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					Costume Hair & Make-up
Girls 16-18 Night Scenes                         A plain white top so
                                                 that the main
                                                 attraction is on the
                    We want lots of eye          girls make up and
                    liner and mascara so         hair.
                    that the eyes stick
                    out. The girls are
                    also on their way out,
                    and therefore need
                    to stand out.                Plain black leggings,
                                                 again so that that the
                                                 main attraction is on
                                                 the girls make up
                                                 and hair.
                    All the girls will have
                    bright bold lips (every
                    girl has a different          Black heels, are very
                    colour) in order to           common when going
                    bring attention in            out, they have the
                    close-ups of the girls        sophisticated yet
                    singing.                      sexy look. They are
                                                  also safe as if we left
                            small and discrete    the actors to chose
                            necklace and          which heels, we
                            earrings should be    wouldn’t be definite
                            added , to add a      that everything goes
                            little decoration.    together.
Costume Hair & Make-up
Girls 16-18 Day Scenes
                    A woolly hat, to            A plain white top so
                    signify that it is          that the main
                    winter. These are           attraction is on the
                    also becoming very          girls make up and
                    fashionable with the        hair.
                    youth, again relating
                    to the audience.

                    Girls nails should                    leggings to add
                    match the colour                      brightness to the
                    of their lips in                      image as London
                    order to keep the                     is cold and grey
                    look consistent.                      and there isn’t
                                                          many lights to
                                                          make the image

                                                           Casual trainers
                                                           eg: Converses,
                                                           These are very
                           small and discrete              common with
                           necklace and                    the youth, and
                           earrings should be              are usually worn
                           added , to add a                during the day.
                           little decoration.
Boys 16-18 Day + Night

We have not given the boys specific outfits they need to wear, apart from
the indicator that during the day they should wear every day yet
sophisticated clothes (no tracksuits) and at night a more formal and neat
look to suit the fact that they are going out for the night. The boys being
able to chose what clothes to wear, will represent what the male youth
population are most likely to wear. It is common and in some terms known
as the new ‘swag’.

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