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									           Issues concerned with alcohol and drug rehab centers

Alcohol and drug addiction is one of the most serious health and societal problems in the United States.
The Substances Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration or SAMHSA estimated that 23.5
million people at least 12 years of age needed drug abuse treatment. The drug abuse treatments being
provided at various alcohol and drug rehab centers are not only helping the addicts to detoxify in a safe
environment but are also assisting them in all a full recovery process.

The drug and alcohol addiction is striking people irrespective of age factors and addiction to drugs
happens without the person even realizing that he or she has become addicted to the concerned drug or
the drug is dictating their life. Sometimes, people without their knowledge may find themselves
addicted to prescription drugs used as painkilling medications. As per the studies carried on by the
National Institute on Drug Abuse, drug addiction consists of strong cravings that continue in spite of the
negative consequences. Tolerance and dependence are two of the leading indicators of drug addiction.

Nevertheless, there is no dearth of drug and rehab centers in the United States as rehab centers across
the country are taking new patients or guests on their rolls every day. The treatment options available at
these alcohol and drug rehab treatment centers consist of two different types of residential drug abuse
rehab programs. One is hospitalized treatment and the other is non-hospitalized treatment. The
residential treatment facilities have undergone vast changes in recent year’s culiminating into providing
an environment that is less hospital like and more as a homely environment. The treatment provided in
the residential facilities depends upon the particular program and facility.

There are also outpatient rehab programs that may vary in terms of intensity as well as length. The
outpatient care usually allows the patients to remain at home while receiving the necessary treatment.
This option is beneficial to those individuals who are attending to school or needs to maintain regular
work schedule. However, the disadvantage of outpatient or nonresidential rehab program is that
individuals may typically till face the daily life struggles that may trigger the chances of drug abuse.

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