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									                                                                                         Mastering Order

Thank you for choosing AMS. Please complete the following order form that will allow us to correctly

prepare your audio master.

• To make your project the best it can be, we recommend the following:

• Our blank CD media choice is Taiyo Yuden. We recommend this media for your projects.

• Please do not convert your sampling rate. Leave the final mix bit rate the same as original session.

• To prevent digital problems, allow a blank space of at least one second at the head of each file.

• Mix WAVE [or] AIFF interleaved files that contain multiple channels. No Mp3 or compressed files.

• Keep a safety of your mixes — always. Never send your only copy.

• Although CD limits for total time is 79:38, we suggest you keep the total under 77:00.

• Mix your levels conservatively. Peak levels should be no hotter than —3 dB.

• If mailing a disc, always label it with your name and telephone number using a water-based

   marker. Please do not use paper labels on your disc as they may compromise your disc.

• Red Book-formatted CD-Rs are not PMCD discs! When we complete your project, our first choice

   for optical disc replication file is always DDP (Disc Description Protocol) on DVD media. This is

   the best delivery method for digital integrity that’s error-free. An additional Orange Book CD-DA

   (PMCD) and cue time sheet are always included with your order.

• Questions? E-mail or call:1.208.407.0131.

        / 2365 River Oaks Drive, Nampa, ID 83686 USA
                                                                                         Mastering Order

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        / 2365 River Oaks Drive, Nampa, ID 83686 USA

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