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									• Chen Yunlin, the mainland's top
  Cross-Strait negotiator signed four
  agreements with his counterpart(与
  对方相当的人) Chiang Ping-kung in
  Taipei during the first high-level
  negotiations between the two sides
  to take place in Taiwan.
Mr. Chen and Mr. Chiang, who
represent quasi- governmental
bodies responsible for Cross-Strait
exchanges, agreed to triple
(增三倍) the number of direct
charter flights(包机) from 36 a
week to 108, and to expand service
to 16 more cities in China.
• They also agreed to open up
  further air and sea cargo(货物)
  routes, deepen postal links and
  co-operate on food safety issues.
• “After 30 years of waiting, for
  people on both sides of the Strait,
  the prospect(前途) of direct
  flights and direct mail will now
  become reality,” Mr. Chen said.
Chinese visitor stumbles
  ( 绊脚)on Taiwan

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• For weeks, media in Taiwan had
  speculated(推测) on the tricky
(复杂的)protocol that would be
  involved Chen Yunlin, the most
  senior Chinese official to visit the
  island since the 1949 communist
  revolution, meet its president, Ma
After Beijing‘s decades of effort trying to
suppress(压制) any notion
(意图) that Taiwan is a country rather
than a wayward(任性的,刚愎自用的)
province, greeting him as “Mr. President”
was almost unthinkable. A simple
“mister”, however, would be nearly as
taboo, given Chinese notions of
hierarchical(分等级的) propriety.(礼
• Mr. Ma hastily called a press
  conference on the morning of Nov. 6
  to say he would meet Mr. Chen as
  Taiwan's president.
• The appointed hour arrived with Mr.
  Ma addressing a group of assembled
• As he finished, Mr. Chen approached to hand
  over a scroll( 卷状的)painting that made
  reference to the president‘s surname, which is
  written in Chinese with the pictogram
 (图画文字) for “horse”.
• “This is by a world famous painter of horses
  who has received many international awards.
  I give this painting to. . . give this painting
  to . . . ” Mr. Chen stammered(结巴), until
  settling with a simple “you” to refer to Mr. Ma.
   Ma Ying-jeou in return handed
 Beijing‘s envoy a ceramic
(陶瓷的)vase depicting orchids
 (兰花)before both sat down
 together for a group photo. The
 whole meeting was over in less
 than 10 minutes.
• Mr. Chen's historic visit, which
  has included the signing of four
  agreements that greatly expand
  trade and travel links between
  the two sides, has been greeted
  with mass protests.
    Tens of thousands of protesters
surrounded the presidential palace and
scuffled(扭打) with police to express
  their opposition to Mr. Chen's visit.
•        Many Taiwanese remain deeply hostile
    to Beijing and the idea of any reunification
    with mainland China.
         Tsai Ing-wen, chairwoman of the opposition
    Democratic Progressive Party, accused Mr.
    Ma of being more willing to reach out to China
    than to Taiwanese people across the political
    divide. “If Mr. Ma cannot even defend his own
    title(头衔) ,what can he defend for us?” she
• In a hastily convened(召开的)
  press conference before his meeting
  with Mr. Chen, Mr. Ma said the
  agreements were signed between
  equal partners and would yield
 (屈服)mutually beneficial results.
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