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					                                                 Don’t Be So One
                                                 Are you one dimensional? I suppose there
                                                 are many ways of defining One
                                                 Dimensional but what I am talking about is
                                                 the way most of us are creatures of habit and
                                                 once settled into a comfortable routine stop
                                                 pushing ourselves to achieve more.

                                                 Like many things in life we are often our
                                                 own worst enemies. Drinking and eating too
                                                 much are the ones that spring to mind. We
                                                 all know it’s not good for us yet we
consistently over indulge. Not exercising regularly while preferring to loaf on the couch…
The point is that far too often we become a product of what we know we should not be – and
become very one dimensional.

I am writing this blog as I sit on the early morning train from my home up into London city.
There are people all around me, who dare I say probably always sit in the same seats, most
look like they would pay good money to be somewhere else. I wonder how many of these
people given the opportunity to change their situation would grab it with both hands.
Obviously that is not always possible, job security is something of the past and people need
to work hard to pay their bills and feed their families. However what gets me is that every
single one of us has made a choice to do what we do.

In many ways, what I refer to as one dimensional is our lack of ability or want to achieve
more. Every single one of us has the ability to be so much more than we are. I am not talking
about the basics like having a loving family with a couple of assets chucked in to make us
feel successful. I am talking about real wealth – which in my opinion is having the ability to
do what we want when we want. The success I crave is to have long term sustainable wealth.

Break The One Dimensional Mould
This brings me back to the one dimensional element of human nature. Achieving something
like long term sustainable wealth does not happen overnight or by luck. You have to step out
of the box and head in a new direction that may make you feel uncomfortable at first. Why do
you think I am writing this blog on a packed train while most around me read their books or
the morning newspaper? It’s because I have a busy day ahead and will not have time to write
it later. I have committed to writing this blog and I will sacrifice something to achieve that
goal. It’s not so much uncomfortable as time consuming, but I am sacrificing the ‘easy
option’ of reading a paper with the view that eventually my hard work and effort will start
reaping financial rewards.

In my opinion far too many of us get complacent in our lives and just go through the motions.
For too many of us taking stock of our lives only really happens when we get a wakeup
call! Let’s say that you are happily employed, you earn a good salary and you and your
family are comfortable. What happens if you lose your job? What happens when your
children graduate or leave school and there are no jobs available? In case you have not
noticed we are going through one of the most desperate economic times in history.

I always ask the question: Where would you like to be in five years from now? Is what you
are currently doing going to get you there? It amazes me how few of us think beyond next
week; surely we all have dreams and aspirations? Surely all of us have the ability to achieve
those dreams? Stop being so one
dimensional and start doing something
about it!

I am not talking about quitting your job and
trying to become an entrepreneur
overnight. I am merely trying to encourage
you to look at your options and stop being
complacent and one dimensional. Start
thinking outside the box and think about
what you really want and how you are
going to get there. Take a few minutes to
think about what you would really like to
be doing with your life. Do you have any passions or hobbies that you could expand on as a
business? Life is too short and we just need to take time out and reflect on our options.

Don’t Be So One Dimensional

Personally I believe the future is the Digital Economy. With over 2 billion internet users and
the general acceptance of social media the internet offers a market place that is without equal.
You can pretty much sell and promote any product or service through the internet and all you
need is a computer and an internet connection.

I am pretty confident that I will become successful. I am learning as I earn and with time I
will position myself as an online marketing authority. This is not an arrogant statement! I am
committed to what I am trying to achieve and am putting in a massive effort to make it
happen. That is in a nutshell all you need to do, find something you want to do, commit to it,
put time and effort in and you will achieve the success you desire. Get rid of the one
dimensional tag and make it happen.

Together we can achieve more,

Skype: workwithgordon

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                               Don’t Be So One Dimensional
                                    Gordon Robinson

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Description: Are you one dimensional? I suppose there are many ways of defining one dimensional but what I am talking about is the way most of us are creatures of habit and once settled into a comfortable routine stop pushing ourselves to achieve more.