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									Scaffolding Training Course | Scaffold Safety Class
Qualified persons and trained personnel are important to scaffold safety. Therefore, evaluating
employees’ capabilities is an important component of scaffold design, erection, maintenance, and
employ, and shouldn't be overlooked in scaffold assessments.

Scaffolding Training and Erecting/Dismantling

Scaffolds needs to be designed by a certified individual, and be constructed and packed relative to
that design. Scaffolds need to be erected, dismantled, moved, or altered only within the guidance of
scaffold competent individual.

Scaffolding Safety Training

Scaffolds should be moved, erected, dismantled, or altered only by skilled and properly trained
workers who have been chosen to do the job. Workers who definitely are associated with activities
just like dismantling, erecting, repairing, and checking scaffolds must be taught to recognize potential
risks associated with scaffold activities.

Workers who accomplish work while on a scaffold needs to be properly trained by a competent
person to understand the potential health risks associated with the form of scaffold being utilized, and
to comprehend the types of procedures to manage those potential risks.

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