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					                                                         May 16, 2012

Three PIA Activities - Oregon,        Insurers and the
Washington, Montana | 8               Fortune 500 | 17

    E&O: Quality Documentation the Key in Prevention | 22

                                 Volume 17 | Issue 3 | Published Weekly
                                                Pick a Winner
                                                Take advantage of a select group of
                                                highly qualified candidates who are
                                                looking for the right opportunity.

Professional Insurance Agents Western
Alliance provides you with direct access to
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We help you find the right candidate by
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Membership in PIA’s K-Klub has many obvious benefits, but none is more important to
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This unique contact provides your company and your markets with direct access to the
Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Alaska, Montana, Arizona, California, Nevada and New
Mexico retail community.

                                                            Click here to join
                                                            the K-Klub and bring
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                                                            unique partnership
                                                            with independent
                                                            insurance agents in the
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                                   PIA Western Alliance’s
                                   K-Klub Connecting
                                   Companies and Agents
  K-Klub member companies are not only critical to the success of the PIA Western
  Alliance, but they are a vital link between the association’s member agents — you
  — and your customers.

  The PIA Western Alliance encourages you to support our K-Klub members.

  Companies. Not a member of K-Klub? Contact the PIA Western
  Alliance staff at 888-246-4466 to find out how. K-Klub membership
  puts our members one step closer to you.
                                                             PIA-Hartford WYO Flood E&O Webcast Now
 TOP STORIES                                                 Available | 14
                                                             PIA National is offering a free webinar broad-
                                                             cast from PIA National flood insurance expert
Weekly Industry News Hiatus - We’re Gone                     Rita Hollada who taught a two-part morning
Next Week | 8                                                and afternoon session on Avoiding Flood Insur-
Weekly Industry News will not publish next week,             ance Errors & Omissions at the National Flood
Wednesday, May 23rd.                                         Insurance Program (NFIP) 2012 Annual Con-
                                                             ference in Austin Texas.
Three PIA Activities - Oregon, Washington,
Montana | 8                                                  PIA & the Hartford WYO | 14
The first three stories in this issue focus on three         The Hartford WYO Flood program offers an
upcoming PIA events.                                         easy enrollment process and extremely com-
                                                             petitive commissions.
PIA Oregon/Idaho’s 45th Annual Convention
- Climbing New Heights - An Opportunity to                   P&C Jobs — Up | 14
Attend for Free! | 9                                         March was good to those looking for insurance
Set at the foot of Oregon’s beautiful Mt. Hood,              jobs - or trying to get their old jobs back.
agents attending the 45th annual convention,                 The Hard Market Controversy | 16
Climbing New Heights will ― indeed ― climb new               MarketScout was the first to declare the soft
heights.                                                     market over. While not completely embrac-
                                                             ing that a hard market has arrived, a couple of
Strapped for Time? Attend Monday for Free! |9                companies have reluctantly admitted that the
Some of you do not have the time to make the en-             market is at least “different.”
tire convention. We understand that.
                                                             Insurers & the Fortune 500 | 17
PIA Washington/Alaska & IIABW of Washington                  The number of insurers on the Fortune 500
Joint Conference | 11                                        has dropped. There were 49 in 2010 and 47
The second annual joint PIA Washington/Alaska                last year.
and Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of
Washington will be at the Coeur d’Alene Resort in            A Scary First - License for the First Self-
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, September 19-21, 2012.                 Driving Car | 19
                                                             Driverless cars. The thought is kind of unnerv-
PIA Montana 2012 Producer Seminar | 12                       ing. Get used to them.
The annual PIA Montana Producer Seminar is Oc-
                                                             ObamaCare Suit Backlash | 19
tober 11-12, 2012 at the Holiday Inn in Bozeman..
                                                             Dozens of women filed a lawsuit last week
Flood Renewal - PIA National’s Grassroots Ac-                against Washington State Attorney General
tion Alert! | 13                                             Rob McKenna.
PIA National has launched a nationwide grass-
                                                             Regulatory Uniformity -
roots action campaign to rescue the soon to ex-
                                                             An Industry Must | 20
pire National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and
                                                             Ways to strengthen state regulation and make
is asking PIA member to - pun intended - Flood
                                                             it more uniform were some of the topics
the Hill.
                                                             discussed at the recent NAIC/NIPR E-Reg

                             May 16, 2012 | Main Street Weekly Industry News | www.piawest.com |   4
 TOP STORIES CONT.                                                    ADVERTISEMENTS

PIA National’s New Website - Check it Out | 22                      Wanted, For Sale and Opportunities | 27
PIA National has a new website design. You can                      Contact us to place a classified ad.
still find it at www.pianet.com.
Small Business - Small and Large Problems | 21
The CEOs of 6,000 small businesses have spoken.
                                                                      JUST FOR FUN

AIG - Looking Up | 21
The U.S. Treasury is selling more of its stake in                   Getting the Most Out of Social Media | 28
AIG. The plan is to reduce government ownership                     Ever wonder about the best time to use social
from 70% to 61% by selling 188.5 million shares for                 media to get out whatever message it is you
about $5.8 billion.                                                 want everyone to read?
E&O: Quality Documentation the Key in
Prevention | 22
Document. Document. Document. In all likeli-
hood, this suggestion has been uttered in virtually
every Errors & Omissions class ever taught.                                  Advertise your
Big Bank Failure - JPMorgan,                                                 business in the
Dodd-Frank, FDIC | 214
Last week’s mess at JPMorgan Chase - $2 billion in                        Weekly Industry News!
bad trading losses - have brought the Dodd-Frank
Act, too-big-to-fail and what to do when a worst                        An ultra high quality style that
case scenario hits a big financial institution to na-
                                                                        makes your ad stand out. We are
tional attention - again.
                                                                        one of the West’s
                                                                        most popular
 AROUND THE PIA WESTERN ALLIANCE                                        and best-read
                                                                        insurance news
AZ — Fire Bans | 26
AZ — Healthcare Panel | 26                                              WIN is sent
CA — $16 Billion Budget Gap | 26                                        to more
                                                                        than 20,000
CA — Commissioner Jones on Wildfires | 26
ID — Consumer Affairs Officer | 26                                      agencies and
NM — Wildfire Warning System | 26                                       companies in the nine states of
                                                                        the PIA Western Alliance.
OR — Insurance in the Transportation Plan | 27

OR — SBS Online | 27                                                    To advertise contact PIA
                                                                        Western Alliance Executive
WA — Take Down the Sandbags | 27
                                                                        Vice President Clark Sitzes at
                                                                        (888) 246-4466.

                               May 16, 2012 | Main Street Weekly Industry News | www.piawest.com |   5
                                                 PIA Western Alliance
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PIA Western Alliance Mission
To Guarantee the preservation and prosperity
of the independent agency system by
leveraging the strength of the four affiliate
chapters - Washington/Alaska, Oregon/
Idaho, Montana, and the Group (AZ, CA, NM,
NV) - to increase our influence with insurers,
markets and policy makers, and to provide
affordable products and profitable services
while allowing each affiliate chapter to
maintain individuality and independence.


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                      Did you
                         know                            ?
Did you know that on March 21-22, 2012, PIA members from across the country came to
Washington, DC to meet with their Members of Congress as part of PIA’s annual Federal Leg-
islative Summit? Hundreds of other independent insurance agents used PIA’s online grass-
roots action center to send their personalized messages to Capitol Hill.

These agents know that laws made in Congress can have devastating effects on their busi-
nesses. They also know that PIA has the tools, information and support materials to arm a
grassroots movement.

Here are some of the important issues these agents were fighting for:

•     National Flood Insurance Program
•     Health Care Reform
•     Crop Insurance
•     Regulation of Insurance
•     Tax and Regulatory Burdens on Businesses
•     Natural Disaster Legislation
•     Producer Licensing

PIA will continue to fight for the best interests of professional insurance agents. If you are
not a PIA member, please join the fight. Contact us for a membership application or visit us
online at www.pianet.com/AboutUs/JoinPia.

                       Main Street
                       America ™
National Association of Professional Insurance Agents
400 N. Washington St., Alexandria, VA 22314-2353
www.pianet.com | membership@pianet.org | (703) 836-9340

               Weekly Industry News Hiatus
                       We’re Gone Next Week
                                    Weekly Industry News will not publish next week,
                                    Wednesday, May 23rd. Staff is covering the annual PIA
                                    Oregon/Idaho Convention and Trade Show at The Re-
                                    sort at the Mountain in Welches Oregon.

                                    We will return to our regular schedule on May 30th. n

        Three PIA Activities
        Oregon, Washington, Montana
  The first three stories in this issue focus on three upcoming PIA events.

  PIA Oregon/Idaho’s annual convention is next week, May 20-22 at The Resort on the Mountain
  in Welches, Oregon. The agents and company members of PIA Washington/Alaska will con-
  nect with the Independent Agents & Brokers of Washington (IIABW) for the 2nd annual joint
  conference September 19-21 in Coeur d’Alene Idaho and PIA of Montana is bringing the CPIA
  designation program to the Montana Producer Seminar October 11-12 in Bozeman.

  Plan on attending and one of these fun and informative programs. Anyone who has attended
  one of our events will tell you that no one puts on a better gathering, with more fun, more net-
  working and better education than the PIA. n

                PIA Western Alliance
       Need PIA Western Alliance Main Street Website

       CE? Online & You’ll Be Fine.
                   click on online Continuing education
      No Time? Go                                           It’s That Easy!
      What’ll We Think of Next?

                      We Make It So Easy!
                              May 16, 2012 | Main Street Weekly Industry News | www.piawest.com |   8

        PIA Oregon/Idaho’s 45th Annual Convention
     Climbing New Heights - An Opportunity to Attend for FREE!
  Set at the foot of Oregon’s beautiful Mt. Hood, connecting, learning and seeing old friends. There
  agents attending the 45th annual convention, is so much packed into this year’s program that
  Climbing New Heights will ― indeed ― climb new you won’t want to miss a minute.
                                                   If you’re in Oregon or Idaho ― or even the sur-
                         May 20-22, 2012           rounding states ― you need to plan to join the best
                   The Resort at the Mountain      in the industry as we bring independent insurance
                         Welches, Oregon           agents together with top companies representa-
                                                   tives to share, learn and discover innovative ways
  This year’s PIA Oregon/Idaho Convention and for you and your business to remain competitive in
  Trade Show ― like all PIA conventions ― is about our new economy.

           Strapped for Time? Attend Monday for Free!
   Some of you do not have the time to make the entire convention. We understand that. We’re all very
   busy. We also have a solution. Our KKlub members are offering a Monday special where you can
   attend for free. Here’s the offer for Monday, May 21st:
                            • Breakfast with Exhibitors
                            • Keynote Presentation
                            • Lunch with Exhibitors
                            • PLUS 3 hours of CE
                            • Your choice of Flood Insurance Essentials — OR
                            • Buy, Build, Sell — What you need to know for every phase of your
                            agency’s evolution
   To take advantage of this special offer, print the scholarship form HERE

   Fax the form to us: 360-571-7600 Or Scan and EMAIL it back to us: kimlegato@piawest.com

                                    IT’S EASY TO REGISTER
                                      IT’S EASY TO ATTEND
                                  DON’T WAIT, REGISTER TODAY!

   For more information call: 888.246.4466

                 The 45th PIA Oregon/Idaho Annual Convention ― Climbing New Heights

  PIA always puts together comprehensive educa- • Flood Insurance Essentials
  tion designed for all insurance producers, agency
  owners and managers. Classes are not just for CE • Buy, Build, Sell: What you need to know in every
  credits, but to help you grow business.           phase of your agency’s evolution

  Earn up to 16 hours of CE with these informa- • High Hazard Fire Prevention, Woodworking,
  tive classes:                                 Painting & RL 300 restaurant suppression systems
                               May 16, 2012 | Main Street Weekly Industry News | www.piawest.com |   9
  • Sprinkler Systems for Property Insurance               •	      PIA	Western	Alliance
  Protection                                               •	      Professional	Benefits	Services
                                                           •	      Red	Shield	Insurance	Company
                                                           •	      Risk	Placement	Services
  • Ethics in the Insurance Industry                       •	      ServiceMaster	Cleaning	Specialists
                                                           •	      Superior	Underwriters
  • Oregon Law for Insurance Producers                     •	      The	Hartford
                                                           •	      Western	Experts	in	Transportation
                                                           •	      Willamette	Valley	Restoration
  • E&O Hotspots – 2012 and beyond
                                                           Exhibit Hall Hours:
  • Oregon Legislative Update
                                                     • Continental Breakfast Exhibition:
  Network at the Sold Out Tradeshow: Top ven-
                                                     8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
  dors will showcase the latest in products and ser-
  vices. The Exhibit Hall is open Monday May 21st:
                                                     • Lunch Exhibition:
                                                     11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  Here’s who’s attending our always sold out trade
                                                     • Reception Exhibition:
  •	     Adjusters	International                     4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
  •	    American	Strategic	Insurance
  •	    Amtrust	North	America                              Our Keynote Speaker: Don’t let the doldrums of
  •	    Applied	Systems                                    everyday business life control you. Fred Schafer
  •	    BELFOR	Property	Restoration
                                                           will enlighten and entertain you with Strike Back at
  •	    Blackthorn	Insurance	Underwriters
  •	    Building	Metrix                                    Mediocrity. Fred is a leading business/career con-
  •	    Capital	Insurance	Group                            sultant, wellness coach and author. He will show
  •	    Capital	Premium	Financing                          you the mistakes of mediocrity that many people
  •	    Cochrane	&	Company                                 and organizations make on what he calls the 5 Pil-
  •	    Empire	Pacific	Sovereign
                                                           lars of High Performance Mastery. Strike Back at
  •	    Grange	Insurance	Association
  •	    Great	American	Insurance	Company                   Mediocrity contains the strike back solutions you
  •	    Great	Northwest	Insurance                          need to master your professional and personal life.
  •	    Griffin	Underwriting
  •	    Hawksoft,	Inc.                                     Stay: Reserve your room at The Resort at the
  •	    Hull	&	Company
                                                           Mountain. Identify yourself as part of PIA to get
  •	    IBQ	Systems
  •	    Imperial	PFS                                       the special convention rate of $139 per night plus
  •	    Indemnity	Excess	&	Surplus	Agency                  tax and resort fees.
  •	    Indiana	Lumbermen’s	Mutual	Insurance	Company
  •	    Irwin	Siegel	Agency                                Golf and have some Fun: Don’t miss the annual
  •	    Kemper	Specialty
                                                           golf tournament. It’s at the Courses and tee off is
  •	    Legacy	Insurance	Services
  •	    MacAfee	&	Edwards	Mexican	Insurance	Specialists    1:00 PM, Sunday, May 20th. Early bird registration
  •	    Mapfre	USA/American	Commerce                       is just $99.
  •	    Markel
  •	    Mid	Valley	General	Agency                          Relax: Guests staying for the PIA Convention and
  •	    Multico	Ratings	Systems
                                                           Trade Show receive a special spa rate at the Re-
  •	    NIF	Group/NIF	Pacific
  •	    Norman-Spencer	Agency,	Inc.                        sort. Enjoy a 50 minute massage package for just
  •	    Northwest	Preferred	Federal	Credit	Union           $79!
  •	    Oak	Street	Funding
  •	    Pacific	Coast	E	&	S	Services                       CLICK HERE TO REGISTER TODAY!
  •	    Pennsylvania	Lumbermen’s	Mutual	Insurance

                                 May 16, 2012 | Main Street Weekly Industry News | www.piawest.com |   10

   PIA Washington/Alaska & IIABW
    of Washington Joint Conference

  The second annual joint PIA Washington/Alaska           • Networking with
  and Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of           fellow agents and
  Washington will be at the Coeur d’Alene Resort          company reps on a
  in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, September 19-21, 2012.         sunset cruise.

  It is Washington’s only all-industry event of the Exhibitors please
  year.                                             note. Like last year,
                                                    the       conference
  Last year’s event was the largest insurance event features an incred-
  in Washington State history as over 600 insurance ible trade show
  professionals attended. This year’s conference with five hours of exhibition time planned into the
  features:                                         schedule with breakfast and lunch on September
                                                    21st. Last year’s trade show was sold out in less
  • Networking with over 60 exhibitors showcasing than three weeks.
  the latest services
                                                    Sponsorship opportunities are plenty. We have
  • Golfing in a tournament on the world-famous many ways to get your company involved and to
  Coeur d’Alene Resort Golf Course                  help you show your support for the insurance in-
                                                    dustry. Registering to sponsor early allows your
  • Learning from nationally-recognized speakers    company maximum exposure in our marketing
  • Earning CE on cutting-edge technical insurance
  topics                                            To exhibit, sponsor or be among the first to regis-
                                                    ter to attend, go to: www.waconference.com.

                                     Register online for PIA Education:
                                     Click Here or call 888-246-4466.

                               May 16, 2012 | Main Street Weekly Industry News | www.piawest.com |   11

                                               PIA Montana 2012
                                               Producer Seminar
                              The annual PIA Mon-
                              tana Producer Semi-            PIA understands the importance of time well spent.
                              nar is October 11-12,          This means valued education. Earning the CPIA
                              2012 at the Holiday            designation requires completion of these three In-
                              Inn in Bozeman. The            surance Success Seminars within a three-year
  PIA Western Alliance has been approved as the              period to earn the designation. This designation
  only designation provider for the CPIA program             does require a biennial update. CPIA is valid for
  (Certified Professional Insurance Agent) in the            CE in certain states.
  nine states we serve.
                                                             PIA of Montana will be presenting CPIA 1 and 2
  We are thrilled to bring this esteemed designation         on Thursday and Friday. Earn up to 12 CE hours
  to Montana for the first time.                             for the first 2 sessions. CPIA 3 session will be pre-
                                                             sented sometime next year.
  What is CPIA? CPIA (Certified Professional Insur-
  ance Agents) is a new designation Training Pro-            In addition, the PIA Montana Producer Seminar
  gram like no other. It is the first-of-its-kind, hands-    includes:
  on, how-to training designed to enhance the ability
  of producers,	 sales	 support	 staff	 and	 company	        Learn new products & services: Meet compa-
  personnel to efficiently create and distribute effec-      ny representatives who want to meet you, learn
  tive insurance programs. To earn the CPIA des-             about your business and share the latest of their
  ignation, candidates are required to participate in        products and services.
  a series of three, one day Insurance Success
  Seminars.                                                  Network with industry peers: The PIA always
                                                             provides plenty of networking time. In fact, it’s the
  CPIA 1 – Position for Success — This course                number-one item attendee’s check as their favor-
  assists you in implementing risk identification            ite in our post seminar surveys!
  strategies and systems that will prevent errors and
  omissions during the insurance prospecting pro-            Have a little fun and win great prizes! Our annual
  cess                                                       Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tournament is always a hit.
                                                             Even if you don’t know how to play, don’t be shy.
  CPIA 2 – Implement for Success — To develop                It’s all in good fun and profits go for a good cause.
  the technical knowledge and skills you need to de-
  sign a complete, yet innovative insurance program          ALSO join us Saturday October 15 for some tail-
  for prospective clients. You will leave with detailed      gating and football. Watch the MSU Bobcats take
  information for providing solutions in the complex         on Eastern Washington University at Bobcat Sta-
  insurance market.                                          dium. The first 20 FULL Package registrations in-
                                                             clude 1 game ticket and tailgate event before the
  CPIA 3 – Sustain Success — You will learn spe-             game.
  cific methods for maintaining high legal and ethi-
  cal standards of operations while developing the           For more information and to register click HERE n
  agent-client relationship

                                   May 16, 2012 | Main Street Weekly Industry News | www.piawest.com |   12

 Flood Renewal                                                   PIA National’s Grassroots
                                                                      Action Alert!
  PIA National has launched a nationwide grass-             The bill we want the Senate to act on is S. 1940. It
  roots action campaign to rescue the soon to expire        is sponsored by South Dakota Democrat Sen. Tim
  National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and is            Johnson who chairs the Senate Banking Commit-
  asking PIA member to — pun intended — Flood               tee. His bill extends the NFIP until Sept. 30, 2016.
  the Hill. You are asked to contact your two U.S.
  Senators and urge them to force Senate Majority       While everyone waits on the Senate Majority Lead-
  Leader Harry Reid to get the NFIP extension to the    er, Montana Democrat Sen. Jon Tester and Loui-
  Senate floor for a vote.                              siana Republican Sen. David Vitter held a hearing
                                                        last week for the Economic Policy Subcommittee
  The flood insurance program faces a May 31            of the Banking Committee. The topic: the need for
  expiration unless Congress passes an extension long-term reform.
  — temporary or otherwise. PIA prefers the long-
  term solution discussed here.                         They are pushing not just for an extension — but
                                                        real reform. At the hearing Tester — who is the
  Agents have become accustomed to short term subcommittee chair — encouraged his colleagues
  extensions but now there is an opportunity to in the senate to get moving. “We’ve been down
  achieve a multi-year extension and Congress this road before, and we’ve seen how unproduc-
  needs to hear from you to push the bill to the finish tive and destructive lapses of the program can be.
  line. Click this link to contact Congress now:        The unprecedented flooding in the Missouri River
  http://www.pianet.com/alert1                          basin at this time last year further reminds us of
                                                        the urgency of passing a long-term reauthorization
  PIA is conducting this grassroots campaign in that offers Americans — and Montanans — cer-
  conjunction with organizations inside and outside tainty in the face of risk.”
  our industry. The coalition includes the National
  Association of Realtors, the National Wildlife Fed- Vitter vowed to fight for floor time to get it done
  eration, the Mortgage Bankers Association, the before the end of the month.
  Nature Conservancy, the Consumer Bankers As-
  sociation, the American Land Title Association, the He and Tester sent a letter in February to Senate
  National Association of Mutual Insurance Com- Majority Leader Harry Reid that was signed by
  panies (NAMIC), the Reinsurance Association of 41 senators. In a nutshell it said “let’s get the job
  America and PIA.                                      done!” Vitter is now circulating a second letter.

  Send your message to Congress right now! Just Tester said at the very least there will be another
  go here: http://www.pianet.com/alert1                 short-term extension. “And while we cannot take
                                                        our focus away from passing a long-term reautho-
  PIA National has also signed on to a coalition letter rization and reform bill, it is also clear that we will
  to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Minor- need a short-term extension in order to continue
  ity Leader Mitch McConnell, urging them to move our work in getting a long-term reauthorization and
  quickly to reauthorize the NFIP.                      reform bill across the finish line.” n

  Click here to send your message:

                                  May 16, 2012 | Main Street Weekly Industry News | www.piawest.com |   13

    PIA-Hartford WYO Flood
         E&O Webcast Now
                                                                        PIA & the
                  Available                                           Hartford WYO
                           PIA National is offering a
                           free webinar broadcast              The Hartford WYO Flood program offers an easy
                           from PIA National flood             enrollment process and extremely competitive
                           insurance expert Rita Hol-          commissions. Through their national flood insur-
                           lada who taught a two-              ance service center, The Hartford offers the most
                           part morning and after-             advanced Internet services available. The firm has
                           noon session on Avoiding            two plan offerings from which PIA agencies can
                           Flood Insurance Errors              select:
                           & Omissions at the Na-
                           tional Flood Insurance              •      The Standard program includes a web-
                             Program (NFIP) 2012               based application process with the agency doing
      Rita Hollada
                             Annual Conference in              the customer service administration with Internet
                             Austin Texas.                     and live customer service support.

  Since most of you could not attend, PIA and The              •      The Flood Solutions program includes a
  Hartford WYO are making the sessions available.              streamlined application process with The Hart-
  It runs about one-hour and you can listen to it as           ford’s Flood Insurance Processing Center doing
  many times as you want. And the number of peo-               most of the work. Flood Solutions simplifies the
  ple in your agency invited to listen is unlimited.           writing of flood insurance for the agency.

  It is a free resource from PIA National and the              For more information about the PIA/Hartford flood
  Hartford WYO. Link to the webcast from PIA Na-               insurance program, please contact Karen Piacen-
  tional’s main flood page here                                ta of The Hartford at (860) 757-1984 or karen.pia-
                                                               centa@thehartford.com. n
  By the way, Hollanda was honored with a PIA Life-
  time Achievement award for excellence and ex-
  pertise in flood insurance at the conference. n

                                    P&C Jobs — Up
   March was good to those looking for insurance             tence but Dr. Hartwig said March is not good for
   jobs — or trying to get their old jobs back. The In-      comparisons. “To put this gain in context, it is worth
   surance Information Institute (I.I.I.) said the prop-     noting that P&C employment often rises in March;
   erty and casualty insurers added 2,000 of them.           in the 23 years starting with 1990, for example, it
   I.I.I. President Dr. Robert Hartwig analyzed the          rose 17 times, fell only three times and was flat
   stats from the U.S. Labor Department’s Bureau of          three others.”
   Labor Statistics and notes they clearly show the
   downward trend for P&C employment has clearly             The gain — however — was the most of any of the
   not reversed.                                             insurance subsectors. And when you compare this
                                                             year to 2011 the industry is still down 9,100 jobs n
   Lots of use of the word “clearly” in the last sen-
                                   May 16, 2012 | Main Street Weekly Industry News | www.piawest.com | 14
                                                                                                             Click B
                                                                                                            to Start elow
                                                                                                            FREE 30
                                                                                                            Day Tria
              Superior acceSS can
          Help you expand your Book!
In an industry with dwindling commissions, Superior Access offers you
unsurpassed earning potential. As a Superior Access member you will have
access to over 50 standard and preferred P&C carriers representing over 95
lines of business. Our dedicated underwriters are ready to assist you in any
line of business, whether or not you are familiar with writing it.

With competitive commissions and outstanding service, we function as
a profit maximizing extension of your agency. We enable you and your
agency to offer your clients more products and services than you ever could
on your own, to maximize your income.

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                                      May 16, 2012 | Main Street Weekly Industry News | www.piawest.com |   15

   The Hard Market
  MarketScout was the first to declare the soft mar-        Wide Insurance Group said the industry is over-
  ket over. While not completely embracing that a           capitalized and it is hiding how much we’re losing.
  hard market has arrived, a couple of companies
  have reluctantly admitted that the market is at           He did admit that MarketScout, the CIAB, Advisen
  least “different.”                                        and CLIPS do have a point. Rates are improving
                                                            but the industry needs to liquidate about $100 bil-
  Better.                                                   lion for the hard market to really get going. That
                                                            money could come from catastrophes, beefing up
  The latest to embrace the arrival of a hard mar-          reserves or losses from bond investments, or any
  ket is the Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers          number of other areas or reasons.
  (CIAB). Spokesman Ken Crerar — the associa-
  tion’s CEO — said its quarterly survey says we       “We have had $12 billion in reserves releases in
  are in a hardened market. “We’ve been cautious       the 2011 calendar year alone, for the accident
  up to now about declaring a market turn, but I think years 2010 and prior released across the U.S. in-
  it’s reasonable to say that the market has made a    dustry. It’s been three loss-ratio points of reserve
  hard turn after two quarters of price increases and  releases over the past 3-4 years on average. It’s
  tighter underwriting. It’s difficult to predict length
                                                       sheltering losses on current-year business and
  and severity, but the market has turned.”            masking how unprofitable current business is be-
                                                       cause of releases in this year from accidents which
  The CIAB survey shows a 4.4% average rise for occurred prior.”
  prices for small, medium and large commercial ac-
  counts. In the fourth quarter of 2011, the Council’s To underscore his point, Lyons said in the last 35
  stats showed an average hike of 2.7%. And it was years the P&C industry has made a profit a total of
  1% in 2011’s third quarter. Leading the way is work five times. Investment income is where the profits
  comp and commercial property.                        lie.

  Workers’ compensation rates rose 7.4% in the first        As if to underscore Lyons’ points, Lou Iglesias of
  quarter and were up 7.5% in the fourth quarter            Allied World said surplus hit $565 billion in March
  of last year. Commercial property rose 6.5% and           2011 and by the end of the year was down just
  5.7% in the same two time periods.                        1.6%. He sees growth ahead but it’ll be sluggish.

  A year ago at this time pricing had dropped an- F. Michael Crowley of Markel Corp. said hard
  other 2.9%.                                       market predictions are premature. His analysis is
                                                    that insurers are not being as disciplined with new
  The CIAB’s survey indicates brokers think the big business as they are with renewals.
  losses from catastrophes last year and this year
  are driving the rate hikes.                       Meyer Shields of Stifel Nicolaus said the 52 public-
                                                    ly held insurance companies saw quarter loss re-
  Naysayers disagree with the hard market assess- serve releases fall 17% over the same period last
  ment. At the Advisen Casualty Insights Confer- year. Net releases in the first quarter were $1.5
  ence earlier this month, Mark Lyons of Arch World billion compared to $1.8 billion a year ago. Seven
                                   May 16, 2012 | Main Street Weekly Industry News | www.piawest.com | 16

   insurers accounted for 60% of the releases: ACE, Allstate, Chubb, Cincinnati Financial, Markel
   ProAssurance and Travelers.

   Those same firms only contributed 34% to increased net written premiums. n

   Source: PropertyCasualty360.com, MarketScout, CIAB

     Insurers & the Fortune 500
   The number of insurers on the Fortune 500 has dropped. There were 49 in 2010 and 47 last year. In
   2012 the number is down one to 46 with the top insurer being Berkshire Hathaway at number seven.
   Nationwide made an impressive run, climbed 27 places and moved into the top 100.

   There are five insurance categories in the Fortune 500. Here is the top 100 with last year’s position in
                                        7. Berkshire Hathaway (7)
                                        22. UnitedHealth Group (22)
                                        33. AIG (17)
                                        34. MetLife (46)
                                        43. State Farm (37)
                                        45. WellPoint (42)
                                        55. Prudential (64)
                                        79. Humana (79)
                                        84. Liberty Mutual (82)
                                        86. New York Life (71)
                                        88. TIAA-CREF (87)
                                        89. Aetna (77)
                                        93. Allstate (89)
                                        100. Nationwide (127) n

                                   Professional Insurance Agents
                                   Western Alliance
                                   “Local	Agents	Serving	Main	Street	America”

              Need Markets?                                  We’re here for you.
                Need CE?

                                 May 16, 2012 | Main Street Weekly Industry News | www.piawest.com | 17

                                                                  A Scary First
                                                     License for the First Self-
                                                           Driving Car
                                               cars. The      This leads into a report done by Celent: A Scenar-
                                               thought is     io: The End of Auto Insurance — What Happens
                                               kind of un-    When There Are (Almost) No Accidents. The
                                               nerving.       firm’s senior analyst Robert Light thinks it is a strong
                                               Get used       possibility. “In that scenario, technology is widely de-
  to them. Driverless cars could be the wave of the           ployed that radically reduces the frequency and se-
  future. Nevada’s Department of Motor Vehicles just          verity of motor vehicle accidents. Consequently, the
  issued the nation’s first license for a driverless car.     need for automobile insurance is substantially re-
                                                              duced — and insurers see a large reduction in their
  It was given to Google and Nevada’s DMV Director            revenue as automobile insurance premiums drop.”
  Bruce Breslow said the modified Prius may be saf-
  er than a human. And for sure a texting, cell phone         The technologies that would make auto insurance
  gabbing, distracted driving human.                          extinct are telematics, collision avoidance features,
                                                              automated traffic enforcement and — as seen ear-
  The requirement is that two people have to be in the        lier — robot cars.
  car when it is in operation. Both — near as we can
  figure can talk all they want on their cell phones and      If Light’s concept comes to light the hit to the industry
  even text while driving. “They’re designed to avoid         would be huge — something close to 39% n.
  distracted driving. When you’re on the Strip and
  there’s a huge truck with three scantily clad women         Source: Insurance Journal
  on the side, the car only sees a box,” Breslow said.

         Service is our Hallmark.
          Hallmark Personal Lines is dedicated to providing PIA Western Alliance members innovative insurance
          products at competitive rates combined with personalized, responsive client service. Your success is
          essential to our success, which is why ”Service is our Hallmark.”
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          NONSTANDARD AUTO                    MOTORCYCLE            SPECIALTY HOMEOWNERS               RENTERS

                                   May 16, 2012 | Main Street Weekly Industry News | www.piawest.com | 18

  ObamaCare                                                                IS YOUR E&O
  Suit Backlash                                                            X-DATE HERE?

  Dozens of women filed a lawsuit last week against                            Considering
  Washington State Attorney General Rob McK-
  enna. They allege his participation in legal action                           a change?
  seeking to overturn the Patient Protection and Af-
  fordable Care Act threatens access to comprehen-
  sive coverage for women.
                                                                             Let the PIA
  The politically charged lawsuit is seeking a ruling
  that McKenna violated his ethical duties by ask-                         quote your E&O
  ing the Supreme Court to invalidate protections for
  women’s healthcare. It claims that his actions go
  against the wishes of his clients, the residents of
  Washington state. So far, 90 women have signed
  on as plaintiffs.
                                                                              Lisa Tucker
                                                                            (888) 246-4466
  Washington Insurance Commissioner Mike Kre-
  idler commented on the lawsuit. “We cannot afford                       lisatucker@piawest.com
  to play politics with people’s lives. History shows
  that as a nation, we summon the will to try to ad-
  dress health care reform only about once a gen-
  eration. Mr. McKenna knows that many provisions
  of the law — such as letting parents keep adult
  children on their health coverage until age 26,
  expanding women’s coverage, and barring insur-
  ers from denying coverage to sick children — are
  popular. He maintains that the challenge to the in-
  dividual mandate will not overturn the entire law.
  The problem is that the case he joined seeks to do
  exactly that: throw out the entire law.”

  Kreidler added that if the court challenge unravels
  the entire healthcare reform law “it will be a trav-

  McKenna — by the way — is running for governor.
  Kreidler is also seeking reelection.
  n                                                                              Director of Insurance
                                                                                     Lisa Tucker

                                 May 16, 2012 | Main Street Weekly Industry News | www.piawest.com |   19

    Regulatory Uniformity
                                       An Industry Must
  Ways to strengthen state regulation and make it            Some of the regulators talked about the difficulty
  more uniform were some of the topics discussed             they have in designing questions that adequately
  at the recent NAIC/NIPR E-Reg Conference. The              test applicants’ knowledge of insurance, but are
  conclusion of most attending is that state insur-          not so difficult as to prevent good people from en-
  ance regulation — in spite of challenges at the            tering the industry. If you would like to assist your
  federal level and the establishment of the Federal         insurance department in this effort, please contact
  Insurance Office (FIO) — remains strong. Also im-          them directly or you can contact David Eppstein at
  pressive is the strides being made by the states on        davidep@pianet.org for more information.
  uniformity and reciprocity.
                                                             The need to get regulations streamlined — and
  PIA National Assistant Vice President of Regula-           soon — was highlighted in a separate report is-
  tory Affairs David Eppstein attended the meetings          sued last week by University of Iowa’s insurance
  and continued to convey our support for their ef-          expert Tyler Leverty. He said the added expense of
  forts to strengthen and streamline state insurance         meeting regulations in every state drives up com-
  regulation. One area PIA members can be particu-           pliance costs as much as 26% when you compare
  larly helpful in at this time is to assist with design-    prices for companies regulated by just one state.
  ing test questions for perspective new licensees.          n

  PIA National’s New Website
  Check it Out
  PIA National has a new website design. You can still find it
  at www.pianet.com.

  PIA National says the new website provides a great plat-
  form for the future. It is faster, better organized and built
  on a modern technology that will grow with PIA for years to
  come. In the coming weeks and months PIA National will
  continue to add new features to the site, to better serve PIA
  members and affiliates.

  The bottom-line: it looks great, it loads faster, it has more
  features and it provides better service to you — the PIA
  member. In addition, it projects a cutting-edge image of PIA to our industry and our customers.

  The new www.pianet.com was created by the communications staff of PIA National and the project was
  under the auspices of the PIA National Image Committee. n

                                   May 16, 2012 | Main Street Weekly Industry News | www.piawest.com |   20

  Small Business —                                and                                          Problems
   The CEOs of 6,000 small businesses have spo-             Bloomberg reports the U.S. Department of Labor
   ken. In a partnership with the Kauffman Foundation,      stats that say there are now 3.74 million job open-
   Thumbtack.com — who connects small businesses            ings in the United States — up 172,000 and the
   with potential clients — did the study. It concludes     highest level since March of 2008.
   the PIA Western Alliance state of Idaho is the most
   business friendly in the nation.                         Some of the increased openings comes from the
                                                            2.1 million workers who quit their jobs in March.
   Texas, Oklahoma and Utah followed. The least busi-
   ness friendly — and not surprising — is the PIA West-    Quit their jobs? Yes. Quit.
   ern Alliance state of California. Hawaii, Vermont and
   Rhode Island follow in non-popularity. Here’s what       An improving economy is why. Or so says Andy
   the study found that small businesses say make a         Ernst of Robert Half International. “We’re seeing
   state or local area small business friendly:             more people be more comfortable in making a move
                                                            to a new organization, where they took a position
   • Licensing requirements are twice as important to       during the recession because they had to. Now their
   small businesses as tax-related regulations.             confidence is increasing.”

   • Do state or local governments offer training pro-      Better jobs are the reason most leave their jobs.
   grams for small business?                                But some — according to this report — leave for
                                                            very — let’s just say — “interesting” reasons. Here
   • Women are 9% more likely than men to feel state        are the reasons some employers said their now ex-
   government supports them.                                employees gave:

   The National Federation of Independent Business          • Our employee said he was joining the circus.
   (NFIB) says small businesses are starting to see
   profits. The NFIB’s Independent Business Index           • The worker told us he just couldn’t get up in the
   rose 2-points in April and hit 94.5 — the highest it     morning.
   has been since February of 2011.
                                                            • A person quit because he hated the carpet.
   Profits may be up but hiring is not. NEWT — the
   small business consulting firm — said its SB Author-     • Someone left because her boss lost the dog she
   ity Market Sentiment Survey for April says 67% of        had given him.
   those it surveyed will not be hiring in the next six
   months to a year.                                        • He quit because he didn’t like the way the office
                                                            smelled. n
   As if to contradict NEWT’s small business report,

    AIG — Looking Up                                    The U.S. Treasury is selling more of its stake
                                                        in AIG. The plan is to reduce government
                                                        ownership from 70% to 61% by selling 188.5
                                                        million shares for about $5.8 billion. As the
     Treasury unloads the stock, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) thinks taxpayers will ulti-
     mately see a profit from the $182 billion bailout.

     “When all the assistance is considered, the amount the federal government ultimately takes in could
     exceed the total support extended to AIG by more than $15.1 billion,” the GAO said. n
                                  May 16, 2012 | Main Street Weekly Industry News | www.piawest.com | 21

     E&O: Quality Documentation the
           Key in Prevention
  by Curtis M. Pearsall, CPCU, AIAF, CPIA, President, Pearsall Associates Inc., Special Consul-
  tant to the Utica National E&O Program

  Document. Document. Document. In all likeli-                  If the insured must get back to you with some in-
  hood, this suggestion has been uttered in virtually           formation, put that action item on record to ensure
  every Errors & Omissions class ever taught. While             nothing is missed.
  it’s unsure who coined the phrase, in many re-
  spects truer words have probably never been spo-              In reality, the “old school” way of documenting in
  ken. Documentation is one of the most important               the file is no longer good enough. Why? If you
  aspects of a quality E&O loss prevention program.             simply documented the issue in the file, there is
                                                                the potential for a misunderstanding between what
  It is important to realize, though, that not just any         the customer told you and what you heard. When
  type of documentation will do. It must be quality,            does the misunderstanding often surface? When
  detailed and timely. Good documentation can stop              the customer has a loss and is unhappy with the
  a potential claim in its tracks. Conversely, poor             settlement.
  documentation can be like “gasoline on a fire” and
  further intensify the actions against your agency.    Document it back
                                                        For example, say the customer asked you to de-
  Instill in your agency and with each staff member lete the property coverage on 410 Main Street.
  the important role documentation plays — and You understood the conversation to be that they
  make sure every employee follows through on wanted all coverages on 410 Main Street deleted.
  your expectation of quality, detailed and timely In this example, there is a misunderstanding in the
  documentation.                                        file. How do you resolve this?

  Customer contact                                              The most effective means is to document back to
  Let’s start with phone calls that come into the               the customer your understanding of the conversa-
  agency. Over the years, agency staff has been                 tion. This should be in writing and, for many agen-
  trained to ensure that phone messages are prop-               cies that have adopted this approach, a quick e-
  erly documented in the paper file or in the agency            mail or letter does the job. Something such as:
  management system. While it is probably safe to
  presume this activity is being performed, the key is          Mr. Jones, per your request, we have deleted all
  actually not whether it is being done, but rather is          coverages on 410 Main Street. If this is contrary to
  the documentation of sufficient depth and handled             your understanding, please contact the agency as
  in a prompt time period?                                      soon as possible.

  Does the documentation in the system state                    This now puts the responsibility on your client to
  something to effect of “spoke with insured regard-            speak up, advise you that you misunderstood him
  ing their homeowners policy?” If so, what does that           and state that he only wanted the property deleted.
  documentation truly tell you? Actually, not a lot.            While this may take some time, the benefits are
  The documentation should identify the exact indi-             tremendous. Plus, this added level of documen-
  vidual with whom you spoke, with detail on what               tation helps identify misunderstandings before a
  was discussed and what, if any, the next steps are.           claim as opposed to after it.
                                      May 16, 2012 | Main Street Weekly Industry News | www.piawest.com |   22

                                                              the one handling the file documentation. Don’t ask
  If possible, the customer should make these types           another agency staff member to do it. Once again,
  of requests in writing. Another option is to require        the quality of the documentation is extremely im-
  the customer to come into the office when re-               portant. Requiring the person who spoke with the
  questing policy changes. While this is ideal and            customer to perform the documentation adds to its
  preferred, unfortunately it may not be possible in          quality and validity.
  all situations.
                                                              Bring up documentation at practically every staff
  Nearly every day, your staff – internal and produc-         meeting, too. That helps emphasize you are seri-
  ers – interacts with your customers on important            ous about this issue. In addition, conduct periodic
  insurance issues. Questions are asked, cover-               quality control checks of each of your staff, with
  ages are explained, etc. There is a good chance             strong focus on quality, detail and timeliness of the
  the customer is documenting the essence of these            documentation.
  discussions for his or her records, and your agency
  must do the same. These discussions need to be              While quality, detailed and timely documentation
  thorough and promptly documented, in the agency             might not prevent an E&O claim from happening,
  file and with a letter back to the customer detailing       there is nothing more important that will determine
  the conversation and what was resolved.                     the direction the claim goes. Don’t wait for a claim
   7.5 x 4.625                                                to develop to find out a file’s documentation was
  Additional tips                                             not what you thought it was. Have your staff be-
  Any agency staff member engaging with the cus-              come documentation fanatics – you’ll be glad you
  tomer outside of the office via cell phone must be          did. n

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                                    We offer four umbrella limits, with coverage you can rely on.
                                       • $5 to $25 Million in umbrella coverage with up to $50 Million in total limits.
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                                  May 16, 2012 | Main Street Weekly Industry News | www.piawest.com | 23

Photo Credit: Stan Honda/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

                           Big Bank Failure
                     JP Morgan, Dodd-Frank, FDIC
      Last week’s mess at JPMorgan Chase — $2 billion                have largely been successful.”
      in bad trading losses — have brought the Dodd-
      Frank Act, too-big-to-fail and what to do when a               He and others want a tougher version of the Vol-
      worst case scenario hits a big financial institution           cker Rule which prevents banks from making risky
      to national attention — again.                                 trades for their own profit. It will be finalized in the
                                                                     next few months.
      The Frank half of Dodd-Frank, Rep. Barney Frank
      (D-Mass.) said the bad news just gave the under                FDIC Acting Chairman Martin Gruenberg said
      attack and on its way down Act a reprieve. “It con-            Dodd-Frank gives the FDIC the authority to seize
      firms our view that there needs to be regulation. It           the assets of failing financial firms and dismantle
      shows that if it can happen to them, it can happen             them if they pose a threat to the entire financial
      to anybody.”                                                   system.

      Vermont Democrat Rep. Peter Welch agrees. The                  Meanwhile, heads are rolling at JPMorgan Chase
      $2 billion loss in six-weeks for JPMorgan Chase                and the firm’s CEO Jamie Dimon said those in
      is a wake-up call that we ought not to be listening            charge of the investments were “stupid” and “slop-
      to banks asking for softer rules. “How many times              py.” He said the company is totally open to an audit
      do we have to be hit in the head with a financial              by regulators.
      sledgehammer to wake up and realize we’ve got
      to take action? The big banks have been fighting               Fears are that the $2 billion will turn into $3 billion
      Dodd-Frank tooth and nail. Regrettably, the banks              by the time the smoke clears. n
                                           May 16, 2012 | Main Street Weekly Industry News | www.piawest.com | 24

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                                 May 16, 2012 | Main Street Weekly Industry News | www.piawest.com |   25

Arizona                                                       CA — Commissioner Jones on
AZ — Fire Bans                                                Wildfires
Fire danger in Pima, Pinal, Cochise, Santa                    California Insurance Commissioner Dave
Cruz, Graham, Greenlee, Apache, and Na-                       Jones is warning Californians to be ready for
vajo counties, and parts of Gila County have                  wildfires. “Californian’s need to be both aware
the federal government and the state ban-                     and prepared for the threat that a devastating
ning open fires for the foreseeable future.                   wildfire might strike. Basic steps such as cre-
That means no campfires, smoking outside a                    ating defensible space around your property,
building or a vehicle, welding or off-road driv-              clearing dry brush, and being prepared can
ing.                                                          save your home or reduce the impact of a wild-
AZ — Healthcare Panel                                         fire on your home should one strike.”

On May 29 — and assuming the U.S. Su-                         He suggests doing a home survey of all valu-
preme Court does not find it unconstitutional                 ables and via video whenever possible.
— the Phoenix Business Journal is having
a panel discussion about the impact of the
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on                 Idaho
businesses. Panelists include: Mark Hillard,                  ID — Consumer Affairs Officer
Dignity Health Arizona, Jeri Jones, United-                   This from the Idaho Department of Insurance.
Healthcare and Anne Kleindiensts, Polsinelli                  It has an opening in the Boise office for a Con-
Shughart.                                                     sumer Affairs Officer position in the Consumer
                                                              Service Bureau. Preferred candidates will have
It will run from 5:00p.m. to 7:30p.m. at J&G                  experience in life insurance or annuities.
Steakhouse at the Phoenician. Tickets are
$35.                                                          For more information about the position or to

California                                                    apply for the position, please visit the Idaho
                                                              Division of Human Resources’ website: https://
CA — $16 Billion Budget Gap
California Governor Jerry Brown gave the state                no=08926087712
the bad news on Monday. He said California
has an unexpected deficit of $15.7 billion and                If you know someone you believe may be inter-
cuts and taxes are needed to fix it.                          ested in this position, please feel free to pass
                                                              along this information. The position will remain
Brown wants a quarter of 1% increase in the                   open through 5-16-12.

                                                              New Mexico
sales tax and an income tax increase for those
making over $250,000 a year. He’s also look-
ing at a 4-day work week — 38 hours — for
state employees. Under Brown’s proposal sala-                 NM — Wildfire Warning System
ries will also be reduced 5%.                                 A new statewide email notification system has
                                                              been set up by New Mexico Governor Su-
He’s also wanting to cut $1.2 billion from Medi-              sana Martinez and the state forestry depart-
Cal and over $2 billion from education.                       ment. It is to warn residents of the potential
                                 May 16, 2012 | Main Street Weekly Industry News | www.piawest.com | 26

                                                         Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Missouri,
 danger of wildfire. “Whether it’s here in the           Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New
 Albuquerque bosque, in rural or populated               Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Okla-
 areas around our state or up in the moun-               homa, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Tennes-
 tains, we all have a duty to do what we can to          see, U.S. Virgin Islands and West Virginia.
 inform, to help and to promote wildfire aware-          Limited SBS services are also licensed by
 ness,” the governor said.                               South Carolina and Virginia.

 Oregon                                                  Washington
 OR — Insurance in the
 Transportation Plan                                     WA — Take Down the Sandbags
                                                         Businesses along the Green River want the Army
 Oregon agents and company personnel,
                                                         Corps of Engineers and the state to take down
 please note that the Oregon Transportation
                                                         the sandbags put up when there were thoughts
 Commission will be meeting May 16, 2012 at
                                                         the Howard Hanson Dam could spring a serious
 the Keizer Community Center, 930 Chemawa
 Rd NE, Keizer. They will be considering the
 “Statewide Transportation Strategy: A Vision
                                                         There are miles of sandbags. Removal cost will
 for 2050.”
                                                         be about $7.5 million.
 You can download this document at ftp://ftp.
                                                              PIA Calendar
 An insurance issue is in the plan. Recom-                    Advertising
 mendation G6: Promote Pay-As-You-Drive
 Insurance (PAYD) programs that allow drivers                 Program
 to pay per-mile premiums, encouraging less
 driving through insurance savings.                           Special 10%
                                                              PIA Member
 OR — SBS Online                                              Discount
                                                              on the complete line of
                                                              2013 Calendars
 The initial phase of implementing the National               & Diaries
 Association of Insurance Commissioner’s                      Offer expires 8-31-12
 (NAIC) State Based Systems (SBS) has been                    • Wall Calendars       • Envelope Size
 completed. Acting administrator Lou Sav-                     • Desk Calendars       • Calendar Cards
                                                              • Magnet Calendars     • Stick-Ons
 age said, “This online system enables us to                  • Diaries & Planners
                                                                                                            Your Insurance Agenc
                                                                                                                       All Forms of Insurance
                                                                                                               231 Main Street New
                                                                                                            Phone: (212) 555-5014
                                                                                                                                      York, NY 12590

 more efficiently handle agent licensing while
                                                                                                                                   • SampleAgency.com

 improving customer service for the more than                   To order and receive your PIA Member Discount,
 100,000 agents who are licensed to do busi-                        visit MinesPress.com. Be sure to enter
 ness in our state.”                                                    Discount Code PIA12 at checkout.
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                                May 16, 2012 | Main Street Weekly Industry News | www.piawest.com |        27

     Getting the Most Out of Social
  Ever wonder about the best time to use social            on Friday through Monday.
  media to get out whatever message it is you want
  everyone to read? Of course you haven’t. Few of          The reason Bit.ly gives is that people check
  us do.                                                   Twitter after lunch and see what they might have
                                                           missed during the morning madness. And forget
  Whether you wondered or not, there is an an-             weekends. People are — like — busy.
  swer. The answer comes from Bit.ly. It’s a service
  whose purpose is to shorten the links you use on         Facebook: The best posting time is between
  social networks.                                         1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. You have an hour longer
                                                           to post than on Twitter. The peak time is Wednes-
  Like most of us knew they need to be shortened.          day at 3:00 p.m. And never post on weekends.
  Short. Long. Whatever. That’s a subject for an-          People are — like, duh — busy.
  other day.
                                                           Traffic on Facebook fades seriously after 4:00
  Today’s topic from Bit.ly is when is the best time       p.m. However, if you post at 7:00 p.m. you’ll get
  to send those messages or post those oh-so-criti-        more traffic and hits than if you post at 8:00 p.m.
  cal links on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.                No real reason why. That’s just how it is.

  Twitter: The afternoon hours. Most clicks are be-        Social media like drugs and nuclear waste has a
  tween 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. And that’s Monday          half-life. Bit.ly said your post will receive half the
  through Thursday. There are very, very few clicks        clicks it gets in about 2.8 hours for Twitter and 3.2
  on Twitter after 8:00 p.m., before 3:00 p.m. and         hours for Facebook. n

                                May 16, 2012 | Main Street Weekly Industry News | www.piawest.com |   28
   Since 1960, it has been Cochrane & Company’s commitment to provide our agents
   with professional and timely underwriting service. Combined with our partnership with
   the PIA and as a K-Klub member, we are prepared to respond to any service you may
   We pride ourselves in service, people and technology. Our professional staff has
   years of experience to help place and service your business. Our paperless system
   allows us to access files at the touch of a button, enabling us to answer your
   questions immediately. You will find that you’ll get the undivided attention of each
   employee you work with and will leave each conversation with the peace of mind that
   we are working with you and for you.
   Our company has a variety of markets that work in conjunction with our 7 underwriting

           Commercial Property & Casualty
           Commercial Transportation
           Garage/ Farm
           Commercial Brokerage
           Cochrane Pro
           Personal Lines

   We are appointed with many different markets, both admitted and non-admitted, and
   can place risks from a small beauty shop business owners policy to a large
   commercial transportation fleet. We have staff dedicated to each department, allowing
   specialized underwriting for those hard to place risks.
   We welcome any opportunity to be of service to your agency.

        “K-Klub Spotlight” a K-Klub membership benefit featuring K-Klub
   “K-Klub Spotlight” isisa K-Klub membership benefit featuring
                  weekly. Clark Sitzes at 888-246-4466 ext. 114 for details
K-Klub membersweekly. CallCall Amanda at 888-246-4466 for details.

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