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					                                                                            Engineering Programs
                                                             13 Undergraduate programs:
                                                               Aerospace Engineering
                                                               Biomedical Engineering

                Engineering                                    Bi     t    Engineering
                                                               Biosystems E i
                                                               Civil Engineering

                     at                                        Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
                                                                    p       g
                                                               Computer Engineering g

        the University of Tennessee                            Computer Science
                                                               Electrical Engineering
                                                               Industrial Engineering
                                                               Material Science and Engineering
                                                               Mechanical Engineering
                   Dr. Masood Parang                           Nuclear Engineering
                    Associate Dean
                                                               Engineering Physics

                                                             Interdisciplinary Themes
                     October 12, 2009


What do Aerospace Engineers do?                          What’s happening in AE at UT?

    AE’s research,develop, and design aircraft                                         Areas of Study & Projects:
    and spacecraft components and systems for                                                 y
                                                             Moonbuggy Project
                   l       d
    government, military and commercial l                                               Airplane performance
                                                                                        Compressible flow
    Systems and components can involve
    technologies ss i t d ith propulsion,
    t hn l i s associated with p p lsi n                                                Propulsion – rocketry
    airframe, avionics, aerodynamics, sensors,                                          Aero-
    light-        materials AE’s
    light-weight materials. AE s are also involved                                      Guidance and control
    in flight testing and flight performance                                            Low gravity effects
                                                               Microgravity Project

                                                     3                                                                         4

What do Biomedical Engineers do?                            What is happening in BME at UT?

    BME research, develop and design                                                              Areas of Study and Projects:
    technologies and products used in medicine
                                                                                                       B       h
    and medical research.                                                                              Physiology
    Technologies and products are associated                                                                         micro-
                                                                                                       Biosensors – micro-
    with all aspects of diagnosis, treatment and
               p           g     ,                                                                     electromechanical systems
                                                                                                       O h       di implants -
                                                                                                       Orthopedic i l
    care…from surgery to rehabilitation. BME’s                                                         design and clinical
    often work closely with physicians and other                                                       Clinical studies
    health care providers. Many BME’s also                                                             Surgical navigation
    attend medical school.

                                                     5                                                                         6
Biosystems Engineering - What we do                                                   Biosystems Engineering – Program Strengths

     Bioenergy and energy conversion                                                       Th b    dth f th       i l     Y    ill
                                                                                        1) The breadth of the curriculum. You will:
     Natural resource management                                                             Exposure to the broadest engineering curricula,
                                                                                             requiring classes in or similar to those taken by
     Environmental protection                                                                Mechanical Civil, Electrical,
                                                                                             Mechanical, Civil Electrical and Chemical
     Water quality                                                                           Engineering.
     Forest engineering                                                                      Be uniquely prepared to work in “systems” types of
                                                                                               g        gj            g            gp
                                                                                             engineering jobs, dealing with the big picture.
     Food processing
                                                                                             Have the ability to adapt to new technologies and
     Agricultural applications                                                               demands, not tied to any current approach or
     Aquacultural production                                                                 technology.
     Ecological engineering                                                             2) Emphasis on design.
     Off-road vehicle and machine design
     Off-                                                                                    Starting in the freshman year in BsE104 Design
     Enjoy the outdoors!
       j y                                                                                   Apprenticeship, culminating in Senior Design Project                                     Seed
                                                                                              hi h t k         l design from problem d fi iti
                                                                                             which takes a real d i f           bl   definition                                       Tube
                                                                                             through testing of the solution prototype.                                                  Seed

     Also have a Pre-Professional
                                                                                        3) The application of engineering principles to the                                                High-
                (Pre-Med Pre-
     Curriculum (Pre-Med, Pre-Dental)                                                   complex biological systems that makes up most of                                                   speed
                                                                                        the natural world.                                                                                 valve

                                                                                 7                                                                                                          8

     CIVIL AND ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING                                                                            CEE: Impact on Society
                                                                                               Air Pollution Control                             Critical Infrastructure Needs
        Civil Engineering                        Environmental Engineering                  Developed air pollution                         Rehabilitating the aging
                                                                                            control plan for 2008                           infrastructure, and
                   Construction                                                             Beijing Olympics                                protecting it against natural
                                                           Air                                                                              and manmade hazards

                Structural                                            Water                 10/26/2005       10/29/2005

                                                                    Resources                    Water Quality                                                Water Supply
                                                                                                                                                Water project in Dominican Republic
                                                                                                           Effects of acid rain
 Geotechnical                                                                                              on water quality
                                                            Waste                            Eagle Rocks
                                                                                                           and fish in Smoky
                                                          Management                         Prong Site

                                                                                      Who do we work for?                 Large International Firms                  Industry
                                                                                                                          Consulting Companies
                                                                       Water          Government:
                                                                                       Municipal Engineers
                                                                       Q lit           TDOT                                                                                 Construction
                                                                                 9                                                                                                         10

          Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering                                                              Exciting Events in CBE @ UTK
                                                                                       National Design Competitions                                       National Student Meetings
 Chemical/Biomolecular Engineers are trained to:
                                             physical, chemical,
       Understand the fundamentals of physical, chemical, and biological
       Discover, analyze,
                                      In fact,
                                          molecular-                 materials,
       Discover analyze and manipulate molecular-scale properties of materials
       cells and biomolecules, and the environment
                    Chemical engineering has been essential in everyday life,
       Develop new processes and products that are
                  “the liberal arts of engineering” becauseconditions.
       advancing human health, and improving environmental conditions.
                                                                                           EPA, Washington, DC, 2007                                                  Orleans
                                                                                                                                                                  New Orleans, 2005
                            i in: id l
                            is so             li bl
 Chem/Biomol Engineers work in: widely applicable…
 C   /
       Biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and health care
           Gene therapy
                                                                                                              Student Research in Faculty Labs
           Vaccine production and design
              …and MIT’s Sloan School of Business said
           Bi h and
           Biopharmaceutical development and production
                        ti l d
           Bioenergy production
                                  l=     t d    d ti   said,
             “Because of their training and skills, chemical
           Tissue engineering
      Advanced materials make strong candidates for jobs not
              traditionally associated
           Electronics                                    engineering
                                            with chemical engineering”
           Fuel cell membranes
                                                                                                                          Nanostructured Advanced Materials
           Biomaterials                                                                                                                                              Bio-hydrogen Production
        Environmental health, waste remediation, climate modeling
                             ,                 ,                g                         Drug & Gene Delivery
        Management consulting, venture capital
        A wide range of other industries
                                                                                 11                Innovative New Program in Biomolecular Engineering                                      12
What does a Computer Engineer do?                                                Computer Engineering at UT
Design cutting-edge systems …
       cutting-                                                                  • UT has a broad range of teaching and research activities in the
                                                                                     Computer Engineering program
• Systems that combine hardware and software
Broad areas include:                                                             •   Multiple large robotics research groups that study and design
• Communication networks – remote video systems,
                                           systems                                   state-of-the-
                                                                                     state-of-the-art artificial intelligence systems
   real-time streaming multi-media engines,
   real-                multi-                                                   •   Variety of communication networks research activities
   network routers and switches
                                                                                      •   High-
                                                                                          High-performance Internet switches and routers
• Robotic systems – autonomous control of vehicle
                                                                                          Wireless sensor networks
• Embedded systems - cell phones, PDAs, automotive systems, as well as

   almost all consumer electronic products sold today                                 •   Real-time ubiquitous computing
• Reconfigurable computing – design chips that perform real-time tasks                •   Digital communications
• Biomedical application – equipment for real-time processing                    •        f
                                                                                     Reconfigurable computing – design of chips that can be
                                                                                                bl              d       f h      h       b
   of biomedical signals                                                                                                      real-
                                                                                     reconfigured to perform diverse tasks in real-time
Potential employers …
•   Al
    Almost all l            ti        d     t      i
          t ll large corporations need computer engineers                            Classes include hands-on experience in design and testing
                                                                                     of computer-based systems
•   Government agencies have strong emphasis
    on computer-based systems
       computer-                                                                                    system-
                                                                                     We emphasize system-level thinking in both research
                                                                                     and teaching – a real edge in the marketplace
•   High-
    High-tech industry relies heavily
    on computer engineering

                                                                            13                                                                                  14

What does a Computer Scientist do?                                               Computer Science at UT
                                                                                 Broad range of teaching and research:
C    t d i         d   i t i d       d ft          t
Create, design, and maintain advanced software systems
   Develop algorithmic processes that describe and                               • Multiple research laboratories including
   transform information                                                            •                      g     Laboratory:y    p
                                                                                       Distributed Intelligence Laboratory: cooperative
Broad areas include:                                                                      b        d
                                                                                       robotics and AI
                                                                                       Seelab: visualization and graphics with applications
                                                                                                                                                     Emission tomography
   Scientific and parallel computing                                                •                                                                (amyloid laden
                                                                                       in medical and scientific fields                              spleen).
                 g      g                      y
   Software engineering and software reliability                                                     clustering classification
                                                                                 • Data mining and clustering, classification, and retrieval
   Image processing and pattern analysis                                         • Computational science, distributed computing, and
   Algorithms and computation theory                                               parallel processing
                                                                                   Bioinfomatics, g          g
                                                                                 • Bioinfomatics, genetic algorithms, neural networks
   Robotics              systems,        learning
   Robotics, embedded systems machine learning, AI
                                                                                 • Graphical programming environments, interactive                       215 Kelvin

   Visualization, graphics, and gaming                                             simulation, 3D
Potential employers …
   Almost all large corporations and most businesses
            ll l                   d      b                                                          hands-
                                                                                     Classes include hands-on experience in the design and
                                                                                     testing of software systems
   need computer scientists
                                                                                     We emphasize system-level thinking in both research
   Government and research institutions                                              and teaching – a real edge in the marketplace

                                                                            15                                                                                  16

What does an Electrical Engineer do?                                             Electrical Engineering at UT
Design, develop and test electrotechnology solutions
Design develop,                                                                  • UT has a broad range of teaching and research activities
                                                                                     in the Electrical Engineering program
•  Combines the latest technology with established
   electrical and magnetic principles                                            •          mixed-
                                                                                     Analog mixed-signal circuit design for chips on future
Broad areas include:                                                                 MARS rover and other NASA missions
• Electronics – analog and digital, neuromorphic circuits,                       •   Electronics and MEMs for biosensors and microfluidics
   microelectronics, VLSI circuits, system on a chip
                                                                                 •   Robotics designs for military and civilian uses
• Signal/image/data processing – pattern/face recognition,
                  k    b
   sensor networks, robotics, b      f          data mining
                                bioinformatics, d                                •                      d   l         f         h
                                                                                     Image processing and multisensor fusion techniques.
• Communications – wireless communications, radio frequency to                   •   Electromagnetics and antenna design
   microwave frequency, antennas, cell phones, industrial plasmas                    for microwave frequency
• Power Systems/Power Electronics – fuel cells solar cells,
                                             cells,      cells
   hybrid electric vehicles, electric machines, electric utility planning        •   Power electronics for hybrid electric vehicles
                                                                                     and interface with solar cells or fuel cells
• Control Systems – aeronautics, motor drive control
Potential employers …                                                            •   Power system analysis and utility planning
•   Many companies have electrical engineering needs.
                                                                                     Most classes include hands-on experience
•   Government agencies have strong emphasis                                         in design/testing of electrical and/or magnetic systems
    on electrical engineering for future technology.
                                                                                     We emphasize system-level thinking in both research
•   Electrical engineering i a pervasive technology as many
    El    i l      i    i is          i     h l                                      and teaching – a real edge in the marketplace
    systems depend on electronics and electric power.
                                                                            17                                                                                  18
        What does an Industrial Engineer do?                                               Industrial Engineering at UT provides:
                                                                                         Many practitioners say that IE has
                                             • INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS                      the best of both worlds: education in
                                              figure out how to do things better.        both engineering and business.
                                              They engineer processes and systems        Whether it’s shortening a
                                                                                         W                       g
                                              that improve quality and productivity      rollercoaster line, streamlining an
                                              and save time, money, materials,           operating room, distributing
                                                                                         products worldwide, or making
                                              energy.                                          i    t     bil   IE’s
                                                                                         superior automobiles, IE’ work tk to
IE’s find a better way in many industries.                                               save companies and government
                                                                                         money and increase efficiencies.                   IE’s find efficiencies in hospitals and

                                             • INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING                                                           IE at UTK offers:
                                                                                                                                                      the health industry.

                                              is not just about manufacturing. It
                                                                                                                                 o Scholarship opportunities
                                              also encompasses service industries,
                                              entertainment industries, shipping and                                               Opportunities f experience
                                                                                                                                 o O        i i for        i
                                              logistics businesses, health care                                                  o Student mentoring program
                                                 g               g
                                              organizations and government.                                                      o Enhanced advising program
 IE’s make the lines at Disney World and                                                    IE’s speed the delivery of things
 other parks shorter and your stay better.                                                 to you and through supply chains.
                                                                                  19                                                                                         20

           What Do Materials Scientists and Engineers Do?                                                       What’s happening in MSE at UT?
                                                                                       • ~ $5 M in annual research funding
                                                                                       • ~ $60K per year in MSE Scholarship awards
                                                                                       • Research opportunities for freshmen & sophomores
                                                                                       • Biomaterials Concentration available
                                                                                       • Nanomaterials Concentration planned for 2010
         Processing                            Manufacturing            Testing
                                                                                       • Curriculum features hand-on lab courses
                                                                                       • MSE students won 2008 TMS Materials Bowl
                                                                                       • Annual trip to Congressional Visit Days
                                                                                       • Low student-to-faculty ratio
                                                                                       • 8 MSE faculty hold joint appointments with ORNL
                                                                                       • UT ORNL Joint Institute for Advanced Materials
             Design                           Maintenance           Research
                                                                                         under construction on Cherokee campus
                                                                                  21                                                                                         22

       What do mechanical engineers do?                                                     What’s happening in ME at UT?

 •    ME’s design, develop, analyze and                                                                  Automotive
                   machines      mechan cal
      manufacture mach nes and mechanical                                                                                            Areas of Study
 •    Systems         s n in s nd turbines, land
      S st ms such as engines and tu bin s l nd                                                                                     Dynamics
      transport vehicles, ships, aircraft, pumps                                                                                    Fluid Mechanics
          fans air-conditioning      refrigeration
      and fans, air-c nditi nin and refri erati n                                                                                   Heat Transfer
      systems, building services, industrial plants,                                                                                Solid Mechanics
      commercial products and manufacturing                                                                                         Thermodynamics
                                                                                                                                    Th      d     i
      equipment and processes.                                                                                                      Vibrations
       Examples of What Nuclear Engineers Do                             Nuclear Engineering at UT
                                                                UT Nuclear Engineering Department founded in 1957
                                                                  Produced over 1000 graduates in the past 52 years

                                                                Abundant undergraduate scholarships
                                                                  No out-of-state tuition for UTNE students from AL, AR, LA, MS,
                                                                                      (Savings                    year)
                                                                  SC, KY, DE, VA, WV (Savings of over $12,000 per year)
Nuclear Power        Nuclear Medicine       Space Exploration
                                                                Master Student Program
                                                                  Earn both BS and MS in five years or less

                                                                Close ties with the nearby Oak Ridge Nuclear Complex

                                                                          g                                g
                                                                Outstanding record in National Student Design Contest
                                                                  UTNE students have been Contest Finalists in 30 of past 33 years

                                                                Nuclear power resurgence in U.S. and throughout the world means
Oil Exploration   Industrial Measurements   Food Preservation   high d    df       l       i
                                                                hi h demand for nuclear engineers now and in th future
                                                                                                        d i the f t
                                                         25                                                                    26

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