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          How To Boost Self Esteem
    Consider Your True Worth

       Self Value
       Handle Self-Criticism
       Appreciate yourself
       Self acceptance
       Approve of yourself
       Give yourself permission to move forward

    Self Esteem Booster

       Stop Self Criticism.
       Notice your good points and what you are
       Practice accepting yourself.
       Bring in Self approval.
       Give yourself permission to move forward.

    Attitude is All

       Your thoughts – do they help or hinder you?
       Self Esteem thoughts for results
       You can choose what you want to think
       Choose helpful thoughts

    The right attitude

       Emphasize helpful thoughts.
       Just see unhelpful thoughts disappearing
       Take a minute when you are feeling low to write
        out your unhelpful thoughts, put a line through
        them and change them to helpful.
       Turn down the volume on thoughts that don’t
       Feel good


        Managing your emotions
        Accept all your feelings
        Managing prejudice and preconditions
        Letting go of hurt feelings
        Lighten up your feelings


        With self- esteem you can learn to let go of hurt
         feelings yet communicate clearly to focus on and
         ask for what you want. Emotions just are, they are
         not right or wrong. Listen to them- they can put
         you in touch with what you want.

     Emotion Booster

        Ask yourself everyday, What I am feeling?, What I feel
         about this?.
        Relax and feel your feelings, don’t block them, they will
         flow and go.
        When you are really angry, drink a glass of water and wash
         your face.
        To stop upsetting patterns repeating , let go of resentment.
        Learn to communicate your feelings without blaming.
        Refocus on yourself and what is important to you and gives
         you joy
        Learn to bring in good feelings, remember times when you
         have been happy, at peace, joyful.


        Self-esteem for everyone
        Who is responsible for how you feel?
        Self respect and respect for others


        Remember to express appreciation daily to
         colleagues, especially of a job well done.
        Let go of resentment when you notice it creeping
        What can you do to help a situation at work, where
         there is a challenge, perhaps misunderstandings?
        To promote harmony and co-operation, set mutual
         goals with high self-esteem thoughts.


        The importance of self-esteem
          When  your self is high you are less likely to feel
           demoralized and you will be able to make your case
           more clearly.
        Communicate clearly and with compassion
        Goodwill


        What specifically makes you feel a particular way or
         results in certain circumstances?
        What do you want? Don’t expect others to read you
        What benefits would come from a change in behavior,
         actions, attitude or what would be disadvantage in not
         making this change?
        Can you express what you want to say more clearly and
         more compassionately?
        What other steps can you take to move forward,
         refocusing on yourself?

19   Your inner image
     Your inner image is all you think and
     feel about yourself. Raising your
     self-esteem will help you to feel
     better about any challenging

     Stress and Self Esteem

        Low self esteem as a stressor
        The best use of your time
        Keep your energy level high
        You are unique
        Practical relaxation
        Letting go of fear
        Other people as stressors
        Bring balance into your life – make time for you.


        Be persistent in changing unhelpful thought patterns
         and in reinforcing a helpful way of thinking. Learn to
         recognize your emotions, accept and experience them
         so they cause less stress and exhaustion.
        Take a minute to stop and check that you are treating
         yourself and others with respect.
        Lear the steps to practical relaxation and practice daily.
        Check your lifestyle is in balance.
        Do not be afraid to ask support. Look for something
         extra, however small, you really enjoy doing each day.
         Remember to treat yourself gently.

     The Right Choice

        Shape your future
          We  spend so much time at work that owe it to
           yourself from point of self esteem, if your work isn’t
           currently satisfying, to find out if there is work that
           would be more suited to you, that you could enjoy and
           where you can make best contribution.

     You are in charge of shaping the
     future for yourself.

     The Right Work

        A heart search for a job search
        The self esteem to go for it
        Remember your value and worth
        Making the best of a bad job
        Redundancy
        The right job for you
        The bigger picture


     You need to look at the bigger picture. Where do you
     want to be in next five/ten/twenty year’s time.
     This is self esteem.. This is very important.

     Get Ready

        Brush up skills you want to improve.
        Support your success by keeping self-esteem
         thoughts to the forefront of your mind.
        Back up your self esteem thoughts by letting go of
         any feeling of self blame or blaming others.
        Consider further training.
        Expand the network of people. Have this as your
         most important project, the right work for you.

29           Look after yourself
       You boost your self esteem by paying
     attention to what you need to do to keep
               yourself feeling good.

     Pay attention to what You need

        Treating yourself better
        Your deeper needs
        Find out what is joyful and important to you.


        Think of one way you could do something that
         gives you joy.
        Don’t torture or hurt yourself by saying or thinking
         unkind things about yourself and others.
        Listen to yourself, to how you are feeling. Do what
         is necessary to get your feelings good and your
         energy higher.
        Treat yourself well with regard to how you spend
         your time and energy, daily and long term.
     Set Goals

        Wake up to What You want.
        You know what is best for you
        The right goals for you
        Deciding what you want
        Self esteem supports your success


        Listen yourself and then keep a note of hunches,
         dreams, ideas and thoughts on your project.
        Write your goals clearly with time frames.
        Add self- esteem thoughts to support your goals.
        Look at what needs to be changed or improved.
        Who will support you?
        What is the step you can take right now to move
        Review your goal.
     The Finale

        Take a deep breath, relax your body, remind
         yourself, “I can handle This.”
        Get away from the situation or person on your
        Experience your feelings and let it go.
        Bring in self-esteem thoughts, supportive thoughts
         about yourself and situation.
        Talk to someone you trust to get it out of your
         system or write it out.

        As you relax a little and center yourself, become
         aware of what’s the most appropriate step for you
         to take.
        Remind yourself this is a situation that you are
         going through and will come through it.
        Do something enjoyable for yourself.
        Keep letting go and bringing in self esteem
        Listen to yourself with regard to appropriate steps

        Boosting your self esteem is about getting back in
         balance having all aspects of your life work
         together for you.
        Self esteem thoughts with appropriate actions give
         you more joy and satisfaction in your life.

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