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									    Instant Commission Magnet reviews and
November 26, 2012 By Joseph Mai
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                Warning! “Old School” Affiliate Marketing is DEAD
               and You Are Losing $1000s in Potential Commissions…

  Ultra-Simple Plugin Creates “SUPER AFFILIATE” Campaigns in Under 30
                                Seconds with
                            ZERO Skills Needed

           First, Watch This INCREDIBLE Video That Shows How YOU
             Can Create $1437+/Day Affiliate Incomes Right Now…

                 Look At These HUGE Commissions
               UNLEASHED in Just The Last Few Days…

With this AMAZING system you can promote Amazon
products, CPA campaigns, Clickbank Products, WSOs, Your
Own Products… Anything you like!
These are just some recent commissions earned with this INCREDIBLY
SIMPLE plugin that can be set up and be running almost INSTANTLY.
   Create full page ads instantly with ZERO copywriting required
   Build HUGE lists of Laser-Targeted leads and subscribers
   Capture MASSIVE commissions from CPA networks
   Automatically create site wide campaigns in just a few simple clicks
   Monetize your YOUTUBE videos with INSTANT eye-popping ads
   Leverage your FACEBOOK presence with High-Converting ads
      Generate BIG CASH from your Tweets easily
      Promote your own products INSTANTLY with No Dangerous Popups
      100% AdSense Safe and other networks that hate popups
      Leverage the power of $20,000 per job copywriters for FREE
      Finally MONETIZE PINTEREST with Powerful Affiliate

           This is Just the TIP of the Instant Commission
                       Iceberg…There’s More!

      Show your visitors targeted ads that match their exact needs
      Showcase products and services that create REAL VALUE in your
       customer’s minds
      Create UNLIMITED campaigns with MULTIPLE site-wide offers
      Each Campaign Allows Direct customization of look & feel for MAXIMUM
      Powerful COUNT-DOWN feature creates Natural Scarcity
      Profitable Campaigns can be set up in seconds…
      Limit the number of times a customer sees each ad for genuine
      Replace your chosen keywords on ANY post or page with your ads
      Powerful STATS tracking shows EXACTLY what campaigns are
       getting the most clicks…

               Last Chance to Lock’n'Load to FINALLY
                Get The Commissions You Deserve…

I know the boat you are in. Fed-up, frustrated and want to give up. You are
not seeing the results you thought you would get and it makes you ANGRY…

It seems like it’s IMPOSSIBLE to get any real commissions that can get you
on the road to success…

I know how it feels. That is why I created this strategy and the tool to make it
all happen on autopilot…

The process is simple, we did not want to have anything complicated because
making money is not difficult if you know EXACTLY how…
                 THAT’S WHY YOU NEED THIS

Even if you don’t rely on commissions for your income this can be an
INVALUABLE add on to your existing site as an EXTRA revenue stream. The
money is there, all you have to is reach out and grab it…

You can get started IMMEDIATELY and be set up in seconds.

              Plus All These Bonuses…
    Get Ready To Turn Your
Commission Strategy Around FAST!
Your commissions are on the run, but you can catch them easily with Instant
Commission Magnet.

Recover your commissions FAST with this powerful plugin.
but you have to act fast. This is too effective to wait!

Click the Get BUY NOW button below and you will be taken to
a new page to enter your payment information. Once done, you will
get INSTANT ACCESS to your plugin and the special training…

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       For Unlimited Use on ALL Your Sites
   This is a time limited special offer. Sign up now and save over 80%
    on Instant Commission Magnet. This offer may be closed down at
            ANY TIME and the price will go up with EVERY order!

             Click Buy Now to get following bonuses:
                    === Bonus From ===

  Visual Sales Page Templates – Make your WSO’s and other sales pages look AMAZING -
                                       Value: $20

                       POF 7-Day Mastery Guide - Value: $49.79

                                Thesis 2.0 - Value: $80

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