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									The South American football seeks representatives

Already played the fourth date valid for the South American qualifiers for the next World Cup in 2002 at
the end of June, and the results so far and disputed predict an exciting competition.

Argentina (3), Colombia (1)
Argentina, after achieving a major victory against Colombia stands comfortably as single pointer. His
four wins, convincing others, suggest that their passage to the finals is already pending. The physical
power of Gabriel Batistuta, Juan Veron agility and skill of "Burrito" Ortega fully complement. Colombia,
which for its part is a selection of great technical skill and great future, showed the combination needed
to injure the Argentine scheme. Freddy Rincon, one of the few representatives of that fabulous
Colombia nineties, and not once has the leadership, and newcomers showed their lack of experience to
address a meeting of this magnitude.

Brazil (1) Uruguay (1)
Brazil is currently second in the standings, a place not usually occupy. His story alone puts them in the
first seat of world football. However, the parties have to play and win, and it proved to Brazil today is a
pale shadow of its glorious past. In their last meeting barely reached, at home, a draw against Uruguay.
The Uruguayans kept the lead for most of the match, and a dubious decision of referee allowed Brazil
will match the actions. His figures, players of the caliber of Rivaldo and Roberto Carlos were canceled by
the intelligent strategy Uruguay coach, Daniel Passarella. So his team lies in third position.

Ecuador (2), Peru (1)
In another match of the day pitted two old rivals border: Peru and Ecuador. Ecuador was the clear
winner this round and to the surprise of many reached fourth place in the overall standings. Although it
is a team without history, hope to reach the world is what keeps them alive longer, and its best-known
figures, Alex Aguinaga and Ivan Jaime Kaviedes ensure this great desire to achieve. On the other hand,
the Peruvian team has had some difficulty assembling your team. Their talented midfielders Roberto
Palacios Norberto Solano and complement are not yet in their forwards.

Chile (3), Paraguay (1)
Chile won a well-deserved victory against the Paraguayan national team, and strut it was the scoring
ability of their strikers Marcelo Salas and Ivan Zamorano. This was his first positive result since the start
of the season and given the good performance, definitely not the last. His opponent, Paraguay, which is
in fifth place, did not play to their partial expectation, and their stoic captain, goalkeeper Jose Luis
Chilavert controversial, was very unsatisfied, promising improvement in his squad for the upcoming

Venezuela (4), Bolivia (2)
Finally there are the last two selections, which coincidentally are in last place: Venezuela and Bolivia.
Historically, Venezuela is not a nation of footballers, rather is dedicated to bring baseball players. Bolivia,
meanwhile, even if not the protagonist of such powers, has achieved many accomplishments, one of
them being its presence in the U.S. World 1994. This match was won unusually Venezuela, Bolivia,
leaving the bottom of the table.

The fifth date shall be played at the end of July. Much remains. Two years, to be exact. Come back then
to see who will represent South America in the World 2002

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