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    What is nanotechnology?
Nanotechnology is basically a materials science
   which has the following features:
1) Research and development at molecular or
   atomic levels, with lengths ranging between
   about 1 to 100 nanometres.
2) Creation and use of systems, devices, and
   structures which have special functions or
   properties because of their small size.
3) Ability to control or manipulate matter on a
   molecular or atomic scale.
Advantages of nanotechnology
Most inventions help us live a good daily life.
 Nanotechnology is a good technological
 advance because of its positive benefits to
 pollution, cost, food and many more.
 Nanotechnology could help fix many problems
 that we come across in our everyday lives.
When thinking about nanotechnology it’s useful to
contrast it with another ‘revolutionary technology’
bio technology. The ‘bio’ part of biotechnology
refers to what the technology is dealing with.
Whereas with nanotechnology the ‘nano’ refers
not to a thing but to the scale at which the
technology takes place
The nano-scale
Its difficult to grasp quite how small the
nano-scale is. To give some reference
points one nanometre (nm) is one billionth
of a metre, or one millionth of a millimetre.
A human hair is 80,000nm thick, a red
blood cell is 5,000nm in diameter, a DNA
molecule is 2.5nm wide and 10 hydrogen
atoms arranged side by side measure 1nm.
Glass: 'Activ' self cleaning glass by Pilkington

Sunblock: see through sunblocks by Boots,
Body Shop, Green People and others

Wound dressings: Smith&Nephew 'Anticoat'
wound dressings

Fuel additives: Oxonica/Cerulean
International 'Envirox' fuel additive is in the
process of being provided to the entire
Stagecoach UK bus fleet
Cosmetics: L'Oreal 'Plenitude Revitalift'
anti-wrinkle cream

Printer paper: Kodak 'ColorLast' inkjet
printer paper

Clothing: Stain resistant and wrinkle
resistant fabric by Nanotex used in some
clothing lines by Levis, Regatta, Marks
and Spencer, Eddie Bauer, GAP, Lee, and
Kathmandu. Solefresh anti odour nanosilver
socks from JR Nanotech

Sports equipment: Carbon nanotube
reinforced tennis rackets from Babolat.
Tennis balls from Wilson

 Why do some people think it is bad?

Many nanoparticles show unique chemical, electrical, optical, and
physical properties. The great diversity of nanoparticles types
have made it difficult for scientists to make general statements
about the potential safety hazards that nanoparticles might pose
to living organisms.
There has been a study showing that inhaled nanosized particles
gather in the nasal cavities, lungs and brains of rats. Scientists
believe this build-up could lead to harmful inflammation and risk
of brain damage or central nervous system disorders.
In late march 2006, six people
went to hospital with serious
respiratory problems after using
a new German bathroom
cleaning product called Magic
Nano. The product was removed
from sale after just three days.
Some manufacturerers are using
high strength materials for tennis
rackets and golf clubs and stain
resistant fabrics. These products
contain nanoparticles of zinc
oxide. But they all have one thing
in common-their Nano
components have not gone
through safety tests.
    The benefits in this product is
supported by the nanotechnology so it
  helps the skin and gives vitamin D
The Bottom Line
Ms. McCann tried this, and found the skin
around her eyes felt soft and looked shiny
at first but no lasting effects. She did not
find it comfortable.
What are nanotechnology socks

                Nanotechnology socks
                contain nanoparticles
                of silver. These
                particles help kill the
                bacteria that makes our
                feet smell. Many people
                with smelly feet will
                benefit from this
     What We Will Be Doing.
• A student will be wearing socks made from
  nanotechnology for about 10 days. The
  student will observe how many days the
  socks take to get smelly. This student will
  record the socks progress day to day.
  This will start from 4th November – 14th
Day no.   what has happened / what I have observed

1         I have just put the socks on. Quite comfortable, easy to walk in.

2         No Smell
3         No Smell
4         Wash the socks because it was a bit
5         No smell
6         No smell
7         No Smell
8         No smell
9         Wash the socks again
        Tested on Teacher!

• Our teacher, Mrs. McCann also tried the
• She found that they did not smell at all
  after wearing them for four days and
  thought her heels felt softer.

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