here? It can't be
a dream…
Adam: I don't know, let’s walk around and see where we are!

Narrator: So they wandered around the over whelming city, confused and
unaware of what had just happened!
Michael: Wait a second, look at the newspaper, it says march 18 2535 as the
Adam: It can't be, we just fell asleep… it's not as if we jumped through some
time machine!
Michael: Hey look it also says that Call of Duty 51 came out yesterday and is in
the cinemas? Why would it be in the cinemas?
Adam: I'm not sure, but we should check it out man… this is so cool.
Narrator: So they walked around a bit more until they found a cinema, with a
large banner saying Watch COD 51 here!

Adam: But we don't have any money on us? How will we get it in?
Michael: Don't worry; when I went to sleep I had some money in my pocket!
Narrator: So Michael took out the money and presented it to the ticket man.
Ticket man: This isn't money! Oh yes it is, but this is ancient man! Where did
you get coins from 2010?
Adam: Don’t know, can you give us our tickets now?
Ticket man: Yeah, here you go.
Narrator: So Adam and Michael went into the cinemas, then to their location
and sat down with their 4D glasses on. The cinema was packed with people
Title – A Realistic Dream

watching COD 51 zombies gameplay as it turned out. Boom the live movie

Adam: Wow…. The graphics are so….. Good….
Michael: I agree….
Narrator: The graphics was so complex and realistic compared to the 21st
century’s graphics that the boys got drawn right into the game in real time.

Adam: What? OMG were inside the game! How is that possible! We’re going
to die!
Michael: At least we've got some high tech futuristic guns with us…
Narrator: The packed cinema all starred in confusion. What was going on?
Everyone in the cinema started whispering to one another, hypothesizing what
was happening… Then they all came to a conclusion and started to curse and
tease the boys!

Adam: We should just follow the other person who was playing the game
before we got into this!
Michael: I agree!
Narrator: So they tagged along with the professional gamer and survived up to
round 45!

Professional Gamer: Use two are going to die soon! You better start trying
hard or else you may die in real life! This game is linked with your body via the
brain and whatever happens to you in the game, will happen to you in real life!
Adam and Michael: Were going to die now! At least we will see each other in
Narrator: So they continued to play, hanging on threads between life and
death. The crowd continued to curse and tease, unhappy with the scenario
playing in front of them!

Adam: Were certainly dead! It's round 65!
Michael: No…. Your health bar has decreased! You've only got 50 % remaining
health! Watch out, theirs zombies behind you!
Adam: See you later, I'm going to die no matter what, save your life!
Narrator: Adam suddenly disappeared from the game and vanished from mid-

Mum: Adam! Wake up your late to school already!
Adam: Ha! What just happened?
Title – A Realistic Dream

Mum: what did you have a nightmare? You shouldn’t be playing those violent
zombie games then!
Adam: I agree…
Narrator: Adams phone began to ring, he checked who was calling him and it
was Michael!
Michael: Did you have that dream of us playing COD 51?
Narrator: Adam starred in shock unable to talk!

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