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PARENT UPDATE                                        BACK TO SCHOOL SOCIAL
SEPTEMBER 13, 2012                                   On Saturday, September 22, we will have a
                                                     Pizza Bingo night to bring families together and
What a wonderful beginning for our new school        get to know each other. This is planned as a
and a new school year! It was so nice to see so      “friend raiser”. We are looking for people
many families at our opening prayer service and      interested in helping with this event. Please
ribbon cutting.                                      contact the school office at 610-876-7110 ext
The feast of the Birth of Mary was over the          120 if you can help.
weekend and the feast of St. John Chrysostom is      There is a flyer in today’s communication
today. How fitting that we celebrate the feast for   envelope to place your orders for pizza bingo
both of our parishes at the beginning of the         night.
school year!
“Dear God, bless us that we may be a blessing to     MORNING DROP OFF AND AFTERNOON
others. Make us quick to forgive, eager to share,    PICK UP
and willing to help. We ask this through Christ      The buses will drop children off in front of the
Our Lord.”                                           main school building. Children will proceed into
We pray this week for all the families of Mother     the gym. Buses may arrive after 8:00 am. After
of Providence Regional Catholic School. In a         school, buses will be lined up in front of the
special way, we pray for Mr. Joe McMahon and         main school building. Teachers will escort
Deacon Ray Vadino. Every day, as we pray as a        children to the buses.
school community, we will pray for your special      Car riders are asked to enter the school property
intentions. If you have someone to add to the        by the Parish House and proceed to the end of
prayer list, please email Mrs. Waters at             the parking lot. Please come up the side of the .                             gym where safeties will help your children out
We will include them in our daily prayers and on     of the car and into the gym. There is no need to
the prayer list in the Parent Update.                exit your vehicle. Please exit the property by the
                                                     middle driveway.
COMMUNICATIONS                                       At the end of the day, car riders will dismiss
Each week, I will place one of these Parent          from the gym. Please enter the property by the
Updates on the website. It will have important       Parish House and proceed to the end of the
information about MPRCS. It is my hope to            parking lot. Please come up the side of the gym.
place as much information as possible on the         Please place an 8x10 paper in your windshield
website and not run off copies each week. By         with the family name(s) to help us identify you.
doing so, I will be a better steward of this         The teachers on duty will load about 10 cars at a
wonderful Earth given to us by God.                  time with the help of the safeties. You will not
If you have information that you wish to share       need to exit your vehicle.
with the school community, it must be sent to        There is a diagram on the website, under the
me first. I will then decide whether to have         “Beginning of School Year Forms” tab. Please
copies made, place it on the website, or place a     refer to it for drop off and pick up instructions.
reminder in the Parent Update. All
communications must go through the principal’s
                   607 SOUTH PROVIDENCE ROAD WALLINGFORD, PA 19086

ST. JOHN PARISH PICNIC                              OUR LABS
SJC Parish is having a picnic on Sunday, Sept.      The Lab Learner lab is almost ready to go!
16 from 12:30-3:00. There will be free hot dogs,    There have been many updates to this room to
hamburgers, games, a moon bounce and lots of        prepare it for science lab work. We are in need
fun! All are welcome.                               of parent volunteers to help set up and clean up
                                                    labs. Please call the school office if you are
MARKET DAY                                          interested in helping in this way. (610-86-7110
Please take note of the Market Day information      ext 120)
and order forms in today’s envelope. Orders are     Mr. Tyrrell has worked all summer on preparing
due September 20 and pick up day is September       the Technology Lab and the technology
26. Volunteers are needed to help distribute the    throughout school for the school year. The lab
Market Day goods. Please contact Joan O’Brien       has 24 working computers, two SMART Boards,
is you are able to help. Her contact information    and multiple netbooks and tablets, all ready for
is in the letter.                                   use! There are ceiling mounted projectors and
                                                    SMART Boards in every classroom.
EMERGENCY FORM                                      If you have a favorite educational app for the
If you have not already done so, and for your       iPad, please share it with us by sending an email
children’s safety, please complete and return       to Mr. Tyrrell at
your emergency forms as soon as possible.
Please fill in the form completely, including       TECHNOLOGY NEWS
school district, parish, etc                        The students in grades 6-8 will each receive a
                                                    netbook for school use! There were some
CARES                                               netbooks at MPRCS and we had a generous
Children Are Receiving Extended Services will       donation to purchase the remaining netbooks for
run from 7:00-8:00 am and from 3:00-6:00 pm.        the students. Mr. Tyrrell is preparing the
Anyone attending CARES must register for this       netbooks for the students and they will receive
program. All CARES will take place in the           them next week. Our students will be prepared
primary unit. Payments for CARES are made           to live and work in the 21st century!
weekly. There is a registration form in today’s
communication envelope and on the website.          PRAYER REQUESTS
                                                    The prayers of children are powerful! If you
DRESS DOWN DAY                                      would like to request prayers for anyone please
Friday, September 14, is a dress down day. Let’s    notify me and we will pray for them as a school
cheer on the Phillies and wish the Eagles well      community and I will place your requests in the
for their first home game. All children may dress   Parent Update.
in appropriate dress down clothes.
                                                    ADULT FAITH ENRICHMENT
CAR MAGNETS                                         Please see the website for information about
Every family should receive a car magnet in the     Adult faith formation at St. John Chrysostom
communication envelope today. Additional            Parish. There is information on “Caring for
magnets are available for $3.00 each. P lease       God’s Creation” and “What is Catholic Social
contact the school office if you wish to purchase   Teaching?”
a magnet.
                   607 SOUTH PROVIDENCE ROAD WALLINGFORD, PA 19086

On Thursdays, the youngest child from each          All those who minister and serve the children in
family will take home the news from school in a     this school must fulfill all of the Safe
special envelope. All forms should be read,         Environment requirements. If you volunteer at
completed, signed, and returned in the envelope     Mother of Providence Regional Catholic School,
to school by Monday. The envelopes should be        you must have the following: PA State Police
signed on the outside of the envelope. This         Criminal Background Check; PA Dept. of Public
informs us that you have received the materials.    Welfare Child Abuse History; Certificate of
Thank you.                                          attendance for the Protecting God’s Children
In the near future, we will place as many items     Awareness Session; Signature page for the
as possible on the website. The weekly              receipt, review, and observance of the Standards
communication envelope may have a form              of Ministerial Behavior and Boundaries, and the
reminding you of what has been placed on the        Arrest/Conviction Report and Certification
website and where to find it. We are doing this     Form. If you live outside PA, you also need an
to be better stewards of God’s Earth, to better     FBI Fingerprint check. These items are needed
use the wonderful technology available to us,       for all volunteers and to attend field trips.
and to prepare our children and families to be      Volunteers who fail to obtain background
21st Century learners.                              checks and attend training will not be permitted
                                                    to remain involved in service to our children.
SCHOOL MASS AND ADORATION                           Protecting God’s Children classes are being held
We will have Adoration of the Blessed               at the following locations:
Sacrament and Benediction on Fridays at 2:30,       Archdiocese of Phila., Sept. 12 at 6:30
beginning September 14. This is a nice way to       Sacred Heart, Havertown, Sept. 17 at 6:30
end the school week and, more importantly, a        St. Mathias, Bala Cynwyd, Sept. 25 at 6:30
wonderful way to spend time with Our Lord and       Sacred Heart, Havertown, Sept 26 at 6:30
to encourage a love of and devotion to the          Please check the website for
Blessed Sacrament.                                  additional locations and times.
On Wednesdays at 8:30, at least one class will
attend Mass at St. John Church.                     STUDENT NOTE
Everyone is welcome to join us at Mass,             A copy of the Student Note, used to report a
Adoration, prayer services and all our school       student’s absence, lateness, early dismissal, etc.
wide prayer events.                                 will be available on the website. If you need a
                                                    hard copy, please notify Mrs. Robinson in the
BAND PARENTS MEETING                                office. Please download this form from our
There is a meeting for the parents of band          website as needed.
members Wednesday, September 19 at 7:00 PM          Any child who is absent or late is required to
in the Primary Unit. This is for any parent whose   present a written note from the parent or
student is interested in instrumental lessons.      guardian with a reason for the absence or
                                                    lateness. This note is to be brought to school
ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY                               within three days of the absence. In the case of
The revised Acceptable Use Policy is available      lateness, parents or guardians are to bring the
on the website. Please read the policy and have     child in to school and come to the office to sign
the form signed accepting this as our school        the child in for school. The note may be
policy for technology use.                          presented at this time.
                      607 SOUTH PROVIDENCE ROAD WALLINGFORD, PA 19086

With our health and wellness policy and the
many allergies to food that children have, we are
instituting a policy of no birthday treats at
MPRCS. Birthdays will be celebrated each
morning as a school community and the teachers
will recognize birthdays in the classroom. Please
do not send treats to school for your child’s
birthday. Thank you for your cooperation with

This newsletter was prepared by Mrs. Therese Waters,
Principal. Please contact her at 610-876-7110 or at if you have questions or

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