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Tourism Partnerships and Programs


       Tourism Partnerships and Programs
       Opportunities for Industry Partners

A Message from the Minister

             I am pleased to present the 2012 Tourism                As an industry, we have always focused on offering the
             Partnership and Programs guide. This guide              broadest range of high-quality experiences in the region.
             is designed as a reference tool to provide              Tourism is an important economic driver for the province, and
             opportunities for collaboration as you develop your     I see our new partnership as an incredible opportunity to build
             business plans for the coming year. It contains         on our successes and develop a new path for the future.
             lots of useful information on how we can work
             together to help build your tourism organization        I am very much looking forward to the coming year – to
             and the industry as a whole.                            continuing to build a successful, sustainable tourism industry
                                                                     that will see Nova Scotia cement its reputation as a leader on
            As you have heard, tourism will now be guided            the world stage.
            by a new collaboration between industry and
government. The province has established the Nova Scotia             Together, we can do it.
Tourism Agency to develop and implement a successful long-
term tourism strategy. Working together, we will promote             Sincerely,
innovation and competitiveness as part of government’s
jobsHere plan to grow Nova Scotia’s economy.

                                                                     Percy Paris
                                                                     Minister of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism

Dear Tourism Partners

             As interim chair of the Nova Scotia Tourism             Whether you choose to get involved in online opportunities,
             Agency, I look forward to working with you as we        host a fam tour, exhibit at one of our consumer shows, attend
             build a new long-term provincial tourism strategy.      a workshop, or submit a proposal for funding through one of
                                                                     our programs, this guide has everything you need to get you
             We must do everything we can to ensure the              started.
             sector is reaching its greatest potential in a highly
             competitive global market.                              I welcome your input, your partnership and the opportunity to
                                                                     help you build your business and Nova Scotia’s tourism industry.
              With this in mind, this guide provides a snapshot
              of the variety of partnership and program              I look forward to working with you.
              opportunities available to help grow your tourism
business. These initiatives will provide you with the tools to       Sincerely,
promote your products and services with greater effectiveness,
allow you greater access to new markets, and broaden your
reach in existing markets.
                                                                     Tom Ruth
                                                                     Interim Chair of the Nova Scotia Tourism Agency

       The following pages provide an overview of the variety of partnership

       opportunities and tourism programs available through Economic and

       Rural Development and Tourism in 2012. These initiatives provide you, our

       tourism industry partners, with the opportunity to develop and promote your

       products and experiences with greater effectiveness, grow your potential

       customer base, increase your exposure to new markets and broaden your

       reach in existing markets. Partnership opportunities are communicated

       through inTouch. To subscribe to this newsletter, email:
           Partnership Opportunities
             2     Web
             4     Advertising
             5     Travel Trade Shows
             8     Consumer Shows
             13    Meetings & Conventions
             14    Product Knowledge and Familiarization Tours
             16    Provincial Travel Guides

             17    Funding Programs
             19    Tourism Experience Development
             21    Professional Development
             22    Research
             23    Visitor Services
             24    Industry Communications
             25    Regional Tourism Industry Associations / DMO’s
             26    Destination Marketing Organization – Destination Halifax
             26    2012 Tourism Partnerships and Programs Guidelines
             27    Business Programs and Services – Economic and Rural
                   Development and Tourism

      Vacation planners use the web as their top source for travel         with you to develop your products and to promote them on
      information. In 2011, received more than     To register for an account visit http://
      1.6 million visitors who spent an average of five minutes  
      viewing an average of seven pages per visit.                         packages.asp. Contact Jennifer MacIntyre at (902) 424-8929
                                                                           or and register to get started today.
      Don’t miss your opportunity to leverage online marketing
      opportunities on For more information,               Festivals & Events
      including criteria, please contact Michelle Sears at (902) 424-      Festival and Event organizers throughout Nova Scotia can
      0939 or                                           increase the exposure of their festivals and events by entering
                                                                           and managing their events on the Nova Scotia Festivals &
      Free Opportunities                                                   Events Online Manager. Once your festival or event has been
      As a Nova Scotia tourism operator, you can feature your              approved, the information will be available to travel media and
      accommodations, attractions, festivals and events, travel            consumers on To register for an account,
      packages and deals, experiences, artisan studios and galleries,      please visit
      outdoor activities, or touring listings on at         events. For more information, please contact festivals@gov.
      no cost.                                                   

      A basic listing is provided when you register for the                Extended Descriptions on
      Travel Guide; however, you can maximize your listing by              First announced in 2009, operators now have the opportunity
      taking advantage of the following free                to include an extended marketing description in their
      marketing tools.                                            operator listing. A web writer is currently
                                                                           writing individual extended descriptions based on current
      Travel Packages & Deals                                              listings on We will be contacting you for
      Feature your travel packages and travel deals in the travel          approval of your extended description(s) to help promote your
      package/travel deal section on by registering         tourism experience/business on
      for an account at
      marketing-business/packages.asp. Your package/deal will              Social Media Links
      be linked to your operator listing and, if your package/deal is      Connect with visitors via social media channels by linking to
      related to a tourism core experience, it will also be connected to   Trip Advisor, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Blog, etc. within
      core experience pages on                             your operator listing.

      Nova Scotia Experiences                                              Video
      Do you have a unique, hands-on experience or an idea that            Give visitors a sneak peak of your tourism experience with the
      would appeal to visitors? From digging your own clams for            use of video. Simply send us a link to your YouTube video(s) or
      a clam bake on the Bay of Fundy to apprenticing with a local         channel and we’ll connect it within your operator listing.
      blacksmith in a traditional blacksmith shop, we want to work

      Photo Gallery                                                   presence on popular social networking sites such as Facebook,
      Submit unlimited photos for each of your listings by emailing   YouTube, Twitter, Trip Advisor and Flickr, as well as promoting
      them to Each photo may be             our core and niche experiences through blogs hosted on
      accompanied with a short caption (60 character max). Existing We are also packaging stories
      photos on your listing(s) can be updated and refreshed at       with print, audio and video content for distribution through
      anytime.                                                        traditional and social media channels. We encourage you to
                                                                      check out our social networking sites and blogs, contribute
      Nearby Locations                                                content and get involved in the online conversation!
      Keep visitors in your area longer by suggesting nearby “must
      see and do” experiences, businesses, and attractions. Send us   Nova Scotia Tourism Social Media Links:
      the name, website URL and driving distance (km) from your       Flickr –
      business and we’ll add this within your listing(s).             Facebook –
                                                                      YouTube –
      PDF Brochure
                                                                      Twitter –
      Submit your business PDF brochure for download within your
      operator listing.                                               Blogs –

                                                                      Interested in Blogging?
      Paid OPPOrtunities
                                                                      Are you already blogging or would you like to start? If you
      Banner/Text Advertising                                         are interested in contributing to a blog as a
      Promote your tourism product on a specific
                                                                      volunteer blogger or as a guest blogger, contact us!
      page with a banner or text ad. Visitors that click on your ad
      will be redirected to your website in a new browser window.
      Banner Ads - $100/month per ad, per page
                                                                      Donate a prize for a social media contest. We’ll feature your
      Text Ads - $50/month per ad, per page
                                                                      sponsorship in the contest announcement and provide a direct
                                                                      link to your listing.
      Social Media Program
      We are continuing to build our social media program
                                                                      For all online partnership inquiries, contact:
      to increase Nova Scotia’s share in the global online
                                                                      Michelle Sears
      travel conversation. This includes continuing to build our
                                                                      Database Marketing Assistant
                                                                      (902) 424-0939

    In 2012, there will be a number of great opportunities to
    showcase your product to potential visitors in our target
    markets. Stay tuned for more details on our 2012 campaign
    through the inTouch newsletter,

    Brand Kit
    This online guide will help you use the Nova Scotia tourism
    brand and ensure effective and consistent application across
    all communications. Click here to download or visit

    VIC Digital Screen Advertising
    In 2009, we introduced an affordable new advertising
    opportunity in our Provincial Visitor Information Centres
    (VICs). Our VIC Digital Screen Programming provides an
    opportunity to reach tourists while they are in the mindset
    to make purchase decisions. Large (42-inch) LCD televisions,
    placed in premium viewing spots in all eight VICs, provide
    advertising opportunities for tourism industry operators.
    Click here to download or visit

    It’s as simple as providing your logo and the information
    you want promoted. Our team will assist you in building a
    message designed to get results.

    2012 Rates (subject to change)
                      6 month 3 month 2 month 1 month
    Location-wide $1,980         $1,071     $756       $450
    VIC specific      $ 760      $ 350      $280       $175

    Contact: Peter Johnson
    (902) 424-2788

Travel Trade Shows
       Economic and Rural Development and Tourism participates         Who should attend: Attractions, events, accommodations
       in a number of travel trade shows, many of which provide        and receptive tour operators, destination marketing
       opportunities for tourism industry partners to promote          organizations. Association membership is required to attend.
       their products. These shows provide an opportunity to           Cost: Registration fee approx. $1,500 plus accommodation
       highlight Nova Scotia trade-ready products and experiences,     and travel costs.
       while building relationships with key tour operators and        Contact: Michele Bourgeois
       wholesalers. Our staff discuss opportunities for the province   (902) 424-5037
       in formal forums such as appointments and at other events
       during the show.
                                                                       Event: Mid-Atlantic Workshop and
       For more information and additional opportunities for travel    Travel Seminar
       shows in the Canadian, U.S. and European markets be sure        Dates: February 2-5, 2012
       to sign up for our inTouch tourism newsletter.                  Location: Reykjavik, Iceland
                                                                       Description: Icelandair’s annual trade event brings
       The programs and costs vary and are subject to change. All      together suppliers and buyers from North America and
       costs are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise specified.       Europe, including more than 100 European tour operators
                                                                       and travel agents. Participation includes a Nova Scotia
       The following shows are confirmed as of November 1, 2011:       destination presentation to European buyers, followed by a
                                                                       trade show and several networking opportunities.
       Event: American Bus Marketplace (ABA)                           Who should attend: Attractions, events, accommodations
       Dates: January 6-10, 2012                                       and activity operators, destination marketing organizations,
       Location: Grapevine, Texas                                      receptive tour operators, transportation providers.
       Description: North American tour operators (predominantly       Cost: Registration fee approx. $1,350 plus accommodation
       U.S.) meet in one-on-one pre-scheduled appointments.            and travel costs.
                                                                       Contact: Michele Bourgeois
                                                                       (902) 424-5037

Travel Trade Shows
       Event: International Tourism Bourse (ITB)                       Cost: Registration fee approx. $2,030 plus accommodation
       Dates: March 7-9, 2012                                          and travel costs.
       Location: Berlin, Germany                                       Contact: Michele Bourgeois
       Description: One of the world’s leading travel fairs, this      (902) 424-5037
       event provides an opportunity to meet with tour operators,
       travel agents, meeting and incentive travel planners and
       travel media. Nova Scotia’s participation is in partnership     Event: Canada New England Cruise Symposium
       with the other Atlantic Canada provinces and the Canadian       Dates: June 12-14, 2012
       Tourism Commission.                                             Location: Quebec City, Quebec
                                                                       Description: Cruise conference focusing on the ports and
       Who should attend: Attractions, events, accommodations          destinations of the Canada New England cruise corridor.
       and activity operators, destination marketing organizations,
       receptive tour operators, transportation providers.             Who should attend: Ports of call, shore excursion
       Cost: Booth registration costs vary. Registration costs from    providers, destination marketing organizations.
       $6,000 plus travel costs.                                       Cost: TBD
       Contact: Kim Jardine                                            Contact: Linda Murphy
       (902) 424-1787                                                  (902) 424-2680                                    

       Event: Rendez-vous Canada
       Dates: May 13-16, 2012
       Location: Edmonton, Alberta
       Description: International tour operators meet in one-on-
       one pre-scheduled appointments. Sellers must be nominated
       for invitation to attend.

       Who should attend: Attractions, events, accommodations
       and receptive tour operators with export-ready travel product
       for sale to international markets, destination marketing


Travel Trade Shows
       Event: Atlantic Canada Showcase                           Event: World Travel Market (WTM)
       Dates: September 30-October 2, 2012                       Dates: November, 2012
       Location: St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador             Location: London, United Kingdom
       Description: Atlantic Canada Showcase is the largest      Description: A four-day travel industry event, WTM is a
       travel trade marketplace in Atlantic Canada, providing    business-to-business exhibition presenting a diverse range of
       pre-scheduled one-on-one appointments with key North      destinations and industry sectors to the United Kingdom and
       American and European tour operators.                     international travel professionals, including tour operators,
                                                                 meeting planners and media. Nova Scotia’s participation is
       Who should attend: Attractions, events, accommodations,   in conjunction with the Atlantic Canada Tourism Partnership.
       receptive tour operators and destination marketing
       organizations.                                            Who should attend: Attractions, events, accommodations
       Cost: TBD                                                 and activity operators, destination marketing organizations,
       Contact: Linda Murphy                                     receptive tour operators, transportation providers.
       (902) 424-2680                                            Cost: Booth costs vary. Registration costs from $6,300 plus                                         travel costs.
                                                                 Contact: Kim Jardine
                                                                 (902) 424-1787

Consumer Shows
      Each year, Economic and Rural Development and Tourism staff    Event: Saltscapes East Coast Expo
      attend a number of shows in our key markets that match core    Dates: April 27-29, 2012
      and niche experiences and provide the best opportunity for     Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia
      industry partners to participate.                              Description: Atlantic Canada’s fastest growing and
                                                                     immensely popular consumer show is custom designed for
      Watch inTouch for more information and additional              the prosperous Atlantic Canadian consumer.
      opportunities for consumer shows in the Canadian, U.S. and
      European markets.                                              Who should attend: Attractions, events, accommodations
                                                                     and receptive tour operators, destination marketing
      Programs and costs vary and are subject to change. All costs   organizations.
      are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise specified.            Cost: Registration fee approximately $1,000 plus
                                                                     accommodation and travel costs.
      The following shows are confirmed as of                        Contact: April Hannah
      November 1, 2011:                                              (902) 424-6172
      Regional Market (Maritimes)
      Event: Atlantic Motorcycle & ATV Show
                                                                     Saltscapes East Coast Expo event to be held in Toronto, June 2012.
      Dates: February 10-12, 2012
                                                                     Details to follow in upcoming inTouch newsletter.
      Location: Moncton, New Brunswick
      Description: Opportunity to reach 15,000 plus motorcycle

      Who should attend: Attractions, events, accommodations
      and receptive tour operators, destination marketing
      Cost: Accommodation and travel costs extra. Exhibitor
      space and shipping costs covered by Economic and Rural
      Development and Tourism.
      Contact: Michelle Lassaline
      (902) 424-4045

Consumer Shows
      Event: Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show                            Event: Ottawa Travel & Vacation Show
      Dates: February 24-26, 2012                                      Dates: March 10-11, 2012
      Location: Toronto, Ontario                                       Location: Ottawa, Ontario
      Description: Don’t miss the opportunity to reach the             Description: Reach the travelling consumer in Ottawa
      29,500 outdoor adventure travellers from one of Nova             visiting this show for ideas from weekend jaunts to
      Scotia’s key target markets. Consumers attending this show       international destinations. Opportunity to showcase the
      are keen multi-sport enthusiast in the prime of their spending   wonderful products that Nova Scotia has to offer and
      years looking for activities that embrace the outdoors           stimulate the imagination of travellers in this important
      (canoeing, kayaking, hiking and adventure travel, etc).          market to Nova Scotia.

      Who should attend: Attractions, events, accommodations           Who should attend: Attractions, events, accommodations
      and receptive tour operators, destination marketing              and receptive tour operators, destination marketing
      organizations with market ready product for the outdoor          organizations.
      adventure market.                                                Cost: Registration fee: exhibitor space and shipping costs
      Cost: Registration fee: exhibitor space and shipping costs       covered by Economic and Rural Development and Tourism.
      covered by Economic and Rural Development and Tourism.           Accommodation and travel costs extra.
      Accommodation and travel costs extra.                            Contact: Michelle Lassaline
      Contact: Michelle Lassaline                                      (902) 424-4045
      (902) 424-4045                                         

Consumer Shows
      Quebec and united states                                      Tentative Event: Florida RV Supershow
      Event: Montreal RV Show                                       Dates: January 10 - 15, 2012
      Dates: March 8 - 11, 2012                                     Location: Florida State Fairgrounds, Tampa, Florida
      Location: Olympic Stadium, Montreal, QC                       Description: Florida RV SuperShow is one of the most well
      Description: Where RV lovers meet! The leading event for      known RV shows in Florida. Organized by the Florida RV
      camping enthusiasts, world travellers and seasonal campers.   Trade Association, this event seeks to encourage RVing. The
      A unique opportunity to reach more than 40,000 RV             Florida State Fairgrounds serves as an apt venue for this six
      enthusiasts in Montreal.                                      day event which combines business interests with leisure
      Who should attend: Attractions, events, accommodations
      and receptive tour operators, destination marketing           Who should attend: Attractions, events, accommodations
      organizations.                                                and receptive tour operators, destination marketing
      Cost: Registration fee: exhibitor space and shipping costs    organizations.
      covered by Economic and Rural Development and Tourism.        Cost: Registration fee: exhibitor space and shipping costs
      Accommodation and travel costs extra.                         covered by Economic and Rural Development and Tourism.
      Contact: Michelle Lassaline                                   Accommodation and travel costs extra.
      (902) 424-4045                                                Contact: Michelle Lassaline                                            (902) 424-4045

Consumer Shows
      united states                                                Event: New York Times Travel Show
      Event: AAA Travel Marketplace                                Dates: March 2-4, 2012
      Dates: March 2-4, 2012                                       Location: New York, New York
      Location: Foxborough, Massachusetts                          Description: The New York Times Show attracts over
      Description: Annual consumer travel show presented by        18,000 consumers and trade professionals from a key
      AAA Southern New England.                                    gateway to Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia participates in this
                                                                   show in partnership with ACTP.
      Who should attend: CAA/AAA Preferred Supplier.
      Accommodations, attractions, events, destination marketing   Who should attend: Attractions, events, accommodations
      organizations.                                               and receptive tour operators, destination marketing
      Cost: Registration fee $850 plus accommodation and travel    organizations.
      costs.                                                       Cost: Exhibit Booth Package: $3,400 plus accommodation
      Contact: Michele Bourgeois                                   and travel costs.
      (902) 424-5037                                               Contact: Michele Bourgeois                                           (902) 424-5037

Consumer Shows
      Event: Destinations: The Holiday and Travel Show
      Dates: February 2-5, 2012
      Location: London, United Kingdom
      Description: One of the United Kingdom’s largest
      consumer travel shows. The Destinations show attracts more
      than 35,000 consumers, mainly from London and
      the southeastern region.

      Who should attend: Attractions, events, accommodations
      and activity operators, destination marketing organizations.
      Cost: Partnership cost approximately $2,500 plus
      accommodation and travel costs.
      Contact: Kim Jardine
      (902) 424-1787

                                                                                                             PHOTO: RCR Hospitality Group

Meetings & Conventions
       Destination Halifax is the destination marketing                 The following partnership opportunities are presented for
       organization for the Halifax Regional Municipality and           members of Destination Halifax, and specifically those
       fulfills the role of meetings and conventions sales in markets   companies that have identified their interests in securing
       outside of Atlantic Canada on behalf of Economic and Rural       new business through the Destination Halifax Meetings and
       Development and Tourism.                                         Conventions Cluster.

       Dates                       Event                                                                   Location
       February 9, 2012            Tete-a-Tete Tradeshow                                                   Ottawa, Ontario
       February 23-25, 2012        CanSPEP Annual Conference                                               Niagara Falls, Ontario
       April 2012                  Client Event/Presentations                                              Chicago, Illinois
       May 2012                    Client Event/Presentations                                              Boston, Massachusetts
       May 1-4, 2012               Client Events/Presentations*                                            Toronto, Ontario
       June 13-15, 2012            ASAE Leadership Forum                                                   Vancouver,
                                                                                                           British Columbia
       June 21-24, 2012            Destination Showcase                                                    Halifax, Nova Scotia
       June 27-29, 2012            Ignite Business Event Expo                                              Toronto, Ontario
       August 21-22, 2012          Incentive Works Tradeshow                                               Toronto, Ontario
       TBA                         FICP Canadian Regional Meeting                                          TBA
       September 2012              Client Event/Presentations                                              Washington,
                                                                                                           District of Columbia
       September 17-21, 2012 Client Event                                                                  Ottawa, Ontario
       November 1-3, 2012    CSAE                                                                          Ottawa, Ontario

       *Includes sponsorship of MPI Toronto Luncheon on May 4, 2012

       Contact: Brenda Peet, Programs Manager, Destination Halifax
       (902) 429-4687

Product Knowledge and Fam Tours
       Travel Counsellor Fams                                          Travel Media Fams
       Experiencing your product first-hand greatly increases travel   This program promotes Nova Scotia’s tourism products
       counsellors’ knowledge of your area and your product,           through national and international media.
       allowing them to transfer this information to our visitors.
       Each spring, travel counsellors in provincially and locally-    Media familiarization tours last from several days to two
       operated Visitor Information Centres and Check In staff gain    weeks and may involve individuals or a small group. Your
       this first-hand product knowledge in familiarization (fam)      involvement will enhance awareness of your business and
       tours. These tours are also part of their annual training to    area to media outlets worldwide.
       enhance their knowledge of Nova Scotia’s tourism products
       and experiences. Tours are three to five days and involve       Who can participate: Accommodations must have ensuite
       25 to 30 participants each. Click here to download or visit     baths, have four or more rooms, have a 3.5 star rating, be               willing to offer a 30% off rack discount and provide direct
       fam-tours.asp                                                   billing/invoice. Attractions provide complimentary admission.
                                                                       Activities provide a media discount.
       2012 tours include: Cape Breton, Halifax, Eastern Shore,
       South Shore and Yarmouth and Acadian Shores.                    Timing: Year-round
                                                                       Cost: In-kind contribution of your product and/or service
       Timing: May-June                                                Contact: Cindy Wade
       Cost: Complimentary or reduced costs                            (902) 424-4676
       Contact: Peter Johnson                                
       (902) 424-2788

Product Knowledge and Fam Tours
       Travel Trade Fams                                                Open-Door Program
       One of our greatest sales opportunities is to introduce travel   Promote your product to tourism staff who can, in turn, sell
       agents, reservation agents, tour operators, wholesalers and      it to the visitor. Participating operators offer some form of
       group leaders to experience our destination for themselves.      discount or added value. Front-line staff, including travel
       Build knowledge and enthusiasm for your product or               counsellors with Visitor Information Centres and Check In
       experience in this important distribution channel. Involvement   staff must present their ID card to qualify for the discount or
       will enhance awareness and promote your business                 added value. Click to download or visit
       throughout North America and Europe.                   
       Who can participate: Accommodations must have full
       private bath and provide complimentary or reduced rates.         Timing: Year-round or at operator’s discretion
       Attractions provide complimentary or reduced admission.          Cost: Determined by the operator who can offer reduced
       Activities provide an industry discount. Must be willing to      rates or waive admission fees, for example; offers should be
       direct bill/invoice. Businesses will be contacted depending      based on availability and operators may set criteria.
       on origin and/or special interests of the group.                 Contact: Shannon Holmes
                                                                        (902) 424-3225
       Timing: Year round                                     
       Cost: In-kind contribution of your product and/or service
       Contact: Cindy Wade
       (902) 424-4676

Provincial Travel Guides

        2013 Doers’ & Dreamers’ Travel Guide
        This guide is Nova Scotia’s signature travel information
        piece. We will be printing approximately 275,000 copies of
        the guide which will be distributed at travel shows, literature
        requests and through Visitor Information Centres.
                                                                                                                      Festivals & Events

        Deadlines: Book by September 1, 2012
        Materials by November 1, 2012
        Cost: Rate card available in June 2012
        Contact: Nancy Burgess-Graham
        (902) 424-4990

        2013 Du rêve à l’aventure
        The French-language version of the Doers’ & Dreamers’
        guide is a 310-page complete trip planner.

        The guide fulfills French-language requests from Québec,
        New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and elsewhere. The print run
        will be approximately 30,000 copies.

        Deadlines: Book by September 1, 2012
        Materials by November 1, 2012                                                                                           1 800 565 0000

        Cost: Rate card available in June 2012
        Contact: Nancy Burgess-Graham
                                                                                                                     Doers & Dreamers
                                                                          TOU001-1406 FnE Cover.indd 1                  GUIDE                                    11-03-28 11:52 AM

        (902) 424-4990

        2012 Festivals & Events Guide
        This guide is Nova Scotia’s flagship publication for festival
        and event listings across Nova Scotia. Each year, the full-
        colour guide provides festival and event organizers with the
        opportunity to advertise in a guide. Approximately 100,000
        copies are distributed throughout Nova Scotia Visitor
                                                                                                      2011 GUIDE

        Information Centres and tourism-led consumer shows.
        The Festival and Events Guide is also promoted in regional
                                                                                                    1 800 565 0000

        advertising campaigns, the Doers’ & Dreamers’ Guide and                                                                   1 800 565 0000

        Deadlines: Book by December 31, 2011
                                                                                                                                              GUIDE TOURISTIQUE 2011
        Materials by January 31, 2012                                                                                Du rêve à l’aventure
        Cost: Rate card available
        Contact: Sadie Thomas-Frye
        (902) 424-3282
                                                                                  GUIDE TOURISTIQUE 2011
                                                                                 1 800 565 0000

                                                                                                                                  1 800 565 0000
                                                                                 CE GUIDE

Funding Programs
       Tour Operator Partnership Program
       This program provides opportunities to partner in the
       strategic marketing of packaged products in Nova Scotia’s
       key markets. The program is available to support travel trade
       operators on those initiatives which clearly complement
       Nova Scotia’s tourism priorities based on submitted
       proposals. Funding levels vary.

       Timing: Proposals accepted throughout the year
       Contact: Cindy Wade
       (902) 424-4676

       Tourism Marketing Partnership Programs
       These programs provide cooperative funding to promote
       products and experiences that clearly link to Nova Scotia’s
       tourism brand and priorities. The goal is to increase the
       number of visitors to the experiences/events and grow
       tourism revenues. There are two programs: Tourism
       Experiences Marketing, and Festivals and Events Marketing.

                                                                       Tourism Experiences Marketing Program
                                                                       ($20,000 is the maximum level of support)
                                                                       Contact: Sadie Thomas-Frye
                                                                       (902) 424-3282

                                                                       Deadline: March 16, 2012 (subject to change)

                                                                       Festivals & Events Marketing Program
                                                                       ($3,000 is the maximum level of support)
                                                                       Contact: Regional Tourism Industry Association or
                                                                       Halifax Regional Municipality (program deadlines vary with
                                                                       See page 24 for contact information

                                                                       Deadline: March 31, 2012 (subject to change)

                                                                       Further information on the Tourism Marketing Partnership
                                                                       Programs will be available through inTouch and online

Funding Programs
       Tourism Development Investment Program                           Industry Development
       This program provides financial assistance to help develop       Provides cost-sharing assistance to enhance the quality of
       and enhance the province’s most competitive tourism              tourism services, businesses and products through market-
       products and experiences. Focus is on products that are          readiness initiatives, such as study tours and best-practice
       market-driven and embrace Nova Scotia’s tourism brand.           missions, seminars, workshops, conferences, mentoring, and
                                                                        mystery shop assessments.
       There are two streams: Destination Development and
       Industry Development.                                            Deadline: None-Based on availability of budget
                                                                        Cost: Up to a maximum of 75% of eligible costs
       Destination Development
       Provides cost-sharing assistance to develop and enhance          Who can participate: Non-commercial, not-for-profit
       the market-readiness of the province’s core experiences,         organizations such as local development associations,
       including creative value-added programming for attractions,      municipalities and industry associations. Private sector
       parks, communities, support for visitor information kiosks and   operators participating in study tours and best-practice
       strategic community tourism planning.                            missions are also eligible for assistance.

       Deadlines: None-Based on availability of budget                  Contact: Lisa MacIsaac
       Cost: Up to 50% of eligible costs                                (902) 424-3942
       Contact: Please contact Tourism Development Staff to
       discuss your project prior to submitting an application.         PDF versions of complete program descriptions and
       Tourism Development                                              applications for the Tourism Development Investment
       (902) 424-3908                                                   Program are available online at:                                     tourism/funding-programs/tourism-development-
                                                                        investment.asp. Deadlines and funds are subject to
                                                                        change based on demand and availability.

Tourism Experience Development
       Experience Nova Scotia: A Toolkit
       This resource will help add value to your business’
       bottom line and includes popular topics such as
       targeting the experience seeker, bringing experiences
       to life, positioning and promoting your experiences,
       creating a ‘green experience’, a Nova Scotia experiences
       branding guide, and successful business case studies.
       Click here to download or visit

       Cost: No charge
       Contact: Lisa MacIsaac
       (902) 424-3942

       Tourism Destination Area Process:
       An 8-Step Guide
       This workbook provides communities with tools to help
       develop tourism. Included are critical elements for a
       tourism destination area, research, developing a plan
       of action, differentiating your destination, training and
       development and coastal considerations.
       Click here to download or visit

       Cost: No charge
       Contact: Darlene MacDonald
       (902) 424-4021

Tourism Experience Development
       Business Development Guides                                        Visitor Information Kiosk Kits
       This series of tourism development manuals help Nova               These guides will help communities build visitor information
       Scotians establish tourism businesses and plan for the             kiosks, which can provide round-the-clock visitor information
       delivery of tourism services in the province.                      services. Complete plans, instructions, and a materials list
       Click here to download or visit                will make it easy for any do-it-yourselfer to build. Click here
       tourism/building-business/guides/business-                         to download plans or visit
       guides.asp.                                                        tourism/tda/visitor-kiosk-kits.asp.

       Titles include:                                                    Cost: No charge for the guides; materials are
                                                                          operator’s costs
       • Starting and Operating a Commercial or Community Attraction      Contact: Darlene MacDonald
       • Starting and Operating an Adventure Tourism Business             (902) 424-4021
       • Starting and Operating a Retail Tourism Business       
       • Community Tourism Planning
       • Starting and Operating an Accommodation Business
       • Starting and Operating a Campground Business
       • Starting and Operating a Restaurant Business
       • Starting and Operating a Local Sightseeing Tour Business
       • Starting and Operating a Receptive Tour Operator Business
       • Starting and Operating a Local Visitor Information Centre
       • Planning and Hosting a Community Festival or Event
       • A Guide to Developing Outdoor Interpretive Signage
       • Marketing Your Nova Scotia Tourism Business
       • Building Travel Trade Business – Opportunities for Nova Scotia
        Tourism Operators

Professional Development
       Tourism InnovatioNS                                             Experience Development Workshop
       With a focus on quality, this interactive two-day workshop      Interested in packaging or creating a new experience to sell
       will deliver research insights, the latest marketing            but unsure how to pull all the details together? If you are
       techniques, industry trends, and best practices. Learn how to   interested in receiving coaching and developing experiences
       create new and viable business opportunities to compete in      for visitors, Tourism Development staff are available to
       the increasingly competitive marketplace. Watch for further     provide workshops for groups of 10-12 operators across
       details in inTouch.                                             Nova Scotia. Building on the Experience Tool-kit, these
                                                                       hands-on workshops will take you through the development
       Date: April 25 & 26, 2012                                       of experiences and provide you with the tools to package
       Location: To be confirmed                                       them.
       Cost: No charge
       Contact: Lisa MacIsaac                                          Date: Year-round
       (902) 424-3942                                                  Location: Province-wide                                              Cost: No charge
                                                                       Contact: Lori Blackburn
                                                                       (902) 424-3747

       Research Services                                             Tourism Research E-News
       Research Services provides the tourism industry with          Join our e-news group to stay up-to-date on the latest
       valuable insights to gauge performance, inform business       tourism news from around the world.
       decisions, and identify growth opportunities. Keep up to
       date on tourism trends – who’s coming to Nova Scotia,         Cost: No charge
       why they’re coming and what they’re doing while they’re       Contact: Olivia Ross
       here. Also learn about regional tourism activity. Give us a   (902) 424-7299
       call or visit us at
       research/ to learn how we can help you with your business
       planning or feasibility analysis.                             Tourism Economic Impact Analysis Services
                                                                     Having current numbers and tools to communicate the
       Planning a conference or event where you’d like us to         economic value of tourism to the province, community, and
       present? Give us a call.                                      investors is critically important. Our Nova Scotia Tourism
                                                                     Economic Impact Model (TEIM) produces economic impact
       Cost: No charge                                               estimates for the province and the regions. The model
       Contact: Karen McNutt                                         enables industry partners to estimate the economic impact
       (902) 424-6355                                                of visitor activity, investment and tourism operations.
                                                                     Cost: No charge
       Online Accommodation and Campground                           Contact: Stephen Coyle
       Visitor Satisfaction Tool                                     (902) 424-4686
       This research provides accommodation and campground 
       operators in Atlantic Canada with regular reports on
       guest satisfaction and competitive benchmarks to
       gauge performance. Let us know if you are interested in
       participating in the visitor satisfaction program. For more
       information visit

       Cost: $50-$100
       Contact: Jennifer Falkenham
       (902) 496-7474

Visitor Services
        Bienvenue                                                        Nova Scotia Check In Information
        This program promotes enhanced customer service by               and Reservation Service
        identifying and promoting tourism-related businesses             This service allows you to reach our visitors as they plan their
        that provide French-language service to our visitors. Upon       trip or when they are in the province. Visitors can access this
        application approval, you’ll receive a membership kit with       free information and reservation service on,
        lapel pins, tent cards, and door decals.                         by calling our toll-free number, or through provincial Visitor
                                                                         Information Centres. Rates may be updated regularly to
        Who can participate: A tourism-related business with a           remain current. Click to download or visit
        minimum of one fully bilingual staff person in each front-line   econ/tourism/marketing-business/check-in.asp.
        area during all hours of operation.
                                                                         Cost: Information service free to both operators and visitors.
        Cost: No charge                                                  No charge to become a member of Check In. Operators are
        Contact: Mireille Fiset                                          charged a commission for reservations made through the
        (902) 424-4153                                                   service.                                                Contact: Krista Stoddart
                                                                         (902) 484-2687
        Literature VIC Distribution                            
        This program will allow your brochures to be available to the
        more than 700,000 visitors who enter provincial and local
        Visitor Information Centres. Brochures may be displayed on
        a rotating basis based on available space. Not all centres
        can accept all brochures. Click to download or visit http://

        Cost: Operator is responsible for delivery to the
        distribution centre
        Contact: Bob Boyd
        (902) 424-2906

Industry Communications
       Face-2-Face Presentations                                        inTouch e-newsletter
       We’d love to hear about your tourism products and                Get connected with the latest news from the Department
       experiences! Tourism staff are ready to meet with you to         and other industry members by signing up for our inTouch
       discuss how we can help with programs and resources, and get     newsletter. inTouch provides up-to-date information on our
       the word out about your business. Help us promote your new       ongoing partnership opportunities and programs, and gives
       product information and story ideas to consumers, travel trade   subscribers an overview of what’s happening in the industry.
       professionals and travel media.                                  To be added to our mailing list, or to update your contact
                                                                        information, please e-mail us at
       Presentations are held on the first Wednesday of every month
       between 2:30 and 3:30 p.m. To make an appointment:

       Contact: April Hannah
       (902) 424-6172

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           Regional Tourism Industry Associations (RTIAs)/DMOs
                                             These private sector associations are membership or                          Central Nova Tourist Association
                                             stakeholder organizations of businesses and others involved                  (902) 893-8782
                                             in the tourism industry. The RTIA’s play an important role in      
                                             facilitating communication between the Tourism Division
                                             and communities at the local level. They also provide                        Destination Cape Breton Association
                                             information on tourism products and experiences for                          (902) 563-4636
                                             provincial tourism marketing initiatives.                          

                                             The RTIAs offer programs in which the tourism industry                       Destination Eastern and Northumberland Shores
                                             can participate at the local level. These programs include                   Association
                                                                                                                          (902) 752-6383
                                             the production of literature, participation in familiarization
                                             tours, consumer shows and special regional promotions.
                                             Regional Association marketing opportunities offer the
                                                                                                                          Destination Southwest Nova Association
                                             tourism industry and community groups the ability to                         (902) 634-8844
                                             leverage marketing dollars. The RTIAs collaborate with             
                                             Municipalities, Boards of Trade and Chambers of Commerce
                                             to deliver visitor information servicing training and assist
                                             with the Canada Summer Jobs Programs. The RTIAs also                         Halifax Regional Municipality / Festival
                                             assist community organizations with the festivals and events                 and Event Inquiries
                                             in their region. For more information, please contact the                    HRM - Community Development Civic Events
                                             association in your area.                                                    Contact: Billy Comer, Civic Events Coordinator
                                                                                                                          (902) 490-6394

                                                                                                                PHOTO: RCR Hospitality Group

Destination Marketing Organization – Destination Halifax
        Destination Halifax                                              Destination Halifax is responsible for sales and marketing for
        Destination Halifax is the dedicated destination marketing       the region in both business and leisure travel markets.
        organization for Halifax Regional Municipality. Destination
        Halifax is a partnership of the municipality, the Hotel          Destination Halifax
        Association of Nova Scotia, the Province of Nova Scotia,         (902) 422-9334
        the World Trade and Convention Centre and participating
        industry members. Its mandate is to increase tourism
        expenditures year-round.

2012 Tourism Partnerships and Programs Guidelines
        Costs are quoted in Canadian dollars unless otherwise            of Nova Scotia or media for any claims made. Advertising
        specified. Costs may be subject to change. HST may not           specifications for each program will be provided once we
        be included in the pricing of all opportunities. Cost for the    have received your booking. All programs and partnership
        production of advertising material is not included.              opportunities are subject to change or cancellation at any
                                                                         time. Please see individual program/partnerships contacts for
        All programs will require mandatory tracking and reporting       booking and payment details.
        of the results by the operator. Advertising content and claims
        are subject to review and approval by the Department of          To participate in tourism partnerships and programs all
        Economic and Rural Development and Tourism - Tourism             accommodations must be licensed by the Province of Nova
        Division. Prior to submitting film, ad layout will need to be    Scotia and approved by at least one of the three recognized
        provided for approval. Each ad order is subject to review. No    quality programs: Canada Select/Camping Select, NS
        liability is assumed by The Agency of Record, the Province       Approved or CAA.

Business Programs and Services – Economic and Rural
Development and Tourism
        Do you want to                                                 ...invest in your people?
        ...expand your market share beyond our
        borders?                                                       Productivity Investment Program
                                                                       – Work Place Innovation and Productivity Skills
        Go Ahead Program (GAP)                                         Incentive (PIP-WIPSI)
        This program is designed for businesses interested in          Funding is available to businesses to encourage investment
        growing their export potential. The Go-Ahead Program           in skills development and certification. This program
        helps businesses follow up on leads and pursue export          also helps companies adapt to the introduction of new
        opportunities outside the maritime provinces.                  technology and innovative processes, improve productivity,
        Check out                    and strengthen international competitiveness.
                                                                       Check out
        ExportAbility Program (EAP)
        This program helps businesses gain the skills they need to     ...access programs for students?
        be export savvy. Funding is available to support continuing
        professional development in the area of international trade.   Student Employment Program - Strategic Co-
        Check out              operative Education Incentive (SEP-SCEI)
                                                                       This program offers wage supplements to private and not-
        Service Export Program (SEP)                                   for profit organizations to help hire students and provide
        If your business is looking for export opportunities in the    valuable career-related experience. Approvals will also be
        business, educational or professional services sector, this    based on the opportunity for increased productivity, and
        program can help. Funds are available to support in-market     future opportunities to retain students in full-time, long-term
        meetings, and the development of proposals, presentations,     employment in Nova Scotia.
        and collateral materials specific to this sector.              Check out
        Check out
                                                                       Student Employment Program - Student Career
        Export Prospector Program (EPP)                                Skills Development Program (SEP-SCSDP)
        If your business is seeking new market opportunities, this     This program helps not-for-profit organizations hire post-
        program is intended to help companies discover new             secondary students for career-related summer jobs. This
        business opportunities and find qualified leads in markets     creates employment opportunities for students across the
        outside of Nova Scotia.                                        province based on population and unemployment for each
        Check out                  county.
        Grow/exportandtrade/exportprospectorprogram/                   Check out

Students in Business                                            Nova Scotia Jobs Fund (NSJB)
If you are a student with a sound business plan, you may be     This flexible investment tool helps existing businesses
eligible to borrow up to $5,000 to start your own business.     become more competitive, helps new companies set up
Training and counselling is also available to help students     operations here and works to retain jobs in Nova Scotia.
start and expand their business.                                Check out
Check out
                                                                ...find ways to improve productivity?
...access resources to start or grow your
business?                                                       Productivity Investment Program – Capital
                                                                Investment Incentive (PIP-CII)
Nova Scotia Business Development Program                        This fund encourages businesses to invest in technologically-
Government rebates are available to help start or expand        advanced equipment, software, and hardware, to improve
your business. Eligible business activities include: training   the productivity of their operation. Successful applicants
and recruitment, market research and business plan              receive 20 per cent of their investment, up to $1 million.
development, advertising and promotional plans, visual          Check out
merchandising techniques, and fiscal management tools.
Check out                             Productivity and Innovation Voucher Program
                                                                Small- and medium-sized businesses can use this program to
Small Business Financing Program – Credit Union                 acquire the direct assistance from Nova Scotia Universities
Loan Guarantee                                                  and Colleges to help make their business more innovative
Small businesses may borrow up to $150,000 through              and productive.
participating Credit Unions across Nova Scotia. The province    Check out
of Nova Scotia will provide a 75 per cent guarantee for a
loan or line of credit for qualifying business plans.           ...sell your products and services to
Check out                    government?
                                                                Sustainable Procurement
Immigrant Small Business Loan Program                           This program is designed to ensure government works with
If you have immigrated to Nova Scotia within the last five      suppliers to procure goods, services and construction in a
years, you may be eligible to borrow up to $150,000 to start    way that is better for our environment, our economy, and
or grow your business.                                          our communities.
Check out               Check out
                                                                Supplier Development Program
Community Economic Development Investment                       Public sector entities in Nova Scotia procure a significant
Funds (CEDIF)                                                   amount of goods, services and construction each year.
Local entrepreneurs or community groups can explore the         Participate in one of our reverse trade shows, workshops or
potential to raise investment capital through a Community       arrange a site visit to learn about government procurement
Economic Development Investment Fund. CEDIFs provide an         processes, and how best to access publicly-funded
opportunity to establish a community-based pool of capital      procurement opportunities both in Nova Scotia and beyond.
through the sale of shares (or units) in local businesses.      Check out
Check out                             information.aspx


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