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Flour Sifters - Italpan celebrates its 25th birthday


									Italpan celebrates its 25 years in the field of artisan bakery machinery

Italpan, Italian company specialized in the sector of artisan bakery machinery, will soon
celebrate its 25th birthday.

Next year will be an important one for Italpan, Italian company with headquarters in Zanè
(province of Vicenza) that has dealt with bread production for years. In 2013, indeed, Italpan
will celebrate its 25th birthday: an important goal for a company that was established in 1988
and that has been offering many different types of products and services throughout its

Nowadays Italpan is specialized in the production of spiral mixers, grissini machines, sheeters,
flour sieves, bread mills, bench bread slicer, automatic machine with sheeter, taralli warmer,
sheeter moulder, baguette moulder and horizontal slicer. A wide and varied offer, which is able
to meet all the needs and desires in the sector of artisan bakery. And what is even most
important, all the machineries stand out for a perfect combination of simplicity, high reliability
and quality.

Italpan addresses both to small artisans and the medium industry, and in any case it is able to
satisfy its clients offering a combination of aesthetics and functionality that characterizes all
the products of the company. All the machinery meets the norms referring to EU certifications.

In its 25 years’ history, the company has made itself known in Italy and abroad as well, and
one of the company aims for the future is to establish itself even more on the international
market (Europe but also other continents), bringing also outside Italy the tradition of artisan
bakery, including some products that are typically Italian, like taralli (typical of Southern Italy)
and grissini (of the North). Other important products offered by Italpan are the sieves for flour
and bread-sticks machines.

More information about the company and the products it offers can be found on the website (in
Italian, English and Spanish). The website includes a section dedicated to the company and the
catalogue of the machines: visitors only need to click on the product they might be interested
in to discover more details about and choose what might be better for them. The product
details include a short description and information about the model, the mixture capacity, the
flour capacity, the liter capacity and the bowl dimension, as well as regarding the motor, volt,
dimension and weight. Each description is accompanied by clear images.

In its history Italpan has succeeded in offering the best solutions in the field of artisan bakery
machinery, and now it is ready to celebrate its 25th birthday keeping offering its high-quality

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