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									Preventing Extensive Water Damage at Home
When you own a home in Minneapolis, you should understand the importance of reacting well to
unwanted water in your home. No one wants to have to deal with this problem, but if you wake
up to standing water in your home, it is important that you know how you are going to react.

Time is of the essence when there is standing water in your home. You should understand that
your reaction could save you a lot of money but your reaction can also cost you a lot of money if
you do not react in a way that preserves the integrity of your home.

Shutting the Water off to Prevent More Damage
If you can get your insurance company on the phone while you are shutting off your water, do
so. Sometimes you may be able to find an appliance or a leak that is causing the water but if you
cannot find the source of the water simply shut off your water main.

The water main is often outside or in the basement of homes. Knowing where your water main is
and how you can turn it off is a great way to prepare for the chance of water damage and ensure
that you do not have to get rid of more water than you already have in your home.

                                   When you are on the phone with your insurance company
                                   you will probably be given very specific instructions for
                                   dealing with the water. You have to understand that if you
                                   do not follow these instructions you may be voiding a claim
                                   that you could have made.

                                   If you do not understand the instructions, wait to do anything
                                   with your home. If you know that you are not going to void
                                   your claim start moving everything that has not been touched
                                   by the water to a safe area on your property.

After you have moved everything that has not been touched by the water, you can then start
moving those things that have been touched by the water. Move them to an area of your home
that you know is not going to be further affected by the water.

Saving your Furniture and Floors
Making sure that furniture is in a place where it can dry out completely may save your furniture.
Wipe the furniture down the best you can and make sure that you get as much of the moisture off
of the furniture as you can to ensure that it is able to recover properly.

Once you have everything removed that you can, it is time to start
working on the floors. Water damage in Minneapolis can be
extremely frustrating to deal with and as you are working with your
floors, you should be prepared to get rid of a lot of carpet.
If you have carpeting throughout your home, it is important that you are cutting up carpet that is
too wet to save. Put the carpet outside of your home to ensure that mold is not going to start
growing under your carpet and then start to spread throughout your home.

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