Family Traditions by YoraAngga


									Every culture has a "ghost," and although it seems that these tales and myths are just part of the local
legends, really have become a part of the family, community and life of each individual. It is also
important that are transmitted from generation to generation as a verbal legacy.

Children all over the world hear these stories as a child. His parents and older siblings use to take
advantage of the situation and remind children to behave, or else ... or just to scare the kids spending
the night in a darkened room.

In Panama, Tulivieja legend has become part of the childhood of all Panamanians. I have said that older
siblings, especially, tell this story to the younger in the dark of night. In this newsletter you will read the
story of the Tulivieja and learn how it has become part of everyday life in Panama.

Long ago, when the spirits lived among mortals and appeared to them, one of these spirits became a
beautiful girl. His whole city was proud of it. A young man fell in love and had a baby. However, the
beautiful girl, who was really a spirit, drowned the baby to hide his true identity. It is said that God
punished for his sin making it the Tulivieja.

From a beautiful girl, the spirit became a horrible monster. His face is full of holes, the long and bristly
hair, claws for hands, body and feet cat horse. But the change was not the worst body of his punishment.
Is doomed to find his son drowned for eternity. She looks at the river banks and nonstop calls his son in
a voice resembling the shrieks of the birds.

When the moon is full in the sky, she transforms into the same girl as before, and bathing in the rivers.
However, at the slightest noise, quickly becomes the monster again.

It is said that if a child misbehaves or is unaware, the Tulivieja come at night and take you directly to
your bed. Remember that she is looking for a boy drowned and may be mistaken. Or, to take revenge,
can raptarle a child to a mother by surprise.

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