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									Adverbs are words that describe or modify verbs. They sometimes modify
adjectives or other adverbs. An adverb usually tells how, where, or when.
They can either be one word (often) or a phrase (once a week).

A. There are different types of adverbs:

               Type      They tell us              Example
             Manner      How            Slowly, suddenly, carefully…..
             Place       Where          Here, there, upstairs, outside….
             Time        When           Now, then, yesterday….
             Frequency   How often      Sometimes, always, never….
             Degree      How much       Very, quite, almost….

B. There are three some main positions for adverbs; Front –beginning of a
   sentence; mid – after the first auxiliary, end- at the en of a sentence.

      Adverbs of manner can go in the mid or end position.
      I don’t understand you when you speak quietly. The driver was seriously
      Adverbs of place and time, usually go in end position.
      Carl and Mary agreed to meet at the park.
      Adverbs of frequency generally go in the mid position.
      I never have breakfast. He’s always late.
      Most adverbs of degree go in mid position. Others go at the end of a
      sentence when they describe a verb: much, lot, a little, terribly….
      I’ve nearly finished. We’re incredibly tired. He works a lot.
      Comment adverbs generally go in the at the beginning of a sentence.
      Unfortunately, we arrived half an hour late. Ideally, we should leave at


 1 For each of the following sentences choose the type of adverb

1. Jenny rarely goes to the movies on Friday.
2. Carl and Mary agreed to meet at the park.

3. Tommy's party starts at 8. Don't be late!

4. When I saw the dog running towards me, I ran very

5. You are extremely nervous! Why don't you try to relax?

6. Richard said he would go to the store in the morning.

7. When I was younger, I used to practice tae kwon do every night.

8. Lisa and you look so cute together! How long have you been dating?

   2 Complete the sentences with adverbs made from the adjectives in the

           bad         careful         correct      hard         fast
             brilliant           happy       safe          extreme

   a) Jack won the tennis final because he played________________.

   b) My brother had an accident because he was driving too____________.

   c) You’ll have to think very _____________ before you decide whether to

        accept the job.

   d) I speak French very____________. No one can understand me.

   e) Who can spell this word___________________?

   f) Although the weather was awful, the plane landed _____________.

   g) His parents have been___________ married for nearly forty years.
h) She works____________ ________________ and she’s very ambitious

    as well.

3          Order the words to make sentences. Put the adverb in its usual


1          tall / son / incredibly / has / Your / grown

2          ill / hardly / daughter / is / My / ever

3          parents / next / are / His / retiring / year

4          boy / rude / teacher / was / to / The / extremely / his

5          we / umbrella / an / had / luckily / taken

6          at / police / immediately / bank/ arrived / The / the

7          is / James / apparently / divorced / getting

8          eats / My / unhealthy / very / brother

4          Put the adverbs / adverbial phrases in the correct place in each


1          He gets up when his alarm clock rings. Usually / immediately

2          Although she likes reading, she goes to the library. A lot / hardly


3          I crashed my new car.    Unfortunately / last week

4          We should leave tomorrow. Ideally / early

5          I can understand when people speak English.     hardly / quickly

6          My brother forgot his girlfriend’s birthday.     Nearly / yesterday

7          He eats fruit.   Surprisingly / never

8          It didn’t rain at the weekend.   Luckily / very much

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