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					                                   ALVIS Tour of Scandinavia 2012

This tour will take you and your Alvis through parts of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. It is planned to be a
fairly relaxed holiday-like tour. The organisers have pre-booked the ferries and hotels. But you will have to
confirm your reservations yourself. Giving a tour code, your name, and your card-details. You can join the
whole tour or parts of it. There is room for at least 30 cars. A number of people have already expressed their
interest to Kartsen Wikkelsø ( Those who do so will receive (preferably via e-mail) a paper
to confirm their intention of participating by answering and paying a Deposit to allow the rooms and the
ferries to be ”ours” and to assist with the administrative costs such as tour book, route book(s), rally plates,
fees etc. Just like the Nick Walker Tour this year. We have set this Non-Returnable Deposit at £58 or DKK
500 per car entry for all or part of the Tour. The Tour starts at Esbjerg on the west-coast of Jutland. It will run
for ten days plus your travel time to and from your home.

Day 0 Friday June 8
Departure Harwich Ferry DFDS. If you come that way Roger Gooding is coordinating a special rate and you
should contact

Day 1 Saturday June 9.
The boat arrives at Esbjerg at 1.00.p.m. We gather and get ours books etc. and depart for Nørre Vosborg
(160km) at 2.00 p.m. On the way we visit a longstanding Alvis-owning country-gentleman with a great love
for follies Nils Villadsen to enjoy his big park-like garden and follies. There will be a get-together-dinner at
which the details are not yet finalised. We spend the night at Nørre Vosborg Hotel (DKK995 double, 700
single B&B) Nørre Vosborg is an old manor situated in West Jutland.

Day 2 Sunday June 10
Departure for Frederikshavn (230km). Crossing the Limfjord. Lunch at Svinkløv Badehotel www.svinkloev- Via the impressive monastery Børglum up to Frederikshavn Hotel Herman Bang staying the
night (buffet-dinner DKK 159/pp, DKK795 double, single 695 B&B, 650 double, 500 single in annex,
breakfast at hotel included)

Day 3 Monday June 11
is the day we leave Denmark, crossing the Kattegat from Frederikshavn by Stena Line. Departure: 10.00.a.m.
Arrival to Gothenburg at noon (Price/ car SEK 1100 if a group booking not later than Jan. 2012. SEK 1249
individual booking not later than as above. Prices increase when booking close to departure). Departure for
Stenungsund (100km) at 1.00.p.m. Arrival Stenungbaden gathering and lunch (SEK 150) 2.30.p.m. If interested you can also visit Pilane Graveyards We drive on to
Kungshamn (100km), where you can visit Nordens Ark ( for endangered animals.
Arrival at Hotel Kungshamn around 5.30.p.m. Gathering and staying the night breakfast incl.(SEK 500-
800/pp B&B). Two-course dinner (SEK 250/pp) fresh fish

Day 4 Tuesday June 12 (total 225 km)
Departure for Tanumshede at 10.00.a.m. to watch the Vitlycke World Heritage Site, a rock carving site and a
Bronze Age farm replica. Lunch at Baldersnäs (SEK 150/pp) The day ends in Arvika
around 4.30p.m. We stay at Hotel Arvika Scandic (single SEK 800, double SEK 1000.-, B&B). 2-course
dinner (SEK 250/pp) including roast elk!

Day 5 Wednesday June 13
This is the absolutely longest drive as we move from Sweden into Norway (430 km). But don’t worry: The
roads are splendid and the sun gets up before 4.30 a.m. and sets after 10.00 p.m. The days are very long up
here the drive ends in Lom, where we gather and stay at Elveseter Hotel (NOK 795 double, 875 single

Day 6 Thursday June 14
A fairly short drive in kilometres (total 140 km); but with a lot of fantastic sights.
Lunch at Turagrö Hotel (NOK 200/pp) around noon. Departure for Sogndal to arrive early afternoon at
Sogndal Hotel (NOK 780 dbl, 1170 single DB&B/pp).

Day 7 Friday June 15
A short drive from Sogndal to Fjerland (30km), where there is a stop at Fjerland Norsk Bremuseum (NOK
120/pp) Followed by another short drive (30km) to Skei for lunch (NOK
210/pp) The last short stint of the day takes us to Florö (100km). In the afternoon
there will be a stop at Steinvik Fiskefarm and a private motor museum Arrival at
Florö Quality Hotel around 6.00.p.m.: Gathering and staying the night (NOK 1240 dbl, 1885 single
DB&B/pp) and the next night .

Day 8 Saturday June 16
Spending one more day on Forö and Quality Hotel (NOK 1240 dbl, 1885 single DB&B/pp). Alex Vassbotten
has some surprises for us this day. Expect at ferry-ticket (NOK 80) and see what happens!

Day 9 Sunday June 17
This is our last whole day in Norway. We drive to Bergen and the Panorama Konferanse Hotell just outside
Bergen (NOK 795, 1395 single DB&B/pp). The hotel has fantastic views, and here we have our farewell-

Day 10 Monday June 18
For those of you who want to take the cruise-like ferry “Bergensfjord” along the Norwegian coast and during
the very light night across the Skagerak to Hirtshals in Denmark, the ferry leaves Bergen at.1.00 p.m. (NOK
1419 per car, 1220 pp in an outside cabin, 1045 pp in an inside).

Day 11 Tuesday June 19
Arrival at Hirtshals at 9.30 a.m. The drive to Esbjerg is 290 km on main roads or 350km on the motorway, so
it’s up to you. Those sailing to Harwich should be at the Docks in Esbjerg       at 4.00 p.m. The boat for
Harwich departs at 6.00 p.m.

Adding up gives a total cost for accommodation and most of the meals in ten days at approx. £1900 for two
persons. The estimated mileage is 2100km (round trip Esbjerg-Esbjerg). Once your participation has been
confirmed, we will give the hotels your names. You must pay the Deposit and confirm to the hotels yourself.
You will pay on leaving the hotel. Note: There is room for 30 cars on a first-come-first-served basis, so do
not hesitate. As this programme takes up a considerable part of the Calendar, it will not be reprinted.

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