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									          A MESSAGE FROM….
                                        CHRISTMAS 2010 NEWSLETTER

“Make-A-Wish would like to say a
big thank you to all the residents of   Congratulations & welcome to the following, who
                                        arrived since our last Newsletter….
Regent on the River who have
donated clothes for recycling in the
special Clothes Aid Make-A-Wish
                                        Giovanni & Isabell                        ….Giselle Jolie.
Make-A-Wish Foundation® UK is a
charity which grants magical wishes
                                        Mr & Mrs Tchingue.                         …Anna
to children and young people living
with life-threatening illnesses, and
you have all helped us to get closer    Mr & Mrs Cham.                        ….. Jacob
to our aim of granting a wish to all
the 20,000 children in the UK
fighting such conditions.               THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS & STAFF WISH YOU ALL

We are now in our fifth year of         God jul         圣诞快乐         Mutlu noel
working with Clothes Aid and it’s a
                                                  ᒣᖳᒐᒉᑊᖿᒪᔪᖱᖽᐧᒡᒧᐧᖾᒍ       Wesołych Świąt
partnership which continues to
                                        ‫کریسمس مبارک‬           Geseënde Kersfees Linksmų Kalėdų
flourish, which wouldn’t be
possible without your valuable          Frohe Weihnachten                      Bahagia Christmas

donations”.                               메리크리스마스 Nadolig hapus                   ‫خوشک ر سم س‬

                                              Buon Natale e felice anno nuovo Sretan Božić
Thank you again.
                                         Veselé Vianoce        Masaya Christmas    ‫חג מולד שמח‬
Nick Edwards, Marketing Officer
                                        ‫س ع يد م ي الد ي د‬   Καλά Χριστούγεννα! Joyeux Noël

For more information visit               Beannachtaí na Nollag        God jul och gott nytt år                    Срећан Божић Gelukkig kerstfeest            ‫ניטלגליקלעך‬

                                                    Glædelig jul    Καλά Χριστούγεννα!

                                         ハッピークリスマス                  Natale hilare et annum faustum

        Bags available at Reception.      Счастливого Рождества         Schöni Wiänachtä, äs guets Nöis

                                                                     PLEASE REMEMBER

                                                                Hammersmith & Fulham Council
As you will have read in the letter of 18th Oct, the   are charging for the removal of items that do not
Board of Directors are trying to impress on                go out with the weekly refuse collection.
Residents that we take Security very seriously.
                                                        Fridges, Dishwashers, large pieces of Furniture,
We must ask All residents to be aware of the           Beds, Wardrobes etc, will be removed at a cost of
following:                                                            £15 for 1-3 items.

The recent offender SEE PHOTOS ABOVE,                  To have these items removed, Residents must first
stood around until let in by a Resident. It can be                    call the Council on
very difficult to turn away somebody who tries to
enter as you leave; not everybody feels up to the                         020 8753 1100
challenge. In these cases, if suspicious, Residents
should leave and then report promptly to               Please do not dump any unwanted items outside
                                                        your Apartment or by Reception. Items may be
"Insurers require individual doors to be of solid         left out on the arranged day of collection.
construction, with a minimum thickness of 44mm.
They specify that a British Standard mortice lock
be fitted (look for the BS 'Kite mark' close to
where the bolt protrudes when the key is turned).
There should also be a rimlock, often known as a
'Yale', incorporating an auto dead latch feature to
prevent the lock being slipped... Hinge bolts,
second mortice locks and strengthening around
where the locks fit into doors are worthwhile                       LIFT REFURBISHMENT
add-ons. All ground floor and accessible windows
should be fitted with locks. "                         The second phase of the Lift refurbishment
                                                       programme will continue in the New Year.
                                                       Residents affected will receive notice as soon as

                                                       AWAY FOR THE HOLIDAY?

Noisy Neighbours                                       If you intend to be away for the holiday period
Please have consideration for your
                                                       Inform reception,
                                                       Turn of your water pump,
                                                       Leave a spare set of keys at Reception
If you have reason to complain about an                & enjoy.
inconsiderate neighbour, loud music, regular
late night parties etc, please call reception.
                                                       THANK YOU FOR….
The Board of Directors will investigate &
                                                       CLEARING OUT THE REFUSE ROOMS… CAR
pursue all such incidents.
                                                       SPACES, WELL MOST OF THEM….
In extreme cases, where there is a consistent
                                                       Packages @Reception:
failure to respond, legal action will be taken.
                                                       At this time of year we would ask all Residents to
                                                       collect any Packages that have been delivered as
                                                       soon as possible…. Not much room at the Inn
                                                       Reception. Thank you
                                                                       SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL
                                                             RESTAURANTS, BARS & CAFES.
Construction of the leisure mooring facilities at Imperial
Wharf has now been completed.                                    …….Spice of India
The licence fee is currently set at £500 + vat per metre
                                                             7 The Boulevard
per annum.
                                                                  ….The Waterside
                                                             @Riverside Tower
                                                             Syrian & Lebanese…Restaurant & Deli Shop
                                                             5 The Boulevard

                                                                  …..iL Pagliaccio
                                                             182-184 Wandsworth Bridge Road
                                                                      ….Joe’s Brassiere
Work to restore Bishop’s Park to former glories began        Wandsworth Bridge Rd
this autumn.
A beach will be installed by the side of the pond. The       Moroccan Cuisine
beach first appeared in Edwardian times, when families       106 New Kings Rd
from across the capital descended on what was known
as MARGATE SANDS, (where the sand came from.)                          ...Sands End
                                                             Bar & Restaurant
The parks ornamental lake & picturesque bridge will          Stephendale Road
also be restored. The existing tennis courts will be
renovated to provide 12 new full-size adult courts &
four junior courts.                                                   …The Hurlingham
                                                             Bar Restaurant & Deli
                                                             Wandsworth Bridge Rd

       ongestion Zone                                                    …La Monde
                                                             56 Earls Court Rd
Removal of the Western Extension                             Kensington
From the end of the charging day on 24 December              If you are in & around this area, why not pop
2010 the Congestion Charging zone will be smaller.           into La Monde for a Coffee, Sandwich or Pastry ?
The Western Extension will be removed from the               A warm welcome is guaranteed from
charging zone and you'll no longer have to pay the           Elder & Radmila Softic
charge if you drive in this area.

There is no charge for driving on the boundary roads
around the zone, and the hours of operation aren't
changing. There is also no charge between 25
December 2010 and 3 January 2011 inclusive.
                                                             CHRISTMAS                    RECYCLING
    harge increase
From 4 January 2011, the daily Congestion Charge is:         From 3 – 14 January you can recycle your
£10 if paid in advance or on the day of travel               real Christmas tree. H&F Council will collect
£12 if paid by midnight the charging day after travel        from outside Reception, before 12pm on
                                                             each Monday & Thursday between the above
£9 if registered for Congestion Charging Auto Pay
LOCAL                                                                     SERVICES.         PLEASE NOTE:
INFORMATION….                                                             Regent on the River do not
                                                                          recommend any of the following &
                                            ABC Drugstore                 accept no liability for, Loss/
                 POLICE                     332 Wandsworth Bridge         Damage/ Bad workmanship etc
FULHAM POLICE STATION                       Road                          when using any of the
                                                                          Companies/Trades listed on this
Heckfield Place                             SW6 2TZ                       page…….that’s it we are covered!!.
SW6 5NL                                     020 7731 4678
                                                                                 Key Cutting:
020 8246 2823                               ABC Pharmacy                  Crawford Security
-----------------------------------------   117-121 Wandsworth Bridge     216 North End Road
                                            Road                          London W14
                     HOSPITALS              SW6 2TP
                                                                          020 7381 9841
                                            020 7736 2962                 Locksmiths:
Chelsea & Westminster
369 Fulham Road                                                           AA Locksmiths
SW10                                                Newsagent:
                                                                          020 7485 2390
020 8746 8000                               308 Wandsworth Bridge
                                                                          JEFF ELLIS @
----------------------                      Road
                                                                          TWO BROTHERS
                                            Delivers your morning
Royal Brompton                                                            07958 742 751
Sydney Street
SW3                                         020 7736 2033
020 7352 8121
Cromwell                                         Post Office:             Pat Donnelly
162-174 Cromwell Road                       314 Wandsworth Bridge         07973 562 478
020 7460 2000                               Road
---------------------                       020 7731 3145                 Andy Voss
Charing Cross                                                             07973 443 045
Fulham Palace Road
                                                   Post Box:
020 8846 1234                               Opp Sainsburys Supermarket    Electrician
                                            Sorting office (Fulham):      07886 574 406
       Walk in Centre                       Manager
Parsons Green                               020 7736 7250
5-7 Parsons Green
SW6 4UL                                                                   John Sewell
020 8846 6758                                         Supermarket:        07970 196 357
                                            Townmede Road
                                                                          Car Valet Service:
Doctors              Dentists
                                                     Buses:               Lellers Ltd
Sand End Health Clinic                      391
170 Wandsworth Bridge                       Outside Sainsbury's to:       01920 466 044
Road                                        Fulham Broadway,              0800 731 6353
SW6 2UQ                                     Hammersmith, Chiswick &
020 7371 8472                               Richmond.                     Dry cleaning/Laundry
                                            C3                            Collections from Reception.
Dr DAS & Partners                           Townmede Road to:
172 Wandsworth Bridge                       Chelsea Harbour, Kings Road   Dry Cleaning Company
Road                                        & Earls Court.                0800 612 6959
020 7731 3498
                                                                          Village Clean
                                                        Tube Station:
                                                                          020 7924 1851
                                            Fulham Broadway
       OPTICIANS:                           District Line
Walters                                     Imperial Wharf
                                                                          E.D.F / LONDON ENERGY…
112 Wandsworth Bridge                       London Overground
                                                                          0800 096 9000
                                                 Car Pound:
020 7736 8721                               020 7747 4747
                                                                          BT NEW CUSTOMERS…
                                                                          0800 150 111
Faraday Property Management
Third Floor West                                                  Directors:
High Holborn House                                               Mr H Pelly •
52-54 High Holborn                                   Mr N Bishop • Mr P Buchanan-Barrow
London                                                  Mrs D Ridgway • Ms J Wright
                                                                Company Secretary:
Tel: 020 3206 0066                                                Mrs H Jacobsen
Fax: 020 3206 0077
                                                   If you would like to contact the Directors,
Mr Ian Gilbert....... Property Manager              please leave a letter at Reception or post
Mr Graeme Elkington..... Surveyor                                       to:


                                                                    ℅ Reception
                                                                Regent on the River
                                                                William Morris Way
                                                                     SW6 2UU

Jacobsen & Co. Solicitors                                       Your reception,
6 Stephendale Yard
Stephendale Road
                                                            Tel/Fax:      020 7371 5164
Contact: Mrs H Jacobsen

Tel:    020 7736 6277
Fax No: 020 7610 6664
                                                   Estate Manager.........Daniel O’Connell
DX 83803 Fulham Broadway
                                                   Day Staff............Tony Haynes / Paula Lanigan

                                                                       Frank Carr / Olly Fahy

                                                   Night Staff.......... Farko Selman /Terry Bell

Please feel free to use the Notice Board in
  The legal bit... The management take no
responsibility for anything placed on the board,
& anything Regent on the River consider              WISHING EVERYONE GOOD
inappropriate will be removed.
                                                      HEALTH IN THE YEAR TO

Any comments/suggestions or ideas for the
next Newsletter ?, please contact me. Daniel

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