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					Mrs. Nowak‘s    3 rd

  Grade Class
  Welcome Parents!
  Welcome to 3rd Grade!
 Introduce New
 Discuss Achievement
 Review Classroom
  Policies and
 Answer parent
 To give your children the academic
  tools they need to progress to 4th.
 To provide a supportive learning
 To make sure that students have fun
  while they learn.
        Class Content
 All classroom curriculum will be aligned
  with the State Standards for 3rd grade.
 Please review the third grade standards
  listed in your parent handbooks
 At the beginning of each lesson,
  students will be introduced to the
  standards that will be covered
   Math- Investigations
 Our district’s
  elementary math
 Not a traditional
  approach to math
 Builds problem-
  solving skills
   Math- Investigations
 Activities are “hands on”
 Provides a deeper
  understanding of math
 Some units will be
 Open Court Reading
 Blend of phonics and
  literature-rich text
 Repeated Readings used to
  build fluency and improve
  reading comprehension
 Chapter books will also be
  utilized to enrich the
 Fluency Benchmark for Fall
  77 wpm goal by end of third
  grade 110 wpm.
       Word Study
 DSA tests – 3x year
 Students divided into
  flexible word sorting
  groups, working on
  individual needs
 Word sorting improves
  decoding skills
 Word Study Books will
  replace traditional spelling
             Word Study
 a                 aCe
Can                cane
van                vane
man                mane
Sorts assigned on Mondays. They have
Word Study Homework Nightly.
Students are expected toSort (3 S’s) Say it, Spell it, Sort it
every night.
•Sentences must be 7 words long (1 pt. x 5 sentences)
•Words spelled correctly and spelling word underlined (1 pt. x 5)
•Correct Grammar (1 pt. x 5)
•Correct Punctuation (1 pt. x 5)
= 20 points
5 additional points
•Numbering each sentence
•Begin each sentence on a new line
•Skip a line after each sentence
Total points= 25
Due every Wednesday
     Handwriting Skills
 Cursive letters learned in second grade
  will be reviewed
 Student will be assessed on proper
  form, size, spacing, and neatness
 Please have your child write in cursive
  on a daily basis.
Science, Social Studies
      and Health
 Science and Social
  Studies will be team
  taught by all third
  grade teachers.
 Science and Social
  Studies taught in units
 Health will be taught in
  your child’s homeroom
     Social Studies Topics
   Maps
   Government
   The City of Mentor
   Economics
 Scientific Inquiry
 Rocks, Soil
 Force and Motion
 Technology and Its
 Classifying Living
 Self Awareness/All About Me
 Safety, Conflict Management and Injury
 Body Systems/Staying Healthy
 Nutrition
     Writing Workshop
Learn the Writing Process

   Paragraph Writing (Topic Sentence, 3 Detail
    Sentences, Summary Sentence)
   Focus on 3 Paragraphs (Beginning, Middle, End)
   Letter Writing
   Story Writing
   Report Writing
   Journal Writing
    Standardize Testing
 Reading given in Fall (Oct. 6 ) and
  again in Spring (April 19)
 Math State Achievement Test ( April 21)
 Dibels Reading Probes –
 3x per yr.
 Terra Nova Tests in Science
 and Social Studies
 Web-based Program to use to prepare
  students for State Achievement Tests
 Log in at
 User name : Student ID number
 Password: Last Name, First Initial
 Ohio Department of Ed.
 Practice Achievement Tests can be
  found here.

Third Grade Website
  Go to
  Click Schools
  Click Rice
  Click Official School Website(Left side of page)
  Click Staff/PTA
  Click Classroom Websites
  Click Third Grade
  Then Bookmark Page
        Classroom Rules
   Be respectful
   Raise your hand
   Follow directions
   Be a good listener
   Complete work on time
         Class Rewards
   Praise/Positive Points
   Homework Pass for one assignment
   Classroom parties
   Store
 Classroom Consequences
 Nonverbal warning
 Verbal warning
 Behavior Chart Signed- 3 rules broken
  results in loss of recess and chart sent
  home for parent signature.
   Types of Homework
 Types of homework:
   DSA spelling homework nightly
   Math practice
   Language Arts
   Science or Social Studies
   Homework Organizer
 Children are given 20-25 minutes daily
  to copy assignments and locate all of
  their homework before going home
 Please check their organizers nightly.
 Homework can also be accessed on
  the Third Grade Website.
Daily Reading and Math
     Fact Practice
 In order to increase
  fluency, children
  should read for 15-
  20 minutes each
 Math facts should be
  practiced each night
  to increase speed
  and accuracy
Grading in the Classroom
 Letter Grades will be given in the
  following subjects: Reading, Spelling,
  Writing, Math, Social Studies, and
 Some papers are checked together in
  class and will not be for a grade
         Infinite Campus
Report Cards

 Your child's grades will be accessed through an
  online program we used called Infinite Campus.
 Your child’s grades and assignment progress can be
  checked via the internet.
 Please set up your Card Campus to enable teacher
 If you have lost your access number please notify
  the office

***If your account has not been accessed report cards
   will then be mailed home.
 Friday Folders-letter included weekly
 Teacher will update you throughout the
  year with reading and math progress
 Contact me at school if you have any
  concerns or questions(440-257-5957)
 Please remember to sign up
  for conferences
 Scheduled for the evenings of
  November 12th. & 18th from
  5pm to 8pm
  Related Arts
Monday- Art
Mrs. Spetrino 2:30-3:10

*Mr. Watson 10:55-11:55

Mrs. Blue 10:00-10:40

Friday-Physical Education
Mrs. Harris 10:00-10:40
   Lunch/Recess: 12:05-12:45
   Children may bring a healthy snack daily.
   We have a nut free classroom.
   Students bringing cash to school to pay for
    lunch will not receive change. The change
    will be added to their card credit.
    Looking for Parent
 Need help to provide
  remediation and enrichment
  for children
 Please fill out Volunteer
  sheet if interested
 Please provide an email
  you can be reached at
       Party Planner’s
 Room mom’s are needed to help
  organize the classroom parties.
 Parents can also sign up to help with
  different parties(Halloween, Christmas,
  Valentine’s Day, and End of the Year
 Please support our PTA by becoming a
 You do not have to be an active
  member, but your support is
Looking Forward to a Great

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